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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Lure Of Lust Part 14 - Fun In The Sun
by The Chemist

The Christmas holiday seemed to travel at two completely different speeds for the two sixth-year Gryffindor students at the Weasley's Burrow household. For Harry, time was flying by at a rapid pace that he wish he could have slowed down since he was having such a good time. It was nice to have a mini vacation from Hermione and her constant lecturing about how he should turn over the Half-Blood Prince's old potion book since it could be dangerous. Harry had no such intentions since it wasn't hurting anyone and was making him a better wizard, even won him the liquid luck potion. However, the real reason he wished that the winter holidays could last longer was because he was able to spend so much time with Ginny. The more time he spent with the youngest Weasley child made him realize how strong his feelings were for her. Returning back to Hogwarts would only remind him that she was with Dean Thomas and unobtainable at the moment.

As much as Harry wished he could slow down time, Ron wished he could speed it up. After accidentally coming across his brother Bill and Fleur having sex at the beginning of the holiday break, Ron realized exactly what, and who, he wanted. No longer satisfied with a shallow relationship built solely on snogging and shagging, he was going to dump Lavender once he got back to school. Rather than be single and chase around any skirt that he thought would sleep with him, Ron was going to turn his attention to the one girl he knew he loved; Hermione Granger. The problem was that she hadn't returned any of the letters he sent her via owl post, so he had to wait the three weeks for vacation to be over before getting a chance to speak with her.

"You think your right? You think Hermione is upset at me over the whole Lavender situation," Ron asked Harry.

Mrs. Weasley had sent Harry and Ron out to do some chores around the Burrow. Their current job had them out in the yard trying to take care of the troublesome gnomes that were wrecking the flowers that Ron's mom had planted earlier in the year. Ron thought that getting together with Hermione would be easy after his public fling with Lavender that had embarrassed Hermione to the rest of the House, but Harry knew better. She wasn't the type of girl that just forgot about things like that just because of a boy suddenly liking her all of a sudden, yet Ron wanted to keep his blinders on and think that she'd come running when he called her.

"Do I think I'm right," Harry said in response. "Yeah I think I might be."

"Oh," Ron said, dejected.

Harry felt horrible to keep twisting the knife in Ron's heart. Even though he knew that he was right, the last thing Ron needed to hear was his best friend slamming the last remains of his hope of happy ending shut. Each passing day that Ron didn't hear back from Hermione had weakened his resolve, and now that it was the day before they returned to school, he was at an all-time low.

"But I'm wrong all the time. Remember when I thought Snape let the troll into the castle in first year? I sure had egg on my face then," he told him.

"Haha, yeah you're right," Ron said with a light laugh.

"Plus I'm not really good with girls. It took me ages to talk to Cho and once I finally was comfortable with her, all she wanted to do was talk about her dead boyfriend," Harry added.

"That's true. It's not like you're a ladies man by any stretch," Ron replied.

"Exactly! So my guess that Hermione won't forgive you any time soon could be way off base. For all we know, she's going to jump into your arms once we walk into Hogwarts and never let you go," Harry finished.

"I guy can dream," Ron said. "Now can I offer up some advice to you too mate? I realize I'm not in the best of positions for this but I think it may help you out."

"Err...sure. Go for it," Harry said, unsure if he even wanted to hear it.

"Well...I know you like my sister. I'm not quite sure how I feel about that yet, but we both know you like her so at least it's out in the open now. She's with Dean and seems content with that but I'm pretty sure she likes you too," he started.

"You think she likes me too? That's good because I was definitely getting that vibe too," Harry added.

"Yeah I do think so, but the problem is she's spoken for. Now my fling with Lavender thought me that dating another girl will make a girl who likes you super jealous. I mean Hermione was casting jinxes at me at school! So to really see if Ginny likes you and test her relationship with Dean, maybe snog someone," Ron advised.

Harry let the words bounce around inside his head for a minute before commenting. Part of him was weary about taking love advise from a guy that couldn't get his dream girl to give him the time of day. Plus, Ron had never been good with the ladies because he had less tack than a rock and couldn't relate to a girl's emotions whatsoever. However, the youngest Weasley boy did have a point when he said that Ginny and Dean were looking pretty stable. Harry was worried that if something didn't disrupt them soon than it may be too late entirely.

