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CATEGORY: Harem/Lots of Women

SUMMARY: Harry and his ladies having fun

SPOILERS: Goes Extremely AU Just after Voldemort's first fall.

AUTHORS NOTES: Just A random Idea I had for a Harry Potter/Harem story. This is not meant to be taken seriously, there are going to be a butt-load of cliches in the story. Hope you enjoy the story in spite of them, because I am going to be trying to do something different with the cliches. Not a tremendous amount of sex in this one, but I'm just setting the stage. The future stories will have more of the fun stuff, I promise!

IMPORTANT AUTHORS NOTE: To Avoid the Under age Sex issue, Hogwarts students start the September 1st after their 13th Birthday, between 11 and 13 Muggleborn and Raised students attend a classes in Magical Culture and traditions - The pureblood and wizard raised assist the teachers in teaching the others. this is a new course within the last 10 years, since Voldemort's first fall.

YET ANOTHER AUTHORS NOTE: Readers with long memories will recognize 'Helga's Gift' that is mentioned in this story. For those of you who don't, it's something that I came up with in my (sadly, abandoned) Harry Potter and the Betrayal of the Phoenix, to explain the rampant female bisexuality in most Harry Potter smut fics. Basically in the founders days, Helga Hufflepuff and Rowena Ravenclaw were lovers, and, one time, after a particularly great romp, Helga idly wished that all the girls in the castle could experience such a wonderful feeling. And, from that time forward the female students at Hogwarts had, at the least, bisexual tendencies.

CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE DEPARTMENT: I am using an idea from Zarkham's "Harry Potter and the Rejected Path" in this chapter, those of you who are familiar with the story will no doubt recognize it. The idea is used by permission.

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Harry Potter: Getting Dirty In The Prefect's Bath Part 2 - Surprises And Lessons
by Red Jacobson ([email protected])


"Allo Luna, Ma Soeur, what are you watching now?"

Luna turned to the speaker and smiled as Fleur sat down beside her. "Hello Sister, I'm watching Harry when he was younger, Albus and Sirius are about to tell him about the contracts, and I love seeing Harry flustered! Our Harry never seems to get flustered anymore, and it's fun to watch, isn't it?"

The beautiful Veela nodded, and tapped the table for a bowl of popcorn and a glass of wine to enjoy the show. Passing the popcorn to Luna, she sat back and focused on the view-screen.

The Diggory Home
July 30th, 1996

Harry and Cedric were doing seeker drills in the field behind the Diggory home when a burst of sparks from below caught their attention. Cedric glanced down and recognized Sirius Black standing beside the Headmaster and called over to his brother, "It's for you, I never get important visitors like that!"

Harry grinned and tossed him a two fingered salute as he guided his Firebolt to the ground and greeted his Godfather and the man who treated him like he was his grandson.

"Hey pup, lookin' good up there, the other houses wont stand a chance next year!"

Harry raised his eyebrow, "Were you implying they had a chance before I got the broom Padfoot? Thanks for the broom by the way, she handles beautifully."

Turning to the other visitor, Harry bowed slightly before straightening and speaking, "Good Afternoon Headmaster, how are you this afternoon Sir?" He asked, showing manners that would make Augusta Longbottom nod in approval.

"I am doing quite well, Mister Potter. I apologize for interrupting your flying, but Sirius and I have something fairly serious business to discuss with you. Your parents are in the family room if you would join us there?"

"Certainly, but do you mind if I get cleaned up and changed first? It won't take more than a few minutes."

"Not at all, the business is important but not life threatening, take your time to get cleaned up." Albus said, smiling.

It was closer to 15 minutes later when Harry appeared in the family room. He paused at the doorway and observed the only parents he'd ever known laughing as Sirius finished telling some outlandish story. Even Professor Dumbledore looked like he was chuckling into his beard. Knocking on the door jam, Amos looked up and waved Harry into the room. When Harry took a seat, Albus turned to him and said, "I know you are wondering why we asked to speak to you Harry, and, again, I apologize for interrupting your time with your brother, but some very surprising information was revealed this morning, and your parents have asked Sirius and I to come here so we can discuss it."

