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Harry Potter: Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Harem The Rewrite Part 4
by Red Jacobson ([email protected])

The Hospital Wing
Shortly after the last Chapter

Harry and Hermione were sitting quietly, holding hands, when Luna came back in, leading a girl that Harry recognized as Felicity Eastchurch; a rather cute, but quiet 4th year Ravenclaw. The girl smiled nervously at the two of them before making her way to Ron's bed and pulling the privacy curtains around them.

Luna grinned as she joined the two of them on the bed.

Hermione spoke first, "Luna, while I'm sure that Ron will enjoy waking up with a girl in his bed, don't you think Madam Pomfrey would object?"

"Not at all, Hermione. She won't even know about it. She's taking a nap right now because I cast a sleep spell on her. She won't wake up until lunch time, unless there is an emergency, then she would wake up instantly. If she wakes up normally, she won't even realize it was unusual. Now, let's get back to the important stuff, do you have any questions for me?"

"Yes, I do. you mentioned getting some help to take care of Harry, who do you have in mind? As I said, I want to make sure I can get along with them, especially if some of them will be a permanent part of our life."

"Well, the only girl I'm thinking about is Padma, simply because we are already lovers, and she confessed that she has had a crush on Harry for the past year, ever since seeing how he handled the Dragon. I haven't asked her yet, but I'm certain she will say yes, and, although I'm not sure how I feel about it, from something that Sirius said, Cho may have a part to play over the summer."

"Padma and I get along really well, so that's good. Cho, however, doesn't like me, and I'm afraid there will be a conflict, especially if she tries to keep me out of Harry's life."

"Hermione, I really don't think there will be as much of a problem as you do. Cho was in a very bad situation on Valentine's day, but, after the mess with the D.A., Luna told me that she has been re-evaluating things, and I'm not even sure we will be involved with her. Cedric just asked that I look out for her over the Summer. And, even if she does get involved, I'll make sure she understands your place in my life. If she can't handle it, then I'll tell her goodbye."

Hermione smiled in relief, "Okay, now, I realize that I'm in no shape to find out for myself, so, Harry, why don't you take a walk for a few minutes while Luna fills me in on the details!"

Harry grinned and said, "I'll go see Neville and grab us something from the kitchens. Back in a little while."

As he was leaving, he heard Luna say, "I'm impressed, you've already got him trained." The rest of the conversation was cut off as the door closed behind him.

After Harry left, Luna turned back to Hermione and said, "I'm very glad that you are as open to this relationship as I am. I was afraid that you were going to make Harry choose between us, and I knew that I would lose. He is very fond of me, and it could grow into more, but he honestly loves you. I don't think he knows how long it's been, but I could tell even back at the beginning of the year that there was a very strong connection between the two of you."

"I know, his reaction when I raised my concern about Cho demonstrated that. Now, I want details, Luna, how big is he, what did you two do, how did you like it? Everything! I'm not going to get the real thing for a few months yet, so I need some details to keep my fingers busy!"

"Well, to start with, he's about 8 inches long, and pretty thick....."

Gryffindor Common Room
A Few Minutes Later

Harry climbed through the portrait and saw that the common room was fairly deserted, apparently everybody was either having a lie-in or at breakfast, although he was happy to see Neville and Ginny were there on the couch by the fireplace. Although he was mildly surprised to see just how close together they were, especially considering that she was on Neville's lap and examining his tonsils with her tongue.

"Hem! Hem! Are you two children aware of the penalties for such unseemly behavior?" He asked, doing his best Umbridge impersonation. He laughed at how quickly the two of them broke apart, but the laughter died when he found himself looking at the business ends of two wands.

"Merlin, Harry! Don't do that! You scared me out of a years growth." Neville complained, while Ginny just glared at him, saying, "I really hope you had a good reason for interrupting us! Neville finally got up his nerve to ask me out 20 minutes ago, and I was expressing my pleasure that he had done so. So, why did you find it necessary to break us up?"

"Oh, nothing too important, just wanted you to know that Sirius is back." Harry said casually as he sat down across from them.

"He's what!" the two of them shouted, before quickly quieting down.

