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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And the Betrayal of the Phoenix Part 1 -
Beginning And Moving To The Weasleys (MFff,BDSM,magic)
by Red Jacobson ([email protected])

April 1985, Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey

The red haired man stood casually on the street corner, watching as a small
dark haired boy pushed a lawnmower over the neatly manicured lawn. He mused
to himself about how strange things are in this world. He thought of how his
own boys would take care of the lawn at home, and how much simpler things
are there.

He was shaken from his musing by the sound of yelling voices, he wasn't able
to make out the words, but he could see a huge whale of a man standing in
the doorway of the house hollering at the boy. The boy hurried to put the
lawnmower away, but apparently didn't move quickly enough, because the red
haired man could see the whale turning ugly colors and rush out and grab the
boy by the hair and drag him back into the house before slamming the door.
The man winced as he heard faintly the sound of somebody being hit, and what
had to be the small boy crying out in pain.

'Albus, what is the world are you subjecting that boy to?' Arthur Weasley
thought disgustedly, as he waited for his relief to arrive.

One Week Later

Harry was excited, today was the day that his class was going to the cinema;
of course, Dudley would be there too, with his gang, but Harry was getting to
be pretty good at avoiding their notice, so he hoped it would be the same

Of course, his good mood faded when he remembered how his Aunt had sent him
out the door this morning.

"Here is money for your ticket," she scowled, as she dropped a few coins into
his hand, "I don't want to hear one word about you misbehaving, or you will
surely regret it! Now go!"

This wouldn't have been so horrible, if she hadn't just handed Dudley a pile
of pound notes, telling him to enjoy himself, and be sure to get plenty of
popcorn and candy for he and his friends.

He tried to forget how she looked at him, he didn't understand why they were
always so mean, he tried to be good, and do his chores, but it seemed he
always did something wrong. He just wished, not for the first time, that his
parents would come take him away from them, but he knew that would never
happen. His parents, as they seemed to enjoy telling him, were dead in a car
wreck, and he was stuck there.

Harry was able to cheer up by the time they got to the movies, handing his
ticket, he took a seat in the back of the theater, far away from everybody
else. Of course, that didn't last, because Dudley and his gang moved into
the row right in front of him. Harry sank down into his seat, trying to
avoid notice. He breathed a quiet sigh of relief when his cousin ignored
him entirely, and sat back making rude comments at the screen.

Harry tried to avoid notice, but, eventually, he had to get up to use the
bathroom, and Dudley heard him and turned around.

"What are you doing, you little freak?" he hissed.

"N-nothing Dudley, just have to go to the bathroom."

"Yeah right, you're probably going to go steal something; I better keep an
eye on you!"

"No, no, I just need to use the bathroom" Harry said hurriedly.

Despite his protests, Dudley insisted on following him into the bathroom,
neither of them noticing the red haired man who was watching them, while
slowly eating a bag of popcorn. He set his popcorn down, and eased out of
his seat. He just reached the door, when he heard Harry cry out and Dudley
laugh, Arthur was starting to push the door open when he heard Harry yell
"Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!" before the wall against the door shuddered.
Hearing Harry sobbing, Arthur looked inside, seeing him kneeling on the
floor, blood running down his face, and his cousin lying against the wall,
not moving. Arthur quickly pulled a wand and confirmed that the boy was
dead. "No loss" he muttered, "But we have to get out of here, the muggles
will be here soon."

Reaching out, he said, quietly, "Harry, it's going to be okay, Harry, I'll
take care of you, he can't hurt you anymore."

Harry looked up, blinking away the tears, "I didn't mean to do it! It was an
accident; please don't tell my uncle, Mister, he'll hurt me real bad!"

Arthur's heart could have broken, but he hardened himself and said, "Don't
worry, I'm not going to tell him, he won't be able to hurt you again, I
promise you!"

"You promise?"

"Yes, Harry, I promise, but you need to come with me, so we can leave."

"Okay" Harry said, moving into Arthur's arms.

By the time the first person came to investigate the noise from the bathroom,
he and Harry were gone.

* * *

The Burrow

Molly Weasley looked up, startled, when her husband appeared in the living
room; she wasn't expecting him for several hours yet.

