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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Legacy Of Hogwarts Part 22 - Halloween Pussy Auction Part 3
by AvaTrek ([email protected])

Harry Potter was pissed! He had lost the bet he had made with Malfoy, lost any chance of him getting his hands on Slytherin's magical cauldron and lost his opportunity to fuck Hermione Granger's tight virgin pussy. She had been sold to the mysterious masked figured at the pussy auction during the Hogwarts Halloween party, and probably had a cock in her tight pussy balls deep right at that moment. There was an outside chance that she hadn't lost her virginity yet and that's what spurred Harry on at the moment. He had to find a way to find her, save her, then fuck her. To do that, he'd have to make piece with some fellow students he'd recently fucked over.

"Can I talk to you mate?" Harry asked a clearly hungover Ron Weasley, who was slumped over a table in the Great Hall after it had been transformed back from the previous night.

"Unless you've got a better spell to cure a hangover than I do, you can fuck right off Harry!" Ron moaned, head bowed in pain. Headache and hangover spells and potions only worked so well depending on the amount of alcohol drank. Clearly Ron had exceeded that amount and was paying for it dearly.

"I need your help rescuing Hermione. She was sold last night at the pussy auction and some fucker is going to take her virginity before we have a go at her!" Harry replied in anger.

"I already know Harry! He bought Ginny, Lily, and Luna as well!" Ron said in anger. He had been hoping to buy Luna and fuck her raw. He had ended up buying her mother Pandora by accident, on account of how much they looked alike and the fact that Ron, along with his Gryffindor friends, were wasted drunk the entire night. Pandora was in Gryffindor tower right now, chained to his four poster bed, completely naked and ready to be used by Ron, James, Sirius, Lupin and Peter.

"I may know of a way of a way to find them. But I'll need more than just your help saving them," Harry pleaded with Ron, knowing that without his help, Hermione would have someone else balls deel in her virgin pussy before the day was out.

"Fuck! Fine! But you owe me!" Ron complained, stumbling to his feet and walking down the Gryffindor bench to speak with his friends. Before the hour was out, Harry, Ron, James, Sirius, Lupin and Peter were ready to save Hermione, Ginny, Lily and Luna.

"I don't like you Cotter! But I'd do anything for pussy and Ron assures me that we'll all get a turn at that hot virgin of yours if we help," James Potter told his son-to-be. "What's the plan?"

"It's simple. There's only one person in Hogwarts who might know where they are." Harry led them down to the Slytherin common room, and before Harry had inserted his wand into the muggle whore statue and gave the password, the secret entrance opened and Draco Malfoy walked out, unaware of the danger he was now in.

"What the fu--" he started before Harry and Ron hit him with two jinxes at once. One causing him to double over in pain while the other made him break out in hives.

"Tell us where that masked fucker took them or you'll be dangling from Gryffindor tower by your underwear!" James warned him, raising his wand to get ready to hex him.

"You'll never get to them in time. They'll kill you before you lift your fucking wands blood traitors!" Malfoy groaned, doubled over in pain.

"Not if you go with us and help!" Ron shouted at him, sending sparks from his wand that threatened to set fire to Malfoy's robes.

"He'll fucking kill me if I bring you! Nothing you say will make me take you!" Malfoy replied, shaking in terror at the thought of betraying the Dark Lord. Harry leaned in and whispered something in his ear. All seven were at the nearest hearth within ten minutes, ready to leave and rescue the girls.

"I have your word Harry?" Malfoy asked Harry, thinking over the deal he had made with Malfoy to get him to help them. "We're probably going to die either way."

"You have my word on it. Worth more than yours," he replied, taking a pinch of floo powder after all seven had entered the fire place. "Let's do this! Riddle House, Little Hangleton, England!" They arrived in a jumble. Arms and legs twisted together and ash in their eyes. By the time they extricated themselves from the fire place, a group of Death Eaters had entered the room and were raising their wands at them. Harry, Malfoy, Ron, James, Sirius, Lupin and Peter acted quickly. They stunned and froze every Death Eater is sight. They could hear the sounds of moaning and groaning upstairs and quietly made their way towards it. The house was conspicuously empty as they climbed the dust covered staircase towards the racket. Harry slowly opened the door the sound was coming from to peek inside. What he saw was astonishing. Six girls, including Lily, Ginny, Luna and three other beautiful teenagers, were being double or triple teamed by a large group of Death Eaters. Two of the unknown girls each had a cock in their asses pounding away while they both were face fucked without mercy. The other gorgeous unknown girl, whose hair looked like it was on fire, had a cock in her pussy, ass, and mouth. Lily somehow had two cocks pounding away at her stretched out pussy, each looking like they were filling her up with cum. Luna was on her knees receiving facials from two other Death Eaters, plastering her face with load after load of hot cum. Ginny was bouncing up and down on a cock, riding it like a cowgirl while she was sucking off another. All looked like they were enjoying themselves immensely. Then Harry laid his eyes on Hermione. She was completely naked, bent over with none other than Lord Voldemort prodding her tight teenage pussy with his massive eleven inch cock. Just as he slipped the tip of his cock into her tight pussy, Harry exploded into the room, performing magic he had never seen before. Eight Death Eaters were down and out before Lord Voldemort even looked to see what was going on. The rest of Harry's party burst through the door as well to take down the rest the Death Eaters before they could reach their wands.

