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Harry Potter: Harry Potter and the Legacy of Hogwarts Part 5 - Classes Begin Part 1
by Avatrek ([email protected])

It had been a very tumultuous first day of Hogwarts for Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny and Luna. Harry and Hermione had spent their first night in Slytherin House. A night which saw Hermione embarrassed, stripped naked and spanked before the entire Slytherin House, including Harry and Draco Malfoy. Harry had learned that his mortal enemy, Malfoy, had poisoned his father with a slow acting toxin and that he too was after the same thing as Harry. Ron, Ginny and Luna's day had gone quite a bit better; after learning that Gryffindor Tower was very different then they had remembered, they were able to meet James Potter, Sirius Black, Lily Evans, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. What was most striking about the Hogwarts of 1976 for everybody however, was the fact that almost every student and possibly teacher had one thing and one thing only on their minds; sex. Dumbledore had told Harry that Hogwarts in 1976 was a lot more liberal and different than his own, but he had never expected anything like what he or his friends were experiencing.

"That was horrible Harry... I can't believe you didn't help me last night... You actually joined in!" Hermione berated a smiling Harry Potter after coming down from her bedroom still looking visibly shaken. Hermione was now decked out in the Slytherin colors and although she seemed to have found a way to lengthen her tiny black and green skirt a little, her nice perky breasts and hard nipples were still just visible through her tight white dress shirt. "And stop staring at my tits Harry... I can't believe they make us wear this stuff." Hermione complained as she took a seat next to Harry on one of the many plush leather sofa couches in the Slytherin common room.

"Calm down Hermione... If we hadn't gone along with the Slytherin traditions, Malfoy or Snape would have called us out on it and our cover would have been blown." Harry said with an air of superiority, after telling Hermione off for complaining. Harry couldn't refute the fact that he had been staring at Hermione's tits again, but you could hardly blame him for staring at something that was just so damn appealing.

"I know we have to keep our cover, but seriously Harry, I'm not doing anything like that ever again... You should have heard the other sixth year girls talking last night... They were telling me that last night was only the beginning for me." Hermione replied, looking a little nervous and scared at the same time.

"What do you mean, only the beginning?" Harry asked Hermione as he stole a quick glance down at her long smooth legs.

"They told me that all the boys have the hots for me and that they're going to make my life a living hell because of that." Hermione said, noticing Harry's eyes moving down to her long legs. "Harry, stop staring at me like that... It's bad enough that every pervert in Slytherin keeps looking at me like that. I don't need you checking me out every time I'm near you." Hermione sighed, not looking to angry that she had caught Harry staring at her again. It wasn't that Hermione didn't like the attention or the eyes following her tight figure all the time, it was what was obviously going through their minds as they eye-fucked her. It wasn't as if Hermione had never toyed with the idea of having sex, especially since she was just about to come of age. Hermione had never really found the right opportunity to lose her virginity. She had come close to fucking the Quidditch star, Victor Krum, but only ended up giving him a very awkward dry humping. Hermione had always fantasized about giving up her innocence to Ron, but because he was as thick as a wooden board, Hermione had few hopes that he would make a move.

"Girls can be so petty!" Harry replied, trying his hardest to focus on what Hermione was saying and not what she was wearing.

"You have no idea." Hermione said in an undertone before she and Harry left the common room and went up to the Great Hall for breakfast and to get their new timetables. Harry, Hermione and Ron were all in their first NEWT year and although they hadn't received their marks from the OWL examinations, the Dumbledore of their time had thought ahead and had included in their forged papers, a number of phony grades. As they sat down for breakfast, Professor Slughorn, head of Slytherin House walked back and forth through the table to confirm the classes his sixth year students were going to take. Neither Harry or Hermione had never seen Slughorn before and just assumed that he had retired before they had started at Hogwarts. With a large belly and a balding head, Harry was certain he would have remembered someone like Slughorn, had he met him before. When he came to Harry and Hermione, he stopped abruptly and his eyes traveled up and down Hermione's tight body.

