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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Hogwarts Harem The Rewrite Part 6 (mff,voy)
by Red Jacobson ([email protected])

Malfoy Manor
After the Will Reading

'It's times like these that make me wonder if continuing the Malfoy line is such a wonderful idea.' Narcissa thought. 'First, Lucius has the monumental stupidity to get caught wearing Death Eater Robes at the scene where Voldemort was seen publicly and to think that he was beaten by school children at that! He won't be able to claim Imperious this time, especially since he gave me control over the family finances if anything should happen to him. Perhaps a talk with the new Lord Black might be in order. Of course, the fact that Draco is my son may make things difficult, considering how they loathe each other.'

Reaching for the tea cup, she took a sip and sighed, wishing for something a little stronger, but holding off until Draco was safely asleep. 'Draco! I wish I knew what the hell was wrong with that child. He knows how the sheep look up to Potter, well, most of the time anyway, and he still goes out of his way to antagonize the boy! I can almost understand it for his first year, after all, he did listen to his father's drunken ramblings about the glory that was the Dark Lord, and how Potter ruined everything, but, if he had ever used the brain I know he was born with, he would have looked into what life was really like back then. Hell, that monster killed as many of his own followers as they killed muggles and Muggleborn! Even if Draco honestly believed what Lucius was saying, he prides himself on being in Slytherin, so why couldn't he display some of the legendary cunning of the house? Goyle shows more cunning than that son of mine!'

Turning to the correspondence she had been delaying answering, she picked up a official envelope from Gringotts, "Probably an official notice that the fine has been withdrawn from the vault." she sighed.

'And that display today! I was more than half tempted to disown him right there in Gringotts. The Will could not have made it any clearer, act against Harry in any way at all, and he would lose even the pittance he was to inherit, and, even worse, the Black Family Vengeance would be pronounced upon him. So what does the little moron do? He stands up and starts arguing with Lord Black right in the conference room! I'm just glad I was able to calm him down before he went for his wand, that would have given the goblins a perfect right to kill him right there. I'm just surprised that Lord Black didn't react more than he did. It infuriated Draco to think that Potter wasn't afraid of him, in fact, it seemed as though he was actually amused more than anything. I haven't seen him react that badly to anything since he was eight years old, and had a crush on Tracey Davis. Oh no! That's too funny!'

She set the letter down and started laughing, as the thought occurred to her. 'Does Draco have a crush on the great Harry Potter? Oh that would be just too much, Lucius was so concerned about continuing his line, but wouldn't have another child, and his pride and joy is a bloody poof! How ironic is that? But, considering the past several generations, it may actually be a good thing to let the Malfoy name die. In fact, it might be a good idea to separate the Malfoy name from the Black name entirely, especially since Potter stands an excellent chance of making the Black name something once again to be proud of.'

Putting thought to action, she reached for a sheet of parchment and wrote a note to her solicitor about the requirements to institute divorce proceedings.

The Room of Requirement
After Dinner

Hermione didn't think she was a voyeur, but the scene unfolding in front of her could convince her otherwise. She was naked, as were the other three members of her family, and Harry was holding Padma up to his face by her waist, as Luna knelt before him with his dick in her mouth. 'It funny, but I can already see how much more powerful Harry is, even after just a few days, the magic that isn't going to Luna or Padma seems to make him more muscular, he's getting a six-pack! Damn that looks hot, I just wish it was me with his cock in my mouth, and, based on the way Padma is squealing, his tongue work must be excellent. Oh well, I should be fully healed by the end of July, and I plan to spend at least two days getting shagged stupid!' Almost unaware of what she is doing, Hermione began pinching her nipples with one hand, while she started rubbing her pussy with the other. She soon began fingering herself in time to Harry sliding in and out of Luna's mouth, and found herself screaming out his name as she climaxed just as Harry was spraying his cum across Luna's face and breasts. The force of the orgasm made Hermione get lightheaded for a few seconds, and, when her vision cleared, she saw that Harry had laid down on the bed, with Padma now straddling his face as she leaned forward to lick his seed off of Luna's breasts.

'Okay, what are they doing now? Oh my God! She's really going to take that thing up her arse! I know that Luna said she liked it, but Padma too? I don't believe it, she's got him all the way inside of her, damn, listen to her moan! And there goes Luna putting that tongue to work, can't wait to feel it on me....

Picturing Luna on her knees licking her as she sucked on Harry's cock quickly brought her to another screaming orgasm, and, as she lay there panting, recovering, she saw Luna move over to her. Not letting herself think about what she was doing, Hermione reached up and pulled Luna down into a kiss. Luna eagerly returned the kiss, and opened her mouth to accept Hermione's tongue, only to moan in disappointment when the other girl broke the kiss. Hermione smiled gently up at her, saying,

"Thank you, Luna, when I get the okay from Madame Pomfrey, I'll be showing you just how attractive I find you and Padma both."

