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Pairings: Hermione/Luna/Harry/Ron

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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Lure Of Lust Part 18 - The Fantastic Four...Of Sorts
by The Chemist

Something was bothering Hermione, and like most things that were challenging for her, she had to dwell on it until figuring it out. Last week she had a lesbian sex marathon with the underrated hottie Luna Lovegood. It wasn't her idea, that honor went to Ron, her current boyfriend. They had an odd dynamic at the moment, however they were pushing each other to new sexual highs, which was making them avoid bigger issues that eventually needed dealing with.

That wasn't what was bothering the academically gifted girl though. And it wasn't the pending foursome that was going to happen any night now. Having successfully engaged Luna in sex, she was now comfortable with the idea of joining Hermione, Ron and her own boyfriend Harry in what could only be described as an orgy. It would be the first time any of them took part in any sexual encounter with that many people, however the three Gryffindors had all slept together during the summer.

And that is what started her new obsession. At the end of the summer, when the three of them were first effected by the long-lasting lust potion, they couldn't stop themselves from wanting to fuck anything that moved. Most of the time it was with themselves, however they were more than willing to branch out. But now, 9 months later, Ron only had eyes for Hermione and Harry seemed to lose his affection for Ginny and was focused mainly on Luna, but also back to Hermione as well.

Unfortunately, there wasn't a whole lot of literature about that type of magic so research was becoming rather difficult. However, Hermione Granger wasn't simply a linear thinker. Using her superior logical and applied knowledge, she started turning her attention into other studies. And after nearly a week of searching, she finally had her answer.

Returning back to the common room, she found Harry and Ron sitting in the back corner. They were suppose to be doing the latest assignment that Professor Snape assigned them, however they seemed more interested in talking Quidditch tactics. As usual, the Gryffindor team was looking odds on favorite for the House title with only one game remaining against the Ravenclaw team, who were known more for their academic achievements rather than their athletic prowess.

"Hey Hermione," Ron said as she approached them, standing up to give her a kiss on the cheek.

"We need to talk guys," she replied.

"I hate when you say that," they groaned together before Harry added, "Why don't we just go up and practice for tomorrow night?"

"Tempting as that sounds," Hermione said, actually meaning it, "I have new information about that damn potion from the summer."

"What is it then," Ron asked. "Is it wearing off?"

"Quite the contrary actually. It's evolving," she told them. "It was just effecting us on a molecular level, essentially changing our physiology and how our bodies react hormonally to arousal..."

"Cut to the chase Hermione," Harry interrupted. "We aren't molecular engineers or physiologists. We don't need the background info, just the headline."

"Fine," she huffed while trying to keep her voice down. "The potion isn't just affecting us. It's now having an effect on others."

"How is that even possible? Our blood or spit is contagious or something," Ron questioned.

"No, but a really good guess Ronald. It's not contagious but we are now giving off pheromones," Hermione told them. Seeing the quizzical looks on their faces, she knew a further explanation was needed. "We are starting to give off these hormones that are making people horny. Essentially, the lust potion we have in us is starting to pass through us and have the same effect on people near us."

After taking a few seconds to let her statement sink in, Harry asked, "But no one has really thrown themselves at us."

"Haven't they been? Think about it. Ron and I have been shagging day and night practically when not long ago I hated his guts. He ran back into my bed even though I told him in the bitchiest way that I fucked around over Christmas, yet he forgot about that to get back inside me. And look at you. You were trying to be Mr. Sexual Responsible, yet now you want to fuck me silly, just like Ron does."

"What about Luna," Ron asked.

"That's why this took me a little longer to figure out. It was somewhat out of character for her to sleep with you, especially on a first date in the back of an alley on a garbage can no less. Hence the pheromone factor, she was highly attracted to you so getting in her pants or up her dress was so easy," she explained.

The trio continued to discuss Hermione's new theory in hushed voices. Even though it took a bit of him, namely because of how fast Hermione was speaking since she was so excited about answering an annoying problem. She went on to tell them why it was only the three of them plus Luna who had been affected by the pheromones. The trio were most susceptible since they had vast amounts of lust potion already in them that the pheromones were more easily able to affect. Luna had also been caught up in it since she had been dosed with lust potion twice, once by Draco and once by Slughorn. They remnant amount of the potion still in her system made her a bigger target.

"So what does this all mean," Harry asked once again.

"As far as I can see, it changes nothing. We can't stop the pheromones so all I can think of doing is...well...keep doing what we are already doing," she said with a slight blush.

"Hermione Granger, you little sex fiend," Ron laughed.

"Screw waiting for tomorrow night. We can just blow off this homework so that you and Luna can blow us," Harry joked.

"That will just be for starters," she replied. "And I'll do your homework afterwards."

"You'll be sleeping like a baby after we're done," Ron told her.

Since they we already sitting beside each other, Ron slid his hand onto her bare thigh. Moving it upwards along her milky white skin, the horny redhead went beneath her skirt so that his fingers were brushing against her panties. Already wet from merely talking about sex with the two boys for a couple of minutes, Ron moved the satin material aside so he could plunge two fingers into his girlfriend's pussy.

"Ughh," she moaned as he continuously finger blasted her pink hole.

"So I'll go make sure Luna is good for tonight," Harry started. Noticing what Ron was doing, Harry mirrored the same action and soon his two fingers were also being used to pump inside the young beauty. "And then we'll all meet in front of the RoR."

