Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Discovery Of Sex Part 5 (mFF)
by Tom Seaton

Harry woke up the next morning to a lot of shouting and he realised he'd overslept, his tiredness from the previous night's antics with Ginny had overtaken him. Hermione's arrival in his and Ron's room to return Hedwig was one which brought a smile to all of their faces, but they knew that they were in a rush and Mrs Weasley would not welcome any more delays.

The chaos in the hallway downstairs was manic and Harry was guided through by Mrs Weasley and out the door, informed that he would be escorted to King's Cross and the Hogwarts Express by herself and Tonks. Harry's ear lit up when he knew that Tonks was going to be escorting him; she'd promised him she'd fuck him the next time they saw each other. A little doubt was cast over these plans, however, when Sirius appeared by his side in dog form and began walking down the road alongside him.

As glad as he was that Sirius was accompanying him, he was a little aggrieved. Sneaking away from Mrs Weasley with Tonks would be difficult enough, but getting away from Sirius would be near-on impossible. However, his heart jumped a little when he saw Tonks waiting on the street corner for them, although her appearance as an old lady was not what he was expecting.

"It's a good job the clocks went back last night," Tonks said to Mrs Weasley as the three of them walked towards King's Cross, with Sirius bounding alongside them. "Don't think we'd have made it if they hadn't."

"What?" Mrs Weasley looked suddenly worried, "the clocks went back? But that means we're going to be there an hour early!"

"Don't fret, Molly," Tonks replied, "we'll walk slowly and get there for half past. That gives enough time for everyone to join us and say goodbye on the platform."

"I suppose so," Mrs Weasley replied, looking a little less agitated. "Sirius, why don't you make yourself useful and go and tell the others they don't need to leave for another thirty minutes?"

Sirius barked in agreement, clearly pleased to have something to do at long last, and bounded off back towards the house. Harry's heart did a little jump. He was alone with Tonks and Mrs Weasley; if he could get rid of Mrs Weasley, he might get one last fuck before he headed back to Hogwarts.

The three of them arrived at King's Cross without incident and earlier than their schedule had allowed. Sirius hadn't returned back to them and Harry presumed he'd make his way back with the others, so that he could see Harry off to Hogwarts from the platform. Mrs Weasley suggested getting a drink from a shop at the station and so Harry led them into a Costa Coffee, ordered three cappuccinos and collected them from the end.

They drank them in almost complete silence, watching the Muggles go about their daily business and waiting for any sign of magical activity that would signal that they could go onto the platform and not be the first ones there. They waited for almost fifteen minutes without a sign of Muggle activity and Harry couldn't help but think of ways of getting rid of Mrs Weasley so he could talk to Tonks about her deal.

Eventually, an opportunity presented itself when Mrs Weasley declared that she had to go to the toilet and got up, leaving Harry alone with Tonks for the first time since their discussion in the kitchen at number 12, Grimmauld Place.

"Tonks," Harry said, as the Auror continued to look for any wizards or witches, friends or foes, that might signal trouble.

"What's up, Harry?" she replied, turning to look at him.

"You made me a promise last night," he replied, his cock hardening at the prospect of fucking her again.

"Did I?" she said, trying to remember. "Oh shit, yeah, I remember. I said I'd fuck you next time I saw you, didn't I?"

"Exactly," Harry said, and he took her free hand and guided it to the bulge in his jeans.

"We can't do it here though, Harry," Tonks said, looking around to see if anyone had noticed her hand disappear. "It's way too public. Plus Molly will be back any second."

"Oh, trust me, you don't need to worry about Mrs Weasley," Harry said, suddenly remembering what he'd seen last night while he was fucking Ginny. "She'd be more than up for joining in."

"I'm not sure about that, Harry," Tonks replied, although she did look longingly at Harry's cock. "She's a happily married woman with seven children, and she certainly wouldn't be up for it in a place like this."

"Oh yeah?" Harry said questioningly, knowing that Tonks was getting more eager by the second. "Then why did she sneak into Hermione and Ginny's room last night and masturbate to me and Ron fucking Ginny and Hermione?"

Tonks took a moment to divulge this information. "Wait a minute," she said, trying to take it all in. "You've been fucking Ginny? And Ron's fucking Hermione? And Molly masturbated watching you? Come off it, Harry, I know you're horny, but at least make it believable."

"Why don't you ask her?" Harry said, knowing he had Tonks right where he wanted her. "Go on, or do you want me to?"

