Harry Potter - character names, place names and prop names e.t.c. obviously
don't belong to me, this is simply a little erotic parody of a fantastic
series of stories. I do this for fun, not profit and I don't wish or intend
to hurt or upset anyone with the following so please don't get upset or angry
or vengeful ;o)

Oh yeah, quick mention - the troll scene is partly inspired by a great
Hermione painting by on-line artist 'Slopshot'.
- Nick.

Harry Potter: Draco's Devilisms Part 2 (mmf,mf,Mg,troll,magic,ncon)
by Nickamano ([email protected])

While Harry fondled and sucked at her breasts enjoying their new found size
and weight and the warm taste and scent of her naked young flesh, Ron was
gorging himself on her pert round bottom. The soft pair of pertly rounded
cheeks were surprisingly firm and athletic, perfectly formed and very sexy.
It surprised a detached part of Ron's mind a little. He had never thought
of Hermione as athletic and thought of her body as being softer and less
toned than the interesting reality. Her body in truth was much more like
his imagining of the figure someone like Angelina Johnson - who played
Quidditch a lot and was very physical and athletic. Pert, firm and toned
silky smooth and a joy to touch and taste. He grabbed the cheeks of her ass,
pulling them apart and then buried his face in the cleavage between them,
lovingly squeezing the taut flesh while he licked and kissed at the warm
sweet crevice.

The cause was magic. It had to be. Someone had put a spell on Harry and Ron.
It was the only obvious deduction. Either a spell or a potion, though it
didn't feel like a potion. Besides potions needed ingredients. Of which Snape
was in charge and responsible for - a spell would in theory be easier. Though
it was not a spell she had heard about or knew of. Although, she had to admit
that she hadn't really made any attempts in learning about love spells and
their more derogatory off shoots.

Harry grabbed the discarded cloak and laid it across of the dry earth ground
like a picnic blanket and Ron pulled Hermione over onto it and pushed her
down to the floor. Somehow she was still dressed in her black leather shoes
and grey uniform socks, but that was all. Hermione was rather surprised to
find she wasn't as embarrassed by her stark nakedness as she imagined she
would be. It was probably because Harry and Ron weren't anything like
themselves and she hoped they wouldn't remember anything of this once she got
it all de-spelled and straightened out.

She was pushed down onto her side, flat on the ground. She wasn't cold, no
part of the castle's interior was ever cold, even in the depth of winter.
Harry crawled up to the side of her, his face hovering close to hers, his
eyes travelling down her naked torso pausing over her firm breasts that
certainly to Hermione seemed to be getting bigger by the day. The lust in
his eyes burned with a bright fire as they feasted on her naked teenage
bosom. Hermione felt Ron's hands on her knees and thighs, rubbing and
stroking her goose bumped flesh with the same sexual hunger that burned in
Harry's eyes. Harry's head dipped and his lips found hers, pressing down
his lips worked against hers while his hands slipped down from her slender
shoulders to cup and squeeze her palpitating breasts and stroke and flick
at her tingling nipples with tips of his thumbs.

Ron's hand slipped upwards along the inside of her thighs, sending little
shivers through her muscles and pearly skin. He cupped a bare ass cheek with
one hand rubbing his thumb into the crevice between her buttocks while his
other hand slipped further up toward her vagina. There was very little pubic
hair, just a little tuft of soft mousy blonde flecked brown that capped her
pale split peach. Ron's fingers quickly stroked the peach and then delved
inward to widen the split, spreading her vulva and revealing her labia
within. Her soft pink inner lips were closer to hot than warm against Ron's
urgent fingertips. He drew the lips wide and looked intently at the gleaming
pink core that was now on display between them. A glance up at Hermione's
half concealed face showed a deep flush that covered her cheeks, throat and
upper chest.

Harry was pressing her to open her mouth for his tongue. And after Ron's
slap, Hermione wasn't in the mood for more fighting, so she relinquished
and allowed the kiss to develop. Her lips spread open and Harry immediately
followed with his own, maintaining the tight warm damp contact of their
crushed together mouths. His tongue pushed forward, stroking the cherub-bow
shape of the underside of her top lip before pushing past her hard smooth
teeth and into the damp sweet warmth of her mouth. He found her tongue at
once and stroked along its hot textured surface, tasting her saliva and
feeling the uneven terrain. Hermione lifted her tongue in response and
played it back across Harry's then he started to swirl his tongue around
hers spiralling and exchanging oral fluids. The girl took up his silent
command and responded in kind, and as their tongues caressed and frolicked
their mouths worked together sucking and mouthing continually.

Ron used the rounded pad of his index finger to tease the tiny tight
puckered entrance to Hermione's vagina prodding without penetrating and
stroking around the mouth in little gentle circles while he watched the
little twitching palpitations quivering along the pink flesh between her
inner lips and along the taut muscles of her cool soft inner thighs. He
looked again watching Harry and Hermione going at it with their lips and
tongues while Harry cupped and fondled her breasts in both his hands.
Keeping his eyes on her face to gauge her reaction, he tensed his finger
and applied pressure to the tight little cunt, pushing at the closed
entrance pressing it to accept his probing finger. He was quite surprised
at its resistance but he just applied more pressure until he felt the
ring of muscle spread around his fingertip and he pushed into her until
the pad and nail of his index finger was consumed, sucked into her body.
Her heat was incredible it seemed to wash over the embedded a section of
his finger in little solar waves and he had to fight back a sudden rising
desire to replace his finger with his whole fist. Watching Hermione as he
penetrated her young virginal cunt, Ron caught a little grimace play
across her flushed cheeks and she let out a tiny little throaty moan that
disappeared into Harry's tongue fucking mouth. Harry was moaning more
than any of them however, she must have one hell of a horny tongue to get
him that worked up.

