Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Discovery Of Sex Part 4 (mmff,Mf,mf-solo,oral,voy)
by Tom Seaton

There was going to be a celebration that evening, as a send-off for the rest of the Weasley family, Harry and Hermione, and a congratulatory party for Hermione and Ron's selection as the Gryffindor prefects. Although Harry was glad his two best friends had been named prefects, he really wasn't in the mood for a party, and as more and more people turned up, he just wanted to sneak away and reflect on things.

His mood slightly improved when he learnt his father and godfather had never been prefects, and when he'd seen Tonks again, who looked as hot as ever, but as the night wore on, he waited for an opportunity to slip away. That opportunity looked to present itself when Mrs Weasley announced she was heading to bed, but Mad-Eye Moody cornered Harry before he had a chance to follow her and get some rest. Eventually, though, Harry made his escape to freedom, heading upstairs without anyone noticing.

It was when he heard crying coming from the living room that he was pulled out of his momentary trance and back to reality. Harry had been reflecting on his sexual encounters with Tonks, Ginny and Hermione and had been wondering whether he might manage one last fuck before returning to Hogwarts and it seemed unlikely, but this was drawn from his mind when he saw Mrs Weasley crying over Ron's dead body.

Harry froze for a short moment, confused, until it became clear it was just a Boggart and Mrs Weasley was having trouble with it. Seconds later, Lupin, Moody and Sirius arrived to help out and, following a breakdown from Mrs Weasley, Harry was about to go off to bed when he decided something. Most of the guests were leaving now and he didn't know when he'd see Tonks again; maybe it was time to say a quick goodbye.

Harry crept back downstairs to find the kitchen emptying fast; Moody had left, Lupin was on his way out and Sirius and Mrs Weasley had both retired to their respective rooms. That meant just the Hogwarts students, Tonks, Mr Weasley and Bill remained and Harry thought they'd be no better time to seek a quiet word with Tonks. She was putting on her coat, just about to leave for the night, as Harry made his way over to her, the rest of the Weasleys and Hermione just about to retire; his reappearance had gone unnoticed.

"Tonks, hey," Harry said, walking over to her.

"Hey Harry, how are you?" she asked him politely.

"Great, actually. Really looking forward to going back to Hogwarts," he replied. "What about you?"

"Yeah, I'm good, thanks. Busy but good."

"Listen, Tonks, I never got a chance to thank you," Harry said quietly, afraid of being overheard.

"For what?"

"For taking my virginity and showing me what to do," Harry replied. "I know we only did it once but I learnt so much."

"Well, I'm glad to be of assistance, Harry," Tonks replied. "I'm constantly horny these days but your cock was one of the best I've had in a long while."

"Yeah, it's a shame I'm going back," Harry responded. "I would have loved to have had another fuck with someone as hot as you."

"Well, I'll tell you what, Harry, next time I see you, we'll fuck," Tonks replied, winking at him as she bid farewell to the Weasleys and Hermione and left the house.

Harry was left standing in the kitchen, half turned on and half excited. His plan to fuck Tonks hadn't exactly gone perfectly but he'd got an assurance of a guaranteed fuck in the future. He made his way upstairs to his room, his mind a mess, but as he and Ron settled into bed, the more he thought about it, the hornier he got. Harry needed sex.

He couldn't sleep, there was no two ways about it. Harry was too horny to go to bed but there was no way he was going to relieve himself and masturbate with Ron in the same room, it was just too weird. Harry waited and thought about it. He knew he had one eager sexual partner in the house, maybe two, but how could he go and visit them without Ron noticing?

That opportunity arose quicker than Harry thought though, as Ron was soon fast asleep, his sleep enhanced by the amount of Butterbeers he had drunk. Being as quiet as he could, Harry got up out of bed, left their room and headed in the direction of Hermione and Ginny's room, hoping that one of them would still be awake and horny enough to fuck.

Pausing outside their door, Harry pressed his ear against it to see if he could hear any noise which would indicate they were still awake. After not hearing anything, he decided to chance his arm and softly tapped on the door, knocking as quietly as he could, but loud enough so that anyone still awake would hear it.

To his delight, he heard movement on the other side of the door, and it cracked open a little, Ginny's face staring back at him, looking tired.

