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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Legacy Of Hogwarts Part 25 - Merry Fuckmas!
by AvaTrek ([email protected])

Christmas at Hogwarts had arrived at last, and with it, many of the students had left for Christmas holidays at home. Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, and Luna were obviously staying at school for the holidays as their homes were over 20 years in the future. That suited Harry Potter just find. He had discovered the final magical sexual artifact belonging to none other than Godric Gryffindor and he was looking forward to finding the rest. He knew Hermione had Ravenclaw's piercings, and Malfoy was in posession of Slytherin's cauldron and Hufflepuff's bracelet. He had avoided using Gryffindor's Wand of Sexual Destiny since acquiring it, afraid that Malfoy would take that artifact, like he had the cauldron and Hufflepuff's bracelet.

The 5 friends, along with a few other students had all joined the staff in the Great Hall for a Christmas dinner, sitting together and swapping stories about their latest sordid sex affairs.

"Well that delivery wasn't fun!" Hermione groaned, having just left the hospital wing after having given birth to triplets. "Who knew that old fuck had it in him to knock me up with a trio," Hermione relayed to Harry as she sat in between Ron and Luna, grabbing a hot bun while the others started eating. "I'm up to nine so far this year, how about you two?" She asked, referring to the number of kids she'd popped out thus far in the school year.

"Only six for me," Luna replied thoughtfully. "All the boys like to stick it in my ass. I must have snargalling pixie dust on my ass, the way they all want to fuck it."

"It's so tight Luna. I love the way that juicy ass bounces when I fuck your rear end," Ron commented, shoveling a mound of potatoes into his mouth as Luna gave him a wink.

"I'm up to thirteen myself," Ginny told them with a grin. "Three of them are Harry's and seven are Ron's. Nearly every time he knocks me up, it's twins!" She sighed, taking a bite of turkey as Ron, shrugged in modesty.

"I got a late start but I'm making up for it as fast as I can!" Hermione said proudly as she looked around the Great Hall to see who had stayed for Christmas. Only Snape and two other Hufflepuff second years had remained this year, while half the staff was away as well, leaving only Dumbledore, Professor Slughorn, Professor McGonagall, Filch, Hagrid, Professor Flitwick and Professor Sprout. From her vantage point, she could tell that Professor Sprout was giving Hagrid one hell of a handjob from underneath the table and Professor Slughorn was obviously fondling Professor McGonagall's ass.

"Where's Malfoy?" Harry asked suddenly, wondering where his nemesis was. He was stuck back in time as well, but he had left the night before, not saying where he was off to.

"Does it matter?" Ron asked, looking down Hermione's buttoned shirt as she reached forward to grab another bun.

"That fucker is probably up to something is all," Harry said thoughtfully, before he noticed Dumbledore stand up at the staff table.

While Harry and Ron argued over what Malfoy was up to, Draco was getting his reward for all his devoted service to the Dark Lord. The Lord Voldemort of the future had commanded Draco to reveal his mission to his past self, and assist the past Voldemort in acquiring the magical sexual artifacts. He had already succeeded in delivering 2 of the artifacts to the Dark Lord, as well as a hot tight virgin Mudblood slut.

"You have done excellent work Draco," Voldemort told Malfoy in the dining hall of the Riddle house as several Death Eaters watched on around the dining table. "For your successes, I have decided to reward you with a special Christmas present. "Bring her out Dolohov!"

"Fuck all of you! Please just let me go and I'll forget all about this!" Hermione pleaded as Dolohov carried her in slung over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes. She was completely naked except for a red and gold ribbon tied around her waist. Her supple and juicy teen ass and tight little pussy was visible to all the Death Eaters in attendance, causing several of them to get instantly hard. Dolohov roughly dropped Hermione in front of the Dark Lord and Draco before taking his place around the table.

"Quiet slut, you will do as commanded," Voldemort scolded Hermione, using his wand to silence her and bend her over onto her hands and knees so her ass and pussy were pointed at Voldemort and Malfoy. "Here is your gift Draco, unwrap her and take her in the ass. My gift to you will be your gift to her," Voldemort laughed along with the other Death Eaters and Hermione tried to struggle against her invisible bonds. "Just her ass, Draco. Her innocence will be mine when the time is right."

