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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Lure Of Lust Part 15 - Back Alley Fun
by The Chemist

"Hey Ron, wait up," Harry said having chased him up a flight of stairs and through a few corridors.

"Harry, do you think she bought it," he asked with a wicked grin.

"Bought it? What are you getting at," Harry replied.

"Me acting all distraught and stuff. I tried to portray hurt, upset with touches of anger and jealousy," he answered.

"Wait...what? You weren't upset? You just...pretended," Harry asked.

"Yeah and apparently I did quite well. Maybe I should go out the next time there's an ad for open auditions for a TV show or movie," Ron said with pride. "Well if you believed my performance hook, line and sinker, hopefully Hermione did too."

"But why," Harry questioned, still confused.

"Ain't it obvious mate? It was clear she was still pissed at me since she was jealous of me shagging Lavender but then when she blurted out she shagged Krum, I knew I could use that to my advantage. It took some quick thinking on how to spin it in my favor, plus excellent luck in having Lavender come over when she did, but now she must feel gutted about hurting me," Ron explained. "It worked out brilliantly!"

"Evil genius you are. If only you applied that wit to your studies," Harry laughed while clapping him on the back.

"Get off it, you're starting to sound like Hermione," Ron joked. "But we should do a few laps of the halls to really make her think I'm beyond reproach."

* * *

Sadly, Katie and Lavender both came to the room not too long after Hermione had just finished telling Ginny her first tryst with the Quidditch superstar Viktor Krum while in Bulgaria over the Christmas vacation. Knowing that they wouldn't be able to further discuss her holidays, Hermione and Ginny both changed for bed and fell asleep after exchanging some small talk with their roommates. The tension between Lavender and Hermione was as thick as ever, but the two barely spoke in order to keep their emotions to themselves.

"I wish we would have been able to talk more last night but it felt good to get that part off my chest," Hermione told her best friend as they walked down to the Great Hall for breakfast the next morning.

"Anytime you need an ear it's all yours," Ginny replied.

Truth was, Ginny would gladly listen to any more of Hermione's sex stories with the legendary Viktor Krum. Not only did the red-haired girl have a crush on her best friend, she also found the Quidditch superstar to be gorgeous in a very rugged way. The fact that she had gotten to hear a sex story involving those two was beyond words for Ginny and something that she would eagerly wait for another one.

"So maybe you could talk to your brother for me today to see how he is. I feel horrible about hurting him and just want to see how mad he is at me before I confront him myself," Hermione asked.

"Yeah I can definitely do that for you. We have Quidditch practice right after school today so I'll be able to get him alone and see how he's doing," Ginny answered.

"I just hope you don't hate me for hurting your brother," Hermione said.

"You don't go off and have sex with Viktor to purposely hurt Ron so I have no right to be mad at you. It's rough being caught in a position between my best friend and brother, so I'm merely going to stick to my view that you two would be great together and try to make that happen," Ginny summed up.

"Speaking of people who would be great together, how was spending Christmas at the Burrow with Mr. Harry Potter," Hermione asked with a sly grin.

"Ugghhh. It was really good yet frustrating. He's so easy to talk to and we have so much in common but I'm with Dean, who is also great. It's driving me crazy as to what I should do," Ginny dished.

"Well dating other guys has gotten Harry's attention I feel. I see the way he looks at you so you are definitely on his radar. Now it's up to you to decide what you want to do," Hermione said.

"Hence the frustrating part. I don't know what I want. I want both of them in all truth," Ginny said.

"Mmm, definitely something every girl should try at least once but maybe I'll tell you that story a little later. Why don't we go eat first, I'm starving," Hermione shared.

"Who are you," Ginny thought as her pussy began to tingle with the image of Hermione having sex with Krum and another man at the same time.

* * *

"There's Hermione," Harry said to Ron as the pair of them ate their large plate of breakfast at the far end of the Gryffindor table.

"How's she look," Ron asked with a mouthful of bacon.

"Hot. Knee-high socks, short skirt above her mid-thigh and wearing her hair in her usually sexy way," Harry replied.

"Hmm, I'll have to check her out in class later. But I meant emotionally," Ron said.

"Oh well in that case she looks embarrassed and skidish. She was heading over here then did a sharp U-turn and will now sitting at the other end with your sister," Harry commentated.

"Perfect. She feels guilty then," Ron said.

"I'm still surprised you took her bombshell so calmly. I would have been pissed. I mean she's been sleeping around too yet she's mad that you and Lavender were shagging," Harry said.

