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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Legacy Of Hogwarts Part 26 - Ginny Weasley, Whore Extraordinaire!
by AvaTrek ([email protected])

The holidays were over and the students of Hogwarts were back at school, ready for a second term of sex and debauchery. Luna Lovegood had given birth to Harry's twin girls after New Years, quickly followed by Ginny's baby boy, fathered by Albus Dumbledore, and imposter Hermione's astounding quadruplet quarter giants, fathered by none other than Rubeus Hagrid. The fact that Hermione was able to survive the delivery of 4 ten-pound babies was thanks to Ravenclaw's piercings, which were used to help expand her womb and help in the birthing process. All 3 girls were back to their regular tight bodied selves before second term classes had even begun. The only person who hadn't enjoyed her Christmas holidays was the real Hermione. She had been fucked in the ass multiple times by multiple men over the holidays, with Lord Voldemort taking her the most. She was finally completely broken, letting anyone take her in the ass without putting up any kind of fight. She even came from time to time from the stimulation, but with Hufflepuff's bracelet fastened to her wrist, she could never truly enjoy it.

"Now that you are broken Mudblood, I will reveal to you my plan," Voldemort told his pet slut as he reamed her in the ass from behind, pumping his full cock into her tight hole without restraint. "My servant Draco shall find the last two magical sexual artifacts for me at Hogwarts and bring them to me. I will use these objects in a ancient ritual that requires a Mudblood virgin, which will make me master of sex, able to control every man, woman, and child with magical blood into doing anything I ask. They will be slaves to sex, only stopping from their sexual pursuits to do my bidding!" He told her in a crazed voice as he tensed up and filled her up with his boiling seed again.

Ginny Weasley loved being a slut. If she wasn't on her knees sucking cock, she was on her back getting pounded like a whore. The only thing better than getting fucked like a whore, was getting paid to fuck like a whore. Hermione had let her, Luna and Lily in on a secret deal she had with Professor Slughorn. A deal in which Slughorn set up paying clients for them to fuck for money. Slughorn gave them half the profits, they got all the cock they could handle and everyone got what they wanted. Ginny was meeting her very first client the evening before the second term was to begin. The client she was supposed to meet had a thing for gingers and Ginny fit the bill perfectly. Ginny showed up wearing a tiny pair of bright pink booty shorts and a tight pink tube top, barely covering her teenage tits.

"Excellent Miss Beazleby, right on time!" Slughorn exclaimed, taking in Ginny's tight body and hot pink outfit. "Your client should arrive any moment by Floo powder. The client wishes to keep his identity secret, so you will need to wear this blindfold as he uses you," he told her, pulling out a white blindfold, tying it around her head and covering her eyes. His large belly pumped up against her back as he tied the blindfold before reaching around ro squeeze her tits and rub her pussy through her booty shorts.

"Mmmmm fuck!" Ginny moaned, instantly wet as Slughorn rubbed her pussy a couple more times before smacking her ass.

"Your client is a lucky man Miss Beazleby," Slughorn told her before taking his leave before the fire whooshed with green flame and Ginny's client stepped out of the fireplace.

While Ginny got ready to meet and fuck her first client, Harry Potter was doing his best to get Hermione to hand over Ravenclaw's magical sexual artifact. His best involved his foot long magically engorged cock enticing Hermione into giving Harry whatever he wanted.

"Holy fuck, your cock is massive Harry!" Hermione said in shock after Harry had undressed to get into the new Slytherin hot tub with Hermione.

"I must have hit a growth spurt," Harry told her with a smirk as he stepped into the bubbling water and relaxed to watch Hermione pull off her own robes. Hermione's tight teenage body was hotter than ever. Her trimmed pussy, tight stomach, perfect tits and smoking hot ass already had Harry hard as fuck. She had piercings in both her nipples and one in her pussy and the sight of them on the usually tight-assed Hermione turned Harry on even more.

"Like something you see Harry?" Hermione asked Harry with a wicked grin as she stepped into the hot tub and sat across from Harry.

"Those tits and ass for starters, and that tight pussy of course!" Harry told her boldly, feeling his cock stiffen even further. Harry felt Hermione's foot run up his leg towards his cock. She rubbed her foot up and down his leg seductively before running it up to his swollen balls and hard cock. "Are you sure you're going to be able to take my cock Hermione?"

"I've been getting a lot of practice taking big cock lately, so I'm pretty sure I can take your itty bitty thing," Hermione teased him, sliding around the hot tub to sit next to him. Her right hand reached down to take hold of Harry's monster and a look of surprise came over her face. "You really have hit a growth spurt!" Hermione told him in amazement as she moved her hand up and down his thick shaft. "But don't worry, if I could take Hagrid's giant cock, I can take this massive one as well."