Hermione detached her mind from her body and concentrated on the problem of
the cause of this. It couldn't be the work of the boys themselves, they were
her friends and would never do something like this. The only person Hermione
could think of with the level of skill, the access to the knowledge and most
importantly - the desire to hurt her and her friends - the one person who
had a grudge against all three of them was Draco Malfoy. Even as the name
formed in her mind she knew it was the right one. It all fit together so
simply she couldn't see why it hadn't dawned on her at once. It was his
twisted idea of a prank or maybe something more serious, to get the three of
them caught by a professor in the throws of some kind of debauched underage
orgy, or a gang rape, and have them expelled from Hogwarts for good.

His mouth still locked to Hermione's and his tongue continuing to play
against hers, Harry reached down with one hand and awkwardly managed to unzip
his black uniform trousers. He slipped the same hand through the opened fly
and unbuttoned his boxer shorts and then levered out his rock hard and
jutting erection. His other hand was still mauling and fondling one of her
pert breasts, thumbing the taut nipple. He released his cock and reach out
for Hermione's hand, pulling her by the wrist towards his hot silky phallus.
Her cool hand encircled his girth obediently and her fist clenched tight
around the stem of his shaft. He started her wrist moving drawing her
gripping fist up and down his erection working the foreskin back and forth
over his bloated straining crown. Hermione didn't require much training in
masturbation of Harry's hard penis, she took up his instruction and moved
her pumping fist into a speedy and very arousing rhythm that she maintain
expertly. His hands went back to her breasts and his mouth came together
with hers again, his tongue exploring the damp heat between her lips.

Ron lay at Hermione's thighs, stroking her supple flesh with one hand while
the other worked a second finger into her young vagina. He hooked his hand
between her knees and lifted her upper leg spreading her thighs until he was
able to slide his upper body between them. He hooked her left leg onto his
shoulder and shuffled forward, positioning his face, or more precisely his
mouth close up to her bare fur crowned peach. He spread her lips with his
embedded fingers and leaned in, opening his mouth and reaching with his
tongue. He licked up and down her outer lips and then her inner lips before
pressing little kisses to her sensitive quivering flesh, before moving
towards her core. He liked and kissed the tiny pink hood of flesh that
concealed her virgin clitoris and then made his way down and pushed his
tongue right into her finger-spread vagina. Although she was dry and
unlubricated he could still taste her essence and she was sweet and syrupy
a mixture of flowery perfume and sweetness. He used his fingers to spread
her a little wider and pushed his tongue between them reaching deeper and
tasting her inner flesh liking and flicking at her core with his hungry
tongue in a strange parallel to Harry's motions inside her suctioning mouth.

Ron already had his own erection out and was absently kicking his trousers
off his ankles over his shoes, completely unaware and unconcerned about how
ridiculous he looked. He crouched low his knees spread on either side of
Hermione's splayed legs straddling her right leg that was laid out along
the floor, the left was hooked over his back. His balls and erection were
pressed against her smooth inner leg and he lowered his weight to increase
the friction and then started to work the underside of his shaft against
her flesh using her calf and the side of her knee to masturbate against.
Her cool smooth flesh proved a fantastic rubbing post and he groaned into
her spread open cunt while he kissed her splayed lips and worked his tongue
deeper into her warm though barely moist tunnel.

Something in Hermione's mind was forcing her however to need to seek some
kind of proof that - at least in her mind - linked Malfoy to the incident.
And of course she would have to find a counter spell if the curse didn't
wear off on it's own. She didn't want to go to sleep one night to wake up
in the early hours getting dually humped by her two best friends. She would
have to get enough proof at least to convince herself that Malfoy was behind
it all. Of course, first she would have to get herself out of this situation.

She was on her back, mutually rolled into that position by Harry and Ron.
Harry was straddling her breasts kneeling over her torso with his knees
pushing into her arm pits, his penis like a thick lance pointing at her
face and bobbing stiffly as he settled himself over her. A part of Hermione
was scientifically interested in the difference between the boy's penises.
She had only caught a glimpse of Ron's but it was much longer that Harry's,
maybe half as long again. Though even from that accidental glimpse she could
tell that Harry was quite a lot thicker around, a much wider circumference.
It was a completely scientific and uninterested observation of course.

Ron had her legs spread with outside of his hips and Hermione could feel his
bare thighs against the underside of her own. The hairs on his legs though
thin and sparse, were strange and slightly discomforting to her. With Harry's
young body blocking her view, she almost felt that it might be someone else
some strong hairy grown up preparing to take her virginity and she had to
fight down the welling sense of fear and panic. She would only get through
this if she remained calm and kept her head.

A strange and unwelcome vision popped into Hermione mind - of herself in the
first year standing along in the girl's bathroom while the huge ugly grey
Troll towering over her. She dreamed of the Troll from time to time,
sometimes in vaguely emotional dreams that she rarely remembered apart from
feelings of dread and panic and a weird exultation. Other times it was stark
and vivid and colourful and often Hermione found he had a semiconscious
control in her dream and liked to explore her enemy and her surroundings in
a kind of dreamscape virtual reality. One of the things she was rather
ashamed to have noticed and remembered had been the rather scanty and torn
trousers that the troll had worn, they had been ripped and patchy, but worst
of all the fly was a lace up flap of cloth and the lace had become threadbare
and frayed until only two pieces of the leather held the whole garment in
place. The two flaps of the fly bulged open and revealed what was continually
concealed inside to the terrified girl. And it's size and girth and strength.
And even more so how it had started to grow while it had tried to catch her,
just before Harry and Ron had come to her rescue. She wondered for a moment
that - in a few years and looking back at that moment - would she perceive
that as her first sexual experience? On seeing a male penis and it's
differing states of physical excitement?

She shook her mind free of visions and memories and brought her attention
back to her present dilemma. Harry had vulgarly spat onto her chest a few
times and was working the trails of clear saliva carefully over and between
her breasts until her sternum glistened under the continual light of the
Lumos spell. Then he grabbed her hands by the wrists again and brought
them down to her breasts. She knew what he wanted and followed his silent
instructions. She cupped her breasts and pulled them together until they
cushioned and covered his cock within their warm slick cleavage. Harry
then slipped his own hands around the back of her head and into Hermione's
thick soft curls. He pulled her head forward so that her chin met the top
of her cleavage and then he held her there and started to slide his penis
forward and back. Hermione made an 'O' with her mouth and kissed his hot
bloated crown as it pressed against her lips, adding her tongue to the
frantic dance as she licked the little eye at the tip of his phallus. She
strained her head a little more and satisfied that she would maintain her
position, Harry let go of her head and replaced her hands on her bosom with
his own trapping her hard nipples between his fingers and squeezing firmly
while he jerked with his hips and thighs pumping her firm young cleavage
with his slick and hornily throbbing erection. Hermione carefully slid her
hands around to his waist to apparently help him thrust.

