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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Lure Of Lust Part 11 - A True Friend
by The Chemist

The next 5 days were pure bliss for Ginny. It all started when Harry had found her in the hallway and brought her up to her bedroom. Hermione was in there but it did nothing to deter the 'Chosen One' from having sex with her, even if her friend was also involved. It was her first threesome, and also the first time she had sex with Harry, but it definitely wasn't the last time. As often as she wanted, Harry was always by her side, ready to have his way with her.

There was a negative or two though. For one, Harry was also hanging around more with Hermione, although he tried to get her and Ginny together with him as often as possible. She found it great at first to be hanging out with her best friend and the boy of her dreams, but after a few days it would have been nicer to have alone time with him instead. The other con was that she had to tell Dean Thomas, her boyfriend, that she needed a break. She didn't want to hurt him more by telling him she'd cheated with Harry, so she left that part out.

Ginny wasn't the only one having a positive week. Draco was able to make solid progress in his secret mission now that he wasn't constantly looking over his shoulder for Harry Potter. By his calculations, he should have another 5 days for the lust potion to continue to affect Harry until it finally ran its course.

But nothing ever went Draco's way when it came to his dealings with 'The Boy Who Lived'. Although he did have the freedom to roam the castle without fear of Potter watching him like a hawk, Draco had predicted to have close to 2 weeks of free roam. That wasn't the case though, as Harry was soon out of lust for Ginny and Hermione in less than one week. Draco assumed that it must have been the result of the potion being used for two girls rather than just the one. It was an unfortunate consequence that he would have to be aware of in the future.

Even though Hermione was tempted by Harry the first morning, the studious girl rejected the rest of his persistent advances. She did so because she felt like it would be bad for their group dynamic, especially given how sensitive Ron was with her. It was better that way, more so when the potion wore off of Harry.

"Hey Harry," Ginny greeted him when she came down the dorm stairs first thing Saturday morning. "Ready for Hogsmeade?"

"'m going to have to ditch," he informed her.

"What? Really," she asked in disbelief. For the past week he had been attached to her hip and now he was bailing on their first official date.

"Yeah. Sorry about that but I'm rather busy," Harry told her. For some reason, he had been neglecting following Draco, not to mention was blowing off Quidditch practice.

"This was our first date. It's very important to me," she said.

"Right...about that Ginny," he started. "I just don't have time for a girlfriend right now. I have a lot on my plate so it's not a good time for me to be with you."

Harry hated saying the words but they were the truth. Looking at Ginny's face, he hated himself a little more as he watched her face look so hurt. It only lasted a few seconds before it contorted to anger, even her ears turning red.

"So you use me for sex then throw me away like an old toothbrush? I had a good thing going with Dean but you made me cheat on him. I hate you Harry Potter," she screamed before storming out of the common room before disappearing beyond the portrait.

"Well that went pretty poorly," Harry said aloud.

"What went poorly," Hermione asked as she descended the stairs.

"Oh...hi Hermione. Didn't know you were there," Harry said. "I just broke up with Ginny...kinda."

"Really? You and her seemed to really be into each other. Well you were into both Ginny and I," she asked.

"It's really strange. I don't know my feelings for her but over the past week you two were all I could think about. But when I woke up today, I didn't have the same feelings," he explained.

"Harry, that seems like a lust potion," she informed him. "But why would Ginny use it on you? She likes you but she had a good thing with Dean going on. Plus, why would she involve me?"

That gave something for Harry to ponder. He didn't know any of her answers but he wish he did. Somehow, he thought Draco was behind the incident but why would he have used a lust potion on him?

"Well if it isn't the bastard that's been with my sister and too good to spend time with me," Ron said as he joined them in the common room. "I said I was fine with you dating her as long as you didn't snog in front of me, but it seems that snogging is all you two do!"

"Ron, it was a lust potion that we learnt about in Potions class. Someone slipped Harry it and that's why he's been obsessed with your sister and blowing you off," Hermione interjected.

"Oh...right then," he commented. "So you two are done then?"

