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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Betrayal Of The Phoenix Part 7 -
Year Three Part 1 (mmff,f-mast)
by Red Jacobson ([email protected])

August 31st, the Burrow

Harry port keyed into the backyard of the Burrow and stashed his unconscious
passenger in the trunk he had left in Arthur's shed, before pacing around
swearing to himself.

"Shit! Shit! Shit! Now what the bloody hell do I do?" Harry stopped, took a
deep breath, and shook his head. "Damn it, Potter, when things go pie-eyed,
you don't mess around. Better go get Arthur, he needs to know about this."

"I hope he's back by now; he was taking Ron for his birthday present tonight.
If this hadn't gotten so messed up, I'd be eager to see how he enjoyed

Going inside, Harry was happy to see Arthur was home already, and everybody
else had already gone upstairs for the evening, leaving him sitting in the
living room reading. Looking up, he smiled when he saw Harry, but the smile
faded when he took in the look on his son's face.

"What happened? Did something go wrong?"

"Not wrong exactly, the plan worked just as expected, but, a monkey wrench
got tossed in at the last minute. Come on out the shed, it's easier to show
you than explain it."

Walking out to the shed, Harry turned on the lights and flipped open the lid
of the trunk.

"What the fuck?!?"

"That was my basic reaction as well. Anyway, from what she said before she
passed out, this is Trixie Black, just graduated student of Hogwarts. As near
as I can figure; when I killed Rodolphus, a spell that he had on her was
broken, and she reverted to the age and condition she was when the spell was
first cast. Look, the dark mark has completely disappeared, and she looks to
be about 17 years old. To make life even more interesting, she seems to think
I'm James Potter, and she asked me if I was going to play with her and Sirius
again. I think that she and I need to have a bit of a discussion when I get
her back to Hogwarts."

"Are you still planning to take her to your hiding place? I thought that was
just so Neville could punish her."

"I don't see any alternative; at least for now. I want Neville to have a
chance at confronting her, even if she doesn't have any memory of what she
did for the last 16 years or so. Maybe after things calm down, and Neville
goes on her, you can find something for her to do in the Club. Speaking of
that, did you really expect me to believe there was an enchantment on the
room you put Hermione and me in? I'm sensitive enough to magic that I would
have noticed a spell affecting me, especially when I was expecting it.
Granted, Hermione and I both enjoyed the results, but, please don't try
and trick me again, okay?"

Arthur backed down from the fire in Harry's eyes. "Okay, but I did because I
needed to know how far Hermione would go for you. You have to understand
that, at the time of your birthday, I didn't realize the commitment between
the two of you, and, considering that we've had to discuss maintaining your
cover, I wanted to make sure we were protected."

Harry considers this for a few minutes, then nods; "Okay, I understand. I
don't like it, but I do understand. In the future, it might just be easier
to ask me, don't you agree?"

"Fair enough, but, I hope you will keep in mind what we've discussed as

"Arthur, Dad, the only time I've broken cover, is when Narcissa drugged me,
and, if I'd been aware of the charm, that wouldn't have happened. Any other
time, I knew exactly what I was doing, and kept our secrets. Although
Hermione figured it out on her own, and I got her magical oath on it."

"Well, I think we both know where we stand, and, it's getting late. I'll
trust your judgment on this one, Harry, and I'll be thinking about the
possibilities for using her at the Club."

* * *

September 1st

Arthur helped Harry load his new trunk into the boot of the car. Speaking
quietly, he said; "Are you sure she's going to stay unconscious until you
get her to your hiding place?"

"Absolutely; she's in an Enchanted Sleep right now, and won't wake up until
I want her to. And, by that point, she'll be in her new prison."

"Good, and does Hermione know about it?"

"Yeah, who do you think helped me find the spell itself?"

"How does she feel about the physical changes in your prisoner?

"Actually, she doesn't have any problem with it. She's gotten very pragmatic
over the summer;" Harry smirked, "and she wants Neville to get his closure
as well. Besides, when she saw what Trixie looks like as a 17 year old, she
practically started to drool."

"Fine, now, remember to mask her signature, because you know that the
Dementors and the Aurors will be out in force trying to get her back."

"Actually, that's not an issue; once LeStrange died, his spell was broken,
and her magical signature reverted back to what it was at 17, before it was
poisoned by the Dark Mark, and the Unforgivables that she cast. I checked
it before I took her from Azkaban, and, she could be standing next to a
Dementor, and it wouldn't pay any attention to her. As for the Aurors; well,
she's going to be hidden for quite a while, and, after that, it's amazing
what muggle hair die and make up can do. Besides, I think that killing Lucius
and LeStrange are going to be keeping the Aurors busy for quiet a while,
especially since it wasn't magic that killed them, well, it wasn't a spell
that killed them, anyway." Harry finished with a smile, remembering the look
on Lucius face when Harry's strengthened fist punched right through his
chest, crushing his heart.

Arthur nodded as he went back to the Burrow for a last minute check of

After making sure that nothing had been forgotten, and that they still had
plenty of time to make the Express; Arthur called Harry, Ron, Ginny, Percy
and the twins over to him. Handing each of them a crystal, he said;

"I have a feeling you are going to need to spend some uninterrupted time
this year, and it would be easier to do that if you can't be tracked. These
crystals, once activated, will send out your magical signature if any
meddling Headmaster, or anybody else for that matter, scans for it. It also
has the advantage of muting your physical magical signature so you don't
seem to be in two places at once."

After showing them how to activate and deactivate the crystals, he pulled out
2 more which he gave to Harry, and one more to Ginny. "For Hermione, Neville
and Luna, Hermione is already on board with our family and your plans,
Neville will be soon, and, Luna just seems to know things, so it would be
easier to be ready for her."

* * *

Hogwarts Express

"Harry? Have you heard the news?" Neville asked as he slipped into their
compartment. Harry nodded before quickly casting a silencing charm on the
doors and windows.

"Don't worry about it, Neville. I'm not going to say much for now, but, I'll
explain everything when the time is right. Let's just say that the Newspaper
got it very wrong."

