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Pairings: Hermione/Ginny

Codes: ff, Oral

Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Lure Of Lust: Part 3 - New Experiences
by The Chemist

Luckily for Harry and Hermione, Ron had chosen to shout up the stairs rather than walk all the way to his room to beckon his friends. If he had chosen that option then he would have gotten the sight of Hermione's lips wrapped around Harry's cock as he shot his seed down her throat. However, he didn't see that scene and his two best friends were definitely not going to tell him what they did.

Harry and Hermione had quickly thrown their clothes back on. As they descended the stairs they fixed their hair as well as they could while running at top speed. By the time they exited through the front door, narrowly missing Mrs. Weasley and Fleur on their way outside. Ron and Ginny were already waiting for them on the large front lawn with broomsticks in hand for themselves and two extra on the ground for Harry and Hermione.

The quartet took flight and started up their game of 2 versus 2 Quidditch. Harry and Hermione were paired as one team since he was the best flyer of the lot and the wild-haired witch was the weakest. In the end, although it was a pretty even game, Ron and Ginny won the 2 hour game as the younger witch was getting better and better as a Chaser every time Harry saw her play.

"Great game you guys," Ginny told everyone when they all got their feet back on the ground.

"Yeah you too Ginny," Harry replied. "You keep playing like that then we won't miss Angelica Johnson on the Griffyndor team at all. You were stunning!"

"Oh come off it Harry," Ron said, jealous of the praise his younger sister was receiving for the sport he loved. "If it wasn't for me making great saves today then we wouldn't have won!"

"Good point Ron. Every team is only as good as their keeper," Harry told him, knowing that in all likelihood Ron would be the Griffyndor keeper again so needed to keep his confidence up.

"Ha! Most of your saves came against Hermione who is the furthest thing from a Quidditch player that you can get," Ginny told her brother, making his face go a darker shade of red with anger.

"Oi! Come in here and help out with some house chores," Mrs. Weasley's booming voice announced from the kitchen window.

"I'm surprised mum lasted that long with Fleur alone," Ginny shared.

The four of them headed inside to help out around the Burrow. Harry didn't know how with most of the Weasley kids having left, that just Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Ron and Ginny had let the house go into such ruin. Although not nearly as dirty as 12 Grimmauld Place where Sirius allowed the Order of the Phoenix to have headquarters, the Burrow was still in a bad state. They cleaned for the next several hours until Mrs. Weasley told them to go clean up for dinner.

One by one they took a shower as they had all worked up a sweat playing outside in the warm sun. Harry and Ron were the first two to wash up so that they would go fast and leave plenty of hot water for the two young women. Hermione was next to clean and despite having had sex twice that day and experienced four orgasms, she couldn't help herself by making a few extra passes through her pink folds.

"Wow. I don't know why my hormones are so active right now," Hermione thought to herself.

After another few minutes, the wild-haired girl shut off the tap and dried herself off. She gave Ginny a warm smile out in the hall as she passed the ginger-haired girl before entering the room the two young women were sharing. Hermione decided to use her wand to dry her hair, knowing that it would have taken too long to let it air dry.

"Not to sound arrogant but I'm quite fetching these days," Hermione thought having dropped her towel and looking at her naked form in the mirror.

Running her hands along her smooth creamy skin, Hermione groped her tits and noted how much they had grown in the last year or two. They felt firm yet soft in her hand while her fingers tugged lightly on her small pink nipples. Finally continuing downwards, she passed over her flat stomach that barely had an ounce of fat on it until arriving at her now hairless crotch.

"Harry does have a keen eye for what looks good when it comes to women," she thought, loving the new look of having a bald pussy.

Slowly moving her soft fingertips backwards over her nicely curved hips, Hermione's hands finally came to rest on what she thought was her best asset, her backside. Perfectly rounded and large enough to fill out a pair of jeans yet not too large to look odd, she frequently overheard people whispering about how it looked and the things they wanted to do to it. She would even notice that Ron and Harry would mostly walk a step or two behind her and she had more than once caught them staring directly at it.

The sound of the running water stopping snapped Hermione out of her worshiping her own body in the full-length mirror. Popping her trunk open, the witch looked for clothes to put on, however none of the underwear she had would do. She wanted to wear something sexy but all she had were full-bottom panties that were the same type her mother or grandmother would wear.

Pulling every pair from her trunk, the talented witch pointed her wand at them and muttered a quick spell. Within seconds, each pair of panties were transformed into silk and satin tiny thongs and G-strings. Pleased with herself at her new creations, Hermione didn't have time to slide a pair on before the door flew open and Ginny entered.

"Oh sorry Hermione. Er...didn't know you in here. I'll come back," Ginny stuttered, her face going red in embarrassment on walking in on one of her best friends completely nude.