"Yeah. Sorry mate," Harry told him.

"No problem. Want to go play some Quidditch," he asked. Harry agreed and went to go grab their broomsticks before going out to the field for some training.

Hermione used the day to go check on how Ginny was holding up. She knew that she really liked Harry and that the past week had been perfect for her. But now that it was revealed that Harry was only acting the way he was due to the lust potion, Ginny would probably be absolutely gutted. Wearing blue jeans and a purple sweater, Hermione grabbed her winter jacket, mittens and hat before heading out to Hogsmeade.

The November air was crisp and snow was covering the path all along to the small wizarding village. The main street wasn't very busy as fewer students were willing to leave the safe confines of Hogwarts after the incident with Katie Bell and the cursed necklace last time they were allowed to go. It didn't take Hermione very long to find Ginny, as the heartbroken girl was sitting alone in the Three Broomsticks. Hermione could tell that she had been crying as her make up had run slightly and her eyes looked incredibly puffy and red.

"How you holding up," she asked her friend willing pulling up a chair and joining her.

"Not too great," Ginny admitted. "He broke my heart."

"I know," Hermione told her, giving her a comforting hug.

"It gets worse," Ginny went on. "I went and found Dean. He was in here with Seamus and Ernie. I told him I made a mistake and never should have put us on a break. But he was still too mad about the situation. He just blew me off and stormed off to the Hog's Head."

"Oh know. That's horrible," Hermione sympathized.

"But I saw the look in his eyes. He still wants to be with me. I can tell he does but his pride is getting in the way," she explained. "I don't know how to reason with him though."

"I think I do," Hermione thought to herself before addressing Ginny. "How important is this to you Ginny?"

"Harry is clearly not as taken by me as I am for him. Dean is a perfect gentleman and I like him a great deal," Ginny answered. "Why do you ask?"

"I vowed back when you forgave me for sleeping with Harry that I would do anything for you, and I'm going to keep my word and get you and Dean back together," Hermione stated. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go to the Hog's Head."

The determined girl stood from the table and left Ginny behind. Hermione wanted to leave before the redhead could ask too many questions, but Hermione knew that she knew exactly what she was going to do, or at least had an idea. The studious girl still felt horrible about causing Ginny so much pain when she found out that she had slept with Harry over the summer and Hermione was hell bent to make it up to her. And although Ginny had forgiven her, Hermione still wanted to show her how much she valued her friendship.

Stepping out into the cool November air, Hermione walked quickly to the bar across the small village. She'd left her coat and the rest of her winter clothing behind in the Three Broomsticks so the icy air was cutting right through her thin clothing and making her quite chilly. She had only been to the Hog's Head pub a few times, most recently last year when her and her friends needed a place that was sure to accommodate a large amount of students since the establishment tended to be empty.

Walking into the pub, Hermione instantly remembered why it was regularly empty. The building wasn't the nicest of places as it looked warn down and would be frequently described as dingy. The room was just as small and dirty as she remembered, with the window at the back wall so grimy she couldn't look outside. Searching the wooden tables, her eyes glanced over the tall, white-haired owner of the inn and pub before finally finding Dean, Seamus and Ernie sitting off to the side.

"Hi boys," Hermione greeted them as she walked over to their table. "Can I talk to you for a second Dean? In private."

"Uh...sure Hermione," Dean replied. "I'll get us drinks on the way back boys."

Dean stood from the table and walked to the bushy haired girl who requested his company way from his friends. He thought the situation to be odd, considering he had never had a full conversation with her. For all he knew it was an important message, potentially about recruiting his help to resurrect the Dumbledore Army group. She led him only a short distance to the side of the bar into a series of narrow halls.

"Listen Dean, I want what Ginny wants and she wants you two back together. I'm here to make that happen," she explained to the surprised Gryffindor student. "What'll that take?"

"Um...she broke up with me Hermione. Now she wants me back? I don't like getting jerked around," Dean replied.

"Speaking of jerking around, I really want you to take Ginny back. So much so that I'll make out with you right now," she offered.

