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Pairings: Fred/Angelina Johnson; George/Katie Bell

Codes: MF, Oral

Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Lure Of Lust: Part 5 - Successful Double Date
by The Chemist

"Sorry you lot but we have to close a little early tonight," Fred informed the last remaining consumers of the Weasley's Wizard Wheezes.

After a few grumbles, they snatched up a couple of products from the shelves and paid for them. They didn't seem happy that the twins were closing up early tonight, but Fred and George knew that they would be back. With a wave of his wand, Fred bewitched a broom from the back room, which immediately started to sweep up the floors.

"Everyone gone then," George asked having emerged from the loft they loved in above the shop.

"Yup. Just started the cleaning," Fred answered.

"Good. Go get dressed and I'll finish up stocking the shelves," George told him.

Taking off upstairs, Fred passed by his brother who was already shaved, showered and dressed in his best robes. Walking around the shop, George summoned any product that he noticed were running low, which was quite a few different products. Even though most of the shops in Diagon Alley weren't doing so well financially, the Weasley's joke shop was doing tremendous business. The twins had a flair for selling and had created a slew of creative joke merchandise that they had trouble making fast enough to keep up with all the demand.

After 10 minutes, George had nearly finished restocking all the shelves when Fred emerged from the loft. He helped his brother finish up his task before they powered the shop down for the night and locked up.

"So we're picking them up I suppose," Fred asked.

"Indeed. Katie will be over at Angelina's place so we can get them both at the same time," George answered.

"Floo network," he asked.

"For sure. We'll pick them up then go right away to the restaurant," George replied.

"Then hopefully back here for a night cap," Fred added.

"You read my mind brother."

Walking to their fireplace, the twins grabbed some Floo powder and threw it in. Speaking Angelina Johnson clearly, the twins were quickly enveloped in fire before disappearing from the joke shop all together. A moment later, the twins found themselves standing in a new house and looking at two, young witches sitting on the couch.

"Hi Fred. Hi George," the two girls said in unison.

"Good evening Angelina," Fred said as he took a stride forward and kissed his date on the hand.

"And good evening to you Katie," George greeted his date.

Fred had been quite attracted to Angelina for some time. Two years ago he had asked her to go to the Yule Ball with him, which she gladly accepted. That was the first night that the pair had sex. Although never an official couple, Fred and Angelina saw each other regularly since then. Whether it was sneaking around in an empty classroom at Hogwarts or going to her place in the middle of the night in summer, the pair took every opportunity to get naked and reacquaint themselves.

"You look gorgeous as always," Fred told her.

Angelina had a tall, athletic body that was a beautiful chocolate brown color. Her little black dress that she wore did wonders to show off her long legs while the low cut top showed her ample cleavage.

"You look stunning as well Katie," George piped up.

Although Katie Bell was a year younger than the other three, she had known them all for quite some time due to playing on the same Griffyndor Quidditch team as them. Like most of the girls in Griffyndor, Katie was quite impressed by the Weasley twins and jumped at the chance to go on a double date with Angelina tonight.

"Right well we should be off. Have reservations for a minute from now," Fred spoke up.

"You ladies fine using the Floo network," George asked as he helped Katie in her short red dress to her feet.

Going back to the fireplace, the four of them went one by one until they arrived at an Italian-style restaurant that the boys had selected for the date. For the next hour and a half the foursome ate great food and drank a good amount of wine until they'd finished their meal completely.

"We had a great time," Angelina told the twins as they stood in front of the restaurant fireplace.

"Yeah. You guys are hilarious," Katie added, her cheeks still red from all the laughter.

"Well the time doesn't have to end quite so soon," Fred told them.

"We can head back to our place for another round of drinks," George added.

The two girls exchanged a look to make sure that they were both on board with the new proposal. They both agreed and so when they stepped into the fireplace, they clear spoke Weasley Wizard Wheezes and arrived back at their joke shop.

"I love this place! You guys are brilliant," Katie spoke as they headed from the joke shop on the first floor to the kitchen on the second floor.

"It's always nice having a fan," George joked.

Fred showed the girls to the living room as George ducked away into the kitchen. Using a summoning spell to find the bottle of firewhiskey, the twin poured it into four glasses and met the other three in the seating room. Angelina and Fred were holed up on the smaller loveseat while Katie sat by herself on the couch. Putting all four cups down on the coffee table, he took his seat right beside his date.

"Whoa," Angelina shouted as the amber liquid burnt her throat going down.

"Now that you mentioned it Katie, I have something in my bedroom that I think you'll find equally brilliant," George told her.

"Oh yeah," Katie asked, moving closer to her date. "Is it in your pants?"

George's mouth dropped open as the mild-mannered girl clutched his package through his robes. Stroking his penis now with her hand, George bent down and pushed his lips against hers. He didn't think it would be this easy to get the younger witch into bed, but he had a feeling that the firewhiskey may have helped his cause.

"I wish I had a clever line too but I don't. You wanna make out," Fred asked Angelina.

Replying with a simple nod, the pair came together and glued their lips to each other, just as George and Katie were doing on the other side of the living room. Neither girl showed any apprehension in kissing in front of the other so Fred and George didn't bother wasting the extra energy in dragging them to their separate bedrooms.

"Let me suck your cock," Katie whispered into George's ear.

Shooting up off the sofa, George pulled his robe off his body as his date worked to get his pants undone and slid down his legs. With his penis already rock hard, she moved closer to the edge of the seat so that her mouth as at the perfect level. Reaching out and giving his shaft a light stroke, she wasted little time in wrapping her lips around him and moving them up and down his pole.