"Yes Master! Thank you my Lord!" Malfoy said with a malicious grin as he pulled off his robes and got on his knees behind Hermione. "I've really missed fucking this Mudblood ass Granger!" Malfoy whispered in her ear as he rubbed the tip of his cock up against her tight ass.

As the real Hermione was about to be unwrapped and violated by Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter was well on his way to unwrapping his own present after the Christmas dinner. He was furiously making out with Luna Lovegood in the second floor girls bathroom while Moaning Myrtle watched on in jealousy, her fingers moving in and out of her non-corporeal pussy, moaning like a whore.

"Do you think that's how she got her name? Moaning like a whore" Luna asked Harry seriously after breaking off from their make out session.

"I don't know, but I bet I could make you moan louder!" Harry told her confidently, pulling out his magically engorged cock to show Luna his foot long hard massive shaft.

"Holy blubbering bladinfod! That's bigger than I remember Harry!" She said in amazement, already wet at the idea of taking Harry's massive prick deep inside her.

"Just wait until it's in that tight pussy pounding away!" Harry told her as Luna sank to her knees and started sucking on the tip.

"Fuckers! Ohhhhhh! I miss getting fucked the most!" Moaned Myrtle, as she furisouly worked her ghost pussy. "Even when Headmaster Dippet was pounding away inside me, sex was amazing!" She commented, remembering how the old headmaster used to bring her up to his office and use her like a muggle whore.

"Shut the fuck up Myrtle! Can't you see this slut is trying to concentrate!" Harry shouted at the moaning ghost as Luna had a look of deep concentration on her face, trying her best to take as much of Harry's long thick cock down her throat as possible. Myrtle flew down the nearest toilet in shock at Harry's verbal abuse, letting Luna really concentrate on his massive cock. "That's it baby, try and take the whole thing!" Harry groaned as Luna managed to fit half his cock in her mouth before she started gagging from the sheer size and width.

"Too big for my mouth Harry. Better see if my wet pussy can do a better job!" Luna said cheerily, licking the tip of his cock one last time before lying down on her back and spreading her legs wide open. "Time to get your Christmas present Harry."

While Harry proceeded to try and force his magically engorged cock into Luna's tight fifteen year old pussy, Ginny was taking it in her pussy and ass from none other than her brother and the Headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore. Dumbledore had chosen to fuck the younger ginger up her tight ass while Ron was pounding balls deep into his little sister's teenage pussy.

"Oh fuck Ronny! Hammer that pussy! Deeper Professor! I want both of you deep in me!" Ginny moaned in orgasm as she lay on Ron's stomach while he pounded up into her snatch and Dumbledore slammed his cock down into her ass.

"You fucking slut!" Ron groaned as Ginny's tight pussy clutched at his cock in orgasm. For an old man, Dumbledore was slamming his cock down into Ginny's teenage ass with extreme force. His wrinkled body giggling with each thrust. Ginny was in complete bliss as she was pumped hard in both holes.

The imposter Hermione was taking on a giant of a problem as well. Trying to fit Hagrid's massive cock in her tight little pussy. He had fucked her ass ruthlessly months prior, but it had nearly ripped the young teenage witch in half. 14 inches of giant cock just wouldn't fit inside her tight pussy, and as much as Hermione wanted it to, it just wasn't happening.

"Holy fuck Hagrid! You're splitting me in half!" She moaned as Hagrid held her by the waist and had her hovering over his hard cock with only the tip fitting in her tiny pussy. Hagrid had been sitting alone in his cabin after the Christmas feast and hadn't expected company until Hermione came in without knocking, pulled off her tiny thong, then sat on the half-giants lap and started grinding her ass up against his cock. With his cock now fully hard and ready to fuck her teenage pussy, Hagrid was doing all he could to fuck her. Hermione then remembered Ravenclaw's notebook and the various piercing positions and their magical effects. Now that she thought about it, there was a way she could fit Hagrid's massive cock fully inside her. "Hold on Hagrid, let me try something," Hermione told the giant as he lifted her off the tip of his cock and held her in mid-air as she worked. She quickly tore off her buttoned shirt and unclasped the 2 nipple rings and removed them, then put one in her belly button before adjusting the one pussy piercing to a new position on the left side of her pussy before putting the other piercing on the right side. "Okay now put that giant cock in me Hagrid!"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!" Hagrid groaned as the tip of his cock finally made it inside and Hermione sank down half a foot before stopping. Hermione was screaming in pain and pleasure from taking half a foot of hard giant cock.

