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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Legacy Of Hogwarts Part 24 - Godric And Goat Fuckers
by AvaTrek ([email protected])

The second match of the Suck-off League was well underway for the Gryffindor team. Mary and Chi had done their part and started Gryffindor off on the right foot. Each girl had gotten their boy to blow their load faster by almost a minute each. Luna made short work of the next boy, receiving a hot stick load across her cheeks before Ginny won the fourth round in less than a minute, swallowing a massive load well under a minute before the Ravenclaw competitor could do the same. It was all up to Lily Evans to cap off the match with a perfect Gryffindor score, and she easily accomplished that, beating the Ravenclaw star player Pandora by only a few seconds.

"Way to go team!" Lily cheered on her teammates as she licked the last of her boy's cum from her lips and smacked each of her teammates' pert young asses in celebration. "All that hard work is really paying off. Slytherin won't have a shot at beating us this year!"

"Not with all the practice we've been getting lately. Too bad there isn't a fuck-off championship as well. My pussy has been getting a lot of practice," Ginny replied as she and the rest of the Gryffindor team joined the crowd of spectators for the Slytherin and Hufflepuff match.

"Hermione may pose a problem though. She's really come into her own now that she's accepted being a slut," Lily replied looking a little worried about her only competition. Indeed, Hermione had truly accepted her status as a super slut at Hogwarts, sucking and fucking every cock she could find. Little did anyone know however, the real Hermione Granger was actually still a captive of the diabolical Lord Voldemort, having her ass rammed full of cock by the Dark Lord again and again. The imposter Hermione, Bellatrix Lestrange, had been sent by Lord Voldemort to spy and retrieve valuable information for the Dark Lord. For all intensive purposes, the imposter believed she was Hermione Granger, and because of a special batch of polyjuice potion brewed in one of the magical sexual artifacts, she would continue to look like Hermione for up to a year.

"She must be taking burberry humdinger potion, because her cock sucking skills have really improved!" Luna added as they watched the Slytherin Suck-off team destroy the Hufflepuff squad. Hermione capped off the shutout with the most skillfull blowjob Lily had ever seen, getting the boy to explode all over her pretty face in mere seconds.

While the Gryffindor and Slytherin Suck-off teams destroyed their competition, guzzling cock and cum like professionals, Harry Potter was in search of the final 2 sexual magical artifacts. He had no idea that the imposter Hermione had already discovered Ravenclaw's piercings, but he did know that Slytherin's cauldron and Hufflepuff's bracelet's were in Draco Malfoy's possession. He had been distracted by all the pussy being thrown at him since arriving back in time to the Hogwarts of 1976, but as Christmas approached, he knew he needed to locate and acquire all 4 of the magical sexual artifacts and return to his time to stop Lord Voldemort's evil plans. After extensive research into the history of Rowena Ravenclaw, Harry finally discovered a passage in an old tome in the library about the sexual proclivities of the 4 founders of Hogwarts.

'Slytherin had his cauldron, brewing the most powerful love and sex potions of his age; Hufflepuff had her bracelet, which she wore to clear her mind of the sexual urges she continually felt; Ravenclaw had her piercings, stimulating her sexual pursuits; and Gryffindor had his --'

By what he read of Ravenclaw's piercings and the fact that Hermione had gone through about a thousand orgasms during their week long fuckfest in the Room of Requirement, Harry deduced that she had been using them ever since and they were likely safe for the time-being. Harry read the passage and copied it, noticing that the last bit of the page had been torn away recently. Someone was obviously after Gryffindor's magical sexual artifact, and that someone was likely Draco Malfoy.

Malfoy had been in the Hogwarts of 1976 for nearly 4 months now and the stress of locating and acquiring all the founders' sexual artifacts was getting to him. It helped that every single girl in the school seemed alright with helping him relieve that stress whenever he wanted to, but if he didn't complete his mission for the Dark Lord soon, he would pay with his life.