'Ah great, even the Professors are perverts.' Hermione thought to herself as she examined her choices and was shocked to see a number of classes she had never seen before. In the end, she took Potions, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Muggle Studies, Charms, Transfiguration and Sexual Education. Harry's class schedule ended up being exactly the same and as Professor Slughorn went over the final selections, Harry looked over at the Gryffindor table to see Professor McGonagall doing the same with Ron, Ginny and Luna.

"Now Mr. Weatherly... I see you wish to take, Potions, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Muggle Studies, Charms, Transfiguration and Sexual Education." McGonagall recited to Ron, with her hand on his shoulder. Ron couldn't believe how hot Professor McGonagall was, considering she was only twenty years younger than the McGonagall of his time. Long wavy black hair, unwrinkled features and a fit, tight body that looked like it belonged to a teenager, made her extremely attractive. "Now it appears that your Transfiguration marks are not quite as good as I'd like them to be, so I will need you to have a few private lessons with me to start the term, Mr. Weatherly." McGonagall told him with a devilish little grin as her hand moved down to his lap and patted him very near his semi-hard cock.

"Ah... Okay." Ron replied a little nervously as McGonagall moved on and he could see James, Sirius, Remus and Peter, laughing at him.

"You're in trouble mate... I remember when I got private lessons last year... They were very interesting!" Lupin told Ron with a smile before they all laughed together heartily and continued to finish their breakfast.

It turned out that the first class for Harry, Hermione and Ron was to be Potions with Professor Slughorn. Harry had never had a Potions class without his least favourite teacher, so he was a little excited to see how the class went without Snape constantly jumping down his throat. Harry was disappointed to learn however, that Snape would actually be attending the class with him, along with Malfoy, who also appeared to have all the same classes as him, including Muggle Studies for some reason.

As Harry entered the Potions classroom, he quickly caught sight of Ron sitting just in front of his father and Sirius, talking animatedly with none other than his mother, Lily Evans. Harry rushed forward, not even thinking about Hermione as he quickly took a seat next to his mother. Harry had waited all his life to talk to his mother and now that he finally had his chance, he didn't know what to say.

"Uhhhh... Hello... Uhhhh." Harry mumbled to Lily as she turned around from talking with a mesmerized Ron to see who was mumbling at her.

"Oh look... Another annoying Slytherin boy!" Lily said to Harry before turning back to Ron to continue on with her conversation. Ron finally snapped out of the trance Lily's looks had put on him and defended his friend.

'Harry's not a real Slytherin... He was kind of forced into their House because there was no room left in Gryffindor." Ron told Lily as Hermione waited patiently behind their table to see if she could sit beside them too. The only other available table belonged to Malfoy and Snape, and because Slughorn's tables were only big enough for three, Hermione was fairly certain she was going to be forced to sit next to two of her least favourite people.

"Well... If you say so Ronny... I'm Lily - Lily Evans... Nice to meet you!" She said to Harry shaking his hand and giving him a quick once over. "You know... you kind of look like James Potter."

"Really?" Harry replied, concerned that his cover was about to be blown. Just before Lily was about to say something else, Slughorn walked into the room and everyone went silent.

"Hello... I am Professor Slughorn and all of you will be beginning your NEWT level potion work this year." Slughorn said to the class, sticking out his big stomach and waving his arm at the entire class of twelve students. "The next two years will be the most difficult two years of magical education you will ever experience and Potions will be one of the most arduous if not the most demanding class you will take part in." As Slughorn continued on describing what they would be doing during their classes, Harry quickly flipped through the potions book Dumbledore had given him and was stunned to see that Dumbledore had taken it upon himself to write a small entry at the beginning of the book.