"I am upset about her and Krum but it just speeds up how long she would have made me wait before we got back together. Plus she was unintentionly getting around. Sleeping with Neville was an accident because she thought it was me. She's slept with you twice but that was when we were first dosed with the potion so it was really affecting us then," Ron answered. "All I know is that I'm going to have Hermione around my arm and in my bed sooner rather than later. That's all that matters, not whether she fucked Krum or half the school."

"Ron Weasley the romantic," Harry joked.

"Why thank you," Ron replied. "Why are you checking the Mauraders' map at the breakfast table?"

"Draco isn't here so I'm just curious. He's seemed to be spending a lot of time someplace the map couldn't pick up, but now he's been in his room a lot...with Pansy Parkinson," Harry commented.

"Talk about a gross couple. Not a conscience or moral compass between them. Let's change the topic before a toss up my lunch, shall we? How's your situation coming? Find a fake date yet," Ron asked, changing the topic.

"Not yet, but I have the perfect girl in mind," Harry replied, casting his gaze over to the Ravenclaw table

* * *

The first day back to school after a long break was always the hardest. Ron and Harry fidgeted more than usual while sitting through class after class while even Hermione wasn't her normal self. She was always the one with the answers and happy to be back sitting at a desk and learning, but today she was off. Instead of reading ahead for each class and being prepared for every lesson like she normally did during her holidays from school, Hermione had barely lifted a book for the past two weeks as the physically demanding Viktor kept her busy. It seemed that all that was getting everyone through the week was knowing that it was a Hogsmaede weekend at the end of it.

By the time the last class of the day let out, everyone was extremely thankful. It seemed that rather than gently re-submerging them back into school, they were getting thrown into the deep end with their schoolwork. Hermione nearly sprinted out of class at the end of the day, presumably to get a quick start on her homework while also avoiding Ron again. Harry and Ron also left class quickly so they could walk down to the Quidditch field for their practice time.

"Go on ahead," Harry told Ron as they entered the courtyard. "I have to do something first. I'll only be a minute, just get everyone to stretch up then I'll take over."

"Alright mate, see you in a bit," Ron replied.

Harry was going to wait until after Quidditch practice to talk to her, but the perfect opportunity was presented to him now. Crossing the sun-filled yard, Harry walked up to the extremely pretty girl who most people either mad fun of or ignored altogether. He couldn't blame most of them as Luna Lovegood acted quite odd, but it was no excuse. Harry was happy to be friends with her as she was very nice, thoughtful and talented young witch. It also didn't hurt that he found small blonde highly attractive.

"Hey Luna," he said as he approached her. She was off under one of the trees, sitting alone while reading her father's magazine and eating an apple.

"Oh hi Harry. How was your holiday," she asked him in her light, airy tone.

"Err...not bad. And yours," he replied.

"It was good, my father and I went searching for the famed freckle-spotted Garhadter," she answered.

"Sounds brilliant but I wanted to ask you something," he said to her. "I was wondering if you would like to go to Hogsmaede...with me?"

"Hmhmm...I suppose this was bound to happen after our lovely time that we had at Professor Slughorn's last party," Luna said. "I would really like to go on another date with you Harry."

"Oh yeah, we did have a really good time," Harry replied. "Great so I'll meet you down at the front entrance Saturday morning then."

As Harry raced off to get dressed for Quidditch practice, he couldn't help but think about Luna's last words. At the party before Christmas, he had asked Luna to go with him just as friends and they spent the whole night laughing, talking and enjoying each other's company. He hadn't really thought about it much because he had left for the Burrow right after and spent the next three weeks with Ginny. But now that he had time to think more about, maybe he had chosen to take Luna on another date for more of a reason other than to make Ginny jealous. Maybe he had done it subconsciously because he wanted to spend more time with her alone to get to know her a bit better.

"Alright everyone, that's get in the air," Harry said to the team as he emerged from the change room. "I asked a few fourth years to join us today so that our Beaters could have moving targets to hit that way our Chasers can work on flying patterns, break out plays and counter attacking."

"Brilliant Harry," Ginny exclaimed at his marvel coaching technique.

"So kick off and start warming up those brooms," he announced.

"So what happened to you," Ron asked as they slowly fly to the goal mouth.

"Asked Luna to Hogsmaede this weekend. On a date," Harry revealed.

