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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Betrayal Of The Phoenix Part 5 -
Summer Of Discovery (bg,exbib,voy)
by Red Jacobson ([email protected])

Kings Cross Station

Laughing and pushing, Hermione, Harry, Ron and the twins, with Percy and
Ginny following closely, walk up to their parents, surprised to see them in
pleasant conversation with the Grangers. Hermione rushes up and hugs her
parents, and Molly smiles fondly, saying to her family, "We've just been
talking, and it seems that Hermione's parents are going to be on a 6 week
working tour of Greenland and Iceland, teaching at the dental schools up
there. So, while they are away, I've invited Hermione to stay with us."

Harry and Hermione look at each other and grin in excitement, before quickly
putting impassive expressions on their faces, fooling absolutely no-one.
Seeing this, Ron groans, "Oh, lovely! There goes any Quidditch practice this
summer!" Then he grins and winks at Harry and Hermione, so they know he isn't

Glaring at her younger son; Molly continues; "Hermione will be with us
starting on July 1st, and staying for the rest of the summer. Ginny, you and
Hermione will be doubling up again this year, so make sure you clean your
room before she gets here. I'm not your personal house-elf, you know!"

Whatever response Ginny was going to make died on her lips as she saw Luna
bringing her father with her. Charles reaches Harry, and says "Mister Potter,
I'd like to shake your hand for what you and the others did to help Luna when
she had her problems earlier in the year. I'm also very happy that you all
have taken her under your wing, because I was concerned that she might have
had a hard time as a firstie."

Turning to Arthur and Molly, "You know what happened don't you?" At their
nods, he turns to the Grangers and says; "Hi, I'm Charles Lovegood, and you
must be the Grangers, correct?" At their nod, he continues, "You should be
very proud of your daughter! She was one of the people who helped rescue
Luna when she was kidnapped earlier in the year, and, for that, I am deeply
indebted to her. But, for now, my thanks will have to suffice." Taking
Luna's hand, he turned and they walked away, leaving the rest rather bemused
at his odd behavior.

Well, most of them were bemused by Charles; Arthur and Molly were both busy
noticing the way that Ginny and Luna spent most of the time just looking at
each other and blushing. After they said goodbye to the Grangers and were
heading out to Arthur's car, Molly turned to him and quietly asked, "Did you
notice it too?" Arthur nods and chuckles, saying; "Well, I see Helga's Gift
is still active. You better sit down with Ginny really soon, and I'll have a
talk with Harry, so he won't be surprised when and if he stumbles on Hermione
with a pretty young thing between her thighs."

"You are such a pig, Arthur!" Molly said, grinning; "Although, that's an
interesting mental picture."

"You know, I do have to go to the club this evening; there is some business
to attend to. Would you care to come along?"

"You have to ask?" She smirked; "Just let me get the kids fed and change my
clothes, and we can go at any time you're ready."

"Well, I need to talk to Harry first, I'm a little concerned about his
actions this past year, and he really needs to understand the necessity of
keeping his cover. He could have brought down a lot of suspicion on all of
us if Percy and the twins hadn't hit Albus and the others with the memory

* * *

At the Same Time

Draco Malfoy cursed as he struggled with his school trunk, dragging it toward
the station exit where he could flag down the Knight Bus to ride back to
Malfoy Manor. He grimaced as he saw Potty and his crew surrounded by a band
of happy people.

"It figures;" he muttered in disgust, "Potty and the mudblood, surrounded by
his family, when it's all their fault that my family doesn't exist anymore!
They will pay, if it's the last thing I do, they will all pay!"

Thinking, he began to smile as he recalled a small stash of books that the
Aurors didn't find when they raided his home. "I'm sure there is something
there that will do just fine. Got to get Dobby to bring me those books when
I get back."

