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Pairings: Hermione/Ron

Codes: mf, Anal, Oral

Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Lure Of Lust: Part 8 - Third Time's the Charm
by The Chemist

It hadn't taken long for the news to travel throughout Gryffindor House about what had transpired between Neville and Hermione. The boys were treating Neville like a hero now, asking him what his secret was or just clapping him on the back every time he passed by. Although he didn't remember how he had gotten Hermione Granger into bed, he could recount every detail of their encounter. Of course the boys asked for the play-by-play, and Neville was more than willing to share with them how she looked naked and how great she was during their time together.

"You animal Neville," Dean Thomas said to him once the celebrated boy told him what happened for the umpteenth time. "How does her ass look naked? It must be amazing because I want to peel her pants down every time I see her!"

"Easy Dean, you're dating my sister after all," Ron warned.

"It was breathtaking! Beyond words," he confessed.

Ron looked sideways to Harry and the pair smirked. Neville wasn't the only one who had slept with Hermione, so they knew exactly how good Hermione looked naked. Rather than steal Neville's spotlight by admitting they had fucked her too, the boys decided to let their friend have his fifteen minutes of fame.

Everyone was also treating Hermione differently, but not nearly in the same manner as Neville. She was receiving many more catcalls and hearing more pick up lines from the guys, which annoyed her even more because it meant studying in the common room would be impossible. Every time she had tried to open her books in her favorite comfy chair, one of the boys would come and spark up a conversation with her with the hope that it ended in his bed.

Sadly, the boys weren't the only one that the story had reached. The girls of Gryffindor had heard of the incident and were now giving the smart witch dirty looks or calling her slut just loud enough so that she could hear them. That treatment was reserved for more of the snooty girls in the house, like Romilda Vane. The majority of the girls would either ignore her altogether like her promiscuity was contiguous or laugh and talked in hush tones when she entered the room.

One of the only exceptions was Ginny Weasley. Not caring that Hermione had embraced her sexuality and was gaining experience with boys, Ginny was not going to abandon her best friend in her time of need. Hermione was very thankful that she had at least one girlfriend left in the school, despite the fact Ginny was also one of her sexual conquests.

"Don't let them bother you Hermione," Ginny told her friend as a group of Gryffindor girls walked by her in the courtyard and laughed.

"It's hard not to when everyone thinks I'm some big slut," Hermione steamed. "Ugghhh! This is all Ron's fault!"

"My brother's fault? What did he do? Push you onto Neville's cock," Ginny asked.

"Haha," Hermione fake laughed in response to Ginny's last question. "We have some stupid agreement he made me enter."

"What type of agreement," Ginny replied.

"I'm sorry to have to say this to you, but your brother and I have a contract that we must have sex," she shared.

"Gross. Why," the red-haired girl asked.

"He found out I had sex with Harry so the only way to not have things be weird is to have sex with him too," Hermione blurted out.

"You had sex with Harry? And are going to have sex with my brother? You know I like Harry and yet you decided to fuck him anyway," Ginny screamed. Getting to her feet, her face was already as red as her hair. "Everyone else is right Hermione! You are a giant slut!"

Ginny picked up her book bag and stormed out of the courtyard, leaving Hermione alone. There were roughly 40 other people in the yard with her, all of them with their eyes looking at the scene that had just unraveled. Feeling horrible that she had just upset the best girl friend she had, and one of the only people that were still talking to her, Hermione chased after her.

"Ginny, please listen! I'm so sorry! It was an accident," Hermione pleaded to her.

Stopping in her tracks on the staircase leading to the front door of the school, Ginny turned to face her. As soon as Hermione saw her face, she instantly rethought her plan on confronting Ginny right away rather than allowing her time to cool down.

"It was an accident you fucked Harry Potter? And it was someone else's fault you slept with Neville? Just let Ron pound you so that you cross another guy off the list of people you've let into your pussy," Ginny screamed.

Hermione was left speechless and dumbfounded. Ginny had shouted her vicious words then ran off into the castle. Hermione was left alone on the stairs, but after looking around, she realized she wasn't alone whatsoever. The crowd from the courtyard had followed her and heard every word that Ginny had said. As had the crowd of people now formed at the top of the steps, who no doubt had flooded out of the nearby Great Hall after hearing the screams.

Completely embarrassed, Hermione looked for anywhere to run. Finding that her only exit was to her right, she started off in a sprint to get away from the throngs of gossiping students. She didn't care where she went as long as it had no one there. Picking her head up, she nearly ran right into Hagrid's hut. Stopping only a few feet from the door, Hermione bent over to catch her breath after the energetic run, she was surprised when the door flew open.

"Oh Hermione. I nearly ran you over," Hagrid's booming voice rang out. Then he noticed that the girl was out of breathe and had tears starting to emerge from the corner of her eyes. "Is everything okay?"