"Okay, mate, if you're sure," Neville said, relaxing into an open seat.
Taking a look around, he saw that he Harry and Hermione were the only ones
in the compartment. "Where's everybody else?"

"Ron and Susan are with Hannah in her compartment, and Ginny and Luna are
trying to hunt down the snack cart woman. I heard Luna say that the Cassandra
card in one of the Chocolate Frog packs is calling to her, and Luna wants to
find out what she wants." Harry finished with a shrug, as he removed the
silencing charms from the doors and windows.

Neville and Harry were settling in for a game of Exploding Snap when the door
slid open and Katie walked in. Tossing her trunk onto the rack, she sat down
on Neville's lap and kissed him, before turning and greeting the other two.

"Hey guys, good to see you again. How was the rest of your summer?"

"Busy but fun, how was yours Katie?" Hermione smiled.

"About the same, Nev and I got to work on a few Quidditch moves; so I'm
sure he'll do great at the tryouts. You are going to try out as one of the
Chasers, aren't you Nev?"

Neville wrapped his arms around his girlfriend, and said, "Of course, I told
you I would last Spring, and I'm looking forward to it."

The conversation didn't get too much farther before Luna and Ginny burst into
the compartment. Luna was agitated, and Ginny was trying to calm her down.

"Harry; I was right! There was a message for me. She says to beware of the
fatherless white ferret; he will try to harm what you hold dear!"

Katie looks up, puzzled, "White Ferret? What does a rodent have to do with

"Actually, I think she may be referring to one of our classmates, think about
it, who in our class actually looks like a Ferret, and also recently lost his

"You don't seem too surprised" Katie said, as she realized who Harry was
referring to.

"I'm not. He's been getting progressively worse since first year, and, with
the way the Headmaster has been letting him get away with things, it's only
been a matter of time before he stopped being an annoyance, and tried to be

Any further discussion was interrupted by the door of their compartment
slamming open, and Draco Malfoy, flanked by Crabbe, and, for a change, Ted
Nott, were standing there. Draco had his wand clutched in a trembling hand,
and he said; "Potter! I don't know how you and the mudblood did it, but, I
know you were responsible for killing my father! You're going to pay, and
pay dearly!"

Before any of them could even begin to respond, he was pulled away from
the door, and his goons followed along. A minute later, one of the older
Slytherins stuck his head in the door, and said, "Sorry about that, he's
been going on about you two since he got on the express, and they somehow
managed to get away from the prefect we had watching him." With that, he
turned and walked back down the aisle way.

"Okay, that was strange;" Harry said. "Since when do other Slytherins
apologize for Draco's behavior, let alone try to make him behave?"

"Good question; but, it's possible the other years are just as disgusted with
him as we are," Hermione suggested. "Let's face it; Draco may be ambitious;
but I've met garden gnomes more cunning than him. The others are probably
sick of him giving the house a bad name."

"Makes sense and, honestly, anything that serves to keep that idiot out of
our hair is a good thing, as far as I'm concerned." Neville added, and Katie
nodded in agreement.

* * *

That Night, the Chamber of Secrets

Harry and Hermione entered the Chamber, and Hermione carried Harry's shrunken
trunk over to one of the rooms set up for habitation while Harry went to pay
his respects to Stegron. A short while later, he joined her in Bella's new
room. Transfiguring the cot and blanket into a comfortable bed and quilt,
they enlarged the trunk and lifted Bella out, and set her on the bed.

"It's hard to believe she's still alive, it looks like she's dead."

"I know Hermione, but, you found the spell, remember?"

"Well, anyway, we need to figure out what we're going to do with her, and how
we're going to let Neville know."

"Well, before we tell Neville anything, we need to make sure he is trained in
Occulmency. After that, let's just take it one thing at a time, we can keep
her asleep as long as we need to, so we can make sure everything is set up
before we wake her."

"Okay, now, it's been a long day, let's get back to the tower. We're too
tired to think coherently tonight."

* * *

3rd Year Slytherin Dormitory, Later that Night

Sept 1st, 199-

And, once again, my foresight in coming to an agreement with the house
ghost is paying off. It seems the Golden Boy is hiding more secrets than I
suspected originally. I don't know who the girl that he and his other half
are hiding from the rest of the school. The Baron said she reminded him of
someone, but he wasn't sure who. Again, who isn't all that important, what's
important is the fact that they have somebody hidden somewhere in the school.

I think that it would be worthwhile to get a bit closer to him. I know, from
Potions last year that he is approachable, especially now that I have cut
ties to the puppet. And Potions; that may be the route to take. I'll have to
see if he is continuing the exercise program from last year.

If his other half is with him, and I expect she will be, I'll have to see
if Parkinson wants to continue her exercise program as well. I've seen her
checking Granger out, and, she's ambitious enough to want to get close to
the Boy Who Lived; it would make it easier for her to achieve her goals.

The puppet and his shadows are here, more later.


* * *

Time Passes

Harry pulled Neville aside right after the beginning of term, and explained
that he needed to learn Occulmency. As Harry started to explain why, Neville
interrupted him, saying "If you say I need it, Harry, that's good enough for

Goyle found that all the members of the test group were still exercising and
taking the potions; so he spent a lot of time watching Harry and Hermione,
and, his respect grew as he saw how well they kept their masks in place any
time they could be observed. He was pleased to see that Pansy responded to
his subtle hint; and was spending a good deal of each session working with

Pansy was sitting in History of Magic and found her mind wandering one
afternoon early in the term. She pictured herself in a brightly lit room; and
looking down, she was wearing nothing but her skin. Strangely, this didn't
bother her in the slightest, especially since Hermione was standing in front
of her, dressed the same way. Pansy's eyes closed as Hermione leaned in and
started kissing her. She felt one arm wrap around her back, while the other
made its way down between her legs. She shuddered as she imagined the other
girls' finger slipping inside her veil. She moaned when Hermione pulled back,
but sighed when Hermione was replaced by Harry. Harry laid Pansy down on her
back; so he would be better able to work his will.

