Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Discovery Of Sex Part 7 (mF,oral,magic)
by Tom Seaton

It had been a fun seven months since Harry Potter had had his first sexual experience with Nymphadora Tonks back in his bedroom at Number 4, Privet Drive. Before he'd even gone to Hogwarts, he'd had sex with Ginny, Hermione, Tonks (again), Ginny (again) and received a blowjob from Mrs Weasley. That's not even mentioning watching Luna Lovegood masturbate as he fucked Ginny for the second time.

Back at Hogwarts, and the sex had slowed immensely. It hadn't been helped by his first two weeks of detention and then their hectic lives had caught up with them. By the time they'd headed back to number 12 Grimmauld Place for Christmas, after the tragic attack on Mr Weasley, Harry and Ron had confessed to each other that they'd only had sex twice more since that night in the girls' bedroom.

Neither of the boys felt like having sex with Mr Weasley's injury so that meant they went back to Hogwarts as horny as ever. With their OWLs fast approaching, again, they went with hardly any sex and Easter came and went with the same result. It was strange then, that the next time the two would have sex, would be in the Ministry of Magic in such an untimely occasion.

Sex was far from their minds when they arrived at the Ministry, eager to save Sirius from Voldemort, in the Hall of Prophecy, alongside Hermione, Neville, Ginny and Luna. But it would be a night that none of the six members of Dumbledore's Army would ever forget, and certainly not one in which they would want to forget.

The journey to the Hall of Prophecy was uninterrupted but the arrival of the Death Eaters led by Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange, meant that a fight would no doubt ensue. When an opportunity arose for the six members of the DA to escape, they took it and it was from this moment that their lives spiralled into a sexual fantasy.

Harry, Hermione and Neville fled from the Hall of Prophecy pursued by a number of Death Eaters, while at the same time, Ginny, Ron and Luna did likewise. It was at these moments that the most unlikely but some of the best sexual encounters, these six young adventurers would ever have occurred, much to their disbelief.

* * *

Let's start with Harry. He was probably the most experienced sexually out of the six young adults fighting against the Death Eaters, but his sexual adventure was perhaps the most surprising. Nothing happened in the heat of the battle in the Time Room, but it was when he entered the Death Chamber that his most surprising sex encounter yet happened.

He was cornered by ten Death Eaters and looked as if he had no chance of escape, when suddenly he found himself face to face with Bellatrix Lestrange. She was by far Voldemort's most loyal and trusted follower and Harry knew he should despise her, but it seemed as though she had frozen time so that only her and Harry were free to move around.

Harry tried to leave the circle that now bounded him and Bellatrix and found his way blocked, and there was no movement from outside of this powerful charm either; Lucius Malfoy was motionless. Bellatrix had him cornered, there was no doubting that, but she didn't seem keen to curse him. She'd had time, while he'd worked out what had just happened, but she'd just stood there, watching him.

"The famous Harry Potter," she slowly said, in her snide voice, "cornered by Bellatrix Lestrange."

"Don't sound so proud of yourself," Harry retorted, anger rising in him, but knowing he had to stay calm. "I'm only fifteen, it's not that much of an achievement."

"Still," Bellatrix continued, "there must be some magic blood running through those veins. You made the Dark Lord disappear and now he's back to finish you off."

"I don't see him here now," Harry replied, "if he's so great, why didn't he just come and finish me off himself?"

"Don't you dare insult the Dark Lord in front of me," Bellatrix retorted sternly. "He is the most powerful and brilliant wizard of all time and he will reward me like none other when he kills you."

"That's strange," Harry replied, knowing he was playing for time, but also aware that Bellatrix had had time to curse or even kill him, "I remember Barty Crouch Jr saying the same thing last year. That worked out well for him. Why don't you just kill me already?"

"Now, now, where's the fun in that?" Bellatrix taunted Harry and he was getting a little bit on edge. He just either wanted to duel with Bellatrix or get away, not be locked in pointless conversation with her while she waited for her master to arrive.

Harry looked at Bellatrix for a while and suddenly an evil thought crossed his mind. He knew that the Death Eater was madly in love with Lord Voldemort, he knew she had only married her husband Rodolphus to please her master and he also knew that she'd been locked away in Azkaban for a very, very long time. What better way to humiliate Bellatrix by seducing her so that he could taunt her for the rest of her life, however long that may be?

His only thought was how to seduce Bellatrix. He hadn't had sex for a very long time and he knew it would be hard to get an erection given the situation but he decided to test the waters. Moving towards the Death Eater, he undid his jeans to give himself quicker access to his cock and stood face to face with the crazy witch.

He looked Bellatrix straight in the eye and said, "I wonder if Voldemort will forgive you for fucking his mortal enemy?"

He saw Bellatrix digest these words slowly and then her mouth opened in shock, as she looked down at his unbuttoned jeans. She was caught in two minds. On the one hand, she had Harry Potter cornered and knew she would be the shining light in Lord Voldemort's eyes if she turned him over. On the other, here was a young man offering to fuck her and god, did she need fucking.