Not bothering to answer his question with words, Hermione simply walked past him and entered his hut. Even though Hagrid had some business to take care of in the Forbidden Forest, Hermione was a good friend and her needs outweighed his own. Turning around, the half-giant stepped back into his house and closed the wooden door behind him.

"Everything has gone wrong," Hermione said while suppressing her sobs.

"It's okay dear," Hagrid replied, rubbing her back in an effort to comfort her. "what's the matter? Just know I'm not the best at problem solving."

"Everyone at school hates me and now so does Ginny. I betrayed her confidence by going for the same thing she wanted," she told him.

"I'm sure you're overreacting Hermione. No one would hate the Hermione I know," Hagrid said to her.

"Thank you Hagrid. That was very kind," Hermione told the half-giant.

"And about the Ginny situation, why don't you just help her get what she wants. You know, the thing you both wanted but that you ended up getting," he continued.

"That's brilliant Hagrid," Hermione replied, her mood bouncing back.

"Well I don't know about brilliant," he blushed. "And you can't change people's minds so just ignore them. It's not easy but sooner or later they start to come around again."

"Since your on a roll right now with advise Hagrid, is it okay if I ask you one more time," the bushy haired witch asked.

"Of course. Anything for you," he answered.

"Great. So I have this deal in place with someone and it's really been getting me into trouble. How should I handle it," Hermione asked.

"To me, my word is my bond. Without keeping promises, I'm nothing," he explained. "In my experience, settle the contract right away, as quickly as you can."

"Humm. You've done it again! Thank you Hagrid, you've been a massive help," she told him.

Wiping the remains of her tears away, the young witch gave Hagrid as big of a hug as she could manage. Giving Fang a pat on the head, she exited his cabin through the back door to avoid any of the crowd that saw her duck inside earlier. Confident that she knew what to do now, Hermione set off towards the castle.

She made it back to her dormitory room but not without learning that the entire school must have heard about her and Ginny's row. Boys were gawking, girls were gossiping and sneering while the Slytherin house made jeers and comments to her. She ignored them all and walked the whole way with her mouth shut and her head held high.

"Ron. We need to talk," Hermione said to him after finding him and Harry in the corner of the common room playing wizard chess. "In private."

Rather than look for a new place to sit that was out of earshot from other students, Harry acted like a gentleman and left the pair to discuss their business. Looking around, Hermione was confident no one would hear what she would say to her friend.

"Tonight. 8pm. Room of Requirements. We are finally cashing in on this pact," she told him.

Ron's wide bulged with anticipation as he would finally get to have sex with Hermione for the first time in over a month. Clearing his throat, he composed himself a minute before replying in an equally hushed voice.

"Great. I'll be there. Shall we go together," Ron asked.

"No. I'll head up after dinner and wait for a little while. You go to the common room after you finish eating then duck out. Say you have detention or something," she explained.

"I like the new Hermione," he said.

"Just make sure you're there. Oh, and bring the damn contract," she told him before storming off.

Hermione had accomplished one of her priorities, but she wouldn't be happy until she had talked with Ginny. Heading up the stairs to the girls dorm, Hermione opened her room door and found Lavender Brown and Ginny Weasley on their beds. The two had most likely been talking about her, as they had shut up the instant Hermione entered the room, but she didn't care anymore.

"Can we talk Ginny...alone," Hermione asked.

"Maybe she doesn't want to talk to girls like you," Lavender replied bitterly.

"This doesn't concern you Lavender. Ginny is a big girl who can speak for herself anyway," Hermione retorted.

Lavender looked over to her friend and was surprised when the girl with the red hair gave her a small nod. Picking up her book, the fellow sixth year witch walked by Hermione and out of the room, but not before giving her an icy glance. Hermione ignored her and shut the door tightly once she crossed the threshold. Knowing that the gossipy girl would try to listen in, Hermione cast her familiar sound muffling charm on the door.

"What do you want Hermione? To stab me in the back again, maybe with an actual knife this time," Ginny asked pointedly.

"Ginny, I feel awful about what happened. I'm here to tell you the truth, I owe you that much and more. No excuses or me blaming others, I'll tell you everything," she said to her friend.

When Ginny didn't shout or kick her out of the room, Hermione started in on her story. First she explained how they came across the bottle of lust potion in Ginny's twin brother's room. Ginny could only stare in shock as Hermione told her about the threesome that she had with Ron and Harry. Hermione told her everything, every sexual encounter or desire she has had since the accidental exposure a month ago.

"So you're stuck like you are," Ginny asked after hearing the entire story.

"For the present. At least until some brilliant potion master can find a cure," Hermione told her.

"So you slept with those guys because you honestly couldn't help yourself," Ginny stated.

"Yes, but I have to take some of the fault. It was still me doing those things despite the increased hormones in my system," she replied.

"I'm so sorry I yelled at you Hermione," Ginny confessed.

