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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Legacy Of Hogwarts Part 16 - Team Practice
by Avatrek ([email protected])

The first Hogwarts Suck-Off League match of the year was soon approaching. The Gryffindor girls had delivered their babies a week after Madam Pomfrey had cast the accelerated pregnancy spell on them. Ginny and Lily's boys both looked a lot like James, and Luna's girl had the same features of Draco. The babies were placed in the overflowing school nursery and training for their first match had gotten serious. Lily and Luna had spent three days before the pregnancy locked up in the dungeons having their pussies and asses repeatedly fucked for hours on end, but they had finally fucked every boy in Slytherin and were free to get on with their lives. Lily was still livid about the experience but Luna was her regular cheerful self as they had over twenty Gryffindor boys line up in the common room for their practice.

Ron, Sirius, Lupin, James, and Peter were in attendance, as well as another 20 or so boys looking eager for practice to start. Each girl would have to finish the gauntlet, as they called it, to build up endurance and sucking power. Lily had the House record, but Luna and Ginny were definitely contending to break it this year. The girls lined up completely naked, Lily being first, followed by Ginny, Luna, Mary, Chi Ming, and the back-up, Alyssa Spinnet.

"Let's begin!" Lily shouted above the talking boys, starting a stop watch with her wand, then dropping to her knees to give Ron his first blowjob of the day. His eight inches were devoured by Lily, her tongue moving deftly over the length of his shaft. She fondled his balls and squeezed his ass as she deep throated him for less than a minute before he tensed. Ron grunted in release and blew his load down Lily's throat. Lily licked his cock clean, gave him a wink and moved to Sirius.

"Ready for a big cock Ginny?" Ron told his little sister as he downed a vial of replenishment potion and watched as she dropped to her knees, and gave his soft cock a squeeze. He hardened immediately and Ginny was already working on it in seconds. He blew his load all over her face before Lily had finished with Sirius.

"How's that for ready Ronny?" She asked him, licking him clean with his cum dripping from her freckled cheeks.

"Fuck me I love this school!" Ron groaned as Luna kneeled in front of him. The practice was over in less than an hour. Every girl having gotten through the course at a respectable speed. Every single one of them covered in hot sticky cum before using the scourgify spell to clean themselves up.

"Well ladies, I have no doubt that we'll cream Hufflepuff tomorrow, just like these boys throughly creamed us!" Lily said in a sexy voice, winking at Ron in the process.

The Slytherin team practice was nowhere near as efficient. Hermione refused to take part in the league any further and had locked herself in the girls dormitory. There was no way Hermione was going to take part in something so lurid, especially now that her mind was clear, thanks to Hufflepuff's bracelet.

"Miss Granger! Come out at once!" Professor Slughorn's voice boomed as he slammed on the dormitory door with his fist. "I shall knock this door down if need be!"

"I don't want to be on the team anymore Professor! I don't want to be a slut!" Hermione answered back defiantly.

"Being part of a team is all what going to Hogwarts is about. I'm not sure what's gotten into you, but I know that every witch that attends Hogwarts wants to be a slut deep down inside. It just so happens that you are the most desirable in the whole school. Why not revel in it and be the biggest slut you can be!" Slughorn replied, in a very sincere voice, clearly believing every word he was spouting.

Hermione wasn't sure what to think. Her fantasies of getting fucked over the last five years and all her experiences thus far at Hogwarts in 1976 were more to her liking than she would have thought possible, but a life time of being a square tight ass still overrode those thoughts. "No way Professor! You'll have to drag me out!"

"As you wish! Bombarda!" He shouted, casting a powerful spell which blew the door in with ease. Hermione was too stunned to move as Slughorn disarmed her and dragged her out of the room squeeling. "Time for you to learn some manners Miss Stranger," he said calmly as he dragged her by the hem of her cloak to the stairs, where over twenty boys and the rest of the girls Suck-Off team waited. Many of the boys and half the girls were snickering at Hermione as she was dragged, kicking and screaming down the stairs.

"Please Professor!" Hermione squealed as she thumped down the stairs.