'Okay, that tells me less than nothing!' Harry thought, as he, hopefully patiently, waited for the older man to get to the point. He must not have been as good at hiding his emotions as he thought, because Dumbledore chuckled and said, "Ah, the impatience of youth, I'd almost forgotten."

Growing serious, he said, "I'm sure you are aware that your birth parents were active in the fight against Voldemort before you were born, correct? Well, your parents were members of an organization I led, and there were several families that were in danger of dying out. You remember the part of the Wizarding Culture and Traditions course that covered Line Continuation Contracts, do you not?"

Harry nodded, "Yes, I do, I remember spending several sessions discussing it with Hermione and Justin, helping them understand why they were necessary." He paused for a second, his eyes widening, "Wait! Are you telling me that I've got one of those contracts hanging over my head?"

"Alas, young Harry, not just one Line Continuation Contract, you see, your parents had a great many friends, and many of them were the last of their line..." He was interrupted before going any further,

"Pardon me Headmaster, but, just how many wives am I supposed to have?" Harry asked, his voice raising with each word.

"Well, you see, Harry, that, nobody really thought it would get as bad as it..." Dumbledore trailed off as he saw a wand tip, glowing fiercely, at the tip of his nose. His eyes, not twinkling at all followed the wand to Harry's hand, holding the holly wand firmly. "Yes, well, that is to say, Fifteen! You have Fifteen contracts that will activate on your 16th Birthday!"

Cedric had just secured his broom in the shed and opened the back door when he heard the sound of hysterical laughter coming from the family room. Deciding he really didn't want to know, he took the back stairs to his bedroom and quietly got cleaned up and changed his clothes. When he opened his bedroom door and stuck his head out, the laughter had stopped, and he heard voices talking quietly. Heading down the stairs, he paused at the entrance to the family room, and saw his father notice him, and wave him in. Sitting down beside his father, Cedric started to ask a question, but Amos shook his head to silence him, and gestured to Harry. When Cedric turned his head, his jaw dropped in shock, he had never seen his normally happy go lucky brother looking so stunned. His mother had her arms around him comforting him, but he barely seemed to notice. Cedric relaxed slightly as he saw Harry close his eyes and lean his head back, the classic sign that he was working on a problem in his head. Relieved that his brother was back to normal Cedric leaned back into the couch to watch the show. All of the adults in the room were familiar enough with Harry to recognize what he was doing, so they sat quietly and let him draw his own conclusions.

About five minutes later, Harry opened his eyes and looked around the room, smiling and giving a nod of greeting when he saw Cedric had joined them. "Okay, really not the kind of news I was expecting, but, what's done is done, now, as I see it, I have three major obstacles, and, once those are dealt with, we can tackle the smaller ones. First, and I apologize for being blunt mum, but it has to be said. I haven't got the slightest idea how to satisfy one woman, let alone 15! Second, even if I had the skills, how am I supposed to find 15 women that I can live with for the rest of my life, and most importantly, would want to live with me for the rest of their lives, not to mention the whole multiple wives aspect? Now, granted, I've gotten really close to Luna and, Shite! Luna, she's my girlfriend, how the bloody hell am I supposed to explain this to her? Okay, one thing at a time, I'll talk to her later. Who else, well Padma is a good friend and has been for a couple of years now, and Susan and Hannah, Okay, I guess it might not be as difficult as I thought, but still there is the last obstacle. Speaking of the last one, how the bloody hell am I supposed to be able to support that many people? I haven't even gotten my OWLs yet, let alone my NEWTs!"