"I still vow to help you land Harry despite sleeping with him...twice. I swear to it Ginny that you'll end up with that messy-haired boy," Hermione swore.

"I really do appreciate that Hermione," she told her friend. "How is our original plan working?"

"Great actually. You'll have to keep dating Dean though, at least for the foreseeable future. We need Harry to get use to the extra lust before you and him can settle together.," Hermione told him.

"Yeah that might be a problem. You've had a pretty big fight and our relationship is on the rocks," Ginny confessed.

"Leave it to me, I'll talk to him and I think I know of a solution," she told her. "But we should head down to the Great Hall for dinner."

"But all those people know about you now," Ginny warned. "By now the whole school will probably have heard."

"That's probably true but it'll do no good staying locked up in here," she confessed.

Ginny was right. When the girls walked through their own common room, Hermione was once again met with her familiar jeering and icy looks. But it didn't end once they moved through the doorway protected by the Fat Lady. She received the same treatment out in the halls on her away down to dinner, the gossip having spread like wildfire through Hogwarts in only a short amount of time. Holding her head high still, Hermione continued down and eventually arrived in the Great Hall.

"Hey baby, free tonight for a visit to my bed," Draco Malfoy teased as she and Ginny walked by Slytherin's table. Of course, the entire table erupted into laughter after their leader's mean joke.

"Sorry Malfoy, I'm only interested in real men, not silly boys who'd wet themselves," Hermione replied coolly while continuing to move towards her table. She was pleased to find that her comment had silenced the entire Slytherin table.

"Filthy Mudblood whore," Draco cursed. "Like I'd touch you with a ten foot pole!"

"More like a 5 inch pole from what I hear in the little girl's room," Hermione retorted. She couldn't help but notice the angry scowl Draco shot Pansy Parkinson, conveying to Hermione that the two had a sexual relationship going on.

Her words had the effect that she had been hoping for. Not only had it quieted the jeering coming from the Slytherin table, but a number of the students at the table could be heard laughing after her latest insult. Of course they stopped immediately once the blonde-haired boy looked over at them, but the damage had been done. Exchanging a smile with Ginny, the paired continued on until finding seats together at the long Gryffindor table.

"That was epic Hermione," Ginny told her.

"I figure too many people know about my...sexual exploits so why try to hide it. I might as well accept it and use it to whatever advantage that I can," she told the red-haired girl.

The two girls went on to eat and chat as the rest of the students piled inside. Many of the girls just avoided contact with them altogether, but of course there was always boys walking by and trying to strike up a conversation with her. She was successful in chasing most of them away fairly quickly, but it was still aggravating.

"Hey Hermione..."

"Can't I eat for two consecutive minutes without being interrupted with some cheesy pick-up line or straight up offer for sex," Hermione shouted at the boy who had called her name.

"Whoa Hermy, was just asking if these seats were available," Harry told his friend.

"Oh...sorry Harry. I just thought you were another pervert," she apologized.

"No problem. I imagine it's been a trying day for you," he replied, showing off his compassionate side.

"Where's Ron? I thought you two were inseparable," Ginny asked.

"Ha ha," he fake laughed. "I dunno. He acted strange after you and him talked Hermione, then he disappeared into his room ever since."

"Sounds like Ron, always acting silly, isn't he," she laughed.

The dinner seemed to pass by pretty quickly. Having Harry and Ginny there with her had discouraged any more comments from the boys, at least for the time being. Hermione had been lost in the conversation with the two of them that she forgot the time and her special meeting she'd set up with Ron.

"While I better be going," Ginny announced. "I told Dean that I'd meet him in the common room around 8 and I wanted to brush me teeth first."

Once Ginny had stood from the table and excused herself, Hermione realized the time. She'd have to leave the Great Hall soon herself if she wore to keep up with her timings that she'd given Ron. Looked up at Harry's face she announce her imminent departure as well, Hermione realized that it was formed into a sneer that even Professor Snape would have been proud of.

"You okay Harry," Hermione asked.

"Yeah...I just don't see what Ginny sees in Dean. He's an arrogant little prat, ain't he," he replied. "Any here she goes, off to snog him no doubt.

"Do you like her or something," Hermione asked, trying to probe the situation gently.

"Well...I...may...I dunno. She's Ron's little sister after all," Harry stammered.

"Very true. All I'm going to say is that first you have to realize that you like her then start to deal with the fall out," she told him while standing. "Anyway, I'm off as well. Have a meeting I must attend."

"Yeah...okay...see you," Harry replied, not really listening to his bushy-haired friend as he contemplated her words.

Hermione left her friend at the table with much to think about. Walking quickly to make up for the time she wasted down at the dinner table, she ran the steps two at a time until navigating her way to the seventh floor. The halls were fairly empty at that time of night so she didn't have to sneak around very much.

"I need a place to have sex. I need a place to have sex. I need a place to have sex," Hermione thought as the walked by the hidden doorway to the Room of Requirements.