Meanwhile, Hermione moved to straddle Pansy's face, and, Pansy, knowing what
would please her; opened her mouth, and prepared to worship. Just as she was
starting to use her tongue on her Mistress; she shuddered to feel her Master
pry open her rear, and start to force his way into her most private opening.
Just as she was allowing herself to sink deeper into the fantasy, Pansy felt
a shove on her arm. Jerking back to reality; she saw her dorm mate Daphne
Greengrass sitting there, smirking at her. Rubbing her arm; Pansy shook her
head and tried to focus on what the professor was saying.

Hermione, for her part, was bemused by the attention that the pureblood
princess was paying her. As she told Harry one evening, she wasn't sure if
Pansy was flirting with her, or just working her own game. Harry suggested
that if she wanted to, to flirt back, and see what happens. Even if Pansy
was working a scheme of her own, it won't hurt to have a friendly contact
in another house, he said.

The Quidditch Tryouts were held, and Ginny, Neville and Ron all made the
House Reserve Team, Ginny as Seeker, Neville as Chaser, and Ron as Keeper.
Katie was thrilled when her boyfriend made the team, and quickly pulled him
aside for a `private' celebration.

In addition to her course work, Hermione found herself spending time in the
Library trying to find some way of helping Bella; no; Trixie; when they get
her out of the Chamber. They had woken her the first weekend of school; and;
after an initial period of shock, Trixie started to understand what they were
telling her. The sticking point was, she had absolutely no memory of anything
between coming home after Hogwarts Graduation in 1977 until the night Harry
took her from Azkaban. The biggest problem for Trixie was realizing that her
own family had conspired to enslave her to Rodolphus LeStrange; and that he
had made her hurt people, and, even more that her sister wouldn't help her.
Harry explained that Narcissa was in a similar situation, having been forced
into a marriage with Lucius Malfoy. This, at least, made her feel a bit
better. Harry and Hermione didn't spend a lot of time telling Trixie
specifics of what Bellatrix had done; she was upset enough at the general
idea that she had hurt people. Hermione held Trixie and let her cry herself
to sleep, and then cast the Enchanted Sleep spell on her again, resolving not
to wake her again until they found some way to help her legally. After
several frustrating weeks, Hermione came to the conclusion that, if there was
help to be found, they would have to get outside help. After discussing it
with Harry, they decided to bring up the subject with Narcissa; after getting
her oath of silence of course. They decided it would be better to wait until
after they had a chance to let Neville know about Trixie before they talk to

Harry's assumption was correct in that it wasn't any problem for Sirius to
bring Narcissa in once a week for private tutoring with him and Hermione.
The only difficulty was in making sure she was undetected by Draco and his
sycophants. They both enjoyed the lessons, not only the ones in Pureblood
etiquette and traditions, but, the deeper lessons in the personalities and
alliances of the Wizarding World. Harry was surprised to learn that there
were alliances between the Potters and the Parkinson Families; as well as
with the Goyle Family; along with the expected ties to families considered
`light' like the Weasleys (he smothered a smirk), the Prewetts, the Boneses
and a few others. He and Hermione were both intrigued by the mention of
`pets' that Narcissa touched on; she wouldn't give any details, saying it
was a subject for a future lesson, but, she did make it clear that she
wasn't talking about cats and owls.

There was a great deal of excitement in the beginning of October, when the
Headmaster announced at breakfast one morning that there would be a Dueling
Club formed, under the supervision of Professor Flitwick. A couple of the
younger years were curious about the choice, until they were told of his
status as a Dueling Champion.

It was at the same breakfast when Harry, doing a casual scan of Neville's
mind, found himself rebuffed by the shields. Later that evening he told
Hermione that he was going to talk to Neville about their guest. She asked
if he wanted her with him, but he declined, saying it would be easier if
it was just the two of them, since they both lost their parents to Voldemort
and his clowns.

* * *

October 7th, Gryffindor Common Room

"Hey Nev, can I talk to you for a minute?" Harry asked, as he and Hermione
came into through the painting.

"Sure Harry, what's up?"

Speaking quietly, he said; "Do you have your crystal?" When Neville nodded,
Harry asked him to hand it to Hermione, and he handed his to her as well.
"As soon as we leave, please activate them, okay?"

"Sure, Harry, I see you when you get back."

"Walk with me a bit; I've got something to show you." Harry said, as he led
them out of the Tower. They walked quietly until they reached the men's room
outside the Great Hall. Harry looked Neville in the eyes and said; "Do you
trust me Nev?"

Neville looked offended, and said; "What kind of question is that, Harry?
You know I do!"

Harry nodded, and said; "I know you do; Nev; but, I needed to ask." Pulling
a strip of cloth out of his pocket, he handed it to his friend; and said;
"Tie that around your eyes; and make sure you can't see anything. I'll take
it off when we get where we are going. The place we are going; you wouldn't
be able to see the entrance; I have to lead you to it."

After Neville had put on the blindfold, Harry pulled his invisibility cloak
out of his pack and covered the two of them. Leading Neville by the hand, he
went to the doorway to the Chamber; and helped Neville down the stairs. On
reaching the bottom; he turned on the lights; and pulled off the cloak.
Walking to a doorway on the outer area of the Chamber; he stopped and pulled
Neville's blindfold off. Neville blinked, adjusting his eyes to the light;
and looked around curiously. Harry pulled his attention back by saying:

"Nev, I want you to brace yourself, you are about to receive a nasty shock.
This is why I wanted you to learn Occulmency, no-one can know about what you
are going to see. Hermione and I already know, obviously" Harry says as he
pushes open the door.

Nervous, Neville followed him inside. He froze when he saw the figure lying
on the bed, and blinked, looking again. He turned to Harry and said; "Okay;
I'll bite; who is this? She looks familiar; but; I think I'd remember a girl
that looked like her!"

