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Harry Potter:Harry Potter And The Lure Of Lust Part 16 - Reunited
by The Chemist

"Hey Ron," Hermione said. "I think we need to talk."

These were the first words Hermione had spoken to Ron since her rude outburst a few days prior in which she confessed to having sex with Viktor Krum while on vacation. She wished that there was an alternative explanation for her cruelty, but she knew she told him just to get back at him. Hermione usually wasn't a vindictive person, so that moment stood out as quite the bitchy thing to do.

"I agree," Ron said with his best sad eyes.

For Ron's part, he wasn't really too hurt. Part of him had always suspected that his dreamgirl had a thing for Viktor, he even thought that they had already had sex so hearing his suspicion was actually a fact didn't shock the red-haired boy too much. He would have rather Hermione hadn't been fucked by the world-renown Quidditch star, but it didn't bother him too much. However, he wasn't going to let Hermione in on that simple fact.

"I was hoping for in private," Hermione added. "How about tonight, 8 o'clock in the prefects bathroom?"

"Okay Hermione," he replied before they went there separate ways.

* * *

"Do I have a story for you," Harry said to Ron.

Harry had originally asked out Luna Lovegood in order to make Ginny jealous. He wanted to confirm that she liked him, so seeing her react when news spread that he went out with another girl would give him his answer. However, he ended up really enjoying his time with the younger girl, and now felt bad that he had alternative motives in the first place. After walking back to the castle with Luna, they departed after a soft kiss and Harry practically ran up to his dorm room, where he found Ron alone, sitting on his bed.

"I have news too but you go first," Ron replied. "But you go ahead."

"I had sex with Luna," he announced.

"Well done mate, but I thought it was only a friendly date," Ron asked. "Plus you must feel like a hypocrite after condemning me for wanting to sleep around then you go do the exact same thing. Just saying."

"It wasn't like that. I originally asked her out with no romantic thought but the more we talked, the more I realized I liked her. Sex just kind of a back alley on a trash can," Harry told him. Wanting to shift the focus off him, Harry asked, "So you mentioned you had something happen too."

"Oh right. So Hermione pulled me aside in the common room before you got back from Hogsmeade and told me we need to talk...alone. We're meeting in the prefects bathroom later tonight," he informed his best friend. "What do you think? Great news, huh?"

"Maybe but don't get your hopes up just in case its bad. Maybe she has feelings for Viktor and is going to wait for him. Or maybe she feels so bad about hurting you that she can't stand to be near you because of her own guilt," Harry said.

"Or maybe she's forgiven me about flaunting my relationship with Lavender in her face, feels horrible about hurting me with Viktor and wants me on her arm. How about that you big pessimist," Ron replied.

"Ron Weasley the optimist. Well that's a new hat," Harry laughed. All I can say is good luck.

"Thank you. That reminds me, I'm going to grab a shower and change before going to see her."

* * *

Ron wasn't sure what was going to happen that night. Part of him believed that Hermione was apologetic and regretted everything from the time she left for her holidays until the previous night. However, the youngest Weasley boy was aware of Harry's alternative theory in which things were not going to go as smoothly as he hoped. The truth probably lied somewhere in the middle, but he definitely was hoping for his scenario.

Deciding to shower in the normal boy's bathroom in Gryffindor Tower that was shared by everyone in the house, Ron washed, shaved and felt great. He didn't want to risk using the Prefects bathroom, even though he held such honor, just incase Hermione went to their meeting place early. A quick check of the clock told him it was time to head in that direction so he could get there a little early.

Harry wished him luck on his way out of the room they shared together as he left the common room and headed to the fifth floor. It was a trip he made often, preferring the large space of the prefect washroom over the crowded state of the Gryffindor one. As he opened the door, uttering the password known only to prefects, he wasn't surprised to find Hermione already waiting for him. She looked as beautiful as ever to him as she rested her backside against the stone basin in the middle of the room. Her hair was loosely tied back so it was off her pretty face, just the way he liked it. She was wearing her typical school outfit of a white blouse with her Gryffindor red and gold tie under a grey vest. She rounded off the classic schoolgirl outfit with a short kilt worn with a lot of her toned thighs showing and knee-high black socks.