Ron in the meantime had positioned himself correctly and was rubbing his
own phallic crown up and down against Hermione's sweet warm hairless lips,
inching forwards slightly with each up and down movement, slowly pressing
his cock between her inner lips, teasing her and enjoying himself. Her body
was rocking back and forth itself from Harry's much more frantic and hurried
ministrations and Ron was having to be very careful not to be caught out and
push too far into her in one go, but he had found his rhythm and was working
well with the movements of the bodies of the other two.

Hermione was keeping a careful track of Ron's actions. She really wasn't
prepared to let this go on much longer. Her plan was now solidified in her
mind. She knew what to do, she had set it all in stone, she just had to
steel herself for the actual doing of it. She would have to be quick and
precise. Hurried spells and garbled magic words could be the bane of the
witch, wizard or warlock. Never mind the problem of using someone else's
wand. It might backfire or refuse her, after all the wand chose the owner
not the other way around and being used against its owner by a third party
may well prove either an impossibility or extremely hazardous. There was
no other choice however, and she knew it.

Ron pushed his cock inwards again and this time angled down a little until
he felt the little ring of her vaginal mouth pressed and slightly opened by
his invading cock head. He held on working his hips along with the pace of
Hermione's shifting body while Harry continued to rut her cleavage. He
pushed forward again and moaned at the feel of her tunnel mouth stretching
to accommodate his slow invasion of her. He pushed again, jerking slightly
still keeping time with Harry's increasingly erratic humping and the first
half of his crown slipped forward, pressing against her opening. Although
dry and with a difficult friction that sent shivers up his spine. Hermione's
tight young vagina was very warm and gripped tight around the inch of his
embedded erection. He grabbed her upper thighs in his hands, his knuckles
turning white with the strength of his grip, and pressed forward again.
Hermione winced as Ron's erection pushed against her. She was stretched wide,
her muscles screaming to accommodate a size and girth they were unaccustomed
to, a thickness they had in fact never experienced before. She had lost her
hymen early with her childhood hobby of riding ponys and horse, until a
little maturity had her change her opinion and want to see aniamls riding
free and out of the slavery of human hands. She was till very much a virgin
however, and she wanted to stay that way.

Harry's cock jerked forward with more force making the under curves of her
breasts ache as they were pulled up by his tightly grasping hands. His crown
pushed right into her mouth making her jaw stretch as her vagina was, her
lips and her nether lips splaying wide and stretching to accept the round
throbbing and strong tasting heat of both of their phallic crowns. She felt
Harry jerk his hips again to shove another half inch of cock into her mouth
and Hermione winced at the pain in her crushed breasts while she swished
her tongue around and around the invading crown. Harry grunted and moaned
hoarsely at the feel of the hot damp contact that sucked and lapped at the
head of his straining erection.

Ron's cock pressed harder against her still uncooperative vagina and he
paused, panting and straining to hold back the need to fuck. Her muscle
barrier was strong, though he didn't have any other experiences to compare
it to, he would have to ram in hard to force his cock into her cunt. He
took a breath gathering himself for the impending force of his first real

Something in the back of Hermione's mind screamed suddenly, shouting at her
to do something before Ron took her virginity. She felt a panicked shiver rip
through her and found her fingers were groping around Harry's back seemingly
of their own accord, her instincts were making the decisions for her and
right in the nick of time. She found the long and thin shaft of hard smoothly
poliched holly of Harry's wand under her fingers. There was that reassuring
little touch of warmth between fingers and wand that told her the wand seemed
to be accepting her caress and she clenched her fingers around the carefully
turned bell shaped handle and drew it from the belt loop sheath of Harry's

Relief flooded through Hermione as she felt the certainty that the wand
wasn't going to fail her. She pulled herself back, unconcerned about the
sudden darkening in Harry's facial expression, and swish-flicked the tip
of the wand pointing it past Harry's right shoulder and aiming quickly at

"Petrificus Totalus!" Hermione snapped.

Icy web-like tendrils erupted from the tip of Harry's obedient wand and
ensnared Ron in an instant, he was yanked stiffly to his feet as if by
invisible hands and the silky tendrils spiralled around him. He fell to
the floor, face first like a lead weight.

Fighting back a sudden building sympathy, and hoping his nose wasn't busted
by the fall, Hermione turned the wand on Harry who was still straddling her
chest though his sexual fun was momentarily forgotten. His face was a mask
of pure horrifying rage. She raised the wand a second time.

Harry suddenly grabbed her wrist in a vice-tight grip, his lips curling back,
gritted white teeth flashing in the Lumos spell's warm illumination. Hermione
quickly tossed the lightweight well-balanced wand to her other hand and
quickly swish-flicked while she speed-recited the spell in triple time.

"Pretrificus Totalus!!"

The web tendrils whipped out in supersonic speed and had Harry wrapped up and
frozen in an instant. He slumped over sideways and ended up propped awkwardly
against the wall.

Hermione let out a long quavering sigh and let her body slump for a moment,
the stress and exhaustion getting the better of her. She looked over at the
two frozen boys. Her two best friends in the whole of Hogwarts. She found
herself wondering for a moment if that was as unusual as it sounded to her,
that a girl's best friends were two boys instead of other girls her own age.
Things had improved with her life over the last couple of years, the first
half of her first year hadn't been very pleasant. The school and the work
load had been fun and enjoyable and of course being involved with the whole
Philosopher's Stone adventure had been very exciting. But she had felt very
lonely and had been disliked by most of the other students. She'd been too
uptight and too much of an uppity swot for the other kids.

