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Pairings: Hermione/Ginny/Luna/Blaise/Cormac

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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Lure Of Lust Part 12 - A Very Merry Magical Christmas Party
by The Chemist

The Christmas holidays were growing closer and closer by each passing day. The students at Hogwarts couldn't help but get excited for the much needed break. The grounds were becoming coated in a thick dusting of snow and the halls were colored in red and green with mistletoes dangling from the ceilings in every corridor.

Harry was happy about Christmas holidays more so than any other student because this year he was heading back to the Burrow with Ron to spend the holidays with the Weasley's. He usually went to the Dursley's house for Christmas or merely stayed at school, but because the Ministry wanted extra protection for him, they allowed him to go to the Burrow.

The only thing Harry wasn't looking forward to was Slughorn's party. Harry had so far been able to successfully avoid all of the gatherings so far, making Hermione go alone. However, Dumbledore asked him to retrieve a memory from the professor so Harry was now having to get onto Slughorn's good side and that meant attending the Christmas party for the Slug Club. The only good news was that Hermione and Ginny would both be there, plus he'd be able to bring a date so that he would know another person.

"So are you going to ask Ron," Harry asked Hermione.

"Fat chance of that. Ever since he started dating Lavender, all he has time to do is snog," she replied with a tone of hurt in her voice.

"Yeah I didn't think you too had made up yet," Harry commented. "So who are you going to ask?"

"Cormac McLaggen. I've thought about this and even though he has the personality of a rock, he's the person that would make Ron the most upset," she answered.

"Just so it's on the record, that's a bad idea but I can see where you are coming from," he told her.

"What about you Harry? Who are you bringing," Hermione asked. "You know that Romilda Vane is desperate for you to ask her."

"Yeah but she creeps me out," he replied. "I'm going to ask Luna. It'd be nice to have another friend at the party."

"Good idea. I'm sure she'd love to go with you," she remarked. "Plus she's interesting even if some of her beliefs are rather...different."

Harry didn't want to leave his task for too long or else risk someone else asking Luna to the party, even though that was highly unlikely. He found her later that day and she was more than happy to accompany Harry. She knew that she and Harry were friends only, but that suited her just fine. Although he was smart and brave, she didn't think of the 'Chosen One' that sort of way so it would be easy to remember that this was far from a romantic date or gesture.

Harry continued on with the rest of his day as though it was just another day. Classes were starting to wind down as Christmas approached, but professors like Snape and McGonagall were handed out homework and assignments as if they were candycanes. Even though Harry knew they weren't trying to ruin their Christmas holiday (even though he wouldn't put it past Snape), they certainly weren't making it easy.

Dinner came and no one going to Slughorn's party ate very much. The jolly professor had been ranting to them in Potions class that there would be more than enough food at the party and given Slughorn's flair for the best in life, they figured it would be delicious. Harry and Hermione left Ron halfway through dinner to go get ready, even though the red-haired boy hardly noticed due to Lavender talking his ear off the entire time.

"Does that girl ever shut up," Hermione remarked as she, Harry and Ginny walked the stairs back to the Gryffindor tower.

"It seems like all she does is talk...and snog," Harry added.

They bashed Lavender on the rest of their walk until they finally reached the portrait of the Fat Lady. She questioned why they were sneaking back to the dorms in the middle of dinner when no one else was in the tower, but once Hermione uttered the password she stopped her persistent line of questions and opened up. Hermione swore she heard the Fat Lady whisper fornicators under her breath but merely chose to ignore the bitter portrait.

"Alright so let's go wash up and change and meet back here in front of the fireplace in like 45 minutes," Hermione said to them.

"Sounds good," they agreed.

"And Harry, do try to fix that messy head of hair," Hermione told him before she and Ginny disappeared up the stairs to the girl's dormitory.

Harry was in the middle of thinking up a witty retort but abandoned it once he saw the two girls leave. He went the other direction to his room to get ready for the big night. He knew he couldn't waste any time as Hermione kept a tight ship and wouldn't allow for any tardiness. He wouldn't be surprised that if she had to wait for him that she could transfigure paper into angry birds and get them to peak him to hurry him up.

Grabbing his cleaning kit, Harry brought that and a towel to the showers. Since the rest of the House was still stuffing their face down at dinner, he had the whole shower to himself and as much hot water that he wanted. He took a little longer than he had planned in the shower, but he found the hot water to melt away any of his worries and left him feeling refreshed. It also washed away his anger of losing another night of watching Draco all so he could entertain some old professor and learn of a memory.

