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Hary Potter: Harry Potter And The Lure Of Lust Part 10 - Draco's At It Again
by The Chemist

"Women," Neville huffed.

"What's the matter Neville," Ron asked as he, Harry and Neville shared a table in the library.

"Promise to keep a secret," he asked the two fellow Gryffindors.

"Of course," Harry and Ron replied.

"Well, last night after dinner I had sex with Luna and..."

"Loony Lovegood," Ron gasped.

"Don't call her that," Neville retorted.

"Oh...sorry mate," Ron replied. "Go on."

"Well, she practically jumped my bones. Dragged me into an empty classroom and initiated the entire thing. Then she practically writes my report and kisses me goodnight after I walk her home. Then today, she barely says two words to me!"

Harry and Ron were in disbelief. Luna always came off as a goody too shoes, yet Neville described her as a girl who loved getting down and dirty just to scratch an itch. Putting together a Quidditch practice plan was now the furthest thing on Harry's mind as all he could think about was Luna in this new light.

* * *

"Harry! Ron! I've been doing some research about the lust potion," Hermione said to the boys in a secluded corner of the Gryffindor common room.

"Still on that are you? Just accept it Hermione and be done with it," Harry told her.

Ignoring him, Hermione continued, "The Amortentia that we found in Fred and George's room isn't like any other Amortentia known to exist. The effects should have worn off by now rather than make permanent changes to our physiology."

"So how does that help us," Ron asked.

"It tells us that your brothers didn't make that particular bottle of Amortentia. They may be good at gag magic, but they are far from skilled enough to do that great amount of charming," Hermione told. "Therefore, whoever made that potion had to be a very powerful wizard that is highly trained in Potions."

"Even if that was true, how did it get into the Burrow," Harry asked.

"That's what I'm trying to figure out. The Order put enchantments up around the entire premise to keep people out so they would have had a way to circumvent that," she said.

"Maybe you aren't giving Fred and George their proper respect. We've all been guilty of it at some point," Ron retorted. "Maybe it was just an experiment gone awry. They did admit that they had been working on a lust potion. Even gave us an antidote."

"An antidote that didn't work might I remind you," Hermione snapped, obviously not liking him questioning her theory. "So who could have possibly altered Amortentia to such a powerful extent?"

"Who was that really powerful alchemist? You know, the one who made the Philosopher's stone," Harry wondered.

"Nicholas Flammel, but he is dead, remember," Hermione answered.

"Oh right," he blushed. "Forgot about that."

"How about Snape," Ron proposed.

"I had a similar thought but why would he mess around with that," Hermione replied.

"I don't know, maybe he's in love with you and wanted to make you love him," Ron told her.

"There is so much wrong with that sentence that I don't even know where to start," Hermione retorted. Unable to calm herself after Ron's ignorant comment, she simply packed up her stuff and stormed off, leaving the boys behind.

* * *

A lot had happened in the next week. First, Harry had to finish selecting the Gryffindor Quidditch team since he was team captain. The Chaser and Beater selections were no brainers, but picking the keeper was quite difficult since his Ron was competing against a fantastic athlete in Cormac McLaggen. Luckily, Ron put in a great shift in tryouts and outperformed the seventh year boy, albeit with a little help from Hermione and her Confundus spell.

However, Quidditch issues paled in comparison to what happened that weekend. While on their first Hogsmeade weekend, Katie Bell accidently touched a cursed necklace and became extremely ill. She was not the intended target of the necklace, but rather she was under the Imperius Curse and was suppose to act as a messenger to an unknown target.

Harry had accused Draco Malfoy to anyone that would listen to him. Hermione remembered seeing the opal necklace in Borgin and Burke's shop the day Draco was in, but there was no proof he had bought the cursed item. That didn't stop Harry from cracking down his watch on the Slytherin boy, even though he couldn't monitor him as closely as he would have liked. With classes, Quidditch practice and now regular meetings with Dumbledore, Harry found it hard to spy on Draco as much as he would have liked.

