Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Discovery Of Sex Part 3 (mf)
by Tom Seaton

Thankfully for Harry, by the time he got back down to the room where he and Ron were supposed to be sleeping, the noises he'd heard earlier had disappeared completely and so, making sure there were no signs of his sex escapade with Ginny, he pushed open the door and walked in the room. There was no sign that Hermione and Ron had been doing anything other than chilling in Ron's room either, and although Harry was glad to see his two best friends, his joy quickly turned to anger as they revealed why he didn't know anything.

Fred, George and Ginny's appearance calmed him down slightly, especially Ginny, who couldn't seem to wipe the smile off her face, which made Harry incredibly happy. Eventually, Mrs Weasley appeared to call them all down for dinner, and Harry joined the others in making their way down to the kitchen. His mood brightened a lot when he saw his godfather, Sirius, again and he was a lot happier than he had been, especially as he watched Tonks and Ginny sit together and wondered if they knew that he'd fucked both of them that night.

Harry was still horny but the amount of people in the kitchen told him there was no way he was getting any more pussy tonight, but his mood was brightened at the end of the meal, when he was told information about the Order of the Phoenix and Lord Voldemort's whereabouts. He went to bed happy that night, knowing a lot more about the upcoming war than he had done, and satisfied after fucking two amazing women.

* * *

Opportunities for Harry to add to his notable conquests were thin on the ground after the first night at 12 Grimmauld Place. Mrs Weasley kept them very busy, tidying the house, and although Harry was often lusting after one of the women in the house, he couldn't find the time to do anything about it. He had noticed one change since that first night, though. Hermione was shooting him glances every now and then, but not the kind he usually got off her; these were certainly more meaningful. Harry wondered if Ginny had confessed about her session with Harry; after all, the two girls did share a room.

That night, Harry decided to approach the subject with Ron, knowing he'd have to be careful; it was his sister.

"Ron, mate," Harry said, as the two lay in bed, exhausted. "Can I ask you something?"

"Sure, what's up?"

"Well, you know how we always talk about Hermione... Like how hot she's gotten over the last few years," Harry said.

"Yeah," Ron said, slowly.

"Well, when you two have been alone, have you - like - done anything?"

"Erm - Harry - I," Ron was stuttering. "I guess I better come clean."

"What?" Harry said, eagerly.

"Well, I didn't wanna say before, especially because of how angry you got," Ron started, "but ever since Hermione's been here, we've been hanging out a lot and well, I mentioned how hot she'd got and well, one thing led to another and we ended up having sex. Mate, it feels amazing."

"How?" Harry asked, his suspicions coming true. "And yeah, I know."

"Wait - what?" Ron asked, stunned. "Ok, I'll go first. Well when I said that, she just looked at me and confessed that she'd been watching some videos or something of people having sex and she wanted to try it. And so we did. We've done it a lot, but not since you've been here. The night you got here was the last time."

"Yeah, I thought you were," Harry answered, glad he couldn't see Ron's face. "I heard you two fucking the night I got here. But, I'll come clean too, you won't believe it, though, mate."

"Try me," Ron said, eagerly anticipating.

"Well, it was with Tonks," Harry answered. "The night I got picked up. She came up with me to pack my stuff and well, she saw my porn, that's the videos Hermione was on about, magazine on the floor. She got a little horny and I was uber horny and we fucked there and then. I've wanted to fuck her again ever since I've been here."

"Wow, mate, she's hot as well," Ron said, though Harry wasn't entirely sure he believed him.

"And I've got another confession," Harry said, deciding to tell Ron. "That night I arrived, when I saw you and Hermione, I wandered round the house so you could finish. Well, I ended up at Ginny's room and she was, well, masturbating, and well, I watched and then she caught me and we ended up having sex."

Harry said the last bit as fast as he could whilst still being understood, scared of Ron's reaction. Ron stayed quiet for almost a minute and then, to his surprise, did something which Harry had never thought he would do in a million years; he congratulated him.

"You've fucked Ginny?" Ron said, slowly. "Well, congrats I guess mate. Neither of us are virgins any more."

"You're - you're not mad I fucked your sister?"

"Nah, I'm not," Ron responded. "The way I see it, she's always had a massive crush on you and I know you like her, so it's cool. Plus, I find it hard to be mad when I get to fuck Hermione."

"Yeah, I bet that's great," Harry responded, silently jealous. "Do you reckon the girls have told each other?"

"Yeah, I should think so," Ron replied, "they tell each other everything, don't they?"

"Yeah." Harry said, before he heard Ron begin to snore and knew he'd fallen asleep. Well, if Hermione knew he was sexually active, maybe that would explain the funny looks he'd been getting.

* * *

Harry and Ron's suspicions that Hermione and Ginny had told each other about their sexual escapades seemed to have some fact behind them. Ron began to notice Hermione's looks towards Harry and every time Ron was alone with Hermione, Ginny started sniggering so much she had to leave the room. Everybody in 12 Grimmauld Place seemed totally oblivious to the young sexual deviants.

Chances to fuck more though, were few and far between and it wasn't until the final day of their stay before leaving for Hogwarts that any opportunities arose. It was the day their Hogwarts letters arrived with their new books and equipment for the next year and it happened in Harry and Ron's bedroom.

Harry, Fred, George and Ron were discussing the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher when it emerged Ron had been honoured with prefect duties for their upcoming year. Hermione's arrival indicated that she, too, had been made prefect, and after the initial confusion and annoyance at the fact it was Ron and not him, Harry was slowly beginning to come around.

