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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Legacy Of Hogwarts Part 15 - Hermione's Almost First Time
by Avatrek ([email protected])

Hermione was having the strangest dream of her adult life. She was twelve years old and back in her first year. She was stuck in the bathroom with a great stinking troll on Halloween. The brute had torn off all her clothes and had her on her knees, sucking his bulbous and warty foot long cock. Before Harry and Ron could save her, the troll had lifted her up and impaled her tight pre-teen pussy on that massive cock, pounding up into her tight little cunny as hard and fast as he could, blowing his entire troll sized load inside her.

She swore she could feel the troll cum being pumped inside her as her dream shifted to her second year as she looked on helplessly and unable to move while petrified. A succession of boys and professors came to her bedside, fondling her budding teenage breasts, fingering her tight pussy and her ass, and sticking their cock in her petrified hand or open mouth to jack themselves off in. She vividly remembered Ron, Harry, Seamus, Neville, Professor Flitwick, Professor Snape, and even Filch doing this on multiple occassions, blowing their load of hot cum on her helpless face and in her mouth.

Before she could make sense of the unreal dream, another one began. This one involved her bent over a bed in the shrieking shack, her clothes torn off her body, as Sirius Black in human form slammed his hard cock down into her tight ass for several minutes until he blew his hot load inside her. All this happening while Harry sat unconscious a few feet away.

Next Hermione dreamed of Professor Karkaroff and Victor Krum double teaming her in one of the cabins aboard the Durmstrang ship after she had come to see Victor. Karkaroff was on his back with Hermione in a reverse cowgirl position and his cock pumping in and out of her tight teenage ass, while Victor hovered over her, slamming his cock down into her wet pussy, both of them blowing their loads deep inside her at nearly the same moment.

The last dream involved her in a circle of masked death eaters, on her knees completely naked, blowing and stroking over ten cocks at once, taking load after load of their hot cum all over her face and tight body. The last load came from a death eater who removed his mask to reveal himself to be Lucius Malfoy. He grunted blowing his load all over Hermione's pretty face.

With that, Hermione woke and bolted upright in a sitting position. It was the middle of the night, and everyone but her was sleeping soundly. Hermione looked around at some of the beds in her dormitory. She could make out that several of them were in fact empty. No doubt they were still out getting drunk or getting fucked. Hermione instantly remembered her orders from Harry and realized why she had awoken so abruptly. She had set an alarm charm on herself before she went to sleep so that she'd immediately awake at midnight, just as Harry had told her. She couldn't understand why she was so inclined to follow everything Harry had told her lately, but whatever the reason, she knew that Harry planned to fuck her virgin pussy tonight and Hermione was looking forward to having Harry's hard cock pounding into her.

Harry had taken a quick nap to recover from his afternoon of fucking Luna's pussy and ass. After blowing his load deep in her ass, the day's events had definitely caught up with him and a nap was in order to get himself ready for the night he had planned with Hermione. He figured Lily and Luna were still being fucked in both their pussies and asses at that moment, as the enchanted chains binding them would only break once they had let every Slytherin boy fuck both their pussies and asses. Technically he still had to fuck his mother's pussy and ass before she'd be let go, but that could wait until the next day. What he really wanted was to see how tight Hermione's virgin pussy was. Harry walked over to his trunk, unlocked it, and retrieved Hufflepuff's bracelet. He had a suspicion that Malfoy would stop at nothing to find another magical object to complete his mission, and keeping it on his person would be the safest course. As long as it didn't touch his skin, his increased sexual libido would remain unaffected. He put the bracelet in his pocket and made his way down to the common room where he would meet Hermione.

Hermione took off all her clothes like Harry had told her too. Her nipples were hard, both because of the cold and because she was turned on at the thought of walking around completely naked. She snuck out of the dormitory and down to the common room to see Harry sitting on a plush green leather couch in front of a roaring and blissfully warm fire.

Harry looked over at Hermione as she came down the stairs completely naked. Her perfect firm teenage breasts bouncing with each step. Her tiny rosy pink nipples hard and just asking to be squeezed. Her tone stomach, long shapely legs, and incredibly juicy but tight teen ass all but flooring Harry as he took in the sight of her. His hard cock nearly exploded at the sight of Hermione's perfectly groomed thin landing strip just above the tightest pussy he had ever seen in his life.

"Like what you see Harry?" Hermione asked him with a smirk as she stood in front of the fire, basking in its glow. She turned around and bent over so he could get a better look at her perfect heart shaped ass and her tight little teenage pussy.

"Fuck Hermione! The only way you would look better is with my cock buried in that tight pussy!" Harry replied, stroking his cock as he removed his pants. "Why don't you come over here and see how this cock looks in your pretty mouth."

