Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Discovery Of Sex Part 6 (mf,f-solo,oral,exhib)
by Ton Seaton

Ron and Hermione's announcement that they had to go to the prefects' carriage and so would only be able to spend a little amount of time with him on the Hogwarts Express had dented Harry's mood slightly. It would never descend into a complete array of sadness and loneliness like he had felt when he'd been alone at Privet Drive because of the unbelievable fuck he'd just had with Tonks and Mrs Weasley, but he couldn't help not being totally happy.

However, he still had Ginny for company and when she suggested that they go and get a carriage, Harry was more than happy to oblige. He definitely looked at her differently since he'd first fucked her back at Grimmauld Place and it was only now, as he walked behind her, that he noticed how great her ass was. He'd seen her naked twice now and was shocked that he hadn't ever noticed how great it was and all he could think about was diving his cock inside it and taking her anal virginity.

He began to get hard again as they walked through the train, trying to find a free carriage until they eventually found one at the end of the train, with just one occupant. Harry had never seen her before but Ginny soon informed him that her name was Luna Lovegood and she was a Ravenclaw student in her year. She had the crazy look about her and Harry couldn't help but think that this was what Tonks would have been like at school.

As Ginny pushed inside the cabin door and Luna indicated that it would be ok for them to join her, Harry looked at her in closer detail. He knew he hadn't been active sexually for long, but he had the feeling that Luna would be one of those crazy girls in bed that all men hear about. She was reading a strange magazine, and she had the look of a girl who was totally lost.

"She's a virgin, Harry, so I don't know," Ginny said, looking at him, reading his mind.

"How did you - wait, how come she can't hear us?" Harry asked, confused for two reasons.

"Luna's a strange human being, Harry," Ginny answered. "She doesn't have many friends but she's actually really nice. As for why can't she hear us, I may have cast a protective charm around us so that no one can hear us and anyone who approaches our carriage will suddenly remember about something they need to do."

"Why did you put a protective charm around us?" Harry asked suspiciously.

"Because you reminded me last night how fucking good it felt to be fucked," Ginny replied, smiling and unbuttoning her top, "and I need that cock inside me again. Once we've cum, we'll take the enchantments off and no one will know a thing. But this is going to be a regular thing now, Harry, you and me."

"Er - ok," Harry said, struggling to get his mind round Ginny's words. He was obviously eager to fuck Ginny but he had hardly had time to recover from fucking Tonks and Mrs Weasley to fuck the latter's daughter. Having a regular sex partner at Hogwarts would certainly help him, though, and it was this he thought of as Ginny continued to strip until she was in her underwear, Luna completely oblivious.

Harry sat motionless and speechless as Ginny moved over to him, her cute tits lookin bigger in a push-up bra and sat next to him before pulling him in for a kiss. She placed her hand on his trousers and began to rub, trying to get his cock hard so that she could fuck it once more. Harry couldn't help but begin to get hard as the hot ginger rubbed him and the fact Luna was in the same carriage with no idea was turning him on even more.

Ginny unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down his boxers to expose his growing cock. She'd been wanting this ever since she'd woken up that morning and she was so pleased she'd got an opportunity before they arrived at Hogwarts; her alternative plan to sneak into his room that night was a lot more risky.

She took Harry's cock in her hands and began to stroke it up and down, still making out with the love of her life, as his hands explored her back. She felt him undo her bra and her pert tits fell out, exposed to Harry's hands. He immediately began to rub them as Ginny continued working on his cock, totally unaware that her spell hadn't been as successful as she'd thought.

Oblivious to Harry and Ginny, Luna Lovegood could see and hear everything that the two lovebirds were doing, from the moment they'd stepped into her carriage. Ginny's spell had only worked on the outside of the carriage so they wouldn't be caught, but Luna was still able to watch and hear absolutely every little detail, from Ginny's confession to wanting Harry permanently to their discussion about whether or not she was feisty in bed.

She couldn't help but stop reading her magazine and watch the sex show going on, given how passionate Harry and Ginny were right now. Ginny had moved on from stroking Harry's cock and was now sucking on it, moving up and down, showing Luna she had indeed been telling the truth about doing this before.

Harry had his eyes shut in total relaxation as Ginny sucked his cock, and Luna decided it was safe to do what she'd been doing since her mother had died. Slowly, she let one of her hands slip into her outlandish skirt and began to rub her pussy through her panties, watching Ginny's blowjob. Luna's mum's death had been a tragic accident but it was her discovery of masturbation at the age of ten that had got her through it and she'd never stopped doing it since.

Ginny was determined that this was going to be the best fuck she'd ever given Harry and the way she was working his cock showed her determination. She'd sucked his cock twice before and she was getting better at it, but she knew the only way she'd improve was practice and so she focused hard on giving Harry his best blowjob yet.