"Right on time," Hermione told him as he descended the stairs, fully dressed.

"Yeah two look beautiful," Harry remarked.

The wizard wasn't lying. Standing beside the fireplace were two of the most beautiful witches he had ever laid eyes on. Ginny was wearing her long red hair down so that her flaming locks perfectly framed her pretty face. He felt his stomach twist into knots as he lingered on her. She decided on a dark purple dress that went down to her mid-thigh and that was tight enough to show off her curvy body but not too tight to look out of place at a nice dinner.

"Couldn't agree more Harry," Dean Thomas said from the entrance of the portrait. He walked over and gave his girlfriend Ginny a kiss on the cheek before disappearing up the stairs to get ready.

"Thank you," both girls blushed with the boy's kind words. "You look rather dapper yourself."

This was one area that Harry was happy he grew up in a muggle household. Slughorn wanted his party guests to dress in Muggle clothing for some tonight but still wanted them to look good. Harry had been use to dressing presentable so selected a pair of black dress pants, a dark striped collared shirt and wore a light grey blazer.

Hermione had also grown up in a Muggle setting so was just as apt at dressing up for this occasion. She had helped Ginny pick up her dress during their last visit to Hogsmaede, after Hermione had sex with Dean in an effort to get him back together with her best friend. She had also picked up a dress for herself, which she was currently wearing. It was light pink colored with a lox cut neckline that did well to show off her modest cleavage. Her normally bushy hair was tamed down but still started to become wavy towards the bottom.

"You better go on ahead and meet Luna," Hermione instructed him. "I'll wait here with Ginny and wait on our dates. They shouldn't be too much longer."

Harry agreed and then left the common room and headed towards the Ravenclaw House. He still didn't think it was a good idea that Hermione was taking Cormac to the party, but she had her mind set on making Ron jealous and choosing someone who was both taller, more handsome and a better Quidditch goalie was the best way to do so. The only problem was that he was a pompous ass and now that the girl who was rumored to be sleeping around with any guy in the castle, he was bound to not only become more full of himself, but also think he was going to get a chance with Hermione in the sack afterwards.

While still managing all the thoughts in his head, Harry was able to navigate the confusing halls and staircases of Hogwarts until he started to recognize the corridor that the Ravenclaw common room was located in. The walls of Ravenclaw Tower were painted blue and bronze, the colors of the House characterized by their wit, intelligence, creativity and wisdom. After assending a spiral staircase, his eyes came to rest on a short girl with long blonde hair in unusual silver dress. However, other than the odd appearance of the dress, Luna looked rather nice, in fact she looked down right hot.

"You look very lovely Luna," Harry told his date.

"Aww...that's very nice of you Harry," she replied.

"Thanks. Well I guess we should be off then," he suggested.

The pair walked beside each other as they left Ravenclaw Tower and headed towards Slughorn's office where he was hosting the party. As the pair entered, they were both surprised at how large the space was. Figuring it to be cramp, Harry was pleased to find that the office was a rather open space with some tables against the walls and loads of floor space. Many people were already inside the colorfully decorated room so he started to look for Hermione.

He eventually found his friend, who was having an absolutely horrid time with Cormac. He figured she would be and his initial theory was confirmed when Hermione told him that Cormac had the personality of a rock and less emotional range than Ron. Harry also learnt that Cormac had heard the rumors about Hermione's promiscuity and was constantly dropping sexual hints to her or just reaching out and pinching her ass.

"I swear, he has more tentacles than a Horklump plant," Hermione shared with Harry while avoiding her date. "Seriously though, he makes Grawp look like a gentleman."

Hermione did her best the rest of the night to stay away from Cormac. Harry and Luna had invited her to spend the time with them as the three of them could keep look out for the too romantically forward boy while still having time together. The plan worked perfectly as she rarely saw him the rest of the evening, except for a spell when Cormac came to talk to Harry so Hermione went over to Ginny and Dean.

"Take you hands off of me squib," Draco's loud voice spat out.

All of the people at the party instantly focused their attention towards the front of the office. Harry was as surprised as everyone else to find that Draco was being dragged into the room by the caretaker Filch.

"What's going on here Argus," Slughorn asked the caretaker who was still clutching the nape of Draco's robes.

"I caught this wandering the halls," he replied.

"What is the meaning of this Malfoy," Snape asked.

"I was...just trying to party crash okay," he answered.

"I'll deal with him," the former Potions professor said.

"Don't be too hard on him Severus. After all, this is the party of the year. I'm surprised more students haven't tried to get in," Horace boasted.

