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Pairings: Hermione/Harry

Codes: mf, Oral

Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Lure Of Lust: Part 2 - Sympathy Sex
by The Chemist

The effects of the leftover love potion of the Weasley Twins had finally worn off the wizarding trio of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger by the time Ginny had escorted them down to lunch. They took their seat at the Burrow's kitchen table alongside Ginny, Mrs. Weasley and Fleur Delacour, Bill's wife-to-be.

Harry, Ron and Hermione were each aware of what had transpired up in Fred and George's old room, but they felt no regret. Hermione's brain was working the fasted and she figured that it had to be an after-effect of the potion was that those that were sprayed would continue on after the sex session contently. She assumed this because she felt happy that she'd just had sex at the same time with her two best friends. She wasn't worried about the consequences that it may have and she bet that the other two boys were experiencing the same thoughts.

Although nowhere near as smart as the beautiful young witch, both Ron and Harry had gotten to the same conclusion that Hermione had reached. But, they also realized another potential side effect of the powerful love potion. Although they both regularly noted how incredibly gorgeous the half-Veela girl was, they were now sporting bulges in their pants at the mere sight of Fleur.

"Boy would I love to stick it in Fleur right now," Ron whispered to Harry.

"I know. I can't stop staring at her," Harry replied.

"And Hermione is looking amazing too," Ron said after sneaking a glance across the table at the wild-haired witch who was talking to his younger sister.

"Agreed. And no offense mate, but your sister has really grown up quite well," Harry whispered back.

"All right you lot. Enjoy your soup then you need to go out," Mrs. Weasley announced while the soup was poured into each of their bowls with a flick of her wand.

"So still have that little crush on Harry," Hermione asked Ginny under her breath.

"Yeah but right now I'm right in front of him and he's only looking at Phlegm," Ginny answered, referring to Fleur. "And it's just an innocent crush. I'm with Dean Thomas right now anyway."

The group continued to eat and chat for the next while. Harry and Ron tried to hid the tent that was pitched in the front of their pants while Hermione shifted awkwardly in her chair from time to time. She didn't know what had overcome her but her pussy was extremely wet and even the slightest contact against the hard wooden seat was making her want more sex.

"Mind if we leave the table mum," Ron asked when they had all finished their soup and bread.

"Sure but straight to the sink and help me with the dishes," Mrs. Weasley told him, bringing a scowl to his face.

"I'll help you Molly," Fleur spoke up.

Before Mrs. Weasley could wave away her help, Ron quickly thanked the Veela and ran upstairs, followed behind by Harry and Hermione. The heard Mrs. Weasley catch the slower moving Ginny and make her stick around and help so she wasn't left alone with the annoying Fleur. When they got upstairs and into Ron's room, the trio took a seat on the bed and sat in silence, the first time since Harry had arrived at the Burrow.

All of their thoughts went to the events that had occurred to them over the past few months. They had been tormented at school by Dolores Uxbridge and everyone thought they were mental for believing Voldermort was back. However, those seemed like minor issues when they ended up being lured to the Ministry of Magic in an effort to save Mr. Weasley only to be ambushed by Death Eaters. Harry and his friends held them off until Aurors and Dumbledore came to their rescue, but Harry's godfather Sirius Black was killed in the battle.

In the aftermath of the battle, Harry also found out that the prophecy that Voldermort was so keen on described how only one of Harry and Voldermort could survive and the other most die. Sadden both by Sirius' death and his own death sentence, Harry's depression was heightened by the fact that he had to go back to the Dursleys for summer. Nothing seemed to be going in the "Chosen One's" favor.

"So Dumbledore just needed you to talk some old man out of his pension and back into a teaching post," Ron asked, finally breaking the silence. "I figured after our heroics at the Ministry of Magic that he'd want you as a full-fledge member of the Order."

Ron, Hermione and Harry had been dying to talk about the incident at the Ministry since Harry had arrived but they hadn't been alone yet. Although Ginny fought by their side during the intense battle, they weren't willing to discuss private things with her just yet. After all, the trio had been best friends for 6 years now.

"Don't be ridiculous Ron," Hermione cut in. "Although Harry is brave and resourceful, the Order has many experienced Aurors that Dumbledore could call upon at any time."

"Thanks for the confidence boost Hermione," Harry replied to his other best friend.

"I didn't mean to offend you Harry..."

"Oh and Dumbledore is going to be giving me private lessons this year," Harry shared while cutting off Hermione's apology.