Sure enough, on the third pass by the entrance, a doorway materialized itself where a solid brick wall had been mere seconds ago. Twisting the handle, Hermione pushed the heavy oak door inward and took in the room. Lit seductively by candlelight, she noticed that the room was a good size with a large king-sized bed against the back wall.

"What the hell is this for," Hermione wondered to herself as she observed a black harness suspended from the ceiling.

Continuing her search, she found two wooden drawers standing next to the bed. Walking over to them, the curious witch opened up the closer one. Clearly the room had been used for this purpose in the past as the drawer contained condoms of every size. Going to the other side of the bed, she opened that drawer and couldn't help but be in awe. Before her was a collection of dildos that ranged from short to long, thin to thick and everything in between. Some had the ability to vibrate while others had 2 ends. Hermione's mind wandered to the possibilities that existed to the endless fun that a girl could have with a collection so vast.

"So I see I'm not the only sex crazed teen at the school," she noted.

She kept looking through the drawer, noting the different types of dildos. She had no idea that there could be so many different ones, yet the drawer seemed to be a collection os surely any toy that existed. There was even a dildo so big that Hermione was certain she wouldn't be able to get her mouth around, let alone stuff it inside her pussy.

Seeing that there was another door near the side of the bed, the young witch headed over to explore its contents. Opening it up, she was surprised to find that it was a closet filled with nothing but sexy lingerie.

"Hmm. I bet Ron would like something from here," she said to herself.

Flicking through the outfits, she noticed that some of the clothing were themed outfits. Schoolgirl, cheerleader, flight attendant, the closet seemed like it could fill anyone's devious fantasies. Deciding on something more classic, she pulled out a hanger holding silk lingerie rather than a costume. Peeling off her school robe, Hermione stripped right down before donning the new clothing she'd just picked out especially for Ron.

Checking the time, Hermione realized that she had just over 20 minutes to kill until Ron would join her. Already fully prepared for the evening, Hermione fetched her bag before climbing on top of the large four-post bed and getting comfortable. Going into her pack, the sexy witch pulled out her textbook on translating ancient runes and started to read.

Hermione wasn't able to get very far into her book however, as Ron was running ahead of schedule. Hearing a low grumble come from the wall opposite the foot of the bed, Hermione looked up in time to see a door appear out of nowhere. Watching on, the door opened up and Ron's eager face peered inside.

"Hey Hermi...oh my God you look amazing," he complimented as he observed the beautiful witch propped up on her knees.

"Well don't just stand there, come on in," she told him.

Having chosen a simple black nightie, the outfit did wonders to show off her ample teenage body. The silk outfit had pushed her small tits up to give them more cleavage then she'd ever had before. From Ron's reaction, she figured she should always do that since he had barely stopped staring at her chest since he arrived. The black stocking she was wearing, held on by a garter belt, also helped give her the appearance of a horny woman rather than an innocent girl.

"Stunning," he said to her again.

"Come over to the bed big guy," Hermione asked, channeling her sexiest voice.

Looking as though he may have a heart attack at any moment, Ron stepped cautiously further into the room until he was beside the bed. Kicking off his sneakers, the bewildered boy climbed atop the soft mattress so that he was beside Hermione. Giving her body another look up and down, Ron swallowed hard before wetting his lips.

"I brought the parchment," he informed her.

"How good of you," she replied. "But I don't want you to think about that right now. I just want you to think about this."

Taking his chin between her thumb and finger, Hermione guided his face up towards her. Licking her lips, she pressed her mouth to his as they met for their first kiss in over a month. For some reason, kissing Ron just felt right. She didn't know if it was because he was a good kisser or had soft lips, all she knew was that she enjoyed his kisses more than anyone else's.

It didn't take either of them long before they had opened their mouths and introduced their tongues to one another. Hermione didn't know if she initiated the move or if he did, but she was just happy that their lips were glued together and their tongues were dancing together in the space created.

"So what do you want to do first," Hermione asked him, having broken the kiss momentarily.

"Lose the thong then get onto your hands and knees," Ron said with an unsteady voice.

Hermione wasn't in the mood to argue with the red haired boy and did as he asked. Sitting on her perfectly rounded ass, she hooked her thumbs into the tight waistband of her panties and proceeded to drag them down her long, stocking-clad legs. Tossing them aside with a seductive look, the beautiful girl rolled over and got onto her hands and knees as instructed with her backside pointed towards the lucky boy.

"Now what do you want to do to me," she asked while looking back over her shoulder.

"The ass. I want to do things to your amazing ass," he blurted out. He was worried he'd be unable to ask for the thing he most desired, but was pleased with himself that he found the courage.

"No. No anal," she told him, giving him her patented stern look. "It'll hurt. You're too big for my little ass."

"But you said I could do anything I wanted. Come on Hermione. I've been researching anal so I know how to do it. I brought lube and everything," he pleaded.

