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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Legacy Of Hogwarts Part 23 - The Dark Lord's Spy
by AvaTrek ([email protected])

Lord Voldemort was a genius. In one fell swoop he had turned the tides of the Wizarding War that had been raging for over five years. He had spun together a devious plan involving the purchase of seven young fertile witches for breeding, infiltrated Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and placed one of his very own Death Eaters within its walls as his own personal spy.

"Fucking take it slut!" Ron grunted slamming his hips forward with every ounce of resolve he had. Hermione squealed like a whore as he slammed his cock down into her tight teenage pussy. The Room of Requirement had been a hub of sexual activity for the last week. Each of the girls rescued from Lord Voldemort's clutches having been fucked in every way possible. Hermione Granger had taken twice as many cocks as any other witch. First getting knocked up by Harry, then becoming the fuckdoll of everyone else. Malfoy, Ron, James, Sirius, Lupin and even Peter had fucked the young witch, covering her and filling her with hot cum for a week straight. Hermione had left the Room of Requirement briefly to receive the accelerated pregnancy spell from Madam Pomfrey in the hospital wing, but since then, she'd been taking cock all day and night. Ravenclaw's piercings had increased the regularity and intensity of her orgasms, making her cum more than anyone else combined.

"Fuck my pussy Ronny! And my ass Harry! Deeper! Unghh!" Hermione moaned, going through her seventh orgasm since Harry and Ron had started double teaming her. Harry was beneath her pounding up into her ass as Ron fucked her pussy from above. The pair were ready to blow their own loads.

"Fuck mate! You wanna fill her up together?" Ron groaned, trying to stave off his impending orgasm.

"Ohh fuck fill me up boys!" Hermione moaned is orgasmic bliss. After having her virginity taken by Harry a week ago, Hermione had been getting filled up with hot cum on an hourly basis by whoever wanted to used the horny young witch.

"Fuck unghhhhh!" Harry and Ron groaned in unison, having been urged on by Hermione's vocal desires to be filled up with their sticky cum. Harry pumped her tight ass full with stream after stream of his seed while Ron gripped Hermione's waist as he blew his massive load deep inside her clutching pussy. The Room of Requirement had been a den of unbridled sex for the past week, and Ginny, Luna, Lily and the three Beauxbatons girls along with Hermione had treated Ron, Harry, Malfoy, James, Sirius, Lupin and Peter to a week of their wet pussies and tight asses. On the seventh and final day before they needed to go to the hospital wing to deliver their babies, each girl was giving the boys one last thank you. Everyone but Hermione was carrying one of Lord Voldemort's bastard children and although the thought of birthing the half monsters wasn't pleasant, the girls were happy enough to join in on the boys' every sexual desire. But little did they know that there was a traitor in their midst.

"We better head back down to the hospital wings to get these fuckers out of us," Lily finally said after Peter had blown his load on her pretty face. "Then we can put that entire experience behind us!"

"And then I can put a bun in that oven too!" Peter said with a grin as Lily cleaned off his cock.

"You wish Peter!" Lily laughed, sucking the last drops of cum from his softening cock before getting dressed in some clothes the Room of Requirement had povided for them.

"We have our second Suck-Off League match in a couple of days, so we need a couple of team practices before then. I'm sure Mary, Chi and Alyssa got knocked up as well in the last week. I hope it doesn't conflict with the day of our match," Ginny told everyone as everyone started packing up to leave.

"Je suis triste de la semaine est terminee!" One of the Beauxbatons girls said before leaving.

"Oui, je espere que nous pourons revenir un jour!" The half Veela girl told James, squeezing his cock one more time before they took their leave.

"I love French girls!" James groaned, before Lily smacked him in the side of the head.

Meanwhile, back at the Riddle House, the real Hermione Granger had been a captive of Lord Voldemort for an entire week without anyone knowing. Currently, Voldemort was balls deep in her tight ass as she remained chained to a bed post. Not once during the entire week had Voldemort sought to take her virginity. He had not given her a reason why, only that he had some kind of plans for it. He had no qualms with fucking her teenage ass though. Something he took great pleasure in doing several times a day.

