Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, admittedly pretty twisted fiction in this particular case, but still fiction. The characters are themselves fictional and thus cannot possibly take offense. Now go away.

Note: This is set shortly after the end of "Order of the Phoenix"

Harry Potter: Bellatrix's Punishment (MF,BDSM,morph)
by Tricksterson

"You disappoint me Bellatrix," Lord Voldemort said in sibilant tones. His henchwoman was naked and slightly above him, chained wrist and ankle to a circular frame floating a few inches above the floor of the Death Eaters lair.
"Yes, my Lord."

The raid on the Ministry of Magic, while not an entire failure had failed in it's main objective, to obtain the prophecy pertaining to himself and the Potter boy. Furthermore the wizarding world had been alerted to his return sooner than he had wanted, Potter and his friends were still alive and the battle with Dumbledore had been...inconclusive. The only bright spot, although a minor one, was the death of the race traitor Sirius Black.

"Very disappointed," the Dark Lord said as he went over to a rack holding very instruments of punishment and picked up a cot-of-nine-tails.

"Yesss," Bellatrix moaned. "I deserve punishment!" then kissed the instrument of torture when her master put it to her lips.

Walking behind her Voldemort raised his arm and struck, bringing blood from the smooth white flesh of her back.

"OH! Yes! Hurt me my lord! Hurt your bad, bad Bellatrix!"

Voldemort didn't reply but captured some of his minion's blood on a finger then licked it off. He repeated the gesture, this time offering the blood to Bellatrix who sucked it eagerly off his finger. He leaned in towards her and his long tongue slithered down her neck as his sharp fingernails pinched and twisted cruelly at her nipples. She arched her back as much as she could within the confines of her bonds and moaned. She moaned louder when he thrust two fingers hard into her cunt then curled them to scrape their long sharp nails against her vaginal walls and louder still when he took the cot-of-nine-tails to her full breasts.

"YES!" the lustful lunatic screamed coming in a melange of painful pleasure.

Voldemort pulled out his bloody fingers, licked them clean then stepped back, He untied the sash holding his robe shut and with a shrug of his shoulders let it drop to the floor revealing a lean, pale physique and the most bizarre penis anyone had ever witnessed. Nearly a foot long and thick in proportion it was lightly scaled and ended in what looked like an eyeless snake head, complete with fangs. Bellatrix stared at it entranced and licking her lips as it lifted itself up and *hissed*. The penis-snake darted at her thighs, sinking it's fangs into the delicate meat of her pale thighs and injecting a venom that increased her sensitivity to both pain and pleasure before Voldemort came closer to wrap his arms around her lush and lovely body and sink his nails into her back, his teeth into her neck and his malformed mutant willy into her crotch.

"Oh! Oh! Yes, My Lord! YESSSS!" she screamed as his cock fixed it's teeth into her clit. He said not a word himself but stiffened as he exploded. Black, acrid smelling sperm covered his malformed cock as he pulled out. He made a gesture and the frame rotated so that Bellatrix hung upside down. He offered his still stiff member to her and she eagerly licked it clean.

Afterwards the dark wizard said, "I trust you've learned the price of incompetence?"

"Yes my Lord. I shall endeavor to do better."

"Nevertheless, I shall leave you here to contemplate ways to improve." With that he left her hanging upside down.

"Yes, my Lord. Thank you my dear, beloved Master,: she whispered after he was gone.


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