"I don't do anal though," she reconfirmed.

"Please," he begged. "How about just a finger? Look how small it is."

"I know you Ron. You'll get caught up in the moment and go too far," she claimed. "I know boys now. First it'll be one finger then you'll add a second then you'll ask if you can see if the tip fits. So no anal."

"Just one finger and I'll stop pressuring you," Ron pleaded.

After a bit of thinking, Hermione finally answered, "Okay but just a finger."

Ron could tell that Hermione was concerned, but he was overjoyed that she had actually said yes. Turning her face back around so she was back looking at the headboard, the intelligent witch lowered her head so that her tamed brunette hair hung down towards the bed.

She could hear him wet his thumb as he stuck it in his mouth to transfer as much spit onto the digit as he could. She couldn't help but jump a little bit when she felt his palm contact the top of her ass. He slowed down and just rested his hand there until he saw that the witch had calmed herself. Slowly lowering his thumb downward, he stopped when it was pressed against her tightly clamped butthole.

"Just be gentle," she pleaded softly.

Nodding his head to answer her, Ron started to apply pressure. He could tell that she was still rather tense, but his own urges were making him press on until he started to see that the hole was starting to gradually expand until finally the first part of his thumb disappeared inside her backdoor altogether.

"Ugghhh...awww," Hermione moaned as his thumb slowly was worked into her virgin hole.

"See. I told you it wasn't that bad," Ron said to her after a few minutes of pushing his thumb into her rear and getting very positive groans as a result.

"Mmm...yeah I like it," she admitted honestly with lust in her eyes as she looked back at him.

"How much do you like it," he asked, burying his digit all the way into her asshole.

"A lot...ahhh," she groaned. "Enough to let you try something a little bigger."

Ron couldn't believe his ears. His plan to gradually work her up to allowing him to put his cock in her ass was actually working.

"Read my mind," he told her while pulling his robe off his body.

Reaching over to the top drawer on her right, Hermione opened it up and started rummaging around. Finally finding the object she was looking for, she pulled it out of the cabinet and revealed the tapered black dildo for Ron. Each inch was bigger than the first with it beginning the size of his thumb and bubbling larger as it went back until it was the size of an egg.

"Just go nice and slow," she told him as she handed over the plastic toy. "And by sure to use this lube."

Listening to her instructions, the horny teenager took the bottle of lubrication, opened it and poured a large dollop onto the tapered dildo. Using his free hand, he greased the entire length of the toy, making sure that every surface was well lubricated. Before tossing the bottle aside, he also dripped a good amount of the liquid into Hermione's ass crack then massaged it over her asshole so that it too was greased.

"You ready," he asked, placing the tip of the shaft against her hole.

"Just go really slow," she warned again.

"Of course," he responded while applying more pressure and watched as the first taper inserted into her hole.

"Hhhh....ahhh," she moaned as the smallest part was continuously moved in and out of her rectum.

"Ready for the next part," he asked her, making a small pumping motion with the part inside her.

"Yeah...ughhh...yeah," she groaned as the next part was slowly pushed inside her. "Oh my God...oh my!"

He didn't want to push too much on her too soon so he was content with just moving the first two inches of the toy into her once taboo hole. He was surprised that she was liking it as much as she was, no doubt the super-powered lust potion still invading her system contributing something to her enjoyment levels.

"Here we go again," he warned before slowly inserted the third, then fourth parts of the dildo inside her.

"Keep going Ron...ugghhh...I all," she said.

"Your wish..."

"Oh my God," Hermione shouted as the last of the bubbles submerged itself inside her rectum. "I didn't think I could take the whole thing into my ass!"

"I had faith in you," Ron told her.

Holding it fully inside her for another few seconds, Ron then started to pull it back out. Being sure to take his time with the removal, he didn't want to blow his chance of eventually getting his own shaft into her backdoor by rushing taking out the dildo. The first tier took some time to dislodge itself from her bowels, but the red-haired boy didn't mind the view as he loved seeing her tight hole expand gradually.

"You like that? You like watching it come back out," Hermione asked the horny boy.

"Yeah I do," he answered with unflinching focus.

"Awww....ugghhhhhh," she moaned as he continued to pull the plastic object from her rectum. "Yes...yes...yes!"

Finally the last part of the dildo emerged from her ass and Ron watched eagerly as her hole proceeded to shut tight again after a few moments. Pushing his luck to see how far he could go with his friend, Ron brought the toy towards Hermione's mouth. Without thinking, she opened her mouth and accepted the object that seconds before had been in her asshole.

He couldn't believe that she was sucking the taste of her own asshole from the toy, but the act of degradation was really getting him aroused. Taking the dildo back from her, he wanted to test the last effect the toy had had on her hole. Placing it back against the entrance of her ass, he pushed it back inside with much less pressure then the previous time. Not bothering to go slow with her any longer, the horny boy plunged half of the length of the toy inside her bowels.