"Arthur? What are you doing home so early? I know you are looking forward to
tonight, but it's still hours away..." Her words slowed to a stop when she
saw the crying boy in his arms. "Is that..?" She whispered, at her husbands
nod, she said, "What happened?"

"I'll tell you in a few minutes, Molly, but I need a Dreamless Sleep Potion
first, he has been through a horrible ordeal."

Molly rushed to the potions cabinet and brought back a small glass bottle.
Raising it to Harry's mouth, she poured just a small amount in, and watched
as he swallowed it. "That's a good boy, Harry, you rest now, it will all be
better when you wake up."

Soon Harry was sleeping soundly in Arthur's arms. Taking him upstairs, Arthur
put him to bed in Bill's old room, and covered him with a blanket. Walking
downstairs, he pulled Molly into the kitchen and told her what had happened.

"Those filthy fucking muggles! They won't get away with this! I know that we
shouldn't have any reason to care about the boy, considering what he did to
our Master, but, they need to learn respect for their betters."

"Don't worry Molly; they will be dead within the hour. I just wish I had time
to make them suffer, but I can't allow it to look like anything other than an
accident. I'll be gone for a while, I'm going to see the old man after I get
done with the muggles, so, have dinner ready and we'll leave as soon as we
eat, okay?"

* * *

Number Four, Privet Drive

Arthur appeared at the edge of the wards, and walked up the steps to the
house. He knocks on the door and it is opened instantly by the woman. Arthur
had to bite back a smile at the tears rolling down her face.

"What?!" She cried, looking at him crazily.

He just raised his wand slightly, and whispered "Imperio" The woman's tears
stopped, and he motioned her into the house. The husband came thundering down
the steps, flushed from emotion as well. Arthur cast the same spell on him.

"Sit down, both of you!" He barked, "Here is what is going to happen. You
were informed about the death of that waste of flesh you call a son, and,
rushed out of here to get to him. You will identify the body, and, after
signing the appropriate paperwork, will drive back toward this house. You
will not speak to anyone any more than is absolutely necessary. At the
first major bridge you come to, you will pull over, park the car, and climb
over the edge. Then you will jump off into the water and drown yourselves.
You will do this because you don't deserve to live after the way you abused
someone who is worth more than all three of you combined. Do you understand

"Yes, we will drown ourselves, it's all we deserve." They responded in
unison. Arthur watches as they seem to wake up, and rush out of the house,
not even realizing he is there.

He follows from a distance, wanting to watch them die. `I'll have to keep a
close watch on them; it turns Molly on to watch this stuff in my memories.'
he thought, a smirk crossing his mouth as he remembered her reaction the
last time he showed her some muggles being punished. "Neither of us could
walk right for a week!" he chuckled.

`Now, what am I gonna tell the old man? He won't be able to read my mind, my
shields are strong enough for that, I'm sure. But, he seems to know things,
better make it as close to the truth as possible. Hmmm... Ah! Got it!'

He pulled out of his musings a little later when the Dursley's exited the
police station and got back in their car. It wasn't long before they pulled
the car over and followed his instructions. Arthur joined the crowd at the
edge watching their splashing and floundering as the water sucked them under.

* * *

Headmasters Office, Hogwarts School of Magic

Albus Dumbledore was sitting at his desk, going over the budget requests for
the coming school year, shaking his head at some of the figures. "Severus,
where do you think I will get the gold for some of these requests? Basilisk
eyes? Unicorn Blood? What in the world are you up to down there?" He was
interrupted in his musings by a strained voice coming from his fireplace.

"Albus? Are you alone?" He turned to see the face of Arthur Weasley in the

"Arthur, what's wrong? Is it about Harry?"

"Yes, but are you alone? I need to see you now!"

"Yes, yes, of course, come ahead!" Albus said, as he got up from his chair.

The figure started spinning, and soon was standing out side of the fireplace,
dusting his clothes off. Turning to face the Headmaster, Albus was surprised
to see the grim look on his old friend's face.

"What has happened Arthur? Why aren't you watching Harry?"

"I'm not watching Harry because he is currently asleep in my oldest son's
room; I gave him a dreamless sleep potion to avoid the nightmares he is sure
to have after killing the Dursley's son! I didn't see exactly what happened,
but I heard Harry crying and the whale hitting him, then Harry crying for him
to stop and then the wall shook as the whale was tossed into it. Albus this
is not the first time he was beaten by that family, and, if you try to send
him back, they will kill him! I will not allow that to happen, that boy
deserves more than to be beaten by people who are supposed to care for him
on a daily basis. I'm taking custody of Harry, and will be raising him with
the rest of my children. We won't let anything happen to him."