"Well, it's like this, Luna and I, by the way, we're dating as well, were spending some time in the Room of Requirement, and Sirius showed up. He'd just pulled himself back together, and came looking for me."

"So, you and Luna, huh? When did that happen?" Ginny smirked. "I figured it would be you and Hermione, the way you acted the other night."

"Yeah, Harry, I thought you were going to tear the death eater who hurt her apart with your bare hands."

Harry blushed, "Yeah, well, it's a little more complicated than that, but this isn't the best place to discuss it. Follow me."

The three of them left the common room heading for an unused classroom.

Meanwhile, the Slytherin 5th year Girls Dormitory

Pansy held the letter in shaking hands, her stomach in knots. "Oh no, Oh no, I can't believe they are doing this to me! Just because I don't want to take the Mark and marry Draco!"

But there is was, in her mother's distinctive handwriting, her doom in two paragraphs.


Words can not express just how disappointed and unhappy your father and I are with you right now. We have tolerated your misbehavior for far too long, but this is the final outrage! Do you have any idea the embarrassment we suffered when we received word from Lucius Malfoy that you had rejected his son? And after he had paid the agreed on price! Needless to say, we had to give him the money back, even though we had already spend a great deal of it on preparations for the wedding.

Now, after a great deal of discussion between your father and I as to the best method of punishing you, we've decided that, since you are so independent that you can reject the plans your elders have for you, you can pay us back every knut that we spent on you so you can go to Hogwarts as well as the wedding arrangements and the bride price. Of course, we realize that it would be difficult for a silly little girl to earn enough money to pay us back working in a shop, so your father made arrangements with an old friend of ours to give you a place to earn your keep. You will take the enclosed portkey on the day school lets out, don't even get on the Express, and leave your trunk at school, you won't need it. The portkey will take you to our old friend Eloise, who will put you to work for the summer. And, as a favor to me, she has added a couple of things to make your time even more educational.

This is the last communication you will receive until your debt is paid in full.

Your Very Disappointed Mother

Pansy folded the letter and put it away, before throwing herself on her bed and crying herself to sleep.

An empty classroom

"Now, before I tell you any more, I need your oaths that you will not discuss this with anybody without my permission, and that means writing it down, or any other means of discussing it."

Neville and Ginny gave their oaths without hesitation, and Harry explained exactly what happened and what is going on with Luna and Hermione.

Neville whistled, "Damn, Harry, I don't know whether to pity you or envy you! I can't imagine being with anybody but Ginny, but two women?"

Ginny shot her boyfriend a grateful look before saying, "And what about Ron? You know he's going to blow his stack when he finds out both Luna and Hermione are with you! Are you ready for a repeat of the TriWizard?"

"Well, hopefully Ron will be too distracted with his new girlfriend to care too much about what Hermione, Luna and I are up to."

"What new girlfriend?"

The Hospital Wing, Ron's Bed

"Ron, Ron, wake up!"

"Huh? I'm awake, I'm awake! Felicity? What are you doing here?"

"Oh, good, you remember me! I heard about how you were hurt helping Harry, and how brave you were, and I decided that things are too uncertain not to tell you how I feel. I've had a crush on you ever since I was a first year, that was so brave driving that flying car all the way from London, and, how you are always helping other people, and, well, I just wanted to ask, would you be my boyfriend?"

Ron looked at her for a second, trying to decipher what she was saying, and, once he did, a smile crossed his face, "Well, this isn't exactly how I expected to find a girlfriend. Sure, I'll be happy to be your boyfriend."

"That's great! Now, slide over, I can't snog you properly sitting here in the chair." As Ron moved over, Felicity removed her school robes, showing she wasn't wearing anything but her bra and knickers underneath. Sliding into the bed, she climbed on top of the un-protesting redhead and proceeded to snog the life out of him.

The Ossuary
The Bones Family Home
That Morning

Amelia Bones yawned as she sat down to breakfast. Her elf, Snidget had a cup of coffee waiting for her, and she smiled gratefully at the elf before taking a sip. The caffeine did its work quickly, and, feeling a little more alert after the past two sleepless nights, she started on her sausage and eggs. She made quick work of the excellent breakfast and thanked the elf for once again anticipating her needs so well. She was sipping on her second cup of coffee when there was a scratching at the window. Looking over, she saw that Snidget was bringing a letter to her, while the owl was drinking from the water bowl in between bites of the bacon that was left out.