"Fuck yes," she shouted as her asshole was invaded again. "Fill me up baby."

"No. I want you to do it. Fuck your own asshole," he demanded.

Hermione thought that she might actually like being degraded by men as her pussy had never been wetter in her life. Reaching behind her, her hand clutched the plastic object that was hanging from her ass and picked up where the youngest Weasley male had left off. Pulling back the dildo slightly, Hermione then ploughed forward until the rest of it was inside her side.

"Oh my God that's good," she screamed.

" pull it slowly out," he instructed.

"Just like this," she asked, while gradually pulling it out so that her hole clamped tightly around each tier before being expanded wide at the next bubble.

" suck on the toy again."

Having removed it from her asshole, Hermione brought the toy around and sized it up. Starting at the very end, she used her tongue to lick up on side until arriving at the tip. Opening her mouth, she wrapped her lips around the top and pushed the dildo into her mouth until it was poking at the back of her throat. Using her new found ability to open her throat up, she did just that until all seven inches of the plastic penis was lodged inside her mouth.

"I got one more thing for your ass tonight," he told her as she continued to suck on the dildo.

"You going to be good to me," she asked.

"Of course baby," he answered.

"Okay," she replied with a wide smile. "But first I want to start in the pussy."

"Whatever you want," he told her, his erection so hard that he feared it would bust out of his pants.

"Good. Lose the clothes and get on your back."

As Hermione moved over on the bed so that Ron could lie down when he was naked, she picked her head up and the boy had already stripped himself of his clothes. Not knowing that he could move so fast, she soaked in his naked form but her eyes came to rest on his thick, 8-inch pole. Even though she'd been fucked by quite a few different guys of late, Ron was differently her favorite so far.

Ron climbed atop of the soft bed and laid down on his back in the middle with his head nestled in the pillows. Hermione didn't give him a chance to settle as she already had her leg swung over his powerful torso with her hips dangling above his lap. Descending slowly, the second she felt his unsheathed penis brush her folds, she sank down further on her knees and popped his tip into her pussy.

"Fucking hell you're tight," Ron grunted as she enveloped the first several inches of his cock into her velvet-feeling hole.

"Thanks," she muttered as she took the rest of his massive dick into her pink hole. "Damn that feels so good."

Smiling, Ron sat back and aloud the sexy witch to do the work above him. Her pace, which had started slowly, had picked up considerably. Raising quickly before slamming herself down into Ron's lap, the horny girl was doing her best to get off quickly so that Ron could have his way with her any way he saw fit.

"Oh yes Ron," Hermione shouted, her orgasm building. "Make me cum and you can put it anywhere."

"Anywhere," he asked.

"Fine! I'll spell it out for you Weasley. Give me my orgasm and you can shove that fat cock in my tight, virgin asshole. That clear enough for you," she asked.

Ron could feel his face lose some color as more blood rushed to his penis. All the boy could think about now was giving Hermione the orgasm she so badly wanted so that he could fulfill his own deviant fantasy.

With her still sitting in his lap bouncing along his entire length, Hermione freed his hand from clutching her breast and brought it towards her face. Opening her mouth, she isolated on of his fingers and placed it on her bottom lip then created a seal around it. Moving his finger into her mouth, the act simulated a blowjob except for his cock going in and out of her mouth, getting coated in her saliva, it was his middle finger instead. Once sure it was sufficiently wet, the horny witch guided it down and around her body until it was resting on her curvy ass.

"I understand now," Ron told her as she put his wet finger on her constricted asshole and rubbed it around without ever penetrating herself.

"Once I cum you can do more then rub your finger," she whispered into his ear.

No longer holding anything back, Ron pushed his hips forward so that they crashed into Hermione as she was descending on his tool. The collision made a loud wet slap as flesh crashed against flesh but it achieved penetration deeper than Hermione had experienced.

"Ughhh," Rom grunted as he bit his lower lips and slammed his hips skyward again.

"Fuck...I'm so close," Hermione screamed into the candlelit room.

Thinking he knew exactly what would get her off, Ron slid his wet finger into her ass. Hermione squirmed at first, but she was so lost in her own pleaure that she barely noticed after the initial penetration. Seeing that she hadn't had her screaming orgasm just yet, Ron pushed a second digit inside her asshole so that both of her holes were being stretched and probed.

"OHHHH....YESSSSS," Hermione shouted at the top of her lungs as she gushed her juices onto Ron's fat dick.

Losing control of her bodily function for a moment after her intense orgasm, the sexy witch collapsed down onto Ron so her perky tits pressed against his strong chest. Stroking her hair, the horny boy let her recover rather than push her into more sex, especially when at the beginning of the night she made anal sex a clear no.

"That was hot Hermione," Ron complimented from beneath her.

"Mmhmm," she agreed. "So how do you want me?"

"I tend to fancy doggy style," he replied.