Severus shot the jolly professor a look conveying not to tell him how to reprimand the students in his House. Filch released Draco but Snape took up the same spot on his ruffled school robes. Shooting him a nasty look, the two Slytherins left the party at once.

"I need to follow them," Harry told Luna and Hermione. "If Draco is a Death Eater then I bet Snape is his mentor."

"You're leaving," Hermione asked, noticing that Harry had already removed his Invisibility Cloak from the inside part of his jacket. "What about the task Dumbledore left you?"

"I need to do this," he replied. "Sorry to have to leave Luna. I had a lovely time though."

As soon as Harry had apologized to the two girls, he slipped behind one of the colorful, full-length banners. Hermione knew he had thrown it over himself as she saw the poster ripple slightly as he presumably brushed by it. Hermione and Luna were soon joined by Ginny though.

"Where'd Dean go," Hermione asked.

"Ate some bad dragon tartar and threw up. I offered to walk him back but Neville did it instead," the red haired girl replied. "Where's Harry?"

"Just left," Luna answered.

"Off chasing his favorite obsession," Hermione added.

"Yeah, he does feel like he needs to stop any and all injustices," Ginny added.

As the three girls talked, they were hardly aware that the party was slowly starting to fizzle out. Luckily for Hermione, her date got caught up with Slughorn, so even though there were less people to hide about, Cormac still couldn't get closer to her. Finally, the party was down to just a few guests, the pack of three girls and two guys, Cormac and Blaise Zabini, a Slytherin boy in their year that was also stuck talking to the Potions professor.

"We had a lovely time professor but we are going to head off," Hermione said to him. She had thought about slipping off unnoticed so Cormac wouldn't see her leave, but she didn't want to be rude to the professor.

"Off so soon ladies," he remarked. "At least have one more drink of this Bulgarian butterbeer and share your thought on this little soiree before leaving."

"Well Viktor Krum is always going on about who good their butterbeer is," Hermione shared.

Each of the girls took a mug from their Potions professor and proceeded to drink some of the odd colored drink. Ginny thought it tasted quite different than the variety they were used to, but it wasn't revolting by any stretch of the imagination.

"Yum," Luna said after sipping on hers. "I've never had this before but I do taste an ingredient I'm familiar with."

"I see. Well drink up and then you can do whatever you like," the professor told them.

The three pretty girls continued to sip on their beverage and make their professor happy. Slughorn continued to talk to Blaise and Cormac about their famous relatives and what adventures they were doing currently. One by one, each of the girls finished their drink and started to feel different.

"You okay Hermione," Cormac asked after noticing her face grow slightly paler.

"Yeah, you girls don't look too good," Blaise added. "You aren't going to throw up or anything are you?"

"Of course they won't gentlemen. They have just consumed some Amortentia of my own brewing. Very powerful stuff, hence why they have some of the color drained from their face," Slughorn revealed.

"Amortentia," they repeated in a questioning tone.

"Never you mind. All that matters is that these three girls are very sexually fueled," he told them.

"Oh. Well did you want us to leave you alone with them professor," Blaise asked in confusion.

"Hermione's my date so I'll be taking her back with me," Cormac said.

"Oh relax McLaggen. Student-teacher relations are quite frowned upon Mr. Zabini, however, there are new rules inhibiting a teacher from watching student-student relations," he informed. "And I do encourage collaborative projects. Sharing, in other words Mr. McLaggen."

"Professor, you are looking quite handsome," Ginny told the older man.

"I have to agree with my fellow classmate," Luna added as the three of them stepped forward closer to their professor.

"That's because it was my hair in the potion you consumed ladies," he thought to himself before addressing the girls lacking sexual inhibition. "Now ladies, I want you to go over to the couches at the back of the room and let these boys watch you strip out of your dress robes."

With hesitation, the three of them detached themselves from the jolly man and walked to the specified spot near the back wall. Pulling out his wand, Slughorn formed a locking and noise muffling charm on the two doorways into the room to prevent any late doorcrashers or eavesdroppers. He then led the two boys closer to the girls before conjuring up 3 comfortable chairs and telling them to take a seat with him.

Sitting down, all three of the men turned their attention to Luna, Ginny and Hermione who were just starting into their dance. As all three started to rock their hips back and forth, the men's eyes kept shifting from the busty redhead, to the little blonde with the tight ass to the sexy brunette with the pretty face.

Their eyes all settled onto Hermione as the bookworm was lifting her dress over her head and exposed her bare breasts to the room. Cormac couldn't help but think the situation was odd, after all he was watching fellow classmates strip naked with his old professor, but the sight of Hermione's larger than imagined boobs put his mind only on her.