I have taken it upon myself to correct all of your books with more up to date and may I say spectacularly more improved directions and alterations. As I remember it, a young Harry Cotter was the most impressive student I had at my school in 1976 and 1977, and although you are a gifted wizard Harry, the Harry I remember could do spells that very few others could do. Please keep these alterations to yourself, even from your closest friends. If you are to gain the trust and admiration of those around you, you will have to surpass everyone else in magical skill.

Good luck Harry, and I'm sorry I didn't tell you that you and Miss Granger would be in Slytherin House. I thought that small fact may have hindered your decision and your friends' decisions to undertake this important mission.

Thank you,
Albus Dumbledore

After flipping through his Potions book, Harry was stunned to see how many alterations Dumbledore had made to the book and how he had not told him the truth about what school house he and Hermione would be placed in. Harry also wondered how in the hell he'd be able to keep the reason for his newfound skill secret from Hermione and Ron. His question was answered however, when he turned to the very first page and again saw Dumbledore's writing just before the heavily corrected directions for the first potion in the book.

In order to help you keep these alterations a secret from your friends and teachers, please simply tap the book and say, 'velieris stilus', and the writing will be hidden until you tap it again and say, 'ostendo sum stilus'.

Harry snapped back to reality when she heard Hermione smack Malfoy in the face.

"You fucking pervert, don't you dare touch me again, or I'll curse you into oblivion." Hermione shouted at Malfoy as she stood up and interrupted Slughorn abruptly.

"Miss Stranger, is it? What is the problem here?" Slughorn asked, looking a little angry that he had been interrupted.

"Malfoy was grabbing my ass!" Hermione replied, nearly in tears.

"Who?" Slughorn asked confused. "Oh... You mean Mr. Miller here." Slughorn continued. Clearly Malfoy had opted for a fake name as well, especially since the Malfoy name was so well known. "And what is wrong with that?"

"What... What do you mean...? He's groping me, sir!" Hermione complained, looking around for support, but not getting any.

"Ms. Stranger... Please come up here!" Slughorn commanded Hermione, pointing to a spot right next to his desk.

"But... But..." Hermione started as she walked up towards his desk and got ready to be berated by the Slytherin Head of House.

"No Ms. Stranger... It's your butt that's the problem." Slughorn replied, conjuring up a tape measure out of thin air and measuring the length of Hermione's black and green skirt. "I see that your school regulation skirt is a full two inches too long."

"Oh shit!" Hermione said to herself quietly, as Slughorn looked down sternly at her.

"For such a major infraction, I will of course have to punish you and give you detention." Slughorn said, getting behind Hermione and with one wave of his wand tore Hermione's entire skirt off her waist to reveal her nice tight teenage ass. Harry, Ron and every other boy in the class looked forward with intrigue as Hermione made to turn around and cover her ass up from the class. Her tiny green and black thong was the only thing covering up her tight little twat from everyone seeing. Hermione made to cover up but Slughorn quickly used his wand to immobilize her and freeze her to the spot, with her hands on his desk and her ass sticking up in the air for the entire class to see.

"What the fuck Professor?" Hermione cried out before she felt the sting of his hand, coming in contact with her soft teenage ass. "OWWW!"

"I think three and a detention will suffice." Replied Slughorn with a gleam of deviousness in his eyes. Hermione could hear Malfoy and Snape sniggering at her misfortune as Slughorn spanked her twice more and released her from her frozen state. Hermione quickly ran back to her seat covering up her red ass; embarrassed almost to tears.

As Slughorn went on with business as usual and told the class to flip to page forty of their Potions book, Malfoy leaned over to Hermione and started to whisper in her ear.

"I never knew a Mudblood like you could have such a fine ass!" Malfoy whispered as his hand crept down towards her pussy and Hermione bit her tongue in anger as she felt his hand brush up against her pussy.

"Fuck you Malfoy... I swear you're going to get it!" Hermione cursed back at him before looking back up at Slughorn and discovering what they were required to do during the class.