Luckily for her, Harry's and Ron's influences had mellowed her and made her
relax and come out of her shell quite a bit. And now, although not exactly
close friends, many of the girls in her house were nicer to her and talked
to her more than the previous couple of years. Though she had to admit that
there was something a little strange about being in such a close knit gang
with herself and two teenage boys. Not that it mattered really, they were a
team the three of them. It had been this way right from the beginning, more
or less. And she wouldn't have it any other way.

She sat there looking at them for a while watching their still active eyes
looking around, blinking, watching her. Their eyes seemed to be in the throes
of some subtle transformation, though it wasn't a physical one. They went
back and forth from lust driven stares at her still naked body to concerned
natural expressions of the boys she knew well and recognised. Their eyes
darted back and forth looking away from her nudity in embarrassed guilt and
then back to her body in hard driving aggressive lust. It looked like the
spell was beginning to wear off. Probably because the Petrificus curse had
some kind of natural countering agent - the dormancy of their bodies no
longer fuelling their magnified lusts and their desire was beginning to fade
because of it. The Petrificus would be active for at least a couple of hours
yet and she couldn't move them herself. They would have to stay there. It
would serve them right, their fault or not.

Hermione got dressed quickly and then covered herself with the invisibility
cloak. She had a lot of checking up to do and the library's Restricted
Section was beckoning to her. She silently thanked the Gods of Witchcraft
and Wizardry that she was still a virgin, she wasn't sure she would have
been able to forgive Ron if he had actually deflowered her. Possession spell
or not.

Everyone knew by student rumour where the 'dirty spells' and the love potions
and spells were, which sections; which books; which pages and Hermione knew
exactly where to start her search. And being a Friday night she had plenty of
time, there were no classes the following morning and the majority of the
student body rarely rose earlier than 10 a.m. on Saturday mornings. She could
stay up for most of the night and sleep through as much of Saturday morning
as she needed to, if it came to that.

She took out the specific books and hid them with her under the voluminous
cloak, glad of the bright moonlight streaming in through the high arched
windows to her right that let her read through the indexes. She found the
many of the answers in the comically titled Love Potions and Sex Magic by
one Thomas T. Catt. All of the specific spells or potions, their ingredients
or incantations and their levels of skill were all there waiting for her in
the pages of the first few books she had chosen and their evidence pointed
to someone with a higher than third year level of skill with malicious intent
and good wand skill. There were three parts to the spell to enchant the
target, herself in this case and then curse the chosen assaulters, however
many of them there were - two in her case. So he had to be able to get close
and curse Harry and Ron without alerting them or anyone close to them of his

Hermione had been in enough classes with Draco Malfoy to know his style, his
over average casting skill and his ease of wand use, he could mutter a spell
and cast it from his wand with the tiniest of wrist actions perfectly. She
witnessed him casting irritation curses on Neville Longbottom more times than
she could remember. Most importanlt though, no one had more to gain than
Malfoy. He would want nothing more than to see Hermione publicly humiliated
(maybe even pregnant?) And Harry and Ron thrown out of Hogwarts and possibly
even brought up on charges if his school-governing-body father had anything
to do with it. Malfoy was the only possible candidate with the motive, the
skill and the desire to hurt all three of them.

Death Eaters of some other servant of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named did cross her
mind but it didn't seem like the kind of thing He would do. Besides, this
seemed very much directed towards all three of them and not specifically at
Harry. No, it must be Malfoy, it simply had to be. The deduced revelation
brought a kind of concluding mood into Hermione and she leaned back in the
hardwood chair and yawned deeply. She was so tired all of a sudden.

* * *

Malfoy snarled into the flame picture. Staring at the Petrificus cursed forms
of Potter and Weasley. Granger had vanished suddenly after covering herself
and had gone off somewhere leaving them behind. He had watched them for a
full five minutes fuming and raging in silence while Blanca rode him slowly
working her hips on his lap, sucking his cock in and out of her tight hard
working cunt. Crabbe and Goyle and their two play things had long since gone
to bed and the common room was deserted except for the two students fucking
in the armchair before the fire. It had been so close and yet somehow Granger
had saved herself at the last moment.

He gritted his teeth an annoyance, cancelled the observation spell at last
and turned his attention and his anger into fucking. He looked up at Blanca
whose face was a twisted mask of erotic passion and he reached up and
clutched at her full and softly bobbing breasts. In instant reaction she
started to work her hips with more vigour against him, flexing her pert
buttocks and riding his large engorged cock faster and harder. Malfoy looked
up at her through narrowed squinting eyes, trying to imagine Granger in her
place - chained up in one of the dungeons and forced to please his desires.
Draco clutched harder at her shuddering breasts and started to buck upward
with his hips growling with each thrust and muttering carnal and course
obscenities under his breath, that grew louder and more cruel as he
approached his climax. Blanca could do nothing more than to simply ride out
the storm and tell herself over and over that his sexual rage was directed
at that Gryffindor bitch and not at her.

* * *

Hermione hated her life. They were all so mean to her, mean and cruel and it
wasn't fair. She sat in the girl's toilets. Ron's words rang still in her
ears. "It's no wonder no one can stand her. She's a nightmare, honestly...
She must've noticed she's got no friends." No-one-can-stand-her.
Got-no-friends. It was like he'd stabbed her through the chest with a barbed
spear and then yanked it back out again, taking all of her insides with it.

She had barely been able to withhold the tears before she reached the
toilets. She'd ignored the girls already there and locked herself inside one
of the cubicles, trying to ignore the feeling that everyone was laughing at
her and muttering nasty things about her. And then she had been unable to
leave. She'd cried for what had seemed like hours and then still sniffling
with things going round and round in her head she'd sat there listening to
the dull echoing noises of students filing past the toilets going from class
to class. The more she'd thought about going out and joining them as she
knew she should do, the more she imagined them all going silent at the sight
of her, standing and staring and then laughing or calling her. She saw Harry
and Ron there too muttering how they hated her stuck up manner and that she
was just a arse-licking-teacher's-pet. And then she found she couldn't move,
she couldn't face another humiliation. She just wanted to stay put and be
sucked down the U-bend of the toilet or die and rot away. Maybe people would
just forget about her having ever existed.