Turning the letter over, her eyes widened at the seal on the back. A sword crossed in front of the Christian Cross, resting on a book. She knew that seal, although she hadn't seen it since she'd left Hogwarts many years before. The words around the design just confirmed it. "What the bloody hell does the House of Giles want with me?" she wondered, checking the letter for any traps, and, not finding anything, ran her finger under the wax, opening the envelope.

Madam Bones,

I am not sure you remember me, but we were year mates in Hogwarts, although in different houses. The reason I am writing you is to offer you assistance in the battle against Tom Marvolo Riddle, also known as Lord Voldemort. It is obvious after the events of Friday night that the Fudge Administration is on it's last legs, and common sense tells my associates and I that you are the most likely to replace him. It's been our observation that you would prosecute the war against Riddle and his minions quite effectively, and the organization I represent, 'The Council of Watchers' would be willing to work with you in combating this threat. If you are interested, please reply, and we can work out mutually satisfactory arrangements to meet.

Sincerely yours,

Rupert Giles
Ravenclaw, Class of 1968

Thinking back, she had vague memories of Giles, a rather stuffy sort if she recalled, but never caused any problems. She seemed to recall he dropped out of the Wizarding World, or seemed to, not long after Graduation. Although if he had gone to work for the Watchers, that could explain it. Amelia, as was common with the Directors of the DMLE, was familiar with the Watchers Council and their work containing the demonic breeds of vampires that seemed to congregate in certain areas. She was fortunate that those types of vampires never spend much time in the magical areas, so she didn't have to worry much about them.

Realizing that the points he had raised were valid, and she was the logical choice to take over for Fudge, she also knew that she could use all the help she could get. Having her elf bring her fresh parchment and her writing materials, she asked the owl to wait for a reply and started to write.

Sending off the letter, she got dressed and headed to the Ministry, knowing it was going to be another long day.

Hospital Wing
Later that Afternoon

Hermione was laying back on the pillow, a book face down and open across her chest and her eyes were closed, sound asleep when Sirius floated into the Hospital Wing. Not able to resist a joke, he floated as close as he could to the sleeping girl and yelled in her ear, "Hey, Hermione, are you awake?"

The ghost of Padfoot started laughing at the way Hermione shrieked and tossed her book in the air before turning to glare at him.

"I am now, what do you want, Sirius? Sirius? Sirius!"

"Yes, Yes and Yes!"

Hermione smiled, her anger forgotten, "Oh, it's so good to see you, Harry and Luna told me you were back, and it really made a difference in Harry. Well, that and getting laid probably had a lot to do with it, too." She ended with a grin, "So, have a seat, talk to me, what's it like, what do you remember? Did you see bright lights in a tunnel?

"I remember being surprised that Bella hit me, she never was able to touch me when we were kids. Of course, the fact that I'd been cooped up in that house drinking for the past year might have had something to do with it as well. Anyway, I remember falling through the veil, and then, nothing! Suddenly I heard voices, and James and Lily were there, and somebody I didn't recognize. Prongs introduced him as Cedric Diggory, and I knew who he was once I heard the name. Then Prongs asked me if I were staying, and I told them no, that I have something I swore to do. I promised I would be back when it was done, so they each gave me some messages, and I woke up here at Hogwarts. By the way, Lily gave me a message for you, she said that she approves of you, and thinks you'll make an excellent primary wife to her Harry, and she and James both thank you for taking care of him when I wasn't able to."

"Heh, I guess they can see a lot from up there. I never dreamed Harry would feel the same way about me as I did about him."

"You know, Hermione, for the 'smartest witch of her generation' you need to work on your observation skills. It was obvious to all of us in the house at Christmas time that he was head over heels for you, hell, even Snivelus saw it, and you know how dense he can be! He was miserable the whole time, until you got there, and then it was like he came alive."