"You can-owwww-fucking do it Hagrid! Don't you want to fuck this tight body?" Hermione moaned, trying her best to deal with the size of cock squeezing into her little pussy, even with the special piercings. Hermione was still fully clothed in her slutty school uniform, but decided to give Hagrid some incentive to try harder by guiding Hagrid's hands up to her perfect tits so he could grab ahold as he forced her down on his cock. It took nearly ten minutes, but Hagrid finally bottomed out inside of Hermione, fitting the full 14 inches inside of her and stretching her out like no one had ever done.

"Yer so tight Hermione!" He groaned squezing her tits before slowing raising her up and down on his cock, trying to grow accustomed to her tightness before he really started giving it to her.

"Tight for that big giant cock of yours!" Hermione moaned in his ear. "Now fuck me like the fucking slut I am!"

While the imposter Hermione was having her tight twat filled with giant cock, the real Hermione was taking a 7 inch cock deep in her ass, thanks to Draco Malfoy. Hermione's face was pressed against the ground and her ass sticking straight up in the air as Malfoy pounded down into her in front of a group of Death Eaters watching on in glee. Voldemort's fingers were templed in front of his chin as he watched on in amusement. He enjoyed the constant sexual abuse of his Mudblood prisoner, watching her scream and squirm in defiance only made him harder. He actually hoped the boy would hurry up and finish up with her so he could use her as well.

"Finish quickly Draco, and not inside. I wish to take her next," Voldemort commanded the young Malfoy, a red gleam in his eye as Draco's tempo increased. Hermione's head was down, cheek against the cold stone floor, nearly in tears as Malfoy pummeled her tight ass harder and harder.

"I'm gonna cum right on that pretty Mudblood face slut!" Malfoy whispered to her as he tensed up after plunging into her one last time. He quickly pulled his cock out of her abused hole and moved around to face. Hermione just continued to lay there, not looking at Malfoy as he stroked his cock a few more times before a spasm shook his body and his cock started jerking, spraying several hot loads across her hair and one side of her face. Hermione barely registered the humiliation as Malfoy wiped his cock off in her curly brown hair before putting his robe back on and taking an honoured seat at the table. Before Hermione could even process the fact that she had been used like a whore once again, she felt Voldemort's hard cock pressing against her considerably less tight ass. Voleemort quickly cast a spell to re-tighten her ass hole before plunging his cock deep into her for over the hundredth time.

While the real Hermione was used for over the hundredth time by the Dark Lord, Harry Potter had finally fit his massive magically engorged 12 inch cock into Luna Lovegood's love tunnel. Her unbelievably tight snatch squeezed the only 4 thick inches that Harry had been able to fit inside the young fifteen year old witch. She was doing amazingly well for having such a massive cock in her, squeezing Harry's balls while lying on her back with Harry trying to drive his huge cock down into her.

"Fuck Luna! It's so tight! I don't think I can fit much more inside you!" Harry groaned, inching forward and down a little more, fitting half his cock into her snatch as Luna's eyes shot wide open. The feeling of her pussy stretching so wide immediately caused her to cum, helping relieve the friction of Harry's engorged cock and Luna's unbelievably tight cunt. "Oh fuck that's hot baby!" Harry moaned, feeling her juices gush around his cock before forcing another 3 inches into the shuttering Luna.

"The Tingley Tittleminners are trying to help fit that big cock inside me Harry!" She moaned as Harry forced the final 3 inches into her with a sigh of accomplishment. "So full of cock!" Luna moaned again as Harry slowly slid his cock back and forth inside her, slowly increasing his speed as Luna moaner out in excitement and pleasure.

"It's too tight Luna! I'm gonna cum already!" Harry panted after a minute of furious pounding. "Where do you want it?"

"In me Harry! In my pussy!" She moaned, remembering Ginny and Hermione's pregnancy counts and wanting to make some ground up. "Give me a baby Harry!"