Ginny was the next to draw the attention of the room by slowly dancing her way to her knees before following Hermione's lead and shedding off her dress. She too wasn't wearing a bra so her large C-cup breasts poured out. They were perfectly rounded with a silver dollar-sized nipple right in the middle of the globe. All Blaise could think about was how much he wanted to get his lips on her tits and suck on them.

Luna was not going to be left out. Although she was losing the stripping battle, she was a competitor and was determined to get her own fair share of glances from the three horny men. Reaching under her dress, she hooked her fingers into her panties and started to pull them down her legs while keeping them locked at the knees. Lower and lower she bent until her flexible body was bent in half and her underwear were lying on the floor at her feet. On her way back up, she let her fingers clutch the hem of her robe and dragged it over her tight ass to show the men her bare bottom.

The three girls continued to dance and shed clothing at the same time. Hermione had now turned her back to the men and stuck her ass to them while swaying her hips. Her plump backside was mesmerizing and Cormac nearly came in his robes when she pulled down her thong and stood fully naked. Ginny was still rolling on the ground, being sure to play with her tits and make the men hot. She had also shoved her hand down the front of her panties and started rubbing her pussy, making her moan audibly. Luna had matched Hermione and was stark naked while also shaking her hips and touching her pink folds at the same time. She had the smallest breasts of the three of them, but her small stature and tight body made her built for speed when it came to sex.

"Give us a nice long look at those fantastic bodies ladies," Horace told them.

Stopping their dancing in their tracks, they all stood up tall and let the men have a good view. Hermione's pussy was perfectly shaven so that her entire body was smooth. Turning around, she gave the men a great view of her ass before they looked over at Ginny. The fellow Gryffindor was indeed a natural redhead as her small patch of trimmed pubic hair matched the color of her hair. Luna had shaved a small strip of blonde hair into her own pubic hair as well. Much like the rest of her body, her pussy looked extremely tight and small, making Blaise lick his lips at the thought of slamming his long cock into her.

"Now have a seat on the couch and show each other how much you like one another," Slughorn ordered.

They walked the short distance to the white sofa and took a seat. Luna was in the middle with Hermione to her right and Ginny on the left. Each of the three men were already hard, but they felt like they grew an extra inch as Luna pushed her lips out and contacted Hermione. The two girls pushed against one another as they opened their mouths and allowed their tongues to brush against each other. Luna broke the kiss after some time so that she could do the same thing with Ginny, who was more than happy to kiss the little blonde girl. Again, this time it was Ginny who was parting her lips to allow Luna to ease her tongue into her mouth.

Hermione wasn't one to sit back and do nothing. Letting her hand wander down Luna's flat stomach, her hand stopped only when her fingertips had brushed the blonde's already wet pink folds. The boys heard the small girl whimper as Hermione's fingers rubbed her sensitive mound then couldn't help but hear and long moan as one of her fingers disappeared inside Luna. The boys couldn't tell if Luna was a virgin because her friend was having a hell of a time squeeze just one of her slender digits into her hole.

Meanwhile, Ginny was alternating her oral attention between softly kissing Luna's lips and burying her head in her chest. Her mouth was currently pressed to the blonde's as the two 5th year girls enjoyed a kiss with one another. Luna couldn't help but moan into Ginny's mouth as they kissed, but the redhead liked how the vibrations shot from her friend onto her own tongue, causing her to moan back as well. Sliding down the Ravenclaw girl's body, Ginny got her lips back onto Luna's small but perky tits. While her mouth went to one of Luna's tiny erect nipples, Ginny had to use her hand in order to grope her other tit and also give that nipple small tweaks. Hermione saw out of the corner of her eye that Luna's lips were free from Ginny so she leaned in and planted her mouth onto the blonde, allowing her tongue to wander into her oral cavity.

The brainy brunette was now having more success between Luna's legs. It helped that she was so wet, but her pussy was starting to yield under the constant thrusting so that Hermione's solo finger was gliding smoothly into her. She was content with just the status quo however, so she pulled her digit all the way out before cramming two fingers back into her tightness. Although it was a snug tight, her hole adapted quickly so that she was able to really pull in and out of her with increasing speed.

Ginny wasn't satisfied that Luna was getting as much pleasure that she ought to have been. Moving her mouth down her tight body, the red haired girl dropped down onto the floor and moved to the void between her legs. Hermione was able to read the situation and retracted her hand from Luna's groin, using her wet fingers to tease the girl's nipple instead. Luna wanted to spread the love around so she reached down and inserted two fingers directly into Hermione's wet hole. Hermione loudly moaned into Luna's mouth then continuing kissing her with more passion.