"She didn't?" Tonks asked shocked.

"Look, I'll prove it," Harry replied as Mrs Weasley returned from the bathroom. "Hey, Mrs Weasley, I have a question."

"What's up Harry, dear?" she replied, sitting back down at the table.

"Tonks doesn't believe me, but I'm sure I saw you masturbating watching me fuck your daughter last night," Harry said quietly, so as not to be overheard by neighbouring Muggles. "Can't you tell her it's true?"

Mrs Weasley hesitated in shock. She had been sure none of the children had seen her last night, she'd been so careful. But here Harry was, evidently positive he'd seen her masturbating watching her daughter and him have sex. She opened her mouth and closed it again, three times, before nodding in embarrassment.

Now it was Tonks turn to open and close her mouth in shock. She couldn't believe it. Mrs Weasley was some kind of nympho sex freak and she hadn't known. Well, she certainly wasn't going to be shy about admitting how horny she was now.

"So, you've moved on from fucking me then, Harry?" Tonks asked, as Mrs Weasley's mouth widened further. "I take your virginity and this is the thanks I get."

"You know, I'm grateful for that," Harry replied, "and I want you to show you just how much. Let me fuck you."

Mrs Weasley watched in shock as Tonks nodded to Harry, and they both turned to look at her. She couldn't believe what she was hearing, let alone feeling. She'd been caught masturbating to her children having sex last night and now she was hearing that Harry had fucked an older woman. All she could feel was jealousy towards Tonks, boy did she want that cock.

"Well, Mrs Weasley, care to join us?" Harry asked, checking his watch. "I say, we've got half an hour before the others all turn up. That's plenty of time."

"I - I don't know what - what's going on..." she stammered, confused. "You mean, you're - you're going to fuck now?"

"God yes," Tonks replied, grabbing hold of Harry's cock. "We've got time to kill, I'm horny and I can speak from experience, Harry's cock is fucking amazing."

Tonks stood up and Harry followed suit. Mrs Weasley got to her feet slowly, still unsure as to what was going on but followed the two of them as they headed towards an out of order waiting room. Stepping inside, Tonks cast protective enchantments around them so they wouldn't be heard or seen and proceeded to turn to Harry, who was already taking off his jeans.

He sat down on one of the chairs that were meant for waiting passengers and watched as Tonks walked over towards him seductively, her eyes fixed on the bulge in his boxers. Mrs Weasley was standing just inside the sealed doorway, not sure what to do with herself, but right there and then, Harry didn't care.

He watched as Tonks dropped to her knees and slowly pulled down his boxers to reveal his rock-hard cock and she let out a little gasp, almost remembering how big it had been for a boy of his age. Mrs Weasley couldn't help but admire Harry's cock too, as she watched Tonks take it in her hand and begin to stroke it up and down, giving him a handjob.

Her thoughts turned to the previous night and how she'd watched her daughter being pleasured by that very cock and how she wanted nothing more than a fucking of her own by it. She couldn't help but lower her hand down towards her pussy and began to rub herself through her Muggle dress as she watched Tonks slowly take Harry's cock between her lips and change from a handjob to a blowjob with ease.

Harry remembered how great Tonks had been at sucking cock the moment she put her lips around his member and she seemed even better this time, now she had an audience. She was fondling his balls as she took his cock in his mouth and Harry closed his eyes, in complete ecstasy. Tonks found her free hand drifting inside her Muggle clothes and rubbing her pussy through her panties, such was her lust for Harry's cock.

Mrs Weasley had let all her inhibitions go and was now rubbing herself without a care in the world. She had settled down onto the seat nearest the entrance to the waiting room, hitched up her dress and was visibly working her hand inside her panties. She closed her eyes, too, imagining her family watching as she rubbed her pussy, while Tonks sucked Harry's cock.

As much as Tonks loved sucking cock, she hadn't had one inside her since a chance meeting with Kingsley Shacklebolt after work on the way to headquarters. That was almost three weeks ago now and her lust for cock was overcoming her. She stood up and began to strip off, watching as Harry opened his eyes and mouth as she did so.

Tonks may have done her hair like an old lady today but Harry was so glad to see that her body was still in fantastic shape just as it had been the first time they'd fucked. He wanted more than anything to kiss and caress her body and he stood up from his seat and moved over to the older, more experienced witch.

He pulled her in for a kiss but instead of getting in position to fuck her, he laid her down on the cold floor. "Tonks, it's time I repaid you for my first ever fuck," Harry said, as he spread her pussy lips, which were already soaked. "Let me get my first taste of pussy."

