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Pairings: Hermione/Neville Longbottom

Codes: mf, Oral

Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Lure Of Lust: Part 7 - Assumed Identity
by The Chemist

The Hogwarts Express eventually chugged into Hogwarts School and the students piled off. The prefects had to help organize the first-year students so that they all got a carriage ride up the Great Hall. Tonks escorted Harry, who had an unexpected run-in with Draco Malfoy, up to the school after she found him beaten and bloodied on the floor of the train.

Once all the students had made it from the train to the school, they were led to the Great Hall for the start of the year feast. Harry, Hermione and Ron, along with the rest of the student body, gasped in shock when Dumbledore announced that Snape was taking over the post of Defense Against the Dark Arts. They all figured that the recently re-instated Horace Slughorn was taking over the post, but Dumbledore announced he to be the new Potions master, as that was his specialty before his retirement.

"He's going to be worse than Umbridge," Ron said under a hushed voice.

"He'll at least allow us to use spells though," Hermione defended.

"How could Dumbledore allow a Death Eater to teach us the how to defend ourselves against the Dark Arts," Harry argued.

"Former Death Eater Harry. Snape has Dumbledore's full backing," she added.

"Why are you happy about this," Ron asked her.

"I'm not! I'm as upset that Snape is teaching us as you two but I don't think it'll be as bad as you think that it will be," Hermione replied. Snape's hard on you but it'll make it all the more satisfying when you ace his class."

"Sure that's one positive but I dare you to find another," Harry demanded.

"How about you two get to take Potions with Slughorn," Ginny piped up from beside Hermione.

"What are you getting at Ginny," Ron asked, quite confused by her comment.

"No she's right! Without Snape as Potions professor, there is hope that you can both get into the class," Hermione told them. "Snape needs you to have an Outstanding from last year but Slughorn may allow you to get in with only Exceeds Expectations."

"So we can still be Aurors," Harry said happily.

"And I bet Slughorn let's you in since he loves you already," Ginny told.

"You've met him already," Ron asked.

"Yes Ron, when Dumbledore brought him to convince him out of retirement," Hermione answered.

"No I met up with him again on the train. Ginny was there too. Slughorn had arranged a meeting with a bunch of us in his compartment," Harry explained.

"It appeared to be students that had famous family members or were famous themselves," Ginny added, referring to Harry. "He asked me because I performed a pretty good jinx that Harry had taught me last year."

The rest of the feast was uneventful. After eating as much food as they could, the students staggered their way upstairs to their common rooms. Most students were so full that they went straight to bed once they eventually got up into their dormitory rooms. Once again, Harry and Ron were sharing a room with their friends Neville, Dean and Seamus. After a brief bit of catching each other up on their summers, all five drifted off to sleep in preparation for classes the next day.

Sure enough, Ginny and Hermione were correct in assuming that Slughorn would allow Harry and Ron to join in Potions class. They didn't have time to go to Diagon Alley and buy a copy of the sixth year Potions book so Slughorn allowed them to use an old copy. Even though the previous owner of the old book, who referred to themselves as the Half-Blood Prince, the textbook was for the most part intact.

"Alright class," Slughorn's booming voice said to the class. "I've prepared a few potions for you to examine, just for interest. Can anyone tell me what the clear liquid in the table to the far left is?"

Of course, Hermione's hand shot into the air. Slughorn was waiting for anyone to answer and immediately selected the only one in the air.

"It's Veritaserum. It forces the drinker to tell the truth," she answered.

"Excellent. 10 points to Gryffindor Miss..."

"Granger, sir. Hermione Granger," she answered.

"Good. And do you know what that one is," he asked, referring to the potion bubbling in the center cauldron.

"Amortentia. The most powerful love potion in the wizarding world," she replied.

"Indeed it is," Slughorn said. "Another twenty points to Gryffindor. But it's not really a love potion. You can't create love but rather it creates obsession or simply lust."

With Slughorn's announcement, the trio of Hermione, Ron and Harry exchanged a glance that conveyed much more than eye contact. Hermione was already theorizing that the Weasley twins must have made Amortentia and somehow modified it to make long lasting effects.

"It's one of the most powerful potions I know of. Obsessive love can be quite dangerous indeed," he told the class.

"What's in the last cauldron," one of the other students asked.

