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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Legacy Of Hogwarts Part 20 - Halloween Auction Part 1
by Avatrek ([email protected])

Hogwarts of 1976 was completely different to that of the 1990s. The rampant sexuality and abuse of position was staggering. The treatment of women was appauling, and the inequalities were equally disturbing. Harry Potter loved it. He had flourished at Hogwarts in 1976 as a student of Slytherin House. Using the school books given to him by the future Dumbledore, he had been acing his classes, and fucking everything he laid his eyes on. The best part was that the girls of Hogwarts loved being sluts. Ginny and Luna were reveling in their slutty sides, having both their pussy and asses pounded numerous times. Ron was just as happy. He had been on a tear lately, fucking McGonagall, his sister and every other piece of tail he could lay his hands on. The only one not loving Hogwarts of 1976 was Hermione Granger. Although thankfully still a virgin, Hermione had ended up in Slytherin House and had been on the receiving end of multiple ass fuckings from teachers and students alike. The only things keeping her a virgin were Hufflepuff's bracelet, which helped her fight the urge to be a slut, and Slughorn's impenetrable charm on her tight teenage pussy. Hermione was on everyone's list to fuck, but Horace Slughorn would only sell to the highest bidder. All of this took precedence over the true mission for travelling back in time - the recovery of powerful sexual and magical artifacts from the four founders of the school. Thus far, only Malfoy had recovered Slytherin's cauldron, while Hermione wore Hufflepuff's bracelet.

"Miss Stranger, I will need to speak with you after class," Slughorn asked her during a Potions class the day before Halloween. "It concerns a certain charm on you."

"Fuck me!" Hermione groaned to herself, trying to adjust her tiny black and green skirt to cover more of her perfect ass. She was seated at the front of the class and most of the class had a view of her juicy teenage ass whenever she stood up. Luckily she had a thong on today, so at least they wouldn't get a look at her tight pussy. Slughorn obviously wanted to discuss the sale of her virgin pussy with her after class. She just hoped he hadn't found a buyer or that he wanted a piece of her tight ass again. The amount of times she had had her ass fucked recently was simply staggering, yet she was as tight as ever, thanks to magic. The class quickly ended with Harry being the top student again. As hard as Hermione tried, she could never beat Harry in any of her classes anymore.

"Miss Stranger! I have great news! The sale of your virginity will be done through auction during the Halloween party. I have received permission from Dumbledore to put on a pussy auction," Slughorn informed her, as Hermione remained seated, stunned at what she was hearing.

"You can't just sell people's pussies against their will Professor!" Hermione shouted back, certain that such a practice had to be banned.

"It is perfectly legitimate. Each girl must sign a waiver, and they receive fifty percent of the sale of their pussy. I receive twenty-five percent and Hogwarts receives the other quarter."

"I'm not signing anything Professor! I don't want money for someone to fuck my pussy! I'm not some hooker!" She exploded in outrage.

"Well you can sign the waiver, have some fun and make a good deal of gold, or you can be put back in the block, and this time your ass can be available for every Hogwarts student to use at their leisure," he told her calmly, knowing full well the ass fucking she had received previously was nothing compared to the one she would receive if she didn't sign the waiver.


While Hermione was busy signing her pussy away for gold, Harry was plotting and scheming with Malfoy. It was more of a bet than a scheme, truth be told. Malfoy and Harry had made a very interesting deal. If Harry fucked and impregnated more girls during the Hogwarts Halloween party than Malfoy, he would get the enchanted magical cauldron that once belonged to Slytherin, as well as help getting the impenetrable charm off Hermione's pussy so Harry could fuck her snatch. If Malfoy won, Harry would have to hand over any magical enchanted objects Harry had already found, and also help Malfoy remove the impenetrable charm from Hermione's pussy so he could fuck it. Either way, Hermione was fucked.

