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Harry Potter: Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Harem The Rewrite Part 2
by Red Jacobson ([email protected])

Ravenclaw Tower,
4th Year Girls Dormitories
After Dinner

"Luna? It's Padma, do you need to talk?"

"Just a second." Padma winced as she heard the edge in her friend's voice, so different from the usual almost unnatural calm that was Luna's normal speaking voice. She heard sounds of movement, and the door lock clicked and the heavy wooden door swung inward, showing her young friend sitting at her desk, a framed picture in her hands. Padma gasped at the sight of tears rolling down the younger girls cheeks. Moving to her, Padma wrapped her arms around Luna in a comforting hug.

"What's going on, Lu? We haven't seen you all morning, and Su and I were really worried about you!" When Luna continued to stare silently at the picture in her hand, Padma leaned in and whispered, "I've brought butterbeer!"

"Butterbeer?" Luna repeated, a small smile crossing her face, "Gimme!"

Smiling at finally getting a reaction, she handed Luna a bottle, before taking one for herself. "I thought it would help if you needed to get something off of that lovely chest of yours."

Luna smiled slightly, taking a drink, before getting up from the chair and leading Padma to the bed, where they both sat down.

"Thanks, Padma, and I'm glad you find my chest lovely, and I enjoy yours too." she sighed, "But, you're right, I do need to tell somebody what happened last night. It was terrifying at times, but, I also had the most amazing experience!"

Luna told her friend about the trip to the Ministry of Magic, including getting separated from the others.

"I was so frightened, I was lost and alone, and could hear somebody behind me. I kept trying doors, trying to find a place to hide, and a door opened up. I ducked inside and shut the door behind me. I looked around the room, and saw mist coming toward me. I remember saying something like, "Mummy, I'm scared," and then the mist was all around me. It was the strangest thing, the mist felt comfortable and, I guess, loving is the best word. Then the mist was gone, and I was standing in the kitchen of my house, and my mother was standing there!"

Padma gasped and pulled Luna into a hug as more tears dripped from the blonde's eyes.

"She looked right at me, and said, "Hello Luna, to answer your questions, because I don't have long here, yes, it is really me, and I am so sorry I had to leave you and your daddy. I only have a couple of minutes, and I need to correct a horrible wrong that was done to you when you saw me die. You were damaged in ways I don't think you realize even now." She put her arms around me and kissed me on the forehead, and, suddenly, everything was much clearer! I still see things that others don't, but, I found that I'm focusing on what everybody else calls reality a lot easier. Anyway, she managed to unlock my gift, you knew I had a touch of seer in me didn't you?"

At Padma's nod, she continued, "Well, it's a lot stronger now, and, for a change, I can actually understand what I am seeing. For example, I know that I need to take the invisibility cloak I took from one of the Death Eaters last night and head up to the hospital wing within the next 10 minutes, I don't know exactly what will happen there, but I do know that it will make both you and I and several others extremely happy, and lead to a quick, successful end to the war against Voldemort."

"Then what are you waiting for? Better get moving, you can tell me the rest of the story when you get back!"

Luna kissed Padma and grabbed the cloak from under her bed. Padma opened the door when she left, and waited until she felt Luna move passed her before shutting the door.

Hogwarts Hospital Wing
Later that Evening

The next several hours proved to be the most embarrassing ones he could remember, even worse than the aftermath of Rita Skeeter's poison quill during the Triwizard Tournament. It wasn't bad at first, with Madame Pomfrey scanning him, but after double checking the results, she brought the Headmaster in as well.

"Madame Pomfrey, what's going on? Is something wrong with me?" Harry was getting really concerned when she didn't answer him. In fact, it seemed as if she didn't even hear him, she was so intent on what her scans were showing. Finally, when Dumbledore arrived, he tapped her on the shoulder and said, "Perhaps we should answer some of Harry's questions before he hexes us."

Harry was slightly relieved to hear the humor in the old man's voice, 'I guess it can't be that horrible, at least he's smiling.'

The nurse flushed, "Sorry, Headmaster, I just lost track of what I was doing. Anyway, Mister Potter, I don't know why you still manage to surprise me, but you've done it again. Your magical core has almost doubled in size since the beginning of the school year, and that is what is causing your headaches. The Headmaster has an idea of what has caused it to suddenly increase, and I'll let him discuss that with you, and then we can discuss a course of treatment."

Harry wondered why the normally unflappable nurse was blushing when she mentioned the 'treatment'. Shaking his head, he turned toward Professor Dumbledore with a curious expression on his face. "Well, sir, why do you think I've suddenly got this problem? Is it because I was possessed last night?"

