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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Legacy Of Hogwarts Part 12 - Filching Filch
by Avatrek ([email protected])

Gryffindor had suffered a major blow to their Suck-Off League aspirations. Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Severus Snape, and Regulus Black had teamed up to both embarass and severely hamper the Gryffindor Suck-Off team's chances for a repeat in the league championships this year. Using polyjuice potion, the quartet of boys were able to impersonate Gryffindor students, infiltrate the Gryffindor Suck-Off trials, fuck each and every one of the six girls on the Gryffindor team, and impregnate all of them using a permanent impregnation potion. Harry Potter had agreed to go along with the plan for two purposes. One was so he could gain complete sexual control over Hermione's tight teenage pussy and the other was so that he'd have a change to fuck Lily Evans's wet snatch. Both of which he accomplished.

"Here you go Potter," Malfoy told Harry as he handed over a vial of fluorescent pink potion. "Snape was able to brew this up late last night. It should alter the potion in Granger's system, basically making her your sex slave. But remember, you need to put a strand of your hair in the potion before you give it to her." Malfoy said, smirking at the fact that the famous Harry Potter had fallen so far. Part of him was sad to be giving up control of the mudblood slut. Even though she'd basically do anything Potter wanted, she'd still be a slut at heart, willing to suck and fuck anything that moved and Malfoy would definitely still exploit that.

"Just because we made this little deal doesn't mean that we're buddy-buddy Malfoy," Harry told Malfoy, taking the vial, opening it up and placing a strand of his hair in it before sealing it and stowing it away in his cloak. "I'll stop you from getting the other three magical objects."

"Ya whatever Potter, just remember your father's a ticking time-bomb and you won't be getting an antidote for the poison in his system if you interfere with me in any way." Malfoy told him, before abruptly turning around and heading up into the Slytherin boys dormitory.

"What did Malfoy want Harry?" Hermione asked, joining Harry after coming down from the girls dormitory. Harry immediately felt his cock harden at the sight of Hermione's tight teenage body. She had her buttoned dress shirt tied at the front, revealing her tight stomach while emphasizing her perfect tits. He could just make out her hard pink nipples through the thin material. Looking downward Harry nearly came right then and there as he took in her long shapely legs, her knee high black and green socks, and her extremely short black skirt. The skirt was so short in fact, that Harry could just make out Hermione's bright green thong. The thought of that tight wet pussy underneath those panties made him want to force feed Hermione the sexual enslavement potion and have his way with her right in the middle of the Slytherin House common room.

"He was just flaunting the fact that he already has one of the magical objects we were sent here to retrieve. Or did you forget while you on your knees sucking off every guy that walked by you?" Harry asked her, a little pissed off that he had only gotten one blowjob from the slutty young witch.

"Shut the fuck up Harry!" Hermione shouted at him. "Draco put something in my pumpkin juice, and now I can't control half my urges. At least nobody's popped my cherry yet." Hermione told Harry remembering how close Malfoy had been before blowing his load inside her. "You just want this pussy for yourself!" She told him lifting up her skirt and pulling aside her tiny green thong to show him her tight teenage pussy.

"Fuck! Who wouldn't Hermione!" Harry swore, his hard cock, fully visible through his pants now.

"Maybe if your nicer too me, I'll let you have a taste," she replied, slipping one finger into her wet pussy before pulling it out and sticking it in Harry's open mouth. "Besides, I've already figured out what the second magical object is!" She finished, pulling her finger out of Harry's mouth and walking by him. She brushed her hand up against his hard cock before she made it by him. "Now let's get breakfast so I can tell you all about it."

"Ummm ya sure whatever you say," Harry said in dazed agreement, licking his lips and following Hermione's sweet ass out of the Slytherin common room entrance.

As they settled down to breakfast, Harry looked over at the Gryffindor table to see Lily and Ginny shouting at both James and Ron, who also both looked ready to explode in anger. Part of him was sorry that he partook in the impersonation of his father and his friends, but the chance to fuck both his mother and Ginny's tight teenage pussies was overwhelming. Knowing that he had knocked both of them up made it even hotter. Realizing what he had done, he wondered how this would effect the timeline. Did Harry have a son/brother he didn't know about?

"What do you think they're arguing about?" Hermione asked, breaking up his daydreaming. Hermione was intently looking over at the squabbing, and Harry quickly realized he had a good opportunity to slip the potion into her pumpkin juice. He uncorked the vial and dumped it in before Hermione looked back. She downed the juice without a second thought.

"No idea!" Harry said with a smirk before stowing the empty vial back in his cloack. "Hey Hermione, why don't you take off your panties and give them to me." Harry told her, hoping that the potion had done what it was supposed to.

Hermione looked taken aback for a moment, before a devious expression took over her face. "My pussy has been wet all morning so they're soaked just for you and that big cock of yours." Hermione told him pulling off her panties and tossing them over to Harry.

Harry quickly sniffed the wet panties before stowing them away in his cloak. "Don't wear panties anymore Hermione. I want to be able to see that tight pussy whenever I want." He told her, feeling his cock harden again.

"Whatever you say Harry!" Hermione replied cheerfully before continuing to eat her porridge.

Some very devilish thoughts came to mind as to what he was going to do to Hermione, but he knew he had to stay on task and complete the mission he had come back in time to accomplish. Besides, he'd have all the time in the world to fuck her sweet pussy. "So what do you know about the second magical object Hermione?"