Luna had only ever seen one real-life cock in her life, and that had been a complete and utter accident. She'd taken a wrong turn in her second year at Hogwarts and had found herself in an empty classroom or so she'd thought. However, when she took a second glance she noticed Fred Weasley and Angelina Johnson were completely naked and having some fun. She'd left the room pretty quickly but had got a good look at Fred's cock before she'd left the room, unnoticed.

Luna had thought Fred's cock was big but compared to Harry's it was tiny, and she eased her panties down slightly to give her easier access to her pussy as she watched. Harry was in pure ecstasy, enjoying the blowjob Ginny was giving him; it was certainly the best she'd ever done and he couldn't help but notice how similar it felt to the one he'd received from Mrs Weasley barely an hour before.

Luna decided there was absolutely no point in pleasuring herself secretly, seeing as Harry and Ginny were both so engrossed in the blowjob, and they'd started it in her carriage, knowing she was there, and she hitched up her skirt and took off her panties, before spreading her legs wide and resuming her fingering pleasure. If Harry were to open his eyes, or Ginny were to turn around now, they would get a full view of Luna pleasuring her pussy.

Ginny noticed that Harry wasn't far away from cumming but she didn't want him to blow his load just yet; she wanted that inside her pussy. She got up off the floor of the carriage and took off her panties, leaving her completely naked and incredibly wet. She contemplated the best way in which to ride Harry and made a decision.

Harry opened his eyes at the culmination of the blowjob but he didn't spot Luna masturbating because Ginny had stood up and blocked his view of the sexy blonde. Harry was relieved Ginny had stopped sucking his cock before he'd blown his load as he didn't know if he'd be able to cum three times in two hours and now they'd started, he wanted more than anything to fuck Ginny.

Ginny looked down as she clambered on top of Harry, her back to him, as she lowered herself down onto his cock and pushed it inside her. It was just as she started bouncing up and down on it, when she noticed Luna fingering her pussy madly and let out a loud gasp of surprise. Harry distinguished this as a different noise from her usual ones of pleasure and peered round Ginny's sexy body, before letting out a gasp of shock himself.

Neither of the two fuck buddies had noticed Luna masturbating when Ginny had been giving Harry his blowjob, but now that they could both see her doing it furiously, Luna knew she didn't have to stay quiet any longer. She began to moan as she worked her fingers in and out her pussy, making sure to keep her eyes locked with Ginny's as she did so.

Harry and Ginny weren't opposed to being caught while they were having sex, after all, Hermione, Ron and Mrs Weasley (not that Ginny knew it) had all spied them having sex last night, but the fact that it was a fourth-year Ravenclaw that Harry didn't know, disturbed him a little. He was pleased to see that their sexual encounter had turned her on, but he didn't have a clue how to react. However, Ginny hadn't stopped bouncing up and down on his cock, albeit she was doing it a little slower, and so he continued to enjoy the sensation, now with visual help.

Ginny wasn't sure how to react to her discovery that Luna Lovegood could not only see and hear them but that she was enjoying what she was seeing and was masturbating to them. After the initial shock and surprise had died down, Ginny was beginning to realise she liked getting caught. When Hermione and Ron had caught them last night, she'd found that she'd nearly reached her orgasm at the discovery and now she knew Luna could see them, once more she felt a heightened sense of pleasure.

She knew Harry had felt it too, her pussy had convulsed a little but she could have sworn his cock got a little harder in her pussy. They were well to far into it to stop so she continued to bounce on Harry's cock, watching as Luna worked her fingers in and out of her pussy, something it seemed she did a lot, judging by the way she was doing it.

Knowing that both Ginny and Harry were now watching her masturbate while they were fucking seemed to turn Luna on even more. She'd been caught masturbating twice before, once by her head of house Professor Flitwick in the Ravenclaw common room and once by her own father when she'd thought she was alone. Both those times had turned her on and this was no different; there was definitely something about having an audience.

All three of the involved people were loving the fact that there was an audience for them to do what they were doing and it increased the sense of pleasure for all of them. Luna decided to throw caution to the wind and repositioned herself in her seat, still so that she could watch Harry and Ginny and so that they could see her, but so she could do something else.

She didn't know what made her do it but she decided she had to. With one hand still working away at her swollen clit, Luna brought the other round and slowly parted her asshole, having lubed her fingers up beforehand. She was already soaking wet and so she easily pushed two fingers inside her asshole to Ginny's obvious shock, the ginger's eyes widening in shock as she continued to fuck Harry's cock.