Draco also became aware of Harry's theory that it was he who had cursed the necklace and noticed Potter was watching him as often as the "Chosen One" could. It was bothersome for the youngest Malfoy but it gave him an excuse to try using his Amortentia potion on his nemesis since his test sample had exceeded his expectations. He needed the hair of the girl he would make Harry lust over, which would be tough to get.

It took him a day to plan out how he would get Harry off his back and chasing the affection from a girl of his choosing. He thought about using the Mudblood Granger, but part of Draco wanted to save her for himself. Using Luna again crossed his mind since she was so fun to watch last time, but Draco was more curious in seeing the lust potion work on someone else. Then the idea of using Ginny Weasley hit him. Not only would Harry be obsessed with the busty redhead, but since she was Ron's sister, maybe Harry's pursuit of her would cause a rift between the 'Chosen One' and his best friend.

The next part of his plan was obtaining a strand of Ginny's hair. That would be a hard task and took up some important time that Draco would have rather been working on his other, more important project, which wasn't going very well. However, Draco knew that his work would go better and lose the risk of Harry discovering him once he made him obsessed over a girl.

Finally it was time to act after two days since his original idea to get Harry off his back. He waited until 8pm then grabbed his self-made invisibility cloak and snuck his way down to the location of the Gryffindor house. He knew they had a portrait of a fat lady that made the place password protected so he just had to wait his time. Luckily it didn't take too long until a pack of 5th year Gryffindors spoke the word and the portrait opened up. Moving quickly, Draco snuck into the common room.

Looking around, Draco couldn't help but note how much more comfortable the Gryffindor common room looked compared to the Slytherin room. Main chairs littered the large room, many of them centered around a large fireplace that was burning wood, giving the room a pleasant aroma. At the back of the room he immediately located Harry, Ron and Hermione, who were sharing a table and working on an assignment. He also found that one of the corners of the room had nothing in it, so that is where Draco went to wait for his moment to act.

As the hours passed by, more and more students went to the stairs and up to their bedrooms. Hermione was the first of the trio to get up and leave, biding her friends farewell for the night before disappearing. Ron and Harry continued to work on their projects, but they did much more talking than work. Finally after an hour of working without the help of Hermione, they packed up and retired for the night. It took another hour or so for the rest of the common room to empty of students until it was just Draco under his cloak that was left.

Not wanting to take any chances, Draco stayed in the common room, hidden from view until 2 in the morning to make sure that everyone was asleep. Satisfied that no one would be around, the Slytherin boy kept his cloak on as he made his way to the stairs. He was halfway up the girl's stairs when they flattened out and he slide down like it was a slide.

"Damn Hogwarts," Draco cursed.

He wouldn't let some old magical rules ruin his plan though. Pulling out his wand, Draco summoned a long ladder and in a few minutes, was now standing at the top of the stairs, looking down the corridor filled with girl's rooms. Luckily for him, Gryffindor had the names of the students in each room so it didn't take long to find Ginny. Opening the door, he found her bed and sure enough, there was a hairbrush on the table beside her. Draco snatched it up then left the room and didn't stop running until he was back in the Slytherin common room.

Grabbing the flask that he had made for Harry with the Amortentia, Draco added a few strands of hair from the brush. Instantly the potion started to smoke and turned a slightly different shade of red. The lust potion he had made for his nemesis was slightly different than the one he used on Luna. This time, Draco did ten times the amount of potion so that Harry would be obsessed with Ginny for about 5 days. He dared not do too much stronger of a potion in case he killed the boy, which would be bad for Draco.

Draco did his best to get some sleep that night but it was incredibly hard to do so since he was so excited. Finally he was able to drift off and before long he was waking up, a smile still on his face. Wearing his cloak down to breakfast, he found it rather simple to slip the potion into Harry's drink, which he saw the chosen one drink it down.

"This cloak is really coming in handy," Draco thought.

