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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Legacy Of Hogwarts Part 14 - Pumped For Information
by Avatrek ([email protected])

Lily Evans had a plan. She was going to pay back whoever it was that knocked her and team up. She was only a few days away from giving birth due to an accelerated pregnancy spell and she really wanted to pay someone back before she went through the trauma of delivery. She couldn't lie and say that having her pussy pumped and filled with hot cum by the imposter wasn't enjoyable, but the fact that they used polyjuice potion and violated them like that was unforgiveable. She needed intelligence before she took any actions, and the best way she knew how to accomplish that, was by using her tight teenage pussy. She obviously suspected Slytherin of perpetrating the offence and she knew exactly whom she needed to pump information from to find out. All it would take would be to let herself get pumped by his cock first.

"Luna, I think I'm going to need your help getting payback on those fuckers who got us pregnant," she told Luna as the five girls walked towards the Gryffindor common room. Ginny was currently having her ass pounded by the dirty old Headmaster, so Lily would need to use another weapon at her disposal. "You might need to have your pussy fucked again, but it'll be more than worth it!"

"Having a cock pounding in me is always worth it Lily! Especially when it produces all those Humpback Fuckerflies I love so much," Luna spouted nonsensically back at her.

"Okay... Everyone else go back to the common room and act normal. No one can know you're pregnant!" She told the other girls as they got to the seventh floor. "Even you Chi. I know that Peter wasn't in on the plan with the imposters, but you can't tell him he knocked you up," she told the little Asian slut as they parted. "Hike that skirt up and you might as well take off your panties. We won't need them for what we need to do," Lily told Luna, pulling up her own skirt and taking off her tiny white and red thong. Her entire pussy and thin red landing strip were now easily visible. She also unbuttoned her shirt so she was showing as much cleavage as possible.

"I don't have any panties on Lily," Luna told her brightly, hiking up her skirt to show off a small tuft of blond pubic hair and a ridiculously tight teenage pussy. Luna undid a button on her shirt before walking over to a water fountain and getting it wet as well to better show off her rosy little nipples and perky breasts. "I wouldn't want to interfere with any of the Nymph Fairies trying to fly into my pussy!"

"You're a very unique spirit Luna," Lily told her, laughing at her lunacy but also taking a good long look at her hot body, perky tits, and amazing ass. "We're going down to the Great Hall to find Severus Snape and that new kid Harry Cotter. You don't mind if we interrogate them with our pussies do you? I've always found it the best way to pump a boy for information.

"As long as I get to fuck Harry. I've always wanted to have his cock in me!" Luna replied, looking excited at the prospect.

"I can handle Sev. He can't resist my tight pussy and before long he'll be telling us everything we want to know."

Lily and Luna proceeded down the Great Hall, only to find that both Harry and Severus were eating a hasty lunch with the handsome Regulus Black and the other new Slytherin, Draco Miller. Lily decided to spy on the four of them and see if she could find out if they had a hand in fucking them. "Let's eavesdrop on those four and see what we can find out," she told Luna, taking a seat at the Slytherin table a little down from the four boys.

"I heard the entire Gryffindor Suck-Off team is pregnant," Regulus told the other three. "Madam Pomfrey told me while I was balls deep in her tight ass a few minutes ago. Apparently, the six girls had just left when came in for my weekly check-up."

"Serves the sluts right," Draco said guffawing. "Where's Hermione Harry? I'm sure she'd like to know that her competition has a few buns in their ovens."

"She's taking a nap. Apparently being a slut really takes it out of you," Harry told him. He had actually told her to rest up for tonight since he intended to fuck her tight virgin pussy all night long.

"Lily and Luna are spying on us by the way," Draco whispered to the three boys so that Lily nor Luna could hear him. "Probably trying to find out if we were the ones who fucked them."

"What should we do?"Regulus asked, quickly glancing down the table to see both Lily and Luna listening in on their conversation.

"Just follow my lead," Malfoy told them, before raising his voice again. "Lets go and figure out what we can do to sabotage Gryffindor House even more guys."

