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Pairings: Hermione/Snape

Codes: Mf, Oral

Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Lure Of Lust: Part 6 - Deception
by The Chemist

The trio spent the last remaining days of their summer vacation pondering Draco's behavior in Knockturn Alley. The boys were smart enough not to bring up the topic in front of Hermione, who they guess was still embarrassed about having slept with Borgin in a failed attempt to get information from the shady shopkeeper.

Sadly though, Harry and Ron had thought about it so much that the topic was starting to annoy them. Hermione had already moved along and was busy with her nose in one of the new books she bought for the upcoming school year while the trio was holed up in Ron's attic bedroom. Having not talked about what transpired down in the Alley for half of a day, now was the perfect time since they were far away from anyone that could have overheard them.

"Maybe it's something Draco can use to get revenge for his father getting thrown in Azkaban," Harry pondered aloud.

"Maybe. Or a way to break him and the other Death Eaters out of the prison," Ron theorized without missing a beat.

"Sadly, who knows? I don't think Draco is smart enough or near anywhere powerful enough to do anything too big on his own," Hermione jumped into the conversation. "He must have help from someone. Maybe his mother, Narcissa?"

"Couldn't be or else he wouldn't have tried to sneak off from her to go to Borgin and Burke," Ron replied, shooting down her idea.

"You have a point though. My bet is that he replaced his dad as a Death Eater and is doing a secret mission for Voldemort," Harry told them.

"Maybe. It would explain a few things but 16 is awfully young to join up with them," Hermione answered.

Before they could keep talking about the curious actions of Draco, Ginny came in through the door and told them Mrs. Weasley wanted to see them. They walked down the stairs only for Ron's mum to tell them to finish up with their washing and packing. Hermione had already finished her preparation for leaving tomorrow but she helped the two boys get theirs down before dinner. They played more 2 on 2 Quidditch with Ginny after eating to help tire themselves out before crashing for the night.

When they woke up early the next morning, Mrs. Weasley was hurrying them around to make sure they left for King's Cross on time. She allowed them to use magic to help get all their stuff down into the Ministry-provided cars that were to transport them to the station. Luckily they were only a few minutes behind and the driver made up the time by driving a little faster and running a few questionable yellow lights.

By the time they all made the walk onto platform nine and three-quarters, the Hogwarts Express stood belching steam and looking like it was ready to push off in no time. After saying good-bye to Mrs. Weasley, Ron, Harry, Hermione and Ginny got onto the train and started looking for an empty compartment.

"We can't Harry," Hermione told him. "We have to report to the perfect's cabin."

"Blimey I forgot. That's fine," Harry told them before they headed their separate ways.

"I feel bad having to leave him alone," Ron said to Hermione.

Hermione watched as Harry and Ginny exchanged a few words before Ginny walked away from him and joined the compartment that Dean Thomas was in. The pair had been dating for the last month of the previous school year and throughout the summer, seeing each other a few times a week.

"I'm sure he'll meet up with Luna or Neville or someone," Hermione told him as they walked to their designated cabin.

Hermione and Ron made their way to the head of the train and went into their assigned meeting place for all perfects. Sadly Malfoy was in there, but after a few sneers and mean-spirited comments they tried to ignore each other as best they could. The duo tried to overhear any conversation Draco engaged in but they knew he wasn't stupid enough to talk about anything secret in such an open area.

"Alright perfects. This concludes our meeting so now go and patrol the corridors," said some woman that Ron didn't catch the name of.

"Would you mind making the first few rounds Ron? I'm absolutely exhausted from last night so I think I'll sneak off into the old compartment that is never used," Hermione shared.

"Yeah go ahead," Ron allowed.

"Thanks. Just give me an hour than you can come and wake me and I'll take over for you," she told him before running off.

Hermione was happy that Ron didn't press the issue as to why she was so tired. She would have told him some lie like she had a nightmare then couldn't get back to sleep but she preferred not to have to lie to the red-haired boy. The truth was that Hermione got horny again last night and crawled into bed with Ginny. She was more reluctant this time around but after some persuasion, Ginny indulged her passion and gave her the orgasm she so desired.

She found the lone empty compartment that very few people knew about. Long ago used as a staff compartment for when the teachers rode the train with the students, in recent times the secluded room went unused. Hermione had found it last year when she stumbled into it during her patrolling of the corridor and that knowledge would serve her well for her nap now.

Little did Hermione know was that one of the staff members of Hogwarts was on the train today. Severus Snape had missed his portkey that would have taken him directly to the school. Due to extra security measures surrounding the wizarding school now, he could only apparate some distance from the main entrance so it made more sense to take the Hogwarts Express with the students. He had gone to some effort to hide the fact that he was riding with the students to the extent that not a sole knew he was taking the Express.