With a full on view of her unobstructed mound, Ginny moved forward, stuck her tongue out and gave the entire slit and long lick. She noticed Luna shiver and figured that she liked it so followed it up with a second and third lick in quick succession. Using her fingers to spread apart Luna's lips, Ginny did a slower, deeper lick that dipped inside her hole before going upwards to her stiff clitoris.

"She seems to be pretty apt at that," Slughorn remarked to his two male students.

"With all the rumors circulating about Granger, I wouldn't be surprised if her and Weasley were hooking up at night in their dorm room," Cormac said.

"Now gentlemen, I'm going to send you in there in a moment, but before I do I just need to know one thing," Slughorn said to them. "How do you fancy anal sex?"

"Tried it with a few first-year girls last year and enjoyed it immensely," Blaise answered.

"Very good," Horace replied with a smile. "And you McLaggen?"

"Haven't tried it but if the gossip is accurate, I'm definitely up for it. Especially with that set of sweet asses over there," he answered.

"Excellent! Start getting naked then," he told them before addressing the girls. "Now ladies, I want you to listen to all of my orders. Allow these boys to do whatever they want with your bodies. But for starters, I want all three of you to stick a finger in your ass."

The Amortentia that was pumping through the girls bodies and clouding their brains made his order seem like it was an absolute law that they wouldn't bare go against. Ginny maintained her tongue in Luna's pussy while using her arm to reach behind her body until she found the crack between her cheeks. Since her finger had just been inside her classmate, it was wet and with enough pressure, slid into her virgin asshole. With her other hand she decided to use her index finger and insert it into Luna's backside since it would have been hard for the blonde to reach around Ginny's face. It was extremely hard for Ginny to push into the other girl's rectum, but after applying more muscle, she was able to get it in to the first knuckle. On the other hand, Hermione had no problem getting a finger into her own butthole as she found it had loosen slightly after the intense anal sex she had with Ron not long ago. In order to finger her ass she had to get off the couch so was now resting on her knees while her upper body was bent forward and laid on the sofa.

"Outstanding," Slughorn roared as he watched each of the three pump a finger into their assholes. "Before you go over, drink these."

Using his wand, the Potions professor made two small bottle of a clear liquid float over to him. He handed one of the vials to each of the completely naked who drank it down without question. Even though they were still of their own free will, neither of the boys wanted to anger Slughorn since he was affording them this once in a lifetime opportunity to have sex with three of the hottest girls in the school.

"It's three potions mixed into one. An original Slughorn brew! It'll allow you to have temporarily sterile sperm, give your penises a long lasting covering that will act as the lubrication known to the wizarding world. It'll also allow you to have an unlimited supply of cum so that you can really enjoy yourselves," he explained.

"Cool," they said simultaneously.

"So ladies, these boys are going to take turns enjoying your bums and you will gladly let them," he ordered.

"No sir. I won't," Hermione piped up.

"Hmm. She must be of extraordinaire character to have any resistance to my Amortentia. No matter, this extra shot of the lust juice will fix that," Slughorn said before walking over and making the brunette guzzle down another dose of Amortentia.

"May we," Cormac asked the Potions master after he took his seat again.

This time, a simple nod would be a sufficient answer. There was little doubt who each of the boys were going to have sex with first. Cormac went straight for Hermione, as he wanted to fuck her more than anything since she asked him to the stupid party a few days ago. Blaise, on the other hand, quite fancied Ginny Weasley since he was a fan of busty girls.

Ginny was already in the perfect for the Slytherin boy as she was on her knees and bent over towards the couch, where her mouth was still being used to pleasure Luna. Going in right behind her, Blaise didn't worry about any formalities and simply went straight to the object of both his and Professor Slughorn's affection. Grabbing his long dark cock at the base, Blaise first removed Ginny's finger from her ass before moving it above the opening to her pussy and placed his tip right against her tight butthole. Even though she had been using a finger on it for the better part of 5 minutes, it was still clamped shut and would be rather difficult to penetrate. However, once Blaise pushed his hips forward, he was surprised to find that his head disappeared inside her sphincter. He knew that it must have had something to do with that potion Slughorn had him drink, and he was thankful for it. He felt the vice-like hole hug his cock, however it was still able to slid into her with relative ease while causing the girl little, if any, pain as her virgin ass was filled.

"Ahhh," Ginny groaned in half-pain, half-pleasure into Luna's pussy.