The damnable twinkle was back in his eyes as he said "In a sense, Harry, in a sense. What I believe happened is that Tom had established a link with you when he first gave you that scar, and had been drawing off a portion of your magic all the time. When you forcibly ejected him from your mind last night, I believe that you managed to sever the link and, without Tom draining your magic, your core has expanded beyond what your body is used to. I don't know if you've noticed or not, but another side effect of breaking that link, your scar has noticeably faded. At any rate, the headaches are because you have magic in you that has no place to go that is why the pain eased when you cast the spells earlier."

"So, I just have to keep casting spells so the headaches stop? I can do that for now, but what about during the summer? I don't need another warning from the Underage Magic morons!"

Dumbledore paused for a moment, "Well, unfortunately, casting would only be a temporary measure, and would not keep working for more than a few more days. There is a method of treatment that I'm aware of, because I had to undertake it myself when I was a few years older than you are now. I'm sure you will find it enjoyable, if a little embarrassing."

"Okay, what's the treatment? Am I going to have to parade down Diagon Alley in my grundies waving a wand around? Because you might enjoy something like that but it's really not my idea of a good time!"

Dumbledore paused at the mental picture, then shook his head, smiling, "No, Harry, nothing quite that public. In fact, the treatment is generally done in private. There is no easy way to say it, but, in order to drain off the excess magic until your body adjusts to the change, sex is required, several times a day!"

Harry blinked, then blinked again, before he started laughing. "Oh, that was good! You really had me going for a minute there! But, seriously, what is the actual treatment?" At Dumbledore's look, he said, "You aren't kidding me, are you? I really have to have sex to keep my magical core from overloading? Oh bugger! How the bloody Hell am I going to do that? I can just see myself going up to a girl and saying, 'Hi, I've got to have regular sex to keep my magical core in check, so you want to take a walk?' That would go over about as well as Umbridge as a Page Three Girl! Even if I found someone willing, how long do you think it would be before she is selling the story to Rita Skeeter or one of the other leeches?"

Dumbledore grimaced at the analogy, but, said, "Actually, Harry, I believe that you might be pleasantly surprised. There are several girls in the school who are attracted to you, and not as the 'Boy Who Lived', but as Harry. And they would not be the types to tell your secrets to anyone! You may not realize it, but the way you have handled yourself over the past five years has made quite an impression. Well, I can see that you don't believe me, at least not yet, so I'll take my leave. Madame Pomfrey has a pain relieving potion you can take for the evening, so you can go back to Gryffindor Tower. I'll be talking to you tomorrow about an idea for where you can spend your summer, so I wish you a pleasant evening." With a final twinkle and look around the examining room, he left.

Harry laid back on the table, "Oh bugger, where the fuck am I going to find a girl who's willing to have sex with me and not go blabbing about it to everyone? Hermione? I'm sure she'd be willing to help me, but she's still recovering from the fight, and, could I ask her to do that for me? Ginny? It looks like she and Neville are getting closer, and I wouldn't do that to a friend! She's out! Luna? I like her, and she's proven she can handle herself, but would she want to be with me? She might, but how the bloody hell do I bring it up with her?" His musings were interrupted by the rustle of cloth as a figure appeared from under an invisibility cloak.

"I'm glad you think so highly of me, Harry, and I would very much like to be with you, although I would need to have some help, because I don't think I could keep up with your needs." Luna said, as she walked over to the table. "I know you aren't aware of this, but I come from a long line of Seers, and knew that I needed to be here in this room tonight. I'm just glad I had the invisibility cloak, otherwise I would have had to hide behind a plant, and I don't think that would have worked too well. I just wish you would have come in earlier, it's been very boring sitting still all day. But anyway, there is something that Professor Dumbledore didn't tell you, maybe because he didn't know, but, a girl that you are having regular sex with, that is, if you are she are together more than a couple of times, gets an increase in her magical core, making her a more powerful spell caster, and, since I know you are concerned about it, she would be better able to defend herself from Tommy and his followers."

"That's something, I suppose, but, you are very different Luna, I've never seen you so focused."

"I'm glad you noticed, you weren't the only one to have something happen to them last night, and I'll be happy to tell you about it later. Anyway, that potion won't keep the pain away for very long, do you want to come with me?"

"Of course I do, Luna, but, I hope you understand, this is quite a shock to me, I've never even had a girlfriend, and now you are offering me something extremely special! Are you absolutely sure this is what you want to do?" Harry said, as he stared into Luna's eyes.