"Well, you haven't seen her looking like this; but, this is Bellatrix Black.
I took her from Azkaban; and; after taking care of her husband and Malfoy, I
found her looking like this. I did a quick check of her magical aura; and;
it's almost completely clean; there is no sign that she ever cast any of the
Unforgivables or any other harmful spells. From what Hermione and I have
been able to determine; both in talking to her and in researching different
types of spells, it seems as though her husband had put her under an extreme
version of the Imperius Curse. She literally has no memory of anything
between arriving home after graduating in 1977 and the end of August, this
year. If you'll notice, she doesn't have the Dark Mark, and it doesn't look
like it was ever on her arm."

Neville backed up; shaking his head, "No, no! It can't be! I've hated her for
as long as I've known what hate was. But, you're telling me that the woman
who destroyed my parents, my family, wasn't responsible for what she did?"

"Yeah, Nev; that's what it looks like. I had no idea about her when I went to
the prison; but I couldn't leave her there. I owed it to you to let you see
her. If you still want your revenge, I'll even help you. It's your call."

Neville stood looking at her for a few minutes; then; shaking his head; said;
"Punishing her wouldn't do any good, would it? She's as much a victim as
anybody here. But damn it Harry; somebody has to pay for what was done! If
not her, then who-ever pulled her strings. I remember reading the transcripts
of that trial. The LeStrange brothers were brutal thugs; they didn't have the
brains to put a plan together. There must have been somebody else providing
instruction. They're the ones who have to pay!"

Taking a deep breath; Neville calmed down and said; "Have you figured out who
was pulling her strings?"

"Not directly; but, indirectly, it all flows back up to Lucius Malfoy, and
through him, to Voldemort. It was either on his orders, or because of him,
that both you and I lost our parents. Now, LeStrange and Malfoy are dead,
but Voldemort isn't, at least not at the moment. But I intend to remedy
that situation as soon as possible. Are you with me?"

"You don't even have to ask, Harry. I told you once, that I would follow you
anywhere, do anything you need me to do. I owe you, at the least my eyesight,
if not my life. Not to mention, thanks to you, I've got a gorgeous, sexy
girlfriend, more confidence than ever, and I love flying! So, I'll be with
you to the Gates of Hell and beyond if you need me."

* * *

A couple of weeks later

The October air was brisk as Hermione, Susan and Luna sat in the stands at
the Quidditch Pitch watching their boy and girlfriends practice. Hermione was
enjoying the sight of Harry flying; the sheer joy on his face was a pleasure
to behold. She also noticed the confidence Neville displayed on a broom, and
remembered how scared he was the first time he flew.

Thoughts of Neville led, inevitably to Trixie, and relief that Neville was
willing to accept the situation calmly. She had been more concerned than
Harry that Neville would still want to torture Trixie for what Bellatrix had
done. She was pragmatic enough to realize that Neville needed some sort of
closure with the person who tortured his family. She was glad that he was
able to tell the difference between somebody being compelled to act, and
someone who acted of their own free will.

Shaking her head, Hermione pulled her attention back to the pitch. As she did
so, a figure standing off to the side caught her eye. Looking closely, she
recognized Cho Chang, the 4th Year Ravenclaw Seeker. It's not uncommon for
other teams' players to watch their opponents, and Hermione almost ignored
her, except for the fact that Chang had an unusual expression on her face as
she watched Harry. It was an expression Hermione had seen before, usually on
Lavender or Parvati when they were about ready to lose their minds from her
teasing, it was Hunger.

"Oh, no, you are not getting your claws on my man, Miss Chang!" She muttered
to herself as she got up from her seat. Ignoring the question from Susan, and
the muffled comment from Luna, she made her way to the edge of the bleachers
and over to where Cho was standing.

Cho was so engrossed in watching Harry that she didn't even notice Hermione
standing right behind her until she spoke. "He is amazing, isn't he?"

Cho jerked and turned around quickly, "What?"

"I said, `He is amazing, isn't he?' Were you too busy fantasizing about
wrapping your legs around his waist to pay attention to what's going on
around you? Not a good trait in a Seeker, Cho."

"I was just observing him, I'm new to the team, and I wanted to see how he
plays." Cho said, with the flush in her cheeks putting the lie to her

"Sure, keep telling yourself that, and, if that's all it is, then fine. But,
if you have designs other than that, you and I will need to have a serious
discussion." With that, Hermione turned and rejoined her friends, who, she
noticed, were watching with interest.

Cho stood there, watching as Hermione joined her friends, before quickly
heading back inside.

Susan looked at her as she sat down, "So, what the hell was that all about?
I thought the claws were about to come out."

"Oh, I was just letting Miss Chang know that a claim has already been laid,
and quite well;" she smirked; "on the object of her interest. And, just to
mess with her mind, I told her that, if she had any ideas of encroaching,
that she and I would have a serious discussion."

Luna entered the discussion, and said, "I think you are going to have a
discussion with her, I got a feeling that the three of you are going to be
spending time together in the future, and, I'm getting a feeling of `Pet'
from her. I don't know exactly what that means, but it doesn't seem to be
much to worry about."

"You're the second person to mention these "Pets" what the hell are you
talking about?" Hermione growled in frustration.

Susan sat quietly, thinking, `Who would have told her about Pets? That's
strictly a Pureblood tradition; although, Hannah seems to enjoy her status
as my Pet. I guess I'd better give her the facts, otherwise she will go off
on her own, and cause all kinds of problems.' Clearing her throat, she said;


"I know what `Pets' are, and, when Harry gets done practice, I'll let both
of you know at the same time. But first, I'm going to see if the twins have
any more Firewhiskey, this conversation can be embarrassing."

* * *

At the same time; Girls Bathroom, 1st Floor

Cho hurried into the bathroom, checked to make sure she was alone and rushed
into the stall and shut and locked the door. Casting a silencing spell around
her, she yanked up her robes and pushed her skirt to the floor. Sticking her
hand inside her panties, she plunged two fingers into her soaking core;
stroking quickly in search of release. As she fingered herself, she kept
picturing the look of dominant control on Hermione's face, as well as the
image of Harry, straddling his broom, his muscular thighs clenching around
his broom. Just as she shoved herself over the edge, she imagined Harry and
Hermione both standing there in front of her kneeling form, as she opened her
mouth to take him inside. The image was just enough, and the sought after
climax shuddered through her body and left her panting with exertion.