Another part of her wanted people to come in and comfort her, tell her it
was okay and that they liked her and that Ron was wrong. To show her Ron was
wrong about them all hating her. That she was liked... Even by Ron. Actually,
Lavender had made a half hearted attempt to see if she was okay but Hermione
had just said she wanted to be left alone. She hadn't of course. She had
wanted to see if Lavender would persevere, to show Hermione that she actually
cared for her but, of course, the other girl didn't, she just walked away
muttering something to one of her many friends.

Eleven year old Hermione looked down at her watch and gasped at the time. The
Hallowe'en feast would be well underway and she was missing it. Then another
fact dawned on her. The simple fact that she was late for the party - and
that no one had come in to tell her she was missing it was more than enough
to bring on another bout of desperate rib-quaking tears.

The door slammed and she heard a weird shuffling, and someone sniffing
none-stop like a big dog or something. Was someone playing a joke on her,
tormenting her even more?

Then the smell got her attention, foul and putrid of stale urine and unwashed
rank sweat-soaked clothes. She heard a low grumble and a loud scraping like
a heavy truck on the tiled floor of the toilet. A shadow came over the top of
the locked cubicle and Hermione, scared now, looked up. She didn't hear the
door slamming against or the key turning in the lock. She was too overwhelmed
by the huge ugly grey thing that leaned in and towered over her. Its dull
grey skin was stretched taut over a thick and heavily muscled body and it was
twice the size of a man. Its tiny head looked almost comical on top of such
huge bunched up shoulders, almost.

The expression on its face was terrifying to Hermione, it looked kind of
hungry to her. It reached over the top of the cubicle with one arm and
Hermione let out a little squeak of terror and then dropped to the floor
and curled herself up in a ball. As she glanced up the troll drew back
its hand and raised its other along with the huge tree trunk club that it
carried, the club swung and Hermione screamed her lungs out as the set of
toilet cubicles exploded in all directions, decimated by the huge and
heavy troll weapon.

She threw herself across the bathroom - seeking sanctuary beneath the
overhanging edges of the row of sinks opposite, but again the troll made
short work of the gleaming white bowls with his club. Pipes burst and icy
tap water shot into the air and rained down over Hermione like a row of
perfectly timed geysers.

The troll stood over her looking down, slowly lifting its club ready to
finish her off so that she could be its next meal, when rather abruptly,
like a light had been turned on inside its meagre brain, its expression
changed from a dark brooding hunger to a brighter almost smiling desiring
hunger. Hermione looked down at herself and it took her only a moment to
realise the reason for the change in the troll's attitude. Her uniform was
soaked through and was now all but transparent.

The troll was horny. It looked with lust burning eyes at her young softly
pink body that was completely revealed beneath the clinging see-through
cotton of her water soaked blouse. She wasn't wearing a bra and though only
in the first year, her breasts were full and nicely and noticeably bouncy
as she shivered under the icy shower. Her skirt was extremely short cutting
off only an inch below her knicker-gusset and of course she wore the
fashionable bottom framing thong underwear that was the height of fashion
among her age group this year. Knee high socks brought specific attention
to the expanse of the bare creamy flesh of her athletic thighs from upper
thigh to knee.

The troll reached down, grabbed Hermione about the skull and shoulders and
then carried her, struggling uselessly over to one of the toilets, one of
the few that was still in one piece. He sat her down on it and kept a firm
grip of her head. Holding her steady with one hand he reached down with his
other, first propping his huge club within easy reach against the wall, and
tugged at the split crotch of his rough trousers. His huge grey skinned
penis swung heavily out of the slit and Hermione couldn't hold back the gasp
and shiver of fear and revulsion. It was huge, massive, fat and ugly and it
seemed to throb rhythmically with a kind of carnal life of its own.

The troll turned his attention back to the young girl and watched her
reaction as his excited cock stretched out, growing long and fat and heavy -
and as hard as granite. Still holding her head tight in its terrible grip,
the troll turned to face Hermione and holding its erection in its free hand,
it pressed the cock against her face, rubbing the hot hard crown that was
partially covered by a thick drooping foreskin, against her cheeks and mouth.
The troll growled something that, though more or less unintelligible,
Hermione thought sounded something like "Open."

So, blinded into obedience by pure fear, she did as she was told. She opened
her mouth wide against the hard heat of the monster's mammoth penis. And sat
there while it pressed forward against her stretched lips trying to force a
seven inch diameter shaft into her small mouth. Hermione coughed and
whimpered but she didn't struggle as the troll tried to stuff its too large
penis into her mouth. The girl uncertainly tried to lick at the hot rank
flesh that pushed against her squashed lips and teeth. She thought the
creature might appreciate the sensation but was unsure about what she should
be doing.

Eventually the troll gave in and pulled back. It rumbled something else at
the child that sounded like "Remove."

Continuing her fearful and blind compliance, Hermione quickly removed her
robes, tie, blouse, skirt and underwear. Which was no easy task with her
hands constantly shaking the way they were. The troll pulled her forward on
the toilet seat, pushing her shoulders back so she was leaning back against
the cistern and piping with her bottom against the front edge of the seat.
The troll pushed her supple pale thighs apart, revealing her youthful and
hairless vagina that looked like a little vertical flesh-slit at the apex
of her thighs with a tiny hint of warm succulent pink beneath.

Again, the grey monster pressed his phallus against the slit and dumbly
started to jerk forward with his big powerful hips trying to get his cannon
ball erection into the terrified child's musket barrel vagina. It growled
something like "Spread."

Hermione did as she was told practically doing the splits while the creature
spread the lips of her immature slit, revealing the pretty warm pinkness
within, though it made no difference to his vain attempts to penetrate her.
He growled in annoyance and frustration. And then a vague idea seemed to
spark in his dull mind and he quickly (for a troll) grabbed her again and
lifted her up off the toilet seat. He flipped her over so she was face down
and held level with the thing's waist it's the big penis right under her.
The troll snarled what sounded like "Surround."