* * *

The Burrow

As soon as they get back to the Burrow, Arthur tells Harry that he needs to
talk to him about something, and to come out to the workshop after he takes
his trunk up to his room. A little nervous, Harry quickly puts his trunk
away and goes to meet Arthur.

A short time later, Harry walked out of the workshop, shaking and vowing to
himself not to get into a situation like that again!

`I almost wish he would have hit me; I can handle that! But when he looked at
me like that, like he was so disappointed in me, how the hell do I handle
that? Damn that man! I can handle Dumbledore giving me that look, he's just a
meddling old coot, but, Arthur taught me everything I know, well except for
what the twins showed me, but everything else important. Alright, I should
have been more careful about letting the guys know where we were going, but I
didn't think about it at the time. And that's just it; I did not think! I'm
going to have to watch that, because I really don't want to draw any more
attention to myself than I have to. At least he was pleased with the Fidelus
on the Chamber, so it wasn't all bad.'

* * *


Gregory Goyle sat down at the writing desk in his room and, pulling a leather
bound book from the bottom of his trunk, dipped his quill in the ink, and
began to write.

First Day of Break

I finally got free of Crabbe and the puppet, so it's a pleasure to drop
the mask, for a short while, anyway. As usual, the puppet is performing
admirably, but it's very difficult to keep from laughing in his face when
he starts spouting his nonsense about his father. Potter had it right,
Daddy Dearest, if he is still sane, is getting buggered by the Dementors
on a regular basis, so he isn't in a position to do anything about Potter,
or Granger either. It's funny, I don't think anybody else has realized
just how much of a mask that Potter is showing to the world; the same way
I hide my face from the world. It's definitely something to think about.
After all, a true Slytherin, unlike the puppet and our late, barely
lamented Head of House learns early on to keep himself hidden. At least
there are a few in our year who know that and don't have to be told.
Parkinson seems to be getting closer to Potter and Granger; it might be
useful to gently encourage that. More knowledge is a good thing.

More Later

* * *

Two Weeks Later

Ron paced back and forth in front of the fireplace; muttering to himself as
Harry sat on the couch laughing. "It's fine for you to laugh Harry! You've
already got a girlfriend, and I've never asked a girl out on a date before.
What if she says no? I won't be able to look at her again."

"Ron; she won't say no! You've been practically dating her since my birthday
party last year; this is just making it official. And, hell, if she does, for
whatever reason, say no; you know the spell to change her mind."

"Yeah, you're right, but I really don't want to have to do that. I'd like to
go out with her, without using any spells."

Harry is shaking his head, glad that he and Hermione didn't have to go
through this. "Tell you what, you floo her and invite her over to go
swimming. You ask her, and, if she says no, before she leaves, I'll
obliviate both of you, so you don't have to worry about it anymore. How
does that sound?"

Ron looked at his brother, obviously relieved, "Yeah, that sounds great!
Damn, you'd think I was a Hufflepuff the way my nerves are getting to me."

"Ron, Quit stalling! Floo her and invite her over. What's the worst that can
happen? You'll see her in her bikini again, and her boobs put Hermione's to


"Oh, for hells sake! I'll call her if you can't get your nerve up!"

"No, no, I'll do it, just leave me in private to make the call, okay?"

"Okay, but I'll be back in 5 minutes, if you haven't called her yet, I'll
call her myself."

* * *

Four and Minutes Later

Ron took a deep breath and tossed the floo powder into the fireplace.

"Susan Bones!"

* * *

Later that Evening

The sign outside the club read "The Wicked Witch" and Susan pulled Ron by the
hand into the darkened room. Ron blinked as the sound waves hit him, coming
off the stage as a band was in full swing. He shook his head in disbelief as
he looked around the club, he couldn't believe what he was seeing. The way
that the girls and boys were dancing together would have gotten them expelled
if they tried it at school.

