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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Legacy Of Hogwarts Part 11 - Let The Games Begin Part 2
by Avatrek ([email protected])

The Hogwarts Suck-Off League was a very important sporting even at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy. So much so, that a little competition tampering happened almost every year. The usual culprits were Slytherin House, and after being on the losing end for the past three years, due to the beautiful and skillful Lily Evans, Slytherin had big plans to level the playing field and ensure a Slytherin victory. To accomplish this monumental task, Severus Snape, Regulus Black, and Draco Malfoy had come up with a foolproof plan to effectively eliminate Gryffindor as as any kind of serious competition. The only hitch in the plan, was that they would need someone with inside information to complete their task. Draco assured both Regulus and Severus, that he had a plan to solve that little problem.

"Harry!" Draco called after his fellow Slytherin after watching Hermione Granger hit him with a stinging curse before stomping out of the hall, letting everything get a good look at her tight teenage ass. "I have a little proposition for you Harry, something I doubt even you could turn down", Draco continued as he approached an aggravated Harry.

"Leave off Mal---, Draco!" Harry said, irritated enough to almost let slip Malfoy's real last name.

"What if I told you I'd give you the antidote to that little potion I gave the mudblood, and a chance to fuck that slut of a mother of yours in the process?" Malfoy proposed to Harry, knowing that the second part would definitely pique his interest. He'd seen how hard Potter had tried getting into her panties without luck.

"I'm listening. What is it that I have to do for you though?" Harry replied, knowing full well that any deal with Malfoy, was a deal with the devil. Harry was definitely intrigued about the chance to slam his hard cock in Lily's tight little pussy though. He could feel himself getting hard just thinking about it.

"I need someone with inside information on Gryffindor House and the common room. We need to sneak in there tonight and mess with their Suck-Off League team trials." Malfoy told Harry, noticing that Hermione had returned from her little hissy fit and had sat down at the other end of the Slytherin table.

"Deal, but I want something instead of that antidote for Hermione." Harry replied, a devilish though coming to him in the spur of the moment.

"What do you want?" Malfoy replied with a look of suspicion on his face. He knew that the Potter wasn't the goody-two-shoes that everyone claimed him to be.

"I want you to get Snape to make me a potion that'll alter the original and make her do whatever I want. I still want her to be a slut, I just want her to be my little slut!" Harry said with a smirk.

"I can live with that Cotter." Malfoy said, guffawing a bit at the notion of seeing Harry Potter turning into a real Slytherin. "Meet us in the Slytherin common room after classes, and we'll go over the plan." With that, Malfoy watched Potter, turn around and walk off to his next class, looking quite proud of himself.

"I might as well use that mudblood one last time before I give over control of her to Potter" Draco said to himself, as he walked over to Hermione, pulled down his pants and smacked her in the face with the shaft of his hard cock.

"What the fuck!" Hermione said out of shock as she turned around to see what had hit her in the side of the face. "Oh fuck Draco! Is that big hard cock for me?" Hermione said, instantly feeling her pussy get wet.

"Get on your knees and deal with this for me, won't you slut!" Draco commanded Hermione, knowing that she had no inhibitions to speak of and couldn't help but want to do anything Draco ordered her to do.

"Right in front of everyone like this?" Hermione asked, feeling her pussy drip from how hot the entire situation was.

"You know you want to." Malfoy replied, pulling Hermione off her seat and onto the ground in front of him.

Before Hermione could say something in reply, Malfoy had slammed most of his seven inches down her throat. Hermione didn't even put up a fight. She moved one hand to his balls to massage them and one hand to his ass to force more of his cock down her throat. She was wet as fuck and needed a good hot load of cum to take her mind off her problems. Everyone around the two were watching on with interest with a couple of young students stroking their own hard cocks at the scene. Within a couple of minutes Malfoy could feel his end approaching.

"Fuckkkk! Hope you want a big load over that pretty face slut!" Malfoy grunted as he pulled his cock out of her hot mouth and stroked his shaft a couple of times. The sight of Hermione looking up at him with her mouth open ready to catch as much of his cum as possible, set him off "Unghhhhhh!" Malfoy shouted, plastering her pretty teenage face with seven streams of his hot sticky cum. Hermione managed to swallow a couple but Malfoy was happy to see he managed to cover her with his cum.

"Fuck it tastes so good baby!" Hermione moaned licking her lips as Malfoy pulled up his pants and strode away without saying another word. Hermione sat on her knees for a couple of minutes enjoying the feeling of Malfoy's cum on her face before she felt two smaller hot loads of cum hit both of her cheeks at the same time as a couple of first year Slytherins decided to blow their loads on her as well. Hermione didn't care. It felt good to be covered in cum again.

Malfoy had a smirk on his face throughout all of his lessons that day. By the time the meeting with Potter, Snape, and Regulus took place, he had figured out the entire plan.

"Listen up and don't interrupt." He told the group, placing four flasks on the table with four separate hairs beside them. "My plan is simple. Before you is Polyjuice potion and a hair from Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, James Potter, and Ronald Weatherby. We're going to knock out, tie up, and take on the identities of all four of those idiots, break into Gryffindor House, have those Gryffindor sluts suck us off and then fuck each and every one of them. The goal of the plan is to knock up as many as possible. The fewer of those sluts able to take part in the Suck-Off League this year, the better our chances will be." Malfoy told them all, going into more detail as he progressed. "The ginger has a lesson with McGonagall, so while he's balls deep in her ass, we'll use his identity as well."

"I get to be my bro!" Regulus chimed in immediately. "I look forward to fucking with his perfect little life."

"I'll be the ginger" Snape said, knowing full well that he'd have a good shot at banging both Lily and that new redheaded slut.

