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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Legacy Of Hogwarts Part 18 - Giant Problems
by Avatrek ([email protected])

Hermione Granger was the hero of Slytherin. A true legend of oral sex. She was the only reason Slytherin House had managed to scrape by with a win and seven points towards the championship title. Because of that, the students of Slytherin were throwing an after-party in her honour. Even Harry congratulated her on her victory, and for once didn't seem interested in her tight teenage pussy. After a few drinks and many pats on the back and ass, Hermione called it a night and dreamt about actually winning the Suck-Off League championship.

"Wake up Hermione!" Harry yelled up to her from the common room below, waking her from her slumber. She had over-slept and was already running late for her for her Care of Magical Creatures class. "Hagrid is subbing for Kettleburn today Hermione. I don't want to be late!"

"Hagrid!" Hermione said excitedly! She hadn't seen Hagrid since coming back in time and was desperate to talk to her old friend. "I bet he looks so young in 1976!" Hermione squealed in joy as she threw on her skimpy school uniform and left the the dorm to meet up with Harry. "Fuck I forgot panties!" Hermione uttered in shock as she bounced down the steps showing Harry her thin little landing strip and tight pussy.

"Fuckk me! Too late now Hermione, we got to go!" Harry said in a daze as he stared at her teenage pussy until she made it down the stairs.

"Fuck!" Hermiome groaned, cursing herself for letting something like that slip her mind. She had enough difficulty with the horny boys of Hogwarts without walking around without panties. "Let's go then."

The Care of Magical Creatures class was usually taught by an older professor, called Silvanus Kettleburn. During the previous class, one of the unicorns they had been studying had bitten off one of his fingers and he was still on the mend. Apparently Hagrid would be subbing for the class, which was a rarity, as the groundskeeper usually kept to himself in his shack, rarely speaking to students. Hermione and Harry made their way out onto the Hogwarts grounds, where of course to Hermione's dismay, it was extremely windy. Coupled with the fact that her skirt barely covered her pussy and ass as it was, she couldn't take a step without it flapping up to reveal her perfect juicy ass and teenage twat. Harry was hard as fuck the entire walk to Hagrid's cabin, where the class was to take place.

"What the fuck are you doing Harry?" Hermione shouted all of a sudden as she looked back at Harry to see what was holding him up. He was two steps behind her, pumping his hard seven inch cock as furiously as he could.

"Can't help it when I see your tight ass and pussy Hermione. Fuck! Unghhh! Harry groaned, firing off over five hot loads over Hermione's tight stomach and skirt.

"Ewww you creep!" Hermione shouted in protest as Harry's last load sprang upwards, caught by the wind, to splash against Hermione's cheek.

"Trick shot!" Harry laughed as he pulled up his pants, dodged a punch from Hermione and sprinted off to Hagrid's cabin.

"All right all right settle down now," came Hagrid's voice as Hermione finally made it to his shack. "Now we'll be splittin ye up in two groups. Boys over here and girls on over there," he told the gathered class of about twenty students, all of which were male except for Lily Evans. She could also see Ron, James, Sirius, Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew among the students. Hermione quickly joined the other three girls without Hagrid seeing her arrive late. Hagrid himself looked almost the same as always. He had a little less of a beard, and looked to be very fit. "Now the boys will be starting on the elixir we need ter make for the wee unicorn sicklings, while the young ladies will be harvesting the key ingredient."

"Hey Hermione! I see you opted to not wear panties you horny slut you!" Lily greeted her with a wink as Hagrid gave out the instructions to the boys.

"I just forgot them this morning, I swear!" Replied Hermione earnestly, looking at Lily's outfits. It was even sluttier than her own. Lily had obviously accepted the sexual atmosphere of Hogwarts of 1976 willingly. Hermione had even heard that she, along with a few other girls had been pregnant. Looking at her fine body, perky tits and tight little ass, Hermione doubted that the red headed teen slut was actually pregnant. "Do you know what Hagrid meant about harvesting the key ingredient?" Hermione asked, a little worried about what it was going to entail.

"I have no idea! I just hope it has something to do with Hagrid's foot long cock. I haven't had a cock that big for a while!" Lily replied, licking her lips in the process.

"Hagrid would never!" Hermione said in protest, hoping that her old friend wasn't as perverted as everyone else seemed to be.

"Ha! He usually likes them young but he'll still fuck the two of us given the chance!" Lily replied, running her hand down to Hermione's exposed snatch. "A little wet are we? Thinking about giant cock usually gets me hot too!" Lily told her, slipping a finger into Hermione's tight pussy.

"What the fu-- mmmm" Hermione moaned, unable to stop Lily from fingering her tight pussy. She eventually managed to regain her composure and extract Lily's finger from her wet pussy.