Sirius cleared his throat, "Actually Harry, those aren't as major an issue as you might think. The goblins have a ritual that will seek out and find those witches who are compatible, both with you, and the family name that they will be continuing, and with those family names comes their vaults and properties, trust me, supporting your family will be the least of your worries. The fact that you are already friends or more with the different witches, makes it very likely that they will be chosen in the ritual, since they are already partway there." Then, leaning close and whispering in Harry's ear, Sirius said, "I've got the experience situation taken care of, and I'll explain that in private." Harry smiled at the final bit of information, knowing that meant that his Dogfather had found him a tutor of the most enjoyable kind!

Cedric cleared his throat, "Um? Excuse me, but what's going on? It sounds like Harry is supposed to marry 15 women, that can't be right, can it?" Harry shook his head, chuckling, "You can explain it to him, I need to go see Luna. I'll be back later, okay?"

The Rookery
A Short Time Later

Of all the reactions Harry would have expected after telling Luna his news, laughter was not one of them. Yet there it was, she was holding onto him for dear life, laughing so hard that tears were rolling down her face. Fortunately, Harry had some experience with Luna and her emotional outbursts after last Summer, so he just held her and waited until she calmed down.

A few minutes later, the laughter died, and Luna lifted her face to his and kissed him softly. "Only you Harry, it could only happen to you. Most boys would be thrilled at the idea of a Harem, but your first reaction is concern that you don't know how to keep them happy. You already said that there is a very good chance that the girls you are close to will be chosen in the ritual, so I will almost certainly be there. And, if I'm not, I'll just be your mistress!" At his look, she smiled gently and said, "Harry, I told you in the Chamber after you saved me that I was yours, I haven't changed my mind in the year that we have been dating, you are the only man for me and always will be." Getting a wicked grin on her face, she reached down and cupped him, saying "I'm actually glad you will be getting a lot of experience, because, as you know, I turn 16 at Yule, and I expect you to make my first time amazing!" She paused, "I am curious about something, though. I understand the Line Continuation Contracts, but, you said you had three marriage contracts as well? That did surprise me, they've been out of fashion for years now, who are your contracts with?"

"Strangely enough, they are with three girls in Slytherin House. Pansy Parkinson's great grandfather and my great grandfather were very close friends and signed the contract over a hundred years ago, and this is the first time that a Male Potter and a Female of the Parkinson line have been of the same generation. The other two are a really strange situation, they are both from the same family, the Greengrass family, so I've somehow ended up contracted with two sisters! I still haven't figured out how that happened." Harry finished, shaking his head in confusion.

Luna giggled, "You are in for an interesting time there, Harry. I know Astoria, she's in some of my classes, and she's a firebrand! I heard how she threatened Malfoy with castration after he reacted badly to her beating him out for the Seeker Position on the house team last year. Now, let's go into the house,

I'm sure Mum and Daddy are wondering what we are doing out here."

The Next Day
Harry's 16th Birthday Party

Harry's birthday passed in a blur, and even later could only recall bits and pieces of it. The only things that really stood out was seeing his best male friend, Neville, looking almost as shell shocked as he was the day before. Taking the time to pull him aside, Harry said "Contracts?" Neville nodded, "Yeah, I've got three of them! How did you...? Oh, you too, huh? How many?" "Fifteen" "Fift-? Oh Shite, Mate, I feel for you." Harry laughed ruefully, "How do you think I feel, Mate? Honestly, I'm scared out of my wits, but at least Luna is understanding and will stay with me regardless." "She's good people, Harry, I think you've got a winner there."

Other than his talk with Neville, and an amusing conversation with the Greengrass sisters, neither of whom were unhappy about the contracts, in fact, they both seemed happy about the idea. He didn't get the time to spend with anyone that he would like, because he was surrounded by well wishers, but did get a chance to invite the whole Greengrass family over to dinner the following week.

Hermione's reaction was similar to Luna's, only without the kiss. He was honestly relieved that she took it so well, being that she wasn't raised in the Wizarding World. She admitted that if she hadn't been aware of the reason for the contracts from the Magical Culture and Traditions Course, she probably wouldn't have reacted as well.