This time Hermione couldn't for the life of her work out the meaning. The
troll impatiently slapped a finger across her bare creamy buttocks and she
let out a little weeping squeal. This time the Troll tried another word.

This time the preteen vaguely caught on and she reached down and then hooked
her arms and legs around the hot and rock hard shaft. The monster hooked two
fingers carefully over Hermione's naked shoulders to hold her securely around
it's erection while it's thumb, ring and little fingers encircled her tiny
waist. Once it was sure the girl was tight and secure it started pulling her
up and down its erection like some kind of masturbatory tool.

Hermione held on for dear life and fought back her tears of fear and
desperation. She turned her cheek so she wasn't getting a nose full of it's
powerfully rank odour although already her cheek and lips were smeared with
a mixture of clear sticky fluid that seeped from the hole at the end of the
penis and some vile white smelly stuff that was visible both on the crown
and in the folds of the soft foreskin. She didn't want to think about what
they could be. All she focused on was holding on tight. As long as the
monster was happy it wouldn't want to hurt her or kill her.

Her hair, as usual was getting in the way. More than once a few curls had
fallen down and were caught up with the rolling of the soft pungent foreskin,
caught and yanked at by the hot veiny flesh. The dim intellect of the troll
didn't seem to notice any of this however, it was just enjoying the sensation
of the feel of the little pink girl's cool flesh against its cock, her soft
cheeks and her cool salty tears on its hot itchy flesh. The fingers of its
free hand were open to explore her nakedness even though his fat digits and
her miniature body didn't accommodate each other too well. He rubbed at her
lithely arched naked back, pressed her face down into its joyfully throbbing
cock, rubbed over her bottom, and as far between her buttocks as his little
finger could reach. He was already close to the verge of orgasm and it didn't
take much longer. Which was all very fortunate for Hermione as she knew her
grip was slipping and she wouldn't have been able to hold on for much longer.

With a body shaking guttural moan the troll pulled Hermione off his cock,
replacing her pretty little body with his knobbly fist and he started to
work his foreskin furiously over his shaft while he sat the girl back on
the toilet seat with her legs spread. He grabbed her head again to keep her
steady while he angled his cock towards her and worked the foreskin with
frenzied hand movements. He roared hoarsely his body tensing, head thrown
back eyes squeezed shut, masturbating hand almost a blur while his other
hand dug painfully into Hermione's hair and skull.

The sudden thick hot streams of semen burst from the troll's throbbing hard
penis with all of the stinging power of the pressurised water spray from the
busted pluming in this very room. It was like a series of hard punishing
slaps onto her naked flesh as thick ropy wad after wad of pungent creamy
white splattered onto her naked thighs and stomach. The troll twisted around
and re-angled his straining thickly veined phallus and spurted more of his
seed onto the girl's naked flesh. The hot fluid erupted in a continuing flow
across her stomach and upwards as the troll aimed his ejaculation all over
Hermione's body. He sprayed her down in a kind of reverse 'S' pattern
covering her abdomen, her tiny barely budding breasts and ending up coating
her face and her hair.

He held her still and steady while he coated her flesh with his seed.
Hermione had no choice except to squeeze her eyes shut and purse her lips
as the semen shot all over her face, splattering her mouth, over the bridge
of her cute button nose, across both of her eyes and into her matted and
slightly bushy eyebrows - and then on and upwards into her curling
blonde-brown bushy mane. The troll held her still while he pumped the last
few heavy spurts into her face and then flicked and teased his still hard
cock until his heavy grey scrotum was finally drained.

Hermione was desperate to hold her face under one of the burst pipes from
which fountains of water were continuing to cascade. It was like having a
face full of shampoo suds and being unable to relax your screwed up facial
muscles until you felt the spray of the shower water clearing your features.
Unable to see from her reluctance to risk opening her eyes and disgusted by
the thick gluey texture to the fluids that covered her flesh, Hermione could
only sit and shiver, her ears alert to all the sounds around her and then
the sensation of the Troll's harsh grip on her head being suddenly removed.
The scrape of the club being retrieved (it didn't actually occur to the girl
that that sound could well have been a proclamation of the ending of her
life), the water from the broken plumping filling the background and almost
drowning even the hoarse growling guttural breaths of the Troll. There was
also the banging of fists on the locked door and the hammering of what
sounded like shoes on the wood as if someone were trying to kick and beat
their way into the water flooded room.

Something awoke Hermione and she jerked awake sitting up straight and
blinking the drowsiness from her eyes. Then as she blinked and looked around
she remembered where she was. In the library's Restricted Section leaning on
a pile of books under the utterly concealing invisibility cloak. She checked
her watch. It was a good hour after she had found her spell evidence and she
had less than twenty minutes before the Petrificus spell wore off Harry and
Ron. She would have to hurry.

The books went back to their proper places and Hermione found herself
quite impressed at how quickly and quietly she had managed it. She was
straightening the chair before the small reading area in the main library
when she heard the library door open and saw the distinctive shadow of
Filch on the far wall. Hermione stifled a yelp and making sure the cloak
covered her properly, she slipped into a little alcove between the
stone-carved window frame and the corner bookshelf. It was as good a
place to hide herself as there was in the library. And it proved good
enough for Filch to miss her presence completely - and any trace of her
ever being there. He did a quick wander around, throwing his lamplight
up and down the corridors of books and then about turned and left.

Hermione let out her held breath and then took her own leave of the musty
old room. She opened the door carefully and peered out. Filch was still
there but he was heading down the corridor away from the library in the
general direction of the Slytherin wing. She took the opposite corridor
and headed back to where she'd left the boys.

Harry and Ron were exactly where she had left them, one flat on his face the
other propped up at an angle against the side of the earthy chamber. Standing
there looking at them, their bodies frozen except their eyes that shifted
about wildly with pleading, dread and remorse reflected in the pupils,
Hermione felt a wave of guilt of her own and sympathy for her two best
friends that had assaulted her against their wills, puppets of a malicious
little shit - whom she hated now more than ever.

She looked at them, thinking of Filch who was by now at the other end of the
great huge castle. She shrugged the cloak from her shoulders and draped it
onto the ground between them.