"Oi...Dumbledore is giving you private lessons," Ron gasped. "I wonder why he's doing..."

"Probably because of the prophecy that the Death Eaters were trying to steal in the Ministry," Harry answered after Ron let his question tail off.

"But no one knows what it said," Hermione added quickly.

"Actually, the Daily Prophet newspaper was pretty accurate. Dumbledore was the person that the prophecy was spoken to so he knew all along," Harry stated. "It basically said that neither of us could live while the other survives and that I'm the one who's got to finish off Voldermort."

All three of them gazed at each other in complete silence. Harry couldn't blame his two best friends for having such a distressed reaction since he too had acted in the same way at first. It was certain death for a teenage boy to take on the world's strongest wizard, but that was the task that Harry was being charged with.

"We were wondering if the Prophet was true," Hermione said after awhile. "Oh Harry...are you scared at all?"

"Trust me I was, but now I'm not. Whether it was because I knew all along that it would come down to me versus him or if I've just become numb over the whole situation..." Harry answered her.

"RON! I need you down here right now," Mrs. Weasley screamed from the downstairs.

Harry and Hermione followed the beckoned Ron out of his room and headed down to meet Ron's mom at the bottom of the stairs. She was already dressed in nice clothes and had her summer hat on, indicating she was going out.

"What is it mum," Ron asked.

"I need to go to the market but I need you and you're sister to come with me," Mrs. Weasley informed them, which was greeted with a matching pair of groans.

"And vee," Fleur added, making Ron smile brightly.

"Yes, and Fleur. Anyway, go get changed and be outside in 5 minutes or extra chores for the rest of the week," she ordered.

"Can we come too Mrs. Weasley," Harry asked.

"Sadly no. We don't have room in the car for both you and Hermione plus the Ministry says it's easier to protect you here with Aurors then it would be out in public," Mrs. Weasley replied, pointing her finger out the window to show them two men in suits stationed outside the Burrow.

"Oh," Harry groaned.

"Don't worry, we'll be back in an hour then you can have Ron and Ginny back for the rest of the day," she added in an effort to cheer him up. "Plus Hermione is staying too so you can keep each other company."

After another round of arguments proved useless, Ron and Ginny marched upstairs and quickly got ready for going out. With Fleur staying at the Burrow in preparation for her and Bill's wedding, Mrs. Weasley was constantly trying to think of ways of avoiding one-on-one time with her annoy future daughter-in-law.

"Well help yourself to anything in the fridge and if you need assistance at all then remember the two men out front," Mrs. Weasley reminded them. "We'll be no more than an hour and a half."

After a quick hug from Mrs. Weasley and looks of annoyance from the two Weasley kids, they were out the door and gone off. As good as friends as they were together, Harry couldn't remember the last time that just he and Hermione had spent time together, just the two of them. Definitely not in recent time, after they had both undergone puberty and emerged successfully. What complicated it even more was the fact that Harry's erection was back and so was Hermione's soaking wet pussy.

" did to you know, kill time," Hermione asked the dark-haired boy.

She knew that Ron had feelings for her and if she was honest with herself then she liked the red-haired boy too. With that in mind, she didn't want to do anything to jeopardize what may be with Ron, but she desperately wanted Harry's long cock back inside her. She didn't know if Ron would be upset having watched Harry fuck her earlier, but she figured as long as she didn't suggest sex with Harry then she'd be less accountable as being merely seduced by the charming wizard.

Harry knew how he wanted to answer the question, but he was also worried about Ron finding out and ruining their friendship. He realized that he had to handle the situation perfectly or else he wouldn't get to have a round two with the beautiful witch. Plus, even if he was able to bed her again, he had to make sure that she wouldn't feel remorse and go crying to Ron. Then the answer occurred to him.

"Maybe just talk for now," he answered.

" Yeah we talk," Hermione replied, hoping that her sexual frustration wasn't etched on her face. "What did you have on your mind Harry?"

"Just how crappy of a year it has been. First that mental woman Umbridge tries to bleed me to death while everyone at the school treats me like I'm some nutter. Then, having my Godfather die right in front of my eyes," Harry spoke, looking like he might cry.

"Oh Harry," Hermione said, moving right beside him on the bed and wrapping her arms around him. "Just tell me how I can help?"

"Well...the only time that I haven't thought about Sirius dying was earlier today know," he answered her.

"When we had sex," she asked for clarification.