"Unghhhhh!" He grunted moments later, filling Hermione's ass with another load of his hot cum. Hermione had grown accustom to the sensation of her ass filling with the Dark Lord's cum. She had also grown accustom to him cleaning his cock off in her mouth after cumming. Hermione would have enjoyed this more a week prior when all she could think about was getting fucked after removing Hufflepuff's bracelet. That had all changed after the planned rescue attempt, in which Voldemort was able to replace Hermiome with a lookalike thanks to Malfoy's double agent role. He had been commanded by the Dark Lord to help Harry and his friends pull off the rescue so Voldemort could get a spy into Hogwarts that everyone trusted. Hermione had been stowed away in the basement while Ginny, Luna, and the others were being impregnated. The worse part with the entire situation was that Malfoy had given Voldemort Hufflepuff's bracelet already and he had thought it a good idea to bind it to Hermione's wrist again with a permanent sticking charm. Before he had taken her in the ass the first time, he had told her he enjoyed it more when they put up a fight. And so, for the last week Hermione had suffered the degradation and humiliation of being fucked in her tight ass over and over again, then forced to clean off the Dark Lord's cum covered cock after every load.

"Are you curious about who has taken your place among your friends? Or perhaps why they have not realized that she is an impersonator?" The Dark Lord toyed with her as he wiped his cock off in her cum-tangled hair.

"Please just let me go! You've had your way with me!" Hermione whined, unable to think of anything other than freedom.

"Beg all you like whore. You will serve a great purpose soon enough when I take your innocence and win this war!" Voldemort scolded her, smackjng her face with softening cock before pulling his cloak back on.

"Who's impersonating me then? Is that what you want me to ask, you sick fuck!" Hermione growled as she collapsed to the floor, still bound to the bed post by chains. She could feel the Dark Lord's hot cum leaking out of her abused ass as he looked down at her with a malicious grin.

"Very well! Since you asked so sweetly, I shall tell you! One of my most trusted... friends, have taken on this important mission. Bellatrix Lestrange, wife of my good friend Rodolphus, has been given a very special drought of Polyjuice Potion, brewed in a very unique cauldron and spiced with a hair from your very own head. The potion will last upwards of a full year before expiring. I've also performed Legilimency on your mind and transferred all your thoughts to her. She truly believes she is Hermione Stranger! She will act like you in every way, but with the added benefit of me being able to see through her eyes whenever I wish it. This is essential to my master plan and the end of the wizarding war!" Voldemort finished with a flourish, only revealing all his plans to Hermione because she had no hope of escape.

"Fuck!" Hermione groaned before slipping off into unconsciousness.

The imposter Hermione at Hogwarts had just given birth to a healthy baby boy looking much like Harry. Lily, Luna, Ginny and the three Beauxbatons girls had also delivered healthy boys and girls, all exceedingly handsome or pretty. Every single one was shipped off to the Hogwarts orphanage without a second thought. Madam Pomfrey was extremely busy as well. She had just given birth to another one of her own and was in the process of delivering babies for over sixty other Hogwarts girls, all impregnated during the Halloween party, almost all by Malfoy and Harry.

"This has to be a record!" Complained Madam Pomfrey as she bustled about, helping each girl deliver their babies. They were all unceremoniously sent off to the orphanage as soon as possible. "That new wing for the orphanage will be full before the end of the year!"

"Wanna add another one of your own?" Harry asked the busy Madam Pomfrey as Lily and the rest of the girls got dressed to leave, looking like they had never been pregnant.

"You've already got over twenty kids in that orphanage Cotter, do you think adding another one is a good idea?" Madam Pomfrey sighed, hiking up her dress and bending over a nearby table before Harry could even answer the question. "Because I do! But make it quick! I have a lot of work to do!" She said with a sly smile as Harry dropped his trousers and put the tip of his hard cock into her wet pussy.

"I can do that! Ungh!" He groaned, slamming all 7 inches into her in a single thrust before fucking her as fast and hard as he could. It took less than five minutes for Harry to blow his load in the head nurse, filling her with his hot cum and impregnating her yet again.

"Now that our deal is done Potter, I don't want us to be all chummy. We're not friends and we're here for different reasons," Malfoy told Harry after having left the hospital wing. Harry and Malfoy had split off from the others to head down to their common room, and Hermione had disappeared in the direction of the library.

"Don't worry asshole! That was the last time we help each other. I'll foil your mission. Count on it!" Harry said smugly, actually unsure of how he was going to accomplish it.