"I heard some Hufflepuff's talking about a mythical sexual and magical object their founder had created. Something that had the power to make you immune to all sexual spells and influences." Hermione told Harry, slowly sliding her foot across to Harry's lap on the other side of the table to see how hard his cock was.

"Fuck Hermione! I'd bend you over this table right now if I didn't have to stay focused!" He groaned feeling her foot massage his rock hard shaft.

"We better find it quick then, so I can feel that big cock of yours pounding into my tight little pussy!" Hermione relplied, lowering her foot from his cock, before she stood up. Her skirt flapped upwards because of the movement and everyone in the hall had a perfect view of her tight wet pussy and perfect juicy teenage ass. "Oops!" She said with a smirk, as Harry stood up, trying to conceal his massive bulge.

"Any idea where the object is?" Harry said as they walked out of the hall and towards the staircase.

"I overheard someone saying that there's a collection of mysterious magical artifacts locked in the caretaker's office. The other three magical objects could be in there for all we know." Hermione told Harry, walking up the stairs slightly ahead of him so he could get a good look up her skirt.

Harry groaned trying to will himself into finding the magical object before fucking her tight pussy and popping her cherry. "Is Filch the caretaker in 1976?" Harry asked Hermione as they climbed the steps.

"Yes I saw him the other day. He's in his mid-twenties. Apparently he fucks everything in sight" Hermione informed Harry.

"Maybe we can use that to our advantage," Harry thought out loud as they reached the right floor and made their way to his office. "I'm gonna need you to blow him Hermione. Make him last as long as possible, but under no circumstances let him fuck you. That pussy belongs to me." Harry commanded her as the reached the caretaker's door.

"Of course Harry! I can't wait to taste his cum though." She replied happily, unaware of how much of a slut she'd become.

"Good. Now I'm gonna hide. You knock on the door and lead him over to that broom closet down the hall while I search his office. Make sure he doesn't blow his load too early." He told her, stepping up behind her and running his hand under her skirt, slipping one of his fingers into her wet pussy. "For good luck." He whispered into her ear before going to hide behind a nearby statute.

Hermione shifted her skirt even higher, unbuttoned her shirt a little further and got into her sexiest pose before knocking on the door.

"Who the bloody hell is it! This better be important!" Came Filch's voice before he opened the door to a sight that nearly made him faint. The younger Filch was actually quite good looking, handsome and dressed in clean clothing, which took both Hermione and the hiding Harry by surprise. "Good fucking lord! How can I help you today Miss...?" Filch asked recovering his composure while checking out Hermione's amazing teenage body. Her pussy was just visible underneath her skirt and Filch's eyes were glued on it.

"Miss Stranger, but you can call me Hermione," she told him, twirling around in a flourish, showing of her juicy teenage ass. "I need your help in the storage closet down the hall Mr. Filch. I can't reach some supplies I need for a school project." Hermione lied to him, knowing full well that he'd jump at the opportunity to get her alone in a storage closet.

"Of course, of course, I'd be more than happy to help!" Filch replied, smirking at what he intended to do to the young witch and her tight pussy.

"Great! You're such a gentleman!" Hermione replied brightly, knowing full well that he was hoping to fuck her good and hard in that closet.

Harry made his move as they walked down the hall towards the storage closet. He slipped into the caretaker's office and started rifling through all the confiscated objects.

While Harry was searching Filch's office, Hermione was already on her knees in front of Filch in the closed storage closet, deep throating his entire six inches with all her natural skill. Hermione hadn't had a lot of experience sucking cock before her trip back in time, but some sluts were just born with the innate ability. She cupped his balls squeezed his ass as she slowly took his shaft down her throat repeatedly. Filch couldn't believe his good fortune. He really wanted to fuck the young slut but Hermione had made it clear that he was only getting a blowjob. Thus far Filch couldn't complain. Hermione was just as good, maybe better than Lily Evans, who had often used her skillful tongue and mouth to bribe her boy toys out of trouble with him. Hermione made sure to tease him just enough from cumming too soon. She really wanted to taste that hot cum, but Harry had given her strict orders to delay as long as possible.

Harry quickly sifted through hundreds of objects, with no idea how he was going to find the right magical object. His desire to find the object and fuck Hermione raw was overpowering, but he kept going until his mind suddenly cleared. He had picked up a small gold and copper bracelet from a pile of junk. The power it possessed obviously counteracting the sexual influence that had been clogging his mind.

Hermione had been sucking Filch's cock for over ten minutes, doing her best to keep him from cumming. But there was only so much she could do to keep that from happening. She felt Filch suddenly tense up, hear him groan and his cock hardened even further.

"Fuck me unghhhhhhh!" He shouted, his cock erupting, blowing stream after stream down Hermione's throat. "Take it all slut!" He moaned as he fired off five huge loads off.

Somehow Hermione was able to swallow ever drop of that hot sticky cum. "Mmmm fuck that tastes good!" She said after pulling Filch's rapidly delating cock from her mouth and licking her lips clean. "Thanks for all your help Mr. Filch!" She said cheerily, before getting off her knees and walking out of the closet. She heard Filch mutter something to himself before he fell to the ground, stunned with pleasure from Hermione's amazing skills. Harry was just leaving Filch's office as she walked out of the closet. "Find it Harry? Because I really need a good hard fucking!"

"Ummm nope, no luck. I can help you get a hard fucking though." Harry said, tucking the bracelet away in his cloak. He didn't mind having his mind clouded with sexual thoughts if he had the opportunity to fuck a pussy as tight as Hermione Granger's.


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