"No need Ginny. It's your room and I'll only be another second," Hermione replied, not making an attempt to cover her spectacular body.

Ginny couldn't help but soak up the view in front of her. There was her best friend standing completely naked in her room without showing any shame or modesty by trying to cover herself up quickly. Taking that as a sign that she was allowed to look, Ginny examined the witch and was surprised to find that Hermione was as sexy as she was smart.

"Like what you see Ginny," Hermione asked her nonchalantly after noticing the witch staring at her for the better part of 30 seconds.

"," Ginny stuttered having been caught staring.

"I'm just playing around. If you were naked in here I'd certainly be giving you the eye," Hermione told her.

"You would," Ginny asked the still naked witch.

"Of course. Ginny, you are a beautiful young woman and any boy...or girl for that matter, would love the chance to bed you," she replied.

"Well you are a tad forward today aren't you Hermione," Ginny told her, still blushing. "Same to you too. I love the bare look you have down there."

"Thanks. It came highly recommended," she replied with a smirk. "And what style may I ask have you decided to dawn?"

Hermione had no idea why she was continuing to act like some sex-crazed girl. She'd orgasmed 4 times in one day yet her body and mind were telling her she needed more. It was occupying her thoughts so much so that she didn't have time to think about an counter-jinx for the strong love potion that was lingering in her system, which was currently making her hit on poor Ginny Weasley.

Stepping closer to Ginny until there was only mere inches between their bodies, Hermione used her hand to tuck a loose strand of red hair behind the mesmerized 16-year-old's ear. As if rooted to the spot and unable to move a muscle, Ginny simply closed her eyes as she felt her suddenly sexual friend trace her hand down her body. When her fingers got to the area covered by the towel, the brown-haired witch lightly peeled it open, giving Ginny the chance to stop her at any time. When no resistance was met, Hermione opened the towel fully before letting it drop behind the stunned girl.

"Nice big tits, especially for a girl your age," Hermione commented as her hands lingered longer before giving them a firm squeeze.

"Thanks," Ginny choked out.

"Mmm...tight stomach and beautifully rounded hips. A treat for any guy indeed," she continued to feel.

Moving her hands behind Ginny's body required Hermione to step even closer to her so that now the red haired witch could feel Hermione's breath on her face. Ginny had no idea what had come over Hermione, or even herself for that matter, but all she knew for sure was that she didn't want whatever it was to stop.

"What an ass," Hermione told her, taking two handfuls of her meaty flesh. "No wonder you didn't have any trouble finding a boyfriend in the past year!"

"Uhhh...I did alright," Ginny grunted, getting aroused by her groping.

"Is this turning you on Ginny?"

"," she replied, not wanting Hermione to get weird about the fact that her lightest of touches had made her hornier than ever before.

"Why don't I find out for myself," Hermione told the spellbound witch.

Smoothly gliding her fingertips along Ginny's snow-white skin, Hermione dragged them to the front of her friend's body. Noting the thin strip of red hair directly above her pink slit, Hermione guided her fingers down either side of it until converging on her folds while never breaking eye contact. The second her fingers touched Ginny's most sensitive of areas, Hermione exposed Ginny's lie of not being turned on while the red-head clamped her eyes shut.

"Ooohhh Hermione," Ginny moaned as her best friend touched her in a place no woman had ever touched her.

"Would you like me to stop Ginny," she asked, studying the younger girl's face.

"No," Ginny replied with desperation in her voice. "Please don't stop."

Knowing she had Ginny in the palm of her hand, Hermione decided to use this new experience as a teaching opportunity for herself. Although she'd never intended to have sex with another girl, Hermione always found females to be sexy in a way that men couldn't be. Ginny was that perfect picture of feminine sexuality that had always inspired Hermione. Tall, long legs, big boobs and soft characteristics made Ginny Weasley incredibly desirable to the Muggle-born witch.

"Lay down on the bed," Hermione demanded.

"Mmmhnnn," she groaned in reply.

Ginny started to back up very slowly so that Hermione's fingers wouldn't break contact with her extremely wet pussy. The red-haired witch had no idea what had gotten into her friend, but she had to admit that she liked the new and less uptight Hermione Granger better than the prude that she could often be.

Ginny felt the soft touch of her bed hit the back of her leg. Unable to stop her downward momentum, the horny girl had no choice but to fall backwards onto the comfortable mattress. Hermione anticipated the fall and didn't stop rubbing along her pink folds for a second. Once Ginny was settled on the bed, Hermione slowly straddled her body so that she could get close enough to bring the younger girl in for a tongue-filled kiss. Ginny started out a little apprehensive since she was kissing one of her best friends, but once she was over the awkwardness, she was readily kissing Hermione back.