"Yeah, exactly."

"Well I did offer to help so would you like to do it again. I mean solely for your benefit," Hermione offered, not wanting to sound as desperate for sex as she felt at the current moment.

"What about Ron? Wouldn't he be upset knowing we were having sex behind his back," Harry asked.

"Will if he was in this much pain then surely he would want to do something that made him feel better too," Hermione answered. "And we don't have to tell him."

Harry couldn't help but smile as his manipulation worked perfectly. He knew that Hermione was a bleeding heart and that all he had to do was use enough sympathy and she'd spread her legs, provided his guess was right that the love potion from earlier had the same horny effect on her as it had on him.

The two held eye contact before Harry started to lean his head towards the pretty witch. Hermione wet her lips before her and Harry meet for a kiss that started off as soft but gradually became more heated until they were massasing each other's tongue with their own.

For the second time in only a few short hours Harry had his hands clutching her shirt and pulling it over her head. Harry looked down and admired the best set of tits he'd ever seen as they were firm, perky and capped off with a small pink nipple. Unable to resist the urge, the young wizard bent down and took on of her nipples into his mouth while his hand went to tugging lightly on the other.

"Mmm...oh Harry," Hermione moaned lightly.

Allowing herself to get lost momentarily in his touch, Hermione wasn't going to just seat back and be a greedy lover. Reaching for her wand that was on the bedside table, she pointed the tip at Harry's pants. "Removo."

Instantly Harry's trousers flew off of his body, exposing his erect 8-inch cock. Hermione couldn't help but compare his manhood to her wand since he was nearly as long yet a great deal thicker, which made the horny witch that much more sex-crazed.

"I didn't know we could use magic," Harry said, acting offended.

Deciding to go at it the normal Muggle way, Harry undid her jean pants before sliding them down her long, smooth legs. While he did so, he couldn't help but think how great it would feel to have them wrapped around his waist as he plowed into her pussy mercilessly.

"You didn't seem to hesitate when you did some...trimming shall we say," Hermione retorted while running her fingers along the bare skin above her pussy where she use to have short brown hair.

"Touche," Harry replied before crashing his eager lips back against hers.

While the pair kissed passionately, Harry used one free hand to steady himself above the witch while his other travelled down her tight teenage body. His fingers lingered over each breast, making sure that each nipple was rock hard before going slowly over her taut stomach. Finally he reached the pink slit, which he was happy to find was soaking wet as though a flood had started and she wasn't able to turn it off.

"Ummm," Hermione moaned as his fingers rummaged through her pussy.

After another pass, the boy dipped a finger inside of her gushing pussy up to the knuckle. He was surprised to find that she was just as tight as she was before despite having two buys pound inside of her for an hour not too long ago. After a few strokes inside her, Harry was able to slip in a second finger into her vice-like hole.

"Wanna taste," Harry asked the loudly moaning girl.

Hermione hadn't processed what Harry had said but she sure noticed when he pulled his fingers from her wet spot. Opening her mouth to begin to protest, she felt his sticky fingers touch her lips before rubbing them on her tongue. She immediately thought about how delicious her juices tasted and that she wanted more after eagerly sucking all of herself from Harry's fingers.

She was so lost in her own world of pleasure that she didn't notice that Harry was kissing his way down her body until feeling his lips contact the inside of her thighs. Looking down between her wide-spread legs, she saw the boy smirk before burying his face in her pink hole. She felt elated as his long tongue searched deep in her pussy as far as it would go while his hands were rubbing and pulling gently on her erect nipples.

"Mmmmm...ooohhh," Hermione moaned as Harry's tongue continued to pierce her pussy deeply.

Learning what moves got the biggest rise out of his horny friend, Harry focused on licking all the spots she liked best. It didn't surprise him then when after only a few minutes Hermione dug her hands through his black hair and pushed his face deeper into her pussy.

"Oohhhh....yesssss....ugghhhhhh," Hermione screamed at the top of her lungs as she had her third orgasm in only a few short hours.

Harry lapped up every ounce of her cum that he could with his tongue as it was the tasty thing he'd ever drank in his entire life, including pumpkin juice and butterbeer. Once he was sure that he had every drop he could find, he crawled up the bed until his body was hovering over her and his cock was pressed against her wet pink hole.

"Ready Hermione," Harry asked her, wanting her permission before sinking his aching cock into her.

"Shouldn't I suck on your penis first," Hermione asked, slightly showing her inexperience.