"That actually not a bad idea," Harry replied.

"Food for thought anyway," Ron said. "Just don't push her to the point of madness like I may have done with Hermione."

Mrs. Weasley kept Ginny, Ron and Harry busy with chores for the rest of the day until she called them all to the table for supper. Mr. Weasley, who was home by 6pm for the first time in ages, joined them at the table, as did Bill and Fleur, who looked as in love as ever. As was the new dinnertime routine, Ron would ask his mother if any owls came for him and she replied no, again. Harry took no pleasure in seeing his best friend in a depressed mood, but he was happy that the red-haired boy stopped giving Fleur the love-sick puppy eyes every time he was within view of her.

The rest of the night passed by fairly quickly as well. Ron and Harry had to pack, which they left to the last minute once again. By the time it was dark out and they had their evening tea, both boys were tired and ready to get a good night's sleep before the journey back to Hogwarts in the morning.

Once again, Harry, Ron and Ginny were permitted to use the Floo Network to travel back to the school, arriving in Professor MacGonagall's office. The older woman looked rejuvenated, apparently using the break to catch up on rest just like most of the students had done. The trio travelled from her office back to the Gryffindor common room, which was set abuzz with everyone wanting to catch up with each other. Most of the students had already made it back to the castle, and Harry had to think that everyone must have been in the common room, everyone talking all at once.

"I can't wait any longer. I'm going to march over to Lavender and break things off," Ron stated to his sister and best friend. "There she is! I'll be right back."

"Think he'll actually do it," Ginny asked Harry as they watched her brother approach Lavender.

"I really do. I know he can be a bit of a coward, for lack of a better word, but he's awfully motivated to be with Hermione," Harry replied.

Ron had crossed the crowd and was now saying something to the blonde-haired girl, who was sitting with the Patil twins in chairs by the fire. Lavender was quite happy to see her boyfriend for the first time since the winter vacation, but Ron's face remained stoic and showed no emotion. Seperating her from her friends, Ron led her to a small nock where Harry and Ginny watched Lavender's face change from elation to sadness.

"He actually did it! He must really like Hermione if he's willing to give up a certain lay just for a chance to patch things up with her," Ginny said with an air of excitement.

"How'd she take it mate," Harry asked once Ron rejoined them.

"That was hard, she seemed gutted. I'll be surprised if she ever talks to me again," Ron said. "is it sleazy to say that I wish I had shagged her first before dumping her? I'm horny as hell."

"Way too much information you pervert," Ginny remarked.

"Good for you for following through with that. I just saw Hermione at the back of the room and she's alone," Harry told him.

Spotting Hermione at the back of the packed common room, Ron shouldered his way to her direction. He didn't know what would await him with his first serious conversation with the lovely witch, but he needed to tell her what he had realized. Whether she was elated, indifferent or still pissed off with him after he told her he wanted to be with her didn't matter to him as long as she knew how he felt. Finally getting through the throng of people, Ron approached the unreadable girl.

"Hi Hermione," Ron said meekly yet still managing to portray an upbeat tone.

"Ronald," she replied formally. "I'm surprised you aren't joined at the hip with Lavender, or tongue wrestling her."

"Yeah I need to talk to you about that actually. It's why I was sending you owls over the Christmas holiday..."

"Well I wouldn't have received them. I went to Bulgaria for the holidays," she replied. "Practically had to go straight from the airplane to Hogwarts so I wouldn't have gotten your letters now would I have?"

" I suppose. That's a relief then because I thought you were ignoring me," Ron said with a wide smile.

"Whose to say I would have even read them if I was home," Hermione coldly responded, apparently still holding bitter feelings about Ron.

"Listen Hermione, I know you're upset with me about Lavender but I have news that is very important for you to..."

"I had sex with Viktor Krum over the break," Hermione blurted out.