"Harry Potter! You're such a charmer!" Hermione said with a devilish grin as she walked over to the couch and kneeled down in front of Harry. He was already rock hard but Hermione really wanted to taste his cock before she started bouncing on it. Hermione didn't even warm up to it, she took his entire seven inches in one deep throat, holding it there for a few seconds to show Harry how deep she could take a cock down her throat.

"Fuck Hermione! You were made to suck cock!" Harry exclaimed, nearly cumming then and there at the sensation of his cock all the way down her throat.

"I think I was made to suck and fuck cock actually!" Hermione told him, licking the tip of his cock as she fondled his balls.

"Let's find out, shall we?" Harry said, overcome with the excitement of finally getting to fuck Hermione Granger. Hermione got on her back and spread her legs wide open to show how tight and wet her pussy was. "Holy fuck! I can't wait until I'm balls deep in you baby!" He groaned as he pulled off his cloak. Everything went wrong at that moment. Hufflepuff's bracelet somehow flew out of his cloak pocket and landed directly on Hermione's stomach. She blinked in surprise as the bracelet's magical power took hold.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HARRY?" She shouted, taking in his naked body, hard cock, and the fact that she was on her back with her legs wide open and her tight teenage pussy dripping wet ready to get fucked. Harry had already placed the tip of his cock at the entrance of her pussy before she was able to get control of the situation. "Whoa! No fucking way you're sticking that in me!" She shouted, pushing off of Harry and standing up looking aghast.

"Fuck Hermione! Give me that bracelet back!" Harry shouted reaching for the bracelet in Hermione's hand. Hermione deftly dodged him and started for the stairs. "Fuck!" Harry shouted, reaching for his cloak to retrieve his wand. Before he could find it Hermione had reached the top of the stairs and disappeared into the girls' dormitory. "Fuck fuck fuck!" Harry berated himself. He had been so close to fucking that sweet pussy. The bracelet must have nullified the potion Hermione had in her system, as well as the adverse sexual affects this time period was having on everyone's sexual inhibitions. Harry put his clothes back on and made his way to the room where Lily and Luna were currently being gangbanged. "At least I can still fuck my Mom."

"What the fuck have I been doing!" Hermione mumbled to herself, as she clutched the Hufflepuff bracelet in her hand, dressing quickly and sitting on her bed thinking over what she had done since arriving back in time. "Holy fuck I was a slut," Hermione groaned to herself, thinking about all the blowjobs she had given and letting Malfoy stick the head of his cock in her pussy to fill her up with his hot cum. Her pussy actually got a little wet thinking about the sensation of his warm cum filling her. The bracelet was obviously blocking the potion and magical sexual vibes being put out across the school, but Hermione still had sexual urges of her own that she usually kept in check. She just had to keep the bracelet on her at all times to keep herself straight.

While Hermione thought over all that she done since arriving back in time, Harry was already balls deep in Lily's tight snatch. She was basically comatose while she bounced on his cock. I third year student was behind her, pumping his five inch cock into her ass with all the fury he could muster. Harry looked over to see Luna still full of energy and giving every boy she fucked as much enthusiasm as ever. Both girls had received over a hundred loads of hot sticky cum, either in their pussy and ass, or all over their faces and bodies. Harry had needed to use the scourgify spell on Lily before he started pummeling her ass. After blowing his load inside her, he switched to her pussy, which he had tightened again with another spell. Her pussy was gripping his cock as it spasmed in orgasm. Lily moaned to herself as she enjoyed the sensation once again, before both the boy pumping her ass and Harry grunted in unison, filling her up with two adult sized loads of hot cum.

"Fuck! I needed that slut!" Harry groaned, pulling his cock out of her cum filled pussy before two more boys took over gangbanging her. He drank a replenishment potion and walked over to Luna to have a second go at her pussy.

"Nearly halfway there Luna! I hope you don't mind me fucking your tight pussy again?" Harry asked her as she rode reverse cowgirl with Snape's cock slamming into her ass.

"Of course not Harry! Have you seen all the Sperm Fairies about? They seemed to be very attracted to my pussy and ass!" She replied with a smile as Harry put the tip of his cock into her re-tightened pussy.

"Well there's going to be a bunch more in a few more minutes Luna," Harry told her with a smile, going balls deep with his first thrust, happy to be fucking such a hot teen witch, but still angry that he missed his opportunity to fuck Hermione. Harry contemplated what he could do to remedy that as he ploughed Luna like a whore, making each thrust harder and deeper imagining how sweet it would be to do the same to Hermione, and knowing that it would be just a matter of time.


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