"Here, you can use this to get back to your dorm when the spell's worn off.
I know what happened now and I know it wasn't really your fault."

The words were hard for her to utter. She still felt a strong anger towards
the two boys, they hadn't fought against the magic, hadn't been able to hold
themselves back, hadn't caught Malfoy in the act and stopped it before it
started. It was a slightly irrational anger but emotions and rationality
didn't fit well together. She just hoped her anger would be softened by the
light of the morning. She'd have to wait and see how she felt tomorrow.

Saturday came.

Hermione slept most of the morning away although when she did show up she
found both Harry and Ron hadn't left their own dorm either. She spent the
afternoon in a quiet corner of the common room keeping to herself while she
worked through the weekend's set homework. She spoke to a few of the other
Gryffindor girls from her class and their pleasantness, although worked at,
made her feel a little better - more liked and she felt she wasn't missing
the friendship of Harry and Ron too much.

Late in the afternoon she went down to see Hagrid and spent a pleasant hour
drinking tea and thinking of polite ways to refuse his murderous rock cakes.
She found herself trying to find ways to keep her mind from dwelling on the
events of the previous night, avoiding any possibility of meeting up with
Harry and Ron and making sure she didn't bump into Malfoy. She couldn't guess
what she would do if she set her eyes on the little shit. She kept seeing
herself whipping her wand from her waistband and striking him with something
brutal and illegal like the Cruciatus curse.

The first meeting came at dinner time. Hermione sat at the Gryffindor table
with Harry and Ron were still unaccounted for. Though she'd heard from
Ginny that they'd decided to go to Honeydukes (probably to avoid her).
Unfortunately, their empty seats gave her a straight unimpeded view of the
Slytherin table and of Draco Malfoy and his two bullish cohorts. The three
of them at first were looking over at her exchanging smiles and whisperings
and sniggers all obviously at her expense.

And then before long those same whisperings and sniggering had started to
spread up and down the Slytherin table and more and more of that house were
turning to stare at her with their own little whispered comments and subdued
malicious laughter.

Hermione felt herself blushing hotter and hotter. Her appetite went almost at
once. And even as she watched those whispered comments started to spread to
the other house tables. She saw Cedric Diggory's eyebrows rise suddenly and
look over at her and then he shook his head seemingly (hopefully) in
disbelief and went back to his soup. First year Orla Quirke burst out
laughing, Alicia Spinnet went into an abrupt coughing fit. Even Cho Chang
glanced at Hermione quickly before lowering her pretty eyes, and frowning

Lee Jordan muttered an "Oh please." Then banged his goblet on the Gryiffindor
table to silence the mutterings that had started to develop closer to
Hermione. She could feel Colin Creevy's eyes drilling holes into the side of
her face and she forced herself not to look in his direction. She heard
Pavarti Patel whisper "Hermione did what?" To a girl opposite. Then a first
year tugged at Hermione's sleeve and whispered - "Which one's Hermione
Ginger?" It was too much for Hermione.

"I know it was you Malfoy! And I'm going to make sure you regret it!!!" She
shouted suddenly, standing up and pointing at him, her voice cracking with
the power of her brimming emotion.

The great hall was silenced at that moment. Then Slytherin Pansy Parkinson
burst out laughing. But the look on Malfoy's face was a little harder to
read. Part annoyance, part hate, a touch of worry. Then he regained his own
composeure and threw one of his cruel smiles back at Hermione.

She stomped over toward the exit, ignoring the concerned looks and grabs at
the sleeves of her robes from almost every member of the Weasley family and
the blank staring looks from the rest of the large room.

A duel, that was the thing to do. There was a Quidditch friendly between
Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw in the morning, she'd set up a duel to follow it
and she'd show him up once and for all. She'd make him pay for his actions.

"Two on one Granger?!" Malfoy shouted after her, along with rapidly rising
laughter from his peers. "You taking on two boys at the same time? Didn't
know you were such a Mudblood slut!"

Hermione snapped. She spun on her heel, her face burning with rage and
embarrassment. Her hand went into her robes for her wand and her mind locked
subconsciously onto a spell, which she shouted out even as her wrist swept
into a textbook-perfect swish-flick. The Sunday Duel was forgotten, it was
going to take place here and now in front of just about the whole of the
student body.


There was an almighty and scarlet-lit explosion as the spell burst from
Hermione's wand. Malfoy reached into his robes to draw his own wand but he
wasn't quick enough and the spell struck him with perfect precision. Draco
Malfoy flew backwards, as if he was hit by a speeding locomotive, he was
launched out of his chair and thrown a good six feet across the great hall.
He came to a heavy landing inches from the hard cold stone of the wall. His
lost wand was rolling to a stop just under his overturned chair.

Without waiting for her enemy to catch his breath, or even to see how injured
he might be, a raging and hate-blinded Hermione cast her second spell. Her
wand belched a silver fiery light as she yelled "Rictusempra!"

It wasn't a very painful or humiliating spell but the sudden and strong fit
of extreme tickling was more than enough to throw Malfoy's mind and body into
turmoil. He writhed and twitched in a chaotic dance, fighting through tears
and pained laughter.

A slightly accented female voice yelled "Accio wand!" And Hermione saw
Draco's wand leap upwards from the floor and deposit itself into the hand of
that Slytherin slut Marina. The busty Mediterranean sixteen year old turned
and quickly pointed the wand at Malfoy and un-hexed him with "Finite

The girl turned back to Hermione - her eyes blazing, cheeks blushing with
anger. She raised the wand again and Hermione brought her own up, preparing
the Impervius spell in her head, just in case. But Malfoy, groaning and
staggering shakily to his feet, put a stop to the Slytherin sixth year's
counter attack.

"No, don't interfere, she's mine." He locked eyes with Hermione and spat onto
the ground, as he took his wand back from Blanca's outstretched palm.

"You'll pay dearly for that you little Mudblood whore." He growled. Then his
wand swish-flicked violently almost taking Hermione by surprise.

"Serpensortia!" He snarled loudly.