He couldn't be sure, but he thought he saw Percy and his girlfriend on the
dance floor, and her hand was down the front of his pants. He didn't have
time to look closer, as Susan led him into the back of the club, and pushed
him into a booth against the wall. A waitress immediately came over and took
their order. Susan ordered some chips and Butterbeers, and leaned back in the
booth, resting against Ron, who sat their, not sure what to do. He felt Susan
shudder against him, and turned to look at her, surprised to see she was
struggling to hold in laughter.

"What's funny, Susan? I don't get the joke."

"Oh, Ron, I'm sorry, I shouldn't laugh, but, you have a lot to learn about
dating, and I'm glad I get to teach you. First off, as my boyfriend, you get
to put your hands in certain places, places that we will both enjoy, and I
will put my hands in places that we will also both enjoy. For example;" she
said, reaching for his hand, "in private, or at least in a secluded area,
where we aren't likely to be seen, and its okay for you to put your hand on
my breasts. I know you like them; I've seen you looking at them. That's why
I wore those tops."

Ron was struck was dumb as he felt her breast fill his hand, the nipple
pressing into his palm. He started rubbing his hand across it, and was
rewarded by her moan against his ear. "Ron, that's it! I found out a
couple of years ago that I love having my breasts played with."

Sitting up straight, she grinned at him, and said, "You made me feel really
good, so, I'm gonna make you feel even better!"

Ron almost fainted when he felt her hand reach under the table and grab his
cock through his pants. He bit into the inside of his mouth to keep from
hollering as she opened his pants, and wrapped her hand around him. He
couldn't believe it; Susan Bones was wanking him right in public! The
excitement was too much for him, and he only lasted a few strokes, before
letting go with a groan.

Susan didn't seem upset that he was so quick to blast, and said, "I've heard
its quick the first time, and you'll last longer next time."

Then she raised her hand to her mouth, and licked his residue from her palm,
and sucked it off her fingers. "Mmmm! Yummy! I've always wanted to try that,
and I think that we are going to have lots of fun together Ron. Auntie Amelia
made sure I was well educated growing up, and you get to be the first to
experience my lessons. Aren't you lucky?" She giggled.

"This is definitely not what I expected from a first date, Suse!" Ron panted,
before adjusting himself and smiling at her.

Ron had a silly grin on his face the rest of the evening, not even tasting
the chips and Butterbeer the waitress brought to them a little later. He did
notice that the waitress looked at the two of them and smirked, winking at
Susan before leaving them in privacy.

* * *

The Next Day, Ministry of Magic

"Good afternoon, Arthur, thank you for stopping by." Amelia Bones said,
smiling at her guest.

"It's my pleasure, Madam Bones, how can I serve you today?" Arthur asked,
sitting down in the indicated chair. Outwardly calm, he was churning inside,
wondering what in the hell Ron had done to Susan Bones that required a
personal intervention.

"Actually, Arthur, I wanted to take this time to proffer an invitation. My
niece Susan told me last evening about the wonderful time she had with your
son Ron, and asked me to speak to you about having him come over this Friday
and staying the weekend."

Arthur started to speak, but she raised her hand, "Let me be clear about
this, Susan told me that she instigated certain activities that they both
found exceedingly pleasant, and wants to have the privacy to explore other
activities. This has my full approval. I won't beat around the bush with
you Arthur, it's my desire to see my niece happy; she is my only surviving
relative, and, it would benefit both of our families if this were to become
a more permanent arrangement. I realize they are too young for marriage,
but, if you and I could come to an agreement, we could steer the two of
them properly when the time comes."

"I have no objections, and I know that Molly is very fond of Susan, so she
won't have any objections either. So, why don't we plan to meet for dinner
at the Burrow, say, Friday evening, while Ron is with Susan, and we can
discuss the details?"

"I think that should work and, in the future, I believe you can call me

* * *

Monday, the following week

Ron staggered out of the floo, and stumbled up the stairs to his room, barely
responding to the giggling voices of Susan Bones and Hannah Abbott coming
from the floo. When Harry looked at him questioningly, Ron just said, "Ask me
when I wake up, I haven't slept in 2 days, but, Damn! It's good to be me!"