"I have a special treat for everyone today. I have prepared a single potion in this very special cauldron which every single one of you will need to duplicate today as a quick test of your potion making skills. Of course, this potion prepared before you was made in this special cauldron and therefore has special properties that no one can properly duplicate without using this very cauldron, but the love potions you will be making will have the same basic properties." Slughorn told the class looking very self-important.

"Love potion, sir?" Malfoy said out loud, looking intrigued as he eyed the cauldron Slughorn had used. Malfoy's hand continued to brush up against Hermione's pussy as he asked his question, knowing full well that Hermione would never make another scene for fear of getting another reprimand in her first class. He could tell she was trying to burn holes in his head with her eyes as he waited for Slughorn to answer him, but Malfoy was having much to fun to care.

"Yes Draco, the love potion you will be making is one of the most powerful in the world. It has the ability to remove the sexual inhibitions for an entire day with the consumption of a single teaspoon."

"And the same love potion you made using that cauldron is more powerful?" Malfoy asked, now extremely intrigued as his fingers slowly slid underneath Hermione's tiny green and black thong and crept down towards her tight little moist slit. As much as Hermione hated Malfoy for what he was subjecting her to, the sensation of his fingers working their way up and down her tight teenage pussy had clearly aroused her. Ever since arriving back in 1976, Hermione had been having trouble keeping her inhibitions in check and although she had once or twice toyed with the idea of being a little naughty, starting with her little strip show the previous night, she had thus far restrained herself.

"Much more powerful... The effects of this love potion will last at least an entire year and in some cases the effects would be permanent." Slughorn replied with a prideful look. As Slughorn wrote a few instructions on the blackboard and placed out a few special ingredients for everyone Hermione was getting wetter and wetter as Malfoy's fingers rubbed up and down over her finely trimmed pussy.

"Mmmmppfff! Dammit!" Hermione moaned a couple minutes later as she couldn't fight it any longer and succumbed Malfoy's stimulations. Hermione groaned in defeat and after watching Malfoy smirk back at her and raise his sticky fingers to his lips to get a taste of her sweet juices, Hermione tried her hardest to concentrate on the work in front of her.

Slughorn gave everyone the rest of the class to finish their potions and although Hermione did her best to concentrate on her potion work, Malfoy was constantly rubbing up against her on purpose and whispering some naughty things into her ear. Hermione looked over at Harry and Ron for support but after seeing both of them seemingly mesmerized with Lily's flirtatious nature, Hermione struggled through the rest of the class, only producing a passable love potion.

"Everyone have an excellent first day and Ms. Stranger, I will see you in this weekend for your detention." Slughorn said, throwing Hermione's skirt back over to her, which had been transfigured back to its original shortened size. Before leaving, Hermione looked back over her shoulder and saw Malfoy near the special cauldron Slughorn had used to make his love potion. Certain that Malfoy was up to no good and that the special cauldron was in fact one of the magical objects Harry had been sent back in time to find, Hermione hurried forwards back out the dungeons and up to the Great Hall to inform him of her discovery and Malfoy's suspicious actions.

After finally separating from Ron and Lily, Hermione found Harry and sat next to him during the midday break. Harry had been completely oblivious during the potions lesson and was shocked to learn that the cauldron Slughorn had sitting in his classroom was in fact one of the four magical objects he and his four friends had been sent back in time to recover.

"Shit Hermione... Why didn't you do something? Malfoy's probably already stolen the damn thing and replaced it with a fake!" Harry told Hermione sternly before realizing that he was even more to blame then she.

"Me... I've been getting groped all morning while you and Ron ogled your slut of a mother!" Hermione replied harshly.

"Okay sorry... There's nothing left to do now but steal it back before he uses it someway... Let's go sit next to him and Snape and see if we can't eavesdrop something important. If he really has one of the magical artefacts Dumbledore told us about, he definitely is up to no good!" Harry told Hermione as the morning of their first day came to a close.


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