harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Discovery Of Sex Part 2 (mf,mf-solo,oral,first,voy)
by Tom Seaton

As Harry flew away on his broom from Privet Drive that evening, a number of feelings were going through his mind. On the one hand, Harry had just lost his virginity to an insanely hot older witch called Nymphadora Tonks, and he'd made her cum before squirting his own load on her face. However, he still had no idea where he was going, what was happening with Voldemort, why no one was answering his letters and, worst of all, whether he had a place at Hogwarts. As a result, Harry didn't know whether to feel angry or happy as he flew through the air. Tonks was doing her best to make him feel happy though, flying in front of him and letting him sneak a peek at the pussy he'd fucked occasionally, but as they finally landed, Harry's head was a very confused space.

It didn't become much clearer when Professor Moody showed him a piece of paper indicating an address for the Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix and a house suddenly appeared in between two others. As he made his way inside, his head was a complete mess and he stood inside the hallway, not really knowing anything. His confusion was not helped by the sudden appearance of Mrs Weasley, all the witches and wizards making their way into some kind of meeting and his hurrying up the stairs and out of sight before Mrs Weasley disappeared.

Having been shown the way to where he was obviously meant to be staying, he made his way to the door, before suddenly stopping when he heard noises from inside. Putting his ear to the door, he listened closer.

"Oh god, Ron, yes, that's it," Hermione was saying,

"Keep it down, Hermione, we might get caught," Ron replied, but Harry could tell his best friend was grinning from the way he said it.

"It's fine, Ron, the meeting's going on downstairs, Ginny's in our room writing in her diary and Fred and George are busy doing stuff for their jokes. No one will catch us, just keep going."

And with that, near silence resumed except for the faint murmurs of what sounded like heavy breathing. Harry had known his best friends for over four years and although what Ron had said to him privately about his feelings for Hermione, he didn't think that his female best friend had felt the same way. But Harry was absolutely convinced that if they weren't having sex, they were certainly doing something similar. Harry's cock began to rise as he recalled the events with Tonks just hours ago and he decided that he wanted to be sure.

Sneaking the door open a crack, Harry peered in and was completely shocked at what he saw. He'd been right. Harry could see Ron kneeling on the floor and his head was undoubtedly buried in a naked Hermione's pussy. The faint moans were coming from Hermione and it was evident to Harry that Ron was eating his friend out. Harry's cock rose as he watched his two best friends and, now he knew that they were sexually active, he was suddenly filled with images of himself fucking Hermione and was slightly annoyed that Ron had got there first.

But suddenly, a thought crept into Harry's mind. Although Ron had gotten to Hermione first, there was no way he was going to get to Ginny first. And what better time to let the little redhead know he wanted to fuck her, then when she was all alone in her room. He knew she liked him, she had done for ages, there was no denying that, it was just a matter of making sure they didn't get caught and seducing her into it. There was only one problem. Harry didn't know where Hermione and Ginny's room was.

But Harry's cock was fully erect and he craved to do to Ginny what he'd done to Tonks earlier. Making a decision, he set off and tried to find the room that looked most like one which two girls would occupy. Passing one which was clearly an adult's room, he climbed the stairs until he reached four rooms, two on either side. The ones on the right seemed to house the twins judging by all the noise coming from one of them, and an unknown occupant called R.A.B. But the ones on the left seemed promising. Harry stepped up to the one closest to him and listened at the door.

Hermione had said Ginny was writing in her diary when she'd left, so he expected to hear the scratching of quills coming from their room. However, there was a similar faint moaning noise coming from this room as there had been from Ron and his room. Harry's curiosity and horniness got the better of him and he creaked the door open slightly, so he could peer inside the room. He nearly ejaculated in his pants.

Ginny was lying on her bed, completely naked, and her fingers were working in and out of her pussy, hard and fast. Her eyes were shut in ecstasy as she masturbated herself, and Harry wondered what it was that had got Ron's sister so horny. Knowing he couldn't be caught standing outside Ginny's room with a boner, especially with Fred and George so close, he crept inside the room, careful as to make no sound and shut the door.