Of course, the part of his party that would remain in his memory until the day he died was when Sirius pulled him aside after the rest of the guests had left, and took him to the upstairs library. After ensuring their privacy, Sirius started talking.

"Okay Pup, I told you that I had the experience problem sorted out, and I did. You see, there is a long standing tradition in the Black Family that, when a man of the family reaches his 16th Birthday, one of the female members of the family volunteers to take the young man in hand, so to speak, and teach him everything there is to know about pleasuring a woman. The Family has thousands of years of magic designed for that very purpose, and you are a member of the Black Family by virtue of both being my Godson, and the fact that I made you my heir."

Harry nodded, it was certainly no stranger than some of the other Family customs he'd heard or read about.

Sirius continued, "The Family has a suite of rooms in one of our manors that has been specifically designed for the education, through some warding and charms that I don't even pretend to understand, time flows differently inside the rooms than they do in the rest of the world. Basically, what is one day to the rest of the world is one month inside the rooms. I've already spoken to your parents about it, and next weekend you will be staying at the Manor, and getting your education. When I explained the situation to my cousins, one of them immediately volunteered, and so you will be spending that time with my cousin Cissy."

Harry's jaw dropped when he pictured Narcissa Black Malfoy, she was, to borrow a term from his roommate Dean, a stone cold fox! Licking his lips, he nodded, and tried to ignore Sirius' laughter at his reaction.

"I'm glad you like the idea. She is very eager to start your education, in fact, she recommended a book you start reading tonight, and doing the exercises every night before you go to bed." Sirius handed Harry a book, and he was mildly disappointed that is was a primer on Occlumency.

Sirius said, "The mental discipline will give you better control of your body as well, so you don't finish too soon, if you follow me."

Harry blushed, understanding him all too well.

That night, demonstrating the studious nature that would have seen him comfortable in Ravenclaw if his lack of fear hadn't made him a natural Lion, Harry read the book cover to cover before going back to the beginning and working the exercises.

Black Manor
That Weekend

The first thing Harry noticed when the door closed behind him, was that all of his clothing, except for a pair of slippers, had vanished. The next thing that he noticed was that the lights were very dim, except for a doorway directly ahead of him, a brighter light could be seen pouring out into the hallway. Moving forward, he reached the doorway in no time, but paused, struck dumb by what he saw from the doorway.

A huge bed took up the majority of the room, and, sitting up on the bed, her back supported by several pillows, was an equally naked Narcissa Malfoy. She looked up and smiled in welcome, waving him into the room. "Hello Harry, it's good to see you again. Please, take a seat." When Harry was seated in a chair by the doorway, he shifted, trying to hide his obvious erection.

Narcissa noticed, of course, and chuckled, "Harry, there is no need to be bashful, after all, you know as well as I do why you are here, and I will be doing a lot more than just looking at that beautiful hunk of meat you are carrying around with you." Growing serious, she continued, "We have a lot to cover in the time we are going to be in this wing together, in the interest of avoiding questions, I will tell you that we will both be naked the entire time we are here. There are several reasons for this. First, it will force you to get rid of your body modesty, which, while appropriate in a public setting, is not useful in an intimate setting, because it will feed any inhibitions you have, and cause less than satisfactory sexual encounters.

"Second, it will teach you to ignore nudity per se, and focus on your partner, which your partner, or partners will appreciate, and, finally, we will be exploring costumes and role playing in the bedroom, and you will learn how to tease and please your partners, and, in turn, be teased and pleased by what they and you are wearing."

Looking directly at Harry, she was pleased to see the look of comprehension on his face, Narcissa continued, "We will begin with Occlumency, Sirius tells me you have been working on the exercises in the beginning primer?"

At his nod, she said, "Let's take a look." Looking directly in his eyes, she said "Legimens!" Harry felt a pressure behind his eyes, and feeling where she was trying to get through, pushed back, blinking his eyes.

Narcissa sat back, a pleased smile on her face. "Very good, Harry, you have an excellent start on your shields. Now, we will work on extending them."