As the kissing heated up, so too did the hand that Hermione had buried in the younger girl's folds. Rather than just rubbing her sensitive area, Hermione slipped one, then a second finger into her tight wet hole. The effect was immediate as she instantly felt the red-haired witch moan into her mouth with the vibration passing on to Hermione's own tongue and making her even hornier.

Hermione felt reluctant to break the intensely heated kissing but she had greater goals in mind than just making out with the youngest Weasley. Pulling her lips away from Ginny, the wild-haired witch started to slowly slide down her body. Ginny tried in vain to keep kissing her best friend but she had no luck. However, she wasn't nearly as disappointed when she felt Hermione's wet lips press gently on the nape of her neck.

"Your skin is so soft," Hermione told her while moving her lips further down her neck.

"Ahhh...those kisses feel amazing," Ginny complimented, now with a hand holding Hermione's head in place.

Ginny felt her friend's lips pass over her collarbone and knew exactly where the witch was headed. Blessed with large tits even at the tender young age of 16, Ginny was no stranger to her boyfriends wanting to frequently touch her big chest. Michael Corner loved to get her topless so that he could nestle up to them with his face while her current boyfriend Dean Thomas fancied pushing them together around his penis and thrusting into them.

Sure enough, Ginny felt Hermione's wet tongue encircle her bright pink nipple on her right breast. It responded immediately by growing hard under Hermione's touch, making the witch wrap her lips around it and suck on it lightly.

"Mmm," Ginny groaned while pushing her upper body further towards Hermione's hungry mouth, which was now doing the same thing on her other tit.

"Moaning already? But what are you going to do once we get to the good stuff," Hermione asked with a devilish grin while sliding off of Ginny's body so that she was now resting on the floor upon her knees.

Ginny felt the smooth hands of the talented young witch clutch her hips, even the hand that had been being used to pump into her pussy. With strength that Ginny didn't know Hermione possessed, she was jerked from her reclined position so that now her ass we sitting near the edge of the bed. The younger girl instinctively spread her legs open as they dangled over the edge of the bed so that her friend was now between them.

Now at face level with Ginny's bare pussy with the only exception being a small strip of bright red hair, Hermione could smell the arousal coming from her. She took a moment to soak in how lovely the pink folds looked and how the textbooks she read on sexuality didn't quite capture the beauty of it. After her long glance, Hermione couldn't wait any longer. Bending forward, the talented witch buried her pretty face in Ginny's groin.

"Ohhh," Ginny gasped as her tongue plunged into her moistened hole.

The younger girl could have burst at any moment. Hermione's surprisingly good tongue skill was one reason but also because she had grown quite accustom to having sex regularly over the past year. She had first lost her virginity to Michael one night after a few too many butterbeer and they'd continued the practice several times a week until they broke up later that year. Then once she started dating Dean, they almost immediately starting doing the deed after only a few dates. But now she hadn't seen Dean in close to a month due to the summer break so her sex drive was needing exactly what Hermione was doing to her.

Hermione was taking her time with the witch. Being that this was her first lesbian experience, the thoughtful witch wanted to detail everything in case this act became a regular thing for her. She loved the taste of Ginny's pussy, her flavor being a mixture of pomegranate and strawberry with the slightest hint of pumpkin, presumably from the body wash she used.

Ginny was responding just as the witch between her legs had hoped for, with loud and near constant screams of approval. Hermione continued to shove her tongue straight into the red-haired girl's pussy over and over again until the younger girl was on the edge of explosion. Not wanting for her to orgasm so soon, Hermione pulled her tongue out and replaced it with two lightly thrusting fingers while she kissed the inside of Ginny's thigh.

"Yes...Ohhhh...Ahhh...Yes," Ginny moaned while in pure bliss.

Hermione could tell that Ginny had been close for a while now and decided to let the redhead have what she so desired. Pushing a third finger into Ginny's cramped hole, Hermione plowed deeper and faster then she had been. This caused Ginny to heave her chest up in approval and try to move her body towards the edge of the bed in order to get the fingers even deeper into herself. Delivering the final blow, Hermione used her unoccupied tongue to latch onto Ginny's exposed clitoris.

"Yesss," Ginny screamed into a pillow as she came from the first time in her life by another girl.

Hermione heard the younger girl's muffled scream before feeling her hole clamp down tightly on her three fingers and a rush of liquid rapidly coat them. Not wanting to miss tasting any of Ginny's nectar, Hermione withdrew her digits from deep inside her friend and replaced them with her eager tongue.

"Bloody hell," Ginny screamed once again into the pillow as her sensitive pussy was being explored by Hermione's tongue again.

"You are so tasty. No wonder girls like to have sex with other girls," Hermione observed. "Here, have some."

Ginny was getting drowsy as Hermione continued to bury her tongue in her pussy. She was vaguely aware of the pillow being moved from her face and replaced with three skinny fingers coated in some type of gooey syrup. Once the liquid touched her tongue, Ginny automatically started to suck on the digits until she'd removed any trace of the delicious flavor.