"And I also see you're dressware is in violation of school policy again Miss Stranger," Slughorn said, eyeing Hermione's knee high skirt and loose fitting dress shirt. Hermione had altered her school uniform to something more comfortable and less revealing. Slughorn quickly tore off her skirt and dress shirt to reveal a pair of loose fitting granny panties and white bra. "Tut tut Miss Stranger! Those aren't standard issue Slytherin panties, and bras are definitely not allowed within school grounds."

"Please no! I just want to go home!" Hermione whined as she tried to cover up her flat stomach and slight cleavage to a chorus of laughter from the rest of Slytherin House.

"I believe we'll have to make an example of you Miss Stranger," Slughorn told her, tearing off her granny panties and bra in short order to reveal Hermione's thin landing strip, tight teenage pussy, and perfect breasts. "You are gorgeous Miss Stranger, I will give you that. But disobedience must be punished," Slughorn told her, taking in her outstanding body and feeling his cock harden instantly.

"You can't do this to me!" Hermione yelled at him as he conjured a medieval looking wooden block used for captives. Slughorn bent her over and placed her hands and head through the holes in the wooden block. Her pussy and ass visible to all behind her, completely exposed. "Fuck fuck fuck! I hate this place!" She groaned as she listened to the catcalls and whistles from the boys behind her. Before she could shout out any further curses, she felt the stinging blow of a wooden paddle against her tender teenage ass. "AHHHHHH!"

"Ten strokes with the paddle should suffice for failing to attend practice, and another ten by hand for failing to meet proper uniform regulations," he told her with satisfaction. The paddle came swooshing in nine consecutive times, reddening Hermione's teenage ass almost to the point of bleeding. Hermione was in tears as Slughorn followed that up with ten more strokes with his hand. Less painful but still nearly unbearable.

"That should suffice for now. Although you still need to practice with your team, and I have a feeling you will need to remain restrained to do so," Slughorn told her, eyeing her red ass and tight little pussy. "Lads, feel free to begin with Miss Stranger, then move onto the rest of team. I will see what I can do to entice Miss Stranger to free her inner slut," Slughorn continued, kneeling down in front of Hermione's ass and running his tongue up her inner leg towards her pussy.

"Professor! I don't want to ---" Hermione began as a cock was shoved roughly into her open mouth. The seventh year student held Hermione's head in his hands as he fucked her face without restraint for the better part of two minutes. Hermione could barely breathe until he pulled out and blasted five huge hot sticky loads of his cum all over her face. While this was happening, Slughorn's tongue was deftly exploring Hermione's increasingly wet teenage pussy. She couldn't help but enjoy the sensation as the next boy grabbed hold of her face and started face fucking her as well.

"Hmmm you definietly taste like a slut Miss Stranger, but I see that you're a virgin, and at your age that's nearly unheard of!" Slughorn commented, opening up her pussy to have a better look at it. "I could make a fair bit of gold selling a virgin pussy like this. Perhaps a few thousand Galleons for my retirement," Slughorn mused, considering his options of either selling Hermione's pussy or fucking it himself. Always the business man, Slughorn decided on the former, placing an impenetrable charm on her hymen until he could find a suitable buyer. He did continue to lick her tasty teenage pussy though, wanting to see if he could make her cum for him.

"Sell my pussy? Fuck that feels good ---" Hermione said in shock as she realized she was going to be sold as a sex slave. The sensation of Slughorn's tongue on her pussy was almost enough to make her cum. Before she could finish her sentence though, the fifth boy slammed his cock down her throat. Hermione had already received four massive hot loads of cum all over her face, and her resistance was quickly disappearing along with her dignity.

"My turn Hermione!" Malfoy said laughing while he stepped up to her face after the last boy had blown his load down her throat, nearly causing her to vomit. "I actually like it when you put up a fight," he told her with a grin as he pushed his cock into her mouth, grabbing her head in the process and fucking her face harder than anyone had thus far.

"Urgh, urgh, urgh! Hermione choked out as she was used as Malfoy's personal fuck toy. "Ungggggh!" She moaned seconds later, clamping her lips down on his cock as she finally succumbed to Slughorn's pussy licking. Her pussy exploded in orgasm, spasming, as her cum coated Slughorn's tongue and mouth.