"Hey Gin," Harry whispered, "I hope I didn't wake you, can I come in?"

Ginny didn't reply, just stepped aside and let Harry enter her room before shutting the door behind him.

"What do you want, Harry?" Ginny asked him quietly. "Hermione's asleep..."

"Well, I was in bed thinking about how much I enjoyed having sex with you and how much I want to do it again," Harry said, thinking on his feet. "And I don't know how much we're going to be able to do it at school, if at all, so I was wondering if you wanted one last fuck."

"Well, I mean, it was the greatest moment of my life," Ginny replied, "I've wanted to fuck you ever since I started masturbating, but we can't, can we? Hermione's asleep in here."

"We can if we stay quiet," Harry said suggestively, and he pulled Ginny in for a kiss. She'd seemed tired before but as soon as Harry had locked his lips with her own, she seemed to gain new energy and pushed him against the wall passionately. Harry was overawed at this new side of Ginny, as she took control of the situation and pulled down his pyjama bottoms to expose his cock, it growing harder with every second.

Ginny broke apart the kiss and dropped to her knees, taking Harry's cock in her hands before slowly putting her lips around it and giving him another blowjob. Harry felt like he was taking advantage of how much Ginny loved him with how easy she'd agreed to fucking, but he also knew that if he made her feel as good as she had done last time, then he wouldn't feel as bad. Right now though, his focus was on enjoying the blowjob his best friend's sister was giving him, guiding her head up and down his cock.

Harry's cock hadn't been touched in so long that he felt he was going to blow almost immediately after Ginny had brought her lips down to it. His will and restraint were tested at the start but as he relaxed into the blowjob, he found it was easier to control and he was soon able to enjoy the redhead's sensual oral sex without needing to fight his orgasm.

Unbeknownst to both Harry and Ginny, Hermione had woken from her sleep after hearing a faint whispering, and she looked over to see if Ginny was still awake. The empty bed at first startled her, but she slowly lifted her head up and saw her female friend crouched on the floor, sucking a dick, whose she could not make out. There was only going to be one person, though and Hermione repositioned herself as quietly as she could, so she could watch Ginny suck Harry's cock and slowly her fingers began to float towards her pussy.

As much as Harry was enjoying the blowjob Ginny was giving him, all he could think about was getting back inside that pussy of hers and it was with anticipation that he guided her head off his cock and up to look at him. She licked her lips as she stared at him, hinting that she was up for anything and was ready to do whatever he wanted. With this in mind, he guided her back over to her bed and the two of them climbed on together, Ginny removing her pyjamas as they did so.

Hermione readjusted herself once more so that she was now staring directly at Ginny and Harry, her fingers inside her pyjama bottoms and rubbing herself, as the two of them began to get into position to fuck. Ginny had ridden Harry the last time they'd fucked, but Harry decided he wanted to try something new, and clambered up on top of the redhead, guiding his cock to her wet pussy.

He thrust inside her and Ginny let out a little moan of pleasure as she felt his cock for only the second time in her pussy. It was much easier for Harry this time as she wasn't as tight, and it was more pleasurable for Ginny as well. She grabbed Harry's head as he built up a rhythm and pulled him in for a passionate kiss, which continued for way longer than Harry expected and turned him on.

Hermione had thrown the covers off herself now and was fully visible if Harry or Ginny looked around, but she didn't care, such was the horniness she was feeling. She was working her fingers in and out of her pussy, eyes focused on the fucking she was watching, and she just wished she had a cock she could play with.

* * *

Mr and Mrs Weasley were aware something had changed in the house over the few days since Harry had arrived. At first, they put it down to his arrival and everyone being pleased to see him but as the days grew on, and the smiles on Hermione and Ginny's faces stayed permanently, Mrs Weasley began to wonder if the two girls had been doing something else.

When she'd brought this up with Arthur, he'd dismissed it as a mother's worry, but Molly Weasley wasn't so sure; she had an eagle eye for these things. However, that was the furthest thing from her mind, as she lay in bed with her husband struggling to get to sleep.

"Arthur," she whispered in the darkness, "Arthur. Are you awake?"

"Yes," came the grunted reply.

"Arthur, I can't get to sleep," Mrs Weasley replied. "I think I'm still worried about the kids all going back to Hogwarts. Are they going to be OK?"