"You're early," she spoke.

"Didn't want to keep you waiting. It seemed like you really needed to talk to me," he replied. "Were you talking to Moaning Myrtle by the way? I swore I heard voices."

"Very considerate of you Ron," Hermione replied. "And it's just me although who knows if she'll coming floating about. I was just talking aloud. I don't want to seem like a blubbering idiot once you got here."

"You're the furthest thing from an idiot Hermione," Ron replied. "So just say what you need to say."

"I know by telling you the way I did was mean and I wish I didn't do it," Hermione started. "But what's done is done. I regret it full heartedly. I hope you'll be able to forgive me for the sake of our friendship...and possibly more. I understand if you're mad at me and don't blame you, but I'll do anything to get you to forgive me and let things go back the way they should be."

Ron couldn't help but think of the possibilities given the way she said the word 'anything'. She didn't give him much time at all to think about it however, as she moved swiftly and threw her lips against his. He barely had time to perch them before she was on him, smacking her lips wildly against him. Ron returned the kiss and as he did, he felt her tongue pushing against his mouth, so he opened his jaw and let her inside.

Not bothering to have any type of romance, Hermione's hands shot down to his pants and easily loosened them. As her nimble fingers hooked inside the waistband, she lowered herself to her knees, bringing his pants and underwear with him. She wasn't expecting Ron to be hard already so she was unprepared as his erect cock slapped her in the face, barely managing to close her eye in time before the contact.

Looking down, Ron observed as Hermione stroked his long shaft a few times before parting her lips and engulfing the first several inches inside her warm orifice. The bushy-haired witch wasted no time with pleasantries as she immediately got down to business. After taking a few long sucks at only the tip of his cock, using her tongue to lick his sensitive pee slit, Hermione pushed over half of his length into her mouth until his head was pressed against the back of her throat.

"Ugghhh," Ron grunted his approval.

Satisfied with his response, Hermione removed him from her palate so that she could get in some much needed air before repeating the procedure over and over again. Within a few minutes, Ron had the hardest erection of his life, not to mention having his entire dick soaked in the eager girl's saliva. Hermione wasn't happy in only pleasing him through his cock however, as she was now opening her mouth to take both of his testicles into her mouth to suck on them as well.

"Ahh yes! Suck those balls as you jerk me off babe," Ron ordered. "And take off your shirt. I want to see those tits again."

Hermione listened regiliously to his words. While she continued to take turns with one of his nuts in her mouth at a time, she used the hand that wasn't stroking him to lift the hem of her vest and shirt up her tight stomach. Ron had helped her out by loosening her school tie before grabbing her top and pulling it the rest of the way for her. Hermione had to briefly pull away from his groin as the clothing came off, but then jumped back all over him. She gave each nut on last suck before moving her face upward so that she could wrap her lips around his pole once again.

Ron couldn't believe how well the situation had worked out for him. The only negative was that the girl that he potentially loved had sex with another man, but all things considered, he could live with that. Hermione had been pissed at him for the last month, not even speaking to him at all. But now here she was, on her knees in front of him on the cold tile floor of the prefects bathroom with her small but perky tits out and his cock in the back of her mouth. He couldn't help but wonder how long he could keep up the hurt act and how far she'd go to remove her guilt.

"Stand up. I want to get this inside of you right now," he told her.

Shooting up off the ground and onto her feet, Hermione looked around and decided that the basin was as good a place as any to bend over and get fucked on. Walking over to the large sink in the middle of the washroom, Hermione hooked her fingers into the waistband of her skirt and slowly peeled it over her amazingly plump ass and down her luscious athletic legs. Showing off her impressive flexibility, the talented witch brought the garment all the way to the ground so that she was bent in half with her ass facing Ron. Taking in the view any guy would kill for, he couldn't help but salivate over her bald, pink pussy and clenched rosebud.