"Harry, I've been waiting for a long, long time for this, even before I knew who you were, I knew that my first male lover would have dark hair and gorgeous green eyes. I've just been waiting for the right time. Now, shall we go?"

Harry took her hand and the two of them left the Hospital Wing.

The Room of Requirement
Five Minutes Later

Harry followed Luna, not protesting, as she prepared the room for entry. When the door opened, Harry was pleasantly surprised to see a comfortable bedroom set up, with a night table beside a large bed, and the only light from the fireplace in the corner. Luna sat him down on the edge of the bed, and, sitting beside him said, "Harry, there is a great deal we need to talk about, to make this situation between us work, but, it's obvious you won't be able to concentrate with things as they are. So, I'm going to have to 'take the edge off' so we can discuss our relationship calmly. Now, I want you to lean back and enjoy."

Wondering exactly what Luna was going to do to 'take the edge off', Harry just did what he was told. It didn't take long for him to figure it out, as Luna spread his legs, and knelt on a pillow between them. Freeing his cock from his pants, Harry moaned as she swiped her tongue along the length before putting the head in her mouth. Removing her mouth, the not-so-spacey blonde looked up at him and said, "Don't worry if you come in my mouth, I've been curious about what you taste like for quite a while." Before Harry could respond she had lowered her face back onto his cock and began sucking on the head before moving to the rest of the shaft. It didn't take long at all before Harry gasped out Luna's name and filled her mouth with cum. Luna managed to swallow everything, and cleaned up what was left.

"Yummy!" she said, before grabbing a glass of water that appeared beside her. Drinking deeply, she got back to her feet and sat next to Harry on the bed.

"Okay, that should have relieved the pressure long enough for us to get the discussion part out of the way, before we get to the fun portion. Not that giving you a blow job wasn't fun, but next time I want to be able to take my time and make you enjoy it more, as well as having you licking me at the same time. But anyway, we can do that later."

"Luna, are you sure about this? This really isn't like you! I don't want you feeling you have to give me something so precious as your body out of some sense of obligation, because I am your friend."

Luna chuckled, "Harry, this is what I am really like, I'm not about to let myself be distracted by the things I see around the edges, this is far too important. And, I'm not doing this out of obligation, it's because I really want to be with you, not just once, but for as long as you'll have me. I realize I'm being a bit more assertive than you are used to, but, if I waited for you to make a decision, I'd still be waiting 10 years from now. Harry, I love you, yes, I do love you, believe it or not, but, in a personal situation you are the most indecisive, infuriating man I've ever met, or heard about!"

"Now, you need to have some form of sexual contact at least 3 times a day for the next several months, until your body adjusts to your new magical core, and, frankly, I can't handle that much, and besides, I'll be away in Norway with Father for most of the summer, so, I'm going to be talking to a friend of mine who I think would be willing to alternate days with me. That will get us through the week before school lets out. And I can see that the Headmaster is taking care of your Summer lodging, so you will have plenty of willing partners, I'm sure. I realize that you would have a difficult time just having sex, because you would see it as using the girl, so I expect that you would fall in love, at least just a little bit, with the other girls, and, that's fine. I'm perfectly willing to share, as long as they are, too!"

"Luna, can we stop here for a second, I really can't believe what you are telling me! If I'm understanding you, you want me to have a harem of willing lovers, as long as you are there too? I hope you'll forgive me if when I say that, although a part of me is ecstatic over having so much sex, another part of me can't believe that there are that many girls out there who would want me! Not the 'boy who lived', but plain old Harry Potter! I'm nobody special, why would anybody want me?"

"First of all, you have never been 'plain old' anybody! You have done so much in the five years you have been here, that, other than a couple of idiots -- cough Snape, Malfoy cough -- most of us who know you don't think of the 'boy who lived' anymore, we see the man who brought Cedric back, who rescued Ginny from the monster, who taught us to defend ourselves when the teacher was useless. Where do you see 'nobody special' in doing all those things?"

"Okay, so I'm willing to admit that I have done some things that were a bit out of the ordinary, but are there really that many girls who want to have a relationship with me? I'm not exactly known for showing my dates a good time, just ask Parvati or Cho."

"I'll admit that you could have done better with Parvati, but, at least you apologized to her and Padma for the way you acted, something, I'll note, that Ronald has not done to this day. Padma told me that the public apology made up for a lot of the hurt feelings, and, added to the idea that you are good relationship material. Now, Cho on the other hand, there was nothing you could have done to make that go any better. She was looking for a connection to Cedric, and she wasn't even close to being ready for another love. Although I think that she may be moving past what happened, the mess with Marietta kind of opened her eyes to a lot of things."