"Oho. Good question. That is Felix Felicis or liquid luck as it's also known as," Slughorn shared.

The Potions professor then went on to explain that the potion would make the drinker extremely lucky when drank. He also announced that he would be giving a vial of Felix Felicis to the winner of his class challenge. Harry didn't think he stood a chance, especially with an old textbook that had faded text and scribbled writing all throughout the book.

To his amazement, the handwriting in the margins of the book that were written to correct the text was serving Harry quite well. His potion was progressing nicely and was turning the shades of color at the correct time that they should have been. He knew he was doing a fantastic job when Hermione once looked over and her face looked surprised before changing to frustration. She immediately went back to her work and consulted her text, Harry knowing that she was thinking how he was doing better than her.

"Time is up everyone. Stop what you are doing," Slughorn announced.

The Potions professor moved slowly to each table and examined everyone's cauldron for who had the best attempt at the potion. He would occasionally give a grunt of approval, but he mostly would just glance at the potion or give it a sniff. Finally when he arrived at the table of Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ernie MacMillian, he looked more intently. Instantly dismissing Ron and Ernie's attempts, he told Hermione her's was the best so far.

"The clear winner," Slughorn beamed with pride after examining Harry's potion. "Excellent Harry! Here are you then, one bottle of Felix Felicis."

The bell went to signify the end of class and the students headed out. Harry tucked the golden vial of potion into his bag before meeting up with Ron and Hermione, who were looking at their timetable. They realized that they had the next class together, but it was Transfigurations. Transfigurations was a tough class taught by their Head of House, Professor McGonagall and Hermione was confident that she'd be the best in that class.

"Alright students. Today we will be doing some difficult magic. For any of you thinking of entering into the career of Auror, today's lesson will be essential. We will be performing transfigurations on ourselves today. We'll start with elongating our nose then progress to sizing our chins and cheekbones," Professor McGonagall announced.

"Blimey. This will be tough," Ron remarked.

Truer words had never been spoken. Ron found the class particularly tough, although Neville struggled just about as much. By the end of the lesson, both boys had managed to damage their faces so badly that Professor McGonagall had no solution in how to reverse it.

"Okay you two need to see Madame Pomfrey right away," she told them after several of her own failed attempts to correct their problems.

"Unnnn," one of the boys replied.

"Potter, you better take them to the hospital wing," McGonagall said to him.

Although they were able to use their own legs, both Ron and Neville seemed rather unbalanced. To prevent them from falling over, Harry placed himself between them and tossed an arm around each of the tall boys. With a bit of effort and energy, he eventually got his two friends up to the healer.

"What happened to these two," Madame Pomfrey said when she saw Harry emerge into the hospital wing.

"Transfiguration charm gone poorly," Harry answered.

"Who are they," she asked.

"Ron Weasley and Neville Longbottom," he replied. "Not sure who is who since ruined their hair but I think it's Ron on my left."

Madame Pomfrey came around and helped the boys into their own hospital cot. After taking a look at each of them, she hurried to her back room and emerged a few minutes later with a bottle. She applied ointment to each of their faces and waited for some type of reaction. After another minute she disappeared again before returning with a bottle of pills.

"Mr. Weasley isn't as bad off as Mr. Longbottom. Ron can go back to his own bed now. He'll need some rest and to take these pills once he's awake but should be fine in no time," she told him. "But Neville will need to spend more time here."

"Well he be okay," he asked with concern in his voice.

"Oh yes Mr. Potter," she replied. "No need to worry about that. I've been seeing this injury every year around this time so this is nothing new."

"I'm happy to hear that," Harry said, feeling quite relieved.

Walking over to Ron, he threw his arm over his shoulder and lifted him off the bed. The boy with the horribly deranged face was barely able to support his own weight, so Harry found himself practically carrying him. By the time they had made it to the end of the infirmary, Harry was already feeling a burning in his legs and sweat starting to build.

Luckily, Harry made it all the way back to Gryffindor Tower before his fatigue set in. Finding Seamus and Dean sitting in the common room, Harry recruited the duo to help him get Ron up into his bed. The two complied without hesitation and now Ron was carried up the stairs with much greater ease.

"Is he going to be okay," Hermione asked Harry as she caught the three boys descending down the dormitory stairs.

"He'll be just fine," he replied. "Just resting now but he'll be up on his feet within the hour. Good as new and all that."