"Didn't bother with a thong tonight, didn't think I'd be needing it," she told him as she rested her upper body on the cool surface.

"You always were a smart girl," he replied.

Taking up the space directly behind the horny girl, Ron gave her something to think about. Gripping his cock at the base, he placed his tip at the top of her ass crack and pushed in hard. There was no hole to go in so it slowly slid down the track, searching for an orifice to plunge inside. He sensed the girl tense, but not nearly as much as a girl that had only one sexual experience with anal, to his knowledge at least. Finally he reached her tight asshole, and rather than glancing right over the hole, her sphincter started to give way. It only gaped slightly before he stopped pushing so hard and leant forward, towards her.

"Did you want the backdoor," Hermione asked courageously without fear, a fact not lost on the ginger-haired boy.

"Maybe next time," he whispered in her ear.

Redirecting his force, he continued moving his cock downward until nestling in her wet folds. Lining up his tip with her waiting hole, Ron pushed forward and felt the head of his dick submerge itself in her warm entrance.

"Ughh," Hermione moaned. "Fuck I missed the feel of you."

Ron smiled brightly after her kind words then shifted his attention back to the task at hand. Even though she had been used for two straight weeks as a sex puppet by Viktor, her pussy remained tight, luckily for Ron. He would have preferred just to plow right inside of her love canal and fuck her brains out right from the off, but taking a slower approach was probably best for his stamina.

"So damn tight," Ron grunted.

Like a metronome, Ron pushed some length into the clever witch then pulled back out. He did this routine for the better part of 5 minutes until he had worked his entire cock within her pussy. With his pelvis now resting against the soft surface of her perfectly rounded arse, he took a minute to appreciate the feeling of having sex with Hermione again after what felt like years.

"You going to fuck me already," Hermione mused, looking back at the horny boy over her shoulder.

Taking it as a challenge, Ron reared back his hips so that his tip actually came out of her velvety folds. Giving each ass cheek a hard swat, which echoed around the large empty washroom, the boy thrust forward with all the power he possessed. As if drawn be an invisible track, his dick flew forward and pierced her lips, burying itself as deep as possible into the young witch's mound.

"OH MY GOD," she shrieked.

That thrust set the tempo for the rest of their time together as Ron continued to give it to the pretty girl roughly. Never shying away from smacking her ass or kneading her tit with more force than usual, Ron was letting his animal side come out that night. He didn't know if the hard sex was as a result of truly being pissed at her about Viktor, or her insane behavior during his relationship with Lavender, but all he knew was his cock was flying into her snatch at neck-breaking speeds while he was currently yanking back on her long wavy hair.

"Feels so good," Ron grunted.

"Lay down and I'll ride your cock like I'm on the Autobahn," Hermione told him.

Ron had only then become aware that his rough treatment of her may actually being hurting her. However, that notion was dropped from his mind the second he looked into her big green eyes and saw that they were completely taken over by lust. His slapping and hair pulling was a deterrent for the brilliant witch, rather it was actually helping to get her off!

Pulling out of her completely, Ron dropped to the ground and felt the cold stone aganst his bare leg. He was happy that he had kept his shirt on, but when he looked up and saw the naked Hermione, sans a pair of knee-high socks, standing above his waist, the ground stopped feeling cold against his skin. Once again, Hermione turned around to face away from him and showed off her best asset. Ron felt his cock bulge even more as the two smooth globes bent closer to him as she got to her knees and straddled his lap. Not needing a hand, Hermione rolled her hips around until she lined up her hole with his long cock than sank down.

"Urgghh," he groaned as he was enveloped back in her wet and warm canal.

