Harry Potter: Animal Cruelty - A Harry Potter Story
by Vinetalover ([email protected])

It had seemed such a good idea at the time. Having once accidentally turned
herself into a cat using the polyjuice potion, Hermione thought that a more
controlled transformation would provide her with a superb costume for the
Hogwarts Halloween ball. And so it had, with Hermione's feline features
winning her top prize that night. But still she had not got the mixture quite
right and even though most of her had changed back into human form, she still
possessed a very long, hairy cat tail, which originated from inside the crack
of her buttocks and snaked out behind her. Hermione knew the tail would
eventually go, but she did not know when.

Standing in front of the long mirror in her room, wearing only bra and
panties, Hermione experimented with various ways to hide the tail. Certainly,
pushing it down between her legs was not an option. Hermione tried to fold
the offending appendage in half but this caused her great pain as the tail
was literally part of her very body. Eventually she recognised that all she
could do was to tape the tail to her back which she eventually managed to do.
Hurriedly, Hermione started to dress, aware that she was now running late for
Dr. Phibes' class on, ironically, transfiguration.

And to round off the perfect morning, Hermione glanced down at her panties
and noticed a small spot of blood, the tell-tall sign that her period had

"Wonderful, just wonderful," Hermione said, sarcastically, to herself.

Later, in Dr. Phibes' class, Hermione fidgeted in her seat. Her period was as
usual giving her stomach cramps but worse was the wretched cat's tail taped
up her back under her school blouse. Some time back the tail had started to
itch and now it was driving Hermione crazy. She wriggled in her chair, trying
to scratch the tail against the back of the seat.

"Miss Watson, what is wrong?" Phibes said. The teacher was fearsome, a big
hulk of a man standing over seven foot tall, with piercing black eyes, china
pale skin and a large elongated mouth that made him look a character from a
cheap horror comic book. His shock of black hair and extraordinary long
finger nails completed the image.

"Sorry sir... I have...erm.... Nothing is wrong, sorry" Hermione spluttered,
incapable of giving a cogent explanation of her fidgeting.

Phibes leaned in close so that his face was only millimetres away from

"Well in that case please SIT STILL!" he hissed. As he did so, Hermione
noticed him inhale deeply and then give her a quizzical look followed by what
appeared to be a sly grin. Phibes moved his face even closer to Hermione, his
lips gently brushing against her left ear.

"It's ok, I understand now. Bad time of the month," whispered Phibes.

Hermione blushed a deep crimson and looked down at her text book. Phibes had
always creeped her out due to his look and the reputation he had amongst
students as being particularly keen on young girls. Hermione remembered how,
when she turned 12 and had just started to develop her bust, how Phibes had
seemed to be looking at her all the time.

For the rest of the lesson, Hermione tried to sit still despite the maddening
itch of her cat tail which had become unbearable.

Immediately the lesson finished, Hermione bolted out of class and instead of
going to lunch raced out of the main entrance of the school and into the dark
woods, her golden hair flowing behind her.

Heart pounding, Hermione gasped for air as she finally came to a stop in
the woods, far enough away from the school so as not to be seen. She checked
around and, satisfied that she was indeed alone, proceeded to remove her
sweater and blouse. Then her hands went to her back and she slowly pulled the
tape off the tail, painfully ripping small tufts of hair from it as she did
so causing her to cry out on each tug of tape. Remembering she had also
tucked the tail under her bra strap, Hermione opened the clasps and let the
bra fall to the floor, allowing the tail to fall away from her back and stand
erect behind her.

Hermione backed up against a large old tree and began to rub the tail against
the rough bark with a desperate urgency to remove the itch. It felt so good
to finally be able to scratch there that Hermione grinded against the bark
even harder, oblivious to the tiny cuts to her shoulder blades.

The sensation of scratching and giving herself wonderful relief was quite
erotic and had a profound effect on Hermione and unconsciously she let her
right hand wander up inside her little grey skirt. She pushed hard against
her vagina as she continued to scratch the tail and feeling so good from
both sensations allowed her hand to slip inside her little white cotton

"Uuughhh!" Hermione moaned aloud as she found her clitoris and started to rub
it, slowly at first but with increasing speed.

Hermione was usually at her most aroused just when her period was starting
but she generally tried not to give into her lust and instead tended to
distract herself by reading. But sometimes the frustration had been too much
to bear and Hermione had to resort to masturbation, which she did in her
preferred position lying face down on the bed with buttocks raised, her head
tilted to the left as she rubbed herself off. But today it felt even better
than ever as the sensation in her vagina was coupled with the relief of the
intense itch in her tail.

Hermione writhed against the tree, masturbating frantically, her left hand
cupping and kneading her tiny naked breasts whilst her other hand juddered
rapidly over her clitoris, her climax building, building building until she
finally surrendered to an overwhelming orgasm which caused her to cry out,
her body jerking and spasming, her knees nearly bucking under her.

After a few moments Hermione withdrew her hand and put it to her face,
noticing a thin film of blood on her finger. She went to get a tissue from
her pocket to wipe it but suddenly her wrist was grabbed.

"Please, don't waste it!" Dr Phibes said grinning, his wide mouth stretched

Hermione gasped audibly, instantly both scared and acutely embarrassed. She
tried to pull her hand away but Phibes was far too strong and instead he
pulled her finger to his mouth and proceeded to suck the blood off.

