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Pairings: Hermione/Luna

Codes: ff, Oral

Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Lure Of Lust Part 17
by The Chemist

"And we fucked a whole bunch in the washroom," Ron said, concluding his night's action with Hermione.

"Wow...that's incredible," Harry replied. "I thought it went well when you didn't come home early last night...that or she killed you and had disposed of the body."

"The way she rides so hard I wouldn't be surprised if she could kill someone," Ron joked.

"Yeah...I remember," Harry said while sprouting a wide smile.

"Right, forgot about us getting down in a threeway before."

"Good times," Harry replied. "Probably the best sex I've ever had. We should do it again."

"It would be good but why not take a step forward? How about introducing Luna in," Ron suggested.

Harry had to think about that proposal for a minute before replying. The positives to what Ron suggested were fairly clear. He'd get to fuck two of the hottest girls in school at the same time, including Hermione, who he'd been dying to get back inside for some time. However, there was also a few things that stopped him from screaming yes right away. One was that his relationship with Luna was new and he was worried about screwing it up by bringing this up. Another was that he wanted to be loyal to one girl, but that was proving difficult at the moment.


"You bloody hypocrite," Ron exclaimed. "You reamed me out over Christmas about wanting to sleep around and now, faced with the same situation, you are doing it too."

"Oh get off it. I know I acted like a git before but it had been awhile since I got laid and I was cranky...and maybe a little jealous," Harry confessed.

"As long as you know it," he laughed. "So then you're giving up on chasing my sister?"

"For the meantime I am, yeah," Harry replied. Until we either get cured of the lust potion or find a better way of dealing with the extra hormones, I don't think it'd be good to try and be with her. I'd be wanting to shag every hour, even if it was right in front of you."

"Then it's a good thing you put her on the back burner. Just don't string her around," Ron said.

"Understood. So does that mean..."

"I'll talk to Hermione. The way she is now, I doubt it'll require too much convincing," Ron replied. "Just find a way to get Luna on board. She may be an oddity but she's incredibly smart and who knows how open sexually she'll be."

"Good point but it's worth a try," Harry replied with a wide smile, thinking of the potential.

* * *

Harry started to think when would be the best time to suggest having a fourway with a girl he went on one date with. He doubt many people would be able to give him advise, so he knew he was on his own. That day, he, Ron and Hermione were all eating dinner together and Harry looked over and saw that the ditzy blonde was eating alone at the Ravenclaw table.

"I'll be right back," Harry whispered to Ron. "It's now or never."

"Good. Hermione's already on board," she informed Harry.

"Wow. Really? That easily," he asked.

"Guilt is a beautiful and powerful thing my friend. Actually I just suggested it and she jumped at the chance. Our relationship is on fragile ground so she doesn't want to do anything to upset or displease me in any way," Ron informed. "Now get over there and get Luna on board."

Ron watched as his best friend left his plate and got up from the table. He could tell that he was sweating bullets and trying to think of the right combinations of words that he could use in order to seduce Luna into a foursome. Finally, Harry had crossed the hall and started talking to the girl with long blonde hair. After a short conversation, Ron saw Luna stand from the table and the pair of them disappear as they left the Great Hall.

"I take it he's off to get Luna in on joining us," Hermione asked.

" know...if you still want to," Ron stuttered.

"Of course I still want to," she replied with a warm smile.

Hermione was thrilled that Ron had forgiven her for acting like a cold hearted bitch and was trying to do anything she could to show her appreciation. She showed him the previous night when she met him in the prefect's washroom and had sex with him passionately, bringing him to orgasm on three separate occasions. When he came to her today with a request for having sex with Harry and Luna, she readily agreed for a number of reasons. Part of her lusted after the tiny blonde girl, and after sharing a bed with Ginny a number of times, Hermione was curious if lesbian sex with a different girl would be better. Another part of her wanted to be fucked by Harry again, especially at the same time as Ron. It felt like a century ago when the two boys used her as a sex toy as they partook in a threeway, and Hermione was eager to experience that again.

After a few minutes, Harry and Luna remerged in the entrance of the doorway. As they walked inside, Ron was surprised that they didn't divert off to the Ravenclaw table, but rather continued heading towards him and Hermione. He couldn't tell what Luna was thinking as her face was as stoic as usual, and Harry still wore the same hopeful and nervous expression as before.