Her sudden outburst had caught them both off guard. Ron's face contorted first into an expression as though he was confused before morphing to show the anguish he was feeling on the inside. Hermione hadn't planned on telling the ginger-haired boy about her tryst with the Quidditch superstar, but the words just came spewing out as though she couldn't stop herself. Her face had turned beat red and she looked genuinely embarrassed.

"Ron can we talk," a misty-eyed Lavender asked as she approached the pair.

"Not a good time Lavender," Ron replied shortly.

"Hmph. First you dump me and now you won't even speak to me? Have it your way Ronald Weasley. I hate you," she said before storming off, but not before giving Hermione a dirty look.

"You two...broke up? Oh Merlin," Hermione choked out before running into the crowd and up to her dorm room.

"Hey man, what happened," Harry said to Ron after he and Ginny came over to him once they saw Hermione depart. "Did you tell her it's over with Lavender? What'd she say?"

"Yeah she knows about me and Lavender, but not before telling me about her and Krum," he answered.

"She shagged Viktor Krum? Like international Quidditch superstar Viktor Krum," Ginny asked.

"Fuck my life," Ron shouted before heading for the portrait that would take him out of the common room so he could roam the castle alone.

"That's not like Hermione to be ruthless, especially when Ron was waving a white flag," Ginny observed.

"Agreed. I'll go after Ron and tried to talk him off the ledge. Why don't you go up to the room and see what's up with Hermione? We can compare notes later tonight, say 10pm at the fire," Harry suggested.

Ginny agreed to his course of action before they both set off in opposite directions. Harry hustled out of the Gryffindor lounge and caught Ron before he got too far away. Ginny had to fight through the crowd who were still gathered and talking to one another about their vacations before getting to the staircase. By the time she got to her room, she found Hermione sitting on her bed with her head in her hands.

"Hey Hermione. Need an ear," the red-haired girl offered her best friend.

"I can't believe I told Ron. I swore I wouldn't tell him unless he continued to rub his affair with that skank in my face. Oh Ginny, why did I open my big fat mouth and tell him," Hermione rambled, on the verge of tears. "And if I would have waited then he would have told me about him breaking things off with her and then I could have buried that secret."

"First off Hermione, you are way too noble to hide the fact you slept with someone to get back at Ron. It would have come out eventually so might as well have been now. Secondly, details! Viktor frickin Krum! You have to tell me all about it," Ginny squalled. "You'll feel better about it if you talk to someone about it. And spare no detail."

"You are probably right. Viktor and I have been friends since the Tri-Wizard Cup and exchange letters regularly. He doesn't hide the fact that he fancies me and continually invites me to visit him in his homeland. Well once I got home from Hogwarts, my parents sprung a surprise on me that we were going on vacation over Christmas to wherever I wanted. Sad about how things were going with your brother, I said Bulgaria," Hermione started on her story.

* * *

2 weeks prior

"I'm so happy you came to visit," Viktor told Hermione. "And might I add that you look beautiful as always."

Viktor had convinced the 17-year-old witch to accompany him to the much warmer region of the south of France. Even though France and Bulgaria were some distance apart, Viktor was old enough to be able to Apparate without supervision so it took no time at all to travel the two thousand kilometers. Able to take advantage of the warmer climate, Hermione wore a patterned beige tanktop that did well to show off her modest cleavage, and a pair of white short shorts that clung to her perfectly round ass and only went a few inches down her thigh in order to show off her toned legs.

"Such a charmer Viktor. So what did you have planned for us here in Nice," she asked him.

"I have a small boat in the harbor. We'll go sailing for the afternoon," he informed her.

"Sounds absolutely lovely," Hermione replied.

The pair had apparated into a quiet back alley near the white sandy beaches of the popular winter vacation spot so that they weren't seen by any Muggles. Viktor used one arm hook around Hermione's slender waist while using the other to carry a basket of items he deemed necessary for their day trip. Walking down the strip beside the packed beaches, the pair travelled to the pier not too far down the way.

"This is your boat," Hermione exclaimed as he led her to a larger boat.

"Sailing is a hobby of mine and I make good money playing Quidditch," Krum replied. "After you."