"Urk!" Harry said, intelligently, as he processed what he had just seen and heard. 'Yes! Now, if Cho joins in, I just need to get the two of them into the Quidditch Locker Room and I'll be a happy man!'

He was quickly brought back to what he was doing when Padma began moving against him, raising her arse off of his cock and sliding back down. "They did look hot, didn't they, Harry? I bet you can't wait to see Luna and I lick her to multiple screaming orgasms, can you? Luna will use her tongue on Hermione's pussy, getting her all wet for your monster of a cock, and later, I'll use my fingers and tongue to get her back hole ready for you. Oooh, you do like that idea, don't you?"

"Oh gods yes! You do this to me deliberately, don't you Padma? You know how it affects me when you talk like that! Brace yourself!" Grabbing her by the legs, Harry moved until Padma was face down on the bed with his cock still stretching her rear. As soon as he was in position, he started pumping faster and faster into her arse. Padma moaned in pleasure as she reached down and fingered herself in rhythm with his pumping. Harry groaned as he unloaded inside of her, and Padma cried out a climax shortly afterward.

The two of them lay there panting, covered in sweat, and Harry slid out of her and pulled Padma into his arms, where she snuggled down to take a nap. Looking up, he saw Luna and Hermione watching them, with small smiles on their faces. Waving them over, the four of them cuddled up and were soon snoring gently.

Azkaban Prison

Lucius Malfoy looked up when the door to his cell opened up. He was confused when there didn't seem to be anybody there, but then he felt the temperature drop as a black cloaked figure entered the room. "Sorry, Malfoy, but it's been determined that you are a liability that can't be allowed any longer. Nothing personal." The last thing he heard was the guards mocking laughter as the Dementor reached for him.....

Minister of Magic's Office,
1 hour later

The figure moved out of the shadows in the office, startling Cornelius Fudge, outgoing Minister of Magic.

"Is it done?" Fudge demanded anxiously.

"Yes, Mister Fudge, all of the captured Death Eaters, as well as a few others had their souls sucked out, your dirty little secrets are all safe." the figure sneered. "Hopefully next time you will be more discreet about the bribes you take. Are all the funds in my vault now?"

"Yes, as agreed, they have just been transferred." The now nervous Fudge stammered. 'What the hell have I done? The bribes were bad enough, but this? I've just murdered 25 people, just to keep from going to prison myself. And now this person can turn on me, maybe if I can get my wand...'

His hand never got further than the edge of his desk before the Grey light hit him in the chest and the pain started. 'Fool! I would have kept your secrets, I just wanted the money to get away from this madhouse. You should know better than to try and double cross a Legilimens, now I have to kill Umbridge as well, since she's the one who contacted me to start with." The figure turned and walked from the office as Fudge died from a massive heart attack.

Walking down the hall, the figure paused and his features re-arranged themselves into the hook nosed visage of the Hogwarts Potions Professor. Lowering his hood, he made sure that the surveillance wards got a good clear look at his face before moving toward his destination. The figure smirked to himself, 'let's see the greasy bastard get out of this one!'

He stopped at the door of the Senior Undersecretary and walked in. Not surprisingly, considering her current fall from grace, the office was empty. Umbridge looked up from her tea and her face registered a minor amount of surprise at seeing him. "Professor Snape, what brings you here?"

He was quite pleased with the sneer he summoned while watching her. 'Stupid cow, you don't even recognize your own death when it's in the same room.' Raising his wand, he said "Imperio! Listen Dolores, as soon as I leave, you will take your wand and run down to Minister Fudge's office, you will be so distraught at what you see there, you will cry out in anguish, how you loved him, and don't want live without him. Immediately after that, you are to take your wand and hold it to your temple, and then cast the strongest reductor curse you are able to. Will you do that for me?"

"Of course, I can do anything you want me to." The woman said, as she dug around in her desk for her wand.

Neither of them noticed the small beetle who was in an upper corner of the room. And, if he had noticed, the figure would have been even more pleased at the evidence to destroy someone who had caused such harm and anguish to an heir of a noble house.

The figure turned and walked out of the office, changing his features as he stepped back into the shadows. He watched as the witch waddled quickly down the hall toward the former ministers office. It didn't take more than a few seconds after she walked in for the screaming to start, followed by the curse and the sound of a headless toad hitting the floor. Moving toward the office in the general press, he smiled to himself as he saw how well Dolores followed his orders. Backing out of the office, he headed toward the restroom, where, once the door was closed behind him, he activated a portkey of his own design.