"Snape! Have you figured out where Gryffindor's artifact is yet?" Malfoy demanded of Severus Snape as he bent over the torn piece of paper detailing Gryffindor's magical sexual artifact.

"Quiet Draco! If I had fewer interruptions, I would have something to report to you," Snape spat back, not relishing the fact that Malfoy was apparently above him in the Dark Lord's eyes.

"The sooner you find me that artifact, the sooner you can have your reward. You still want that Mudblood pussy Lily Evans right?" Malfoy jeered him, knowing full well that Snape would do anything to ensure the Mudblood was his and his alone.

"The passage hints at Gryffindor's secret office, one which always forms to the seekers needs," Snape replied, confused by what the passage meant.

"Hmmm, I think I know exactly where it is," Malfoy replied thoughtfully. Apparently the magical artifact was in the Room of Requirement, but he would need to ask the room exactly what he wanted to get into Gryffindor's secret sanctuary. "See if you can find out anything on Rowena Ravenclaw's piercings while I check this lead out," Malfoy ordered Snape, before leaving the Slytherin common room, unaware that he was being followed.

The real Hermione Granger was still imprisoned at the Riddle House, constantly abused and fucked at Voldemort's will. He had taken her up her tight muggle-born ass more times than he could count, filled her rectum with his seed and covered her face with load after load of hot cum. Her will was nearly broken as Voldemort, after weeks of being the only one to fuck her sweet teenage ass, started rewarding his most loyal followers by letting them abuse Hermione's tight ass. As long as they did not take her virginity, which was being saved, or permanently disfigure the young witch, they could do whatever they pleased. Lucius Malfoy and Augustus Rookwood were currently spit roasting her in the main dining hall as a group of Death Eaters, along with Voldemort himself, watched on intently.

"Ohhhh fuck! Not so hard, please!" Hermione complained, in the second of oxygen she was able to suck in after having Rookwood's cock, balls deep, down her throat. Hermione was bent over being spit roasted like a slut, with Lucius Malfoy pounding into her ass as hard as he could.

"Silencio!" Rookwood shouted, pointing his wand at Hermione to stop her whining. Hermione tried to protest, but no sound came out before Rookwood slammed his full 6 inches back down her throat, face fucking her furiously.

"Who the fuck knew a Mudblood could have such a tight ass!" Lucius groaned, quickly approaching his end, but wanting to last just a little bit longer.

"Perhaps your wife should take lessons from this muggle whore Lucius," Voldemort replied, causing the nearby Narcissa to blush and the other Death Eaters to laugh raucously. Hermione was pounded hard from both ends and before long an orgasm shook through her body and her cum started running down her leg as the Death Eaters cheered on Lucius and Rookwood in approval for getting the Mudblood to cum.

"Unghhhhh!" Grunted Rookwood seconds later, pulling his cock out Hermione's mouth at the last second and blowing a massive load of hot sticky cum all over her pretty face. Hermione stood there, bent over, still getting ass fucked hard, and just took the humiliation as Rookwood wiped his softening cock off in her brunette curls.

"Good show Rookwood! Now Lucius, if you don't mind hurrying up and filling up that Mudblood ass, we have work to do," Voldemort commended Rookwood, before ordering Malfoy.

"Yes my Lord! Unghhhhhhhhh! Fucking take it you Mudblood slut!" Lucius shouted in relief as he slammed his hips forward and started unloading stream after stream of his warm seed deep into Hermione's rectum. Lucius slowly slid his shrinking cock from her tight ass as a rush of hot cum came pouring out. Hermione promptly collapsed to the ground, sticky cum still pouring from her ass.