Helping her onto the good-sized sailboat, Hermione couldn't help but gawk at the beautiful vessel. Using her extremely talented brain, she did recall Ron and Harry discussing the item in the newspaper that revealed that Viktor Krum had just signed a new contract, making him the wealthiest player in Quidditch history. There was a large sail that took up a good portion of the boat, with a small area on either side of the front of the boat to lay down and sunbath. There was also a small staircase down to the below deck cabin, as well as a open space with bench-style seating at the back of the boat.

"This is really spectacular. I only wish I had brought a swimsuit to take advantage of the amazing weather," she remarked.

"Not a problem. I had my sister pick one out for you," Krum informed her. "Here you go. You can change downstairs. I'll tie us off and get us moving."

Reaching under the blanket that was on top of the basket he had packed them, Viktor handed the surprised witch an orange and black bikini. Hermione graciously accepted his thoughtful gesture and retreated down to the cabin to change into it. Inside she found that there was a small washroom and a small bedroom, which contained only a double bed and just enough room to move around. Stripping out of her clothing, Hermione slipped on the bikini that Viktor's sister had gotten her. Right away she released that his sister wasn't the best at guessing another girl's size as the bikini was on the small side. Looking at herself in the mirror, she couldn't help but think how much Viktor would like her in this. The top was quite tight, making her decent sized tits squish together to make them appear larger. The bottoms were also a size too small with the back barely covering most of her luscious ass, almost appearing as though she was wearing a thong.

"It's damn near making me wet just looking at myself," her horny side of her brain thought.

Having grown use to the slutty comments her brain would make with some regularity, it did bring to her attention that she was incredibly horny, as it had been a number of days since her last orgasm. Not wanting to keep her date waiting, Hermione gave herself one last check in the mirror before returning to above deck. She could feel her perky tits bouncing with every step she took and all she could do was hope that her pink nipple didn't slip out of the tiny bikini top. True to his word, Viktor had untied the boat from the dock and was preparing for them to take into the water.

"It's not very windy. How are we going to get off of the pier," Hermione asked naively.

"The boat has two big motors at the back for such situations," he replied with a smile.

Slightly embarrassed over her question, Hermione took a seat on the bench at the back of the boat while Krum fired up the twin engines. Lowering their propellers into the water, she felt a slight jostle as the boat started to pull away from the dock. Slowly maneuvering his medium-sized boat through the marine, he was able to open up the throttle once they were out of the vicinity of other sailors. He steered the boat while using only the motors to power them for awhile until they had come into view of a small island. Steering them towards the land, they curled around the landmass before Viktor gently navigated them into the quiet bay and killed the engines.

"I love it out in the water like this," Viktor said after cutting the motor and setting the sail.

"I can understand why. It's so peaceful and calm out in the middle of the sea. And this little bay is so private and secluded and that waterfall is breathtaking," she remarked.

"And it has the added bonus of being often the beaten track, so to speak. Very few people know about this place so it gives us complete privacy," Viktor said as he dropped anchor then took a seat right beside the beautiful teen girl.

"Yeah it must be nice for someone like you who is always in the public eye," Hermione told him.

"Well yes, and for other reasons," he said to her.

As soon as she felt his hand rest on her inner thigh, she knew exactly what the muscular man had his mind set on. Looking into his eyes, she saw him lean into her and pucker his lips. She didn't quite know what her feelings were for Viktor, and the situation with Ron made things even worse. However, with his lips only an inch away from her own and closing that distance quickly, Hermione decided that there would be no harm in some light kissing, or even full out snogging if it got that far.

Hermione took some initiative and was the one who leant forward so she was viewed as a consenting partner in the kiss. Their lips contacted each other and she was surprised to find that although he looked a big strong man, he had soft lips and turned out to be a gentle kisser. She didn't know which one of them it was who parted their mouth first, but the other wasn't far behind. With their mouths open, they both slide their tongues out to meet the others and took turns entering each other's oral cavities.

"I've been wanting to kiss you since the Yule Ball, two years ago," Krum told her.

"Well I'm glad you did," Hermione replied honestly. "And I hope you keep wanting to do it."