"Good job mate. Her and Ginny are friends and on the same year. Even if Ginny doesn't see you two together, news will be bound to spread amongst the fifth years and she'll hear about it," Ron said, giving him a clap on the shoulder.

"Just get in net so I can warm you up."

* * *

The rest of the week had gone by a bit better than Monday. Everyone seemed to settle back in to the rhythm of school again and the professors were prescribing less and less homework luckily. Of course there was always one who bucked the trend, namely Snape, but that was to be expected.

Hermione was still doing her utmost to avoid Ron, not ready to face him after her heartless confession to him about hooking up with Krum. Although she tried to convince herself that she shouldn't feel bad about her tryst, she couldn't help it. She knew that she liked Ron yet still went after Viktor despite not really having feelings for him. It was a messy situation for her and she was not prepared to talk to Ron until she had done some soul searching to figure out her emotional state and her feelings for the red-haired boy.

"So nervous about your big date," Ron said to Harry Saturday morning.

Ron was just making a joke with the comment, but Harry actually had a butterfly or two flapping about in his stomach. He had first experienced the feeling a year or two back whenever he wanted to talk to Cho, and occasionally while speaking to Ginny as well, although with her it was more like jealous whenever seeing her with whoever her current boyfriend was. But even though he had only asked Luna out on the date to make Ginny jealous, Harry couldn't help but think about if he might actually have feelings for the oddity known as Luna Lovegood.

"Maybe this is a bad idea and I should just cancel," Harry replied. "I think it's mean to Luna. I'm just using her to make your sister take notice and that's not right, especially if Luna has real feelings for me."

"Well someone has a high opinion of himself now doesn't he," Ron laughed.

"I'm just saying that she might. Hopefully it's not too late to cancel," he said.

"You break it off now and you break her heart if she has feelings for you. You take her out, have a good time and no one gets hurt. If she does like you, just tell her you don't want to ruin your friendship by complicating it with a romantic relationship," Ron shared.

"Since when do you give good advice," Harry said.

"I've been giving good advice the whole time just no one listens," he replied. "No fix your Harry and go meet Loony."

Harry finished getting dressed in blue jeans, a collared shirt and tan blazer before rushing down the steps of Hogwarts to get to the entrance of the castle on time. As he turned the last corner and had only one flight of stairs before he was at the designated meeting place, he found that Luna was already there. Upon seeing her, Harry's feet stopped thumping down the steps and he took a moment to collect himself and make sure his clothing were straight. He couldn't help but get the familiar feeling of nerves in his stomach as he saw her shining golden locks that she wore down so that it cascaded down her creamy white skin. She was wearing a long sleeve purple shirt underneath a light pink dress.

"Hello Harry," she said in her dreamy tone as the Chosen One approached.

"Hi Luna. You look really pretty," he told her honestly.

"That's very nice of you to say," she blushed. "Should we head out?"

"Yeah good idea, don't want to miss the transport," he said before walking beside her.

Harry and Luna talked freely all the way to the small village as if it was the most natural thing in the world. He was actually very surprised when realizing that they were already in Hogsmeade as the time had seemed to just fly by.

"So where did you want to go? Three broomsticks," Luna asked.

"Actually I was thinking Madam's Puddifoot's Tea shop," Harry suggested. "It' quite good coffee."

"That sounds nice," she replied.

Entering into the shop, Harry was instantly reminded how romantic the tea shop actually was. The decorations were frilly and were oozing romance. Small tables were littering the floor, almost every one occupied by a couple who were holding hands and gazing into each other eyes. Harry was hoping that Luna wasn't put off by his selection of venue for their date, but the blonde girl seemed to have grown a bigger smile than normal.

Madam Puddifoot had heard the bell ring overhead of the door when the latest couple had entered into her steamy shop. Greeting them warmly, she ushered them off to the round table at the front of the shop near the window. Harry had ordered a coffee while Luna went for a flavorful English toffee cappuccino that she was fond of.

Just like on their long walk to the sleepy village, the conversation flowed easily between the two friends. Starting off on opposite ends of the table, it seemed like every time Harry went to the counter and ordered new drinks, he and Luna moved closer together until they were sitting beside each other with shoulders rubbing together. Throughout their time together, Harry realized that he was no longer nervous, but there was another feeling he was experiencing that he couldn't quite put his finger on. After finishing their third round of drinks, they felt the need to stand up and start moving in order to address the massive amount of caffeine in their veins.

"So we have about an hour until we have to start heading back to Hogwarts so what did you want to do now? Look through some shops? Go to the Three Broomsticks for butterbeers," Luna asked.