"Hello Hermione. Hello Ron," Luna greeted. "I was hoping that you and I could have a private conversation Hermione."

"Sure Luna," she replied with a hint of curiosity.

Hermione got up from the table and she and Luna made for the exit. Along the way, both boys noticed the blonde-haired girl walking especially close to Hermione, and they even swore that they saw Luna's hand reach out and take hold of Hermione.

"You have that Invisibility Cloak on you," Ron asked.

"Always. Let's hurry," Harry replied.

Waiting until the two girls were out of sight, Harry and Ron bolted towards the door. They made it just in time to see Luna, holding Hermione's hand, disappear inside the same empty classroom that she and Neville had sex in not too long ago.

"So what happened with her," Ron said as Harry searched his bag for the special cloak.

"I don't even know, it was all a blur. I asked, she gave a curious look then asked to speak to Hermione alone," Harry replied as he flung the cloak over them so they disappeared from sight.

Luckily for them, the girls were in a rush and forgot to shut the door tightly. As they quietly approached the room, they found the door to be open a crack so were able to peer inside and see the two girls looking away from the doorway. Harry pulled out his wand and performed a familiar spell so that he and Ron were able to open the door with it being heard. Once they were inside, they slowly walked in tandem to edge the door shut without making any sudden movement to attract attention.

Unfortunately for the quartet, Harry and Ron were not the only people that had snuck into the room to eavesdrop. Having seen the odd seen of Luna and Hermione leaving the Great Hall holding hands, Draco Malfoy's interest was peaked. Even though he had been using the Amortentia love potion he stole from Potions class on almost every girl in Slytherin, Hermione Granger was his ultimate conquest. After seeing Ron and Harry run after the girls like bumbling fools, Draco slipped out of the hall and hid while the duo disappeared under the Invisibility Cloak. He quickly brandished his own cloak that he cast a Disillusionment Charm over and followed the two boys into the classroom.

"...and that's when I told Harry I want to talk to you about this," Luna concluded.

"Well Ron suggested it to me today and I didn't think it was a bad idea. I've had a few flings with other girls and find them to be both sensual and incredibly pleasing. So it was an easy sell for me, especially since both Ron and Harry are amazing lovers," Hermione replied.

"I haven't had the chance with Ron but Harry was definitely fantastic," Luna said. "But jumping straight into a foursome is a bit daunting considering I've only ever had sex with one man at a time and I've never been with a girl before."

"Okay. So then did you want me to tell the boys that you're out," she asked.

"Not exactly. I am curious about it but I want to ease into it rather then jump into a situation that may be too much," Luna explained.

"What are you thinking then," Hermione questioned.

"You and I spend a night together first. That way I'm use to being with a girl so it won't be an overload of stimulation when the four of us share a bed," Luna answered. "What do you think?"

The answer was easy for Hermione. Without wanting to keep the blonde girl waiting too long for her reply, Hermione spoke and said, "Great idea. Tomorrow night in the Room of Requirements. Maybe right after dinner so those boys will be at Quidditch practice?"

"Great. I'll see you then," Luna said before flashing a warm smile and heading for the door.

Hermione left soon after her and that was when Ron and Harry felt safe to remove their Invisibility cloak. Both boys were so glad that their potential foursome grew ever closer and that both of their girlfriends were going to make hot lesbian sex to each other tomorrow night.

"Can we cancel practice so we can go watch," Ron asked.

"We can't. We play Slytherin on Saturday and we are out of match shape from the holidays. Don't worry, we'll see them together when we tag team them soon," Harry answered.

"They might have practice, but I don't," Draco thought with a sly grin.

* * *

Draco had a hard time falling asleep that night, much like most kids experienced on Christmas Eve. He was so distracted ever since he overheard the tryst between Luna and Hermione that he couldn't focus to work on his secret scheme. It seemed like all of his time for the past several months had been spent either stressing of how to accomplish his dark task while avoiding notice from Harry Potter or shagging any girl in the Slytherin house. However, he always fantasized about having sex with the super hot Hermione Granger, even if she was a Mudblood. Although he wouldn't be the one in bed with her, watching her fool around with another girl was very exciting.