The pair leaned back towards each other and found their lips pressed against one another. Hermione was enjoying the feeling of sharing a passionate moment with someone she had feeling for, even if it wasn't the guy of her dreams, Viktor Krum would more than satisfy her. As she was using her tongue to playful explore the inside of his mouth, she was slightly startled to feel his fingertips start to move along the inside of her upper thigh, closer to between her legs.

"You should stop him Hermione. You're a good girl who knows better than to engage in random sex with a man you have no long-term feelings for. Besides, we want Ron Weasley," the small angel on her left shoulder told her.

"Please, don't listen to that prude over there. We both know you need to get laid. Hell, our pussy is already gushing like a fountain and all we've done is see him with his shirt off and do some light kissing," the bigger, louder devil on her other shoulder said.

"That horny slut has a point. Spread them legs and let him fuck us with that monster he must be packing in his shorts," the angel agreed.

Just as his hand was nearing her crotch, Hermione listened to the two figments of her imagination and parted her legs. Taking that as clear as a sign as possible, Krum brought his fingers on top of her bikini-clad pussy and started to rub the sensitive area through the material. Even with that minimal of contact, it was causing the English girl to arch her back and moan into his mouth while they continued to kiss.

Using his one free hand, Viktor reached around her back until he found the string of her bikini top. Grasping it, he gave it a good tug and felt the end become loose. Having successfully untied her top, the horny Bulgarian pulled the orange colored swimsuit off of her chest to free her perky tits. Tossing the top away, he began to grope her firm boobs while continuing to stoke her wet pussy through her bikini bottoms.

"Why don't you let me show you how thankful I am for this wonderful date," Hermione said with lust in her eye.

Seeing his curt nod, Hermione's hands shot to his groin and frantically worked to undo his shorts and slide them down just enough so that his semi-hard cock popped into view. While still being groped by the Quidditch star, she gripped his member lightly in her small hand and stroked it in order to bring it to it's full length. Not quite believing what she was feeling, Hermione broke away from kissing the big Bulgarian and took a look at his more than impressive groin.

"That is HUGE," Hermione exclaimed.

Taking a good long work at what Viktor had to work with, he easily had the largest dick she had ever seen, both in terms of length and girth. By her estimations, the man was almost a whole foot in length and had to be over 3 inches around. Clutching it again with her hand, she wasn't surprised to see that her fingers couldn't wrap around the whole thing.

"All for your pleasure," Krum told her.

Licking her lips, Hermione was equal parts excited and frightened about his huge size. Her sexual experience would help her accommodate him, but she was still only a teenager who was extremely tight. However, something told her that after having sex with Viktor, she may not ever have a tight pussy again.

After another kiss, Hermione pushed herself away from Viktor down the bench a little bit, out of reach of the man. Giving him a sexy look, the beautiful witch leaned towards Viktor and brought her face towards his groin. Opening her mouth, she wrapped her full lips around his bulbous head and sucked on his tip. Instantly she heard him emit a grunt then felt his hand grip the back of her head. Every since she unknowingly ingested the permanent lust potion back at the beginning of term, she really enjoyed making men, and women for that matter, squirm just by using her mouth.

"That feels so good," Krum growled.

Hermione was in the process of trying to take more of his shaft into her mouth, but was having trouble with that. Her lips were pushed wide to make a perfect O and had successfully taken only the next few inches of his massive cock into her. Pulling completely off of him, she lowered her head so that she could lick his shaft all the way from the base right up to his more sensitive tip.

She was already noticing that Viktor was more physical and rougher than the other boys she had been with. It wasn't completely surprising given the fact that she knew he was more a person of action who got by on his brute strength and the fact that he could have his choice of women who were more than willing to allow him to have his way with them in any way. Using his hand on her head to bring her mouth back around his dick, he applied more pressure to press her down on his cock. Even though he was trying to physically dominate her, Hermione was actually enjoying the feeling it gave her and was becoming hornier due to it.