That set the stage for the first week the two of them were in the suite, spending several hours each day working on Harry's shields. It got more difficult as time went on, because Narcissa would do things to break his concentration, like wanking him while she was probing his shields. The first time she touched him, he erupted all over her hands, and it took over an hour before he was able to concentrate again, after seeing her lick his seed from her fingers and moaning in pleasure. His concentration and discipline improved quickly after that, and by the end of the week, he was able to control his response to her touches, and even started teasing her back, letting her see images of what he wanted to do with her.

The first time she found an image of herself bent over a dresser, and seeing Harry pounding her in the mirror, it startled her enough to allow Harry to eject her from his mind easily. "Something I discovered in my meditations last night. It seems that when Tom was ejected by the wards, he left some memories behind. Fortunately, they were not the darker memories, but, rather, the memories of cutting quite a path through the girls at Hogwarts back in the '40s. He was, to be blunt, considered an exceptional swordsman, and I have the knowledge of his techniques, just not the physical memories and stamina he developed."

Narcissa blinked at the lustful smile on her pupils' face, as he stood and pulled her to her feet. Stepping in close, he whispered, "Are you ready to see what I've learned?" She barely had time to react before his arms were around her, and he was kissing her. She opened her mouth to his tongue, and moaned as he dropped one of his hands and started rubbing her pussy. She spread her legs, allowing his fingers easier access, and she gasped against his mouth as Harry's fingers slipped inside her for the first time.

Breaking the kiss, she maneuvered Harry toward the bed and sat him down. This caused his fingers to slide out of her, but she barely noticed, she was so focused on what was in front of her. Dropping to her knees on the carpet, she pushed Harry's legs apart and moved forward and engulfed him in her mouth. She didn't understand what came over her then, she was always the one in complete control in all of her sexual activity, but suddenly, nothing else mattered to her except pleasing the man in front of her. She moaned around the cock in her mouth, reveling in the submissive feelings washing over her.

She heard from somewhere far away, her masters voice telling her to finger herself, and she moved to obey, working her fingers into her sopping wet pussy, and pumping furiously.

Narcissa had no idea how long she had sucked on the cock plunging into her mouth, and really didn't care either. She knew that her fingers had brought her to the edge of climax several times, but, always her master's voice pulled her back, until she was practically crying with need. She finally achieved her release when Master pulled out of her mouth and pointed himself at her open mouth. As soon as he released, splashing across her face and into her mouth, her master let her release as well, and she shuddered and fell backward as the most powerful climax she could ever remember hit her.

When she came back to herself, Harry was kneeling beside her, holding her head up off the floor and looking at her with concern. "Are you alright, Narcissa? I wasn't expecting that to happen! I mean, I know that Sirius said it might make women act oddly, but, you went somewhere and I don't know where!"

Narcissa blinked, trying to clear her head after her climax, and she smiled reassuringly at Harry. "I'm wonderful Harry! I don't know what you were expecting to happen, but you'll get no complaints from me. You gave me the best orgasm I ever had in my life, and I'm looking forward to seeing if you can top it!" Licking her lips, she frowned briefly when she tasted him there, and then smiled, "I can tell you are already going to be really popular with the girls, you've been eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, haven't you?"

Harry nodded, surprised at the seeming non sequitur, "Yeah, for as long as I can remember, Mum insisted that all of us eat healthy, why?"

She just laughed, "Oh Audrey, you naughty minx!" Shaking her head in amusement, she said, "What a lot of people don't realize, is that a man's cum has a taste of it's own, and, unfortunately, with the diet most men seem to prefer, it causes the taste to be fairly unpleasant, leading to many women not enjoying sucking their men off. However, a diet that is heavy in fruits and vegetables causes the taste to be rather pleasant. I was planning to teach you how to manage your diet to achieve that effect, but you've already gotten it taken care of, which is good."

Harry got a mildly nauseous look on his face and said, "I really didn't need to know that about my parents, thank you very much! But, I'm still concerned, you seemed to turn off after I touched you, and didn't come back until you came. Is that something that happens a lot?"