After tossing and turning for most of the night, the blonde-haired boy finally got to sleep. It seemed like he had just drifted off when his alarm rang out, indicating it was time to get up for class. With all the progress he was making with his task, he contemplated skipping class altogether since he wouldn't be needing it in the future. However, missing a great deal of class was bound to attract the attention of Harry and the rest of his gang, not to mention Snape as well and possibly even Dumbledore himself.

The day seemed to pass by as poorly as his attempted sleep last night. The classes went by at a snail's pace. It appeared to Draco that all the professors had gotten together and decided to teach their most boring lecture to them all on the same day. But the minutes still ticked by, albeit at a slow pace and finally he was being released from his last class of the day.

Retreating back to his room, Draco pulled out his cloak that he had been using to sneak about the castle without notice. He knew that Disillusionment charms had a history of wearing off with time, so he reinforced the spell to make sure that it wouldn't wear off at an inconvenient time.

With the new charmed cloak safely stowed in his pack, Draco went down early to the Great Hall. He wanted to get something to eat before a night full of sitting quietly in the corner, spying on two girls as they engaged in lesbian sex. He was one of the first people at any of the tables, but the house elves had the food prepared and he started to eat. During his meal he noticed Luna walk in and sit at the Ravenclaw table. A few minutes later, Hermione and Ginny came walking inside as well before settling in at their own table.

Draco finished eating then waited for a moment to leave that was sure not to attract any attention. Finally, a group of students walked by him at his table and he sprung up and joined them. He wasn't sure if any of the girls would have noticed him leaving the Great Hall, but he was slightly paranoid. Once he entered the hallway, Draco headed straight towards the seventh floor and to the solid brick wall he found himself at often.

"I need a place to have sex. I need a place to have sex. I need a place to have sex," Draco thought while walking by the blank wall.

Upon his third time thinking about what he wanted, a door appeared right before his eyes. Rather then opening up into a huge room filled with objects from the past several centuries of Hogwarts like it usually did for Draco, it was quite different this time. A large four-post king-sized bed sat in the middle of the room. The lighting was dim and flickering due to the place being lit only by tens of candles set up around the perimeter. It set a very sensual mood, as did the red satin sheets on the bed. The bed also contained several pillows, a lot more than anyone would ever need. Thinking about how long he could potentially be sitting in the sex room, Draco took a few pillows from the bed and placed them in the corner so that he would have a comfortable place to watch the action unfold.

Draco withdrew his cloak that would make him invisible from his pack and threw it over himself. He had also taken the extra precaution of casting a silencing charm on the material so that he could still hear everything outside the cloak, but the noise made from inside would not be transmitted outward. He was glad that he brought a book about dark magic since it took nearly half an hour until he heard and saw the door open.

Draco was happy to see the two girls come walking in. Even though he wanted to hate them both for landing his father in jail after the fight at the Department of Mysteries. However, seeing the two beautiful girls walking into a bedroom with the only purpose of fucking each other's brains out made the ice melt slightly.

"So you're sure about this," the much more experienced Hermione asked.

"Yeah. I've always been interested in girls so I'm happy this chance came up. Plus I think Harry and I might have something special so I'm willing to indulge some of his kinks," Luna rationed. "Have you done this before?"

"A couple times with Ginny," she replied. "It's really hot and sexy. Plus who knows how to better please a girl than another girl?"

"Good point. Your wit was always good enough to be in Ravenclaw," Luna conceded. "So how do we start?"

Hermione let her actions speak for her instead of her words. Already standing right beside the blonde girl, she reached over and pulled Luna towards her. Before she knew what was going on, Hermione's lips were on hers and was running her tongue along her mouth. Luna was surprised by the Gryffindor's aggressiveness, but she did appreciate her taking the lead.

"Come to the bed," Hermione said with lust-filled eyes.

Moving her hands off of Luna's face, Hermione trailed them downwards. Passing along the nape of her neck, she then glided over both of Luna's small tits over her schoolgirl outfit, being sure to give each firm globe a hearty squeeze. Instead of continuing her descend, she moved her hands to the younger girl's hands and walked her over towards the flush bed.