Shaking her head, she continued "But, we've gotten rather far from point. You will just have to accept that there are several girls here who care for you a great deal, and are willing to share themselves with you. And, before you ask, very few of them are virgins, in fact, I think I'm one of the only virgins in my year, at least among the pure or half bloods. Among the Muggleborn it's different, because they place a great deal of emphasis on 'waiting until the wedding' In the Wizarding world, virginity is actually not something you want to hang on to unnecessarily, simply because there are far too many dark rituals out there that require a virgin sacrifice. I chose to keep my virginity, because I knew you would make it special, even before I knew who you were. Sometimes being a Seer can be an inconvenience when you don't really understand what you are seeing. Now, do you have any questions before we get back to being a boy and his girlfriend enjoying themselves?"

"When you put it that way, no, I guess not." Harry grinned, "I'm certainly not going to fight against something that I really do want to do, I just wanted to make sure you were okay with what is going on. Let's face it, this won't exactly be a conventional relationship, will it?"

"Nope, and I wouldn't want it to be, would you?" As he shook his head, Luna's expression changed, becoming softer, less businesslike, and she had a husky sound in her voice that drove him wild.

"By the way, would you have a problem if I joined in when you were with one of the other girls? There are a few of us who enjoy each others company sometimes...." She paused and a grin spread across her face, "...and, judging by the way something just stood up, I see you like that idea! That's something for tomorrow, now, I really need you to make love to me!"

Harry leaned over and pulled Luna into a kiss, which she eagerly returned. Soon she was guiding his hands to her breasts as clothing was removed. Harry was stunned, but pleasantly so, at how eager a teacher he had, as she showed him exactly how she liked to be touched, and, when he moved his mouth down over her nipples, he discovered that Luna was so sensitive she was able to climax just from having her nipples sucked gently. Soon enough he was sliding a finger inside of her and listening to her moan in pleasure as he found her button.

"Lick me, Harry!" Luna moaned, as she pushed his face further down her body. Eagerly he licked around her lips, teasing, as something he had heard Seamus say crossed his mind, and he slid his tongue inside her, enjoying the different taste of her juices. Moving his tongue around inside her, she was soon screaming in pleasure before falling backward into the pillows. "No more, no more, Harry! I need to rest a minute, that was too much!"

Harry pulled his face up, concerned, "Did I hurt you, Luna?"

"Oh, Merlin no! It was just, the pleasure got too intense, and I needed a breather, you didn't hurt me at all! That was fantastic, even better than Padma!"

"'Padma? Damn! That picture is going to be fueling a wank session or two!' Harry thought. Then the rest of what she said sank into his brain, and a pleased smile lit up his face as he moved up beside her and gathered her in his arms.

They lay there, relaxing for a few minutes, before Luna reached over and grabbed two potions from the bed table, and handed one to Harry. "Mine is a contraceptive, so we don't have to worry about having a baby yet, and yours is a stamina potion, because I've heard that it's over too quick the first time, and I'm sure you want to make it last as long as possible." She grimaced as she drank the potion, "Blech! Why don't they ever make a potion that tastes good?"

Harry had a similar expression on his face, "I don't know, maybe that's why Snape is such a sourpuss, could you imagine having to taste potions all the time? Yech!"

A few minutes later, Luna reached down and grasped his erection, "You are ready, aren't you? Well, it's time to find Big Harry a new home! Let me set the pace at first, it's supposed to hurt the first time, and I want to make sure I'm adjusted to the size before we start moving, okay?"

"Uh-huh!" Harry grunted, as Luna straddled him, and lowered herself onto his spike. He was watching her face, anxious to see the first sign of pain, but all he saw was a look of pleased surprise as she lowered herself all the way down so their skin was touching. "It didn't hurt at all! I must have torn it and not realized it before. Oh, this feels so wonderful!"

Harry reached up and pulled her body down, so he was hugging her as he started moving inside her. At her eager cries, he sped up his pumping, eventually rolling over so he was on top of her. It didn't take long before he heard the sounds he was learning meant she was reaching climax and held her still to enjoy the sensations.

"Oh, Harry, it's even better than I thought it would be! Thank you!" Luna gasped as she pushed herself up against him, driving to get him in even deeper. After Luna had several orgasms over the next 20 minutes, Harry felt a tightening in his crotch and moaned, "I'm gonna cum, Luna, I'm gonna cum!"