Of course, Ginny wasn't the only girl having her butthole invaded by a thick cock. Only feet away from the busty redhead, Cormac was placed behind Hermione and in the midst of becoming the second person ever to be inside her ass. Rubbing the tip on the constricted rosebud, he found it surprisingly easy to push into her with the new lubrication coating his erection. The hole still felt as tight as anything, yet he was able to make headway. It took a great deal of muscle and force, but he eventually worked his long shaft completely into her rectum. He pulled out just as slowly until only his head remained inside her before pushing back into her. It was easier this time to get all the way in as she had loosened by the slightest of margins but enough so that he could now plough in and out of her tight canal at a moderate pace.

"Oh yes," Hermione groaned.

Although she had no choice in whether or not she had her ass fucked, she was still in full control of her emotions. Ron had opened her up to a new realm of pleasure the first time they had anal sex and now she thoroughly enjoyed having something up that hole. Even though some girls could find the act to be painful or too dirty or just plan demeaning, Hermione found anal sex to be a good source of pleasure as it made her feel full, for lack of a better word. She also found the act demeaning, but rather than stop her from doing it, she thrived on the fact that it was degrading, making her actually orgasm from anal stimulus alone.

Professor Slughorn merely sat in his reclined chair and watched the scene in front of him. To his left he was able to watch the dark-skinned Slytherin boy slowly and carefully stroke his 9-inch cock into the pale-skinned red haired girl. Even though it didn't exactly look like she was getting much out of the experience, she wasn't in pain and was able to maintain focus and lick her friend's pussy. Beside them was Hermione Granger, the brightest student he taught since Lilly Evans all those years ago, getting ploughed into at a much faster speed than her fellow Gryffindor. Cormac might not have been as long as Blaise, but his dick was just as, if not greater in girth and he was using it to really gape the girl's plump backside as he repeatedly slammed his hips into her. Slughorn was able to deduce that this most not have been her first time taking it in the bum as she was moaning right along with Cormac's grunts.

"Fuck this is amazing," McLaggen grunted as his pelvis once again went smacking against Hermione's rounded ass.

"So good," Hermione moaned as she pushed back onto his shaft, taking him even deeper.

She had stopped paying attention to Luna the second she felt her rectum penetrated, but once she heard the little blonde scream sharply she remembered about her. Reaching out, Hermione cupped her face in her hands and kissed her on the lips. The two girls moaned into each other's mouths, as they were both on the receiving end of a great deal of pleasure. While simultaneously being fucked in the ass and making out with one of her best friends, the studious Gryffindor girl slipped a hand down Luna's body and frigged her clit. It was all the younger girl could handle as Luna's body tightened and she roared in bliss as a powerful orgasm ripped through her.

"Oh shit...I need to cum," Cormac grunted.

" too man," Blaise added. "This bitch is too tight."

"Inexperienced teenage boys are so predictable. Good thing I added the unlimited semen to their potion," Slughorn thought before addressing them. "Mr. Zabini, let Ginny taste your finest offering while I would like Luna to get involved with this all Mr. McLaggen."

The boys acted quickly as they were mere seconds away from exploding. Blaise pulled out of Ginny's backside and stood up from his crutching position while pumping his cock. The redhead had spun around as soon as she felt him leave her and was at the perfect height to receive his cum. He started to gush before she got him to her mouth, the first strand plastering across her chest before taking the rest of his load onto her tongue. As she swallowed down his sperm, she slurped on the head of his cock, tasting her own ass all over him.

Cormac was on the verge himself so he had to quickly slip out from Hermione's snug-fitting ass. He stepped closer to the couch and put his hand on the back of Luna's head. With his other hand around the base of his throbbing dick, he brought his two hands closer together. Right before the first spurt of his cum shot out of him, Luna opened her mouth and took his cock into her mouth without thought. Just as Ginny was currently doing, she sucked him dry while he deposited his salty juice down her throat, tasting Hermione's ass all over his length.

"All of you are doing a great job," Slughorn encouraged. "Now I want one of you to take surely what will be Ms. Lovegood's anal virginity."

"I'll do the honors," Cormac volunteered. "I have a thing for dominating little chicks."

"Fine with me," Blaise said. "I'll take your date for a spin."