"Arthur, I realize you are upset, but, aren't you exaggerating a little? I
know that they aren't the most pleasant people to be around, but I can't
imagine they would actually hurt him; he's only a child!"

"You can't? Well I don't have to imagine, I saw it happen! If it was just one
time, I wouldn't have interfered, because he's supposed to grow up normally.
But the way they were treating him, he wouldn't have grown up at all! Get
your penseive, I want to show you just what happened today, and then you can
see how his uncle treated him!"

15 Minutes Later

The twinkle was long gone from Albus Dumbledore's eyes as he thought about
what he had seen.

"I thought after Grindenwald, and then Voldemort, I had seen the worst
there was to see, I'm afraid I was wrong. I agree it wouldn't do any good
for anybody, least of all Harry, to put him back there. I was hoping that
the bond of blood would be enough, but, obviously it wasn't. Now I have to
find someplace else for him to live.."

"What? Obviously you weren't listening to me, you don't have to do anything
with him, he is staying at the Burrow, and Molly and I will raise him as our

"But, Arthur, are you sure that is what you want to do? You and Molly have so
much responsibility, with the 5 children still at home; I can't possibly ask
you take on any more burdens. It will be best if I get the Ministry to place
him with a family I can trust that doesn't have so many demands on them
already. Hmmm, Madame Bones is raising her niece, and she's about Harry's
age, I think she'll do nicely.."

He was interrupted by Arthur pulling himself up to his full height and
leaning over the desk at him. The normally placid demeanor was gone, and the
fires of anger burned in his eyes. "Albus, this isn't subject to negotiation,
Harry is staying at the Burrow, and that is final! After the hell that he was
put through with his relatives; the best possible situation for him would be
to be raised in a loving home environment, which Molly and I can and will

Albus looked up into Arthur's eyes and started to speak, but, before he could
open his mouth, he was stopped. The redhead across from him had the most
frightening look on his face as he said; "Albus, we have worked together for
many years, and, perhaps things have slipped your mind over time. You seem to
forget that my position in the Ministry is by my choice, and has nothing to
do with my influence. If you oppose me on this, I have the will and the
ability to make life very difficult for you. After all, Albus, he is "The Boy
Who Lived"; and what do you think the public will do when the word gets out
that you left him in the care of Muggles who regularly beat him and starved

Albus blinked slowly, "Arthur, I've never seen you this way, why are you
acting like this? We are on the same side, and we both want the same thing,
what is best for Harry. If you are certain that you and Molly will be able
to take care of him, then by all means, do so. I just ask that you are
careful about what you tell him about how and why his parents died, I don't
think he's old enough to understand the nature of evil."

Arthur sat down, and visibly relaxed. "Thank you Albus, I would not have
wanted us to be on opposite sides here, but, I'm already thinking of Harry
as my family, and you don't want to threaten a man's family. And I agree
about telling Harry about Vold; Volde, Him!" He finally spit out.

A few minutes later, Arthur headed back to the Burrow. Leaving a very
concerned old man behind. The concern was even deeper when he heard from
Arabella Figg about the suicide of Vernon and Petunia Dursley.

The Burrow

Molly was waiting alone in the kitchen when Arthur returned; "Well, what
happened? Did you make the Muggles suffer?"

"Not as much as I would have liked, but they are both dead; they jumped off
a bridge and drowned themselves. I'll show you the memory after we eat, it
should get you in the right frame of mind for later tonight." He finished
with a grin.

Molly quirked an eyebrow at him, "Oh, really? And what makes you think I need
to get into the proper frame of mind? I've been looking forward to this all
week, and my knickers are soaked! But, that's for later, what did the old man
have to say?"

"He is still a soft-hearted; and soft-headed old fool! He couldn't believe it
when I told him what had happened, I had to show him my memories; don't worry
though, I kept anything I didn't want him seeing out of the memory. He wanted
to argue with me, and put Harry with Amelia Bones, but, let's say I convinced
him it wouldn't be in his best interests to fight me on this."