"I can't believe it's already so late," Harry said in disbelief. "It seemed to have gone by really quickly."

Harry and Luna had started to walk down Front Street without really having a destination in mind. Talking while they went for their stroll, they did a long loop of the tiny village before finding themselves in the back corner of Hogsmeade. The light around the village had faded as the day had grown long and the gloomy weather made most shops have to put on their few exterior lights they had.

"Oh that's weird that we ended up back here," Luna said.

It took Harry a moment of looking around before he regained his bearings. Luckily he had studied the Marauders' map and knew every square inch within Hogwarts and Hogsmeade. They had ended up in the area behind the Hog's Head bar that was known for it's unusual arrangement of labyrinth-like alleys. Unfortunately not many shops in that area had outdoor lights so it was fairly dark in the laneway.

"I guess wandering can do that to us," Harry laughed. "I'm pretty sure I know a way that will take us out near the path back to school."

"You're so smart Harry," Luna complimented.

"Ha, all smoke and mirrors," he replied. "I just want you to know that I had a great time with you today Luna."

"That's nice. I had a great date too," she retorted. "Does that mean you're going to kiss me?"


"Isn't it customary to kiss after the end of a successful date," the blonde girl asked.

"Err...yeah I guess it is," Harry answered while scratching the back of his head. "I suppose I will give you a kiss."

"Shall we do it now? No one's around so they won't be gossiping all around school, not that I'm concerned too much by them," she proposed in her airy tone.

Last night, Harry would have wanted to wait to kiss her when they were around a large group of people so that word could spread back to Ginny. Hell, it would eliminate the gossiping step if he could manage to give the blonde girl a kiss right in front of her. However, after having such a great time with Luna, he wasn't even thinking about using the tiny girl as a way to make Ginny jealous.

Having all stopped their walk through the deserted alleyway, Harry cupped his hands around her face, leant in and gave Luna a kiss right on the lips. He was surprised to find that her lips were moist, warm and soft and he wished that the kiss didn't ever have to end. And that's when Harry identified what the new feeling deep in his stomach was uncontrollable passion. It was a wonderful feeling but Harry couldn't help but think if he'd be able to experience it without the long-lasting lust potion in his system.

"Wow," Luna finally said after breaking their long kiss.

"Yeah. I really enjoyed kissing you," Harry replied.

"We should probably head back now," Luna spoke.


Luna knew exactly what he was thinking and met him half way as their lips came together again. This times there was greater urgency as they abandoned the soft version they had just shared. They were smacking their lips together with great passion, neither shying away from inserting their tongue into the other's mouth. Harry had wrapped his arms around the lithe girl and was pressing her against his strong chest while Luna did likewise.

Allowing his carnal desires to drive his actions, Harry rubbed his hands down the small of her back until he was cupping her ass cheeks. He thought to himself how plump her backside was despite her tiny frame, and instantly felt himself hardening in his pants. Harry wasn't the only who noticed that he was sporting an erection as the thick cock was pressing through his jeans against Luna's inner thigh.

As the two continued to furiously make out, Harry felt the pleasure center of his brain dictate new instructions. Already grasping her rounded bum, the Chosen One used his underrated upper body strength to lift the Ravenclaw girl off the ground. Moving her backwards, Harry took two steps then settled her down onto a sturdy-looking box that was waist high. Bringing his hands out from under her, he traced them around the front of her body where he placed one of his hands on her inner thigh. Tracing it upwards, Harry was pleasantly surprised to find that Luna offered no resistance to his advance, in fact she helped by spreading her legs wider. He used his middle and ring finger to rub her pussy through her cotton panties that she wore under her dress then hooked both sets of fingers under the waistband and pulled them straight off her body and threw them onto the pavement.

"Ahhhh," Luna moaned into his mouth as his fingers rubbed directly on her wet pussy.

As Harry slowly dipped his two fingers into her pink hole, he felt his pants become looser and start to slip down his legs. That's when he clued in that his date had undone his jeans and pulled them, as well as his underwear, down so they bunched around his ankles. After successfully removing the clothes from the lower portion of his body, Luna clutched his hardened dick and lightly started to tug on it.

"Ughh," Harry groaned as she continued to stroke him off.

"Oh Harry...your fingers feel so good in me," Luna moaned.