"Fuckkkkkkkkk unghhhhhhhh yaaaaaa!" Harry grunted, exploding after hearing Luna beg him to plant his seed deep in her womb. Harry slammed his hips forward and granted Luna's request, pumping his hot potent cum directly into her tiny womb and impregnating her instantly. His cum gushed out seconds later after he had dislodged his cock from her cum filled hole.

"Thanks Harry! It feels so good to be full of cum again!" Luna moaned, having cum for a second time as her pussy was being filled. "Now you wanna see if that cock can fit in my ass?" She asked him in all seriousness as she flipped over onto her hands and knees to show him her juicy little ass and or pussy leaking with hot cum.

"Fuck yes!" Harry grinned, getting hard almost instantly.

Ginny had cum 3 times already from being double stuffed by her beother and Albus Dumbledore. Ron and Dumbledore had switched positions with Ginny now riding Ron's cock in her ass in a reverse cowgirl position while Dumbledore pumped his wrinkled but hard cock down into her sweet snatch. Both men were coming to their end, a look of concentration and urgency plastered on their faces.

"Fuck Gin! I'm ready to blow!" Ron grunted, pumping his hips upwards, slamming his cock in and out of her tight ass harder and harder.

"Me too I'm afraid," Dumbledore told her, panting and clearly feeling his age.

"Fucking cum in me then!" Ginny moaned, wanting so bad to feel that hot creamy cum fill her rectum and womb again. She really had become addicted to having her holes filled with cum. The idea of getting knocked up only turned her on more as she felt both Dumbledore and Ron tense up inside her before they grunted.

"Ungh unghhhhh!" Ron and Dumbledore shouted together, slamming into her at exactly the same time and unleashing stream after stream of their seed deep inside her pussy and ass. It was gushing out both holes before Ron and Dumbledore finally stopped cumming.

"Well Merry Christmas to me!" Ginny moaned as cum poured out of her holes as both Ron and Dumbledore dislodged from her.

Hermione's giant problems were a thing of the past as she bounced up and down on Hagrid's lap in a reverse cowgirl position, taking his full 14 inches with each bound. Hermione had never cum so hard or so much in less than 30 minutes of fucking, even with her piercings in the pleasure position. The pussy expanding piercing position had allowed her to take Hagrid's full length and width, and now that she could, she was taking advantage of every inch. Hagrid's massive hands were squeezing Hermione's perfect little rosy nipples as she bounced up and down. Already she could feel Hagrid's massive cock begin to swell, a telltale sign of an incoming orgasm.

"Not long now Hermione, ye want me to cum in ye?" Hagrid groaned, trying to hold off from cumming. Hermione had never taken a load of giant cum in her pussy and the thought about a geyser of hot cum filling her womb up made her cum for the seventh time.

"Eeeeeeeee fuckkkk!" She squeeled, pussy gushing in orgasm over Hagrid's huge shaft. "Ya fire that giant cum in me Hagrid! Fill me right up to the brim baby!" Hermione purred in his ear as she bounced one last time, taking his full cock inside her before she felt his cock twitch and start unloading 14 inches deep inside her. Her womb seemed to expand because of the piercings and Hagrid took advantage of it, firing off several massive loads of giant cum deep inside her. Hermione sat on his cock for a minute, reveling at the amount of cum inside her before Hagrid lifted her off his softening cock and placed her on her feet in front of him. Hermione quickly grabbed a carrot from the nearby table and stuffed it in her pussy before any of Hagrid's cum could gush out. "I want that cum inside me all night Hagrid! It's the best Christmas present I've ever gotten!" Hermione told the nealy comatose Hagrid before flipping down her skirt and walking back up to the castle, completely topless, not caring about the frigid temperatures with Hagrid's hot cum warming her from the inside.

The real Hermione's Christmas was not as cheerful. After Lord Voldemort had fucked her tight ass for the better part of an hour, and unloaded a massive load inside her, he beckoned the rest of his faithful male Death Eaters to cover the slutty Mudblood with their Christmas presents. Each Death Eater blew their loads on her face, hair, back, and many in her gaping ass hole while Hermione lay their both traumatized and thoroughly broken.


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