"Ok ladies, you will have the most important and difficult job. You will need to harvest the cum from a giant for the elixir," he told them smirking as he did so. "Now since I have the only giant blood for hunnerds of miles, you'll harvest it from meself."

"Why don't you harvest it yourself Hagrid?" Hermione asked, shocked by Hagrid's audacity. The thought of Hagrid blowing his load all over her face was actually turning her on slightly, even with Hufflepuff's bracelet on.

"Well I would there, Hermione is it? But elixir requires the giant cum to be mixed with the cum of a human woman," Hagrid informed her, handing her a Care of Magical Creatures book to prove the truth of what he was saying.

"This is seriously fucked up Hagrid! You're not fucking my pussy!" She protested, reading over the page on curing baby unicorns from hoof rot.

"Well, one of you has to if you don't want those poor baby unicorns dying of hoof rot," he told them pulling off his clothes to reveal a muscular body, a full six pack and a horse sized cock.

"Holy fuck!" Hermione and Lily said together. Hermione stood there astonished at the sight of such a large cock as Lily dropped to her knees and starting licking Hagrid's shaft from base to tip.

"Ya that's it Lily! Aren't ye gonna help Hermione?" Hagrid moaned as Lily worked her particular brand of magic.

"It looks like Lily has everything in order," Hermione replied, trying her best not to stare at Hagrid's fit body and massive horse cock.

"You're missing out Hermione. Giant cock tastes the best!" Lily moaned as she started engulfing more and more of Hagrid's cock. She could only manage about eight inches of the thick cock before gagging. Hagrid's width and length made him impossible to deep throat completely.

"All right then Lily, let's see if you can still take giant cock in that tight little pussy of yours," Hagrid asked her as Lily pulled off her skirt and let Hagrid lift her off the ground. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he positioned his massive cock at the entrance of her tight teenage twat.

"There is no way that's fitting in that tight hole Hagrid!" Hermione told him, examining Lily's incredibly tight pussy while Hagrid pushed the tip of his cock against her slit.

"Fuckkkkkkkk it's too big Hagrid!" Lily moaned as Hagrid tried to force his cock into her teenage pussy. "Lick my pussy Hermione! I need some lubrication here!"

"What? No way!" Hermione replied in protest, no matter how tasty her twat looked.

"It's the least you can do! I'm taking giant cock so you can sit back and watch. Lick my pussy!" She shouted back, eager to feel Hagrid inside her.

"Fuck! Fine!" Hermione relented, she crept up to the suspended Lily's tight pussy and stuck out her tongue to lick her tight cunt.

"Unghhh what the fuck!" Lily groaned as Hermione's tongue just barely touched her pussy. She showered Hermione in a huge orgasm. Her pussy juices squirting all over her face and in her mouth.

"Gahh!" Hermione shouted in surprise.

"How the fuck did you do th--- Ahhhhh!" Lily started to ask before Hagrid saw his opportunity and rammed half his cock into Lily without permission or warning. Hermione stood there transfixed as Hagrid forced more and more of his foot long cock into Lily. She licked her lips as she did so, enjoying the taste of Lily's cum. "Fuck Hagrid! Are you bigger than before?" Lily asked in some discomfort as Hagrid managed to fit in nine inches before bottoming out inside Lily's little pussy.

"I think your pussy is tighter, if that's even possible Lily!" Hagrid grouned, sliding Lily up and down on his cock at an ever increasing speed. His hands easily fit around her waist as he used Lily like his own personal fuck doll.

"Holy fuck Hagrid! Unghhhhhh!" Lily groaned as her pussy exploded in orgasm again. The sensation of cumming twice in less than two minutes caused her to pass out due to over stimulation.

"Not again!" Hagrid groaned as Lily's body went limp. It didn't stop him from pumping his cock into her at an increased pace though. His cock was a blur as he pounded into her, lasting only a few minutes before tensing up and grunting in release. "Fuck UNGHH!" He shouted, slamming every inch he could into Lily before blowing a massive giant sized load deep inside Lily's unprotected womb. Stream after stream of his hot, extremely potent giant cum flooded in then out of her overstuffed pussy, surely impregnating the young witch.

"Hagrid! She could get pregnant!" Hermione shouted in surprise, feeling her pussy tingle at the sight of the unconscious Lily getting filled up to the brim with hot giant cum.

"Darn! Not enough of giant cum! The elixir will be ruined I guess. Unless..." Hagrid said out loud, hoping that Hermione would bite. In truth, Hagrid's massive load seeping out of Lily's tight pussy was more than enough for the elixir, but why fuck one tight teenage pussy when you can fuck two.