Harry just shook his head and went back to reading.

* * *

July 1st, the Burrow

Hermione had arrived at the Burrow earlier that morning, her parents dropping
her off in their car. Arthur was at work, fortunately, or he probably have
made them miss their plane because he would have felt obliged to ask them all
kinds of questions about the car, even though he could probably tell them
more about it than they knew about it.

That afternoon, Harry led Hermione out to the lake, so they could go swimming
in privacy. Of course, they didn't get all the privacy they had expected
because Molly followed them a few minutes later, when she realized that Harry
had forgotten his towel. Grabbing it, she also decided to make a lunch for
him and Hermione, so they could stay out for a while longer.

Pausing at the edge of clearing, Molly was about to call out to them, when
she saw the two of them on the wooden raft in the center of the lake. Her
eyes narrowed as she saw Harry sitting on the edge of the raft, and Hermione
floating between his legs, and, from what she could tell, giving a rather
impressive display of oral skills. Reaching for her wand, Molly quietly cast
a charm on Harry. "Harry, I love you like a son, but, I don't need you giving
me any grandkids for quite a few years yet!"

She simply stayed long enough to see Harry pulling Hermione onto the raft and
climbing on top of her. Her hearing caught Hermione's gasp as Harry entered
her, for the first time? She wondered. Deciding she'd seen what she needed to
see, she quietly turned back and waited for a while before calling out to
them that she was coming. She smirked as she heard them scrambling around,
searching for their clothes. She delayed long enough to let them get dressed
before stepping into view.

Putting on her best motherly smile, she held out Harry's towel and the lunch
basket. As Harry reached for it, she said, "I'm sure you two worked up an
appetite, so, take your time if you want a repeat performance. Next time,
we'll see about giving you some privacy at the Burrow. You don't want to get
splinters in a delicate spot, Hermione; I know from experience."

She turned and walked back up the path, snickering quietly to herself at the
shocked gasp from Hermione and the groan from Harry. Then, she became serious
as she thought about what to tell Arthur.

* * *

The Lake

Harry said, "Before we got so wonderfully distracted, you were telling me a
story, I believe."

"Oh yeah, I was telling you about my study sessions with the girls in the
dorms. My mom sent me a couple of books of different things for us to do,
and, I was reading one of them. Unfortunately, I got a little distracted,
and forgot to put a silencing charm around my bed. The next thing I knew,
Parvati had stuck her head through my curtains and grabbed the book from
my hand. Naturally; she and Lavender were curious as to what had me so
distracted, and they grabbed both the books Mom had sent me. I almost
fainted when Parvati said, after looking through them; "It's much more
fun to do these things than just read about them, Hermione! Let me show
you!" and then she kissed me! I tried to tell them that I want to wait
for you, but Lavender said, `There are lots of things you can do before
you reach that point, now, let's get back to page one. `Sensual Touch'.
She turned to Parvati and said; `Do you want to start, or shall I?' 'I'll
start; you know how much I enjoy getting my hands on you.' And then Lavender
stripped to the skin and laid face down on my bed. I'll admit it, I enjoyed
watching Parvati straddle her back, and she started rubbing and stroking
Lavender, it was really exciting watching Parvati tease Lavender to orgasm."

Harry grinned as he watched his girlfriend slide her hands into her bikini
bottom and finger herself as she continued her story.

"I was surprised that I was getting turned on watching the two of them
together, but, I was getting really wet, and started to rub myself, but Lav
looked over and said, `No, Hermione, not yet, we aren't to that part of the
book yet. Now, you have to practice on Parvati what she did to me.'

"And so I did; and it continued most of last year, a lesson or two every
night, and just about everything but actual intercourse was covered, because
I wanted to save that for you."