The pair continued to use their hands to please each other while still kissing each other passionately. Harry was slightly worried about making the next move because he didn't how the younger girl would respond. But his decision was soon made clear to him. He remembered that Luna wasn't a virgin as news had circulated a few months ago about how her and Neville got down in an empty classroom. More so than that though was the fact that his hormones were bubbling up and taking over his brain, making the normal Harry a prisoner to his passion. Reaching down with his free hand, Harry moved aside her fingers from around his cock so that he could grip himself at the base. Taking a step so he was even closer to Luna, he rubbed his head through her folds, spreading his precum on her before pushing inside of her pussy.

"AHHHH," Luna and Harry grunted at the same time.

Harry figured that the diminutive blonde would be tight, but the feeling of her wet pussy clamped around his cock was greater than he could have ever imagined. Luna was also surprised by the sheer girth of the talented wizard. He was fairly comparable in length to her only other sexual conquest, Neville, but Harry felt much larger inside of her. The combination of her tight, young pussy with his thick member meant that Luna could feel ever bit of him as he slowly and gently thrusted the inch or two of his length that he could manage to fit into her.

Luckily for both of them, Luna's hole started to relax slightly with his constant pushing. Now able to fit over half of his member into her wet pussy, Harry increased the speed while trying to probe deeper inside. That was still proving a challenge for him given her tiny stature, but he was determined. He also realized that the Ravenclaw girl shared his dedication for getting deep when he felt her legs wrap around his torso. As he continued to make progress into her, as a result causing her to simultaneously loosen her grip on his cock, he would feel her heels dig into his buttock. Taking it as a sign to start going faster, the Chosen One clutched her hips and drive into her with force.

"Ugghhh," Luna moaned loudly. "You're so big!"

With both her verbal and physical encouragement, Harry decided to let it all fly. Summoning all the energy in his body, the talented wizard drove his hips forward and sunk his entire length into the petite blonde. Luna responded by biting down on his lip while they continued to kiss throughout their passionate lovemaking in the alley. When he gave the girl a second forceful thrust, Luna snapped her head back and let out a powerful moan that was sure to attract attention.

"Oh yes Harry," she screamed out. "Just like that!"

"Shh...we're in public. Could get...ughh...caught at...ahhh...any second," Harry said in between his own grunts.

"Then it's a good thing I'm almost ready to cum because I don't think I can be quiet," she replied.

Harry was pleased to hear that she was close to cumming because he was nearing closer to his own orgasm. It had been a few weeks since he had gotten laid, and although he had masturbated daily due to the extra horniness from the lust potion, it was no substitute to the feel of a velvety vagina clamped around his cock.

"Need to cum really soon," Harry warned her.

" close...cum with me Harry," she encouraged.

Harry wasn't wearing a condom, a fact that he wasn't soon to forget. The sensation of not wearing the latex product made him need to unload his semen quicker than normal. He was also aware that Luna knew he hadn't put on any form of protection. Figuring that the blonde oddity was on some other type of birth control, Harry was relieved knowing that he would be able to cream inside of her rather than have to pull out at the last second.

"Ugghhhhh...OH MY GOD YESSSS," Luna screamed as she came.

The feel of her pussy clamping down tighter on his thick shaft was the last straw for Harry as well. Knowing he was bound to cum at any second, the Chosen One reached further around the tiny Ravenclaw girl so that he could grip her squeezable ass firmly. Plowing into her a few last times quickly, Harry pulled completely out of her drenched hole before slamming it back in as hard and deep as possible.

"Ooohhh shhhiittt," Harry grunted as he released his seed deep inside of Luna.

The pair stayed silent and still for at least a minute after their intense fucking, in which they came nearly simultaneously. It was only after Harry felt his cock start to become flaccid that he became aware that they were outdoors, partly nude and potentially attracted attention with all of their screaming. Pulling out of her wet hole, Harry reached down and pulled his pants up to cover his lower body.

"Luna, that was amazing," he told her.

"It really was something. That was much better than my time with Neville. Don't tell him though, he's got drastic low confidence," she replied. "Have you seen my panties by the way?"

"I kinda tossed them in that puddle by accident," Harry informed her.

"No big loss. Hopefully the windy doesn't kick up my dress on the walk back to Hogwarts," she replied calmly.

"I wouldn't mind the view," Harry joked. "But we really should get out of this alley and back to the school.

* * *

"Hey Ron," Hermione said, talking to the first time since her outburst the other night.

"Hi," he said to her, doing his best to show off sad eyes.

"I think we should talk..."


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