Still not able to do much about getting much of his length between her lips, the teenage witch bobbed her head along the 4 inches she could get inside. In order to pay attention to the rest of his shaft, Hermione stroked him off with her hand while she sucked on him. Viktor still had his hand on the top of her head, always willing to give her extra force as she lowered her head to get more of his rod into her mouth. His other hand was being used to squeeze her nice tits, but now he was moving it down her back and to her ass. Giving each of her cheeks a hearty clench before pulling back his arm and giving her a firm slap, then another and another. As Hermione groaned in disconfort, she had to open her mouth even wider to do so and that's when Viktor pushed down harder on his head and pushed half his length inside her mouth.

"Cuggghhh...argghh," Hermione coughed as she spewed spit all over his member.

Now clutching both sides of her head with both of his hands, the Quidditch superstar guided her up and down his spit-covered dick. Hermione was caught completely by surprised with his sudden switch to barbarian but she was powerless against his more formidable strength. Over and over she was plunged down on his monsterous shaft with his thick shaft repeatedly slamming against the back of her throat. It had been a few minutes of this rough treatment when she actually realized that Viktor was no longer forcing her down on his rod, in fact she had been giving him an aggressive blowjob all on her own accord.

"Glad to see you can handle a rougher brand of sex than you English are use to," Viktor complimented her. "Maybe I'll stop holding back on you all the way."

"This is reserved," Hermione thought to herself. "I'm way too horny to stop but I could be in for some interesting experiences."

"Take off your panties," Viktor ordered.

Listening to him although he was her master, Hermione propped herself up and pulled the bikini bottoms down her athletic legs and off her body. She could feel his gaze on her, examining every inch of her naked body. Her nipples were small and pink, but due to his groping, had caused them and the rest of her tits to turn a more reddish color rather than the creamy white of the rest of her skin. She could tell that the man liked the fact she had a completely shaven pussy then she turned on the spot and showed him her impeccable ass. Her cheek which he had slapped repetitively has a bright red already. Bending over at the hips, she grabbed each of her cheeks and separated them so that Viktor had a good look of her pink pussy, glistening already, and her puckered little asshole.

"So beautiful," she heard him say.

Hermione heard him clatter to the floor and as she looked back to see what had happened she felt his tongue take a long swipe over her entire slit. However, the bigger surprise was when she felt his tongue continue past her pussy opening, lick over the small patch of skin beyond it and glide over her rosebud. It was the first time she could remember that her asshole had ever been licked and it was an odd sensation. He repeated the same action again, only this time lingering on her asshole for longer than before. This time Hermione had the time to realize that she liked having it licked as it made her feel dangerous while also giving her some physical pleasure as well.

"Such a naughty boy," Hermione gushed as she extended her arms to help steady herself.

"What a woman! Tasty pussy and clean ass. The complete package," Krum voiced. "Now I want to lick your snatch but I want you to finger your bum while I do it. You understand?"

Not quite sure what had come over her, Hermione looked back over her shoulder and gave him a nod. Stull using one hand to hold the railing of the boat to steady herself, the Gryffindor girl used the other to reach behind her. As Viktor's tongue was rummaging through her folds and dipping inside her pussy, Hermione followed her ass crack down to the object of her date's affection. Knowing he was watching while he continued to eat her snatch, Hermione used her index finger to rub over the crinkled sphincter before squeezing the digit inside.

"Ummm," Hermione moaned as the feeling of Viktor's tongue and her finger gave her great pleasure.

Her previous experience with Ron had taught her that not only wasn't she adverse to something entering her backdoor, she somewhat liked it. With the knowledge that it wouldn't hurt her or cause any discomfort, Hermione wasted no time in repeatedly plunging her finger into her own butthole before adding in a second finger, much to Krum's pleasure. Startled when he swatted her hand from fingering her asshole, she knew why he had done so immediately. Moving up from her sweet tasting pussy, Viktor was now cramming his tongue deep within her anus.

"Can't wait any longer," Viktor said as he pulled his tongue from within her rectum and stood up. "Need to take you right now."

Hermione had no objection to his request. While the muscular man got to his feet and took down his swim trunks, the witch stepped back to the cushioned bench and rested her knees on it. Viktor was behind her in no time at all, placing his hand between her shoulder blades to ease her forward so her upper body was resting on the back of the boat, causing her ass to stick up in the air. Gripping the base of his cock, he rubbed the head of his cock through her folds, spreading his pre-cum before pushing her tip in her pussy.