Narcissa finally focused on what he was saying, and shook her head, "To be honest Harry, it's never happened to me before, and, you're right, as much as I enjoyed it, it's not normal. Now, you said that Sirius warned you about something, what was it?"

"Well, you know that I had a connection to Tom through my scar, right? Well, it turns out that the connection was actually feeding my magic to Tom ever since the night my parents were killed, and, when he was finally sent to Hell a few years ago, it tore the connection apart, and all the magic that Tom had been using came rushing back to me. I almost died before Professor Dumbledore got me stabilized, but eventually he did, and, when I had a MMI checked, my core registered well over 900!" Hearing Narcissa gasp, he smiled, "Yeah, that was my basic reaction as well. Anyway, Sirius told me that having such a huge amount of magic would be overwhelming to any woman I was with, and could make them act strangely. I guess the way you reacted is an example of what he was talking about."

"I would have to agree, but why wouldn't Sirius tell me? He knows I would need to have this information to properly train you, unless..." She paused, considering, and then a look of anger crossed her face. "A prank? That flea bitten son of a bitch set this up to prank me!" Seeing Harry backing away from her, Narcissa visibly calmed herself and said, "Relax Harry, I'm not angry at you, in fact, I'm looking forward to experiencing that again, it was fun to lose control like that! I'm just pissed off at that mangy mutt who calls himself your godfather for not warning me." Blowing out a breath, she continued, "Oh well, I can't do anything about it now, and now that I know about the situation, I just have to beef up my shields so I don't get taken by surprise again."

With that, Narcissa climbed up off the floor, and with a grin, said, "I think I need a shower after that, care to join me?"

* * * GDITHPB * * *

After that night, the rest of the time in the rooms flew passed for the two of them. After the discovery of Harry's extra memories, Narcissa decided to skip the teaching portion of Harry's education. Instead, the two of them moved on to practicing what the memories had already taught him. The two were very well pleased with the lessons, in fact, Narcissa mused one evening, that whatever Tom Riddle's other faults, and Merlin knows he had a multitude of them, being a selfish lover wasn't one them. Or maybe that was Harry's nature influencing things, she really couldn't tell. What she did know was that Harry, even as young as he was, was rapidly becoming the best lover she had ever had, and she rather envied the girls he was going to be bonding, and wondered if he would be interested in continuing their relationship on an informal basis?

After the third week of practice, Narcissa decided to arrange a special 'final exam' for her star pupil. Turning thoughts into action, Narcissa wrote four letters and, placing them in a basket designed to transfer messages outside the time wards, went to find Harry.

It didn't take long, she just followed the music and found him in the library with his guitar on his lap, his eyes closed in concentration as his fingers moved on the neck. She had been a bit surprised that pure bloods like Amos and Audrey would support Harry playing a muggle musical instrument, but realized it was none of her business and just enjoyed listening to him play. Standing just inside the doorway, she was struck once again just how young he really was. It was hard to forget he was only 16 when he was driving her out of her mind with pleasure, but at other times, like now, she just saw a young man with his whole life ahead of him, losing himself in the music.

When she heard him reach the end, and saw his eyes open, she walked into the room, "That was a new one, Harry. I liked it, what's it called?" He smiled happily up at her, "It's called Ripple, and it's not something I wrote, one of my friends in Hufflepuff, Justin, is a fan of this band called The Grateful Dead, and he played one of their recordings for me earlier in the break, I've been trying to learn the song ever since, and I think I've just about got it!"

Sitting down in a chair across from Harry, Narcissa said, "Can we talk for a couple of minutes, I've got something to ask you, and something to tell you"

Struck the serious tone in her voice, Harry leaned over and sat the guitar on its' stand and looked at her, "Sure Narcissa, what's going on?"