"While I'm always glad to see Albus put in his place, why did you bring him
here? We certainly don't have any reason to treat him any better than the
muggles did. They just hated him because he was different; we should hate
him because of the damage he did to our Master's plans."

"Well, actually Molly, I was thinking. Voldemort is gone, and we don't know
if he ever will manage to come back, so why hold a grudge against a child
who had no control over what happened? Besides, in the last five years, with
taking the reins of the Club, I've gotten to enjoy the taste of being in
control. When we agreed to work for Voldemort, he promised us power and
vengeance, we didn't receive either. Instead of holding on to a phantom, we
should take advantage of the opportunity that was dropped in our laps. Harry
Potter is quite possibly the most powerful young magician I've seen in my
life! In a split second burst of accidental magic, he threw an 11 stone bully
across the room so hard that it broke nearly every bone in his body! If we
guide that power, there is literally almost nothing that he can't

Molly sat quietly as she considered what her husband had said, until a smile
spread across her features. "Damn it Arthur, how in the hell did you end up
in Gryffindor? You are devious enough for Salazar Slytherin himself! Now,
let's eat so we can go have some fun!"

"Speaking of eating, where are the kids? I don't want them disturbing our
guest until I have a chance to explain things to them, especially to Ron and

"They are all over at the Lovegoods, they offered to watch them while we went
out tonight. Of course, Percy is still here, I can trust him to keep an eye
on things, and he knows how to contact us if he needs to."

"Okay, then let's see the penseive memories, and we can get going."

After changing clothes, and giving Molly a chance to change her underwear,
the death throes of the Dursley's had pushed her into a major orgasm,
soaking her knickers. Molly and Arthur each checked the other's mask before
activating a portkey. In the blink of an eye, they were in an opulently
appointed room. The sound of Big Ben striking the hour reassured them that
they were exactly on time.

Arthur looked around, and was pleased to see his assistant standing by his
desk. "Good Evening Tessa, is everything in order?"

"Yes, Milord, everything is moving smoothly. We have films and pictures of
Fudge and Scrimgeour indulging their own perversions. I've made copies for
you and left them in the file. I have to admit, I thought that Fudge was
bad enough, with his penchant for little boys, but, Scrimgeour, using a
goat? That was really something I would have been happy to have missed
seeing." Tessa finished with a mock shudder. Turning to Molly, she said;
"I think you will be very pleased with the new entertainment, Milady, We
just bought a new batch, and I'm sure you will find something or someone to

"I certainly hope so," Molly sniffed, "The last batch was very uncooperative,
and the girl I picked out was almost more trouble than she was worth."

"I don't think that will be a problem with this batch, we have prepared them
properly, so they are most agreeable. Of course, most of them are going to
wake up in a few days with no memory, very confused, but, that's not a
problem. They will have served their purpose, and that's all that counts."

"True," Arthur said, "And did you get the Chinese girl like I asked you for?
I'm tired of these blondes and brunettes, and I'm in the mood for something

"I think you will be pleased with the selection Milord. I made sure that we
had a variety of types for your entertainment, including some from Asia."

"Excellent! Now, I believe there has been enough talk, the night is growing
shorter, and My Lady and I have things to do!"

"Of course, if My Lord and Lady would follow me?" Tessa said, as she led them
down the hall to a wooden door. Opening it, she turned on the lights, and
they could hear voices crying out from below.

"Oh, my!" Molly gasped, "You have outdone yourself this time, Tessa. I
haven't seen a selection like this in years. You and your team are to be

"Indeed," Arthur added, "In fact, if they fuck as good as they look; I
wouldn't be surprised if there was something a little extra in your pay
packet this week."

"Thank you Milord and Lady, now, if there is nothing else; I will leave you
to choose your entertainment. You are well aware of the rules, having put
them in place, but, I have to remind everyone, you can do what you like, as
long as you don't kill them, the fee is quite steep for doing so." And she
turned and walked up the stairs, shutting the door behind her.

"Well, my dear, I see she was right, there are plenty of Asian girls here for
you to play with, see any that catches your eye?"