* * *

Later that evening

Susan led Harry, Hermione and Ron up several staircases to the seventh floor.
Susan told them that her aunt had told her of a special room in the castle
that not everybody knew about. She figured the magical room would be the most
private place she could arrange for the conversation that would be the most
embarrassing talk she ever had. Stopping in front of a rather bizarre
tapestry which depicted a Wizard surrounded by trolls who were dressed in
ballet outfits, Susan paced back and forth three times; and; to the other's
surprise; a door appeared in the wall. Opening it; the four of them went in
and found a large room; furnished comfortably with couches and lamps. There
was a table between two of the couches; and what looked like 2 bottle of
Ogden's Firewhiskey and several glasses sitting on it. Moving to one couch;
Susan sat down; pulling Ron down beside her; and reached for the bottle of
whiskey. Slamming back a shot, she grimaced as steam poured out of her ears.

Opening her eyes; she looked over at Hermione and said; "I won't ask how
you heard about `Pets' originally, but, it's a tradition that has almost
exclusively been the province of the Pureblood families. Basically, the
wealthier, and more powerful families have developed the habit of selecting
particularly attractive, un-attached Half-Blood or Muggleborn witches, and
keeping them as `pets' for lack of a better word. They are protected, and
gain the status of being affiliated with a Pureblood in certain sections of
society. In return, they are available for our pleasure. The reason I say,
almost exclusively for the Pureblood is that I did some checking, as well
as discussing it with my Aunt, and it turns out that certain people, because
of their accomplishments, are able to break through this class barrier. In
fact, it's almost expected that they would take at least one `Pet'. For
example, Harry, you are "The Boy Who Lived" even though you hate that title,
it's a fact. Because of that status, if you have aspirations of moving in
Pureblood Society, which, from what Ron says, you do, then you need to adapt
yourself to the idea of having a `pet' as a symbol of your status. You too,
Hermione; not only are you with Harry, but you have achieved notice on your
own based on your genius. Even though you're a Muggleborn, you will be
expected to have a `pet' as well, if you expect to fit in with the older

Hermione had been getting progressively angrier as Susan spoke and started
to stand and vent, when Harry stopped her by putting a hand on her shoulder
and pulling her too him.

"I know, I'm not crazy about it either, but, think about it. We have plans,
and they require us to move in those circles, and, based on what Susan said,
and what you told me that Luna had said, why not take a couple of Purebloods?
Wouldn't that be a kick in the shorts for the bigots? You say that Cho may be
one of them, and, how are you coming with Pansy?"

A lot of her anger drained away as Harry spoke, and, eventually, a wicked
grin crossed her face. "It's not really going anywhere right at the moment;
but; I'll be raising the temperature with her fairly shortly. I want to see
if she's actually flirting, or just playing a game of her own."

Turning to Susan, she said, "Does the `Pet' have a choice about whether to
accept or not? And, is there a special ritual or ceremony that is needed?"

"Of course they have a choice! Hannah was thrilled to become my pet. In fact,
I barely got the question out of my mouth before she jumped me and grabbed
the collar. And, there really isn't any special ceremony. The pet takes the
collar and puts it on; if the pet desires it; the collar turns invisible
and their magic changes to show their new status. Even if people aren't
consciously aware of it, they will react differently to the pet, and treat
her with the respect they would to her owner. Now, when I took Hannah, during
the Winter Holiday last year, she stripped naked and used her fingers and
tongue on me until I passed out from the climaxes."

Susan was blushing as she revealed even more details than she had planned to.
`Damn Firewhiskey! But, at least Hermione is calmed down. In fact, it looks
like the idea is turning her on, big time! Harry likes the idea, and, uh oh!
So does Ron. I think we need to get somewhere private, quick!'

Turning to Ron; Susan says, "I think we need to find someplace private,
lover. It looks like Harry and Hermione want some time alone."

Hermione looks questionably at Harry, and he nods. Turning to Susan, she
says; "You two don't have to leave. There is plenty of room for the four of
us. And besides, I've been curious about you ever since I saw you in that
bikini over the summer. Haven't you wondered about me, even a little?"

"Well, of course, I didn't think you'd be interested in having other people

"Let me show you how interested I am" Hermione said and she stood and slid
her robes off her shoulders, then stripped off her school uniform until she
stood there in stockings, and a matching bra and panty set.

Watching their girlfriends disrobe, Harry and Ron quickly stripped to their
briefs. He felt a brief twinge of jealousy when he heard Susan gasp when she
saw the size of Harry's equipment, "My God! How do you fit that thing inside
you Hermione?" Hermione didn't answer, but Ron was glad the Growth Potion his
Dad gave him was permanent.

Harry took his wand out, but before he could transfigure the furniture, the
room shifted and the couches became an oversized bed. Harry sat on the side,
as he watched Hermione and Susan embrace and starts to undress each other.
Ron sat on the other side, and watched in admiration as the girls revealed
themselves to each other, as well as to their men.

Hermione, not surprisingly was the aggressor, and she removed Susan's bra,
freeing her breasts, which were easily twice the size of Hermione's. Moving
from one nipple to the other, Hermione licked and sucked each one, enjoying
Susan's obvious moans of pleasure.

Ron leaned over and said, "She loves it when you pinch her nipples, Hermione.
Try it and you'll see."

Hermione put her hands on each breast and gripped the nipples between her
thumb and index finger, and squeezed tightly. Susan screamed as lightning
bolts shot from her nipples right to her clit, pushing her into her first
orgasm of the night.

Not giving the redhead a chance to recover, Hermione slid her hands down
and tugged Susan's panties down around her knees. Susan wriggled until they
dropped completely off, allowing her to spread herself wide open for whatever
happens next. Hermione ran her fingers through Susan's mound, and smiled at
how wet she was. Gathering some of her juices, Hermione took her fingers to
her mouth and sucked them clean. "Susie; you taste delicious!" She moaned,
"And I can't wait to enjoy them from the source!" Matching deed to word, she
buried her face in Susan's pussy and started licking.