"There's no place safer in the world," Arthur Weasley said, sitting up and turning the light on. "Dumbledore will keep an eye on them, but we know that it's going to be different this year with that Ministry hag teaching. Now, stop worrying."

"You know I won't stop worrying, Arthur," Molly Weasley replied to her husband, "I never can. Not until this war's over and we're all safe and sound."

"I've got an idea for something that might ease your worries right now," Mr Weasley said promiscuously.

"What's that?" Mrs Weasley responded.

"This," he replied, and Mr Weasley pulled down his pyjama bottoms to reveal his semi-hard cock. Mrs Weasley looked at him for a minute and then seemed to decide that it could indeed ease her worries and help her get to sleep and she immediately lowered her mouth around her husband's cock, and starting to suck.

She felt it growing in her mouth as she sucked it and soon it was at its full length of 9 inches, something she'd always been glad she'd married Arthur for. Many people had guessed that Molly Weasley was a little cock-hungry given the fact they'd had seven children, but she'd never really confirmed it to the outside world. However, as she sucked on Arthur's cock and felt his hands ease open her nightie and begin to rub her pussy, she thought to herself, that there really was nothing better than a good hard cock.

* * *

Back in Harry and Ron's room and Ron had woken up from his sleep to see Harry leaving their room in a rush. Thinking this was a bit strange, Ron got up out of bed and followed his best friend, realising where he was headed as he climbed the staircase onto the next room. He was all set on following his friend into the girl's room when a funny noise came from his parent's room. Curiosity overtook Ron and he sneaked the door open a crack and peered inside.

What he saw should have made him curl up in horror as his parents were having furiously hot sex or were about to. All Ron could see were his mother's lips going up and down on his father's cock who he presumed was reciprocating the favour, given Mrs Weasley's pussy was where he expected his dad's head was. It should have grossed him out, seeing his parents have sex, but Ron felt a strange twinge in his pants and realised that it was turning him on.

He'd never thought about his mother sexually before but seeing her sucking his dad's cock passionately, her red hair bouncing up and down, just like her tits, he couldn't help but think he had a sexy mum. Regaining his senses, however, he decided he couldn't watch his parents fuck, however hot he might find it, and closed the door quietly, before heading to the girls' room with his cock now growing in his pants.

He pressed his ear against the door, just as Harry had done, though not to his knowledge, and when he couldn't hear anything, he eased the door open slightly. He had to stop himself gasping as he peered inside the room and saw something he never expected to see in a million years. Harry was on top of his sister, clearly pounding his cock inside her, and as he looked over to see where Hermione was, he witnessed his friend watching Harry and Ginny, rubbing her pussy as she did so.

Ron couldn't help but begin to stroke his cock that was already hard from witnessing his mum and dad have sex, and he stood in the doorway, watching Hermione as she continued to rub and finger herself. He didn't know what had come over him that evening, but he couldn't help watching how hot Ginny looked as Harry fucked her, despite the fact she was his little sister. They were both working up a sweat and Ron noticed how the sweat dripped down her sexy body, picking up on how developed she was becoming.

She didn't know what made her do it, but Hermione looked around the room at that point, just as Harry quickened the pace with which he was fucking Ginny. She'd had that cock and knew what it felt like, knew Ginny was having the time of her life and she just wished she had one. Whether it was that desperation which made her look round, hoping that she'd find one she didn't know, but boy, was she glad she did when she saw Ron standing in the doorway, his eyes fixed on her.

She decided it was about time Ginny and Harry knew that she was awake, especially as she needed Ron's cock badly. She sat up in her bed and when Harry and Ginny didn't stop fucking, making no apparent notion that they'd even noticed her, she turned the light on. Harry froze, his cock still buried inside Ginny, as they both slowly turned their heads to look at Hermione, comprehension dawning on both their faces.

"You really think you could fuck and not wake me up?" Hermione asked, looking at the two lovers on the bed. "Besides, even Ron woke up, look, he's over there."

Harry and Ginny turned their heads to the other side and saw Ron standing in the doorway, his cock in his hand, looking embarrassed. Not knowing what was going to happen, Harry and Ginny just froze, still technically having sex, as Harry's cock was still buried inside Ginny.