"Not yet, but there is still lots to explore." Arthur replied, as they
strolled up and down the rows of cages, each of them containing a nude
teenaged girl. Eventually he stopped in front of a cage whose occupant
intrigued him. Instead of sobbing and crying, the girl knelt with her
long black hair hanging over her breasts. When his footsteps stopped in
front of her, the girl raised her head, and said, "How may I serve you

"Oh, I like this one!" He said to Molly, "Why don't you keep looking around,
and meet us in the playroom, okay?"

"Yes dear, try to save some of her for me; she looks like she could be a lot
of fun."

Arthur took the collar off the hook outside the cage, and handed it to the
girl, she quickly put it on, and the door opened. Taking the leash, Arthur
stepped into the cage and hooked it to the collar. Turning to leave, the
girl followed him, her eyes on the floor.

He led her to an open door in the back of the room, and sat in one of the
chairs. He gestured for her to kneel at his feet, saying, "We will wait for
a few minutes, while My Lady picks out her playmate. Then the two of you can
entertain us."

They sat quietly for a minute or two, and Arthur ran his eyes over the girl's
body, very taut, very smooth skin, he was amused to see that her nipples were
standing erect. `It's not that cold in here, she really is into this
situation. I'll have to talk to Tessa, find out her background; she could
have a permanent place here. If she does stay; I know Charlie would love

A few minutes later, Molly came in, leading a shy looking blonde by the
collar. "Ah, good, you did wait for me! Now, how shall we start?" she asked,
as she started removing her clothing. "My Lord would you like me to pleasure
you while these two watch and learn, or shall we put them to work right

"Milady, while you do a wonderful job of pleasuring me, tonight is a night
for new experiences. I believe we should put these two to work."

Tapping the Asian girl on the shoulder, she turned to face him, and opened
wide as he rubbed the head of his cock against her mouth. She quickly started
working her mouth and tongue on him, causing him to moan with pleasure. He
was happy to see that his moans were echoed by his wife, who sat back with
her legs spread while the blonde treated her nicely.

The girls were quite good at their work, and soon received their rewards.
After swallowing, the two were directed to put on a show for their Master
and Mistress, and they immediately went into a 69 position. As he was
recovering, Arthur turned to Molly and said, "Did you bring the toys you
wanted tonight? If not, I'm sure we can make some adjustments to things
in the toy box."

"Oh, I've got just the thing in my bag, and I can't wait to try it out!"

Rummaging through her purse, she stuck her arm inside, all the way to her
shoulder, before pulling out a strap on and harness. Putting it around her
waist, she touched her wand to it, and moaned as it molded to her flesh.
"Milord, I am eternally grateful to you for discovering this spell! These
evenings wouldn't be anywhere near enough fun if I couldn't feel the

"I can only imagine!" He replied, as he moved behind the girls on the floor.
Kneeling down, he lined his cock up with the pussy of the blonde on top, and
saw that Molly was doing the same with the Asian girl. At his nod, they both
shoved their cocks into the girls to the hilts! The blonde gasped, and,
judging by the feel of hot breath on his balls, so did the Asian. He smiled
at his wife as they pumped in unison; the two girls were very well trained,
they kept up the tongue work on each other, no matter how hard he and Molly
thrust. Soon he could see the tell tale signs of orgasm on his wife's face,
and he knew that he was only an instant away, so they pulled out and slid
their cocks into the girls mouths. The girls gulped and swallowed everything
they were given, and so he and Molly pulled out and let the girls' breathe
for a minute, which they did, before bringing each other to orgasm with their

"That was nicely done, girls, very nicely done!" Arthur said, as they pulled
apart and lay there panting. "Rest for a few minutes, get a drink of water or
juice. You are doing very well, and we are pleased."

"Thank you Master, we are happy you are pleased." The Chinese girl replied,
from her place on her knees.

"Yes, Master and Mistress, thank you, we do our best to please you." The
blonde added.

"The hostess was right, Milord, these girls are much better than the last
batch, I don't think we will even need to use the punishment room for them."

"Don't sound so disappointed, they don't deserve punishment, so they don't
get punished."

"Yes, Milord, you are right, as always." She replied, as she stroked her
nearly erect cock. "Milord, how do you do it? If I had one of these, I'd
stay home all day playing with it!"

"Years of practice, Milady, years of practice, besides there is a course in
second year covering just that subject."

His wife covered her mouth to mask a snort of laughter, and he could even see
the ghost of a smile cross the blonde's face.