"So, you're saying that you had sex with Lavender and Parvati? Every night?
Damn! I figured that you might be adventurous, but that goes above and
beyond! I thought my night watching the twins have sex with their girlfriends
was wild, but you've got me beat!"

"Well, watching has its good points, but it's much more fun to actually do
things, for me anyway. And, if you're interested, I think that I can convince
Lavender and both Patils to spend some time with us. Oh, yeah, I forgot to
tell you; one time, Padma came up to the dorm one night, and she and Parvati
showed Lavender and I just how close they are.

"That was the night I found out about Helga's Gift."

"What's that? I don't think I ever heard of it."

"I doubt you would have, it's just something that is accepted. But, almost
all of the girls who go through Hogwarts find themselves attracted to other
girls, and most of them act on it. Padma explained it to me; that there is a
legend from the time of the founders that Helga and Rowena were lovers, and,
one day, in a fit of passion, she cast a spell that all girls should be able
to feel as good as she does. The funny thing is, according to the legend,
she really didn't even realize what she had done until after the first couple
of classes had graduated and the women were all really close."

"Hermione, if you ever feel like bringing one of the others into bed, I will
certainly do my best to make them happy, but, you are the one I want to be

"And I appreciate that, but, what I'm trying to say is if there is another
girl who strikes your fancy, go ahead, as long as I'm there too. Or if I
can't be there, at least make sure I know about it before hand, okay?"


* * *

That Evening

When Arthur got home from work, he pulled Harry and Hermione aside. At
Harry's worried look, Arthur chuckled, "It's not one of those types of talks,
Harry, so don't worry."

When Harry and Hermione were seated on the couch, Arthur said, "What I'm
going to say is probably going to embarrass you both, but, I'm not in the
habit of lying to my family, and, Hermione, I consider you family as well.
I'm aware that the two of you have taken a significant step in your
relationship, and, both Molly and I approve. But, this leads to a rather
unusual dilemma, you see, it's been a tradition in the family, that when
every son turns 13, the father takes him out and gets him laid, taking
care of the whole virginity thing. Now, since Harry is no longer a virgin,
I have to decide what to get him for his birthday. Do you have any thoughts,
especially since I already put down a deposit on the traditional `gift'?"

Hermione looked at Harry, and grinned. Harry thought it was quite possibly
the most predatory smile he'd ever seen on another person.

"Actually, I do. This woman you were going to set Harry up with, can she
handle two at a time? I told Harry earlier today, if he wants somebody,
it's fine, but I'd prefer to either be there or at least know about it
ahead of time. And, since we are being honest here, Harry got really
turned on when I told him about my fun and games with a couple of the
girls in my dorm, so, I think he'd enjoy seeing me with another girl,
and I'd have fun showing him."

Hermione continued, "I do have one minor concern, and it's something that
Harry and I can take care of this evening."

"That's fine, in fact, since Ron is staying over at the Bones' again this
evening, why don't you stay in Harry and Ron's room tonight. That should
give you plenty of privacy, and you can soundproof the room, so we don't
have to listen."

As he watched the two of them leave the room; the gentle smile dropped from
his face as he gestured for Molly to come into the room from the shadows.

"So, how serious do you think they are?" Arthur asked

"Well, just from watching them, I'd say they have gotten very close. I don't
know how long they have been having sex, but, Ron and Ginny both said they
have been doing different things since the beginning of the last school year.
I do know, just from what I heard Harry and Ron talking about, Harry is
making long term plans and she plays a part in them."

"Interesting; still; it might be interesting to set up a little test for our
Miss Granger. I will admit to being slightly surprised at her solution. But
just how far will she go for Harry. She is a very strong willed young lady;
but is she willing to go against her inclinations to be with him?"

"What are you thinking?"

Arthur only chuckled and said; "I'll let you watch from my office so you can
be surprised."

"Damn it Arthur, you know I hate it when you do that!" Molly moaned.