"I'm flattered," he said after thinking about her words for a moment. "But kissing you won't get me and Ginny back together."

"What about a handjob," Hermione asked. She was already standing close to the tall black man so was able to reach out and rub his cock through his pants. She was pleased that her touch had enough power to make him harden immediately.

"Whoa...Hermione...what are you doing," he questioned, completely shocked by her move.

"You know exactly what I want," she replied, giving him her best sexy eyes.

"So I guess the rumors about you are true," he commented.

"Yup. One hundred percent true," she confirmed. "Now, back to business Thomas. I'm willing to go as far as sucking on know...thingy."

"So you're able to blackmail me into getting back with Ginny but you get embarrassing saying the word cock? You're an interesting witch," he told her. "But I want sex. I'm used to it since I've been dating the redhead so getting a blowjob is like taking a step backwards."

"Trust me, you'll want the blowjob more. After all the guys that have been running through me lately, I'm as loose as a hooker at Knockturn Alley. It'll feel like you're humping air," she lied, hoping it would be enough to convince him.

"Fine," he agreed, buying her story.

Hermione gave him a smile then grabbed his hand. Leading him from the narrow hallway, the studious girl guided him towards the stairs at the back of the pub. Descending the steps, they found themselves in a narrow corridor with three doors in front of them. To the right was the women's washroom, the left was the men's washroom and straight ahead was the broom closet.

"Which one big guy," Hermione asked him.

"Men's bathroom I suppose," he answered her.

He pushed open the door and called hello. When no one replied after a few seconds, Hermione took the initiative and walked into the dirty washroom. The room was exactly what Hermione thought the bathroom of the Hog's Head would be. Small, with only one urinal and one stall with toilet paper littering the floor. A few minutes alone inside here and Hermione would have had the place looking squeaky clean, however she had a separate task at hand.

"Well this is...nice," she commented. "Shall we then?"

"Sure," Dean replied as he undid his button and zipper.

"Not out in the open like this," she told him. "In the stall."

Hermione grabbed him by his shirt collar and dragged him into the empty stall. The aroma inside the small 2 foot by 2 foot cubicle with thin metal walls. She knew it would provide them with little privacy, but it ensured that if someone did break her door locking charm then at least the wizard wouldn't know who was having sex in the room. Reaching around him, Hermione locked the door then stood back in front of him.

Dean pulled his pants down and let the suddenly slutty girl look at what she had to work with. He was already rock hard at the mere thought of the studious witch having his cock in her mouth. Standing straight out from his body, his long, thick black shaft was an impressive ten inches, by far the longest that Hermione had been with.

Turning them around, Hermione rotated them so that her back was towards the latched door while Dean took advantage of the new position and had a seat on the toilet. With the Gryffindor boy now in a more relaxed stance, Hermione bent down and settled herself onto the dirty floors be resting on her knees. The sexy girl reached out her hand and began stroking his erect dick while nestled between his powerful thighs. Wanting to make sure to give him a great experience so he'd be more encouraged to get back together with Ginny, Hermione parted her lips and took his sack into her mouth.

"Damn that feels good," he groaned as the brunette lapped gently at each of his testicles.

Hermione was sure to give each of his rounded nuts a good amount of her attention before pulling them out. Angling his long shaft towards her, the sexy witch extended her tongue and licked the underside of his member before swirling around the very tip. The tall boy tossed his head back, an obvious sign to Hermione that he was thoroughly enjoying himself.

Deciding now was a good time to end her brief teasing session, Hermione opened her mouth and took his head between her lips. Even though she was acting like she was only doing this begrudgingly, the studious girl actually really enjoyed sucking cock. She loved the power she had over a man when her mouth was on his penis as she could make him squirm with a simple slurp and then the next instance make him want to explode by taking him completely down her throat.