In the basement of his London home, the Head Unspeakable, Algernon Croaker, removed the glamor bracelet from his wrist, and grinned. 'Not a bad days work, several terrorists will never kill again, and the worst of the non death eaters as well, and, as a nice little bonus, I got to take care of Fudge and his toad. They were both exceptionally stupid, even for politicians, to think that they could run rampant over Hogwarts, torturing students, as well as trying to cover up Voldemort's return, and not have to pay the consequences.'

Hanging up his work robes, he chuckled, "Snape. Snape on the other hand was pure revenge for what he did to Neville and his friends. Even though I gave up my family name when I took this job, I'm still a Longbottom, and remember what that means!"

Flooing to Gringotts, he was pleased to see that the money was in his vault, and he was whistling as he left on a long scheduled 30 day vacation.

The Hogwarts Express
the next day

The only topic of conversation on the train was the headlines in the Daily Prophet. Lucius Malfoy, the Lestrange Brothers, Dolohov, Nott, and several other Death Eaters had their souls sucked out, the Dementors left Azkaban, and Fudge and Umbridge were both dead!

Harry, Hermione, Padma, and Luna as well as Neville and Ginny were in their usual compartment. Ron and Eloise were off with some of her friends; Ron still seemingly bemused by his energetic Ravenclaw girlfriend. All of them were lost in thought, wondering what would happen next, and, especially in Harry's case, if the next Minister for Magic would be more aggressive against Voldemort than Fudge was. He really didn't feel anything about Umbridge's death, other than a minor sense of relief that he wouldn't have to file charges against her.

'It's interesting,' he mused, 'the amount of power I find myself with now that I am Lord Black and will be Lord Potter on July 31st. I'm just glad Sirius and Neville have been able to coach me on what that means.'

Hermione and Padma started discussing their plans for the summer; they were already aware that Luna was traveling to Sweden with her father on one of his Snorkack hunting trips. They avoided discussing Harry's destination, other than Harry telling Ginny and Neville that he wasn't going back to the Dursley's and he wasn't sure if he would be able to get mail. Padma was telling them that she was going on a trip to visit her Father's family in India and do some research in the family library.

Ginny smirked, "If you find an extra copy of the Wizards Kama Sutra, could you send it to me? There's a couple of things that Nev and I want to try, but we're not sure of exactly what spell to use to get into that position."

"Oh, yeah, I think I know which one you are talking about, and it is fun, especially if there is three of you!" Padma said with an answering grin. Harry took one look at the expression on Neville's face and burst out laughing!

"Oh that was classic! I almost wish Colin were here to take a picture of the look on your face, Nev!"

"Go ahead, rub it in, just because you four are shagging yourselves stupid every chance you get, doesn't mean that us mere mortals don't enjoy it when we get the chance!" Ginny pouted, as she climbed onto Neville's lap, and settled in for the ride.

For a change, the rest of the ride went peacefully, with no visit from Malfoy and his goons, they had been picked up by their mothers, at least Crabbe and Goyle were, Malfoy was picked up by someone they didn't recognize earlier this morning.

back in Hogsmeade

Pansy watched her classmates get on the train, and wished with all of her heart that she could be joining them, but the spell her mother put on the portkey prevented even that small an act of rebellion. As the train pulled away, she activated the portkey and disappeared.

Almost immediately after she disappeared, there were the cracks of multiple Apparitions as a squad of Aurors appeared. Auror Shacklebolt looked around, made sure that his squad was intact, and lead them up the road to Hogwarts. He wasn't looking forward to the confrontation, but, Severus Snape had to be questioned about the death of Minister Fudge and Undersecretary Umbridge. He didn't know how Skeeter got the information she had, but, considering the timing, it had to be investigated.

Hogwarts Express

Hannah was hugging Susan in relief, even though the fact that her friend would help her had still not totally registered. All she could think about was that she wouldn't lose her magic, and her father wouldn't be destroyed. Finally, though, the question of what Susan had done to get the money worked it's way into her consciousness. Wiping her eyes, she said, "Susan, not that I am not extremely grateful for what you have done for me, but, how did you manage to get 15,000 galleons in a couple of days?"

Susan blushed, "Well, at first I contacted my account manager at Gringotts to see if I could access the money in my vault early, but that didn't work, so, I took a contract to work at Madame Eloise's for the Summer, she paid me the money in advance, so I have to report there right after we get off the train."