"Now what do we have here," Snape said to himself.

He was not expecting to find anyone in the secret staff cabin of the train upon his return from the lavatory. However, the teacher opened the door and saw Hermione Granger sleeping in his train compartment. She appeared to be in a deep slumber with her robe being used as a pillow to cushion her head against the window. He weighed up the options in his head as to what to do with the current situation. He was well within his rights to dock points from the Griffyndors for the know-it-all's trespassing, but surely there was a more severe punishment he could nail the student with.

"Mmm...yes Ron...make me cum..." Hermione moaned in her sleep.

"Interesting," Snape said dryly as he looked down his hooked nose. "I always thought she had a thing for Potter."

He now noticed that Hermione's hand was under her school skirt and appeared to be quite busy. Snape had to admit that as annoying as he found the young witch, he also found her to be quite attractive. He had no idea that she was the type of girl who had sexual dreams and would masturbate while doing so.

Not to his surprise, the former Death Eater looked down his body and found a large tent pitched in his pants. Not knowing how to quite handle this delicate situation, Snape was forced to act when he haw the beautiful witch stir. Reacting quickly, Snape removed his wand from his pocket and after a few quick movements, Hermione was now donning a black blindfold.

"That was close," Snape thought.

Due to Snape's skill with a wand, the material now blocking Hermione's eyes was tied on so gently that the student remained sleeping. Just as he was relieved thinking that his quick thinking had saved him, Snape shifted his weight and caused the floor boards under his feet to creak.

"Ron? Is that you? It can't be my turn to patrol the halls yet. Did you blindfold me," Hermione asked hastily.

With wand still in hand, Snape let his instincts take over. In a flurry of wand strokes, the Potions professor had stopped Hermione from pulling the blindfold off of her face by pressing her hands above her head, held by invisible bonds. It was only a temporary answer to his problem, but at least it gave him enough time to think and come up with a suitable solution.

"Oh...I see what you are thinking Ron," she told him. "You've come to collect on our agreement, have you? That's fine just lock the door behind you."

Snape couldn't believe the words that had just come out of the girl's mouth. Know-it-all, bookworm Hermione Granger had a deal worked out with fumbling friend Ronald Weasley where the red-haired boy got to have sex with her. Cautiously optimistic yet very excited, Snape's mind was working a mile a minute to get a handle on the situation.

"Good for Ron," he said to himself.

Reaching behind him, the professor found the door and closed it tightly. Using his wand again, Snape performed another bit of magic and sealed it shut so that no one would be able to come interrupt him and Hermione. He also used his wand to cast another charm on the windows so that they were unable to be used to look inside the compartment.

"Get my hands down and you can do with me as you like," she told the man she believed was Ron.

Having heard Ron speak hundreds of times in his class, Snape used his wand to cast another spell on his throat. It wasn't an easy spell to use, but he was an accomplished wizard so it wasn't difficult for him.

"I prefer them up," he told the schoolgirl.

"You sound sick. You better not get me sick Ron," she told him.

"I'm in charged here so I'll tell you what happens. Now stop talking and open your mouth," Snape sneered.

Hermione was taken back by Ron's suddenly new stern edge to his voice but took it as another side effect of the extra sex hormones running through his veins. Hearing the robes being pulled over his head then the pants being dropped down his legs, Hermione did as she was told and opened her mouth in a big O.

The Potions professor stepped right out of his pants so that he was free to climb up onto the train bench. With a foot on either side of Hermione's body, Snape's fully hard cock was directly in front of her blindfolded face. Lining it up with her wide-open mouth, the oily haired man pushed his hips forward and felt her lips immediately clamp onto his shaft.

"Ahhh," he groaned.

Snape hadn't had sex in quite some time and he couldn't help but think why he hadn't since it felt so great. Pushing in the first half of his length along her plump lips, the black-haired wizard almost came inside her right away as the feeling of his cock being in her warm, wet mouth was bliss.

Even though he knew Hermione was only fulfilling her pact she made with the red-haired boy, Snape couldn't help but notice that Hermione was really enjoying sucking on his cock. The way she would use her tongue to heighten his experience and the moans that were escaping her mouth was telling him that she took pride and enjoyment in servicing him.

Not content with only having half of his cock in her talented mouth, Snape pushed his hips forward. Smiling when he heard her gag and cough when his bulbous head hit the back of her throat, Snape enjoyed pushing the young witch to her sexual limits. Pleased that she was able to regain control after her initial cough, Snape couldn't help but think that Hermione had done this a number of times already in her short sexual life. Holding his shaft in her mouth against the back of her throat, he was thrilled when she relaxed and allowed his penis to slid further into her.