And that was exactly what Hermione had in mind. Loosening her jaw muscles, the talented witch started to take more of his cock into her mouth. It started by pushing the first several inches between her lips until she had warmed herself up. Getting more comfortable with his thickness, she took more inside until half of his cock was gliding along her tongue as her head bobbed back and forth into his groin. The only problem was that his bulbous head was already poking against the back of her mouth, indicating that she would have to take 5 inches down her throat. This was much more than she'd ever successfully done, but she knew Ginny's happiness rested on the line.

"Holy Merlin Hermione," he gasped. "You think you can seriously take that all in your mouth?"

"I don't think I can, I know I can," Hermione stated with certainty. "And once you're in, feel free to abuse my throat as much as you want. This is all for you."

Steeling her nerves, Hermione took him back into her oral cavity and pressed his fat head against her gag reflex. She was an expert now at surprising that urge so the thought of vomiting was not an issue. Relaxing, she pushed her face towards the boy until her muscles gave away and allowed him into her constricted airway. Inch after inch slid between her lips and along her tongue until her nose was buried in his wire-thin pubic hair and all ten inches of his flesh was inside her.

"So hot," he moaned as Hermione slid his saliva-coated cock from her windpipe and choked in some air.

"Remember Dean, you can do whatever you want," she reminded him.

"Well since I can't have sex with you, I might as well fuck your pretty face," he told her.

Returning his dick into her mouth, Hermione opened wide and pushed his slick member into the back of her throat. She was becoming an expert at doing deep throat these days and was more than willing to show it off every time she could. Although most girls didn't like being treated roughly, for some reason Hermione did. Dean was giving her exactly what she relished as well, as he had both hands on the top of her head, forcing her down. She'd hold him in her airway for several seconds then pushed against him and allowed herself to breath through her nose. Once she made up for the oxygen depletion, she allowed him to push her back down and enter her throat again.

Hermione was more than able to handle his deep oral probing for the next several minutes. Not only was she able to withstand the physical abuse, she was enjoying it. She didn't know if her newfound fondness of rough sex was a side effect of the long lasting lust potion or if it was simply her natural sexual preference. Either way, she was getting hornier by the second as the tall, dark and handsome schoolboy fucked her face.

"Undo your pants," Dean told her. "It's for Ginny remember."

She didn't know what the horny boy was intending to do with her pants undone but Hermione did as he asked. While still allowing him to thrust his cock into her throat without resistance, the witch snuck her hands down and undid her jeans. Taking advantage of his large arms, Dean reached and slid her denim pants downwards so that her perfectly rounded ass was now free. The fellow Gryffindor was pleased with her choice of a tiny red thong that was acting like a piece of floss between her glorious ass cheeks.

Hermione allowed the boy free reign over her body as she continued to be face-fucked by his monster penis. The horny boy was still reaching and groping her ass, being sure to gave squeezes so hard that they left red marks all over her milky white skin. His light tapping was also welcomed by the witch, as he must have liked watching her cheeks giggle with every contact.

She was surprised when the boy altered their position, but being the pro that she was, she never took him out from between her lips. Grabbing her by the hips, the boy pulled her pelvis upwards, getting her off of her knees and back onto her feet. He also shifted stances and also got to his feet. It caused her to be bent over 90 degrees at the waist with her bare ass sticking out but now all the wizard had to do was thrust his hips in order to drive his cock into her mouth, leaving his hands free. They didn't stay free for long however, as they ran down Hermione's back and settled back on her plump ass. Using his long fingers, he pushed aside her small thong and dipped on of his digits into her soaking wet pussy.

"Oh, to hell with it," Hermione said once she pulled herself away from his glistening cock. "You want to fuck me and I could really use a good fucking so let's fuck!"

Dean was surprised by the normally reserved girl's bluntness, especially with all the cussing, but then again she was sucking his cock so she couldn't be that innocent. He pulled his finger out from her wet hole and spun the girl around quickly so that her back end was now directly in front of his engorged member. For support, Hermione stretched out her arms and placed her hands flat against the locked stall door. This would prevent her from falling over while also allowing her to push back onto Dean's cock so that she could get him as deep as possible.