"It's alright to laugh if something is funny to you, little one. The comment
was meant to be amusing, and I'm glad you still have a sense of humor, even
if this isn't what you wanted to spend your evening doing."

"Actually Master, it's better than what I was doing. I was serving drinks in
a tavern in Knockturn Alley, and those people smell, while here, most of the
time we serve people who are clean and well dressed, so it's an improvement.
My friend here was about to be forced into an arranged marriage with a man
30 years older than she was, who had already buried two younger wives, she
didn't want to be number three. We are going to ask if we can stay here when
our time is done. I've been told they sometimes let you stay if you are very

"Well, if you please us as well in the next part of the evening, I will be
happy to put in a good word for you, and I'm sure My Lady will, as well. Now,
speaking of this, there is one more area we are going to be exploring this
evening. My Lady will be handing you some lubricant, and I want each of you
to prepare the other's arse for our cocks. Do this well, and you will be

The Asian girl reached out and took the tube of lubricant and spread it on
her fingers, working them into the blonde's bottom one at a time, until she
got three fingers inside, then she moved to let the blonde prepare her,
before presenting her behind to her Master.

"Don't worry Master, I've taken it there, a lot, I can take the pain! Just
push right inside me." She said, looking over her shoulder, before leaning
down on her arms and spreading her legs.

Moving behind her, Arthur is surprised to see she wasn't kidding, and slides
into her with minimal resistance. Molly is meeting a little more difficulty,
but she works herself into the blonde's arse. "Ooh, so tight! Now I
understand why you like this so much!" she sighed, as she finally hits

It doesn't take long for either of them to reach their third orgasm of the
night and they slide out, panting and smiling. "I think they deserve a good
recommendation, don't you Milady?"

"Oh, yes, Milord, they have performed quite well, and we can easily recommend

He and Molly quickly wash up and dress and the girls follow them out of the
room. The hostess is waiting by the door. "Milord, Milady, was their service

"It was excellent, and, I think they did well enough to earn a shower and a
bed for the night. In fact, if you were to consider keeping them on full
time, I know of a few people who I would recommend them to, including My
Lady and I and our two eldest sons."

"I will certainly pass the comments on to the King and Queen, Milord; we are
always on the lookout for talent that brings their own clientele."

Then turning to the girls, the hostess smiled slightly and pointed to door,
"Through that door and to the left, there is a bedroom and a shower, you can
have it until tomorrow night, rest and enjoy it."

"Thank you ma'am and thank you Milord and Milady!" The Chinese girl said as
they ran towards the door.

Once the door shut behind them, Tessa led them through another door into a
private office. Shutting the door, she pulled a wand and cast a series of
privacy charms before pouring each of them a drink from the crystal decanter.

Sitting down, Arthur and Molly took off their masks and relaxed, Arthur
taking a sip from his drink. "Ah, Napoleon Brandy, one of the finest
pleasures on the planet!"

Then he sat up, and the demeanor of kindly Arthur Weasley fell way, leaving
in his place the Black King of the Hellfire Club. Molly shuddered, no matter
how many times she saw it happen, when her husband revealed his true self,
it was always thrilling to her.

"So, Tessa, I'm ready for your report, what information have you gathered
about the list of people I gave you? I'm considering offering membership to
a couple of them, and I need to know if they are capable of keeping the

For the next few hours, Tessa went over each of the candidates, finally
narrowing the list down to two. "Very well, have their sponsors extend an
invitation to one of our more `public' events, I'll meet with them then.
Now, it's late, and my wife and I have things to do before morning."

"As you wish, Your Majesty. But, as for the two girls you want hired, any
further instructions?"

"Yes, they are to be kept away from anyone who wants to damage them, I can
see a great future for them in movies, I think the membership would enjoy
watching them servicing each other, and some of the members of the House of
Lords. To say nothing of what the Lord's wives would think!" He ended with
a smirk. "Yes, I can see them making us a great deal of money over the next
year or so, and then we can figure out what to do with them. Hell, they'll
probably end up married as soon as they're released. After all, former
whores make the best wives, isn't that right Molly?"

She glared at him but didn't respond.

The Next Morning

Arthur gathered all his children around the breakfast table. "I want you to
know that we have a new person living here, and I want him treated as a
member of the family. His name is Harry, and I took him from a terrible
situation he was in yesterday. He was living with some muggles who were
hurting him terribly. Don't worry, though, Daddy took care of those muggles,
and they won't hurt anyone again."