As Hermione stroked Harry's massive member, Draco Malfoy was skulking nearby, watching the scene unfold. He knew that Harry had been the one to knock him out and steal Gryffindor's magical sexual artifact, and that the imposter Hermione actually had Ravenclaw's piercings on her at that moment. If Draco acted correctly, he could steal both, return them to his master and gain the Dark Lord's highest honours. He doubted that he's be able to stun both of them before they reacted, even if they were in a full on fuck session. He needed help and he knew only one person at Hogwarts he could rely on to get the job done. Severus Snape.

"You need to fulfill your end of the bargain first Draco," Snape told Malfoy after being told the plan to steal the last 2 artifacts. "I want Lily Evans to be my slut, and only my slut!"

"Fine! But you'll need to brew a potion for her to take. You'll have to use a regular cauldron as the special one is already safe in the Dark Lord's possession," Malfoy told him, knowing exactly what potion they would need. He had entered Gryffindor's private study after Harry had left and although he didn't get Gryffindor's artifact, he was able to take a few books from the bookshelves, giving explicit directions on sexual potions and spells. One of which was a love potion that made the drinker obsessed with taking cock from the brewer of the potion.

While Malfoy and Snape went about brewing a potion to make Lily Evans the sexual slave of Severus Snape, Ginny Weasley was on her knees, sucking the sizeable cock of her first ever client. The man had stepped out of the fireplace and nearly had a heart attack after seeing Ginny's sexy little pink outfit. Ginny was blindfolded but instantly knew who her client was after she heard him speak.

"My word, you are one tasty little treat, aren't you!" He exclaimed walking over to Ginny and groping her juicy little ass and perky tits. "Pardon the secrecy, but in my line of work, it is best that my enemies not know of my infinity for redheaded teenagers, lest they use it to their advantage," the mysterious man told Ginny. The clunk every second step and the grate of his voice made it obvious to Ginny who her first client was. None other than Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody.

"You like young underage teenagers to suck on your cock, don't you?" Ginny asked him seductively, dropping to her knees and pulling down the Auror's pants in one swift motion. His cock nearly poked out her eye as it sprang forth, ending up in her mouth instead. "And their tight teenage pussies, like this one," Ginny told him, taking her mouth off his cock to reach down and pull down her booty shorts enough to let him see her completely bald and tight teenage pussy.

"Unghhh! Fuck!" Moody grunted, magical eye swiveling around at a mind numbing speed as he instantly blew his load over Ginny's face and blindfold after seeing her tight little bald pussy. "It's wrong but I can't help it!" He groaned, swigging back a vial of replenishment potion, and getting hard again as Ginny licked her lips and started sucking on his cock again.

The imposter Hermione and Harry were fucking like rabbits in the Slytherin hot tub while Ginny continued to work on Moody's cock. Hermione had moved her piercings around again to accomodate the massive size and girth of Harry's hard 12 inch cock, easily taking the entire shaft, balls deep, within minutes. She was currently on his lap bouncing up and down in the hot tub, splashing hot water all over the place as she rode Harry like it was her job. Her tight pussy squeezed his massive cock with each up thrust, and the water of the hot tub only helped to lubricate his oversized cock.

"Fuck Hermione! How are you doing it? It took Luna forever to take my entire shaft! What's your secret?" Harry asked, feeling Hermione's pussy quiver and a gush of warm juices run down his cock as she continued to bounce up and down. Harry slipped a finger in her ass as she shuddered from orgasm, causing her to cum even harder.

"Fuck finger that ass Harry!" Hermione moaned, finally coming down from her orgasm. "It's these piercings I found! If I move them to different positions on my body, they have special effects, like taking cock that would be way to big for my tight pussy!" Hermione told him, riding him even harder to help prove her point.

"Well I'm glad you can take my monster! Ready for some cum in that tight pussy?" Harry asked her non-chalantly, even though it was sure to knock her up again.

"Yes Harry! Fucking load my pussy up! Then you can try fucking my tight ass!" Hermione told him as he started pumping his cock in and out of her at a quicker pace while she bounced up and down. His finger drove in and out of her tiny ass hole in rhythm until the tightness of her sweet snatch was too much for the young wizard and he grunted in release.

"Unghhhh ahhhh yesss Hermione!" He roared in triumph as Hermione slammed down one last time and Harry unleashed a torrent of cum deep inside her, filling her womb with his potent seed. Both sighed in satisfaction as Harry's cock continued to jerk inside her, filling her right up.

"Now my ass!"

While the impoater Hermione got ready to get the ass fucking of a lifetime, Ginny was now bent over Slughorn's desk getting a serious spanking from Mad-Eye Moody. Her pink booty shorts were around her ankles and her freckled ass was red from the 10 strokes Moody had aleady given her for being a bad bad girl.

"Such a naughty little girl! It's my job to punish little sluts like you!" Moody told Ginny, playing out one of his fantasies as Ginny's pussy got wetter and wetter. "A spanking isn't enough I guess! Maybe a good hard fucking will teach you a lesson!" Moody told her, rubbing his cock up against her wet slit.