Acting quickly so that the horny girl wouldn't change her mind, Dean gripped his shaft and eased the head into her snatch. Her earlier words about how loose her pussy was overblown as her walls immediately gripped his dick as he attempted to push inside her. It took him only a few moments to loosen it up enough so that he was stroking his whole length into her wetness, causing a cascade of moans from the brunette.

"Oh yes Dean...fuck me hard," Hermione screamed.

Dean had no intention of stopping and continued to plough his meat as far inside of the girl as he could. He loved the feeling when his hips would crush against her ass, as her shapely behind was somewhat chilly and the skin contact really turned him on more then he thought. Over and over again he slammed his shaft into her hole, bringing them both closer to their orgasm.

"Damn Hermione, you're so hot," he complimented. "I'm need to cum pretty soon."

"I'm close too so hold out a little longer," she persuaded him.

Using all the strength in her arms, Hermione pushed against the metal door in order for his shaft to get deeper into her pussy then ever. She knew that it would probably make Dean cum sooner but she was so desperate for her own release that she needed to find the trigger. After a minute or so of this deeper penetration, she was still on the edge of climax but couldn't quite reach it. Then an idea hit her that she figured would probably work.

"Stick a finger in my ass," she demanded.

"You want me to what," he asked in disbelief, as if his ears must have misheard her.

"You heard me. Shove something in my butt," she restated. "And hurry. It doesn't seem like you have long left."

Dean could hardly believe his ears. Not only did the gorgeous and smart witch seek him out for a blowjob, but then she wanted him to fuck her too. And now, the innocent Hermione Granger could only cum if she had a finger in her butthole. It was insane to him how quickly an opinion of someone could change.

Using the hand that was already resting on the small of her back, Dean extended his thumb down her butt crack. He saw her shiver initially when his large digit made contact with her tight rosebud but then she went right back to pushing herself back into him without hardly missing a beat. He tried to press his thumb into the tight hole but it was stubborn and unwilling to yield. Applying more pressure, his determination won out and he watched as his finger disappeared into her body.

"Mmm...that's better," Hermione moaned. "You could have wet it though."

She thought that the anal stimulation would be just what she needed. Because she had slept with Harry again, she felt it was only right to even things out with Ron to keep them even. Ron was very much an ass man so each time they would get together he would fuck her anally. At first it hurt, then she was indifferent to it, but gradually she began to like it. She was now at the point that she could actually have an orgasm as he had sex in her ass.

"Need to cum Hermione," Dean grunted.

"Cum with me Dean," she pleaded.

Summoning all the strength left in his exhausted body, Dean pushed forward a few last times while simultaneously probing the girl's butthole with his thumb. He heard her scream out in pure pleasure right after he drove himself as far into her tight hole as his cock could physically go. She went limp after her long and loud scream and collapsed to the ground so she was resting on her hands and knees. Dean moved quickly and spun the worn out girl around. Just as he placed the tip of his cock on her tongue, he started to explode with cum. The first streak of the warm liquid splashing in her mouth woke her up enough that she clamped her lips around his head and started to suck the rest of his offering right from his slit. Dean came harder and longer than any time he had before and Hermione was right there to collect it and ultimately swallow it down.

"That was amazing," he told her.

"Indeed," she agreed. "So this means you and Ginny are back together?"

"Yeah sure. Whatever you want sweetheart," he replied.

"Good, but save those cute names for her," she said. "She's over at the Three Broomsticks. She's pretty broken up about you two so the sooner you do it the better."

"I'll go right now," he told her. "Just tell Seamus and Ernie that I'll meet them back at Hogwarts, would you?"

"Sure thing," she replied.

When Hermione got back to the castle later, all appeared to be back to normal. Ginny and Dean were over in the corner of the common room snogging, much to Ron's dismay. She had also seen Harry and Ginny have a conversation to clear the air so that they weren't fighting anymore. Even though Harry didn't want to forced to have sex with Ginny do to some lust potion, Hermione could tell that "The Chosen One" did like Ginny and that if circumstances were different, they'd be together.


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