By the time Hermione was satisfied that Ginny had no cum left to offer in her pink hole, she withdrew her tongue. As she got to her feet she realized she had a kink in her neck and her knees were quite sore, such was how long she was down on the floor in one position. Looking down at Ginny, Hermione was pleased to find that she had drifted off into a deep sleep after her intense orgasm at the hands of her.

Hermione looked around and found the towel that Ginny had worn when she first entered the room and draped it over her nude body. Going back over to her trunk, Hermione slipped on a newly created red thong before covering it with a pair of tight fitting jeans. After putting on a bra and shirt, Hermione knew she needed to have a conversation with Ron and Harry.

"Boys! We need to talk," Hermione said as she pushed open the door into Ron's room.

"What about Hermione," Ron asked as he and Harry packed their trunks carefully. Hermione noticed the care that they were taking and gave them a quizzical look.

"Mrs. Weasley will just put us to work on some other task when we are down cleaning Ron's room and packing our trunks so we figured this chore wasn't so bad," Harry answered her wordless question.

"Actually pretty smart," she commented before pulling out her wand and casting the silencing spell at the door so no sound would escape.

"Back for another round are you," Ron said with a large smile as both he and Harry dropped whatever they were doing and started walking towards her.

"No...maybe later...not right now...but it would be nice," Hermione stuttered, her original intentions becoming clouded over.

"Then what are you here for," Harry asked.

"Right. I'm here because something is clearly wrong! My sexual inhibition is clearly not working. I figured it was the lingering effect of that love potion we found but all my research has shown me that it should have worn off after a few hours. It's been almost a full half-day yet I just finished up fucking the brains out of poor Ginny and I'm still hungry for more," she shared with them.

The boys couldn't help but feel their cocks growing stiffer inside their pants at the mere thought of their highly attractive best friend with another girl, even if it was Ron's sister. The boys had also noticed that their sex drive was also ramped up considerably today, even though they had already thought about sex a great deal of any day. The big difference now was that the normally reserved Hermione had the hormones of a teenage boy and was apparently more than willing to give in to their urges.

"Maybe it's not such a bad thing," Ron told her, liking the new and horny Hermione.

"No? Sure this feeling is normal for young males but the woman have to have self-control or else people would fuck like rabbits all day and accomplish nothing. I mean I seriously haven't had time to pick up a single book in the past day thanks to this potion. And what if it doesn't wear off and we went to Hogwarts like this? What's going to stop us from having a go at Draco Malfoy or Pansy Parkinson," Hermione ranted.

"Come off it," Harry told her after a shuttering at the thought of having sex with a gargoyle like Pansy Parkinson. "We still have some self-control."

"Do we now? We had a threesome earlier. When was the last time we had one of those? I just had lesbian sex with Ron's sister. I've never so much as thought about another girl sexually prior to an hour ago. And I'm sorry you have to find out like this Ron, but Harry and I had sex while you were out with your mum. We knew it would gut you up and potentially ruin our great friendship with one another but Harry and I did it anyway," Hermione revealed.

"Sorry mate," Harry told him. "But seriously, wouldn't you have done the same thing if you were left alone with her?"

"I suppose but I still want payback," Ron replied after a long pause.

"Anything," both Hermione and Harry said at the same time.

"Take off your glasses Harry. I want Muggle-style revenge," he told his best friend.

Knowing what was about to happen, Harry removed his round spectacles and closed his eyes. No sooner had he done that when he felt Ron's brick-like hand smash him in the jaw, sending him sprawling to the ground. Hermione covered her face in response to the violent outburst but Harry just collected himself on the floor before getting to his feet and putting his glasses back on like nothing had happened. Being the punching bag of Dudley Dursley for the past 17 years had toughened up Harry.

"Please don't hit me too Ron," Hermione pleaded.

"No worries Hermy. I'm a gentleman and would never hurt a lady. I would however blackmail them into sex," Ron told her. "Since you slept with Harry and my own little sister, it's only fair you sleep with me too. I get to pick the when, where, how and what type. Deal?"

After thinking about it for a few seconds, Hermione readily agreed. The last thing she wanted was for Ron to be upset with her and Harry over something they were too hormonally charged to do anything about. Writing their pact on a piece of parchment, they hexed the deal so that Hermione would have no way of backing out, even if she changed her mind.

"So what are we going to do about our little problem now that we've agreed it is in fact a problem," Hermione asked.

"Well the book list came in not long ago so we'll be going to Diagon Alley tomorrow. We can stop in and ask Fred and George about it," Ron replied.

"The book list came in? Why didn't I know about this amazing news," she questioned, both excited and slightly upset.

"Oh I don't know, you probably had your tongue up my sister's pussy at the time," Ron said to her matter-of-factly, making her blush.


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