"Fuck," Snape said when his entire length was buried in her throat.

Looking down, the Potions professor observed Hermione's face pressed firmly into his thickly matted pubic hair while his balls were resting on her chin. Snape couldn't believe that the girl that gave off such an innocent vibe was holding his entire shaft deep within her throat.

Lost in the moment, Snape eventually realized that the young witch was starting to thrash around on the seat. Looking at her face, he saw that her skin tone had changed from the creamy color it usually was into a dark red shade. Quickly deducing that his dick was blocking off her airway for the past half-minute, Snape pulled out and allowed the girl to catch her breath.

"I like...when I off Ron...but let me breath every now and then," she panted.

Snape didn't reply to her but merely watched the normal color return to her face before sliding his cock back into her mouth. Going right to the back again, Hermione relaxed quicker the second time around and accepted him into her throat with much more ease. Holding himself completely in her mouth again for only a couple of seconds, Snape pulled out of her throat and let her breathe, much to her satisfaction.

"Oh yes," Snape groaned as he continuously pushed his shaft in and out of her throat, using her like a glorified fuck toy.

While continuing to use her mouth as his own personal plaything, Snape reached down and wrapped his hand in her bushy hair. As slammed his hips forward, he dragged her head back towards him so that his cock flew to the back of her throat. The extra force caused his sack to come up and slap the pretty girl in the face but neither one of them seemed effected. Despite the rough oral treatment she was being exposed to, Hermione was up for the challenge and even seemed to be relishing it.

Unable to stand another minute of Hermione sucking his dick without cumming, Snape pulled out of her wet mouth and jumped off the bench. Reaching for his wand again, the wizard flicked his wrist and suddenly all of Hermione's clothes came off in an instant.

"Oh my are so fucking hot," Snape complimented the young witch.

"You act like it's the first time you've seen my naked," Hermione replied.

With her clothes lying on the opposite end of the bench, Snape looked at the 16-year-old's tight little body. Her small firm breasts with small pink nipples screamed out to Snape to suck on them, but he held out to observe the rest of what she had to offer before acting.

"Stand up," Snape demanded.

Finding that the magical bonds that were pinning her wrists to the cabin wall were released, Hermione listened to what Ron wanted. Standing off of the bench, she suddenly became aware that she was naked. She thought it was a little odd that Ron had performed such a perfectly executed wordless spell, Hermione was too turned on by his magical achievement to think otherwise.

Snape soaked in the sight of her lean body. She had a toned, flat stomach that blended smoothly downwards to her shaven pussy, Snape's personal favorite choice of grooming. Without any hint of hair, Hermione's pink pussy lips stood out in such contrast from her white skin, making her professor's mouth water.

Grabbing the much younger girl at the hips, Snape spun her around so that her back was now facing him. Running his hand along her skin, he stopped between her shoulder blades and gently pushed her forward. Hermione bent at the waist so that her ass was sticking out back towards the man she thought was Ron Weasley.

"Your butt is adorable," Snape told the horny girl while rubbing his slick tip along her ass crack.

The Potions professor couldn't believe his eyes. He started to kick himself for never noticing how incredibly sexy the bookworm was before. Although her front half quite nice to look at, he had no idea her backside was so amazing. His eyes seemed unable to look away from her juicy yet tight looking round ass.

"Her ass is better than most girls' faces," Snape thought.

"You remember from earlier Ron. The backdoor is off limits to everyone, not just Harry," she told him.

She loved the reaction that she was getting from Ron with his recent set of compliments, especially since he had praised her body the first time they got together. Adamant on the fact that she was not going to become one of those girls who let men put their cocks in her tightest of holes, Hermione flipped back around so that she was sitting back on the bench.

"What a filthy slut," Snape thought, knowing that Miss Granger had done the deed with two best friends.

He considered ignoring her request and just having sex with her anally had crossed his mind, but Snape wasn't going to push his luck. After all, it wasn't every day that he walked in on a horny schoolgirl that he found to be quite good looking and wanted to readily have sex with him so he figured he'd do as she asked, this time at least.

The teenager already had her legs spread apart and was rubbing her pussy to get it prepared for Snape. Although he would have liked to stick his cock up the ass of the girl he found equal parts annoying and sexy, Snape changed his target. Stepping between her legs, he rubbed his tip along her pink folds before slipping the tip into her wet hole.

"Mmm...mmmm," Hermione moaned as his prick became completely buried inside her. "Fuck me hard Ron!"