It took seconds for the potion to take affect. Harry lost some color in his face, going slightly paler and the look in his eyes changed. Excusing himself from the table, Harry sprinted back to the Gryffindor common room in search of Ginny. Draco was surprised how fast he could run when he wanted to, but the Slytherin boy kept up with him stride for stride. Luck for him, it didn't take long to find her as he saw her walking towards the portrait with her boyfriend Dean.

"Hey mate," Dean greeted Harry.

"Yeah hi Dean. Hello Ginny," Harry replied. "I was hoping to talk to you Ginny. Alone."

"Yeah sure," she responded, thinking it could be something important. "I'll meet you down at breakfast Dean." Once they saw some exit the portrait, Ginny asked, "So what's so important Harry?"

"Not here. How about your room? Is anyone still there," Harry asked, already knowing the answer.

"Just Hermione," she responded.

"Great! Let's go up. Accio Firebolt," he called and instantly his broomstick flew into his hands.

Ginny walked up the stairs while Harry floated slowly beside her. He wouldn't tell her what was so urgent until they were in a private location. Ginny thought he was acting strange but put it out of her mind. She was more excited that the boy she loved was asking to go to her room with her.

"Are you decent Hermione, I have Ha..."

Before she could announce Harry was with her, the boy saw another door open and a girl coming out. Not wanting to get in serious trouble for being in the girls dormitory, Harry grabbed Ginny and pushed both of them inside. Hermione was standing by the side of her bed, fixing her blankets. Harry's jaw nearly hit the floor as the brunette was only wearing a silky red nightgown that was so short that he could see the bottom of her plump ass poking out the bottom.

"Harry! Get out," she demanded.

"Sorry, a girl was coming into the hall and I couldn't be seen," he apologized. "Blimey Hermione, you look super hot!"

" you shouldn't be here," she responded. "Why are you here?"

"Need to talk to you both," Harry told them. "You guys know I love both of you, right?"

His comment caused both girls to blush. Hermione knew that it was either the extra hormones flowing through his body that made him say that he loved her. That, or he meant it like a friend. After all, they had been through so much together that it made more sense that he loved her like a friend more than anything else.

"We love you too Harry. You're a great friend," Hermione replied.

"No Hermione," Harry said, stepping closer to her. "I really love you."

Now standing right in front of the smart witch, Harry wrapped his long arms around her body and pulled her close to him. He loved the feel of her perky tits pressed against his chest. Looking into her eyes, Harry moved his head towards hers until their lips connected. Hermione was surprised by his sudden boldness but opened her mouth and allowed her tongue to mingle with his. She knew the last time this happened it caused a fight between her and Ron, but right now it was the furthest thing from her mind.

"And Ginny. I know your with Dean, but I think you should reconsider," he told her after breaking his passionate kiss with Hermione.

Still holding his best friend with one arm, Harry twisted his body and reached out for Ginny. Grabbing her shirt, he pulled her towards him with enough pressure to insinuate he wanted to kiss her but it was light enough that she needed to move to him. He smiled when she stepped forwards him, giving in to his invitation.

"That brush must have had hair from both Ginny and Hermione," Draco wondered to himself in the corner of the dormitory room.

Ginny was caught between fear and desire as the man that she wanted more than anyone was telling her he loved her and trying to kiss her. The only part of her that was holding her back from fully enjoying the moment was the fact she was still dating Dean and would then be cheating on him. Even though Dean wasn't Harry, Ginny cared very much for the fellow Gryffindor and didn't want to hurt him.

Alas, the much larger part of her brain that wanted Harry won out. Allowing him to pull her forwards, she stepped towards him and pressed her large tits against his body, just as her friend Hermione had done seconds before. Flicking her nose with his own, Harry smiled at her before kissing her.

Hermione didn't know what to do. Part of her wanted to leave and let Ginny finally have Harry all to herself since he was her dream guy. But Harry did have her arm still wrapped around her thin body, holding her firmly in place. Plus, the kiss he had laid on her had triggered her increased sex hormones and had wanting to be nowhere else other than in his arms. Deciding that she should be exactly where she was, she let her eyes focus in on the tongue-filled kiss taking part between her two friends.