Ginny didn't seem to have noticed that she now had an audience and so continued masturbating herself, eyes shut in complete pleasure. Harry settled himself down in the corner of the room, carefully taking out his cock, and began stroking it as he watched Ginny pleasure herself. She was fingering herself faster and faster and seemed to be edging towards the end of her pleasure, to what he hoped would be a fantastic climax.

As Ginny worked herself, she couldn't stop herself emitting faint moans of pleasure. Finally, fingering herself as hard as she could, she reached her climax. Arching her back high, her eyes still firmly shut, she let out a faint, "Oh, Harry," before stuffing her fist in her mouth to stop herself screaming the house down. Harry couldn't believe his ears as he stood there holding his dick, it was going to be easier than he thought.

He didn't say anything as he watched Ginny come down from her pulsating orgasm, but sensing she was about to open her eyes, stood up and moved over the bed. With his cock in his hand, Harry positioned myself so that the first thing she'd see when she opened them, would be his face and then she'd look down and see how hard she'd made him.

Ginny opened her eyes almost as soon as she'd got into position, and she shot up with a gasp. She kept blinking as though she could hardly believe that Harry Potter was standing in her room, his erect cock in her hand, as she lay on her bed, naked, having just orgasmed. Embarrassed, she frantically tried to cover herself up.

"H-H-Harry, what are you doing here?" she asked gingerly, recovering her breath.

"I've just arrived," Harry responded slowly. "I was going into mine and Ron's room but you don't want to know what's going on in there, so I thought I'd come and find you. And boy, am I glad I did,"

"How - how long were you in here for?" she asked tentatively.

"Long enough to witness the good bit," Harry replied, a grin on his face as he clambered onto the bed and sat down next to her. "Long enough to hear you moan my name as you climaxed."

"Oh god, I'm so embarrassed," Ginny replied, blushing bright red.

"Don't be," Harry replied, as he took her face in his hands, "I loved it. In fact, I'll show you just how much."

Harry knew he would never in a million years have had the confidence to kiss Ginny and let his hands explore her cute, developing breasts if he hadn't lost his virginity to Tonks that evening. As he kissed Ginny's lips, he felt a sudden surge of excitement; he was going to be the first person she ever fucked. He broke off the kiss and looked down at his best friend's sister.

"H-Harry...." she stuttered. "What if - if - Hermione or someone comes?"

"Trust me, Hermione's not coming," he replied, massaging her breasts still. "And besides, the door's locked and no-one comes in a girl's room when it's locked."

"I-I guess," Ginny stammered, but Harry's hands felt so good and she could see how hard his cock was. She wanted this as much as he did, maybe more. She lifted her head up and found his mouth with hers once more, but this time she opened her lips and allowed his tongue to explore her mouth.

Harry couldn't believe that Ginny had agreed to it. He thought it was going to be a lot more difficult than it had been; she must be really infatuated with him. His hands were exploring her body now, making their way over her waist and grabbing her perfect ass. Harry loved her ass, it was the first thing he noticed about her at the Yule Ball. The way her ass had moved as she'd floated around the dancefloor with Neville, he'd hardly been able to stop watching it.

Ginny was getting into it as well, her hands running down Harry's chest as they made out, going tantalisingly close to his cock. Harry could almost feel the tips of her fingers around it as she teased him, before eventually grabbing hold of it. Her hands felt so good as she grabbed around it and began to stroke it, and Harry wondered how much she'd been anticipating doing this.

He moaned into her mouth as she stroked his dick, and he slowly took in what was happening. After going almost fifteen years without anyone except him touching his dick, an experienced sexual deviant and the girl he'd been crushing on had both done it on the same day. Taking this in, he decided that it wasn't fair he was getting all the fun and let his hands wander and find her wet, unused pussy.