Hermione felt herself breathe a sigh of relief. She wasn't quite sure of her feelings for Ron just yet but she knew that she didn't want him to have a horribly disfigured face forever.

"Alright then, we're off," Harry told her.

"Off to where," Hermione asked.

"We've got a double lesson of Divination today so we have to take off," he explained. "Would you mind tending to Ron while we're out?"

"Yes of course. Just get going and I'll see you in 4 hours," she replied.

Hermione watched as Ron's three roommates left the common room and headed to their class. It was the only class that Harry and Ron had without her. With no other suitable class to fill the timeslot in her courseload, Hermione found herself with a spare period. The concept was quite foreign to her, but she was determined to make the best of it.

Already having completed the little homework she had received so far, Hermione broke open a new book about Defending Dark Arts and started to read. She wanted to be prepared for the new year, especially since Professor Snape was their teacher now. She was sure that the dark-haired wizard was going to make the class much more challenging than it had previously been under the 5 teachers who had held the post.

However, she had already read the first 3 chapters and found herself needing a break. Even for a student as dedicated to learning as Hermione, she was having trouble focusing. She knew that it couldn't have been the topic that she was reading. With the threat of Voldemort looming over the wizarding world, not to mention a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher to impress, that should have been all the motivation she needed to study.

With her thoughts free of schoolwork for the first time since arriving at Hogwarts yesterday, Hermione had time to think about what took place on the train. Someone had found her in her secret train compartment and tricked her into having sex with them. She should have known it wasn't Ron immediately because of how talented a wizard and rough a lover they were. She hadn't picked up on those subtle clues and ended up willingly let some stranger do naughty things to her.

Sadly she knew the whole circumstance around the incidence was out of her control for the most part. That damn super-strength lust potion she accidently inhaled a month ago was still wrecking havoc to her system. It was her hormone-fueled state that made her sleep with Harry and agree to having a sex pact with Ron as a consequence. She wouldn't have been so eager to have blindfolded, bonded sex with someone she assumed to be him if it wasn't for the pact. And it was the same lust potion that was distracting her from her studies at the current moment.

Crookshanks, her friendly cat, walked by her leg and snapped her out of her current stream of thought. Glancing at the clock above the fireplace, the studious girl realized that it had been an hour since her conversation with Harry.

"Better go check on Ron," she thought to herself.

She closed her book and tidied up her table before standing and tucking in her chair. Although she knew she'd be returning to her chair, she still thought it was good manners to clean up after herself and set a good example for all the other students in her House. Climbing the boys dormitory stairs, she walked past 4 boys before stopping at the large wooden door on her right.

Seamus Finnigan
Neville Longbottom
Harry Potter
Dean Thomas
Ronald Weasley

Having been to the room only a few times in her five years at Hogwarts, she found their door easily enough. When there was no reply to her knocking, Hermione pressed open the door and walked inside.

The room was in fairly decent shape for a place inhabited by five teenaged boys, but they had only arrived yesterday so she wasn't willing to give them more credit than they deserved. Peering around, she easily spotted Ron lying on his back in the only occupied four-poster bed.

Walking closer, Hermione was prepared to call out his name when something caught her eye. She deduced that Ron must have been having an arousing dream as the front of his robes were pitched up. Smiling to herself, she stared at the bulge for a few moments and remembered the good time she had with that bulge less than a month ago in his attic bedroom at the Burrow.

Then an idea hit her like a ton of bricks. Pulling out her wand, Hermione cast another sound blocking charm, the same one she used over the summer from preventing people outside the room from hearing any noises from the other side of the door. It may have been the same spell, but rather than preventing Molly Weasley from overhearing her, she was preventing the entire house of Gryffindor from knowing that she'd be having sex.

"Ron? You awake," she asked in a hushed tone while leaning over his unrecognizable face.

Hermione watched as he wiggled on the bed slightly and let out a low moan. She could vaguely see one of his eyes crack open, but it was impossible to look into them due to all the swelling.

"Don't try to speak Ron. I don't want another situation like the one from the train," Hermione told him. The swollen-faced boy tried to speak again but she made a hushing noise to silence him. When he tried to speak again, the witch extended her arm and clutched his penis threw his robes. "Shhh. I'll do the work."