Harry could see Bellatrix trying to make a decision in her mind and he knew that he could swing it his way if he could get a hard cock. He looked at her and imagined her mouth sucking his cock, remembering the feeling of when Tonks, Ginny and Mrs Weasley had done it, and sure enough, his cock began to rise.

Bellatrix looked down and saw a bulge beginning to appear in the young wizard's crotch. She knew she shouldn't do this but she couldn't help but get a little bit turned on at the fact Harry Potter actually wanted to fuck her. She hadn't had sex in fourteen years, Rodolphus refusing to fuck her until Harry was dead, and her pussy was already dripping with anticipation.

Neither of them moved for what felt like at least an hour. In reality, it was a couple of seconds but the tension between the two of them seemed to make it feel longer. Harry knew it could go one of two ways. His hard cock seemed to have attracted the attention of Bellatrix but she was Lord Voldemort's most loyal follower and his capture would surely give her all she'd ever wanted.

Eventually, Bellatrix moved. To Harry's delight, her hand moved down to his cock and gripped it, as if she was testing to see whether it could really pleasure her like he knew she wanted. He grabbed her arm and moved it up and down his cock, knowing she was suffering humiliation but that her horniness was overcoming her.

As soon as Bellatrix's hand had gripped Harry's cock, her mind had been made up because it was rock-hard and quite big. When Harry had guided it up and down so she could get a grip of it's full length, she knew there was absolutely no doubt she needed it inside her. Fourteen years without sex had made Bellatrix the horniest woman on the planet and she'd masturbated daily since her escape from Azkaban, but she'd craved cock. And now, even though he was her leader's mortal enemy and he wanted him dead, she needed Harry Potter's cock.

Harry removed his hand from Bellatrix's and was both overjoyed and relieved to see she didn't stop her movements, continuing to stroke his cock up and down. He looked at her as she stroked his cock, her eyes not moving from it, and began to realise how beautiful she could have been if she hadn't turned to the bad side. Her frizzy, black hair and features were that of an attractive witch and Harry thought it was a shame that she'd never reached her full potential.

Bellatrix could feel her pussy getting wetter with every second she stroked Harry's cock up and down, and when she finally brought her eyes to his, their hatred for one another was lost. Right now, they both knew that each of them wanted the other to fuck them like they'd never been fucked before; Bellatrix wondering if she was going to take the great Harry Potter's virginity.

"Have you done this before?" Bellatrix asked the famous youngster, as she continued stroking his cock.

"Yes, don't worry," Harry replied, "you won't have that on your conscience. Your niece already took my virginity."

"My niece?" Bellatrix wondered for a moment, then realised. "You fucked Andromeda's daughter?"

"Yep, I fucked Tonks and quite a few since then, so don't worry, I know what I'm doing."

"Better show me then," Bellatrix said, recovering herself, making sure her shield charms were still in place and pulling Harry in for a kiss that felt a little forced. She loosened up slowly though, especially when his hands began to rub her pussy through her dress, and soon the two of them were making out a little more forcefully than she'd anticipated.

Harry could feel Bellatrix's juices through her dress and knew he'd been right in his estimation that she hadn't had sex since her capture fourteen years ago. Her hands actually felt nice wrapped around his cock and he definitely preferred a woman's touch to a girl's, as good as Ginny was. He hitched up her dress to find she was wearing no panties and he was shocked to realise how wet she actually was.

"Fucking hell, Bellatrix, someone's horny," he said, as he rubbed her bare pussy with his fingers up and down, her hand continuing to stroke his cock.

"That's what happens when you get a chance to have sex again after fourteen years," she replied, "no matter who it's with."

"Better sort that out, then, hadn't we?" Harry remarked, not believing that he was actually enjoying this sexual encounter with Bellatrix Lestrange a lot. She may be a very evil woman but her pussy felt nice underneath his fingers and he pushed her down on the ground and began to make out with her again.

Bellatrix was loving being dominated. She was usually the dominatrix in the bedroom with Rodolphus and so to have a man bossing her around and taking control was making her hornier than she already was. She imagined that this was what it would be like if Lord Voldemort ever decided he wanted to fuck someone and she'd be first in the queue. But right now, she just needed Harry Potter to take control of her and give her a cock for the first time in such a long, long time.

That was exactly what he did, pulling up her black dress and burying his tongue in the Death Eater's bare pussy. Bellatrix could hardly contain her joy at having something other than her fingers working on her pussy and she had to fight back the urge to orgasm right there and then. She knew Harry wasn't lying when he'd claimed he wasn't a virgin from the way he pleasured her pussy and she couldn't stop herself moaning louder as he brought his fingers down to aid his tongue.

Harry could feel his cock pressing against the cold floor but he knew that Bellatrix would not be far away from her orgasm, given it was the first time she'd been pleasured since her imprisonment. Sure enough, as he continued working his tongue and fingers on her pussy, the Death Eater's moans became a lot more drawn out, the witch gasping for air as she felt her orgasm overcoming her.