"You are both such good kissers," Harry told them with an arm still around each of them. "But rather than just take my word for it, why don't you two find out for yourselves."

With his hand resting on the middle of each of their backs, Harry slid it upwards so that he was cupping the back of their heads. Lightly applying pressure, he directed them to move forward towards each other. Letting their own desires take over now, the 'Chosen One' watched as Hermione and Ginny pushed together. Their noses touched first and they each tilted their heads a little more to get them out of the way so that they could find each other's lips.

"Damn that's hot," Draco commented from the corner of the room.

With a clear sight to the action, Draco watched as the sexy brunette and redhead kissed each other. They started a little cautiously, presumably because they were taken by complete surprise by Harry's actions. Soon, their light lip touches turned into open mouth kissing as they got more comfortable with the situation. Then their tongues entered into the equation as they took turns probing the other's mouth.

Taking a step back, Harry continued to watch the two girls eagerly kiss while he started to undress. Before long he bad taken off his robe, shirts and pants and was now standing in front of the two horny schoolgirls completely naked.

"Looks like someone enjoyed our little show," Ginny laughed having seen Harry's erect cock.

Harry had heard from Hermione herself that she had slept with Ginny once at the Burrow. The thought alone made him horny, thinking of the slim Hermione licking the bustier redhead, making her scream in pleasure. Yet seeing it for himself was so incredible hot that it made him speechless.

Hermione continued to kiss Ginny, which forced her to remember just how soft the Weasley girl's lips were. Although she confessed to Harry and Ron that she had sex with Ginny one time, the brilliantly smart witch had maintained a sexual relationship for the following month that she spent at the Burrow while the two shared a room.

Harry walked around the two girls, getting a look at them from every angle. Settling in behind the attractive redhead, the 'Chosen One' started to kiss her neck while his hands started to stripper her of her clothes. Pulling off her Gryffindor sweater, Harry went to remove her school tie but found that Hermione's hands were already busy undoing it. Their combined efforts had the younger girls stark naked in no time at all.

"Memories don't capture how absolutely juicy these tits are," Hermione told her roommate.

Bending down, Hermione opened her mouth and closed her lips around one of Ginny's pink nipples. Being one who naturally felt the urge to copy Hermione's work, Harry did so again by going down on his knees so that he was at the perfect level to suck on the redhead's other sensitive tit.

"Mmmhhh," Ginny moaned at their dual effort.

"You should lay down on the bed," Harry instructed the girl.

Obediently following his suggestion, Ginny stepped back from both of them and took a seat on her bed. She looked over and saw Harry and Hermione exchange a few words, but she couldn't hear what was said. They stopped talking and Hermione walked towards the bed and reumed sucking on Ginny's chest. The bookworm didn't possess the physical strength to move the redhead by herself but her suggestive body language made Ginny move further back on the bed then lay down with her head in the pillows.

Hermione hungrily kissed on the younger girl's boobs until she decided to turn her attention elsewhere. Licking downwards, she slid her tongue from Ginny's erect nipple and off the underside of her large tit. Carrying on, she allowed her tongue to roam the other girl's body, continuously moving her own body down along Ginny's own body. The redhead loved the feel of Hermione's silky nightgown moving on her skin. She had found herself completely absorbed in the sensation that she'd hadn't noticed that her best friend was between her legs until her tongue swiped along the length of her slit.

"Holy Merlin," Ginny squalled in delight.

Hermione took the scream the same as she would have receiving an outstanding grade on a paper. Smiling, the brunette seemed to find extra motivation and did another long lick of Ginny's pussy. Starting at her increasingly wet hole, she continued upwards until arriving at her engorged clit. Hearing Ginny moan again meant that she was doing a good job.

"Whoa," Hermione screamed in surprise as she felt the tip of Harry's run through her own wet slit.