Having to move the hand that was massaging the growing bulge in his pants, Hermione pulled his Gryffindor robe up and over his head. His school sweater and tie were slightly more haphazardly thrown on than usual but the horny witch chalked that up to the distress on having his face horribly deranged.

Making short of work of the clothes covering his upper body, Hermione made a mental note to talk to Ron about his fondness for the sugary desserts Hogwarts serves after dinner. He appeared to be a bit plumper than usual, but Hermione realized that she hadn't seen the boy naked enough to really know if he was in fact rounder.

Hermione did likewise to Ron's pants so that the boy was completely naked. With his back rested on the comfortable mattress, Hermione pushed him further up so that his head was on top of the pillows. This gave the lust-filled teenager room at the bottom of the bed. Taking advantage, she crawled onto the space provided and settled right between his legs.

"Mmmmppphhh," the boy moaned in response to Hermione's warm tongue licking its way from the very base of his cock to the tip.

Smiling at the effect she had over him, Hermione did another slow lick along the underbelly of his dick and got the same high-pitched noise as the first time she did it. This time she stayed at the head of his penis and used her tongue to lick all over his bulbous tip. More noises made there way from Ron's lips, which only spurred on motivated witch.

Continuing to bombard him with more of her oral skill, Hermione wrapping her lips around his tip and used her tongue to make quick, darting movements over the slit at the very top of his cock. This caused the boy to leak some pre-cum right onto her tongue, indicating to Hermione that he did indeed appreciate her blowjob.

Pulling herself from his cock slit, Hermione wet her lips and opened her mouth. Being sure to make continuous eye contact with the boy, even with his badly swollen eye sockets, the beautiful witch placed his tip back in her wet mouth. Swirling her head around, she made loud slurping noises as she sucked on the first inch of his large dick. Even though Ron had shut his eyes, Hermione kept staring up at him as she moved the next inch into her vacuum-like mouth.

She noticed his flailing hands on each side of his body and decided that he needed something to do with them. With her lips still moving along the top half of his shaft, Hermione grabbed his hands and placed them on either side of her head. She knew that he would mess up her tamed hair but figured that he'd like the chance to finally take control.

Even though Ron was still groggy from the miscast spell and subsequent medication, he was more than willing to control Hermione's tempo. Strengthening his grip on her head by wrapping his fingers in her slightly wavy hair, the exhausted boy tugged her further towards his groin. Hermione was becoming better at relaxing her throat muscles so she was able to slide his length all the into her mouth and down into her throat. There was little resistance met and she was able to suppress her gag reflex.

"Mmm....urggg," the boy moaned from his swollen mouth.

Hermione held him deep in her throat for several seconds until she started to feel the lack of oxygen her body was receiving. The injured wizard didn't have enough strength in him to keep her pressed to his body so Hermione was easily able to push away from him. Slowly sliding his shaft from her throat, she felt him pull out of her airway. Now able to get a breath in, she did so before putting him back into her mouth completely.

This time she only stayed there for a moment or two before pulling off of him until just the tip was left between her lips. The last time she had had sex on the train, the man she thought was Ron had used her mouth like a sex toy and pounded his shaft into it without mercy. The abuse and degradation had excited her and she was waiting for the chance to do it again. Slamming her own face down towards Ron's body until her nose smashed his patch of pubic hair, she pulled back again before repeating the action and hurling her face back down. She was determined to have her mouth fucked hard even if the injured boy didn't have the energy to do it the same way the man on the train had done it.

"UGHHHH...AHHHH," the boy struggled to groan loudly.

Hermione soon realized why Ron's grunt sounded different this time. She felt the first blast of semen splash against the back of her mouth as his shaft headed to her windpipe. Unable to stop her momentum, the horny witch had his throbbing member firmly held in her throat when the next spray of cum erupted from his bulbous head. The thick liquid dripped directly into her stomach and Hermione felt cheated that she wasn't able to taste any of his juices yet. Pulling him from her throat, she rested him on her tongue as the rest of his semen dropped onto her taste buds and allowed her to savor the salty flavor.

"I wonder if that counts towards fulfilling the pact," Hermione thought.

Flipping open Ron's trunk at the end of his bed, Hermione started to search for the piece of parchment that was enchanted to a magical contract. Finally finding it tucked inside his copy of A History of Magic, Hermione saw that it was still not satisfied.

