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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Discovery Of Sex Part 1
by Tom Seaton

Harry had just finished his fourth year at Hogwarts and was lying on his bed in Privet Drive, mulling over the events of the previous school year. It had been a tumultuous one to say the least, and Harry was glad it was over. However, more pressing concerns lay at hand with the return of Lord Voldemort and the death of Cedric Diggory still fresh in the young man's mind.

It hadn't only been a year of troubles and challenges though, and one benefit had come from the year and that had been the development of several of the girls at school, who had blossomed into fine young women, shown off at the Yule Ball. Harry had become very sexually aware during that year and he'd often fantasized about his fellow students, imagining what it would be like to have sex with them for real.

As he lay on his bed with just Hedwig for company, the Dursleys' had gone out to some garden awards or something, Harry's mind drifted back to the Yule Ball and his thoughts as he half listened to what Ron Weasley was saying about Hermione Granger and Viktor Krum. It had been Ron that had suggested that he take his younger sister Ginny to the ball when he'd been turned down by Cho Chang, but the redhead had already said yes to Neville Longbottom. He'd never looked at Ginny in a sexual way before, just seeing her as Ron's younger sister, but ever since that suggestion, he couldn't help but marvel how she'd begun to grow into a sexy young woman.

She'd looked so good in that dress she'd been wearing, and Harry hadn't been able to take his eyes off her all night as she waltzed around with Neville. He would have given anything to go up to her but Neville never wanted to stop and since that night, he'd kept his distance. He was worried what Ron would say if he ever knew the thoughts Harry was having about his sister and, as much as Harry wanted to act on them, his friendship with Ron was too important to jeopardise.

There was nothing stopping him thinking about her now, however, and Harry's mind drifted to Ginny and how her mouth would feel around his cock, her red hair bouncing up and down as he fucked her. His cock began to harden at the very thought, and Harry picked up one of the copies of Hustler he had stolen from his Uncle Vernon, imagining the redheaded woman was Ginny and began to stroke his cock up to its full size as he thought about Ron's little sister. Despite only just turning fifteen, Harry was very well adapted for his age and his cock was already a good 7" when hard and he anticipated that it could get even bigger.

He closed his eyes so his head was filled with images of Ginny as he stroked his cock up and down, getting faster and faster, nearing orgasm. Just as he was moments away from cumming, though, he was distracted by a noise coming from downstairs. The Dursleys weren't due back for ages, so someone was in the house that shouldn't be.... He pulled up his pants and trousers, annoyed, grabbed his wand and stood with it, pointing at the doorway.

His door clicked open, suddenly, and he nervously made his way to the top of the staircase. After a few moments in the darkness, a light shone over them all and he suddenly recognised a couple of familiar faces, his former Defence Against the Dark Arts teachers, Professors Moody and Lupin, as well as several faces he didn't recognise. A band of wizards was standing in the Dursleys' house, looking up at him.

After a brief chat in the kitchen, and introductions to the people he didn't know, he was soon informed that he would be re-entering the wizarding world very soon and he couldn't wait. He'd get to see all his friends once more and be back among the people he belonged with. In the depths of his mind, as well, he realised he'd be seeing Ginny, something which right now he wanted to do so he could just take her and fuck her brains out.

"You better go get packed, Harry," Lupin told him, and he made his way back up to his room, accompanied by a young witch called Nymphadora Tonks, or Tonks as she liked to be better known, who had volunteered to help him. Leading Tonks up the stairs, Harry couldn't help but notice that she was actually a very attractive woman with spiky, purple hair and in Harry's horny state, a very sexy body.

They entered Harry's bedroom, and looking around, Harry quickly noticed that the Hustler magazine's he'd stolen from his uncle were lying open on the floor, right in front of Tonks as she moved into his room. With no chance of moving them without drawing attention, he tried to act as though they weren't there, bustling about picking up clothes.

"What's this Muggle magazine, then?" Tonks said, bending down and picking it up off the floor, opening the pages. "Well, well, this is very interesting. Muggle pornography, you are a naughty boy, Harry."

"It's not mine..." Harry stammered, "I can explain ...."

