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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Legacy Of Hogwarts Part 17 - Suck-Off League Openers
by Avatrek ([email protected])

Hermione Granger had learned a valuable lesson from Professor Horace Slughorn. Being a square tight ass at Hogwarts in 1976 was likely to end up in you getting face fucked and ass fucked for hours on end. Hermione had spent the most traumatic night of her young adult life having her face fucked by multiple boys several times throughout the night, and her tight virgin ass pounded time and again, first by Professor Slughorn, then by the rest of Slytherin House. She had been fucked without mercy by every boy in Slytherin multiple times before morning came. She was caked in there sticky dried cum, her ass full of their hot seed and she was thoroughly exhausted. Harry and Malfoy had fucked her up her tight teenage ass more than five times throughout the night and Hermione could still feel Harry's last hot load of cum dripping down her leg. That's when Slughorn finally decided to let Hermione free, but not before fucking her tight teenage ass one last time. After blowing his load all over Hermione's ass, he used the the scourgify spell to clean her up, a mending spell to repair her damaged anus, and unlocked her from the wooden block securing her head and hands.

"I hope you have learned your lesson Miss Stranger," Slughorn said severely as Hermione dropped to the ground in a heap, while Slughorn buttoned up his pants. "Your first Suck-Off League match is this afternoon against Ravenclaw. I expect you to be there and to help Slytherin win the title this year. Otherwise I will have to discipline you further."

"Never again Professor, please!" Hermione pleaded, knowing that another all night ass fucking orgy would likely kill her.

"Excellent to hear Miss Stranger. As for your tight virgin pussy, I will seek my contacts in the black market for its sale," Slughorn informed her, reaching down to slip his finger into her pussy in the process. "Just making sure that that impenetrable charm is firmly in place," he said satisfied that the impenetrable barrier on her hymen was doing its job.

Hermione just groaned in acceptance, as Slughorn pulled his finger out of her virgin pussy. Slughorn departed shortly after, leaving Hemione to stumble up to her bed and get some sleep before the match later that day. Although she didn't want to suck cock for sport, she knew it would be better than having her ass fucked repeatedly through the night. Before tumbling off to sleep, she fastened the bracelet to her arm and placed a permanent binding charm on its clasp, which only she could remove. "I'll never let myself be a whore again," she mumbled to herself before falling asleep.

The Gryffindor Suck-Off team was ready. Their match against the Hufflepuff team was going to be a rout thanks to the hardwork and leadership of Lily Evans. The teams eyed each other from across the Great Hall before the match was to begin. All the tables and chairs had been removed and bleachers had been put in place for all the fans. The five girls for each team had their team uniforms on and looked ready to suck some serious cock. The Gryffindor team uniform consisted of a short sheer red teddy, no bra, and the skimpiest golden g-string money could buy. The Hufflpuff team were wearing a ridiculously short blue and yellow plaid skirt, a bright yellow tube top and no panties whatsoever.

"Ok ladies, the only thing stiff about this competition is the cocks we'll be sucking today!" Lily said to cheering from both her team and fans. Lily knew that Hufflepuff only had one team member they had to watch out for. Their team captain Jade Chang was nearly as prolific of a cock sucker as Lily. That's why she'd be anchoring the team against the teen Asian sensation. Jade stood only five feet tall, but her slim body, ample and juicy ass and lips that just asked for a cock, drove the boys crazy. "You take the lead Ginny. You next Luna, then followed by Chi and Mary," Lily told her teammates, sizing up the competition. The boys that would be lending their cocks for the competition were chosen by random amongst the fifth, sixth, and seventh year boys. The ten boys were already stark naked and fully hard, standing in the middle of the hall, eager to have their cocks sucked by five beautiful witches.

"How the fuck did those four manage to get randomly picked to get blown by us?" Ginny asked in bewilderment, seeing Draco, Harry, Snape, and Regulus, standing there with a massive seventh year Slytherin that Ginny thought was named Warrington. He was probably was the father of Cassius Warrington from her time. He was sporting a massive ten inch cock that was making Ginny drool a little.