"Don't worry," Hermione said, as she lay on the bed, legs spread, "I'm not going to make you stop. Can't you tell I was enjoying it? Besides, I've got my own cock now."

She beckoned over for Ron to come and join her on the bed, and he did so without hesitation, his hand still stroking his cock slowly as he admired Hermione's body. Harry and Ginny awoke from their momentary trance, both now satisfied that they could continue without worrying about consequences, and the fact they'd been caught seemed to turn both of them on further.

* * *

Back in Mr and Mrs Weasley's room and the two parents were getting very much into their sexual pleasure. They'd moved into a 69 position and Mrs Weasley was loving getting her pussy pleasured while she sucked her husband's cock. She wasn't going to tell her husband but she knew they'd been caught in their sex act; she'd seen the door creak open out of the corner of her eye and recognised her youngest son watching through the gap.

She swear she'd seen his hand go down to his pants before he'd left and the thought that she'd turned her son on by sucking cock seemed to double her pleasure, and before she knew it, she was climaxing hard over Arthur's face. Not being able to resist having his cock inside her anymore, she got off his face and clambered onto his cock, lowering her pussy onto it and beginning to bounce up and down.

She rode her husband's cock as fast as she could, but all the time she couldn't get the image of Ron spying on her from her mind. As she thought about him, others popped into her head too, the twins, Harry and even Ginny and Hermione. All she could imagine was being made to cum by all her children, Harry and Hermione and as she rode her husband's cock, she wanted so much for it to be one of them fucking her.

Mr Weasley didn't know what she was imagining, but she doubted he would care. She was giving him one of the best fucks they'd ever had, she knew that. He grabbed hold of her waist guiding her movements, as he watched her tits bounce up and down, looking so sexy. He could feel his cum building inside his balls and when Mrs Weasley lowered her body so she could kiss him, he knew he wouldn't last much longer.

"Molly, honey, I'm gonna cum," he told her as she bounced up and down on his cock passionately.

"Oh yes, Arthur, that's it," she said, "give me your cum. Fill me up!"

He needed no more encouragement for, just as Mrs Weasley finished encouraging him to fill her up, his cock exploded that instant, deep inside his wife. She moaned in pleasure as she felt his hot cum shoot inside her and she kissed him passionately, still bouncing on his cock, trying to make herself cum as well.

That was achieved easily moments later as the sudden thought of her fucking the famous trio of her son, Harry and Hermione popped into her head and she found herself squirting her juices all over her husband's cock. Once recovered from her orgasm, she clambered off Mr Weasley, put on her nightdress and declared she was going to get a drink of water.

As she left her bedroom and headed downstairs to get a drink from the kitchen, she couldn't help but feel slightly ashamed of herself. She'd had one of the most pulsating orgasms she'd ever experienced, yet the only reason she'd done so is because she'd been thinking about fucking her youngest son and his two best friends. As she clambered back up the stairs, half asleep, she realised how horny she still was.

* * *

The scene in the girls' room was one Harry and Ron could only have dreamed about, and even then they might not have found it so hot. Being caught by Hermione and Ron seemed to have given Ginny a new lease of life and she flipped Harry over and began riding him, just like she had the first time they'd had sex. Over on the other bed, and Ron was recreating the 69 he'd just seen his mother and father doing, but with Hermione's pussy in his face, as the bushy-haired brunette went down on his cock.

All four of the young sexual deviants were watching each other as they had fun, Harry and Ginny constantly looking over to see what Hermione and Ron were doing and vice versa, and it seemed that all four of them were more turned on, knowing they were all watching each other. Ginny, in particular, was riding Harry's cock with more energy than she'd ever done before and as she leaned in to kiss Harry, he knew that she was going to make him cum if she kept up this rhythm and pace.

Ron couldn't stop thinking about how taboo his night had become; he'd already enjoyed watching his mum and dad have sex, he'd thought about how hot his sister was when she was fucking Harry and now he was going to be having sex in the same room as her. Ron was enjoying the 69 with Hermione but he needed pussy on his cock as soon as possible and so it was with purpose that he withdrew his cock from Hermione's mouth, laid down on the bed and instructed Hermione to clamber on.