Moving slowly, the exhausted with pushed herself off of Ron's chest before swinging her leg back over him. He scooted out of the way so that the teenage girl could get int the position he so desired. Rather than immediately shove his cock into her ass, Ron bent down to her rear and give it a lick through her folds until finishing at her puckered rosebud.

"Mmmm," she moaned in response to his wet touch.

Knowing that she now liked having her asshole licked, Ron decided to take the next step, just as he had been doing all night long. Putting his hands onto her perfectly rounded cheeks, he pulled them apart so that her crinkled hole had gaped, ever so slightly. Taking advantage, the red haired boy crammed his wet tongue into the small hole and licked around its borders.

Hermione gave a sharp gasp at the sudden entry into her asshole, but didn't tell him to stop. His tongue up her bowels had felt differently than his thumb or dildo or fingers, almost weird. That was her first thought, but the more he darted his tongue in and around her hole, the more she liked it until she was audibly moaning.

"Oh yeah," Hermione moaned with all the attention she was receiving. "You like your tongue buried in my ass?"

Not quite sure how it would taste, Ron was pleasantly surprised to find the flavor to be very enjoyable. Constantly trying to get more of his tongue into her tight cavity, Ron wiggled it in her, eliciting more and more groans from her mouth.

Hermione was disappointed when his tongue left her ass. To her surprise, she actually enjoyed someone's tongue being buried in her rectum and licking her inner walls. Hearing the bed creak snapped her out of her thought and made her realize why Ron had stopped eating out for butthole.

"You ready," he asked, standing behind her, his tip already brushing her rosebud.

"Just be nice to it," she asked of him.

Ron nodded then took a breath to steady himself. Never in his wildest dream did he ever think he'd be taking Hermione Granger's anal virginity. Of course, ever since they were infected with that lust potion, anything seemed possible, including going balls deep in the smartest girl at Hogwart's ass.

"Holy crap it's in," Hermione grunted as his head popped into her.

"It feels so small," he groaned from above her.

"It's so fucking tight," she swore, as she was consumed in the pain that came with stretching her asshole around Ron's giant cock.

"What else is in that drawer. Is there a vibrator," he asked.

Reaching over, Hermione was pleased to find that her arm span was just enough to get inside the cabinet. Feeling around, her fingers brushed a small dildo. Pulling it out, she passed it back to Ron, who hadn't tried to push more than the tip into her fully expanded hole. He looked it over then flipped the switch at the base of the toy and a low buzzing filled the room.

"Take it and press it against your clit," he told her. "I read that it'll help relax you so I can get more in."

The second she pressed the toy into her folds, she felt herself release a bit. Sensing the same thing, Ron pushed forward and got another inch into her rectum until she tensed up again. Holding firm within her, he waited a minute for her to loosen up again, which she did. Driving forward, this time he was able to get another two inches into her so that she now contained half of his entire length in her asshole.

"You like fucking my little ass," she asked him.

"You fucking bet I do," Ron answered. "And you're doing so good. I'm already halfway in."

"I can take more. Give it all to me Ron," Hermione told him.

Delighted to hear that she was so into the anal sex, Ron used his same tactic as before and pumped the length he already had in her for a while until she was really relaxed. Finally deciding now was the right time, he gave Hermione what she wanted and plowed the rest of his shaft into her until his hips slammed against her curvy ass cheeks.

"Oh shit," she groaned in a combination of pain and pleasure as he stayed balls deep in her tiny hole.

"You okay Hermione," he asked after hearing her sharp yelp.

"I'm good. I can take it," she told him confidently.

He would have stopped if she wanted him to, but Ron was over the moon that she didn't ask that of him. Unhurriedly, the redhead pulled most of his shaft from her bowel before slowly working it back in. His hips touched her ass cheeks at a much lower speed then the last time he fully entered her ass, much to her liking.

"You like having a cock worked into your asshole," Ron asked, engaging her in dirty talk.

"Yeah I do. I'd like it more if you took the training wheels off and really gave me a ride," she replied, catching him by surprise.

Pulling out almost completely, Ron crashed his hips against her ass, causing it to ripple. It drew a sharp scream from her again, but when she looked back at him, her glance told him not to stop fucking her. Listening to her silent instructions, Ron did the same thing and smiled with glee as his dick disappeared within her asshole.

"Such a dirty slut. Only sluts take it in the bum," he told her, demeaning her further.

"Then I guess I'm a filthy anal whore," she replied. "Now really fuck this big slut in her tight ass!"

"It won't be this tight ever again, not after I'm done with it tonight," Ron told her while slamming into her asshole again at a quicker speed.

Even with his cock gliding smoothly in and out of her ass, Ron was content. Giving her cheeks a firm squeeze, he pulled back his right hand and let it come crashing down onto her backside. Instantly her creamy white skin started to turn red and she let out another yelp of pain mixed with pleasure.