"Percy, I want you to keep an eye on things, I don't want you boys bothering
him too much, and, you two especially, and I don't want to hear or see any
pranking being done to him until he is fully settled in, he has had a
horrible life up until now, and I want to make him comfortable."

At this, the younger boys and Ginny all left the room, leaving Arthur and
Molly with Bill, Charlie and Percy.

"Okay, now that the sugar coated version is out of the way; I took Harry
Potter from the Muggles who were raising him yesterday. I had to act because
Harry killed his cousin with a burst of accidental magic, and the muggles
would have murdered him for it. I took care of the muggles myself; it will
be days before they find the bodies in the bottom of the river. I've told
the old man that we will be raising Harry on our own, and managed to convince
him it would be in his best interests not to interfere with me. I don't want
you to tell Harry anything about how things truly are around here. I mean, I
will be teaching him that he is a Wizard, and some of the lower power spells.
I'll start the other training the same time I start the Twins and Ron."

"But Dad, why are we taking him in? Considering what he did, I mean?" Bill

Arthur chuckled, "You are so much like your mother, Bill, and she asked the
same question. And I'll tell you the same thing I told her. Voldemort is
gone; we have no way of knowing if he will ever be back, so why hold a grudge
against a child who had no control over what happened? Instead, think of it
this way, Harry Potter is quite possibly the most powerful young magician
I've seen in my life! Can you imagine what that power, properly guided, could
do for us? Voldemort is in the past, this young boy is the future, and who
wants to keep living in the past? Leave that to idiots like Malfoy and

"Makes sense to me," Bill replied, and his brothers quickly agreed.

* * *

The next several years were the happiest of Harry's life. He got to sleep in
a bed every night, and didn't have to do all the chores around the house. He
still missed his mom and dad, even though Mr. and Mrs. Weasley did their best
to take their place. He really enjoyed learning to fly with Ron and his
little sister Ginny. He also learned how much fun it could be to be the
originator of a prank for a change; when he turned Fred and George's hair a
vibrant shade of purple, and they couldn't figure out how to change it back.

Of course, the next week when he woke up as a girl taught him not to mess
with the masters! Fortunately he changed back before his 9th birthday party
the next week.

He still couldn't believe how lucky he was to get away from his Aunt and
Uncle, even though he tried not to think about what happened to Dudley.
Arthur tried to explain that what had happened wasn't his fault, and he
brought an old man they called Professor Mumblesnore or something, he
wasn't paying attention to the name, he was too busy watching the birds
flying around on his robes. Eventually, he understood what they were
saying, and started to sleep without nightmares.

* * *

It was just after Harry's 9th birthday that Mr. Weasley took all the younger
kids aside and told them he was going to be teaching them something that
would be very important for the rest of their lives. Harry didn't know what
occulmency was, but it was kind of neat learning to picture walls in his
mind, and tossing people out when they tried to pry into his thoughts.

* * *

He was amazed when he was able to go with the family to Diagon Alley to pick
up Fred and George's school robes and books. He and Bill took the time to go
to Gringotts so Harry could get some money out of his vault. Bill was able
to take Harry through the Employee Entrance, and so avoided the crowded

Once they were inside, Bill took Harry to the teller, who Bill introduced as
"Skip"; when the goblin saw that Harry was surprised by the name, he chuckled
and said, "My parents had a very strange sense of humor, and besides, your
vocal chords aren't capable of producing the sounds that make up my goblin
name, so, Skip it is. Now, how can I help you?"

"Harry needs to get some cash out of his vault, and I'm showing him the
process, he's never been here before." Bill interjected smoothly, handing
over the key to Harry's vault.

After a cart ride that Harry would remember for the rest of his life, he took
a small handful of coins out of his vault, and climbed back into the cart for
the ride back.

Meeting the rest of the family in front of Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor;
they sat down and enjoyed a sugary treat. But the highlight of the day had
to be the trip to Quality Quidditch Supplies; which, after listening to his
brothers talk about it, he couldn't wait to get his hands on a real Quidditch
Broom. Harry was disappointed to realize that he hadn't brought enough money
from his vault to buy a broom, and they wouldn't let him go back to Gringotts
to get more.