"Humm," Hermione groaned before addressing the exhausted boy on the bed. "I'm not leaving until we have sex."

Her comment had a positive effect on the wizard as he stirred himself to perch up on his elbows. This was the most Hermione had seen him move the entire time and took it as a sign that the teenage wizard still had enough left in the tank to have sex with her. Quickly removing her robe, clothing and underwear, Hermione stood completely naked in front of the boy who was clearly soaking in the image and studying her body closely. Noticing that his penis was starting to soften, the beautiful witch went back between his legs and returned him to her mouth.

"Ahhhh," he moaned as she slurped on his now sensitive tip.

After an energetic minute, Hermione felt him stiffen along her lips. Not wanting to waste another second bound to someone via a magical agreement, the witch pulled her mouth away from his spit-covered shaft. Crawling up the bed, Hermione swung her leg over Ron's thicker than usual waist. Now straddling his broad torso, she reached back between her legs to guide his long cock along her pink folds. The rough blowjob she had given had excited her enough to make her wet, so her natural juices mixed well with her own saliva that was thickly applied to the teenage boy's dick.

"Mmmm," Hermione moaned as that familiar feeling of pleasure washed over her body as a hard dick was inserted into her pussy.

Resting her hands on his strong chest for balance, Hermione slowly lowered her tight hole down onto his thick shaft. Even though she'd had sex no more than 3 days prior, the young witch had tightened back up so that it felt like a vice to Ron as she inched her way down his cock.

While she was still descending along his pole, Hermione felt him reach up and grab a handful of each of her perfectly firm tits. Happy that the boy was enjoying himself as much as she was, the witch sunk down quickly until she felt her pelvis crash into his.

"Oh my God," she screamed as all eight inches of his rock hard cock buried into her folds.

Hermione allowed herself a moment to rest with his entire length probed deep into her pussy. Pressing against his chest with her hands, she dragged her vice-like pussy up along his shaft until only the tip was left inside her. Letting her arms go limp, she glided down his dick so he was back in her fully.

"Gguuhhhh," the boy moaned from beneath Hermione as she continuously bounced up and down on his cock at an intense pace.

His hands had gone from merely squeezing her fleshy tits to using his thumb and forefinger to roll her small pink nipples. Even though they were already erect from her own arousal level, the extra attention he was paying to them was making Hermione even hotter.

With a thin layer of sweat coating her body, Hermione's creamy white skin was glistening in the candlelight. She had only now became aware that her frantic speed was catching up to her as she felt the burn in her legs now every time she went to the top of Ron's cock. Needing a breather, Hermione guided him all the way back inside her before grinding her hips into his lap.

"Oh yes big boy," she moaned as his long dick was hitting new areas within her hole.

The tired boy moved his hands from her breasts and slid them down her tight stomach until reaching the patch of skin that normally would have been covered in hair. Guiding his fingers backwards, the wizard encircled her rounded hips until they were resting on her impressive rear end.

"So you share Harry's fondness for my ass too," Hermione said to the horny boy.

"Don't all boys," he mumbled through swollen lips.

"In that case..." Hermione said before pulling herself off of his lap.

Before he could share his displeasure about having been removed from her pussy, Hermione spun around so that her ass was now facing him. With her legs still straddling his body, the beautiful witch took him back into her wet hole, nothing changed except for the fact she had turned herself 180 degrees atop of the horny wizard.

"Feel free to grope," she told him while bending forward so that her ass stuck out more towards him.

The words had barely left her mouth when she felt the palms of his hands smack her ass. Both hands found their target and his fingers instantly flexed and took a meaty handful of each cheek of her perfect backside. Hermione smiled that the boy was enjoying her ass since she considered that body part to be her best feature. She'd heard boys talking about it in the halls as she passed them unnoticed and would even get the odd one grazing it 'by accident' as they walked past her.

Hermione found her frantic pace that she had used earlier and was now slamming her body done on his long pole. The boy wasn't going to just sit back and relax. Instead, the wizard was lifting his hips up off the bed to meet Hermione's pelvis each time she descended back down. The collision sounded like flesh meeting fleshing and caused Hermione's ass to ripple due to the force of contact.

"Oh my God Ron! I'm so close! Keep fucking me hard," Hermione screamed, the swear word sounding odd coming from her mouth.