While Harry and Malfoy ironed out the details of their scheme, Ron Weasley was waiting outside the hospital wing for Ginny, Luna, and Lily. All three were in with Madam Pomfrey, delivering their second babies. Lily had got knocked up by Hagrid the previous week, while Ginny was delivering Ron's incestuous child. Ron didn't feel an ounce of shame or guilt for knocking up his sister and could care less if the kid ended up in an orphanage. He didn't want the responsibility and he was okay with that. Apparently Luna had gotten her pussy filled to the brim on multiple occassions during the same day that Ginny and Ron had fucked, she had no idea who the father was. After a couple of hours, all three girls strolled out of the hospital wing looking as if they hadn't just given birth a few minutes ago. The pregnancy acceleration charm was a godsend, allowing witches to give birth after just a week and regaining their former bodies only minutes after delivery.

"What the fuck took you so long Gin? My cock is hard as fuck!" Ron complained, wanting at least one of the three girls on their knees sucking him off. To his delight, all three of them dropped down and started licking his cock and balls.

"Madam Pomfrey was busy popping out one of her own. That little fucker looked a lot like Harry. And don't you want to hear about your boy Ronny?" Lily asked, licking one of his balls as Luna worked his shaft.

"I could care less. As long as I don't have to raise the little whelp," he said enjoying the sensation of three tongues on his cock and balls.

"Lily's was a twelve pounder! She was a big girl," Ginny said with a laugh, sucking on Ron's other ball. "And that girl was one hell of a screamer."

"Ya it was a tough one! A quarter giant baby is not easy to push out. What I wanna know is who the father of Luna's boy is. He looked a lot like Ron," Lily said, speculating as she moved up to Ron's shaft along with Ginny. Ron moaned in pleasure.

"It wasn't me! I haven't had the pleasure of being balls deep in that tight pussy!" Ron groaned, nearing his end.

"It was Mr. Weasley that put that bun in my oven," Luna told them as Ginny flicked the head of Ron's cock with her tongue, causing him to grunt and blow his load.

"Fuck unghhhh!" He grunted, firing off stream after stream across the three girls' pretty faces, enjoying the sight of all three covered in his sticky cum.

"Can't resist the gingers eh?" Ron groaned in satisfaction as Ginny cleaned off his cock.

"You tell me after you buy my sweet pussy at the Halloween auction tomorrow night big guy," Luna purred in his ear after getting off her knees.

"I almost forgot there was going to be auction tomorrow night. Are all of you up for sale?" Ron asked, pulling up his pants as Ginny and Lily made out with each and cleaned up the last of his cum from each other's faces. Ron would have to tap into the gold reserves Dumbledore had lent each of them before they travelled back in time.

"You bet! The amount of Perverted Pixies that will be floating around tomorrow night will be unbelievable," Luna informed him.

"Ya plus it's a great way to make some extra gold!" Lily added, squeezing Ginny's ass one more time before the four Gryffindors made their way back up to their common room.

While the students of Hogwarts got busy preparing themselves for the upcoming Halloween party, Horace Slughorn was hard at work ordering around the school house elves in setting up for the party in the Great Hall.

"Yes the auction stage will be placed there, the dance floor in the corner, and the bar at this end of the hall. Hurry up elves or you'll end up like the last two that displeased me," Slughorn commanded them, pointing his wand at them threatingly as they busily rushed around following his orders. "Make sure there is an abundance of liquor behind that bar. These students and teachers will be quite thirsty. And don't forget to set up the privacy rooms!" House elves scurried about, using their own brand of magic to make sure everything met Slughorn's expectations.

"Do I really need to wear this Professor?" Hermione groaned as she walked out onto the newly created auction stage. Slughorn had brought her along for a bit of a rehearsal for the main show on Halloween. Slughorn had also put her in the standard auction clothing all the girls would be wearing. Hermione walked out to the center of the stage so Slughorn could get a good look. She was wearing a sheer white and very tight tube top that emphasized her perfect teenage tits and small little rosy nipples, a pair of extremely short and tight fitting bright pink booty shorts, a pair of white and pink knee-high socks, and a golden collar around her neck.

"Hmmm, those shorts could be a little shorter," Slughorn mused, taking in Hermione's perfect teenage body and feeling his cock stiffen again.

"Seriously Professor? Any shorter and they'll be g-string! And why the fuck do I have this golden collar on?" Hermione complained, knowing that every curve of her perfect teenage ass was visible for Slughorn's inspection. "And you shouldn't treat house elves like that! They have feelings as well!" Hermione berated the stunned Slughorn.