"I guess Katie and George hit it off," Fred commented as he watched the sexy brunette work his brother's cock with her mouth.

"I can't have the younger girl show me up," Angelina said to Fred.

Knowing exactly what was on her mind, Fred swiftly removed his clothing in the blink of an eye. Angelina had only turned her head for a second but by the time she looked back at the twin, he was completely naked. Smiling at how well they knew each other sexually, the tall black girl turned her body around so that she was resting on her knees on his leather couch and was bent over on all fours.

"I almost forgot how good you were with your mouth," Fred told her while her mouth engulfed his semi-erect dick.

He felt his shaft harden immediately as her skill tongue started to pleasure him. To help her out, Fred gathered up her long black hair and held it above her head and out of the way. Not satisfied just sitting back and doing nothing, the twin stretched out his long arm to reach out and sneak his hand under Angelina's dress.

"Naughty girl," Fred commented. "No panties?"

"Figured it would save time," she told him.

"Brilliant you are," he replied before sinking two fingers into her wet pussy.

Meanwhile on the other couch Katie still had her mouth glued to George's cock as she sucked him off like her life depended on it. The young witch wasn't very experienced, but whatever she lacked in expertise, she made up for in youthful energy. Unable to take the foreplay anymore, George stepped back out of her range.

"I need to fuck you right now," he told her honestly.

"Was hoping you'd say that," Katie smiled back up at him.

Getting on her knees on the couch, Katie spun around so that her chest was pressed against the back of the leather seat. George pulled her robe off her rather quickly before reaching under her red dress and pulling down her panties but leaving them bunched up around her knees. Lifting her dress onto her back, George held his penis around the base before leading it towards her pink hole.

"Whoa," Katie shrieked in a mixture of surprise and pleasure.

"Damn your tight," George complimented her.

Working his large penis into the younger witch at a slow pace, it took the twin several minutes just to get half of his 8-inch shaft into her constricting hole. Finally, five minutes after he first penetrated her sex, George had his entire length inside of her, much to both of their delight.

"I half expected you to be a virgin," he told his date.

"How do you think I convinced Oliver Wood to pick me for the Quidditch team as a second year," Katie replied, looking over her shoulder and smiling back at him.

"Mmmm...Ahhhh," Angelina moaned from across the room.

George and Katie couldn't help but look over at the source of the loud grunting. As George was forcibly crashing his cock into Katie's pussy, they watched on as Angelina's naked body grinded her hips in Fred's lap, who was still seated on the loveseat. She had her clothing completely off her toned body so George and Katie could watch her large boobs bounce up and down as she rode along Fred's cock while facing out to the room.

George figured that she had a nice body but he never thought it was that good. Large tits that were quite firm looking, a long torso without an ounce of fat and smooth skin that looked good enough to eat made Angelina appealing to most men. That didn't mean that George didn't find Katie equally as attractive, just in a different way. Katie had an adorably cute face and although her breasts were considerably smaller than Angelina, Katie had a nice bald pussy and an ass that made the words juicy and round come to mind.

"I wanna turn on top now," Katie asked George. "You deserve a break."

"No arguing here," he replied before pulling out of her tight hole and flopping down on the comfortable couch.

Swinging her leg over his torso so she was now straddling him, she reached between her legs and guided his slick shaft back into her tight pussy. She took another minute to descend onto the base and take his complete length into her, but once she was down she grinded her hips into his so that every inch of him was being massaged by her insides.

"Bloody hell," George groaned through gritted teeth, trying to hold off his pending orgasm.

It had been a good five minutes of energetic riding before George looked over to what his brother and Angelina were doing. They had also changed positions so that now Angelina was lying down on the loveseat while Fred lied on top of her and was continuously driving his thick shaft into her pussy.

"Oh yes...harder...harder," Angelina screamed from beneath Fred's thrashing body.

The dark skinned witch had her long legs wrapped around Fred's waist and was trying to use them to help drive him further down onto her. Every time he pulled out and prepared to drop down into her, she would dig her heels into his bare ass cheeks in an attempt to get him to reach new depths inside her pink folds.

"Can't...go...much...longer," Fred warned her.

"Good. Cum with me Freddy," she screamed.

Fred was thankful that all of his hard work was paying off for both of them. Hoping she was as close as she claimed, the twin stopped holding back and gave her two forceful thrusts before unloading his semen deep inside her pussy. Apparently his warn load coating her inner walls was just the final push the sexy witch needed.

"Yes Fred! I'm cumming," Angelina shouted while Fred stayed buried in her hole.

"Seems like we've got better stamina," George joked to the girl continuing to ride his penis.

"Not by much," Katie warned. "I'm so close!"

Katie started to moan even louder than what she had been doing before sinking down fully on George's lap and staying there. George felt her tight pussy clamped down on him even tighter before feeling a warm trickle of her pussy juice coat his shaft and start to seep out onto his thighs.

"Ohhh....Godddd....Ughhhhh," George grunted as he unloaded his large wad of cum into her unprotected teenage womb.

"That was intense as always," Fred told Angelina.

"You were amazing," Katie said to George.

"Ditto," George and Angelina said at the same time to repay their compliments.

"We should be going Katie before my dad starts to worry," Angelina told her.

"Okay," she said.

After the two girls got dressed and did a quick clean up, the said their good-byes to the twins and told them that they should do that again soon. The boys agreed without hesitation before taking them back down to the fireplace so that they could travel home.

"Well done tonight brother," Fred told his twin.

"And to you as well," he replied.

"Let's go rest up. Shop opens in 6 hours brother."


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