After a very enjoyable day out, they went back to the Burrow, and Arthur took
the boys aside for additional magic lessons. He and the brothers had mastered
occulmency; and now they were learning to push thoughts to the front of their
minds, so anybody looking would only find what they were supposed to find.

Time passed, until just prior to Harry's 10th Birthday.

* * *

Molly turned from the stove where dinner was cooking, and looked at her
husband, who was sipping from a glass of Firewhiskey.



"Have you decided when to tell the boys the truth?"

"Soon, I've been testing their shields at random times, and all of them kept
me out easily. I'll admit I'm a bit nervous about breaking the news to Harry;
if he reacts without thinking, it could be very unpleasant."

"Would you like me standing by with a stunner ready?"

"That would be a good idea, thanks."

* * *

After dinner the night after Harry's birthday, Arthur called the entire
family together, and he told them the truth about the family, and what they
were really going for. Harry was shocked to find that his new family had been
working for the man who killed his parents, and nearly killed him. It took a
stunner from Molly; as well as hours of conversation before he understood
that they hadn't been working for Voldemort for several years, since right
after Harry had joined the family. That was the turning point for Harry, he
wasn't happy about what they had done, but, that was then, and now, they were
his family, the only family he had left. He wasn't sure he liked the idea of
being pushed forward, and using his abilities to gain power, but he agreed to go
along with the family, simply because it gave him a chance to make sure that
Voldemort never came back.

* * *

The training intensified, teaching Harry and the other's basic potion making,
as well as the words and wand movements (using one of Arthur's spare wands)
for most of the 1st thru 4th year spells. Harry and Ron, try as they might,
weren't able to master the 5th year spells yet. Arthur speculated that their
magical cores weren't strong enough yet to cast the more advanced spells. The
boys were relieved to think that they simply had to grow more to be able to
cast the really fun spells. But, in the meantime, there were plenty of other
things to learn, such as flying, and how to make Ginny and Luna squeal by
pouring cold pumpkin juice down their backs. Of course, that also lead to a
lesson in laundry taught by a very unhappy Molly Weasley, but, that's the way
things are.

Soon enough, the summer of Ron and Harry's 11th birthdays arrived, and they
received their Hogwarts Letters. The whole family took another trip to Diagon
Alley to get their books and supplies. Fortunately, due to the Weasley Family
taking in Harry, they are receiving a monthly stipend from the Potter Estate
to take care of him. Harry said they can use the left over money to get
school things for Ron as well.

When Harry and the others went to Madame Malkin's to get their robes, they
were amused to see a skinny blonde haired boy looking down his nose at them.
As he left, Harry heard him mumble something about Weasleys having more
children than they could afford. Harry couldn't pass up the opportunity, so
he grabbed one of the spare wands and cast a small explosive hex, causing
the kid to be splashed in mud all over his new robes. The blonde looked
around indignantly, but Harry and the rest of the family were all immersed
in picking out Harry and Ron's robes for the year. As soon as the twins saw
Draco stalk off, they burst out laughing, clapping Harry on the back as he
had gotten away with a perfect prank. Even Arthur had to smile, thinking of
how he would love to humble arrogant Lucius Malfoy they same way that Harry
had humbled his son.

* * *

That Same Day, Headmasters Office, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Minerva McGonagall walked into the Headmasters office and sat down, reaching
for the bottle of fire whiskey he kept in the bottom drawer. "I just got back
from meeting with Miss Granger and her family. She is incredibly intelligent,
as well has showing more potential in a student than I've seen in years, but,
she is also incredibly sensitive, I suppose is the word, to the inequities of
a society. She started questioning me about the role of Muggleborn in Magical
society, and I could almost see the gears turning in her head. She said
something to me before I left that I don't quite understand, she said
`Professor, I don't know who familiar you are with recent history in my
world, but you may wish to look up Doctor Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. I
will try it Dr King's way first, but don't count on it to last; I will not
tolerate bigotry in any form!' Do you know what those names mean?"

"No I don't, Minerva, but I'm afraid that young Miss Granger is going to have
a very unhappy and lonely school career."

End Part One

AUTHORS NOTE: The End of the Chapter

For Information about where Arthur and Molly went for their entertainment
earlier in the chapter, I refer you to the following links. One is fictional,
and the other historical.


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