While Hermione continued to be abused like a common whore at the Riddle House, Harry had come up with a brilliant plan to find the final magical sexual artifact. He had gotten his invisibility cloak from his trunk and followed the unsuspecting Draco Malfoy after his conversation with Snape. He knew Malfoy had torn out the passage on Gryffindor's artifact and the only way he'd find it was by following Malfoy. He was actually quite proud of himself for coming up with the idea. Usually this was something that Hermione would think of, but since becoming a super slut, all she now cared about was taking cock 24/7. Malfoy made it to the seventh floor before Harry realized where they were going. The room of requirement again. Hermione had found Ravenclaw's piercings there when they had gone there for their week long orgy, but obviously Gryffindor's artifact was in the room as well. The room always changed to the user's request and needs, so by asking it to transform into a different room, Malfoy was hoping to find the final artifact. He watched as Draco walked back and forth beside the blank stretch of wall until an ornate gold door appeared with roaring lions imprinted and finely wrought on the door panneling and handles.

"I fucking knew it!" Malfoy said with glee, before Harry stunned him from beneath his cloak. Malfoy crumbled to the floor just as he was opening the door. Harry made sure to kick the unconscious Malfoy in the stomach before walking through the doors and making sure they were locked once inside.

"Whoa!" Harry said instantly, as he took in his surroundings. The room had changed into some kind of personal quarters, presumeably those of Godric Gryffindor when he was at Hogwarts. And to Harry's amazement, much of the instruments, books and objects in the room were of a very graphic and sexual nature. Leather whips, harnesses, gags, bindings, sex toys and bondage equipment were neatly organized throughout the room. Books on sex positions, spells and potions were filled large bookcases positioned on one side of the room. Harry couldn't help but shout in glee as he approached Gryffindor's desk to see the final object in a glass display case, just sitting there, waiting for him. A note on top read:

'To whomever discovers my secret Hogwarts study: The magical world was on the brink of dying. The population of witches and wizards was decreasing at a substantial rate. With the help of Rowena, Helga and Salazar, we have created four powerful objects which alters inhibitions, bewitches the minds of witches and wizards, modifies the pleasure centers throughout the body and above all, increases the sex drives of witches and wizards across the world. We hope that this will be enough to spur on magical growth among the population and save the magical world. Separately, each of the objects bestows great magical and sexual power upon the user, but together, they are able to sexually enslave the entire magical and non-magical world to do the user's bidding.

Mine own contribution is the source of the increase in sexual proclivities among the magical population. The Wand of Sexual Destiny, or the Sex Stick has two functions. Its primary function is to emanate a sexual frequency across the magical world that greatly increases the sex drives of the magical population. It's secondary function is that of a wand with binding properties. Each spell cast by the wand will be permanent unless lifted by said wand. Use this object with great care, for its power can be devastating if used incorrectly.'

"Holy fuck! I've hit the fucking jackpot!" Harry shouted in excitement, grabbing the note and stuffing it in his pocket before stowing his own wand in his robes and picking up the Wand of Sexual Destiny. Harry could feel the sexual energy emanating from the wand, his cock immediately getting hard.

"Engorgio!" He said, pulling down his pants and letting his hard 7 inch cock spring free before casting the size altering spell at it. Harry's hard cock immediately grew to a full foot in length, increasing in width as well. "Excellent!" Harry laughed, thinking about how the girls of Hogwarts would handle the all new Harry. Now that he had one magical sexual artifact, he was determined to find the other 3 and become master of sex. He left the room shortly after, kicking Malfoy in the face before making his way down to the Slytherin common room, where he hoped to find her, fuck her and relieve Hermione of Ravenclaw's piercings, then maybe fuck her again.

The imposter Hermione was busy at the moment though. After helping Slytherin shut out the Hufflepuff Suck-off team, she was on her way to meet her newest client. Ever since Slughorn had contracted her to be one of his whores, she had been fucking clients nearly every night. She had more galleons than she knew what to do with, but she really didn't whore herself out for the gold anyways. With Ravenclaw's piercings and her own sexual appetite, Hermione would have fucked them all for free. Her pussy was already dripping wet before she even made it to Slughorn's classroom, where she met all her clients. Many used Slughorn's personal fireplace, entering Hogwarts by Floo powder to fuck her in private, away from the prying eyes of their wives and families. Hermione also had a few clients from Hogwarts, but many of the students and staff didn't have the kind of gold it took to buy Hermione Granger's sweet teenage pussy.