"'re huge," Hermione stated again as her pussy instantly stretched to the furthest it had ever been.

As she started to accommodate his girth, he pushed more of his cock into her with short, slow thrusts. His journey into her opening was aided by the fact she had coughed up so much spit onto his rod during her brutal blowjob she had given him plus how wet her pussy was already. Viktor always had a tough time penetrating women for the first time, even if they were sluts who were loose, but with all the natural lubrication, he was able to bury his entire cock into her hole in near record time for him.

"Your English muffin is so tight. I will enjoy immensely spreading it out to new limits so much so that you'll find no other man will be able to pleasure your wide twat," Viktor told her while in her to the hilt.

"God I hope so. Fuck me Viktor," Hermione said with a carnal need.

Viktor did exactly what the beautiful teenager had asked for. Pulling back his hips, he watched as his penis slowly exited her love canal until only his tip was left inside her. Taking a moment to pause so he could prepare himself for the exquisite feeling, the man plowed forward until his hips smacked into her ass cheeks, causing them to ripple. He loved the feeling of her wet, velvety folds gliding along his length, but he preferred the sharp moan of pleasure that was screamed by his lover.

Krum repeated the same action over and over again, picking up the pace with each thrust. Viktor couldn't believe how incredibly tight the Hogwarts student was, not to mention how well she was taking his pummeling style of sex. The girl was clearly more experienced then he would have thought from the girl he met 2 years prior, however he was pleased since she could take his pounding, screaming in pleasure all the while. But Hermione wasn't only just enjoying the hard sex, she was thriving due to it. They had only been going at it for the better part of 10 minutes, but she was already on the verge of an intense orgasm.

"Viktor...I'm cumming," she screamed, with her voice traveling towards the deserted island.

"Now that the woman has been fully satisfied, it is time for the man to be satisfied," Viktor said.

Hermione had heard what he had said but wasn't in any condition to have her mind process the words. After her incredible orgasm, it took all of her will power not to drift off into a deep sleep. She was just thankful that she was set up bent over the boat and not having to support her own body weight, as she was quite exhausted. Seconds after hearing the words, Hermione knew exactly what the Bulgarian meant when she felt him pull out of her pussy and touch the tip of his extremely fat flesh pole against her previously licked backdoor.

"Stop squirming Hermione, it will be a challenge enough to get myself into your tight butthole without you wiggling that perfect ass all about," Viktor told her.

"I'm flopping around because you are WAY too big to fit in my tight butthole," she replied.

"Anal sex is Bulgarian tradition. A man isn't really a man if he has sex without incorporating some type of ass fucking," Viktor told her. "Plus this is France, land of the sexual free."

"Well...when in Rome," Hermione said aloud, giving permission to the bullish brute to have his way with her in whichever hole he found fit. "Or when in the land of sluts with a guy hung like a bull."

Hermione couldn't believe that she let the hulking man talk her into anal sex with such little effort. She supposed that part of her wanted to try taking it up the butt again after having such a positive encounter with Ron not too longer ago. That, or maybe it was because she liked playing the role of the submissive sex slave that was willingly receptive to any form of pleasure her master wanted to use her for. She was soon snapped out of her thought process when Viktor had successfully pushed the head of his member into her asshole.

"Oh my Merlin," Hermione swore before biting her lip.

"This may hurt a bit," Viktor warned.

"A bit? I'm getting sodomized by a baseball bat and he says it may hurt a bit," she thought.

After a few more seconds of just having his tip rest snuggly in her now expanded hole, Hermione realized that Krum was waiting for her to let him know when ready. Using her arms to push against the back of the bench that she was currently folded over, the studious Gryffindor took the next bit of his member into her fully gaped bum. She was happy that she had cum like a typhoon minutes prior or else the situation would have been absolutely unbearable. However, with his cock glistening in her juices, she had already gotten half of his giant cock into her buns and it was getting easier and less painful by the second.