"Mmmmm so good. Have you ever tasted your own menstrual blood Hermione? The
blood of a young virgin, so ripe, so fresh. All blood is beautiful but
nothing compares to a girl's blood in her first years of puberty" Phibes said
as he feasted on the red trail on Hermione's fingers.

He released his grip on Hermione and instantly she folded her arms over her
chest trying to cover her naked bosoms.

"Sir...I...." Hermione stammered, unable to form words. Her mouth was dry
from fear and embarrassment. Her legs trembled and her stomach was doing
somersaults. Uncontrollably, Hermione started to cry.

Phibes threw his head back in a maniacal laugh, revealing a set of huge fangs
which had previously been concealed. Noticing these, Hermione immediately
understood that Phibes was in fact a vampire. And worse, a vampire that had
tasted her blood.

The young girl started to run but Phibes grabbed her by the cat tail and
literally swung her around by it so that she crashed bodily into the tree,
smashing her face against the bark. Dazed, Hermione slumped against the
bulk of the tree, blood dripping out of a cut on her left temple.

Phibes pulled her around and unleashed his inhumanly long tongue to lick the
blood from Hermione's head. As he did so, he raked his long sharp fingernails
down Hermione's chest and over her undeveloped breasts. Finding her nipple,
Phibes pinched it between two finger nails and continued to squeeze it in a
vice like grip, breaking the skin causing Hermione to cry out in pain. Phibes
twisted the punctured nipple forcing blood to ooze out of it.

Then Phibes quickly pushed his hand up Hermione's skirt. The young girl,
now alert, twisted and pushed forward trying to get away but Phibes was
uncommonly strong and he simply gripped Hermione by her throat with his
free hand, forcing her head back against the tree, gently chocking her.

Now his other hand was ripping Hermione's panties open. The fabric snapped
and fell to her ankles as Phibes stroked his hand over Hermione's abundant
crop of pubic hair. Then he allowed his finger to penetrate her, his sharp
fingernail slipping inside her vagina and raking the inner wall.

"aaawwwgghh!" whimpered Hermione as now a second fingernail was forced into
her tight hole and began to rip at the internal flesh. The young girl threw
her head upwards, looking at the sky as Phibes finger fucked her.

As abrupt as he had started, Phibes withdrew his hand from Hermione's sore
groin and pushed it against her face, smearing blood onto her lips.

"" a frail Hermione managed to stammer, her eyes filled
with tears.

Ignoring her pleas, Phibes grabbed Hermione's torso and flipped her around
180 degrees so that she was now facing the tree. Then his hands were at her
skirt, hoisting it over her hips to expose her pert little dimpled bottom
and the cat tail. In a second, he had also managed to divest himself of his
pants and now he stood partially naked behind the 13 year old girl, his huge
penis hard and erect, pushing against the crack of her buttocks. He grasped
the tail and, without mercy, pulled it sharply towards him the effect of
which was to push Hermione's buttocks into his engorged cock.

"No!!! No!!! Please... I beg you...please!!!!! You can't!!!!!" Hermione
screamed, aware that she was going to be sodomised.

In response, Phibes pulled harshly at the tail again and at the same time
forced himself forward, pushing his entire bulk against Hermione and using
his other hand to position his penis into the entrance of Hermione's anus.
The head of his cock penetrated Hermione and the young girl shrieked in
agony as her sphincter muscle was stretched to breaking point and then
eventually ruptured from the girth of Phibes' cock.

"AAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!" Hermione cried out as Phibes pounded into
her from behind, his cock now ramming deep within her rectum. With each
thrust, Hermione was shoved forward so that her naked breasts were scratched
against the tree bark.

Such was the intensity of Phibes' savage assault that Hermione's anal passage
was now bleeding profusely but the sight of the young girl's blood on his
cock as he thrust in and out of her simply fuelled Phibes' passion, making
him force himself deeper into the screaming, tortured Hermione, each lurch
forward accompanied by an agonising wrench of the tail which was physically
connected to Hermione.

"aaagghhhh...please...stop...please...can't...take...the...pain" Hermione
cried out as Phibes continued his savage violation of her most sensitive
area, his rage intensified by the young girl's cries of agony. The trauma
of the assault on Hermione was so severe, blood vessels in her nose had
burst and drops of dark red blood dripped from both nostrils.

In a torrent of pain, Hermione lost control of her bodily functions and
urinated involuntarily, a hot stream of yellow fluid jetting out onto the
ground by her feet.

"stop...the... pain...!!!" Hermione cried. Her bruised, battered and bloody
body was unable to take any more of the savage torture and she slumped into
unconsciousness against the tree.

Phibes let Hermione's limp body drop to the floor, where he turned her over
and opened her thighs, taking a moment to take in the image of the 13 year
old's vagina, her untidy thatch of dark brown pubic hair matted with blood.
Moving his head between her legs, Phibes started to lick at Hermione's
vagina, pulling her labia apart to reveal the tiny little pearly that was
her clitoris.

At this moment, Hermione stirred from her black out and immediately took
in what was happening. As she was about to plead against for mercy, Phibes
opened his mouth wide, baring his fangs. And then, without remorse or
humanity, bit down so that his fang pierced Hermione's clitoris causing it
to bleed. He then proceeded to suck the bleeding clit, while Hermione simply
trembled in shock, her face caked in sweat and blood.

Phibes got up and wiped himself down with Hermione's ripped panties.

"See you in class tomorrow Hermione," he said as if nothing had happened.
And then we walked away.

Hermione simply lay there trembling, too shocked to get up, too sore to even
move. Her world had just collapsed.


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