"Come on Luna, let's follow them and catch them in their scheming!" Lily told Luna, getting up to follow the four boys towards the dungeons. She may not even have to seduce and fuck Severus if she could catch them talking about what they've done. As she stood up, a seventh year Slytherin reached over and gave her ass a good cuff and squeeze, winking at her and her tight pussy that could be seen below her skirt. Lily and Luna left the Great Hall and followed the four Slytherins down the stairs and towards a door, which Lily knew did not lead to the Slytherin common room. The four boys opened the door and walked inside, leaving the door slightly ajar. Lily crept to the door to peek in and see what they were up to. Before she could even get a glimpse, two sets of hands pulled her and Luna into the classroom, tossing them roughly to the stone floor, tearing off both her and Luna's skirt and shirts in the process.

"Did you sluts think you could catch us planning something against Gryffindor?" Malfoy asked them, as he started disrobing, along with the other three boys, including Harry. Harry had left Hufflepuff's bracelet safely tucked away in his trunk, and was already rock hard thinking about what he was going to do to his future mother and Luna's tight ass.

"We were just chasing Hornytailed Hookbats and they flew into this room," Luna said confidently, as she watched in fascination as all four boys pulled off the last of their clothes to reveal four fully hard and erect cocks. "Luckily they attached themselves to your big cocks so the search is over."

"Ya boys, how about we make a deal?" Lily asked them, seeing an opportunity in their arousal and the fact that she was going to get fucked either way. "We let you gangbang us, and you answer one single question for us."

"How about you get on your knees and start sucking us off Mudblood slut, and we'll think about it," Severus told her, stepping up to her and shoving his hard cock towards her face. Luna already had Harry's cock in hand and Regulus's down her throat.

"Fuck it!" Lily relented, opening her mouth to start sucking off Severus, while using her hand to stroke Draco's big hard cock. Lily figured if she sucked them off with all her skill, and let them pound her pussy raw, she'd get them to give up the information she wanted.

"Hey Harry, look at this slut work on my cock! Fuckkk!" Malfoy moaned, clearly finding it hilarious that Harry's mother was sucking his cock.

"Fuck off Draco, I could care less who fucks that slut, as long as I get my turn," Harry told him as Luna worked on both his and Regulus's cocks. With that, the orgy really started. Luna and Lily sucked off the four boys for a solid ten minutes, switching between them a couple of times before all four boys were close to cumming.

"Enough of this!" Draco groaned. "I want to fuck that tight pussy of yours!"

"Come and get it!" Lily told him, now horny as fuck and ready to have her wet pussy fucked by multiple cocks. Draco obviously had dibs on her tight snatch first, even though Severus looked like he wanted the honour. "Don't worry Sev, you'll get your chance to feel my pussy squeeze that big hard cock of yours," she told him, winking at him as she straddled Draco and started riding him like a cowgirl.

"Me too me too!" Luna shouted in excitment, pushing Harry to the ground and climbing on top of him. As she inserted the tip of his cock into her wet pussy, she leaned down to whisper in his ear. "I hope you can fuck me as hard as you fucked your Mom and Ginny the other day."

"How do you kn-- ungh," he groaned in shock as she took in his entire shaft and started bouncing up and down on his cock. Her small teenage breasts and perky little nipples bounced with every thrust. Luna was even tighter than Ginny and Lily had been, her pussy squeezing his cock with every thrust. Even while riding Harry like a pro, she was able to continue to suck off Regulus with outstanding skill. Harry managed to look over at Lily, who was in the exact same position with Malfoy and Snape. Malfoy looked like he was in the perfect moment as Lily road him fast and hard.

"Fuck let's switch Cotter! I want some of that pussy too before I explode!" Regulus groaned, wanting to fuck Luna before cumming.

"Ya Draco, time to let me fuck this Mudblood as well," Snape told Malfoy, as they all switched positions and the girls started riding Snape and Regulus. As Lily bounced up and down on Snape's cock, a devilish idea took hold of Malfoy.

"How about we see if you can take a second cock too Mudblood," Malfoy said, walking around behind Lily, who was still bouncing up and down.