Luna allowed her to guide her across the room until they were standing at the foot of the bed. Hermione climbed onto the mattress first then brought the compliant girl up with her. Both knowing that the Gryffindor was in full control of the encounter, she proceeded to strip Luna of all her clothes until the blonde was rendered completely naked.

"Now I know why Harry is so taken with you," Hermione spoke.

Hermione had indeed seen Luna nude once before, however she had no recollection of the event thanks to Professor Slughorn. As she imagined, Luna had a wonderfully tight body with hardly an ounce of fat to be had on her. Observing her whole body, Hermione noted that although she didn't have the biggest boobs, they were firm and perky, they stood in perfect size given her slim body. Each tit was topped with a small, bright pink nipple, making her think of a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a cherry on top.

Not merely content with observing the younger girl's fine figure, Hermione leant back in for a kiss. She pressed her lips gently on hers and allowed her tongue to enter into Luna's mouth, but barely grazing it before pulling back. She continued to do soft, sensual kisses to get Luna in the mood while using her fingers to roam over Luna's body.

"Mmmh," Luna moaned as her friend lighted pulled on her erect nipples.

Hermione took turns alternating between squeezing her perky tits and rolling the tiny nipples between her thumb and forefinger. She would have liked nothing more than to continue to kiss the smaller girl and play with her boobs, however she had more devious plans in mind for Ms. Lovegood. Wrapping a hand around Luna's back, Hermione used her body to guide her back onto the bed so that she was lying face up with her head on the pillows.

With Luna now in the perfect position, Hermione was ready to give the blonde her first lesbian episode. Tying her hair behind her in a ponytail to keep it out of her face, the Gryffindor girl leant down and kissed Luna again. This time Luna had her mouth already open and ready to be filled by Hermione's tongue, which she readily did. Breaking the contact between their lips, Hermione moved her missing downward over the younger girl's chin until reaching her sensitive neck.

"Mmm," Luna moaned again as her friend's soft lips descended along her neck.

Hermione was going slow but was not staying in the same position for very long. Having already passed over the nape of the neck, she kissed her collarbone before leaving a trail down her chest until she took Luna's small nipple into her mouth. Instantly she clamped her lips around it and applied suction while also using her tongue to flick in it as well. Hermione was happy that it had the desired affect as Luna had arched her back to better present her boob for her while letting out a solid stream of groans.

Draco watched on from the corner as the girl he despised the most took Luna's other tit into her mouth and sucked on it with vigor as well. Although she was a Mudblood that was unworthy of a pureblood's attention, Draco couldn't help but view the seen with his full concentration. Her petite frame that was filled perfectly with good-sized tits and a great ass made her a fine specimen, and a beautiful face made it hard not to have an erection, especially when she was having sex with another pretty girl.

"Ready to get started love," Hermione asked.

Luna's eager nod drew a wide smile on Hermione's face. Backing up on the bed, the bushy-haired girl rested on her knees and moved her face so that it was hovering mere inches above Luna's completely bald pussy, except for a thin strip of hair directly above her pink slit. Hermione paused for abrief moment to appreciate the beauty of her pussy, especially by how it was glistening with Luna's arousal before diving right in.

"Ohhh," Luna gasped as her tongue plunged into her moistened hole.

Even though Hermione had much more experience at this when compared to Luna's past encounters, the truth was she had only done it a handful of times. She would have preferred to start slower and take her time with Luna, but the blonde girl had her so hot that she couldn't control herself and had to get right to it. Just as she had hoped when she first agreed to this lesbian tryst, Luna was responding with loud and constant screams of approval.

"Yes, owww, awww, yes," Luna moaned while in pure bliss.

Hermione took Luna's reaction as a badge of honor and continued to shove her tongue into her pussy and explore her walls. She benefited from having a long tongue that was strong enough to worm inside the narrow opening and lap at as much of her surface as possible. Deciding to change things up slightly, Hermione stopped probing and instead used her tongue to repeated plunge in and out of her tight pussy.

"Damn this is hot," Draco thought as he started to stroke his erect member.

Just as Hermione had referenced before, having a girl going down on her was much different then when Neville had done it. Even though the two Gryffindor students had roughly the same experience with licking a girl, Hermione showed much more ability then the male. Having had many of men lick her pussy, the bushy-haired girl knew what felt good and what felt simply sublime. Using those memories and her ability to recall and reciprocate, Hermione was steadily pushing the younger blonde girl towards an inevitable orgasm.