"I'm not going to play the usual games here, I'm just going to say this outright. I've really enjoyed our time together, and would like you to consider extending our relationship, on an informal basis once we leave these rooms. Actually, let me say that I would like you to considering fathering a child with me. Believe it or not, contrary to the evidence of Lucius and Draco, the name Malfoy was a respected and honored name once, and I would like for it to be that way again. Draco, as much as I love him, will never father an heir, he's way too bent for even the strongest potions to work, and, without your help, the Malfoy name would die off, and I don't want to see that happen! You won't have to worry about supporting the child, the Malfoy fortune is more than sufficient to raise the child with anything he would need."

"Hold it! Do you honestly think I would have a child and not be involved in his, or her life? Narcissa, I would never abandon a child that way! You say that you have enough money to raise our child, but what happens to the child if you are hurt or worse? You see, I have more than just Tom's memories of sex, I also have his memories of growing up in that orphanage, and it was his treatment there that twisted him into what he later became! I will never, never allow a child of mine to not have a home."

As Harry started to speak, he started to glow, and the energy grew even brighter and more intense as he continued, until, with the final word, the light burst and flooded the room, leaving Narcissa blinking in shock, realizing he had just given a magically binding oath without his wand being anywhere in sight.

Gathering her thoughts, she said, "Very well Harry, since you obviously have extremely strong feelings in the matter, what do you suggest? I can't just marry you, that would defeat the whole purpose of having a child to continue the Malfoy name."

Harry nodded, thinking, "Okay, this isn't the nicest idea I've ever had, but, it should accomplish what you want. First off, do you have any evidence that Lucius committed crimes that he hasn't already been convicted of?"

Narcissa leaned back in her chair, thinking. "It's possible, there may be a hidden cache of dark objects in Malfoy Manor. One of them was discovered when Lucius was arrested, but, I suspect that there is another one that had not been found. I can ask Dobby if he knows where it is when we leave here."

"Good, if you find evidence, we can arrange for it to be presented to Rufus at the DMLE, and arrange for Lucius to get Kissed. Now, this part may cause you pain, and I'm sorry, but I can't see any way to avoid it, but, before Lucius is kissed, Draco has to be exposed as a homosexual, and shown to be unable to continue the family name. This will allow you, with a few coins spread in the right direction, to have one last night with Lucius to 'try and ensure a proper heir'. When you return, as acting Head of the Malfoy Family you can blood adopt me into the Malfoy Family, and we will get to work on that heir. After the child is born and accepted by the family magic, but before his first birthday, I will publicly take you as my mistress, and either move you and our son into one of the family homes, or you can stay at Malfoy Manor, it will be up to you."

Narcissa kept her face impassive as her mind was rushing, trying to reconcile the deviousness of the plan with the young man who had her convinced he was a Hufflepuff at heart. Finally she couldn't hold it any more and started laughing, "How in the hell did you not end up in Slytherin? Godric must be rolling over in his grave at a snake like you let loose among his poor innocent lions!" Getting her laughter under control, she said, "I like the plan, but with one change. I know you aren't fond of Draco, but I'd hate to have his life destroyed for something he can't help. Society basically ignores when women sleep together, but there is still such stigma against two men being together he would never be able to accomplish anything with his life. Instead of exposing him, we could show that a Quidditch injury rendered him sterile, which will accomplish the same thing, but without as much stigma."

Harry nodded, "I can live with that, and there are enough injuries in a game that one more won't be that unusual." Narcissa saw his expression change from serious to hungry as he stood up from his chair and stalked toward her. Reaching for her, he pulled her to her feet and said, "I want you to lower your shields for me tonight."

Narcissa didn't even hesitate, and relaxed her mental shields, and soon found herself a passenger in her own mind as Harry's Toy took over her body. She was determined to remain aware of what happened this time, so she could replay the memory whenever she wanted. Harry led her from the room, and into his bedroom where Narcissa saw the dresser and mirror she saw in his mind the night he turned the tables on her so spectacularly. She chuckled to herself, looking forward to what was sure to come. She wasn't disappointed.