"Hahahaha! Unghhh!" Malfoy laughed then grunted, enjoying the sight of her cumming as his own orgasm hit him. He pulled his cock out of her mouth just in time to spray his hot cum onto her face and into her hair. He grabbed her thick curls and cleaned his cock off before moving on, laughing to himself in the process.

"Well Miss Stranger. It seems you throughly enjoyed that!" Slughorn commented, standing up and licking his lips. "Though I daresay you could do with a bit more humbling," he told her, unclasping his belt and dropping his pants to reveal his fat seven inch cock.

"But I thought you said you were going to sell my pussy?" Hermione asked in terror as the next boy got ready to fuck her face.

"Oh I plan to keep you a virgin until I receive a high enough bid, but I never said anything about that sweet tight ass of yours. For all I know, you've been taking it up the ass for years," Slughorn said with an obvious hunger showing on his face as he placed the head of his cock against her ridicously tight ass hole.

"No please! I've never taken it up the ass, I swea---" Hermione spouted before the next Slytherin boy shoved his cock in her mouth, using her mouth like a pussy as he fucked it without mercy.

"I know a good spell to re-tighten your ass after I'm done with it Miss Stranger,"Slughorn told her, dipping his cock into her pussy just slightly to get it wet. He put it back up against her ass hole and pushed as hard as he could. Her ass was incredibly tight. So tight in fact that Slughorn felt like his cock might break before he made it into her tight teenage ass. Taking both her ass cheeks in his hands, he spread her as wide as he could, pushing with all his might as he did. Slughorn groaned in pain as the head of his cock finally broke into her tightest hole.

"Umpffffffffff!" Hermione mumbled while having her face continually fucked. The pain from having the tip of Slughorn's cock in her ass nearly making her pass out in the process. The pain only increased as he pushed in a little deeper before pulling out. Hermione thought that it was over and her promised ass fucking might be averted. That wasn't nearly the case, as Slughorn re-entered her again even deeper, causing her to scream out in muffled pain even further.

"Arrghh! You are truly a tight ass Miss Stranger," Slughorn told her in some discomfort as he slowly moved his cock in and out of her tight teenage ass, until after a few minutes he finally went balls deep. "That feels good like that, doesn't it?" he asked her, remaining completely inside her ass.

"Fuck Professor! It hurts!" She groaned as the next boy pasted her face with a load of cum. She was nearing the last boy in the line-up. She wasn't surprised to see Harry grinning down at her, with his seven inches fully hard.

"You should have just let me fuck you last night slut!" He told her, positioning his cock in front of her cum covered face. "Now where is that bracelet? In your hand I see," he noticed, not moving to pry it out of her hand. "I'll let you keep it I guess and just buy your pussy from Slughorn later. I wouldn't want you to enjoy the ass fucking you're about to get anyway!"

"Fuck you Harry Po---" she started until he slammed his full seven inches into her mouth just as Slughorn started really pumping her ass from behind. Her ass bounced up and down as Slughorn pounded into her tight heart-shaped ass with no mercy at all. Hermione was actually starting to enjoy the sensation, when all of a sudden she felt her pussy start to spasm again and a familiar release came over her. That seemed only to spur on both Harry and Slughorn more as both of them spit-roasted her even harder until they simultaneously tensed up.

"Unghhhhhhh!" They both grunted, with Harry simply jamming his full cock down her throat and unleashing stream after stream of his hot cum down her throat, while Slughorn grabbed her ass cheeks tight and drove into her ass balls deep before erupting. Hermione could feel stream after stream filling up her tiny anus and leaking down her leg.

"Good show Miss Stranger!" Slughorn commented, out of breath and sweating profusely. He and Harry pulled their softening cocks out of Hermione with a grunt of release. Hermione was plastered with cum. Her hair a tangled mess of sticky cum, while her faced was literally caked with over twenty loads of the hot semen. She could feel Slughorn's hot cum deep in her ass and the sensation of it running down her leg. "Well who wants to try her ass next lads? She'll be trussed up until morning as punishment, so feel free to use her to your enjoyment!" Slughorn said cheerily, pulling his pants up and smacking her ass once more for good measure. Hermione only managed to mumble a few words before Malfoy had his fully hard cock, balls deep in her ass again.

"Guess you are a slut Hermione!" Harry told her, smacking her face with his softening cock before moving on to the next girl.


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