"Well, he never was one for showing emotions, was he? Fortunately, I think that's going to change, if Luna and I have anything to say about it!"

"Anyway, how much do you know about what is going on with Harry's magic?"

"Pretty much what I've been told, although I do remember hearing about other wizards, and the occasional witch, that it happened to, and the massive amount of sex is pretty much the only known treatment, but, in Harry's case, it has a beneficial side effect, in that he will be able to bond with certain girls, and the bonding will make them more powerful magically, so they can defend themselves better. Besides, I've heard that the sex in a bond relationship is amazing!"

"I can't wait to find out!" Hermione snickered, "if only Parv and Lavender could hear me now, they figured I'd never have sex with a guy until my wedding night, and wouldn't have a clue what to do. Little do they know!"

"Oh, does innocent Hermione have stories to tell?" Sirius asked with a smile.

"Not a lot of hands on experience, but tons of research, and I can't wait to show Harry what I've learned! If it weren't for this damn curse damage, I'd be the one to share his bed right now, and not Luna!"

"Actually, if it makes you feel any better, Luna is in Ravenclaw tower and Harry is asleep in his own bed, and has been for a couple of hours."

"Actually, it does, I'm ashamed to admit, but I do feel a bit better."

"So, he said, changing the subject" Sirius grinned, "How's Ron doing?"

Hermione laughed, "Much better now, he got woken up by a fourth year Ravenclaw asking if she could be his girlfriend, he said yes, and apparently she snogged the life out of him. She moved the privacy curtain when she left, and he just sat there with a stupid grin on his face, before finally going back to sleep."

Sirius laughed quietly, "Yeah, that would do it! I remember one time when I was in school, I got banged up pretty bad during a Quidditch game, and one of the young years snuck into the hospital wing one night and made sure I had some pleasant dreams." The grin faded as he said, "The Death Eaters got her that summer, she was a Muggleborn and very outspoken. That's one of the reasons I came back, I promised Lily and James that I'd watch over Harry, but, I also promised myself that I'd watch over you. You remind me of Allison quite a bit, and, damn it, it still hurts losing her that way!"

Sirius wiped his hand across his face, "Huh, what do you know, a ghost can cry! Learn something new everyday."

"Anyway, I just wanted to see you for a minute, I'm gonna go back and visit with Moony for a while. I'll see you tomorrow, ok?

"See you tomorrow, Padfoot, and I'm so glad you are back," Hermione said, before laying back down and trying to sleep.

Ravenclaw Tower,
4th Year Girls Dorm
At the same time

Padma knocked on the door, and Luna let her in, locking the door behind her. Pulling the older girl into her arms, she moaned into the kiss that Padma gave her.

Breaking the kiss, Padma sat Luna on the bed, and asked eagerly, "So, what happened, you've been gone since last night!"

"Well, it was amazing!. I got to the examining room in time, and heard Harry talking to the Headmaster, I almost fainted when Professor Dumbledore told Harry that his magical core had doubled, and, until his body adjusted, he would need to have sex several times a day, every day, to keep from burning out. Harry was as shocked as I was, and, after the Headmaster left, I showed myself at the right time, and explained what I had seen, and offered to help him. It took some convincing, but he understands that I care for him as Harry, and really wanted to be with him. I have to tell you, though, after everything that we did to each other, I don't think I can handle him by myself. I almost passed out because he made me cum so many times, and he was almost too big for me to take up the back passage, but, he made it feel so good! I know that you have feelings for him as well, almost as strong as my own, and, well, would you be willing to join us? One thing you need to know, though, if you and Harry connect as well as I think you will, you will effectively be marrying him. You do get a lot out of the bargain though, in addition to mind shattering orgasms, the magical bond will increase your magical core as well.

"Wow! I can't believe you got Harry so fast! And, you want me to join you? I definitely like the idea, but, what about Hermione?" Padma asked.

"That was the third biggest surprise, I'll tell you the second one in a while, but Harry and I talked to Hermione, and she is perfectly willing to share, it turns out that her mother and father have an additional four wives between them, so she is very open to the idea. Any other questions?"

Padma grinned wickedly, "Yeah, so, he took your arse? Was it as good as you expected? I know I'm wet just imagining it, I love the idea!"