"What the fuck Hagrid! That looks like more than enough. Besides, Slughorn put an imprenetrable charm on my pussy! And I wouldn't let you fuck it anyways!" Hermione added, not quite sure if she was being completely truthful as Hagrid slowly dislodged his massive, still hard cock from Lily's cum filled twat.

"I guess you'll have to take it in the ass then Hermione. For the baby unicorns o' course," he told her, dropping Lily roughly to the ground and ripping off Hermione's clothes in one fluid motion.

"Hagrid! No!" Hermione protested in vain as Hagrid lifted her up, twirled her in the air and started licking her incredibly tight pussy without a second of hesitation. Hermione was upside down, staring at Hagrid's giant hard cock while she felt his long thick tongue probe her slightly moist slit. "Ahhh Hagrid no stop it... mmmm! No stop, I ummm, mmm fuck!" She moaned, unsure if she actually wanted him to stop. She had a sudden urge to lick Hagrid's massive cum covered cock, but fought it off. Hufflepuff's bracelet apparently was able to block the sexual vibe that was obviously affecting everyone else in 1976, but did nothing to block her own natural urges. The bracelet seemed to have other unnatural effects as well that Hermione had yet to figure out.

"You say no Hermione, but your wet pussy seems to say yes," Hagrid informed her as he tongue fucked her teenage pussy. It was wet as fuck before Hagrid flipped her around and put the tip of his massive cock at the entrance of her tight ass hole.

"There is no way you can fit that cock into my tight ass Hagrid!" She shouted in alarm, hoping that it was truth. Slughorn and all the Slytherin boys' cocks were one thing, but having a massive giant cock in her ass was something else. Hermione waited in terror as Hagrid held her up so she was facing away from him and slowly prodded her tiny ass with the tip of his cock. Hermione could see that a crowd of boys had shown up to watch the show. Most of them watched in anticipation as Harry and Ron pulled out their stiff cocks and were pumping them furiously at the naked and already cum splattered Lily.

"Arghhhh!" Hagrid groaned, using his giant strength, he was able to force the very tip of his cock past her sphincter. "Tightest hole I've ever been in Hermione!" He groaned, as Hermiome screamed in pain. The boys in the class were cheering Hagrid on as he worked in a full inch to Hermione's dismay. Harry was already on top of the unconscious Lily, pumping his cock into her tight ass as Ron fucked her mouth while this was going on.

"Hagrid! You're tearing me in half!" Hermione screamed as she felt like her ass was being ripped into two. Hagrid managed to fit in his second inch as she said this and Hermione was getting close to passing out. Hermione continued to protest her ass fucking in vain however, and before long, Hagrid had managed to fit half a foot of giant cock into her ass. "Fuck no Ahh!" Hermione whimpered as she came from the stimulation of having a massive cock pumping into her tight ass. Everyone cheered even louder as Hermione's pussy started to spasm and her pussy juices dripped down onto Hagrid's balls.

Meanwhile, Harry was panting loudly as he started filling Lily's ass full of his hot sticky cum while Ron grunted in release as he came down Lily's throat, all while she remained unconscious. James, Sirius, Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew were up next and started filling every hole Lily had, pumping into her with wreckless abandon.

"Fuck that's hot!" Hermione moaned as she started to enjoy the ass fucking she was getting and the sight of her friends fucking and cumming in the unconscious Lily. This seemed to only spur on Hagrid to fuck Hermione's ass even deeper, somehow managing to fit almost his entire twelve inches into her tight ass!

"I can't believe you can take me entire cock in that tight ass of yours Hermione!" He moaned as he pulled her down by her hips even further to fit the final inch of his cock in her ass.

"Oh fuck Hagrid!" She groaned, cumming again as Hagrid went balls deep in her tight teenage ass, blowing his load at exactly the same time.

"Arghhhh! Take it!" Hagrid grunted, slamming her down so he was balls deep in her ass and cumming deep inside her in the process. He filled her up nearly as full as he had with Lily, pumping her tight ass so full, it started to leak out. Hermione proceeded to pass out due to the over stimulation.

She woke up hours later to Lily splashing cold water on her. "Looks the boys decided to have a go with us after Hagrid," she said looking at herself and Hermione. Both girls were covered in sticky cum. Hermione and Lily's hair were plastered with it and both girls had cum leaking out of their asses as well as Lily having a stream dripping out of her pussy. "I woke up to Remus and Peter fucking my pussy and ass while Harry and Ron had somehow managed to fit both of their cocks in your ass at the same time. They fucked you really hard before the rest of the boys had their turn with that fine ass of yours," Lily informed her with a smirk on her face.

"At least we saved the baby unicorns," Hermione mumbled before slowly getting dressed and making her way up to the castle with a sore ass, torn clothing and an ass full of giant cum.


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