Luna had only ever played with her ass before once and she'd found she'd had the best orgasm of her life when she did so. It was partly this and partly the fact she wanted to see Ginny and Harry's reactions that made her do it again, but she continued to rub her pussy and finger her ass watching the two lovebirds fuck, knowing she was making their experience even greater.

Ginny couldn't help but stare transfixed at Luna, as she fucked Harry's cock. She'd known the blonde Ravenclaw was crazy but she'd never realised how sexually forward she was and she was impressed at Luna's ability to masturbate and finger her ass with no shame or embarrassment. She didn't want to admit it but she was getting even more turned on watching her friend play with her pussy and ass and she could feel that Harry was too.

This was an understatement. Harry had never been harder in his life. He thought it would be hard for Ginny to surpass such a great sexual experience that he'd had with Mrs Weasley and Tonks before he'd got on the Hogwarts Express, but she'd managed it without even trying. Ginny's blowjob had been good but the discovery of Luna masturbating and the fact that this now unknown Ravenclaw was fingering her ass in front of him that was making Harry extremely close to blowing his load.

Luna smiled to herself as she watched Ginny pound Harry's cock. She felt completely in her element and she'd visibly seen the joys in both Ginny Weasley and the famous Harry Potter's faces when she'd moved on to fingering her ass. She wondered whether they'd ever experimented with anal sex but she knew that she could take this further if she played her cards right.

Harry grabbed Ginny's tits and began to caress them as she bounced on his cock. Ginny's pussy felt amazing but he wondered what her ass would feel like, whether she'd even let him stick it in there. He knew he wouldn't be able to last much longer but, to his utter delight, Ginny couldn't either. Just then, she let out a moan that Harry was sure would've been heard by the whole train, had it not been for her charms as she climaxed hard on Harry's cock.

Luna had never seen anyone else naked before so close up, let alone see someone else cum, and she couldn't deny that it was one of the sexiest things she'd ever seen. The way Ginny's head had arched backwards, her nipples had hardened in Harry's hand and the scream had overcome her, it had brought her closer to her own orgasm. She pushed another finger inside her ass, rubbing her pussy faster still, hoping Harry would cum soon.

She didn't have long to wait as Ginny's orgasm meant that Harry was doing all he could do to hold back his cum now. Luna had her eyes fixed on his now, and he couldn't help but look at her double pleasuring herself and knew he'd have to approach the subject of anal sex soon; if Ginny said no, he was sure Luna wouldn't be so shy. Ginny continued to bounce on his cock despite her orgasm, and eventually he could take no more.

"Gin, I'm gonna cum," Harry warned the redhead bouncing on his cock. "Want it inside you again?"

"More than anything," she replied, and proceeded to fuck Harry faster and harder than ever before. Luna seemed to increase the speed of her masturbation when Harry had announced he was close to his orgasm, and he had his eyes firmly fixed on her as he grabbed Ginny's waist and guided her movements.

He could feel his cum building and as Luna let out a little moan, Harry felt his load shoot deep inside Ginny's pussy, just as he had done the previous night. Twice, now, he had shot his load inside Ginny and twice it had been the best feeling of his life, but on both occasions he'd been watched, and he didn't realise how much voyeurism turned him on.

Ginny clambered off Harry's cock and sat down next to him, her pussy a little sore from the fucking. It was certainly the best one she'd ever had and she hoped it was for him, too. Both of them were now transfixed watching Luna, though; she was working on her pussy furiously, continuing to finger her ass, and they guessed she couldn't be far away from her own orgasm.

Ginny suddenly felt a hand on her pussy and smiled as Harry began to rub it slowly and she reached out her hand and took a hold of his cock, still recovering from his orgasm. They began to masturbate each other as they watched Luna Lovegood get closer and closer to her orgasm, an orgasm they'd made her have.

Luna watched Ginny and Harry masturbating each other and knew she had achieved her target. Both of them now knew she was sexually open, she'd made that clear, and she estimated that this new year at Hogwarts would be her best yet. Imagining being involved in a threesome with the two occupants of the carriage, she removed her fingers from her ass and focused her pleasure on her pussy, sensing her orgasm coming.

It arrived moments later, her eyes firmly on Harry and Ginny as she squirted her juices all over the carriage floor. She smiled and sucked her fingers, tasting her juices and looked at the two naked love buds opposite her.

"Look what you made me do," she said, her first words to the pair of them since they'd joined her in the carriage.

"I'm sorry," Ginny said, looking apologetically at Luna. "We were supposed to be in private. My spell didn't work."

"You think I care?" Luna responded. "That's the best orgasm I've ever had. Watching two people fuck looks so good, I can only imagine what it must feel like."

"Well, you know what, Luna," Ginny said, looking at Harry. "Maybe next time, you can join us."


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