Harry Potter: Extreme Interactive Part 1 (Mf, magic)
by Hamster ([email protected])

Chris Bacon was sitting in his apartment getting ready to pop in a DVD.
Specifically, "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix". Chris had
purchased the DVD illegally; the creepy old Asian man who sold it to him
had informed him that it was full of extras that were not in the regular
DVD. Chris popped it in and navigated the menu options. He found an option
called 'Extreme-Interactive'. Chris immediately highlighted it and hit
enter. Quite suddenly the entire world began to twist and spin and Chris
found himself falling. Suddenly he landed on his ass.

"That really fucking hurt." He said. He looked around, being a hardcore fan,
he knew exactly where he was. "You have gotta be kidding."

There was no doubt in his mind that he was on the grounds of Hogwarts school
for Witchcraft and Wizardry. In fact, he was wearing a school uniform, he
also had his remote in his hands. A group of students approached him. He
recognized them immediately. Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle and Pansy Parkinson.

"Look a dirty Mudblood wallowing on the ground where he belongs." Laughed

The others joined in on the laughter. Chris sighed. He raised his remote and
hit pause. He walked over to the now frozen Slytherine boys. He kicked Crabbe
and Goyle in the balls three times apiece. He walked over to Malfoy and began
punching him in the face over and over. Next he punched him in the kidneys a
few times before going to work on kicking Malfoy's balls. He alternated
various forms of violent assault on their bodies before he walked over to
Pansy and stuck his hand up her skirt so that he could stroke her pussy. He
stroked her sweet, moist cunt for about ten minutes before relieving the
others of their wands.

Chris unpaused the remote and all three boys howled with pain and collapsed
to the ground while Pansy cried in orgasm.

"Some things are just beautiful." Chris said as he wiped a tear away
from his eye.

Pansy was doubled over and panting.

"H-How did you do that?" Asked Pansy who was both aroused by the treatment
she'd received from Chris and by the fact she was attracted to power,
something Chris had just displayed impressively.

"Baby, that's just how I roll." Chris replied. Pansy couldn't help but give
him a flirty smile. "What do you say we go someplace private so that I can
show you a few other tricks that I can do."

"Sure" she said.

Chris made sure to kick Draco in the gut real hard before he made his way
down the hall hand-in-hand with Pansy. It was funny to Chris that nobody
noticed he wasn't really a student but figured that it was one of the
benefits of his magic DVD. The pair ducked into an empty classroom where
Chris almost immediately stripped off her robes and started feeling her
breasts through her shirt. His cock was good and hard at this point. Chris
reached under her skirt and pulled her green panties down. Chris pushed her
on her back atop of a desk. He pushed her legs apart and then pulled his
schlong out and lined it up with his target, specifically Pansy's tight
little wet pussy. She whimpered as he pushed his way in and it was music
to Chris's ears. Chris fucked her rhythmically as she made delightful
squeaky-toy noises. Chris mauled her tits and pounded her pussy as hard
as he could before shooting his load inside of her.

Chris pulled out then stepped back and hit stop on his remote. Suddenly Chris
was back in his shitty apartment watching the title screen on his DVD.

"I gotta see what other DVDs that creepy Asian guy has for sale." Said Chris.

To be continued...


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