"Fuck! Just give it to me! I'm such a naughty girl! I need that cock to teach me a lesson!" Ginny moaned, begging for Moody to stop teasing her and to slam his 7 inch cock into her wet teenage pussy. Moody complied a second later, grabbing hold of Ginny's hips and slamming his own forward, nearly going balls deep on his first thrust. Ginny was wet as fuck, but her pussy was still so tight it took a few strokes before Moody was fully inside the young ginger slut. "Oh fuck I love being full of cock!" She moaned as Moody took one hand off her hip, grabbed hold of her hair and pulled her head back, slamming his cock in and out of her in the process.

"There's only one way to deal with sluts like you! Fuck them until they've got their fill of cock!" Moody grunted, biting down on her neck as he plowed into her from behind.

"Owww fuck! I'll never get enough cock you fucker! Give me everything you got!" She moaned, rubbing her neck where Moody had bit her. He let go of her hair, slipped her tube top down and grabbed hold of her bouncing tits as he continued to pound into her. Moody was deinitely a lot younger than he would be in 20 years, and his ability to pound into her tight pussy and his endurance was astounding as he used the young teen witch like a fuckdoll for the next half an hour. After one hell of a reaming and 2 orgams from Ginny, Moody's thrusts were becoming wild and frantic as he reached his end.

"Maybe knocking you up will teach you a lesson about underage sex missy!" Moony grunted, as he slammed his hips forward one last time, grabbed ahold of both Ginny's small pert breasts and unloaded 6 massive streams of his potent cum deep into Ginny's snatch. Her pussy clutched at his pulsing cock greedily, sucking every drop out and into her womb until Moody let out one last sigh before pulling out.

"Holy fuck that was hot!" Ginny moaned, still with the blindfold covering her eyes as Moody's cum gushed out of her full pussy and ran down her leg. He smacked her ass one last time before getting dressed.

"Here's a little tip for you to stay out of trouble, I'll be seeing you in a couple of weeks, whore," Moody told her, dropping a stack of galleons on the desk before stepping into the Fireplace and leaving by Floo powder. Ginny remained bent over the desk enjoying the sensation of cum inside her again and the thought of all the gold she was going to make.

While Ginny Weasley enjoyed the sensation of having a hot load of cum deep in her pussy, the imposter Hermione Granger was showing Harry how well she could take a foot long cock in her ass. Switching her piercings so that her ass hole could take a massive member, Hermione already had Harry's foot of cock buried to the hilt in her tight ass. Hermione was in the reverse cowgirl position on lap, bouncing up and down, taking his full length deep in her ass with each bound.

"Fuck again!" Hermione moaned as her pussy quivered and her body shudderer in orgasm for the fifth time. "I hope you got aother big load for me Harry! I really want to taste that hot cum!"

"Well get ready because here it comes! Unghhhhhh fuck!" Harry groaned, still deep in Hermione's ass as be started cumming. Hermione quickly jumped off his lap as she felt his seed start to pump into her. She got onto her knees, neck high in the hot water as Harry's cock continued to jerk. Harry stood up and pointed his spasm-stricken cock at Hermione's face as he continued to cum. Hermione was able to catch the last 3 big loads right in her mouth before Harry finally subsided and nearly collapsed in exhaustion.

"We need to do this more often," Hermione moaned, completely satisfied with the pussy and ass fucking she had gotten. She was meeting clients nearly every night for Slughorn, but even that wasn't enough to sate the young witch's sexual appetite.

"Definitely!" Harry replied, relaxing back in the hot tub, nearly falling asleep. "And keep those piercings safe Hermione. Without those, you won't be able to take my big cock," Harry told her, deciding that Hermione could look after the piercings until he could locate Slytherin's cauldron and Hufflepuff's bracelet. "Stand up, I want to give you something else you deserve," Harry ordered her. Hermione complied and stood up out of the water, water and cum dripping from her in equal parts. Harry pulled out the Wand of Sexual Destiny from his robes beside the hot tub and pointed it just above Hermione's pussy. With a mumbled spell and some delicate wand work, Harry imprinted a tattoo with the words 'CUM HERE' above her tight snatch, with an arrow pointing down to her pussy.

"Wow thanks Harry! I always wanted a tattoo!" Hermione replied, impressed at how well it turned out. "And I love having my pussy full of cum!"

Malfoy may not have been able to steal both artifacts that night without Snape's help, but the potion that would ensure Snape's complete loyalty was quickly brewing and would be ready soon. With his help, Malfoy knew he could steal both magical sexual artifacts and deliver them to his master.

"Fuckkkkkkkkk! The real Hermione moaned back at the Riddle House as she was subjected to further abuse and sexual torment by Lord Voldemort. Hermione had thought herself completely broken by her constant ass fuckings but Voldemort had taken matters to an entirely new level as 2 of his Death Eaters fucked her tight ass at the same time. Their combined width was literally tearing Hermione a new one. The sexual abuse and torture was never ending for the young witch and unless Harry, Ron, Ginny or Luna discovered that the Hermione at Hogwarts was actually an imposter, she was stuck being the Dark Lords plaything.


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