Harry lowered his head and began to lick Tonks' pussy just like he'd seen on Muggle porn videos. He didn't know if he was doing it right but he guessed so, judging by the sounds coming from Tonks. He sped up the speed with which he was licking and brought his fingers up to spread her pussy even wider, guessing that this must add to the pleasure.

Mrs Weasley, meanwhile, had watched these developments with eager eyes and she couldn't take not being involved anymore. Forgetting her husband, she stripped out of her dress and made her way over to where Tonks was lying on the floor, having her pussy eaten by Harry Potter. She'd never been with another woman before but she decided there was no better time to try and positioned herself over Tonks' head so that her pussy was all the witch could see.

Tonks had been with other woman before, during her sexual peak at Hogwarts, but it had been a long time since she'd been near one. However, she was caught up in the moment, with Harry pleasuring her, and she decided that it was about time she got back on that wagon. She pulled Mrs Weasley's hips down so that her pussy was within reach and slowly brought her tongue to it, tasting how wet Molly was.

Harry couldn't believe the sight he could see out the corner of his eye above him. He had totally forgotten Mrs Weasley was in the room, so engrossed had he been in Tonks' blowjob and now licking her pussy, so he was understandably shocked to see her lower her pussy onto Tonks' face and begin to moan as the witch licked it.

Harry had only ever seen lesbian sex on porn videos or in magazines and it was quite something else to see it in real life. He was also shocked at how sexy he found Mrs Weasley. He'd never thought about her in a sexual way, only as his best friend's mother but as she massaged her large tits while Tonks licked her out, he began to see her differently.

He wanted to admire her body more so he decided he'd stop licking Tonks' pussy and give her what she really wanted. He lifted her ass off the ground and rubbed his hard cock against her pussy, remembering how great the last time he'd fucked her had been. Tonks gave a muffled moan from Mrs Weasley's pussy which Harry took to mean stop teasing me and fuck me so he pushed his cock inside her wet pussy.

It felt just as good as it had the first time and he concentrated for a few minutes on making sure he was building up a good rhythm and pleasuring Tonks as best he could before he looked up to watch Mrs Weasley. Her tits were such a good size, he knew that, as she massaged them while Tonks licked her pussy and he could imagine nothing better than burying his head in them. It was then he realised she was looking at him, smiling, knowing what he was thinking and he felt himself get a little embarrassed.

Mrs Weasley watched Harry fucking Tonks and knew that she had to have that cock inside her. She knew it was wrong, that she was happily married and that he was practically her daughter's boyfriend and her son's best friend but she didn't care. Tonks was moaning massively into her pussy and if he could make an experienced sex freak like Tonks feel that good, then she knew he could make her feel that good.

Neither Harry nor Mrs Weasley knew that the other one was thinking of the other as they both continued what they were doing, Harry fucking Tonks and Mrs Weasley enjoying the feel of the fellow Order member's tongue on her pussy. She could definitely see why so many people were willing to try both sexes as Tonks was licking her pussy better than Arthur had ever done in his life, but the more she thought about it the more she wanted Harry's cock.

Eventually, Tonks couldn't hold on any longer. She'd been licking Molly's pussy with passion but she'd been trying to control her own orgasm for minutes now and she knew she just couldn't take anymore. She lifted Molly's pussy above her head so that she could moan loudly and release her juices all over Harry's cock for the second time in her life.

Harry could feel Tonks' juices over his cock and he realised that he'd never fucked a girl without making her cum. Both Hermione and Ginny had orgasmed when they'd fucked him and now, Tonks had on both occasions. Mrs Weasley didn't allow Tonks to recover from her orgasm though, as she wanted to reach her climax herself and she immediately lowered her pussy back down on Tonks' face where the witch resumed her licking.

Harry pulled his cock out of Tonks' pussy and sat down on one of the chairs, getting a great view of the lesbian scene that was ensuing. Mrs Weasley was moaning furiously as Tonks attacked her pussy and he knew she was going to cum soon, and he half-wished it was him who was making her do so. He wondered if her pussy tasted the same as her daughter's and suddenly, the image of a threesome with Ginny and Mrs Weasley shot into his head, making him feel a tingle in his cock.