"Oh, come on, Harry, there's no need to explain," Tonks said, looking at him. "You've been bored out of your mind all summer, cut off from the wizarding world, trying to keep your head down. You've stolen your uncle's magazines to give yourself something to do that doesn't resort in any more trouble. I can do the maths."

Harry blushed bright red as Tonks said exactly the truth. He'd stolen his uncle's Hustlers in the second week of the holidays and since being sent to his room, he'd been using them daily sometimes more to pass the time.

"It must be difficult for you," she continued, as she waved her wand and stuff began flying across the room into his trunk, "being stuck here all alone, with only Muggles for company. I'd absolutely hate it." She flicked through the Hustler and reached a page where a blonde woman was lying on a bed masturbating as she sucked a cock. "Wow, they don't leave anything to the imagination, do they?"

Harry moved over to get a better view of the image Tonks was looking at and couldn't help but begin to get hard, such was his incredibly horny state. "Imagine if it was like wizard photos and they moved," Harry said, doing his best to try and hide how turned on he was getting.

Tonks glanced at Harry and wondered to herself whether the young man had ever had sex before. She'd been known as the school slut when she'd been at Hogwarts, losing her virginity in her third year and fucking most of the guys in Hufflepuff as well as a few of the other houses. Harry was quite an attractive young man and Tonks certainly wouldn't have denied him a go if he'd been at school with her.

As she thought about those many memorable nights she'd spent at Hogwarts, she began to get a little horny. It had been a while since she'd last had a man, her Auror training had taken up most of her time but she was certainly eager to get back on the horse, now she was fully qualified. She glanced down and noticed a bulge in Harry's jeans and reached a decision.

She waved her wand towards the door and the lock clicked, making Harry look up from his momentary trance of staring at the image before him, imagining it was his cock getting sucked. As Harry looked from the door to Tonks, he watched as the witch changed her hair colour from the purple she had been modelling to a bubble-gum pink.

"You prefer this don't you?" she said, stepping closer to Harry, as she dropped the Hustler magazine on the bed, inches from Harry.

"I - I d-don't..." Harry stammered, confused as to what was happening, this relatively unknown witch drawing closer to him, having discovered his porn stash. It was a strange sensation for him to be feeling. On the one hand, he was standing in his room with an unknown witch who seemed to be drawing closer to him. On the other, he was standing in his room, a bulge in his pants with a hot witch who seemed to be egging him on for sex.

"You're a virgin, aren't you, Harry?" Tonks said calmly, taking her hand and grabbing Harry's bulge, her intentions becoming clear. "I remember my first time was with someone experienced who knew what they were doing. It made it ten times better and you need to be taught."

"You want to fuck?" Harry asked, astonished by the turn of events. "Right here? Right now? With everyone downstairs?"

"Don't you want to fuck me?" Tonks said, removing her hand from Harry's penis. "Maybe I'm not sexy enough for you. Maybe you don't like this colour hair. Let's see." Tonks screwed up her face and changed her hair colour to brunette. "No, that's not right." She tried blonde next, but wasn't satisfied. Her third try brought the success she wanted. "Mmm, there we go," she said, watching Harry gasp as he admired her new look. "A ginger fan are we...."

"Erm, yeah, there's one particular ginger any way..." Harry said slowly, regaining his confidence and admiring Tonks' new look. He couldn't help but be turned on by the beautiful young witch, his cock hardening.

Knowing they were pushed for time before the others began to get suspicious, Tonks began to undress before Harry's very eyes, watching him as he gasped at her body, She was relatively pleased with the shape she was in and when she'd stripped down to her underwear and seen the bulge Harry was possessing, she knew he liked what he saw.

Tonks made her way over to the young man and kneeled down in front of him, grabbing his bulge through his trousers. Slowly she unzipped his jeans and pulled them down along with his boxers to reveal his 7" cock with a gasp of delight. Taking it in her hands, Tonks began to stroke it slowly, before lowering her tongue to it and licking the tip seductively, Harry moaning as he received pleasure on his cock for the first time in his life from something other than his hand.