"I don't know, but they're up to something!" Lily replied, seething in remembrance of the multiple double fuckings she and Luna had received, courtesy of Slytherin House. "Let's just blow them and get this over with."

As the girls from both teams lined up to start the match, Ginny could see the Slytherin boys smirking and knew something was about to go wrong. Kneeling in front of her first boy, Snape, she could tell the girl competing against her was nervous.

"The rules are simple! The team with the fastest collective time wins the match, with additional points awarded for each heat. A total of ten points can be won, and the the total points throughout the year will determine the Suck-Off League champion!" Boomed Dumbledore's voice from his elevated chair. He gave a special wink to Ginny and her tight ass before raising his wand and sending fireworks into the air to start the first heat. Ginny got to work with skill that put her opponent to shame. Wrapping her tongue around Snape's hard cock, she quickly started deep throating the wizard, massaging his balls as she did so. It only took thirty seconds before Snape tensed up.

"Give it to me baby!" Ginny told Snape, flicking her tongue across the tip of his cock and getting ready to take her first facial.

"You asked for it, Unghhhhh!" He grunted, unleashing the most cum Ginny had ever seen in her life. A torrent of hot sticky cum shot out of his spasming cock and plastered Ginny for a full twenty seconds. Ginny nearly choked to death trying to weather the storm. Temporarily off balance, the Hufflepuff girl finished blowing her boy and was on to the next, having received a standard size load down her throat.

"What the fuck!" Ginny said in astonishment. She quickly realized why all the Slytherin boys were smiling. They had somehow increased the amount of cum they ejaculated and therefore hindered the speed of the Gryffindor team. She quickly found out that every single Slytherin had the same increased ejaculation. Malfoy came down her throat and she nearly gagged on the amount that filled her stomach. Regulus pasted her tits and body with so much cum she had to rip off her teddy. Harry blew his load into her ginger locks, making them a tangled mess. Warrington had the biggest load of all and decided to blow half his load down her throat and the rest on her freckled cheeks. By the time she finished, she was thoroughly covered in cum from head to toe. Amazingly, she managed to beat the Hufflepuff girl by a mere two seconds. "Holy fuck!" She moaned after finishing, collapsing to the ground as Luna got ready to start.

Luna was also able to pull off a slight victory as well, while Chi and Mary lost by a few seconds each. The size of loads they each received were so large, that mere speed wasn't enough. It was all up to Lily, who faced the stiffest competition. Amazing everyone, she worked her way through Snape, Malfoy, Regulus, and Harry faster than Jade could finish off her first four. Warrington was an entirely different story as Lily was able to get him to explode in less than thirty seconds but had trouble with his massive load. The heat only ended after the last boy stopped cumming. Warrington had evidently saved up his largest load for last and came so much down Lily's throat, it started coming out her mouth an nose. She clamped down her mouth and took the last bit, just as Jade started getting her last boy to cum. It was a record close finish, but Gryffindor pulled off the win, receving a total of eight points. The Slytherin attempt at sabotaging the Gryffindor teamed failed again, but did limit them to not getting the full ten points.

The second match of the afternoon was between Slytherin and Ravenclaw and was slated to be a much closer match. Hermione couldn't believe what she was wearing. Every fibre of her being told her to cover up and run. Like the rest of her team, she was wearing too thin pieces of ribbon for her team uniform. One ribbon wrapped around her perfect and firm teenage breasts, which barely covered her pink little nipples, and one ribbon tied around her waist and between her legs to act as a g-string, which also barely covered her tight little slit. A cheer for her and her Slytherin teammates sounded as they stepped out into the Great Hall. The Ravenclaw team was topless and wearing a fluffy white and blue skirt with a pair of white panties that had the words "I like it in the ass" written on their backsides. The Ravenclaw team was supposed to be the best they'd had in over a decade and Hermione could see why. They had twin Italian teens that were no older than third year, two extremely attractive seventh year brunettes, who looked very confident in their cock sucking skills, and the blonde team captain, a witch who looked very much like Luna. The ten boys were already lined up and were ready to have their cocks sucked, as Dumbledore explained the rules once again.