While Harry and Malfly bickered between each other, the imposter Hermione was hidden away in the library reading through Rowena Ravenclaw's journal concerning the piercings Hermione had found. She had kept them in the pleasure position throughout the entire week, cumming in orgasmic relief hundreds of times. As she read through the journal, she soon found out how many different ways the piercings could be used. Through all this, Hermione had no idea that she was actually Bellatrix Lestrange and a portal for the Dark Lord to look through. She stripped out of her clothes and quickly found a page in Ravenclaw's notes called 'Hymen Regrowth'. She kept both piercings in her nipples but moved the one in her pussy to a different position and within seconds, the hymen that Harry had broken through a week prior, taking her virginity, healed itself. Amazed, Hermione then moved her pussy piercing to another position. This position apparently made her pussy and ass impenetrable. That held very little interest for Hermione anymore however. Without Hufflepuff's bracelet, she was as eager for cock as any slut at Hogwarts. She studied the journal and found several interesting piercing combinations, but she decided to move them back to the pleasure position for the time being before leaving the library.

"Miss Stranger?" A voice called to Hermione as she stepped out of library, after she had dressed back into her slutty school uniform.

"Professor Slughorn?" Hermione replied, recognizing the voice but not initially seeing the overweight Potions Master. "Come to see if I satisfied my buyer for the last week?"

"Actually I was hoping to find Madam Pince and ask her a question about a book I'm looking for. But since I ran into you, I have your pussy auction earnings and I have a profitable proposition for you," he replied, staring down at her long shapely legs and feeling his cock harden.

"Madam Pince is in the library storage room blowing Filch. I saw her on her knees deep-throating him through a crack in the door," Hermione relayed to Slughorn. "And thanks! This is more gold than I've ever held before! Who knew being a slut could be so profitable!"

"Well that has a lot to do with the proposition I wanted to run by you Miss Stranger. I'm sure you've heard of my Slug Club. I was hoping to start a different kind of club as well. One in which a group of attractive young ladies provide male customers with comfort, for a price of course," Slughorn hinted, mentally calculating all the money he could make off of Hermione's tight pussy alone.

"Sounds an awful like you're recruiting whores like a pimp would," Hermione replied flatly, before breaking into a grin. "If the gold is anything like what you just gave me, I'm definitely in!"

"Excellent Miss Stranger! I will set up your first client as soon as possible and let you know the details. Is a fifty-fifty split agreeable to you?" He asked her, wondering what had got into the young slut to make her so tractable to something she would have fought against a week prior.

"Sure! As long as I get paid and get cock, I'll be more than happy," Hermione told him joyously. "Speaking of which, it looks like you could use a helping hand, or mouth?"

"Usually you need to be tied up and forced Miss Stranger! I quite enjoy this new side to you!" Slughorn exclaimed, unzipping his pants and letting them drop to the floor as Hermione kneeled in front of him.

"Just letting my inner slut out like you said!" She replied cheerily before stroking his stiffening cock and licking the tip with her tongue.

"Very good Miss Stranger!" Slughorn groaned in bliss as Hermione went to work on his hardening cock, slowly taking more and more of his thick cock in her mouth until she was deep-throating him with each stroke. It didn't take her long to have Slughorn grunting in release. His cock started to spasm, he let out a groan, and Hermione felt the warm spurt of his hot cum shooting into her mouth and down her throat.

"Mmm I love the taste of cum!" She moaned, as she licked his cock clean.

"Amazing Miss Stranger! You will fetch a fine price when I pimp you out my dear!" He mumbled, enjoying her warm mouth on his softening cock. "Too bad you're not still a virgin, or I'd be able to sell your pussy off for ten times as much for each fuck."

"But I am Professor! I regrew my hymen with a special spell!" Hermione told him, lying about how exactly she had regrew her hymen. "See," she told him, ripping off her panties and taking hold of his hand to guide 2 of his chubby fingers into her wet pussy.

"By George! That's impossible!" Slughorn replied, pumping his fingers in and out of her tight pussy a few more times before taking them out and sucking the juices off of them.

"I'd let you test out my new hymen with that big hard cock of yours but I have Muggle Studies with Professor Weasley in a couple minutes," Hermione giggled, flinging her wet panties at Slughorn before leaving him with his softening cock and a stunned look on his face.

Muggle Studies had become one of the most popular classes at Hogwarts under its newest professor. Professor Weasley was obessed with Muggle pornography and anything to do with the female body. His original class had grown by several students, all of them boys. Hermione was still the only girl taking the class, but now that she was a bonified slut again, she had no problem being the classes' only female model.