Having squirmed his penis under the skirt of her nightgown, Harry flipped the silk clothing out of the way. Now able to look down and watch, the 'Boy Who Lived' ran his tip back down her slit until arriving at her opening. He pushed forward and eased his swollen dick into her pussy for the first time nearly 3 months, Harry didn't know how hard to fuck her from the start.

Slowly pushing in the first several inches, Harry pulled back and just pushed into her a few times with minimum amount of length in her. Hermione would not have any of that though. While still resting on all fours, the brunette forced her body back on the next of Harry's tepid thrusts and took his entire length deep into her pussy.

"Ahhh," Harry grunted as his cock was enveloped completely with her warm, wet tightness.

Hermione took a break from licking Ginny's pussy so she could look back at Harry and flash him a smile. He smiled back at her and Hermione knew she understood exactly how she wanted to be fucked now. Turning her attention back to Ginny, the horny bookworm decided to probe the redhead's hole rather than just stay on the exterior. Placing her mouth around her wet entrance, Hermione's tongue was thrust forward and into her pussy when Harry's forcefully ploughed into her own sex.

They had now found their rhythm and all three of them now were moaning and groaning, filling the room with their cries of ecstasy. Harry was pumping his cock into Hermione with such speed that his swing balls kept coming up and bouncing off the top of Hermione's pussy. This was giving her extra pleasure as they were smacking against her extremely sensitive clit. Meanwhile Ginny was also on the receiving end, currently enjoying her best friend cramming her long tongue deep inside her pussy and licking her inner walls.

"Mind if...we Hermione," Harry moaned while battering her tight pussy with his fat member.

"Ahh...ohhh...fine," Hermione finally answered after another long series of moans. "But you owe me...a hell orgasm."

Harry agreed then pounded her a few more times with his dick for good measure. They were extremely hard, making her ass ripple upon the contact and causing her to scream sharply and push her closer to her sought after orgasm. Even though he would have preferred never to have to leave her pussy, Harry pulled out of her and watched as her tight pink hole tightened back up.

Hermione moved out of the way so that her best friend could assume his position between Ginny's creamy white thighs. She was barely off her knees and onto her feet beside the bed when Harry did in fact replace the void between Ginny's legs. With her pussy already warmed up thanks to Hermione, the 'Chosen One' wasted no time and slid his tip into her wet hole.

"Oh my God," she moaned as the boy of her dreams was stretching out her tightness. "You're huge! I think you'll rip me in half!"

"You'll be perfectly okay," Hermione told her. "This might help take your mind off any discomfort."

Having walked to the head of the bed, Hermione leant down and placed her lips onto Ginny's. It took the redhead a moment to realize what her friend was doing, but once she came to her senses she returned her kiss. As Hermione parted her lips and allowed her tongue to walk along Ginny's lips, the redhead lost herself in their kissing and forgot all about the initial pain there was as Harry spread her pussy further than any boy had done so before.

As Hermione made out with her friend, Harry was now working his entire length into Ginny's hole. She was tighter than Hermione, but given all the sex that she had been having since the original lust potion, it wasn't that surprising. The only negative was that her pussy wasn't loosening very much so Harry really had to temper his force that he was fucking her with in order to not cause her pain.

"See. Told you that you'd be fine," Hermione whispered into her ear.

Ginny gave her friend another kiss as a thank you while getting thrust into by Harry at the other end. Glancing over at him, Ginny wanted to savor the moment as the boy she wanted desperately was having sex with her for the first time. Even though he had acted strangely earlier, Ginny was happy to be in bed with him, even if she had to share the experience with another girl.

"Let me show my thanks," Ginny told her. "Sit on my face."

Smiling her reply, Hermione climbed onto the bed and swung her leg over Ginny's head. With a leg on either side of her, the bookworm closed her legs together until she felt her smooth inner thighs brush against the sides of her face. Sinking down, Hermione felt a shiver run up her spine as Ginny's tongue lashed out and touched her folds.

"Aww....yes," Hermione groaned before giving in and spreading her legs.