A black snake burst into life from the tip of Malfoy's wand and launched
itself into the air. It came down into the edge of the Ravenclaw table and
reared up cruelly, hissing and tasting their air with its forked tongue,
long wicked fangs gleaming in the midday light.

Hermione forced down her sudden fear and revulsion and darted forwards toward
the snake. She grabbed a large dome shaped silver dish-cover that contained
rashers of steaming crispy bacon and slammed it down over the snake, trapping
it easily and safely inside. At once, she whipped her attention and her wand
back at Draco and launched her counter spell. She would beat him at his own

"Serpensortiarmus!" A huge jet boa constrictor grew and then erupted from the
tip of Hermione's brightly sparking wand and flew across the space between
the duellists. The giant snake wrapped itself in a huge fat coil around a
wide eyed and fearfully quivering Malfoy. The weight of the massive snake
that encircled his torso from head down to his knees toppled the Slytherin
boy over and he was lost under the long tables, scattered chairs and
Slytherin students.

Hermione heard a distinct though wheezy "Finite Incantatem." And there was a
puff of black smoke as her snake vanished. Malfoy once again forced himself
back to his feet, this time having to lean against the Slytherin table for
support. Something told Hermione that he was faking his exhaustion a little
and to be careful. And sure enough she spotted the subtle spell that Malfoy
directed at his own throat and as he muttered. "Sonorus Banshia." And then
straightened up sucking in a great breath. The Gryffindor teenager had barely
enough time to prepare her counter spell, though she picked a good one.

"Inverse intentum!"

The sonic scream exploded from Malfoy's throat like the boom from a jet
engine as it bested the sound barrier. It got halfway between Draco and
Hermione and then hit her counter spell and doubled back. Five Slytherin
students were struck by the sonic scream and were slammed back hard
against the stone and oak wall behind them, though none took on the level
of power that Malfoy had to contend with. He slammed shoulder first into
the wall and then found himself spun around and thrown back along the
floor at least five feet before the reversed spell faded.

A bruised, bloodied and coughing Malfoy dragged himself achingly to his
feet, it was amazing that he wasn't more badly injured. Something in his
face showed that he knew he had been beaten, but he also wasn't going to
go down quietly. He smirked darkly as he wiped blood from his busted nose
with the back of his skinned wrist. He quickly raised his wand and snapped
his spell out before Hermione had the chance to counter it.

"Accio skirt!" The girl's mid thigh length grey pleated skirt was yanked
hard by invisible hands and came suddenly away from her body. The flowing
robes and flaps of her now un-tucked blouse weren't anywhere near enough
to conceal her bare thighs and pretty pastel pink thong-style knickers
that were momentarily flashed to the whole mesmerised school. There were
whispers concerning the pretty and revealing garment and of the emblem of
"Hello Kitty" on the front for weeks afterwards.

Hermione screamed and desperately grabbed at her robes, pulling them quickly
in around her bare thighs, concealing all from the roomful of wide and prying

Malfoy took quick advantage of her tear-filled and embarrassed reaction and
launched another spell.

"Accio blouse!" The buttons of Hermione's uniform blouse started to pop open
one at a time from the collar downwards, her tie un-knotted itself in a split
second and the invisible hands started to tug at the material again. This
time Hermione ignored her blouse and lifted her wand. She swish-flicked
quickly and perfectly.

"Impervious!" The spell faded and her half-unbuttoned blouse relaxed back
against her sweat slick curves. She swish-flicked again.

"Stupefy!" The stunning curse hit Malfoy with all the force of a jet powered
bludger and knocked him another eight feet along the wall of the great hall.
Another swish-flick.

"Splincharmus secondo!" The third spell was not one she should know, it was
a final year spell but she was too angry and ashamed to care.

Malfoy was suddenly splinched into two. His legs, now a separate part of him,
got up and started to sprint in big desperate circles round and round the
great hall. The top half of Malfoy screamed after his departing legs and
desperate fearful tears welled in his wild bulging eyes. Then he was simply
struck dumb with trembling panicked fear. And he fainted.

Compared to usual Crabbe and Goyle reaction times, this time they were race
horses out of their starting gate. They stepped forward in unison and
rumbling all kinds of dull unimaginative expletives that might well make
Ron fall straight to sleep, they raised their wands and pointed them in

This time Hermione was caught off guard, a combination of tiredness,
embarrassment and pride of victory had blunted her senses somewhat. Then
from behind her came two familiar and happily heart-warming voices. The
first snapped "Stupefy!" Loudly in a calm and professional manner.

A blast of charged spell energy whipped past Hermione's ear and Goyle was
slammed back against the Slytherin table and scraped right over the
collection of neatly arranged and prepared lunch menu.

Almost at the same time a warm voice that was slightly twisted with passion
and sly energy roared a characteristically imaginative "Tarantallegra!"
Curse. The spell struck Crabbe squarely and started him in a hilarious and
frankly amazing spidery-quick-step double time dance. He moved three times
as fast as normal Crabbe could ever do and fortunately had a magically
enhanced sense of musical timing. He danced for a half hour while the
students laughed and danced alongside him. He had fainted sometime before
some Slytherin or other took it upon himself to cancel the spell.

Harry and Ron came up to Hermione's side. Ron was the first to speak and his
eyes never once moved from her flushed, pretty face.

"Hermione, are you okay? We only caught the last few seconds... But you were

"I'm fine Ron!"

"Better than that lot!" Harry observed, putting a gentle hand on Hermione's
shoulder. "You really messed them up Hermione!"

"Malfoy was behind what... What happened." She replied awkwardly.

She turned to face her two best friends, feeling very apprehensive. Although
she immediately found there was no need. Hermione and the boys exchanged
glowing looks and at once all was forgiven. And she proved it to each of them
(while keeping tight control of her robes) by giving them a big warm hug and
a very quick peck on the cheek.

They celebrated their friendly reunion with an excited and expensive visit to
Hogsmeade. And afterwards they enjoyed a few weeks of stress free Malfoy-less
life, as he left them alone and avoided Gryffindor students as much as
possible. And Hermione completely.

The End


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