* * *

After Dinner

Harry locked the door behind him as Hermione sat down on the bed.

"So, what's the concern? If it's a big problem, we don't have to do it, you

"Actually Harry, it's kind of silly, but I don't want there to be anything we
can do that she does with you first. I know we've done a lot, even before
today, but there is one thing that I was saving for your birthday."

Taking a deep breath, she said; "I want you to bugger me! I don't want to
leave anything undone, so that you will know that, whatever we do with the
woman, you did it with me first. Does that make sense?"

Harry nods, and helps Hermione to her feet, lifting her top off, and fondling
her breasts. Hermione slides her shorts and knickers off, and stands nude
before him. "How do you want me, Harry?" She asks, in a husky voice.

Grabbing a pillow, Harry puts it on the bed, and positions her over it.

"What did your book say, Hermione? I don't want to hurt you." He asked,
anxiously, as he stripped out of his clothing.

"Just gather some of my juices, and use your fingers to slowly stretch me.
Once you can get four fingers inside me easily, I should be ready."

Hermione moaned as he stroked her pussy, gathering the juices that were
flowing freely. Eventually, he was able to loosen her arse enough that he
could slide into her. The warmth and tightness almost made him explode right
away, but he went as slow as he could, so Hermione could adjust.

She soon got to a comfortable position, and the two of them worked up a good
rhythm. By the time Harry went over the edge, Hermione had reached a point
where she was getting pleasure from the sensation, especially since he was
reaching around and stroking her.

* * *

Harry's Birthday

"Harry, I need to see you and Hermione before you leave tonight. Meet me in
the kitchen as soon as you two are ready, okay?"

"Sure, Dad, we'll be down in a couple of minutes."

* * *

When Harry and Hermione came downstairs and went into the kitchen, they found
Arthur sitting there waiting for them.

"I wanted to talk to the two of you before we went to the club, because I
found something out that it's important you know about. The room that I've
reserved had a specialized enchantment on it; and it will affect the two of
you. It's nothing that would cause the two of you any problems, but, it may
affect the way you deal with your playmate for the evening."

"Um, excuse me, Mister Weasley, but, what sort of enchantment are you talking

"Well, it may seem a little odd but the room that we've always reserved for
these events is set up for the players to enjoy their Dominant and Submissive
fantasies. When the guest or guests enter the room, the enchantment is
already in place, but is apparently dormant. That's why I didn't think about
it when you offered your solution, Hermione. The way the room is set up, the
male is automatically the dominant partner, with the female the submissive. I
guess the club figures this would be the ideal situation for a male virgin's
first time with a more experience professional. Now, Hermione, you will find
yourself in an interesting position. Because you are a guest you will be
allowed to be dominant in relation to the paid playmate, but because of the
gender specific bias of the enchantment, you will have to be submissive to
Harry if you wish to participate in his family rite. Do you have any

"Just one, Dad, you say that the room is enchanted, why can't we change

"Well, I did ask about changing rooms, but, all the other rooms are booked,
and, I already paid for the room and the girl, and, if we don't use them, the
money is lost."

"Mr. Weasley, you said the enchantment is dormant. What do you mean?" asked

Arthur replied, glibly spinning his tale, "I was told by the club's
management that the spells in place are more of a punishment for the girl.
Since normally there is only the paid professional representing the club,
they want to make sure that the client, Harry in this case, is treated
with the ultimate respect. And before you ask, I already inquired as to
temporarily removing the enchantment from the room. The club tells me that
it would take too long to re-enchant it to even calculate the cost.
Basically, as long as the girl, or if you do decide to accompany Harry,
Hermione, girls are completely and totally submissive to the Master,
there's nothing to worry about. I must tell you that the club's personnel
are very well trained in bringing out the dominant in the young men.