She moaned as his fingers rubbed along the entrance to it, and she stroked his cock harder, the two of them playing with each other like an experienced pair of lovers. Harry knew that Ginny was a virgin but she handled his cock exactly like Tonks had done and he was very pleased that she seemed to know what she was doing. Finally, Harry could take no more; he needed to fuck Ginny and feel how she felt around his cock.

He decided he'd take control of the situation, given it was going to be Ginny's first time. He withdrew his hand from her pussy and her hand from around his cock, and laid on the bed so his head was on the pillow and his feet were at the end. Then carefully, he guided Ginny to straddle on top of him so her pussy was just inches away from his rock-hard cock.

"Are you sure you wanna do this, Ginny?" Harry asked, suddenly overcome with responsibility and worry. "You don't have to."

"Just fuck me," she said, lowering her pussy onto his hard cock and he could feel how tight she was. It felt amazing around his cock, none the less, probably even better than Tonks' pussy had, and Harry put this down to the fact Ginny was a virgin and therefore much tighter and so closer to his cock. He could only fit the first two inches inside Ginny before he felt resistance but Harry continued to fuck her until he pushed through what he later discovered had been her hymen.

"FUCK!" Ginny screamed in pleasure as she felt more of Harry's cock push inside her and she lowered her body so that she could kiss Harry passionately as she rode his dick. Harry opened his mouth and let Ginny's tongue explore it as he guided her hips with his hands, bouncing her up and down on his cock, thrusting until he could finally fit all seven inches of his dick inside her.

He ran his hands through his hair, before lifting her back up so that he could see her sexy body as she bounced on his cock. With her excitement already heightened thanks to her earlier orgasm, he could see she was nearing a second one of the evening and Harry was determined she had it before he reached his own climax.

Suddenly, Ginny started panting very fast and Harry quickly gave her a pillow to moan into; the door was locked but the sound would still come through; after all he'd heard Ron and Hermione. Ginny held the pillow to her mouth as she bounced on Harry's dick faster and soon she was letting out a muffled moan as she came for the second time that evening,

"Oh fuck, Harry, I've never cum like that before," she said, removing the pillow and kissing him.

"It's my pleasure," Harry replied, stroking her hair. "Now why don't you return the favour before Hermione gets back or your mum calls us for dinner?"

"OK," Ginny replied, and she made her way down his body until she came to his still hard cock. She began to stroke it again, just like she had done before, and Harry relaxed as the redhead worked it between her hands, occasionally touching his balls.

"Gin, why don't you suck it?" Harry asked her softly. "It'll make me cum quicker."

Ginny didn't reply but instead lowered her head to Harry's cock and slowly put her mouth over it and began to give Harry his first ever blowjob. He let out a faint moan as he felt Ginny's warm lips on his cock and knew why everybody in the Muggle world went on about it so much; this was heaven. Ginny was growing into it as well, slowly gaining more confidence and she began to move up Harry's cock faster and faster, stroking it as she did so.

Harry could feel the cum building inside him as Ginny sucked his cock like a professional; it was hard to believe this was her first sexual experience, Harry thought to himself. Her hand began rubbing his balls as she went up and down on his cock, and Harry knew that his climax was imminent.

"Ginny, I'm gonna blow," Harry said, surprising himself with his use of terminology. Ginny removed her mouth from Harry's cock and waited as Harry jerked himself to orgasm, the cum exploding onto Ginny's waiting face and her bedsheets.

"Fuck," Harry grunted as he recovered from his own orgasm, looking at Ginny's pretty face all covered in cum.

Ginny smiled back at him, then looked in horror at her bedsheets and her own face. "I'm covered in cum, this is gonna take forever to clean up," she said, looking at Harry.

"I'll keep Hermione distracted while you clean up," Harry said, smiling at her and giving her one last kiss, he got dressed and left the room.

Ginny was left naked, her face coated in cum, but she couldn't wipe the smile from her face after Harry Potter had finally taken her virginity.


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