Mrs Weasley's arrival indicated that she was overjoyed Ron was prefect and Fred and George decided they could not stand anymore of her fussing, Apparating immediately back to their room. When Ron chased after Mrs Weasley to request that she got him a specific broom after she promised him a present, Harry realised he was alone with Hermione.

It was incredibly awkward, there was no doubting that. Harry congratulated Hermione and she asked to borrow Hedwig, his owl, to send a letter home. Harry agreed immediately but then another thought crossed his mind. What better time to approach the subject when they were alone?

"Hermione, wait," Harry said, turning to look at her, as she made to leave the room with Hedwig.

"What's up?" she asked him curiously, still sensing a slight awkwardness.

"Really well done on getting prefect," he said, "you deserve it!"

"Thanks," she replied, blushing slightly.

"Can I ask you something?" Harry went on, deciding to use the same tactic he'd used on Ron.

"Yeah, sure, Harry," Hermione answered.

"Do you like getting fucked by Ron's cock?"

The question was so out of the blue, it took Hermione completely by surprise. "Erm - er - wh-what - er - what do you mean?" she stammered.

"I mean, do you enjoy getting fucked by Ron's cock?" Harry repeated. "He told me you're doing it, don't worry."

"Well, I mean, yeah," she said, going bright red. "It does the job. Do you like Ginny's tight little pussy?"

"I've only fucked it the once but yeah it was excellent," Harry replied with no shame. "Although I haven't really got much to compare it too."

"Likewise me with Ron," Hermione responded, growing into the conversation, now that Harry showed he was not shy.

"Well, I mean," Harry hinted, stepping closer to Hermione, "we could always, you know, compare with each other..."

"What do you mean?" Hermione asked, looking a little cautious. "Us, have sex, now?"

"That's exactly what I mean," Harry replied, stepping past Hermione, shutting the door and locking it. "We're alone and both want something to compare our sexual experiences too. Ron won't be back for a bit, he's probably describing every detail of the broom he wants to his mum."

"I'm not sure, Harry," Hermione replied. "I mean, I want to, it's just a bit risky."

"So was having sex with Ron on the night I arrived," Harry pointed out. "I saw you and you would have been caught if I didn't go and fuck Ginny."

"Oh fuck it," Hermione said, drawing caution to the wind and she moved closer to Harry and pulled him in for a kiss.

Harry reciprocated the kiss passionately and before he knew it, his hands were exploring Hermione's excellent yet developing body. Her hands were exploring him too and they were soon undressing each other, Hermione pulling off Harry's shirt and unzipping his jeans as he did the same to her. They were soon making out in their underwear and Harry felt Hermione's hand drift down to his cock and begin to rub it through his boxers, it beginning to rise at her touch.

He'd been friends with Hermione for almost four years now but never before had he realised how developed she was as he felt her tits beneath his hands and her ass, shaped and firm, was delightful. He chanced his luck and brought his hands down to where Hermione's pussy was, concealed by her light blue panties, and was shocked to feel that she was already getting wet. Harry's cock was fully hard in his boxers now and he took charge of the situation, throwing Hermione onto his bed and climbing on top of her.

Harry's cock was doing his thinking for him and he took off his boxers to release his 7" dick to a gasp of delight from Hermione. He removed her panties and saw that she shaved her pussy but that it was dripping wet with anticipation from Harry's earlier rubbing. He later wondered if she shaved her pussy for Ron, but that was far from his mind as he lined his cock up with her entrance and slowly thrust inside.

His cock slid easily inside Hermione's pussy and he realised that her and Ron must have had sex a lot for her pussy to already be this loose. However, he met resistance at around six inches and slowly thrust forwards until he could eventually fit all seven inches of his dick inside her wet pussy. Hermione moaned as she felt the biggest cock she'd ever had inside her and began to caress her tits, struggling to contain her pleasure to a level that would mean they weren't overheard.

Harry began to speed up the pace with which he fucked Hermione, and lowered his head to make out with her, both of them fully enjoying the risk of the situation, aware that Ron might come back at any moment. Harry grabbed hold of Hermione's ass and lifted it so he could thrust harder and faster inside her and resisted temptation to blow his load, fighting it off, desperate to make Hermione cum first.

He knew she couldn't have been far away, though, as it was taking more and more effort from her to keep herself quiet and she grabbed Harry's pillow and thrust it over her mouth as she received pleasure. Suddenly, Harry heard a muffled moan and felt juices flow over his cock as he made Hermione cum, the third woman he'd managed to make climax in a matter of weeks. Harry really wanted to cum inside Hermione, but knew he could never do that, not until they were back at Hogwarts and he could look up suitable ways to stop her getting pregnant.

"I'm gonna cum, Hermione," Harry warned her, "where do you want it?"

"On my tits, Harry," Hermione answered, and he pulled his dick out of her pussy and began to masturbate it, exactly like he'd seen the pornstars do on Muggle porn. Hermione's sexy body was enough to bring him to orgasm and he exploded his cum all over her tits and stomach, before collapsing next to her on the bed.

"Well, we've got our comparisons now," he said, smiling at his female best friend, covered in his hot sticky cum. "And I'm glad we did."

"Me too, Harry," she smiled back at him. "Me too."

"You better clean up and go back to your room," Harry said, looking at Hermione's sexy body. "I'm not sure how much longer Ron will be describing his broom."

"Oh shit, yeah," Hermione replied, grabbing some tissues and cleaning all the cum off her, before beginning to dress again. "But don't think this is a one-off, Harry, we're doing this again."

"Fine by me," he replied. "Fine by me."

And with that Hermione left, Hedwig on her shoulder, to go and send an owl to her parents and inform them of her prefect duties. It wasn't a moment too late either, as Ron entered their room seconds later, beaming with a smile as wide as he'd ever seen.


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