"I can be Lupin and Harry will be James." Malfoy finished, dropping the hair into the separate flasks.

Ten minutes later, the four conspirators had the real James, Lupin, and Sirius tied up anf gagged in a broom closet. They drank their Polyjuice potion and made there way to Gryffindor tower.

"I've got one little extra potion for each of you to make sure that this plan goes off without a hitch. Severus brewed this up for us." Malfoy said, handing each of his fellow conspirators a vial of dark blue liquid. "It's a super-potency potion. Any girl you fill up with your cum will get pregnant no matter what anti-pregnancy potion or prevention they use."

Harry and Regulus's eyes lit up at that and all four guzzled their potion in mere moments. Malfoy decided against telling them that the potion was permanent since it was brewed in the special cauldron stolen from Slughorn's classroom.

Harry led the group to the entrance to Gryffindor Tower, but since he didn't have the current password, the four conspirators waited outside until an unwitting third year gave the painting the password and let them all in.

Malfoy couldn't believe his luck so far. He'd stolen one of the magical objects already, corrupted both Granger and Potter, and was about to reek havoc on some unsuspecting teenage girls, which in turn would further advance his goals. The fact that he was about to blow his load in and impregnate one of the Gryffindor girls was an added bonus. All four Slytherins slipped into the common room without incident right before the trials were about to begin. Peter Pettigrew joined them and didn't seem to notice that anything was off. After ten of the best blow jobs they had ever gotten, the five Gryffindor team members and one substitute were chosen. Lily Evans, Ginny, Luna, Mary and little Chi Ming were chosen for the team and Alyssa Spinnet was the back-up.

"Okay boys, ready for the celebration orgy? I know my pussy is so fucking wet for some hard fucking cock!" Lily announced, as all six girls took off their teeny thongs and picked a partner.

Malfoy coudn't believe his luck as Luna made her way over to him. Peter got little Chi Ming, while Regulus got Mary, and Snape was chosen by the young Alyssa Spinnet who looked extremely nervous at the prospect of having her tight pussy stuffed for probably the first time. Malfoy was utterly shocked to see both Ginny and Lily make their way over to Harry, who seemed to have all the luck in the world, even when he was doing something wrong.

Malfoy had a hard time focusing on the other five girls as Loony Lovegood had already gotten onto her back, spread her legs and was inviting Malfoy over for a closer look.

"You see the gasm fairies all around my pussy? There's only one way to catch them." Luna exclaimed, spouting more of her non-sensical ramblings. As crazy as she sounded, Malfoy couldn't help but be mesmorized by how hot the teenage witch was while playing with herself.

"How do we catch them?" Malfoy asked, wanting to dive right into that tight pussy and fuck her raw.

"With a big hard cock deep in my pussy!" Luna moaned as she worked her fingers in and out of her tight wet pussy.

"I think I can handle that!" Malfoy said with a smirk, getting down to the ground with her and spreading her legs. Malfoy's hard cock was fucking pulsing at the thought of penetrating that sweet pussy, just as his four comrades starting fucking their partners. The next fifteen minutes was an orgy Malfoy had never thought possible. He fucked Luna's tight pussy every way imaginable, even taking her in the ass for a few minutes before switching back to her pussy and unloading several hot potent streams of his sticky cum into her vulnerable womb. After Malfoy blew his load, the other four boys came in quick succession. Peter who had been slamming his cock into Chi Ming as hard and fast as he could, moaned shortly after, filling Chi Ming up with his hot load. The little Asian slut moaned along with Peter as her pussy filled to the brim with his hot seed. Regulus had been pumping away at Mary for some time, having her bent over a nearby chair as he pummelled her tight teen pussy without restraint. Mary had just finished cumming for the second time when Regulus grunted and started filling her tight pussy full.

"Fuck! It's so fucking hot!" Mary moaned as Regulus continued to fill her up to the brim with his hot cum.

"FUCKING FILL ME UP ALREADY RON!" Alyssa shouted as she rode Snape's hard cock with wreckless abandon. Snape grabbed her by the hips and started unloading in her, filling her tight pussy full of his cum and impregnating her along with the other girls.

Harry was the last one to cum. He had two of the hottest girls at Hogwarts working on him and neither wanted him to cum too soon. They had him hold out from cumming as long as possible but eventually after having Lily on her hands and knees and Ginny on top of her, he was able to fuck both their tight pussies one after the other. Eventually the sensation of their tight pussies was too much and he slammed his cock into his mother and unloaded three hot loads of his potent seed before pulling out and slamming his pulsing cock into Ginny's tight teenage twat and filling her pussy up as well.

"Fuck James! That fucking feels amazing!" Both girls said in unison as they Harry fired his last load into Ginny.

Just as Harry finished pulling out of Ginny's cum-filled pussy, the door to Gryffindor tower slammed open and the real James, Sirius, Lupin, and Ron struggled through, all looking thoroughly dishevelled and angry.

"What the fuck is this?" Shouted the real James, taking in the scene. A multitude of wands were pulled out and jinxes were sent flying. The only four to be hit were the real James, Sirius, Lupin, and Ron.

"They must be the imposters!" Lily said with her wand out and Harry's hot load streaming down her inner thigh! "Imposters could never fuck us that well!" She said with conviction.

After getting dressed and binding up the real Gryffindor's, Malfoy, Harry, Snape, and Regulus told the girls and Peter that they'd go find McGonagall and straighten this all out. Before long they were walking down the Grand Staircase, high-fiving each other and enjoying the sensation of getting the best of Gryffindor, and definitely side-tracking their Suck-Off League team. A bun in their ovens would definitely eliminate them from competition and ensure a Slytherin victory. Malfoy silently congratulated himself for taking out a few rivals, corrupting Harry Potter and getting to fuck some tight teenage pussy.


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