"Who do you think you are? I am Lord Volde--" the Dark Lord began, before Harry performed a spell he hadn't known existed, hitting Lord Voldemort square in the chest and sending him backwards, through the second floor window and out onto the grounds.

"We've fucking gotta go!" Harry yelled, scrambling to gather the girls along with his friends and Malfoy, who was looking at Harry with awe.

"How the fuck did you do that?" James and Malfoy said together as they picked up Lily and one of the Beauxbatons girls and carried them towards the stairs.

"Hermione's pussy was at stake. It was just instinct!" Harry replied, unsure of what he himself had done. Harry quickly hoisted Hermione over his shoulder before she knew what was going on.

"Nooooo! I wanted that big cock!" She moaned in protest as Harry carried her down the stairs towards the hearth.

"Don't worry! You'll be getting plenty of cock soon enough!" Harry told her smacking her ass before he stepped into the enlarged hearth with everyone else. He threw down a pinch of floo powder and escaped back to Hogwarts just as Lord Voldemort burst through the nearest door, enraged with murder in his snake eyes.

"Fuck that was amazing! You were brilliant Cotter! Thwarting the Dark Lord himself from defiling virgin pussy!" Sirius shouted in celebration as the seven boys carried the largely unconscious girls out of the hearth and towards the hospital wing.

"Ya too fucking bad he didn't get there before He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named defiled our fucking pussies!" Ginny replied in anger. "Now the six of us have his buns in our ovens!"

"A week and they'll be out and up for adoption. He probably intended to use you for breeding for more than just one week so you're lucky we saved you!" Lupin spat back, squeezing Ginny's ass in the process. "You looked like you were enjoying yourselves anyways."

"I would have enjoyed it more had it been your cock in me Remus! And I am grateful! Just pissed that he knocked us all up except for Hermione."

"Well we can remedy that in short order I think!" James said, grinning as he took in Hermione's naked form. Her thin trimmed pubic strip, tight teenage pussy, long shapely legs, perfect breasts and tiny pink nipples had him harder than ever.

"Yes please! I need a cock in me!" Hermione moaned, clutching Malfoy's cloak in agony. Hermione was so horny she'd take any cock she could get.

"Well lucky for you, the seven of us made an agreement concerning you four girls. I think we can include these three other sluts and the blonde Ravenclaw locked up in Gryffindor tower as well," Harry told Hermione, gesturing to the three Beauxbatons girls in turn. "I told them that if they helped me rescue you ladies, we'd all share in the spoils for the next week. I get that pussy first, but after that, everone gets a turn," Harry informed her, conjuring up a magical chain from mid-air to connect to her golden collar. "Besides, you are bought and paid for." Harry led her, while Ron, Malfoy and the others led the other six girls. They first brought them to Madam Pomfrey, where she performed the accelerated pregnancy spell on the six girls impregnated by the Dark Lord. For special payment she received a quickie from James, who filled her up with a load of his cum with great pleasure. After that, they took the staircase to seventh floor corridor to a blank stretch of wall.

"What are we doing here?" An irritated Lily asked Harry. "I'm all for walking around naked, but if one more first year blows his load on my ass as I walk by him, I'll fucking lose it!" Lily informed Harry. All seven girls had made the trek up the staircase naked causing several passing boys to stop and rub their cocks at the sight. Several had blown their load on the girls. One even managing to arc his cumshot upwards to hit Ginny in the face.

"Just shut up for a minute slut!" Harry warned her before walking back and forth in front of the blank stretch of wall and mumbling something in repetition. "I need a room to fuck some sluts in for a week!" Harry said for the third time. A large door appeared seconds later. "Welcome to your new home for the next week!" Harry told the girls, ushering everyone inside. "We'll retrieve that pussy you bought at auction and bring her here later." Harry was to eager to fuck Hermione to make the pit stop.

"Whoa! This room is amazing!" Ron exclaimed as he entered. The room had beds, blankets, pillows and every comfort imaginable. There were hundreds of potions, including a large collection replenishment potions, and bookshelves full of books all about sex. There were also wardrobes full of sex and fantasy costumes, whips and toys. In the middle of the room was a fully detailed life-sized bust of Rowena Ravenclaw in her prime. She was in a sitting position on the floor with her legs wide open and a stone dildo halfway submerged in her stone pussy. She had a gold and diamond studded piercing through both her nipples and a horizontal hood piercing in her pussy and she had a look of ecstasy etched on her stone face. Hermione wandered over to the bust as everyone else examined the room's other contents. There was a small inscription in the pedestal between Rowena Ravenclaws legs.