"Well, so long as it's just a role-playing," Harry began, "I don't see a
problem with a fantasy night. Hermione and I hadn't planned on doing
anything like this yet. Hermione, I don't want you to feel that you hav
to come along if you don't want to do this."

"Well, I'm not crazy about the idea Harry, but we've gone this far, and, as
long as we know it's just a fantasy, I don't see any problems with it. And
as I told your dad when he told us of the Weasley tradition, I want to be
with you. Even if it may be a little humiliating to me, as long as I'm with
you, I can handle it."

After talking, Harry and Hermione agree to go with the flow that evening,
and see if they enjoy the game.

Taking hold of the portkey, Arthur tapped it with his wand, and the three
of them appeared in the entryway of the club. Handing Harry a stamina
potion, Arthur handed them over to the Hostess, and, as she led them to
the `enchanted' room, he went up to his office where Molly was waiting.

* * *

When the door closed behind them, Harry noticed a young redheaded girl
kneeling naked by the bed. Harry wonders if the resemblance to Ginny is
intentional, and decides he and Arthur need to have a discussion of the
matter. But that is a matter for later, right now; he had a birthday to

"Pet, I want you to remove your clothes, and kneel by my birthday present."
He said, feeling silly with the `Pet', but Arthur insisted they not use any
names while they were here. That is why he also had them wear those goofy
masks. It was supposed to be part of the magic in the room, and there were
consequences if they acted against it.

"Yes, Master!" Hermione said, as she walked over to the girl. Hermione wasn't
too sure about the whole `Master' thing, but, it was just for the evening,
and, who knows, they may decide they enjoy it.

* * *

The Black King's Office

Arthur lit his cigar and Molly sat back sipping her drink as they watched
their adopted son and future daughter in law put the whore through her paces.
He was pleased with the imagination they showed, especially when the girl and
Hermione went into a 69 position, and Harry spanked whoever was on top when
the paddle hit. Listening to both girls squeal, he could tell that the
redhead had a definite future as a professional bottom; he made a note to
have Tessa get her training started.

Molly wasn't interested in the imagination; she just enjoyed the scene as she
slipped her hand into her folds and started to rub herself.

Harry, he was pleased to see, was taking the dominant role quite easily,
and he soon had both girls on their knees before him. He shook his head in
disbelief as he saw how well Harry was equipped. `I didn't even need the
potion for him, he's already above average, although the stamina is still
an issue, but the potion should take care of that.'

Eventually they ended with a redhead sandwich; as Hermione grabbed one of
the toys, and she and Harry plugged the girl roughly. Arthur chuckled as he
heard the unmistakable sounds of the redhead climaxing, followed quickly by
Molly's own orgasm. "Yeah, a definite bottom! She's gonna make a lot of
money for the club!"

Arthur was impressed with Hermione's commitment to be with Harry. Some of the
things she had to do at Harry's command and hand were quite inventive on his
part. Arthur idlely wondered what the two teens' reactions would be if they
ever found out that the whole tale of the enchantments in their room was a
total lie; that this was simply a test of Hermione's character. Of course he
would never tell them, not unless he wanted to face their wrath. But it was
nice to know two things. First, his son has chosen a young woman for himself
who is quite willing to do whatever it takes to stay together. And second,
that Harry can truly be twisted when he wants to be.

* * *

As they were getting ready to head back to the Burrow; Harry said, with a

"If this is what you do for your sons, I can't wait to see what you've got
for Ginny next year!" After dodging a smack from Hermione, he turned to her
and said, "Well, come on, you know it's gonna be something wild, but I can't
see her having the same kind of present we did."

Arthur chuckled, "Considering how close she and Luna are, I wouldn't be
surprised if they haven't already gained their experience, much like the two
of you did. But, if they haven't, well, there is lots of magic to make the
experience even more pleasurable. But, that's for another time, we need to
get home. Remember Harry, Neville will be arriving in the morning, so I want
you to have your room straightened up."

Continued in Chapter 6 Summer of Changes


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