As the team captain, Hermione was expected to go last for Slytherin and hopefully anchor the team to victory. There was a lot of pressure on her to do well, but ever since she started wearing Hufflepuff's bracelet, her desire to do anything remotely sexual had been limited.

"Okay girls, it's time to show them what your team is made of!" Slughorn told them, giving them a pep talk. "Hermione, you'll have to go up against the Ravenclaw Captain. Pandora is the blonde goddess over there," he told Hermione, pointing out the witch who had to be somehow related to Luna.

"Fuck me!" Hermione groaned as her pretty thirteen year old teammate took the lead and started the first heat. It was only then that she realized that Ron was one of the boys she was going to have to blow. "Great! Now I have to suck him off too!" Hermione complained to herself, knowing that both Harry and Ron would hold it over her forever. Fireworks erupted as the girls started the first heat. Hermione was frankly shocked at how fast the little thirteen year old Slytherin was able to suck cock. She had swallowed four loads before the Ravenclaw seventh year had finished two boys. Ron was last in line and lasted almost a minute before pasting her face with six streams of his hot cum. Hermione's pussy tingled at the sight but she kept her composure thanks to the Hufflepuff bracelet. The rest of the Slytherin team was dismal. The next three girls lost by a wide margin and the Ravenclaw combined time was over two minutes less than Slytherin.

"You're up Miss Stranger. We need a miracle or your ass is on the line again," Slughorn told her, patting her perfect teenage ass as she stepped forward.

"Whoa you're hot!" The fourth year Hufflepuff student groaned as Hermione kneeled in front of him. Hermione sighed in disgust before Dumbledore set off more fireworks to start the last heat. Hermione reached out and grabbed the boy's five inch cock. She had just brushed her lips up against the head when his cock started to spasm and she was rewarded with a face full of hot cum. "Fuck unghhh!" He grunted immediately, spraying Hermione's hot face with four loads of his sticky cum. It was the quickest start ever recorded. Hermione was bewildered and shocked as his cum ran down her chin.

"Eww!" She moaned before quickly moving to the next boy. The tip of her tongue just managed to touch his cock before he blew his load down her throat. Hermione felt five ropes of hot cum fill her mouth as the boy grunted in relief. According to Suck-Off League rules, Hermione had to make an effort to swallow, so she took one for the team and swallowed the whole load, not entirely hating the flavour. The next boy came before she had even opened her mouth and blew his load all over her perfect tits. Hermione couldn't believe what was happening and neither could anyone else. Pandora wasn't even done her first boy as Hermione moved onto the four, a seventh year Gryffindor.

"No way I'm cumming that fast, I don't care how hot you are slu--- UNGHHHHHH!" He grunted a second after Hermione flicked the tip of his cock with her tongue! She swallowed his load as well, almost enjoying it, before quickly moving on to Ron, who was beet red and barely able to control himself.

"Don't you dare cum on my face Ro--" Hermione started as she reached out to grab Ron's eight inches. He grunted in release as soon as his fingers touch his rock hard cock.

"Fuckkk Hermione UNNGHH!" He shouted blowing eight huge loads of his hot cum onto her face and into her hair. "Couldn't help it..." He moaned before collapsing. There was a roar of cheers as the fans went crazy about the fastest recorded Suck-Off League time in history. Hermione sat there stunned at the amount of cum plastering her face, and slightly proud of her achievement. Slughorn walked up to her, performed the scourgify spell on her and gave her a cloak, clapping her on the back enthusiastically. Apparently being a huge slut gained you respect, Hermione thought to herself as she watched Pandora suck cock at an inhumanley fast pace. She finished the heat over three minutes later, meaning Slytherin won with the shortest overall time and collected seven points.

The entire Slytherin House lifted Hermione above their heads and sang her praises all the way back to their common room where they celebrated the win. She was heralded as a legend that night, and Hermione was for once happy to be a Slytherin.


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