Luna felt Cormac's hand drop from the back of her head and now exactly what he wanted after hearing the conversation. Getting off from resting on her back, the odd girl turned around so her knees were on the seat cushions and her upper body pressed against the top of the piece of furniture. The strong male had to climb onto the seat right behind her. Unlike with Hermione, Cormac decided to slip his cock into her pussy first. He couldn't believe how unbelievably tight the Ravenclaw girl was as his thick shaft could barely slid into her slick hole. Although he initially eased his member into her, he was now starting to pick up speed as she loosened under his powerful thrusts.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the couch Blaise was sitting in a very slumped position. He had instructed for Ginny to come sit on his face so that he could lick her pussy. She had done so without question, as the man she lusted for, Professor Slughorn, had told her to listen to every word Blaise and Cormac said. Hermione had also listened to his orders. On her feet, she had her back to Blaise as she backed herself up until she practically fell into his lap. Steadying herself, the Gryffindor leaned over and placed his long member at the entrance to her ass. Having just been fucked in it, her hole gaped open to allow him inside her bowels as she squatted on his shaft.

Cormac's hard thrusting into Luna already had the girl on the verge of cumming. To push herself over the edge for a second time in such a small window of time, she snaked her hand down and flicked out at her clit. Just like Hermione had done for her before, this rubbing with the deep penetration accomplished her goal and she shuddered in pleasure. Now was the time Cormac was waiting for. He knew in order to get his cock into her ass she had to be perfectly relaxed. With her mind fogged by the bliss he just inflicted on her, he pulled out of her pussy and watched as her body continued in its mellow state. With her muscles as loose as they would ever get, he pressed his tip against her butthole. His plan worked perfectly as his thick member was able to be eased inside her rectum.

"Holy Merlin," Luna shouted as the fog was lifted and she felt her anus being stretched. "So big!"

Cormac was rather experienced sexually and knew now wasn't the time to stop. He kept up with his constant pressure and slid inch-by-inch into her hugely expanded backdoor. He understood that her muscles were still in a state resembling pudding so that it would hurt far less now than if he would have stopped and tried later.

He didn't give the 100-pound girl time to adjust to his cock. When he had over half of himself embedded into her hole, he started to back out then pushed forward. The small, slow movements allowed him to push more of his shaft into her while also giving her the perception that wasn't going further inside.

With every passing second Luna felt the small amounts of pain disappearing. Without her even realizing, Cormac had impaled her vice-like asshole on his shaft. It was a glorious sensation to have her anal ring clenched tightly to the base of his dick. He allowed himself to enjoy it for another few moments before starting to really fuck her ass.

The two men continued to thrust and heave into their sex puppets. They were also getting much more into the encounter, which was letting their real personalities come through. Both were getting off on the hard pounding they were giving to the girls, but now they were also doing more dirty talk and physical treatment. Cormac had already made every inch of Luna's ass go red from raising his hand into the air before slapping it down on her mily white skin.

"Such a Gryffindor slut," Blaise slurred while lifting his hips to further drill into Hermione's backside. "The Mudblood getting fucked in the ass by a big bad Slytherin."

"Gonna cum again," Cormac warned. "This bitch is so tight."

"Deposit it in Ms. Weasley's mouth," Slughorn instructed.

Pulling out of Luna's anus, Cormac looked back and watched to see the tiny opening clench back up as if nothing had been inside her in the first place. Getting his feet back onto the floor, he helped Ginny climb off of Blaise's body so that she could get on her knees right in front of him. Again she took a cock that came straight from someone's butthole into her mouth and swallowed down his salty load.

With Ginny no longer pressing down on his body, the Slytherin student sat up so that his chest could be pressed against Hermione's back as she continued to buck on his cock. From this new position he was better able to play with her small nipples, twisting and yanking them almost to the point of pain while continuing to thrust forcibly into her gaped backdoor.

"Ms. Evans...I mean Ms. Granger has another hole I want to see filled Cormac," Slughorn told the tiring boy.

He allowed Ginny an extra few second to suck Luna's ass off of his cock before he moved away from her and over to the two people having sex on the couch. Grabbing a handful of Hermione's bushy hair, he tugged her forward so she was bent forward out of her reclined position. She opened her mouth and took his cock into her mouth again, not wasting any time in slurping on his thick shaft.

"I didn't mean that hole," Horace said.

It took Cormac only a moment to realize what his Potions professor wanted him to do. Stepping back, he felt this saliva-covered cock pull out of Hermione's throat and he let go of her hair. This time he placed his hands on her shoulder and guided her backwards. Her back pressed against Blaise's chest, but the Gryffindor boy continued to force them back until they were lying on each other. With the Slytherin boy's cock still impaled in her bowels, Cormac placed his at the entrance of her pussy and pushed inside.

"Fuck," Hermione gasped as to huge cocks penetrated her at the same time.