Tears filled Hannah's eyes again as she realized exactly what that meant. "Oh, Susan, I can't believe you would do that for me! I know you enjoy it, but to allow yourself to work there, just to help me out, that goes way beyond loyalty and friendship, and, if it weren't for this stupid witches oath, I'd show you just how much what you are doing means to me!"

Susan smiled wryly, "Well, it wasn't exactly what I had planned to do this summer, but, to tell you the truth, I'm hoping to find someone there who knows what they are doing. Most of the guys I've been with were even less experienced than I was, and so the pleasure wasn't what it could be."

"How about the girls? I know you've got a couple of 'friends' that you spend time with, how is it with them?"

"Much better, but, as much as fingers and tongues can do for me, I still love the feeling of being filled up by a hard sweaty man's body."

"Okay! I get the picture, oh boy do I get the picture! I wish you luck with your search, and hopefully, I'll meet someone over the summer, myself."

in the Gryffindor girls compartment

"So, Katie, are you looking forward to this summer? Angelina teased her friend.

"Absolutely! I've been waiting until I was old enough ever since my older sisters came back, walking funny with huge smiles on their faces, from their summers there. I doubt it was any coincidence that both of them were married within a year of working there."

"I know I enjoyed myself, and when you finish your time there, I'll be able to tell you some stories about what happened. All I can say is, you won't look at some of our teachers the same way again!" Alicia added, from her seat by the window.

"Ooh, you bitch! How can you tease me like that?" Katie grinned. "So, did you get many women customers or were they all guys?"

"Jealous?" The dark skinned beauty smirked, "Actually, the vast majority of my customers were men, with a couple of exceptions, and I usually only was with another girl when a customer requested two of us. I can't wait till you are part of it, because there are some girls who are just dying to eat, I mean, meet, you!"

Katie giggled at her friends antics saying, "I can't wait!"

"I tell you, if it weren't for the other girls I met there that summer, I wouldn't have lasted through the NEWTS, but there was always somebody there with a quick finger or a tongue to take the edge off. Of course, I returned the favor quite a few times as well.

"Anyway, do you have everything you need? Contraceptive Charms, Hygiene Charms, etc?"

"Yes, Mother!"

"Then give us a kiss for luck, and we'll see you at the end of summer, don't forget, you are going to be staying at my flat for the last week or two."

Elsewhere on the train

Cho sat in a compartment all by herself, drinking from a bottle of fire whiskey she got before getting on the train. 'Was it just a few months ago that I had everything? I was dating Harry, and I knew he was strong enough to be what I need. I had a best friend I could trust with my life. I had friends. I was a shoo in for Head Girl! Now, I've got nothing, Marietta is gone, and after I defended her so strongly, Harry and the D.A. would never accept me again. Something happened to Luna. She's not putting up with the girls behavior anymore. The only thing it seems I can do anymore is drink! Well, that and be a whore, at least I haven't screwed that up as well. The guys in Slytherin sure seemed to like me that way. I'm just glad that nobody from Gryffindor has been with me, because I know the word would get back to Harry, and I can't handle his disapproval. And, to top it all off, I find out that my parents want me to find someplace else to stay for the summer, they are closing the house and returning to China for the year, to avoid you-know-who, and leaving me on my own. Well, time to see if that information Penny gave me a couple of years ago is still good. Madame Eloise's here I come!'

In Another Compartment

Tracey Davis was staring out the window, doing her best to ignore her best friend's bouncing around the compartment like a Gryffindor on an overdose of Sugar Quills. She really wasn't that enthusiastic about spending the summer on her back, or knees, or belly, but, it was a Family Tradition going back to at least her Grandmother's time, and it was expected that she follow the tradition, just as her mother and aunts did, and her older sisters. The only consolation she could see, is that Daphne would be there the whole time. Of course, Daphne obviously didn't see things the same way. She was looking forward to the whole thing, but then, as a pureblood, she had better control over who her partners were. Daphne certainly never found herself kneeling in the middle of the potions classroom with her Head of House's filthy cock in her mouth, and knowing that she was surrounded by the entire Quidditch Team, and was expected to do the same with them. Fortunately for her, the others found themselves a better victim the year before. Tracey may have only been a half-blood, but she was socially miles above poor Paul Runcorn, who was a Muggleborn who somehow got sorted into the House of Snakes. She really didn't want to think about what he went through in all the 'private lessons' with Snape.

She only hoped that next year would be better, with so many of the Death Eaters dead, especially Lucius Malfoy, Draco's power would hopefully be broken and she wouldn't have to put up with him any more.