She continued to stroke it up and down, feeling her own pussy get wet as she licked the tip, realising how long it had been since she had last had sex. She felt her free hand drift down to her own panties and slip inside, beginning to rub her pussy lips, which were already soaked. Slowly, she brought her mouth around Harry's cock and began to suck on it, taking the majority in her mouth as she built up a rhythm.

"Fuck that feels amazing, Tonks," Harry said, hardly daring to believe that he was having his cock sucked for the first time by a hot witch he'd met just minutes previously. He looked down as she sucked his cock and could only see a mass of ginger hair, similar to Ginny's, and her face popped into his head as Tonks sucked him off.

Tonks removed Harry's cock from her mouth and climbed onto the bed, taking off her bra and panties as she did so. Harry wasted no time in getting himself naked also, but slightly unsure what to do, moved nervously over to the bed after Tonks.

Tonks had momentarily forgot that Harry was a virgin but soon regained her composure and control of the situation and beckoned him closer to her, instructing him to climb onto his bed. Harry did as Tonks said and lay down next to her, his cock as hard as it ever had been in his life, as the naked red-haired beauty climbed up on top of him. He felt her grab his cock and guide it towards her wet pussy, as he stared intently at her, ready for the Auror to take his virginity.

Tonks guided Harry's cock till it was rubbing along the edge of her pussy, before she lowered herself down onto it, officially taken the virginity of the famous Harry Potter. Tonks moaned as she felt his cock inside him, realising how much she missed the days of fucking every student at Hogwarts in her own time there. Tonks had been with a lot of virgins in her time, but Harry was by far the biggest of them and he was growing in confidence as she bounced up and down on his cock.

Sensing that Harry was taken control of the fucking himself, she lowered her upper body down and kissed The Boy Who Lived passionately, riding his cock with the skill she'd mastered over several years. She knew she could make Harry cum pretty quickly, but her main worry was that she would not be able to climax as well before Lupin, Moody and the others began to grow curious at how long they were taking to pack.

She needn't have worried though as her horniness was overcoming her with every bounce on Harry's cock. She felt as though it was growing inside her, as she bounced up and down on it, and she lowered her hand down to rub her clit as she received a good hard fucking. Tonks knew that they had five minutes maximum before Lupin would come up and investigate and this made her rub her clit faster, bouncing up and down on Harry's cock as fast as she could.

Suddenly, her pleasure took over her body. Tonks felt herself convulsing, as her orgasm stole control, the feeling of Harry's cock inside her, doubled her pleasure and she couldn't remove her hand from her pussy for fear of this long awaited pleasure stopping. It lasted almost twenty seconds, her body shaking, Harry's eyes widening as he realised that he had made a girl orgasm for the first time ever. The juices that had flowed onto Harry's cock had heightened his own pleasure and he knew that he was close to cumming himself.

"Tonks, I think I'm gonna cum," he said, as she slowly regained her composure.

"OK, Harry, I want you to cum on my face and imagine I'm that red-headed girl you fantasize about," Tonks told him, as she clambered off his cock and kneeled on the floor. Harry stood up and began to jerk his cock, looking down at Tonks, imagining it was indeed Ginny who was waiting for him to give her his load.

"Yes, Harry," Tonks moaned, "that's it. Give me that cum. Give me your cum, Harry. What would your best friend say if he knew you were jerking to his little sister?"

At these last words, Harry's load squirted from the end of his cock and all over the face of Tonks, who smiled and licked her lips as she was covered in sticky cum.

"H-How did you know?" Harry asked, staggered as he panted breathlessly.

"That it was Ginny?" Tonks said. "Come on, how many other red-headed girls are there? Besides, she's hot, I don't blame you."

"What's taking you two so long?" Lupin shouted up the stairs, "We need to leave in five minutes."

"We're just coming now," Tonks shouted down, winking at Harry. Waving her wand, Harry's belongings packed themselves away into his trunk and the two of them dressed themselves once more. "One last thing. Tergeo," Tonks said, pointing the wand at her own face and suddenly all the cum vanished.

They made their way back downstairs, Tonks hair now back to her preferred pink colour, the others not having a clue what had gone on, but the memory of how Harry had lost his virginity would live with him for ever. One thing was for sure, he wanted to do it again.


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