"FUCCCCCKKKKK!" she screamed, as her juices flowed over Harry Potter's tongue, and any embarrassment she'd felt at being pleasured by one of her mortal enemies had long gone. She held Harry's head to her pussy as she felt her juices leave her and then sat back, struggling for breath, before looking down at the young wizard.

Harry was grinning up at Bellatrix, her juices visible around his mouth as he lay down himself and indicated his cock needed pleasuring. Bellatrix took a couple of seconds to compose herself before eagerly moving to return the favour, taking Harry's cock in her mouth and beginning to suck on it.

Harry moaned as the Death Eater began to suck his cock and he could immediately tell she'd been wanting one for a long time, given the pace and eagerness with which she was pleasuring him. He knew it wouldn't be long before he bust his load as well; after all, he'd gone a relatively long while with nothing but his hand to get him off.

Harry glanced around and was suddenly filled with a huge amount of fear before remembering that Bellatrix had cast a freeze charm around them so that only the two of them could move. The other Death Eaters were all motionless and silent and Harry concentrated on watching Bellatrix suck his cock, after all, it was a complete rarity.

Bellatrix was trying hard to hide how much joy she was getting from sucking Harry's cock but it was difficult because it had been so long since she'd touched one, let alone sucked one. Not only that, but Harry's cock was very big for his age and she wondered how big it would be when he was a fully grown man. If Voldemort didn't kill him, his future wife was in for a treat.

Considering she hadn't had any sexual contact for such a long time, Bellatrix certainly knew how to handle his cock and she was quite close to making him cum. When she began squeezing his balls as she worked his cock, he knew it wouldn't be long until he'd give the Death Eater his cum, and sure enough, a couple of moments later, his cum was covering the pale-skinned, black-haired witch's face.

Bellatrix looked up at Harry as she removed her lips from around his cock, and the evil grin that he'd seen so often in the Daily Prophet was fully in place. However, for the first time ever, Harry didn't mind seeing that face looking at him, especially as it was covered in his cum and her eyes seemed to hint that she wanted his cock inside her pussy.

That hint became a reality when Bellatrix licked the remaining cum off Harry's cock and proceeded to clamber on top of him, her pussy hovering inches above his cock. As she lowered herself down onto it, Bellatrix let out a moan of a woman that needed this fucking badly and she quickly built up a rhythm to give her the ultimate pleasure she possibly could.

Harry grabbed Bellatrix's waist and started to guide the witch's movements, loving hearing her moan as she felt a cock inside her at long last. He didn't care that she was probably fantasizing he was his arch-enemy because she was riding him exceptionally well and he knew that he would definitely cum again before they stopped fucking. Suddenly, though, a thought occurred to him.

"Bellatrix," Harry said, still guiding her movements with his hands, "how long does this freeze charm last?"

"Good point, Potter," she said, as she continued to fuck him, and picking her wand up off the floor, she waved it and cast another freeze charm to stop any of the other Death Eaters seeing or stopping what was going on. "There. That should do it."

Satisfied there was no chance of any of the other Death Eaters stopping them now, Harry sped up the rhythm with which he guided Bellatrix's hips, and soon she was going at breakneck speed. He also decided he wanted to see more of the witch's body and ripped open her black top to reveal her cute breasts, which looked particularly pale against her outfit.

He couldn't help but grab a hold of them and squeeze and caress them as Bellatrix Lestrange continued to ride his cock and he couldn't help but think how good she was considering her lack of practice. The thought suddenly crossed his mind that Tonks and Bellatrix were related and fucking both of them at the same time would have something of the taboo about it and this seemed to make his cock harder still; he'd often thought about Ginny and Mrs Weasley being fucked by him together.

Bellatrix seemed to feel his cock harden and she knew she was going to climax and there was absolute nothing on this earth that would have stopped it. Screaming Harry's name, to his great surprise, she climaxed hard around his cock, her hands holding Harry's on her breasts, squeezing them tightly.

To Harry's utter delight, Bellatrix seemed intent on making him cum again though, as she did not stop fucking his cock and he could feel her juices running over it. He pulled her down towards him and began to make out with the witch, something he never saw himself doing in a million years, and her tongue immediately began to explore his mouth.

He wondered if Rodolphus would notice that his wife seemed a lot more happier now she'd climaxed twice and she was about to receive a hot load of cum inside her. She thrust back on Harry's cock and the glint in her eye seemed to invite him to release his load deep inside her which he duly did.

The two of them remained like that for a couple of minutes, recovering from their sexual encounter, Harry's cock still buried inside Bellatrix's pussy. Then, Bellatrix clambered off Harry's cock and waved her wand to clear away the excess cum as they both began to get dressed. Harry knew she wouldn't kill him now, not after the fucking he'd just given her, and she might even stop the others doing so as well.

"Right, well, let's forget about this," Bellatrix said, "admittedly it will be hard. However, this never happened, for the sake of both our lives."

"Fine by me," Harry replied, grabbing his wand and drawing it to face Bellatrix. "Just one thing. I wouldn't hesitate to do it again."

And with one last knowing smile from Bellatrix Lestrange, she removed the freeze charm on the Death Eaters and their sexual encounter remained a secret for the two of them, as the battle continued.


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