"Settle down class, settle down!" Professor Weasley called for attention. Hermione had taken a seat between James and Sirius, both of them groping her legs, moving their hands towards her wet pussy. Harry and Ron were seated at a table nearby, looking a bit jealous that Hermione hadn't sat between them.

"Today we will be studying the fine art of Muggle cinema," Professor Weasley told the class, who all started to complain that they weren't studying Muggle nudie magazines anymore. "More precisely, Muggle pornography on film!" He finished, eliciting a collective cheer from the class. "I thought you would like that. Now, our main focus will be on the specifics of the 'gangbang'. I will show a clip of several Muggle men 'gangbanging' a Muggle woman, before we try and duplicate the scene here in class." Everyone immediately looked over at Hermione and a raucous cheer went through the class. Hermione looked around at her adoring fans and started to blush.

Professor Weasley was somehow able to project a clear video of the orgy using just his wand. Hermione could feel her pussy getting wet just watching the sole petite girl getting pounded in every hole, filled with cum, blasted with semen and treated like an object rather than a person. James was rubbing her pussy while Sirius groped her tits during the film. She had both their cocks out and was jacking them off below their desk, nearly getting them to cum before the movie ended with the petite girl alone on a dirty floor, cum puddling from her every hole.

"Well Miss Stranger! Do you think you can replicate that?" Mr. Weasley asked Hermione as she continue to stroke James and Sirius. The pleasure piercing in her caused her to moan in orgasm as James continued to rub her pussy.

"As long as you're the first to put your big cock in my pussy Professor!" Hermiome moaned, letting go of Sirius and James's cocks before standing up to join Mr. Weasley at the front of the class.

"Of course! I wouldn't pass up the opportunity for anythng!" He told her with an obvious lust in his eye. He quickly pulled off his clothing, then used his wand to quickly cut off Hermione's slutty school uniform. "Gather round class! I'm sure Hermione can handle more than one cock at a time!"

That was indeed the case as Hermione dropped to her knees in the center of the class for the blowbang of her life. Over 30 boys crowded around her as Hermione moved from one cock to another with ease, blowing, stroking and getting them to cum one at a time. Before ten minutes was up, Hermione had made half the class blow their loads on her face, tits or ass. Less than five minutes after that, Hermione finally succeeded in getting Mr. Weasley to explode all over her face. After a round of replenishment potions for the entire class and a scourgify spell to clean up Hermione's cum-covered body, Mr. Weasley was ready to fuck her tight pussy.

"Very tight Hermione, unghhh!" Mr. Weasley groaned, sliding his cock into her tight snatch and feeling the tip of his shaft pressing up against her newly regrown hymen. With a powerful thrust however, his cock was able to pierce the fleshy barrier and drive half of his cock deep inside her clutching pussy. From then on, the boys of Professor Weasley's Muggle Studies class thoroughly used Hermione as their own sex toy for the next hour. Professor Weasley was able to fill up her womb with his hot potent seed and impregnate Hermione before the rest of the class really started to gangbang the curly haired brunette slut. At one point, Harry and Ron had both their cocks in her tight pussy while James plowed her even tighter ass and Sirius fucked her face furiously. All four were able to cum at exactly the same time, filling her every hole with hot sticky cum. After an hour or hard fucking, Hermione had cum over 20 times, had gotten filled with over 30 loads of hot cum and had been fucked like she had never been fucked before. She lay nearly unconscious in a blissful state of euphoria as the class emptied, leaving her on the cold stone floor leaking cum from both her pussy and ass.

"Enjoy the show, slut?" Lord Voldemort asked the real Hermione back in the Riddle House as he took the young teenager in the ass again, pounding down into her tight hole with every inch of his cock while they watched a cauldron of silvery potion showing everything the imposter Hermione was seeing. Hermione had watched her duplicate fucked in the pussy and ass numerous times, filling her up over and over again. Even with Hufflepuff's bracelet on her wrist, blocking the sexual urges felt by everyone else, Hermione's virgin pussy was extremely wet as the Dark Lord pummeled her ass and eventually groaned in release. "Ughhh fuck yes!" He moaned, pumping another load of his hot cum deep in her tiny teenage ass.

"Ahhhh!" Hermione moaned, cumming despite hating herself for enjoying the ass fucking and erotic show the imposter Hermione put on. "Fuck you!" She managed before blacking out again, hoping that her nightmare would be over soon enough and the imposter caught and exposed.


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