Still in disbelief at how much of a slut the seemingly innocent girl was, Snape snapped out of it and did as she asked. Gripping her by her curved hips, the older wizard started to slam his cock into her tight hole with all the energy and power he had. Pleased that she was already extremely wet, her tightness was bearable due to the lubrication. It only took about 10 minutes of the intense fucking for it to pay dividends as Hermione began thrashing about.

"Oh yes...yes...oh my God yes," Hermione screamed out as she came all over Snape's penis, which was still stroking deep into her pussy.

He allowed the young witch a moment to collect herself after her orgasm before pulling out of her soaking wet hole and pulling her to her feet. Turning her so that she was facing the back wall, Snape made her bend forward so that her ass was once again stuck out. Sticking her arms out, Hermione found the window and was able to balance herself before toppling over.

Snape lifted her leg up onto the bench so that her tight pussy would open as wide as possible. With the teenager completely exposed, the professor guided his slick cock back into her wet pussy. Hermione gave a gasp as the new angle of his penetration nearly made her have her second orgasm in the span of a few minutes.

The blindfolded girl looked back over her shoulder and gave him a sexy grin to show that she was in absolute pleasure at having his nine-inch penis slamming into her. This made Snape push closer to his own orgasm with the knowledge that the beautiful girl was enjoying the rough sex just as much as he was.

Knowing that he was close to cumming, Snape wrapped his hand back into her bushy brown hair and tugged it hard. Her head snapped back and she let out a grunt of pain. Snape thought that it may have been too much for her, but she surprised him by pushing back into him and bringing him in for a tongue-filled kiss.

"Mmmmm.....yessssss....I'm cumming again," Hermione shouted as she gushed her sweet cum onto Snape's quickly thrusting shaft.

Snape knew that his pending orgasm was mere moments away. The thought of filling her youthful pussy with his potent seed occurred to him, but the knowledge that the bookworm drank down his cum was too enticing for the former Death Eater. Slamming his length back into her one final time, Snape pulled himself out of her tight hole and made her get on her knees in front of him.

Hermione knew exactly what he wanted so she opened her mouth in preparation. Sure enough, she felt his cock, which was pasted in her own juices, slap onto her tongue. No sooner had it been placed there when she felt the first stream of warm cum land on her tongue. Wrapping her lips so that she formed a tight seal around his cock, she milked all of his warm seed that he could offer her before swallowing it down with another sexy smile plastered across her face.

Before the girl could reach for the blindfold and discover it was in fact Snape that had fucked her rather than her beloved Ron, the Potions professor reached his wand and stunned the teenager. Hermione instantly passed out and fell backwards onto the floor. Using a spell to re-dress the young witch, he placed her back in the same position he found her and exited the compartment.

Being sure to sneak his away along the corridor, he was pleased that he took such precautions when he saw Ron striding towards the cabin he had just vacated. Looking on from a dark corner, the Potions professor watched as the youngest male Weasley slid open the compartment door and stepped inside.

"Oi Hermione. Your turn to roam the halls," Ron said while throwing himself down on the opposite bench.

"Oi? We just have sex no more than 5 minutes ago and all I get is oi! You tactless git," Hermione screamed, sliding her robes back on.

"You've gone mental Hermione! We didn't have sex! I've just been walking the corridors. See! Look here," Ron shouted back while throwing a piece of paper at her.

Hermione calmed down enough to accept the parchment that the ginger-haired boy had given her. Opening it up, she read and discovered that 10 minutes Ron had been handing out a caution to one of the Slytherin students. Demanding to see the rest of his notepad, Ron had given warnings to 3 other students, spanning the last hour.

"But...but..." Hermione stuttered as her brain was working a mile a minute to come up with a logical solution.

"Maybe you had a dream we had sex," Ron suggested. "But our pact is still binding. It's set to burn up in flames once know."

"It couldn't have been a dream," Hermione replied. As much as she would like to accept that explanation, her pussy felt like a truck had been run through it and she still had the distinct taste of cum in her mouth. "He sounded like you though."

"Well any NEWT wizard can change their voice, can't they? Tonks does it all the time. But they must have also used Polyjuice Potion and gotten a strand of my hair," Ron told her.

"I you must be right. It had to have been a dream," Hermione blushed. She decided that the truth would have been too embarrassing so fed Ron a lie instead.

"Figured as much," Ron laughed. "I'm honored that you chose me to dream about."

Hermione could see the honor reflected in his expressive face. Now beaming with pride, Ron appeared to be sitting up straight as if he'd found some new confidence. Letting him have his ego inflated rather than share with him the truth of the matter, the smart witch let him have his moment in the sun.

"Okay so it's my turn to patrol the halls then," she said.

"Yeah. Be sure to stop by and say Harry. You know how sensitive he can be," he replied while getting comfortable.


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