Sensing that her partner was getting close, Hermione had just the idea that would push her over the edge and into her first of hopefully many orgasms Luna would have this night. Seamlessly swapping her tongue for two of her slim fingers, the Gryffindor girl worked her digits into her tight pussy. This left her tongue free to target Luna's exposed clitoris, attacking it with gentle precision. Clamping her lips around the tiny bud and still lapping it with her skilled tongue, Hermione began pounding her fingers into her at a rapid rate.

"UNNGGGHHHH," Luna let scream as she erupted into a powerful orgasm.

Hermione heard the scream, signaling that her hard worked had paid off and now was reaping the rewards. Once she felt the first bit of cum flow onto her fingers, which were fully submerged in the Ravenclaw girl, Hermione removed the digits and lowered her mouth onto her hole. Now able to better suck out the girl's sweet nectar, the bushy-hair girl devoured as much as she could.

Luna soon found out that her friend wasn't simply trying to retrieve the cum she'd blasted out when she first orgasmed. In actuality, Hermione wasn't slowing down, if anything she was pushing the pace again. Luna came again fairly quickly, then a third time in short succession. She stopped counting after that as the Gryffindor girl kept assaulting her pussy with a barrage of mouth, tongue, and fingers until she actually black out for a few moments.

When Luna came back to reality, she was pleased to find that Hermione had taken a break and had stopped licking her sensitive pussy. Even though every second of her treatment felt magical, she appreciated the break. The bushy-haired girl hadn't gone far though, quite the opposite, as her face was hovering close to Luna's.

"Did you want to experiment on me now? I don't want to push you into anything you don't want to do though. If you'd rather not then I can just slip into Ron's bed later tonight and get him to make me cum hard," Hermione asked, her mouth still in Luna's juices.

"I've never done it before," Luna conceded.

"Don't let that be the only thing that stops you. I was Ginny's first and she was mine as well. We didn't know what we were doing but still managed to give each other an orgasm," Hermione replied. "Plus I can walk you through it or give you tips."

Luna thought about it for a second before replying, "I'd love to try to repay the favor. Just don't expect a lot."

"You're a Ravenclaw. Wit beyond measure. You know what I did to you so I'm guessing you won't be too bad at it," Hermione encouraged.

The pair started kissing and Luna understood then why Hermione was so eager to collect her cum after her orgasm. The trace remains still on the older girl's lips tasted extremely sweet and satisfying, making her ponder how it wasn't a flavor of those flavored beans Zonko sold. With the grace of a ballerina, the two girls moved in sync to roll over so that Hermione was the one with her head on the pillow, looking up at the blonde with the large eyes.

Summoning the courage of a Gryffindor, Luna gave her one last kiss before working her way down the girl's body. She hadn't noticed it, but some time between receiving the last of her orgasms and reawakening from her brief spell of unconsciousness, Hermione had managed to completely strip out of her school uniform. With no barrier between their warm bodies, Luna led a trail of kisses to each of Hermione's pleasantly sized tits, each topped with a bright pink, swollen nipple. Luna didn't want to waste too much time with foreplay in case her friend didn't like it. Kissing her way further down, her lips grazed over her flat stomach before arriving between her legs.

As Luna paused a moment for either appreciation of Granger's bald pussy or nervousness, Draco couldn't help but ponder whether Loony Lovegood would make his nemesis scream out like Ginny and Harry had done before. He got his answer quickly as Luna closed her eyes, extended her tongue and took a long lick of the entire length of Hermione's already wet pussy.

"Ahhh," Hermione moaned in appreciation.

The taste that had filled her taste buds was new and still foreign. Eager to please her lover, Luna started to lick along Hermione's pussy lips in a continuous fashion. This caused her to grow more accustom to the unusual flavor, in fact, she was beginning to like it more with each lick. The more times her tongue brushed over her pink slit, the more eager she become at lapping up more of the fluid until she realized she'd plunged her tongue right into Hermione's pussy in such of more.

"Oh yes Luna," Hermione called out loudly.