"No need. I'm rock hard and you're already well lubricated but I'll let you do it some other time to make up for it," Harry replied with a smirk.

Hermione spread her legs a little wider apart to hopefully stretch her pussy a bit more in anticipation of Harry's cock. She felt him rub his head along her wet slit before guiding it down to her entrance. She looked up and gave him a sexy smile before feeling him push the tip of his long cock inside of her.

"Mmmm," Hermione moaned in a mixture of half-pain, half-pleasure.

Harry still couldn't believe that the young woman was just as tight the first time he fucked her as she was now. Luckily for both of them that by the time had glided his entire 8-inch member into her hole, she was already considerably looser. With both of them more at ease, Hermione coiled her long legs around Harry's waist which spurred him on to plow into her with renewed force.

"Ohh're so tight," Harry grunted from above her.

Lowering his thrashing body down, Harry's chest was now pressed against her soft tits. Flexing his head forward, the black-haired wizard kissed her neck before their lips found each other's again. Pounding into the tight witch at a great speed was starting to lower Harry's stamina, especially as his balls were smacking against her impeccable ass cheeks, such was the ferocity of his thrusts.

"I love how good it feels when you go so deep," Hermione groaned. "Mind if I take a turn on top?"

"Perfect," he replied.

Harry felt like a change in position was just the thing needed to delay his rapidly approaching orgasm. Normally he wouldn't want to prolong cumming, but when each minute he held out meant another minute of having sex with Hermione Granger, then he hoped he wouldn't orgasm for a long time.

With her legs still wrapped around his waist, Harry grabbed her hips then rolled over. Ron's bed was just big enough for the movement that saw Hermione still engorged on Harry's cock but only this time, she was the one looking down on him. It took Hermione a second to compose herself after the roll but now she had placed her hands on Harry's chest and started to slowly pift herself off of his cock. By the time she felt just the tip of his member inside of her, she sank back down on him until her ass was pressed against his thighs.

"Ohh that gets me even deeper," Hermione moaned.

She repeated the action again, only this time she picked up a bit more speed. She continued to gain more pace until finally she was crashing herself down on his lap with great force, causing her firm tits to jiggle in the process. Harry did his best to delay his orgasm by thinking of the unsexiest thoughts, but baseball and reciting the entire roster of the Tornadoes Quidditch team was only working so much.

"I'm close Hermione," Harry grunted from below her.

"Just...mmmmm...a little....oohhhh yes....longer," Hermione pleaded.

Biting down on his lip, Harry redoubled his efforts, knowing he'd be able to release his seed shortly. Thinking of what would help her second orgasm of their love session, Harry reached out and firmly grasped the bucking girl's hips. Holding her down so that his entire length was buried in her tight pussy, Harry began rocking his body back and forth on the bed while grinding her hips the other way.

"Oh God I'm cumming," Hermione shouted as Harry felt her tight pussy clamp down even harder on his shaft.

"Me too Hermione," Harry grunted. "Where do you want it?"

"Not in me," she replied, aware of the fact that they were having unprotected sex.

Swinging off of him, Hermione moved down the bed so that she was resting between his legs. Taking the base of his cock in her hand, the sexy witch wrapped her plump lips around his tip and waiting for his load to shoot into her mouth. She was eager to know if Harry's semen tasted as good as Ron's had earlier. When her tongue touched his shaft, she realized his cock was coated in her juices so she hungrily sucked off her essence off of every inch of his ready-to-explode penis.

"Fill my mouth up Harry," Hermione sexily encouraged. "I want your cum on my tongue right now."

"Uggghhhhh," Harry grunted as her slutty words pushed him over the breaking point.

Hermione felt the first blast of his sticky load smack the back of her mouth shortly after his load groan. It didn't take him long to fill her mouth with his excessive amount of semen but Hermione was equal to the task. She collected every drop he offered her until he finally ran dry. In one big gulp the horny witch swallowed down his warm salty load, loving the feeling of the thick liquid as it slid down her throat.

"Just as good as Ron," Hermione noted.

"Harry! Hermione! Come play 2 v 2 Quidditch outside with me and Ginny," Ron yelled into the house.

"Shit! Let's hurry down," Harry said, looking for his clothes.

"Quickly," Hermione replied, already half dressed. "And remember, not a word of this to Ron."

"Don't have to tell me twice," Harry retorted as the pair took off down the stairs.


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