Sinking slowly down the entire 9-inch length of his shaft, Hermione was really getting off on their dynamic. Although she hadn't known it prior, she liked being treated with a little less care than usual. It was probably more for her conscience, the feeling of Ron taking out his anger on her in a sexual manner made her feel better, even if it was a touch painful. Now bouncing up and down on his rod, she was moving her hips and grinding them on his lap to hit all sort of pleasurable areas inside her.

"You're allowed to play with my asshole," she told him. "I know how much you like it."

Prior to tonight, Ron had no idea that guilt could be so powerful. He felt bad for hiding the fact that he wasn't actually upset with her, but he had to ignore that part of his conscience. As Hermione slid smoothly up and down his cock, Ron started to buck his hips upwards to help drive more of himself into her tight orifice.

At the same time, he moistened his index finger with his mouth and brought it towards her asshole. It was still clenched tightly so Ron simply rubbed his wet digit over the rosebud to smear the saliva onto her. To accommodate his new interest, Hermione rode his pole to the very tip and only bounced on the first half of his dick to allow him easier access to her backdoor. It worked perfectly for her as his bulbous head was continuously grinding against her G-spot, bringing her steadily towards her much-needed orgasm.

For his part, Ron was still pushing into her grinding, just with much less vigor. That was due to his sudden interest in the object of his affection, Hermione Granger's puckered butthole. With the orifice well lubricated, the boy pressed his finger against her and it gave way with ease. He was surprised with the little resistance that he encounter, as the last time he attempted to gain entrance he was barely able to breach her sphincter. However, 2 months later and he was gliding two fingers into her ass without trouble, essentially double penetrating the girl.

"Ughh...oohhh...Ron...ahhh...getting...Mmmmphh...close," Hermione grunted.

"I'm close too. Where should I cum," Ron asked as they both raced towards their own orgasm.

"Cum in me," she moaned her response.

"Really," Ron asked, surprised that the rational minded scholar would want him to shoot his potent load into her unprotected womb.

"Yes Ron! Oh Merlin I'm cumming," she screamed.

Bucking her hips on last time, she sat down on Ron's lap so that she could feel both his rigid cock and fingers pierce her two holes as deep as possible. That was the last movement she did before his dual penetration made her cum all over his shaft.

Ron was close to the edge himself, but then feeling and hearing Hermione experience her own orgasm pushed him one step closer. The only problem was that the sexy girl had used up most of her energy in the fierce sex session so that her orgasm drained whatever she had left in the reserves. Thinking quick, Ron rolled over so that now he was back on top of Hermione, who had her bare chest pressed against the cold ground. He didn't care too much about the uncomfortable situation since he knew they wouldn't be there very long.

"Oh shit Hermione! I'm about to go," he warned, giving her one last chance to reconsider her choice of semen deposit.

"Shot all that sticky cum in me now," she encouraged, as she pushed her rump back to meet his own erratic thrusts.

"Unghhhhh!" Ron grunted loudly as he started to cum deep within the bushy-haired girl. He felt his huge load of sperm travel all the way from his large balls and through his body before it was shot out of his tip. Hermione could then feel the thick liquid being pumped into her pussy as his potent seed was pasted her walls.

"Wow. That," Ron finally huffed, physically exhausted.

"Agreed. That felt right," Hermione replied.

After another minute to regain their breath, Ron spoke again, "I guess we should head back to the Tower."

"Or...we could have round two? I told everyone I was spending the whole night in the library," she said with a sly smile.

"Bless that beloved lust potion," Ron smirked, feeling himself becoming hard again instantly.

* * *

"Ron. Ron! Wake up mate or else no breakfast before class," Harry said as he shook the exhausted boy.

"Wha? Oh...right," he replied, gaining his bearings.

"So I guess it went well then? That or you found a secluded place to cry all night then snuck back in the wee hours of the morning," he asked.

"I guess you could say it went well. Fuck her three times...and it would have been more if I didn't think my dick would have developed friction burns," Ron answered, beaming.

"Good for you buddy, you lucky son of a bitch," he clapped him on the shoulder.
_ _ _

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