"For that, I shall need to make those booty shorts even shorter, and punish the house elves for your insolence. They don't need some uptight slut fighting for their supposed rights," he told her calmy, waving his wand at her tight shorts, basically making them into a g-string. He then turned around and shot stinging hexes at each of the house elves. "That should keep them in line."

"That's cruel Professor!" Hermione complained, obviously not smart enough to keep her mouth shut in front of Slughorn.

"Perhaps you should be receiving a stinging hex for each one of them then. On your hand and knees Miss Stranger!" Slughorn commanded her, stepping up behind her. "I think another ten by paddle should suffice," Slughorn told her, summoning a large wooden paddle as Hermione dropped to her hands and knees in resignation. "And you wear that collar so that your buyer can lead you around by chain after purchase. You will be his property to do with what wants for one night."

"Fucking Hogwarts!" Hermione groaned in defeat as she stuck out her perfect teenage ass for Slughorn to paddle. Slughorn proceeded to smack her ass ten hard times while the house elves continued to work around them, not even sparing them a glance as Hermione shrieked out in pain.

"You may leave Miss Stranger," Slughorn told Hermione after delivering the final blow. Her ass was glowing red and tears were streaking down her cheeks. "Let this be a further lesson to you. Do not be late for the auction tomorrow night. And Miss Granger," he said expectantly as Hermione got to her feet, shaking slightly.

"Yes Professor?" Hermione sobbed, brushing away tears of pain.

"Keep that outfit on until tomorrow night. I want everyone to have a good look at what they'll be bidding on for tomorrow night," Slughorn told her, grabbing her ass one last time before sending her on her way. Abused, degraded, and sore, Hermione left the Great Hall dreading the fact that she would need to wear her slutty outfit for the rest of the day, as well as tomorrow, until her pussy was sold and her virginity taken.

"Nice ass Granger! It would look better with my cock in it though!" Malfoy whispered in her ear, walking up behind her without her hearing him.

"Fuck off Malfoy!" She said drawing her wand to curse him. Malfoy disarmed her before she uttered a single word.

"Now that's not very nice Mudblood! I was going to tell you who planned on buying your sweet pussy tomorrow night, but I suppose you can wait to find out now. I hope he lets me have a go at that tight pussy of yours," Malfoy told her before sending a hex at her and causing her to double over in pain and drop to her knees. "Just how I like you! Petrificus Totalus!" he shouted, freezing Hermione so she was on her knees, staring at him in hatred, her mouth frozen open to shout profanities at him. "Hmmm I wonder what I can do with that open mouth. I know! I'll fill it!" He told her smugly before pulling down her tube top to reveal her pert teenage tits and tiny pink nipples. He squeezed and pinched them as he dropped his pants to reveal a fully hard seven inch cock.

Hermione could only watch on in resignation as Malfoy proceeded to jam his entire seven inches down her throat, moving his hips back and forth as he fucked her face like a common whore. She could feel his balls slap against her chin and his hands gripping the back of her head as he skull fucked and nearly suffocated her. Her eyes darted from side to side to watch a gathering crowd surround the spectacle, with a few of the boys pulling out their cocks to stroke them at the sight of her.

"Unghhhhhh! Fuckk!" He groaned five minutes later, pulling his cock out of her frozen mouth and blowing a massive hot and sticky load over her face and in her brunette curls. He proceeded to wipe his cock off in her already tangled hair before slapping her face with his softening cock a few times for good measure. "I hope you don't mind if I leave you frozen Hermione. I'm sure a few of these gentleman could use that open mouth for a good cause," Malfoy told her, laughing as he buttoned up his pants and left her to the mercy of at least ten boys and another couple of hours of vigorous face fucking until the freezing spell wore off.

"She's the one you want my lord. A slut who will provide you with many powerful and attractive heirs," Malfoy told a shadowed and mysterious figure some time later. "The auction is tomorrow night at the party. I have a plan to cause a distraction which will provide you with the necessary time and space to enact your plan."

"Excellent Draco. You will be greatly rewarded for your service," replied a quiet but menacing voice.


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