Dumbledore's Office
After The Students Left

Albus smiled as he sucked on a lemon drop, going over the latest balance in his Gringotts vault. It was nicely healthy again after the expenditures of the previous year. Fighting a war, even a shadow war, was uncomfortably expensive. Ah well, he should see it increase even more with what the Veela will bring in. He was very glad he caught that in time to prevent the oldest Weasley boy from bonding with her. He was much better suited to the girl he was with now, and she was fully human! He also had to smile at the thought of all the fresh young flesh that would be showing up this year. He was rather pleased that 3 of the 4 eligible Slytherins, as well as a few Ravenclaws and all but one of the eligible Hufflepuffs would be spending their Summer adding to his vault. He would have liked to have Abbott making him money as well, but, he was well aware of the Oath her meddling Grandmother had made her swear. He was glad that the old bitch was dead. She was one of the few that managed to avoid his plans when she was in Hogwarts, and did her best to keep her daughters away from them as well. She didn't know exactly what he was doing, he was sure, otherwise she would have raised Holy Hell about it! He had to admit, he had taken a certain perverse pleasure in taking the old bitches youngest daughter when she was in school, but it didn't make up for the fact that the rest of the women of the Abbott family had managed to escape. He congratulated himself on tweaking the wards to suppress the students libidos regarding the opposite sex until they were 16. By that time, they were so pent up, the girls would leap at the opportunity to work at Eloise's for the Summer! And they would have several years practice playing with the other girls, and threesomes were always popular. And having a ready supply of fresh young virgins always kept his bank account nicely healthy!

Of course, if any of the older families got word that he was the one behind what was happening to their daughters, he would probably have a major problem. It was fortunate that his accomplishments caused people to automatically believe what he was saying, and shrugging off anything that didn't seem to make sense. And it wasn't like he was actually hurting anyone, the girls were accustomed to sleeping with each other, which made their eventual husbands happy, and also, the time they spend working gives them enough healthy experience to enjoy whatever kink their husbands might enjoy. Besides, the behavioral wards were buried so deeply within Hogwarts wards that it would take a team of Gringotts best curse breakers months of work to even find the controlling ward, and he couldn't even imagine how long it would take them to actually bring the ward down.

Finishing the lemon drop, he reached for another, and sent a letter to his account manager.

Fortesceue's Ice Cream Parlour
Diagon Alley
The same time

Amelia was sitting patiently, enjoying her ice cream, while keeping her eyes on the entrance. She knew her security team was all around, under disillusionment charms, except for Shacklebolt, who was deliberately obvious sitting at the table next to her. She was just reaching the bottom of the bowl when the door opened, and Rupert Giles walked in, obviously uncomfortable in the robes he was wearing. He looked very much the same as he had in Hogwarts so many years before, although the hair was thinner and he had taken to wearing glasses. Waving him over, he sat down with a smile, and, after getting the nod from Kingsley, who had scanned him for the Dark Mark and signs of the Imperius Curse, she pulled out a portkey, and told Giles to grab it, tapped it with her wand and the two of them were elsewhere.

Kings Cross Station

Remus was waiting at the station when they got off the train, and, after some quiet farewells, he and Harry went out and took a muggle cab to the Leaky Cauldron. After getting into the Alley, he and Remus took a portkey to just outside the wards of a non-nondescript brownstone. Following Remus, Harry blinked as he entered the wards. "Wow!" he muttered.

"Felt the magic, did you?" Remus asked, "I remember the first time I was here, and crossed the wards. It made Moony want to howl. None of the others noticed it, but I felt really weird. Anyway, now that we are here, I can tell you, you are going to know some of the girls working here from school. It's a fairly open secret that a lot of pureblood girls spend at least a few months working here when they get old enough. I guess they wanted a safe way to sow some wild oats and put some money in the dowry. Fortunately, most wizards seem to value a girl with some experience, as long as she doesn't have a reputation, over a virgin.

"Anyway, the magic you felt as you crossed the ward line was some of the most powerful privacy charm and compulsions in the world. You literally can't tell anybody specifics about what goes on here, unless they were here at the same time, or, you are both inside the wards. Now, I've already explained to Eloise that you will require sex at least three times a day for the summer, and that has already been paid for, as has your meals and room. However, the girls keep the tips you give them, and, as I mentioned earlier, 100 galleons is an absolute minimum acceptable tip! If the girl does something extra special for you, or, you just really like the girl, then the tip goes up accordingly. Now, are you ready to have the summer of your life?"

Harry grinned, "Considering what I've already done this past week, it's already been the summer of my life, and now I get to have sex with a lot of different girls and all of the girls I'm already with know about it and approve. I can't believe I'm saying this, but, it's good to be me!"

Remus grinned back and knocked on the door.


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