Shifting his weight so that he could rise off the bed, the disfigured wizard now had his sweaty chest pressed against Hermione's back. He had to move his hands due to the new position, but it allowed him to wrap his long arm around her small body. His finger searched for her pussy, which was currently grinding into his lap with his entire cock buried deep inside her. Finding the fleshy folds, he used his middle finger to rub above her hole, right on top of her aroused clitoris.

"Oh yes! AHHHHHHHH," Hermione screamed out in a chorus of loud moans as she came all over his erect pole.

He had to bite down on his lip to distract himself from how tight her sweet pussy had gotten around his throbbing cock. She sat motionless in his lap for a few moments to regain her breath after having another one of her powerful orgasms. The young wizard knew she had her energy back when he felt her wiggle her cute ass on his pelvis.

"I don't want to take any chances with not fulfilling that pact we have. Cum in me," Hermione told him. "Cum in me Ron! Fill me up! I want your...whoa!"

Before Hermione could finish her string of instructions, the boy had a surge of energy. Rolling his hips, he pulled her to the side so that they both had their left sides resting on the bed with his chest still pressed firmly against her back. Rearing his hips back, he slammed them forward so that his cock slid right back into her pink hole. He knew he didn't have the energy required to keep up this pace, but he had the intentions of cumming before his reserves ran out.

Pressing her legs together to make her pussy feel even tighter, the boy knew he wouldn't be able to last much longer, despite cumming just before the pair had sex. The instant Hermione's hand reached down and started to play with his balls with her fingers, he couldn't take it any longer.

Feeling his balls tighten up, the boy knew that he was seconds away from emptying himself inside her for a second time in less than an hour. With one last push deep inside her, he listened to her demands and shot his load within her pussy with a load grunt shouted from his mouth.

No sooner had he cum deep within her pussy when the door burst open. Both Ron and Hermione snapped their heads around to see who had walked in on them having sex and noticed that it was Harry. Harry wasn't alone though as he had another boy draped over his shoulder with his head hanging so low that all that was visible was red hair.

"Harry! Get out! What are you even doing here," Hermione shouted while trying to cover her tight body with any clothing she could find.

"Hermione! What are you doing with Neville," Harry replied.

"Neville? I didn't have sex with Neville. This is Ron," she argued. Having located her skirt, Hermione stepped into it and pulled it up her legs until it rested on her hips. Having done so made her drop the hand that was covering her body so Harry was able to steal a glance of her firm teen tits and completely shaven pussy. "Who are you carrying anyway?"

"I'm carrying the real Ron," Harry told her while leaning back the boys head and showing his face. Hermione gasped in shock at the revelation. "That's Neville on the bed."

Not wanting to look over and confirm the sinking feeling in her stomach, she knew she had no choice. Turning her head, her eyes came to rest on the boy lying on Ron's bed. He was both shorter and plumper than the Ron she had envisioned in her mind and now knew why. His face and hair had returned to their normal appearance and Hermione realized she was staring at Neville Longbottom rather than Ron Weasley.

" said it was Ron? You put him on Ron's bed," Hermione questioned. "Oh my God I had sex with Neville."

"And it was brilliant Hermione," Neville piped up with a smile that they all knew would be plastered across his face for the rest of the year.

"Me and Madame Pomfrey both got confused. They looked identical with their faces all messed up, didn't they," Harry explained.

Shocked and feeling ashamed at being fooled into sleeping with another person, Hermione threw on her shirt. Only managing to find her robe, she stormed out of the room, passing Harry and the real Ron in the doorway. Neville quickly scooped up her forgotten pair of panties and placed them in his trunk, no doubt to keep them as a trophy to remember the time he lost his virginity.

Classes had let out no more than 5 minutes ago and it appeared that every boy from Gryffindor had come back to the house at the exact same time. Leaving a boy dorm room while holding her bra and robe in her hands with hair that looked like she had just had sex plus having warm sperm dripping down her thigh drew the attention of everyone she passed in the hall and stairwell. Hermione could hear all the whispers and feel all the sets of eyes on her and knew exactly what they were thinking. Without doubt she felt like boys would start talking to her more with the hope of getting her into bed now that they knew she wasn't the prude virgin that she portrayed. Even though still embarrassed, Hermione got a sick pleasure knowing that she'd be receiving more attention from the male students.


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