Harry positioned his Toy as he wanted her, and, summoning his wand, bound her wrists to the dresser. Checking to make sure that Toy had enough slack in the bonds that she wouldn't be hurt, he moved behind her and secured her ankles to the wooden legs. He smiled as he looked down at Toy, her pussy already wet and open for him, and he saw her face in the mirror, and she was practically panting with need for him. He slipped two fingers inside her, and pumped a few times, making her try to push back against him. Pulling his fingers out, he leaned over and placed them at her mouth, where she sucked them eagerly. Gripping his cock, he rubbed the head over her lower lips, causing her to moan in frustration before he pushed forward, sliding into her wet warmth. He held still as she moved against him, taking him as deep as her bonds would allow before pulling back and moving on him again.

Looking at her face in the mirror, and seeing the devotion in her eyes, Harry finally understood why Albus was so insistent that he execute all the contracts, if he were just with one woman he would destroy her personality, leaving her nothing more than another toy. He didn't want that, he enjoyed the real Narcissa, or Luna or Padma or whoever the ritual chose for him. Wanting to finish this quickly, he sped up his thrusts and using what Tom's memories had taught him reached for the pleasure points on her body and soon had her shrieking in climax. He allowed himself to let go when she had reached her 4th or 5th orgasm and pulled out, spraying across her arse and back.

When Toy had calmed down from her last climax, Harry leaned in, leaving the bindings in place, and said, "Narcissa, come back please." He smiled when he saw the spark of intelligence appear instantly in her eyes, and she smirked, "Bondage, Harry? I didn't know you were that kinky."

"Oh, we've all got our quirks, and this is one I've fantasied about for a while now." Lifting his wand, he tapped her rosebud and smirked at the look of surprise on Narcissa's face. "Like that? It's a spell that Tom developed in his 3rd year at Hogwarts, especially for situations like this. It's got you stretched out and lubricated, and completely clean, inside and out. Now, brace yourself," Harry said as he placed the head of his cock at her puckered hole and pushed forward. Harry grunted from the tightness, and looked up at the mirror to see Narcissa's eyes crossing as he entered her. She was panting as he inched forward, finally exhaling when he bottomed out inside her. "Fuck that's good!" she breathed, 'Why didn't I ever do this before?' she wondered before he started moving within her. She had always refused any of her prior lovers desires to take her this way, and now she couldn't understand why. If it weren't for the fact that she was in her right mind, she might have thought that Toy had taken over again, she was feeling so deliciously submissive right now! Every time he pulled back and plunged into her sent shock waves of pleasure straight to her core, and she moaned in pleasure even before he reached around her and started playing with her breasts with one hand, while the other started teasing her pussy.

He quickly demonstrated that he knew how to put the memories to good use as he brought her to the edge of orgasm and kept her there as he increased his thrusts into her. When he finally grunted and let go, he gripped her clit and twisted it sharply, sending her right over the edge with him.

Later that night, as Harry slept curled up next to her, Narcissa's eyes shot open and she cursed, "Bloody Hell! I forgot to tell him about the Veela that are going to be here. Have to do that first thing in the morning. He'll probably wear them out too."

With a satisfied smile on her face, she fell back to sleep in the arms of her lover.


Fleur and Luna's clothing had long since been banished back to their rooms, and they were cuddling, enjoying the afterglow of a vigorous session of lovemaking while they watched the other Harry and Narcissa sleep. Luna giggled, "It doesn't matter what universe we look at, Harry is always an arse man, isn't he?"

"And you love that about him, Moon Child, we all know it. I'm looking forward to seeing how he does with Cissy and the Four Veela, that should be interesting. I know he tired Maman, Gabrielle and I out more than once, so he should be able to handle another."

"True, but it will be fun to watch. Now, I think we should join the others, it's almost time for dinner, and, as tasty as you are, you really aren't that filling."

With a giggle, the two girls got off the couch and went to join the rest of the family, not seeing the contented smile on younger Harry's face as he slept.

End Part Two


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