After he spent himself inside her, she rolled over, with him still inside, and collapsed on his chest. "Oh Merlin, I was right! I'm not going to be able to to handle that everyday! I'm going to have to have a whole lot of help!" Luna breathed, before falling asleep on Harry. Harry smiled gently at her before falling asleep himself. Just as he was falling asleep, he thought he heard Luna mumble, "And he hasn't even had a chance to take my arse yet, Wow!"

Needless to say, he had very pleasant dreams, and the headache didn't comeback for several hours.

Harris Residence
10:30 that night

Xander stood under the shower head, letting the hot water beat down on the aching muscles in his back and shoulders. "Damn!" he groaned, "I thought I was in better shape than this. Face it, you're not in High School anymore, and it's been a lot of years since you needed to go toe to toe with a vamp!"

Feeling the muscles finally starting to relax, he moved his head under the water, getting his shoulder length brown hair good and wet before grabbing the shampoo. He was mildly surprised when he heard the shower curtain pull back, and somebody join him in the shower. Turning around, he blinked the water from his eyes as he saw someone he really wasn't expecting. "Tara? I thought you and Cordy would be using the other shower."

Tara smiled at him, "Actually, Cordy and Faith are occupied at the moment, and Kim decided she wanted to try subbing to Dawn for the night, and I wanted some more time with you, so Cordy gave me the go-ahead." The smile turned to a smirk, "At least I think that's what she said, it was hard to make out the words with Faith sitting on her face and wriggling."

Xander laughed, knowing exactly how true that was, before handing the shampoo bottle to the newest member of the family. "Well, Tara, Dawn has always said how good you were at washing her hair, so show me!"

Tara's eyes grew smoky at the command, and said, "Yes Master," before starting to work.

Xander closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of Tara's strong fingers working the shampoo into his scalp and hair, getting rid of all the accumulated sweat and dirt from the days workout. He moaned in pleasure as she started scratching his scalp, "Dawn wasn't exaggerating, Tara, you are very good at this!"

Tara didn't reply, but he knew she was happy. Tara and Dawn had been the last to join his family, although they had been overnight guests multiple times since the night that Dawn and Cordy had watched while he made love to Tara the first time. Of course, after that, Cordy and Tara had made love while Dawn finally got what she had wanted for several years. He still smiled remembering that Housewarming Party! Of course, that came after the shock of Cordy leading him to the guest bedroom, where Buffy and Willow were waiting nervously, and his wife, who had been so jealous of the two of them in High School they had broken up over it, was telling him they had her approval for what they were going to ask him. He was already bracing himself for a shock, but you could have still knocked him over with a feather when they asked him to father their children!

Cordy and the rest of the family were with him in the Delivery Room later that year when Jesse Joshua Rosenberg made his first appearance, and again two years later when Joyce Elizabeth Summers was born! It was one of the few area's of sadness that Cordy couldn't have any children after an injury when she first moved to Los Angeles after High School, which is why they leapt at the chance to adopt Hermione when her mother Molly had been killed when Spike finally showed his true colors and turned on them. Shaking his head to clear it from the unpleasant thoughts, especially since he had personally sent Spike to join Dru in Hell, after showing the screaming vampire what could truly be done with railroad spikes.

He was pulled from his memories by Tara telling him she was finished, so he opened his eyes and turned around, pulling her into a hug, and giving her a gentle kiss on the lips. "Well then, since it's just you and I for the evening, shall we dry off and move this to the bedroom?"

Tara grinned her saucy grin, and said, "Well, it would probably be a whole lot more comfortable than the tub!"

"True, but, before we get started, what are you in the mood for tonight? Is it going to be just Xander and Tara, or are you in the mood for 'Sir' and 'Pet'?" He asked her seriously.

She paused, thinking about it, and said, "I think just Xander and Tara tonight, when it's 'Sir' and 'Pet' it gets a little too intense, and, Goddess knows I love the way you make me feel those nights, I'm not up for anything super strenuous tonight after the training we did this afternoon."

He chuckled, "I'm not either, to be honest, so no scene tonight." With a grin, he said, "Want to take a look and see how Dawn and Kim are doing? I don't remember them playing a scene together before."

"Don't need to, Dawn said she was going to be filming it for the family movie collection."

With a laugh, he took Tara by the hand and led her to the Master Bedroom, and for the rest of the night, they were the only two people in the house.

End Chapter 2


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