Seeing his brother's girlfriend panting in orgasm, Harry smiled at Ron and
said, "Damn! Your girlfriend's a firecracker ain't she?"

"Oh yeah! How about yours?" Ron said, as he stroked himself through his

"Hell yeah! Just wait and see! In fact, I think you're about to, Hermione
seems to have decided it's her turn. Susan's had enough."

Sure enough, Hermione had pulled away from Susan's pussy and stripped out of
her underwear. Straddling the exhausted girls face, she lowered herself until
her lips were just above Susan's mouth. "Get to work, girl! I'm not going to
do all the work!"

Hermione started moaning and rocking as Susan's tongue did its work, and soon
reached her first peak of the evening. When she came back to reality, she
noticed that Susan had kept on licking, and she was rushing toward another

Looking over at Ron and Harry, she saw that they were both fully ready for
action, so she said; "Harry, come over here and give me your cock! I want you
in my mouth; now!"

Harry didn't argue, and he moved to Hermione as Ron moved to Susan and pulled
her ankles over his shoulders. Hermione rolled off of Susan and reached for
Harry, pulling him into her mouth. After only a little attention; Harry
growled out; "Enough foreplay! On your back, now!"

Hermione blinked `feeling the testosterone Harry?' she wondered; but then she
smiled as he was inside her, filling her up. As he pumped into her; Hermione
was imagining Pansy and Cho; lying naked, except for each was wearing a
collar, before her; Harry was beside her, watching as the two of them were
stroking themselves, begging permission for release. The image was so intense
Hermione barely realized that she was pushing back at Harry; screaming and
moaning out her orgasm. It was only 10 minutes later that she came back to
reality, and panting heavily; smiled up at Harry whispering; "Wow!" He smiled
back, "Wow is right! You'll have to tell me what you were thinking of, it
really got you going."

"Oh; I will, but don't worry; you were there too!" She said with a wicked

Lying back on the bed, Harry looked over at Ron and Susan and hid a smirk,
Susan was looking rather disgruntled, and Ron was trying to get himself back
to hardness, without much luck.

"Ron, my brother, I told you that Flaumel's potions and exercise program had
its benefits. I hope you believe me now." Harry said, as gently as he could.

"Yeah, yeah, I do. I'll start the program tomorrow, okay?" Ron said,

Susan saw the unhappy look on her boyfriend's face; and made a quick
decision. Pulling him down beside her she whispered in his ear. "Ron; when
you can keep going after making me cum three times; I'll let you finally
take my ass! How's that for an incentive?"

Harry and Hermione couldn't tell what Susan said, but it wiped the frown off
of Ron's face and got him grinning, a far away looking in his eyes.

They all dressed and headed out of the room, Ron escorting Susan to the
Hufflepuff dorm and Harry and Hermione heading directly back to Gryffindor.

* * *

Time Passes

Harry was surprised to see so many people signed up for the Dueling Club, In
fact, it seemed as if almost every 3rd year and above Gryffindor, Ravenclaw
and Slytherin, as well as a smattering of Hufflepuffs, including Susan were
there. Professor Flitwick was just as good at teaching Dueling as he was at
teaching Charms. The tiny professor tested each of them to determine their
skill levels, and paired them up with people at approximately the same level.
That was how Harry ended up facing Goyle, and Hermione was working with Pansy
Parkinson. Ron was paired with Cedric Diggory, a 5th year Hufflepuff, who was
the Seeker on their Quidditch team. Draco, to his chagrin, found himself
facing Neville Longbottom, who consistently defeated him in the practices.
Draco found himself getting angrier and angrier, until he eventually decided
to dig up the book his father had left for him in the hidden part of the

Harry, remembering what Narcissa had told him about the traditional ties
between the Potter, Goyle and Parkinson families, decided to get to know the
two of them; especially since it seemed that Hermione had chosen Pansy as her
pet. He was rather surprised at how well his girlfriend took to the idea of a
pet; but like any new idea; she was fascinated with it. He had expected to
have a major argument on his hands to convince her. However, it seems as
though she has picked up some of his pragmatism over the past year or so.
And, as far as Harry was concerned; If it's necessary to have a pet or two to
achieve his goals, having another girl around for variety is not a bad thing,
especially since Hermione enjoys the girls as well. Why complain? He also,
once Hermione pointed it out to him, noticed Cho watching him at times when
she thought he didn't notice. Harry helped Hermione as much as he could in
searching for information about the rules and history of pets in the Library;
which wasn't much. In fact, she was getting frustrated by how little she
could find out. Finally; he suggested she make it a point to ask Narcissa
about it since she was the one who raise the subject originally. Hermione
brightened, and proceeded to pull out a piece of parchment, and start writing
down questions to ask her. Harry shook his head, smiling in amusement at his

Ron kept to his promise, and started the potion and exercise program the
others had started second year, and began noticing a difference in short
order. He still wasn't up to the goal Susan set for him, but he was
determined. Susan certainly wasn't complaining about his improvements,
and neither was Hannah for that matter, on the occasions when the blonde
joined them.

They rarely saw the headmaster this year, other than at meals; it seemed that
the crystals Arthur provided were doing what they were meant to do. It seems
that Professor Dumbledore also was spending a great deal of time assisting in
tracking down Bellatrix LeStrange, at least that was the gossip around the
common rooms. The only news seemed to be that the Dementors were being called
back to Azkaban, because there were no signs at all of her or her magical
signature since she left her cell.

Harry found himself looking forward to Potions each week. Professor Flaumel
had returned for a second year, and was continuing to teach the nutrient
potions and exercises, as well as several other useful potions. The students
were broken up into the same groups as the year before, but, this time Harry
was amused to see, several of the `control' group were asking for the
nutrient potions and the exercises, the main exceptions being Draco and
Crabbe, who just sat together at the back of the classroom, making smart
remarks and just barely getting by.

Draco spent his free time studying the book his father had left him. The
spells weren't necessarily dark, but, there were ways they could be used to
severely injure an opponent. He made sure he was ready for the next meeting
of the Dueling Club; especially since they were switching partners, and he
would be working with the mudblood Granger.