Hermione had been itching for Ron to fuck her and so when he finally got into position, she wasted no time at all in clambering on top of him and lowering her pussy down onto his cock. She began bouncing on it, just as Ginny was on Harry's and she looked across at her female best friend and they smiled at each other, both knowing what the other one was thinking.

* * *

Mrs Weasley was walking up the stairs back to bed when she thought she'd see if Ron had liked what he'd seen earlier and was now masturbating to the thought of his mother and father having sex. She knew Arthur would be asleep by now so she wasn't worried about being gone too long and her horniness was taking over her thinking. However, as she pushed open the door to Ron and Harry's bedroom, she was overcome with a sudden sensation of fear; both their beds were empty.

Let me check the other rooms before I wake Arthur, she thought to herself, trying not to panic. Maybe they're just hanging out with Fred and George, or with Hermione, she composed herself, closing the door and making her way up to the corridor where her room was, along with the twins' and the girls'.

She checked the twins' rooms but both Fred and George were fast asleep, undisturbed, so with caution, she pushed the girls' door open slightly. The sight before her eyes was one that first made her shocked, but immediately after she felt a tingle in her pussy, being so horny. Hermione was riding her youngest son's cock passionately and her daughter was on top of Harry, fucking him.

Mrs Weasley couldn't help but watch. She knew she shouldn't, she knew it was wrong, but there was something about the sight of her youngest son and Hermione and her daughter and Harry, that gave her a twinge of jealousy. She'd already fucked Arthur that night and she'd orgasmed but watching the younger generation go at it just did something to her.

She remained quiet in the corner of the room, standing in the doorway, watching as the two girls fucked Ron and Harry's cocks with experience. This clearly wasn't the first time they'd fucked each other and it was definitely not going to be the last, Mrs Weasley knew that. She couldn't stop her hand drifting down towards her own pussy as she continued watching, Hermione and Ginny doing nothing to conceal their moans.

Not only nervous that the four lovers might be caught by someone else, but also that she would be caught watching them, Mrs Weasley used her free hand to draw out her wand and cast a spell on the room that would mean the moans could not be heard by anyone. She then watched on as Hermione and Ginny continued riding their respective cocks, both of them massaging their cute developing tits as they did so.

All four of the lovers on the bed were unaware that Mrs Weasley had come into the room and caught them in the act, so engrossed were they in making each other cum. They were all close to doing this as well, Hermione and Ginny's riding of Ron and Harry's cocks having brought them to the verge. The two girls both looked at each other, winked and then simultaneously lowered their bodies so they were on top of the boys, still getting fucked but now able to make out with their lovers at the same time.

Mrs Weasley pushed her fingers inside her pussy as she watched how experienced the two girls were. She knew they'd obviously fucked before but she was shocked at just how much confidence and knowledge the girls had. She put her free hand over her mouth as she worked her pussy, eyes still fixed on the four lovers.

It was almost simultaneous when Ron, Harry, Hermione and Ginny reached their orgasms, something Mrs Weasley would hold in her memory until her dying day. Harry and Ron both warned Ginny and Hermione that they were nearing their climax, but were met with the words every man wants to here.

"Don't worry, you can cum inside us," Hermione said, smiling down at Ron.

"Yeah, Hermione's found a spell to stop us getting pregnant," Ginny added, kissing Harry.

Harry and Ron grinned hard as they both pumped their cocks into their respective lovers pussies harder than before and were soon exploding deep inside them. Harry had never cum in a pussy before but he definitely decided he wanted to do it again, loving the feeling of his juices shooting inside Ginny.

The sensation of cum inside them brought Hermione and Ginny to a pulsating orgasm and none of them bothered in keeping their moans and screams down as they climaxed hard, before pulling in for a passionate kiss. None of them wanted to move and so they just lay there, Harry and Ginny in Ginny's bed, Ron and Hermione in Hermione's, totally content with the world. None of them noticed Mrs Weasley sneaking out of the room with a huge smile on her face.

They didn't mean to but they fell asleep like that and Harry and Ron were extremely thankful that Hermione had set her alarm an hour earlier than Mrs Weasley so they could sneak back to their rooms and pretend they'd been there all night. They kissed the girls before they left and made the promise that they would continue this fuck as soon as they got the chance.


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