"Well good evening Miss Stranger! I have another client for you just about to arrive. He's an older gentleman from Hogsmeade and has, how should I put this, a fetish of the furry variety. If you could just hop into this little costume, I'm sure your client will be very appreciative," Horace Slughorn informed Hermione. He held up a vest and stockings made out of what looked like goat or sheep's wool.

"A real fucking weirdo, eh Professor?" Hermione commented, stripping out of her slutty school uniform without a second thought. She saw Slughorn's cock stiffen underneath his robes and grinned.

"Yes he's definitely unique. He has already paid me for your services and requests that you say nothing as he takes you, only 'bah' like a goat," Slughorn replied, obviously a little taken aback at what he was asking Hermione to do, as she slipped on the vest and stockings. Her neatly trimmed teen pussy and perfect breasts were completely visible as she stood there looking confused. "Get into position on your hands and knees looking away from he fireplace. He wishes for discretion and does not want you seeing his face."

"Whatever the old fuck wants I guess," she replied, getting on her hands and knees, with her pussy and ass pointed towards the fireplace. The freaky situation had her pussy dripping wet as she waited with her pussy and ass completely exposed.

"I will leave you to it Miss Stranger and see you tomorrow night for your next client," Slughorn told her, groping her pert teen ass once before leaving the room and Hermione on her hands and knees waiting to get fucking by a mysterious goat loving fuck. There was woosh of sound and green light as the fire flared and someone stepped out of the hearth. Hermione began to bah as she heard the old man lick his lips and pull off his robes. "Bahhhhh, bahhhh, bahhhh!"

"You're a bad little girl aren't you? You just need a good hard fucking, that's all," said a rough voice as he dropped to his knees behind Hermione and grabbed her tight ass with both hands.

"Bahhh, bahhhhhh!" Sounded Hermione. She was on the point of laughing at the crazy old fuck until she felt the tip of his cock push into her tight pussy. She gasped in shock as the old man, drove more and more of his cock into her, grabbing her hips for extra leverage. Hermione eye's shot wide open in surprise as the old man sank 8 inches balls deep into her tight wet pussy. In that second of shock, Hermione saw the reflection of the mysterious old man in a shiny silver cauldron in the corner of the room. She immediately recognized the old coot as the bartender of the Hogs Head as he continued to rut his cock in and out of her tight pussy. Her pussy piercing had regrown her hymen earlier and blood was trickling down her leg as she shuttered from an orgasm that rocked her body due to the current pussy piercing. The old man's hands moved from her hips, upwards to her bouncing tits before he grabbed hold of her nipple piercings and tugged on them with each thrust of his hips.

"This is one tight young kid! I've never had a nanny this wet!" The old man groaned, referring to a baby and female goat. His thrusts soon became frantic and wild as he pulled harder on Hermione's nipple piercings, coming close to ripping them out until he slammed his hips forward one more time, grunted, and started filling up Hermione's vulnerable womb with load after load of his hot potent cum. Hermione went through her second orgasm as she felt the sticky seed gush into her pussy and fill her up to the brim.

"Bahhhhhhh!" She said one final time, shuddering in orgasm and enjoying the sensation of being full of hot cum again.

"You should whelp a few nice strong kids with that," he groaned, pulling his now limp cock from her overflowing pussy and getting dressed as Hermiome slumped down exhausted. She could feel his warm seed leaking from her pussy and down her thigh as the fireplace whooshed again and the bartender of the Hogs Head left her to enjoy her aftersex bliss.

"I better go see Madam Pomfrey again. I'm sure she won't be surprised to see me. Lucky number seven," she moaned to herself, referring to the number of kids she had popped out since Halloween. "What a crazy old fuck!"


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