It read 'Use these magical piercings wisely! Increased pleasure, hymen regrowth, and sexual power and control can be yours to command!' Hermione touched the inscription and a secret compartment popped open to reveal a small notebook in Rowena Ravenclaw's handwriting. She opened it to see sketchings of various piercing placements using the three gold and diamond piercings, each doing something different. Hermione found a page that was titled 'Increased Pleasure'. It showed the piercings exactly how they were currently on the bust of Rowena Ravenclaw. While everyone looked over the stripper poles and various bondage equipment scattered throughout the Room of Requirement, Hermione removed the piercings from the bust and before she thought twice about it, she used her recently recovered wand to pierce both her nipples and her pussy with magic. She then put all three piercings in and felt a flood of ecstasy wash over her body, making her orgasm immediately. Her body shook in pleasure as her warm juices ran down her leg. Hermione quickly used her wand to make the book disappear in mid-air for later use before Harry walked over to her.

"Nice piercings Hermione!" He told her, admiring the two in her nipple and the one in her tight wet pussy. "Ready to fuck slut?"

"The real question is, are you ready to fuck this Harry?" Hermione replied in a sultry voice, pointing down towards her thin pubic strip, tight teenage pussy and new piercing. "Why don't I have a taste of that cock first?"

"Yes please!" Harry replied, dropping his pants and shrugging out of his clothes. Behind him, a veritable orgy was already underway. James had the part Veela teen on her knees sucking his hard cock while Peter and Sirius were already balls deep in the other two Beauxbatons girls. Lupin had Ginny in some kind of bondage rig, spanking her freckled covered teenage ass with a short riding crop, while Lily slammed a huge dildo in and out of her pussy watching Luna blow both Ron and Malfoy at once. Harry would have been rock hard just watching, even if the hottest witch at Hogwarts wasn't on her knees in front of him, grasping his shaft with one hand and sucking his balls like a professional whore. Harry could barely breathe as Hermione's hot wet mouth moved over to his cock and started deep throating his entire seven inches with ease. He grabbed her bushy hair with one hand and helped guide her head back and forth at a steady pace until he was ready to explode. "Hold up Hermione! I wanna save this first big load for that tight pussy of yours!" Harry groaned, holding off from blowing his load across her pretty face by sheer force of will.

"As long as you blow it deep inside my pussy Harry!" Hermione replied back with a smirk, before crawling over to the statue of Rowena Ravenclaw, leaning back against it and opening her legs wide just like the statue behind her. "FUCK ME!"

"Fuck yes!" Harry shouted in joy. He didn't need to be told twice. He moved over to her, got on his knees and placed the tip of his seven inch hard cock against the tight entrance of her teenage pussy. She was extremely wet and ready to take a hard fucking as Harry inched in slowly until the head of his cock was inside her, pressing up against the firm hymen that was blessedly still intact. Harry pushed as hard as he could, initially fearing that the impenetrable charm was still in place until he heard Hermione moan like a whore and the sweet pain of victory as his cock sheered through her hymen and took her virginity in a single plunge. Hermione was already cumming before he pulled his cock out slightly, admiring the tinge of red on his shaft and the warm sensation of Hermione's cum covering his cock and balls.

"Fuck Harry! Deeper!" Hermione moaned as Harry leaned in, sinking over half his cock in her tight pussy. She was moaning like a whore at the sensation, cumming a second time within a minute. The piercings magnifying her sensitivity and pleasure by a hundredfold, causing her to cum repeatedly. Her pussy quivered a third time in orgasm before Harry finally managed to bury his entire seven inch shaft in her tight teenage pussy. The extra lubrication allowing him to move in and out of her faster and faster until his hips were a blur. Harry pinned Hermione's legs back so she was folded in half, her legs against her own shoulders as Harry pounded down into her deeper and faster quickly coming to his end. The tightness and multiple orgasms of Hermione's teenage snatch were too much for Harry after only a few minutes. He plunged his cock down into her one last time before grunting in release. "Fill my pussy up Harry! Give me that hot cum!" Hermiome moaned in Harry's ear, feeling his cock stiffen and expand further deep in her pussy.

"Fuckkkk! Unggghhhh!" He shouted in triumph, pinning Hermione down with his cock as deep inside her as possible. His cock started to spasm and quickly pump load after load of his extremely potent seed deep in Hermione's vulnerable teenage womb. Stream after stream of his hot sticky cum filled Hermione up to the brim, pouring out of her as Harry slowly dislodged his softening cock from her cum-filled pussy. "Who wants this slut next?" Harry said out loud, wiping his cock off with Hermione's hair as she laid there stunned and in bliss from taking a massive loads of Harry's hot cum deep inside her.

"That would be me!" Malfoy said with joy, pulling his cock out of Luna's tight ass and switching places with Harry. Harry guzzled a replenishment potion and slammed his cock into Luna's ass before anyone could object.

Meanwhile, back in the Riddle House...

"The plan has worked perfectly my lord! Those fool children believe they've succeeded!" Lucius Malfoy informed the Dark Lord, staring down at the naked forms of seven teenagers, bound and gagged.


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