"I knew you would, my anal queen! I don't think you'll have any problems taking him there, considering how you keep yourself stretched out with those toys of yours. Tell me, does your sister know about your quirk?"

"Of course, she likes the feeling too. In fact, if Harry is agreeable, maybe I can bring her with me for one of my turns with him."

"You can ask, but, Harry's main concern is that the girl can keep quiet, and, lets face it, Parvati isn't exactly known for being the soul of discretion."

"Only when it comes to non-important things, something that is important, she'll carry the secret to her grave, you can trust me on that!"

"If you say so, I'll have to take your word for it. So, do you want to come with me tomorrow? I know Harry is interested in you, and will be very happy to see you."

"Of course, I'd love to join you."

Padma pulled Luna into a hug, and said, "Alright, that's enough of the serious stuff, you said that he was almost as good as I am with his tongue? Show me! Just what did the green eyed wonder do to you?"

"Ooh, I thought you'd never ask!" Luna giggled, as she pulled Padma down onto the bed, the two of them were soon nude, and Padma was laying on her back, looking up at her lover with anticipation in her eyes, dew already gathering in the lush curls above her Lotus, and her nipples standing erect. "First of all, Harry had a distinct advantage over you, I'm afraid, unless you are secretly a parselmouth and haven't told anybody? I'm not either, but I think I can simulate the effect." Grabbing her wand, she tapped it on her tongue and lips, and, feeling them vibrate, smiled and started kissing Padma's throat.

The Great Hall,
Dinner Time

There was silence as Harry and Luna walked into the hall hand in hand. Harry turned to her and gave Luna a peck on the lips before letting go of her hand and joining his friends at the Gryffindor table.

He took a seat where he could see what was happening at Ravenclaw, and smiled to himself at the reaction Luna received. The girls who were snubbing her just the last week were falling all over themselves to be friendly, while the three girls who had been her friends for over a year, just greeted her calmly, as though nothing had changed. Although he had to grin at the goofy grin on Padma's face. Luna had told him what the two of them had gotten up to this afternoon, and he couldn't wait to see them together. He smiled anticipating what was to happen later that evening. He cared for Luna, and loved Hermione, but still couldn't wait to be with Padma, especially after Luna told him about her quirk!

Dinner went fairly quickly, only interrupted by a note from the Headmaster, who told him that Sirius's will reading would be Tuesday morning, and he could take a portkey right to Gringotts. The old man's eyes were twinkling like mad, leading Harry to believe that something interesting would be happening at the reading. Quietly thanking Dumbledore, he went back to his breakfast.

Remus Lupin's Rooms,
After Dinner

"Did you get the reservations made, Moony?" Sirius asked, as soon as Remus walked into the room.

Moony laughed, "Oh boy, did I ever! I can't tell you exactly what I found out, but, I can tell you that Harry is in for a very, very interesting summer, there are 3 girls from Slytherin working there, a couple of Ravenclaws, a bunch of Hufflepuffs, and even 4 Gryffindors! I have a feeling that a lot of the upper year girls are going to be walking funny when they get on the Express!"
"So, am I gonna be bankrupt?"

"Almost, the whole summer, including a private room and meals, as well as bringing in occasional outside guests, is gonna cost you close to 100,000 galleons. Granted, you're dead, and don't need the money, but still, that is a lot of money to spend in one place!"

"True, especially when you consider that Harry is going to be left 50,000 galleons that he has to spend by September 1st, or else the ferret gets the estate I can see him being very, very generous with the tips and the girls."

"You know, Paddy, if you weren't already dead, Harry would kill you for that stunt! Granted, he's in a lot better mood now, but still, that's like waving a red flag in front of a bull! Especially when you consider how much he hates Draco. You know what would really twist Draco's tale, if I showed him a pensive memory of my memory of his mother. Do you think he would enjoy knowing how good she is with her mouth?"

"Probably not, especially if he takes after his father, although, in that case he may want to ask her for some pointers, especially since he's going to need some way of making money!"

"Ooh! Evil Padfoot, very Evil! I like it!" Remus grinned.

End Chapter Four


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