"See, it fits perfect," Viktor told her.

Hermione had been so concentrated on being surprised by the lack of pain that she hadn't realized her ass cheeks were now touching his mane of pubic hair. Having all of his cock inside of her rectum gave her a sense of perverse pride that gave her more satisfaction than any A+ she had ever received while at school.

"It's still a tiny hole and your hung like a centaur so go slow to start with, alright cowboy," Hermione explained.

"I don't know what this cowboy you speak of is, but the other part sounds acceptable," Viktor told his sex puppet.

Pulling out of her anus ever so slightly, he reverted to just doing small thrusts into her. After a few minutes of this, he had managed to pull his entire foot-long cock out of her ass without Hermione feeling any discomfort. Wanting to test her limits, Krum shoved half of his length into her and waited for her reaction. When it caused the bushy-haired girl to give her loudest moan yet, Krum smiled and knew that she was his to use as he wanted. He reared back his hips so that he could thrust forward and cram his entire length into her bowels in one shot.

"Shit that's practically in my stomach," Hermione remarked.

Letting her mouth hang up, Hermione let herself moan, grunt and scream as she saw fit. The feeling of his veiny cock gliding through her tight anus gave her such carnal pleasure that she was prime to cream herself at any moment. She closed her eyes and kept allowing the enjoyment to flow through her as Viktor stood behind her and continuous slammed his monstrous dick into her. She loved the fact that she was his little sex doll that he could use as he pleased and she was more than happy to play the submissive role. Viktor had always acted like a perfect gentleman to Hermione, but she thought that this dominating side of him may have been the result of him sensing her need to taken roughly.

"Very soon until I cum," Krum warned his date.

Hermione had to admit that she was disappointed, but a quick look at the shadows that the sun was causing indicated to her that they had been fucking for nearly an hour already. Tired, sweaty and probably dehydrated, it was probably a good thing that Viktor was preparing to dump his seed into her. He gave her a few last thrusts, in which it felt like he was trying to drive straight through the slim female, before he pulled out of her rectum completely, much to her amazement. His next actions happened so fast that Hermione had no idea how she went from bent over the back of the boat to lying on her back on the floor with Viktor straddling her chest.

"Urgghhh," he grunted as he stroked his cock.

Hermione had just enough time to realized what he was preparing to do and get ready for him to plaster her adorable face with his sticky cum. Flexing her neck forward to present a better target for him, she closed her eyes and opened her mouth wide. She didn't have to wait long for him to erupt, with some strands depositing into her eager mouth but most of his load splattered across her face. Once she was sure he was done cumming, she opened her eyes and swallowed down the semen that had landed on her tongue. Viktor used the tip of his cock to scoop the cum that had pasted her face down into her mouth so she could devour that salty portion as well.

"You were fantastic," an exhausted Viktor told Hermione.

"No, we were fantastic," Hermione corrected. "I haven't ever been shagged quite like that."

"Trust me, more of that is to come while you are in Bulgaria for Christmas," he told her.

* * *

"And then we swim to the beach of the secluded island, ate the picnic Viktor had packed us, made love on the sand and eventually headed back to the port," Hermione said, concluding her story.

" Hermione. I'm honestly speechless," Ginny replied.

"Now I feel so disgusted. I only did that stuff with Viktor because I was sad about the Ron and Lavender situation but now he broke up with her over me," Hermione told her. "Now I don't know if Ron will ever have me."

"For starts Hermione, you are a sexual dynamo. Next, you are still getting hit hard hormonally by that lust potion so you have to cut yourself some slack. Besides, you and Ron weren't together at the time so he has no right to be mad at you for a one time fling with Viktor," Ginny comforted.

"Good point, butit wasn't only one time," Hermione corrected.

"Oh right, again on the beach," she replied.

"No I mean that was only the first day with Viktor. I spent two weeks in Bulgaria and saw him often," Hermione said.

"You dirty little skank. I want more deta..."

"Hey ladies, it was quite the party done there," Katie Bell said as she entered the room that the three of them shared.

"Tell you some other time," Hermione whispered to Ginny before ending the sex conversation for the night.


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