The brunette instantly lowered her pussy completely down onto Ginny's eager mouth. She felt her mound smack down right on the redhead's plump lips. But as Ginny's was on the giving end of pleasure on one end, Harry was satisfying her own need at the other. Luckily for both of them, her pussy had wielded after the 10 minutes of slowly working it with his cock that now it didn't feel like it was strangling his member.

With more ability to push into her, Harry lowered his mental restraints and really started to shove himself into his willing partner. The result was a chain effect as the increased temp was rapidly pushing the 'Chosen One' closer to his own orgasm while doing the same to Ginny. Now with his cock pushing deeper into her hole, the redhead was having all of her buttons hit just right by the new pace and depth. Her attempt to postpone her orgasm sent her in search of a distraction, and wiggling her tongue with more energy and purpose inside Hermione's pink folds fit the bill.

"Mmmpp," Ginny groaned as her friend's pussy muffled her screams.

"Holy Merlin's beard! I'm going to cum soon Ginny," Hermione warned.

"Me too," Harry added.

As Harry's thrusting became more erratic due to his pending orgasm, he still had enough presence of mind to realize that Ginny had just came. Even though he was desperate for his own release, he wouldn't have allowed himself the pleasure until his two girls had reached their own peaks first. He was satisfied that Ginny had climaxed when he felt her pussy clamped down harder on his shaft then ever before and saw her body began to jerk.

"AMMGHHH," Ginny screamed once again into Hermione.

"Oh yes Ginny...I'm cummingggggg....UGGHHHHH," the bookworm screamed.

Even though Ginny was barely conscious after the boy of dreams fucked her brains out and gave her the best orgasm of her life, she had a sound enough mind to open her mouth. After hearing Hermione's screams, the exhausted redhead knew she had made her cum, so Ginny allowed the brunette's sweet juices to flood into her mouth so she could savor the taste before swallowing it down.

"Good," Harry thought, having heard both women orgasm.

"Oh my gosh," Hermione huffed. "Make sure not to cum inside her Harry. You're not wearing a condom after all."

"Right," he agreed. "But I need to cum right now!"

Harry had to pull out of Ginny immediately or risk starting to blow his load inside her extremely fertile womb. The girls reacted quickly as they let their instincts drive their actions. Hermione rolled off of Ginny's face and got onto the ground directly in front of Harry, her face perfectly level with his throbbing member. She was rather surprised when she felt Ginny's shoulder touch her own as the redhead had also gotten off the mattress and was resting on her knees.

"AHHHH," Harry screamed. He stroked his shaft three more times before feeling a wave of pure bliss wash over his entire body. Forcing his eyes open, he watched as the first stream of cum erupt from his tip and smack Ginny square in the face, connecting with her nose, eyelid and forehead. Wanting to spread the load, he turned his hips to the right and aimed his next streak right into Hermione's awaiting mouth. Continuing to rub his cock, Harry watched as the next few weaker blasts took their turns to coat each of the girls' faces before he was completely spent.

"Mmm," Hermione moaned. "Tasty as ever."

"It did taste pretty good," Ginny agreed. "Even though more ended up on my face then in my mouth."

"I can help with that," Hermione told her. Placing a hand on either side of Ginny's face, the brunette stuck her tongue out and licked up the cum that had landed on the youngest Weasley's skin. Collecting all that was there with her tongue, Hermione kissed Ginny on the lips and pushed the collect semen into the younger girl's mouth.

"Holy hell that was hot," Draco thought while watching the girls kiss and exchange Harry's spunk so that the redhead could swallow more down.

"That was fantastic ladies," Harry told them. "Now what can I do for you two?"

"Um, don't you have class now," Ginny asked him.

"Yeah but I can catch up later. You guys are much more important!"

"You must be mad Harry! You need to go to class or McGonagall or throw you in detention," Hermione reasoned.

"So then you want me to go to class," he asked. "You too Ginny?"

"Yeah of course Harry," she agreed. "And to do your homework and honor any other commitments you've agreed to do."

"Alright then ladies, I will do just that," he told them.


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