"That cock feels so good in my ass," Hermione told him while continuing to rub her sensitive clit with the small vibrator.

"Good...because that's a lot of dick up your ass," he replied. "Now I want you to taste it. Suck your own ass Hermione. Be a good ass slut."

Without needing another prompt, Hermione spun around when she felt Ron withdraw from her ass. It felt weird to not have his dick filling up her rectum, she actually missed feeling full. Grabbing his cock at the base, Hermione shoved the first half of his rod into her mouth and started to noisily suck on his offering. It was the second time that night she licked something that had been lodged deep in her bowels, and for a econd time, she liked the taste.

"Get my dick all the way to the back of your throat. I know you can do it," he demanded.

She did as he asked by butting the tip against her throat, relaxing and letting it enter into her throat. It was the first time Ron had ever been inside another girl's throat, and he loved how snug it felt. It wasn't the same tightness as her asshole, but the mixture of wet and heat from her breath made it extremely enjoyable.

"If you like that than you'll love fucking my mouth," she told him after dislodging it from her throat. "Lie down."

Intrigued by the offer, Ron took a seat on the bed like he had done earlier. Crawling down the bed, Hermione stopped when her head was nestled between his legs. Placing both of his hands on her head, Hermione wrapped her lips back around his cock and started to bob on him. Ron got the hint of his hands being put on her head and applied pressure. Instantly her nose smashed into his thick mane of red pubic hair. Pulling her off, Ron repeated the action and learnt that Hermione had completely surrendered herself to him.

Wrapping his hand into her bushy hair, Ron pulled her back down, again and again. He was loving the sound her throat made as he entered it, like a loud slushing noise as it was intruded upon. Hermione never once protested as he used her like something he didn't care about and would throw away at the end of the night.

"How about we get this cock back in your ass," Ron said as he pulled her up from his lap.

"Thought you'd never ask," she replied.

"Good. I want you to ride it this time," he told.

Crawling upward on the bed, Hermione hovered above him for the second time this night. This time, as she lowered herself, she took him towards her further back hole rather than her pink one she had done earlier. With him pressing against her puckered hole, she sank down on her knees further until he reentered her butt.

"Such a tight ass," Ron commented as he slid back inside. "Come on Hermione. Fuck your own ass."

"Oh I'm going to fuck it so good you'll be cumming in no time," she retorted as she started to rise and descend on his entire length.

With each pass into her rectum she seemed to gain speed until she was a blur atop of Ron. He had no idea how she could bounce on him so quickly, especially since they had been having sex for quite some time already. Her body was covered in a layer of sweat that made her creamy skin glisten in the candle light.

"Holy shit I think I'm cumming," Hermione screamed as she continuously rode Ron's massive cock.

"No. Only huge anal sluts can cum with a cock in their ass," he teased.

"Then I'm a giant slut because I'm so close," she warned. "Ohhhhhh....yesssss!"

"Would it help if I slapped your ass again," Ron asked before smacking her perfectly shaped globe.

"Yeah...Ughhhh....getting close," she moaned. "It might help if you pulled my hair too."

Loving the fact that Hermione was getting off by being disgraced like a common cheap whore, Ron kept slamming his dick into her ass. Still slapping her ass, he reached up, twisted his hand in her wild hair and wanked it downward as hard as he could.

"Ahhhh," she grunted in pain. "Ughhhhh. I'm cummingggggg!"

Ron was happy she came when she did because he was in desperate need of release as well. Once she had stated she came, he pulled her off of him and let her fall onto her back. Climbing atop of her so that he was straddling her chest, Ron stroked his cock once or twice until he felt the cum start to migrate from his balls. Knowing that the last act of degradation would be to cum all over her face, Ron took aim and waited.

"Cover me," she said through exhaustion.

"Oh shit," he shouted.

The first stream propelled itself from his tip and streaked across Hermione's face, hitting her in the nose all the way up to the forehead. The second streak hit the same target then Ron decided to paint another area of her pretty face. The next one splattered into her closed left eye while the fourth jet hit the side of her head and nestled into her hair. The last remaining squirts didn't have the same quantity as the earlier ones, but there was still enough left to coat the rest of her face.

"Oh my God," Ron cursed.

"Glad you enjoyed yourself big boy," she told him before sucking on his sensitive tip.

* * *

"Holy hell Ron! It's ten thirty," Harry exclaimed, trying to keep his voice as low as possible as Ron emerged in the doorway of their shared dorm room. "Were you and Hermione together the entire time?"

"Yeah...and it was amazing," he shared with his best friend. He was glad that Seamus, Dean and Neville weren't in the room at the time.

"What happened? Give me some details," he pleaded.

"Let's just say that Viktor Krum may have gotten her virgin, but I took another of her virginities tonight," he told him with a smile.


"She won't be able to walk right or sit down for a few days but I think she liked becoming my butt fucking whore," he said as he threw himself down on his bed and passed out immediately.


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