Now with the knowledge that she loved the taste of pussy, Luna was acting like a woman possessed. With no real motion in mind, the Ravenclaw girl was moving her tongue through Hermione's slit and into her hole with random, however it was very effective. Getting much more comfortable between a female's legs, Luna migrated north so that she could tease her friend's clit like she had done to her earlier. The proceeding chorus of moans was like music to both her's and Draco's ears.

Using the screams of pleasure as support, the blonde continued on with the sole goal of making her lover cry out in a beautiful orgasm. Hermione's hand was now placed firmly on the back of Luna's skull, trying desperately to push her face even further into her pussy. With the signs from her that she was doing a good job, Luna was filled with confidence and licked her all the way until she came.

"OHHH MMYY GGOOOODDD," Hermione screamed wildly.

Remembering how the first orgasm only seemed to encourage Hermione to give her more, Luna was far from done with her lover. Drinking down the older girl's fluids, which tasted even better than her pussy, Luna sandwiched two of her tiny fingers together and slowly eased them into Hermione's extremely welcoming pussy.

"Ughhh," she moaned as her love hole was invaded.

Luna sunk the two digits deeper and deeper into Hermione's hole, just as the older girl had done to her no more than half an hour ago. Once they couldn't go any further, she started to withdraw them while simultaneously wiggling them around inside, trying to massage any part of her pussy that she came in contact with. Luna didn't have great idea of what she was doing, but judging by the choruses of groans she was continuing to receive from Hermione, she figured she was doing a good enough job.

Now getting adventurous, Luna decided to try something new again. Slowing her finger thrusting down, the next time she withdrew her digits from Hermione's hole she added a third. Going slowly, she re-inserted them into her hole and was pleased to find it accept it without trouble. Once the new finger was fully coated in her juices, Luna returned to her rapid pace she was using to slam into her friend.

"More," Hermione screamed.

Luna was already pumping three fingers into Hermione's gushing pussy so she pulled her hand away and squished her pinky finger next to the three that had already been inside her. With her four finger forming two rows of two, the blonde girl pressed it against her folds and watched all of them disappear inside with relative ease.

After working them all the way inside, Luna started to pump them in and out of her pussy, much to Hermione's pleasure. However, the feeling didn't last long until the bushy-haired girl felt like the four fingers weren't enough.

"Still...ahh...need more," she begged.

"But that would mean..."

"I know, I know. Just try it. See if I can take it," Hermione pleaded once again.

Luna nodded her head and proceeded to attempt exactly what Hermione wanted done. Once again she pulled her fingers out of Hermione's well-used mound so that she could bring her thumb to her mouth and suck on it. With a good amount of saliva coating the thicker digit, she pressed all five fingertips tightly together and positioned them at the entrance to the Gryffindor girl's pussy.

"You sure," Luna asked one more time.

"We can always stop if it's too much," she replied with certainty.

"You Gryffindors have always been known more for your bravery than brains," Luna said.

With those words spoken, Luna started to force her five fingers into the other girl's loosen hole. She made it all the way into the first knuckle before the tightness of Hermione's pussy kicked in and made entry halt. Determined to try and give her lover exactly what she wanted, Luna started to repeatedly work the fingers in and out of her hole. Just like before, Luna felt her orifice start to yield and she soon was able to penetrate a little further.

"Holy crap I think she's actually going to do it," Draco thought.

Bound by fierce curiosity, Draco couldn't just sit back in his corner any longer. Silently standing up from the corner that he had been sitting in for the better part of an hour, the Slytherin boy tip-toed his way towards the bed that was occupied by the two naked girls. He arrived just in time to see Luna's determination reap its rewards as her fist finally slid into Hermione.

"Oh my God! Oh my God! Holy crap! UNGGHHHHHH," Hermione loudly shouted as she suffered one of the strongest orgasms of her life.

It was an odd sensation for Luna to feel Hermione's pussy clamp down in response to her orgasm. Unlike last time when it was only her two fingers inside the bushy-haired girl, this time the hole was squeezing tightly on her wrist as Hermione's cum oozed out onto her hand.

Both girls had sustained multiple orgasms and had put in a lot of energy to please one another in the process. They were utterly exhausted and smelled distinctly like sex. They took there time getting out of bed and back into their clothes before finally deciding to leave the comfort of the Room of Requirements. Both of them headed back to their Houses so that they could grab a long, warm shower before passing out for the night.


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