Cormac ignored her gasp of pain and went about thrusting into her pussy. Pulling most of the way out of her well-used hole, the Quidditch keeper drove it back into her. As he continued to repeated push in and out of her, he heard her shrieks change into low moans of pleasure.

It was such a new and different experience for Hermione that her brain could barely comprehend all the sensations. She was now comfortable taking a cock in the ass, even though it took some getting used to having an 11-inch shaft buried in her rectum. But simultaneously having her pussy filled was a whole new ballgame. It hurt at first, as it felt like both her holes were on the verge of splitting in two. But the longer they fucked her, the pain went away and she was left feeling good.

With Blaise spreading her legs with his hands, Cormac was clutching her hips as they both kept pounding into her holes with each of their cocks grinding against an ultra-thin membrane that was separating them. Hermione was on the receiving end of the fucking of her lifetime and she knew her body couldn't hold out any longer.

"Ughhhhh," Hermione screamed as she came all over Cormac's dick.

Both boys were now sweating extensively with all the energy they were pouring out to have sex with the gorgeous Gryffindor girl. From over on his seat, Slughorn knew that the boys weren't going to last too much longer. He had tried to use the strongest looking boys he could find, but after 2 hours of straight sex, it was a blessing they had last this long.

Hermione's orgasm had caused her holes to clench down tighter than ever before. Blaise, who was already on the verge of cumming, couldn't take the added pressure and started to empty his contents directly into her anus. As Blaise was grunting loudly and convulsing below the beautiful Gryffindor, Cormac was still grinding his member into her pussy. He didn't possibly think that he could cum any more that night, but sure enough he felt a wave of bliss shoot through his body and unloaded his sperm deep into her womb.

"Good thing I added the pregnancy blocker to the Amortentia," Slughorn thought.

As soon as they were done shooting their loads into Hermione, both boys practically collapsed. Blaise's body went limp from beneath the brunette, covered in sweat. Cormac, on the other hand, felt his legs starting to give way and fell back onto the couch beside him, right beside the naked Ginny and Luna, who had been kissing and rubbing each other while Hermione was busy getting double penetrated.

"Last thing I want to see is for Ginny and Luna to suck all that cum from Hermione's body," the professor instructed.

With all the strength she had left in her tiny body, Hermione pushed off of the comfortable couch and stood up. She watched as her two fellow sex slaves moved off of the couch. Crawling towards on all fours, Ginny made her way directly in front of the brunette while Luna worked her way to behind her. They both leaned their heads in and allowed their tongues to make contact with their target.

Ginny was easily able to snake her tongue into Hermione's loosened pussy and start on her search for Cormac's cum. Inside Hermione tasted like a mixture of sweetness and saltiness as Hermione and the boy's cum mingled together. Luna was doing the same action, but she had to pull apart Hermione's butt cheeks in order to gape her hole wide enough to get inside her bum. Although it didn't taste sweet like her pussy, Luna didn't mind the flavoring whatsoever.

After a few minutes of using their tongues on their friend's holes, both Luna and Ginny pulled away. Turning towards Slughorn, they both opened their mouths and showed their professor that they were in fact successful in the task he had set out for them. Slughorn told the girls something that Hermione couldn't hear but she would soon find out.

Ginny and Luna had both gotten to their feet and helped lower Hermione to her knees. Not knowing what the purpose of this was, she soon found out when Luna leaned in and planted a kiss on her lips. The blonde had more than kissing on her mind though as she parted her lips. Hermione reflexively did the same then was surprised when the other girl pushed the cum into her mouth. She swallowed down the white goo then turned and kissed Ginny who also swapped the cum in her mouth into Hermione's mouth.

"Bravo group," Slughorn cheered. "Simply wonderful. Your young, tight bodies were meant for this. Now if you three will join your male counterparts on the sofa."

"Yes professor," the sex-crazed teens said in unison.

"Good. Get dressed and put the boys clothes on them while you're at it too," Horace dictated. Once they were done, he instructed them to have a seaton the sofa with the boys. "Now sit still."

Slughorn said before brandishing his wand and casting the obliviate charm, wiping the parts of their memory from the last several hours. With his wand still pointed at the five students, Slughorn used it again to cast a false memory charm to explain the gap in their timeline.

"Head back to your houses, all of you. The party is over," Slughorn's booming voice said.

The 3 girls listened immediately, as the Amortentia was still in their system and stood from the couch. The two boys looked around bewildered, then realized that they must have passed out at some point during the party. They all left Slughorn's office and returned to their respective common rooms, preparing to sleep off the exhaustion that was ravaging their bodies.


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