"What? NO FUCKING WAY!" She yelled at Malfoy as Snape grabbed her by the back and pulled her down so her tits were up against his chest and her ass was sticking up in the air. Snape's full cock was buried in her pussy as Malfoy crouched down and put the tip of his cock at the entrance of Lily's tightest hole. "Don't you fucking dare put that cock in my as-- ahhhhh fuckkkkkkk!" She yelped as she felt Malfoy's cock press down and enter into her tight ass hole.

"Holy fuck this is tighter than fuck!" He groaned, grabbing her by the hips as Lily struggled to break free of Snape's grasp and the double fucking she was about to get. Lily had taken cocks in both her pussy and ass before, but she had never been double penetrated before, and judging by how tight a fit it was, she wasn't sure she could.

"How about you Luna? You want a second cock inside you?" Harry asked Luna, looking down at her fine teenage ass.

Luna leaned down to press her firm teenage tits against Regulus's chest, showing off her tiny little ass hole for Harry. "I was wondering when the Anal Biskwicks would get you to ask me that question! I wanna feel both those cocks pounding into me boys!" She told them as Harry stepped up behind her and got ready to fuck the first ass of his life.

"Holy fuck this is so tight!" Harry moaned as the tip of his cock pressed up against her asshole. "FUCKKK!" He shouted pushing the head in, before slowly working his cock in and out, deeper and deeper as Regulus resumed fucking her pussy.

"Fuck I love having two cocks in me!" Luna squealed as both boys stsrted really pumping into after a couple of minutes.

"Holy fuck me harder you pussies!" Lily moaned as both Snape and Malfoy plowed into her at an insane pace. After her initial reluctance of being double fucked like a common whore, Lily was really starting to like the feeling of two cocks pumping in and out of her ass and pussy. "Fuckkkk yes!" She moaned a few seconds later as she came hard, her pussy spasming, covering Snape's cock with her juices.

"I'm about to cum baby!" Grunted Malfoy, the tightness of her ass too much to take any longer.

"Me too!" Snape chimed in, his cock covered in Lily's cum.

"Fucking fill me up boys!" She moaned, not caring about having her pussy and ass filled on account of her already being pregnant.

"Fuck fill me up too boys!" Luna moaned in agreement, having just cum as well. It all happened like a chain reaction after that. Snape grunted first, pulling Lily's hips down as he slammed his cock upward and unloaded several hot streams of his sticky cum directly into her already impregnated womb. Malfoy was quick to follow, slamming his entire cock into her ass as well and filling it up with his hot cum. Harry followed suit in Luna's ass, pumping his seed as deep into her ass as possible. Regulus pumped in and out of Luna's pussy a couple more times before tensing up and firing off over five streams of his potent cum directly into Luna's tight teenage pussy.

"Best fuck ever!" Lily moaned, with both Snape and Malfoy's cocks slowly deflating inside her. Their cum running out of her over overstuffed holes.

"Glad you liked it slut, because there are going to be a lot more of them," Draco told her as the door to the room opened to reveal a line-up of Slytherin House boys looking extremely eager. "Because you and this blonde slut over here are Slytherin House's new fuck toys!" He told both Lily and Luna as the four boys pulled their cocks out of them, picking up the girls clothing and wands. Snape quickly conjured some chains, as well as a leg cuff for each girl, binding them to an iron post in the wall. Harry looked a littled conflicted, but he had more important pussy to fuck, and his mind was already on Hermione's virgin snatch. "We know all about the accelerated pregnancy spell whore. Regulus toldnus on the way here. You'll be free to go as soon as you let every boy in Slytherin fuck each and every one of your holes. That's the only way those chains will unlock. Enjoy sluts," Malfoy told them with a smirk as he, Harry, Snape, and Regulus dressed and left the room to an onrush of horny teen boys.

"Fuck me! This is going to take a while," Lily sighed as a burly seventh year pulled out his ten inch cock and placed it at the entrance of her cum filled ass.

"Looks like we're going to have a really great day!" Luna said excitedly, as a first year boy pushed his four inch cock into her pussy and started pumping away.


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