* * *

Dueling Club mid November, Thursday Afternoon

Draco stood in the approved stance, waiting for Granger to get into position.
Professor Flitwick stood between them, holding the traditional white feather.
"Remember, disarming spells only!"

The feather had just left the professors hand when Draco fired off the first
spell, "Diffindo!"

Hermione dodged the cutting curse and was preparing to disarm him when Draco
fired again, using the Reductor Curse on the floor in front of Hermione. The
debris from the blast knocked her unconscious before she could get her first
spell off.

Draco raised his wand to fire again, but before he could cast his final
spell, he was hit by several stunning spells, from Harry, Ron, Neville,
Susan, and Professor Flitwick. Harry rushed to Hermione and started
clearing the rubble away from her as Professor Flitwick sent a student
for Madam Pomphrey. Fortunately she was in the area, having expected
injuries from the duels. The school nurse was able to heal Hermione
fairly quickly, but, still insisted that she spend the night in the
hospital wing.

* * *

Draco woke up and recognized his surroundings as the Headmaster's office, so
he relaxed. Draco figured he would be back in the dormitory before too long.
He just had to act contrite, and the old fool would let him go with a few
minor detentions. Draco just had to make sure that he was more subtle the
next time he faced the mudblood.

He soon realized that something had changed; something drastic; The
Headmaster sat across from him, looking at him sadly; and Professor Flaumel,
his Head of House was standing by Dumbledore's Phoenix, watching him.

Dumbledore cleared his throat, and said; "Mister Malfoy; you have taught me
a lesson I have been avoiding for 60 years. While you were unconscious; I
scanned your memories, trying to find some shred of mitigating circumstances,
some reason to show you mercy. However, your memories have finally driven
home what several people have tried to tell me over the years; that there are
some people who are not redeemable! Unfortunately, I cannot use your memories
in front of a court; but, because of the crimes you have committed, even
using the Imperius on another student; the most I can do is snap your wand
and expel you from Hogwarts. By the Authority I hold as the Supreme Mugwump
of the Wizengamot, you are hereby expelled from the magical world. You are
forbidden to use magic again until the day you die!" As Dumbledore pronounced
the sentence; a grey cloud surrounded Draco and it permeated into his flesh.
"You have two hours to pack and leave the castle, farewell!" Then Dumbledore
turned his back on Draco.

* * *

Draco left his escort in the common room; and walked to his room, not paying
attention to what was around him; he was too occupied with thoughts of
vengeance on Potty and the Mudblood. He didn't even notice the silencing
charms that went up when he shut the door, nor did he hear the stunning spell
come at him from the shadows. All he knew was darkness.

* * *

While Draco was packing his possessions, the seventh year Slytherin prefects
gathered all the members of the house, except for the 3rd year boys, and told
them what happened. One of the Prefects explained the Ritual that would
happen as the disgraced student left the school for the last time. He also
said that this was the first time the Ritual had to be performed in almost 40
years; and he didn't want to have to see another one in his lifetime, because
the student brought shame onto their entire house and all its members.

* * *

Later that evening, Draco was seen dragging his trunk out the Main Entrance,
through the Gauntlet of Shame, where all the members of his house lined the
hallway, except for his goons. As he walked past his former house mates, they
deliberately turned their backs on him. At the doorway, he was stopped by the
Slytherin Prefects, who stripped him of his house colors, and formally
ejected him from the rolls of Slytherin House before they, too, turned their
backs on him and ignored him as he trudged down the hill toward Hogsmeade.

Two people, in two separate windows, watched as Draco walked out of sight.
Albus Dumbledore shook his head in sadness at the senseless loss of a bright
student. At another window, Harry Potter stood, planning his vengeance
against the foolish idiot who attempted to harm one of his family.

Only one of these two watchers ever saw Draco again.

* * *

The Next Morning; The Great Hall

Hermione and Harry walked into breakfast together, and they were surprised at
the greeting they received. Several members of Slytherin House made a point
of calling out their greetings. Pansy and Goyle each came up to them to say
hello and ask how she was feeling.

She received similar greetings from the rest of the Houses, especially from
her own. Hermione blushed, not having experienced popularity before, and
liking the feeling. Harry smiled and leaned over to her; "If you like the
feeling, just wait until we get you elected Minister of Magic. You'll go out
of your mind with excitement."

Hermione jerked around to look at him; "Minister of Magic? What are you
talking about Harry? You know they'd never elect a `mudblood' to that

"Today? Maybe not; but in about seven or eight years, when we've broken the
backs of the blood supremacist bigots, don't be surprised at what we can

Her eyes widened as she listened to him; "You're serious? You've really got
a plan to make me Minister of Magic? What will you be doing, running the

"Oh, I figure I'll be about ready to take over as Headmaster here, and guide
the next generations of students. I think that would be enough to keep us
both busy. Besides any children we decide to have, of course."

"Well, let's figure out that part later, okay? We can get lots of practice,
but I think I'd like to at least graduate before bringing the next generation
of Potters into the world." Hermione said with a smile, and she squeezed
Harry's hand.

* * *

An owl dropped a letter for each of them just as they finished breakfast. Not
recognizing the owl, Harry quickly checked the letters for magic, and finding
none, nodded to Hermione that it was safe to open.

The letters were identical.

Greetings and congratulations on ridding the school of one of the most
obnoxious individuals we've had in years. However, I don't believe that the
recognition you've received is enough to reward you for what you have done.
In that spirit, I'd like to invite the two of you to the Astronomy Tower
tonight at 10pm. I promise you that you will not be disappointed.

Sincerely; an Admirer and Potential Ally

They turned to look at each other. It was obvious; the idea of not showing up
was out of the question. Harry said, "Do we get Percy or Neville as backup?"

"Percy; remember the mess with the Chamber? I really don't want to see him
turn that color purple again."

"Good point. I'll talk to him after breakfast, but you may want to talk to
Neville as well, and give him a heads-up; we may need him as well."