Mrs Weasley was in ecstasy as Tonks licked her pussy, the pleasuring witch seemed to have gained a new lease of life from reaching her own orgasm. She'd brought her fingers up to spread Molly's pussy even wider and attack more of it, and Mrs Weasley vowed from now on, she'd only use her husband's cock for fucking; she needed girls taking care of her pussy.

She looked around to see where Harry had gone and found him, sitting on a seat, his cock harder than she'd ever seen one before, watching her and Tonks. She wanted nothing more than to have that cock inside her mouth or pussy, but she let him stroke it, her eyes filled with lust. As she thought about Harry's cock, her pussy exploded, her juices covering Tonks' face, total pleasure overcoming her and she watched as Harry's mouth opened, not realising a woman could produce that much cum.

Harry's cock was harder than ever but he knew it was wrong; he shouldn't be thinking about his best friend's mum like this, no matter how hot she was or how well she apparently fucked. As Mrs Weasley clambered off Tonks' face, panting, he continued to stroke his dick wanting nothing more than for the redheaded MILF to give him some of her loving. He glanced at the clock; they had roughly ten minutes before the others would be arriving.

Tonks had got up off the floor and made her way to where Harry was sitting, stroking his cock, fully aware that he'd made her cum and hadn't reached his own orgasm. Suddenly, an idea popped into her head that he knew her two sexual deviants wouldn't turn down.

"Hey, Molly," Tonks said, as she crouched down at Harry's feet, taking his hard cock in her hand. "Wanna come give me a hand?"

"What - What?" Molly stammered, as she looked over at Tonks. "He's Ron's best friend, I can't do that."

"Then why did you cum so hard when you were watching him jerk off?" Tonks said. "Trust me, Molly, your secret's safe with me. You both want to, just come help me."

Harry couldn't believe his ears and his cock visibly got harder in Tonks' hands as Mrs Weasley kneeled down next to her fellow witch and watched at such close quarters. With anticipation hurting both of them, Mrs Weasley stretched out a hand and took Harry's cock in it as Tonks brought her tongue down to lick and suck on Harry's balls.

As Mrs Weasley gained in confidence, Harry gained in pleasure. He never thought something so taboo would make him feel so good; it was definitely the risk of the situation. Tonks was sucking on his balls with passion and it felt amazing, it was certainly something he was going to suggest to girls he slept with from now on. But he was watching Mrs Weasley as she stroked his cock up and down and slowly stuck out her tongue to lick the tip.

Her tongue felt divine on the tip of his bellend and she slowly decided there was no going back and proceeded to take more of his cock inside her mouth. Eventually, the ginger mother was sucking Harry's cock with all the skill she had done last night when making love to her husband, and Harry immediately knew where Ginny got her cock-sucking abilities from. Harry's cock tasted just as good as she'd hoped it would and she knew that he was loving crossing this boundary as much as she was.

Tonks was sucking on Harry's balls with a smile on her face now. With Mrs Weasley showing off her sexual side, Tonks now had both a female and male inside the Order of Phoenix who would be willing to give her pleasure and she knew she could seduce more. Ginny, Ron and Hermione were all clearly sexually active and so she'd certainly get pleasure in the school holidays, but she knew she'd have to try and convince some of the older members of the Order, like Lupin, Sirius and Kingsley, to fuck if she didn't want to have to wait.

All that was going through Harry's mind at that moment was how good the feeling of Tonks on his balls and Mrs Weasley on his cock was. He knew he was moments away from blowing his load and figuring it would mean the end of his sex session, he tried to hold off his climax for as long as he possibly could. Eventually though, he knew it was no longer worth the effort and he warned the two older witches he was ready to cum.

Both of them stopped what they were doing and kneeled next to each other, ready to receive his cum, their mouths open in anticipation. Harry had released his load over Tonks' face the first time they'd fucked, imagining she was Ginny, but now he'd had the pleasure of fucking the young redhead, he didn't need to imagine anything. Tonks was a very attractive witch and he jerked his cock, looking down at the waiting faces of Mrs Weasley and Tonks filled with pleasure.

Suddenly, his cock exploded and cum covered the faces of the two witches who had given him so much pleasure before he made his way back to Hogwarts. He smiled as he looked down at their cum-covered faces and his heart did a little skip, when the two women began to make out, exchanging his load in their mouths.

Twenty minutes later and Tonks, Mrs Weasley and Harry were standing on the platform, waiting for the others to join them, the Hogwarts Express steaming behind them. No one could possibly tell what the three of them had been doing beforehand and when Harry hugged them both goodbye, he could swear they both felt his cock one last time.


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