Harry Potter: Extreme Interactive 2 - Infested With Narggles (Mf,magic)
by Hamster ([email protected])

"Listen to me, you little shit. If you ever find a girl who can overlook your
below average appearance, wussy demeanor, bad hygiene, lack of intelligence
and poor fashion sense, you had better fuck the pussy as hard as you possibly
can. You hear me? You better pound that damm pussy, punish that pussy, bring
down the wrath of your all-mighty penis on that goddamm pussy, you take all
the pain and suffering you ever felt in your life son, and you channel all of
that into every mother-fucking stroke of your cock. Pour all of your pain
into that damm pussy. Believe me son; if you do that, the pussy will be
eternally grateful. The pussy will worship you. The pussy will bow down to
you like a god. The pussy will be so damm grateful it will let all the other
pussy know. Tales of your greatness will spread like a damm wildfire. Soon
you will have more pussy than you can handle, hell you'll be turning down
pussy left and right."

-Sage Advice that Chris once received from a drunken uncle

Chris had no luck locating the man who had sold him the magic DVD. That was
unfortunate since he knew of at least 30 different movies that he'd like to
get inside of. Chris decided that it was time to take another trip to
Hogwarts except that this time he had a better idea of exactly what he
planned on doing once he got there. He put the DVD in the DVD player and
headed straight for the special features. Soon he found himself falling on
his face on Hogwarts grounds while holding his remote.

"Ouch." He said as he got up then started down the hall.

He noticed how the paintings moved and spoke and the rather small number of
students roaming the halls. He figured it was after classes. Suddenly he
stopped dead in his tracks. There was a girl coming down the hall in his
direction. It was Luna Lovegood. Chris had to think quickly in order to put
together some sort of plan.

"Luna wait!" Chris cried.

"Yes." She said in a voice that reminded him of this stoner chick he used to
bang when he was in community college.

"Listen, I'm the Ministry of Magic's official narggle exterminator. There is
a terrible infestation of Narggles at the school! We need to hurry and get
you examined to make sure you don't have baby Narggles all over you." Chris

"Oh my, that is terrible. What do you want me to do?" She said.

"We need a private examination room." Chris said.

"We can use the room of requirement." Suggested Luna.

"That would be fine." Said Chris. 'SCORE!!!'

Chris followed the cute little blonde until they ended up in the room of
requirement. The pair entered and Luna turned to Chris.

"Well, what do we have to do?" Asked Luna.

"First you need to take off all of your cloths so that I can examine you."
Chris said.

"I figured that would be necessary." She said in an airy-fairy voice.

Convenient that she was expecting to get naked, thought Chris. Luna
opened up dropped her robes and then opened up her blouse. She calmly and
dispassionately removed her skirt and let it fall. Chris admired her
underwear-clad form. Luna removed her bra and panties. Chris clapped his
hands together in excitement as he surveyed her lovely naked form.

"Uh-ok now, I must examine you very closely and carefully." Chris said.

"Of course." She said in her faraway voice.

It would be nice to have some enthusiasm; Chris thought bitterly He started
by grabbing her tits.

"Narggles like to hide in the breast area." Chris said as he fondled her

He moved his hand down to her ass where he stuck his finger deep into her
butt hole which made her gasp.

"Nothing in there." Chris assured her.

"Thank goodness." She breathed.

He knelt in front of her and stared into her young pussy.

"OH NO!" He said suddenly and loudly.

"What's wrong, what is it?" Said she said.

"It's your pussy, my god girl. It is completely infested with Narggles!'

"That's terrible what can we do about it?" She asked.

"There is only one sure-fire way to get them out. They have to be fucked out
of you." She said.

"Well if that's the way to get them out then." she said unemotionally.

Would it fracking kill you to show a little shock, excitement or anything?
Chris thought despite the fact that her apathy was actually turning him on.
Slightly annoyed, he turned her around and bent her over a desk. He grabbed
her hips and pushed his cock past her pussy lips and deep inside of her. At
this point he really started pounding her pussy hard.

"DIE FUCKING NARGGLE BITCHES, DIE!" He said as he fucked harder and harder

"Good hurry, and kill them all." She said calmly and dispassionately.

More annoyed still, Chris focused his rage into every stroke and began to
fuck that pussy as hard as he could. He sweated and strained as he poured
every ounce of strength in his body into one stroke after another.


As the last of his man-chowder emptied into her pussy and to his satisfaction
Luna was panting just as hard as he was.

"D-did you get them all?" Luna asked.

"Uhh yeah I think so." Chris said before using his remote to stop the DVD and
return to his world.

After he left Luna began to dress.

"That mean girl Pansy was right. He is very good at that." She said.


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