* * *

Gryffindor Tower, 9:30pm that Evening

Percy and the twins were happy to help Harry out, and Percy made a point of
telling him that he appreciated being informed this time. "Remember Harry,
you're family, and families stick together!"

Harry nodded, touched in spite of himself. The brothers activated their
masking crystals and headed toward the tower.

Neville had already left, leaving his crystal activated in the dorm. He was
carrying Harry's invisibility cloak, and had his wand close at hand when he

At 10 minutes to the hour, Harry and Hermione walked up to the Astronomy
Tower, after activating their own crystals.

* * *

The Astronomy Tower

At exactly 10pm, the two of them walked out on to the tower and saw a trunk
fade into existence. There was a note on top of it, and Harry and Hermione
started to move up to it. "Wait a second you two!" Percy's voice rang out.
"Make sure that it's not a trap. That letter could be a portkey taking you
who knows where."

Harry looked at Hermione and smirked, before checking the note. It was
exactly was it appeared to be. Pulling the note off, Hermione cast a quick
Lumos spell so they could read it.

"I'm glad you decided to take me up on my invitation. I'm sure you will be
pleased with what you discover inside the trunk. I have no further use for
it; and I'd appreciate if you would dispose of it for me. I was planning on
being here in person, but decided to save that for another occasion. As I
mentioned in my early note, you both have my thanks for giving me the
opportunity to remove a nuisance from the school."

The note was unsigned.

Harry looked at Hermione; "Do you think it means what I think it means?"

"I think somebody gave us a gift of a ferret. And, who are we to turn down
such a thoughtful gift?" Hermione said, with a feral grin.

Letting the others go back to the tower, the two of them made the trunk
lightweight and took it down to the chamber. Leaving it there, they went up
to the tower and quickly fell asleep in their respective dorms.

* * *

Saturday Morning

Harry and Hermione woke up early that morning; and grabbed a light breakfast
before heading down to the chamber. Walking over to the trunk, they checked
the lock for any traps before lifting the lid. As expected, the unconscious
body of Draco Malfoy was shoved into the main chamber.

"He doesn't look very comfortable, does he?" Hermione smirked;

"No he doesn't. Why don't we let him get stretched out? At least let him be
comfortable for a few minutes."

"Actually; I don't think I want him to be comfortable at all. In fact, I
think he should be as uncomfortable as possible for what's coming next. Wake
Him Up; I want him to know what is coming...!"

Pointing his wand at the unconscious ferret; Harry casts "Enervate!" And
Draco jerks awake. Looking around, he doesn't recognize his surroundings;
but, he sees who is responsible for his predicament.

"Potter! What do you and your mudblood whore think you are doing? You know
you aren't going to do anything to me; you're the Gryffindor Golden Boy;
you're the School Hero; fighting the troll as a first year; and rescuing
that loony blonde. After I went through all the trouble to setting up with
the enchanted diary, you won't do anything to me." Turning to Hermione; he
snorts; "And that's another thing, Potter, you could have had any pureblood
woman in the school; and yet you lower yourself to have sex with this
animal? I mean; fun is one thing, but you don't take them out in public
with you!"

As he was ranting; Hermione was getting angrier and angrier; finally reaching
out and shoving the blonde. Casting a couple of spells on herself, Hermione
hisses at him, "You think you're so much better than me; do you? You think
that I'm just a helpless little mudblood?" Her voice was rising with each
question; tears of fury running down her face; as she pushed him further and
further back. "Well, come on Draco, try to hit me. Or are not only dickless
like your father, you're ball-less too?"

At that final insult; Draco rushes towards her, roaring with rage; and
swinging wildly. Hermione easily evades his first attempt and slaps him
across the face. Her magically strengthen hand cuts Draco's cheek, causing
him to stop cold. The blow clears his mind enough to let him focus on his
target. Using all his strength, he swings and hits Hermione right on her
nose. Hermione raised her hand to her face, and looked at her fingers, red
with her blood. Out of the corner of her eye; she saw Harry raise his hand
to hit Malfoy; but she waved him off. "No Harry; Snape was yours; this
little shit is mine!" Looking at him in disbelief; Hermione hissed; "You
made me bleed! Does that make you a man, Dickless? That you made the poor
little Mudblood bleed?"

Moving towards him; she hauls off and slaps him; and, as he reels back,
"Enjoy your small victory, dickless; because now, this 'poor little mudblood'
will make YOU bleed!"

The blood from her nose seems to have been the final straw; all of the rage
she had suppressed, suddenly erupted, and she tore into the former Slytherin.
She tosses caution to the wind and simply throws Draco to the ground. He
lands on his back, and before he can get back on his feet, she is on him;
kicking and punching him everywhere. He cries out as one of her kicks breaks
his leg, but she doesn't even seem to hear him. She just keeps kicking and
punching him, crying and screaming at him in fury. Eventually; she calms
down; and looks at Draco. He is not even recognizable as a human; she had
shattered almost every bone in his body from the waist up with her bare

Hermione looked at Draco's body; then up at Harry; and all the color drained
from her face. Crawling off of him, she moved a few feet before getting
violently ill. Harry was beside her in an instant; holding her as what she
had done dawned on her. Eventually, she stopped being sick, and looked up at
Harry; "My God! How do you do it? How can you keep your sanity; knowing what
you've had to do?"

Harry looked at her; "I won't lie to you; it's not easy; but the people I've
executed were all killers; Death Eaters. I can't kill Trixie because she's an
innocent; but I would have killed Bellatrix. Do you understand what I'm
getting at?"

"Yes. But what's that make me? Ss far as we know, Draco hadn't killed
anybody." Hermione protested.

"As far as we know, but it wasn't for lack of trying. Remember; he's the one
who took Luna down her last year. And he tried to kill you during a silly
duel. Who knows how many others he has tried to kill? Who can say how many he
would have killed had he been left to his own devices...?"

"Now, I'm going to dispose of the rubbish; why don't you go to the showers?
I'll meet you there. We can get cleaned up together, and then lie down for a
while. It will all feel better when you wake up."

End Chapter 7


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