"Good...ahhh...idea," Hermione lowly grunted as four fingers were worked into her stretched pussy.

Hermione greedily let the boys continue to see-saw their fingers into her. When they first started her pussy had gotten instantly wet, but now that they had been going for a couple of minutes, she was damn near soaking the seat beneath her. Even though she knew that the main event up in the Room of Requirements would be the very definition of bliss, she was finding it hard to stop herself from the little review the boys were giving her now.

"I'll meet you guys in five minutes," Harry finally said, withdrawing his fingers from her dripping pussy. "Hopefully no one sees me running up to Ravenclaw with a boner."

As Harry stood up from the table, Ron continued pumping his fingers into his girlfriend's mound. To help take up some of the slack with Harry's departure, Ron added in two more fingers so that she still had 4 being stuffed inside her. While Harry started walking away, leaving Hermione silently moaning with Ron, he stopped while behind her and brought the digits that he used to finger-fuck her and placed them in her gaped mouth. As soon as they landed on her tongue, she clamped her lips around them and started to suck off every last trace of herself from them.

"This is going to be great," Ron said with glee.

Harry darted out of the Gryffindor common room and headed straight for the Ravenclaw tower. It was a few floors away and in a completely different section of the castle, but that wasn't going to stand in his way. With an extreme motivating factor pushing him on, the captain of the Quidditch team raced to his destination at pace he didn't think possible. As he arrived at the entrance to their common room, he knocked on the door and luckily some opened the door fairly rapidly.

"Hi. Was hoping you could get Luna to come to the door," Harry asked the younger student who had hadn't met before.

" right back," the intimidated first year girl said to the most famous teenage wizard.

After only a minute the lovely Luna greeted a tired Harry at the entrance to her House tower. "Hi Harry. What are you doing here?"

"Tonight? Me, you, Hermione and Ron. Let's do it tonight," Harry blurted out.

Luna seemed to think about it for a couple moments before saying, "I did just finish my Rune essay so I'm free the rest of the night."

"Hope you had a big dinner, you'll need the energy," Harry told her before grabbing her by the hand and leading her towards the seventh floor.

The walls flew by them in a blur as the Chosen One led his girlfriend threw the halls. In record time, Harry and Luna arrived on the seventh floor. Finding the familiar blank slab of wall opposite the odd looking tapestry, Harry walked back and forth three times before the hidden entrance appeared. Opening the in-swinging door into the room, he allowed Luna to enter first before following her in.

"What took you too so long," Ron asked.

He was lying a top of the large bed in the center of the room with his beautiful girlfriend beside him. Ron's clothing was still fully intact while he had removed a good portion of Hermione's uniform, leaving her only in her underwear. The pair had apparently been making out before they got there, as Hermione was now kissing his neck until his lips met back with hers.

"We damn near broke the land speed record," Harry replied.

"So what are the rules," Ron asked, momentarily taking a break from making out with Hermione.

"What do you mean mate," Harry replied.

"Like do we have to stick to our own partners? So say I wanted to...sample Luna, would I be able to?"

All 3 sets of eyes turned their gaze towards the ditzy blonde to hear her response. "Well it would only be fair. I've already been with both Harry and Hermione so if you want to have sex with me too Ron, then I'd be happy to oblige."

"Great," Ron celebrated with elation.

"Anything else love," Hermione asked the younger girl. "Is it no holes barred or are you blocking the backdoor? I ask because the boys here are ass men."

"Um..." Luna said as she thought.

"You don't have to do anything you don't want babe," Harry assured her, even though he was hoping she agreed.

"They're very gentle and still are able to make me cum," Hermione added in. "The pain is overrated, it really doesn't hurt for more than a moment."

"Sure. Whatever or wherever you guys want," Luna answered.

"Yes," the boys cheered.

"Why don't Luna and I get each other warmed up while giving you two a show," Hermione suggested. "Come over and join me on the big Luna."

Luna walked from the doorway to the bed to join both Hermione and Ron on the bed. Hermione was already stripped of most of her clothes and was just left in her black bra and matching panties. The pair were propped up on their knees beside each other. As Luna crawled on top of the large mattress and rested next to them in the same position, Ron gave his girl one last kiss before starting to move away. Stopping in his tracks, he remembered that Luna was fair game. Reaching out his arms to cup both sides of her face, he pulled her closer to him to bring her in for a long, tongue-filled kiss. Luna was apprehensive slightly at first but soon warmed to it and was now using her own tongue to lick his.

"Solid kisser," Ron commented. "No wonder you like her Harry."

Ron finally got off the bed to allow the two sexy girls to have fun with each other. Having slept with each other less than a week ago, the pair weren't as hesitant as the boys may have thought they would be. Already resting on their knees, the two girls came together and embraced with a soft kiss. Both of their arms almost simultaneously wrapped around the other's body as they pressed tighter to one another.

"This," Harry said as his eyes remained glued to the scene on the bed.

Hermione had unwound her arms from around Luna so that she could start removing her school uniform. They had to momentarily pause their steamy kissing so that the older girl could pull the grey sweater off of Luna's petite body. The pair resumed making out as Hermione continued to disrobe her. A quick tug and her Ravenclaw tie fell to the side of the bed before she pulled open her blouse to reveal the younger girl's white bra.

"Won't be needing this," Hermione told her. She never broke eye contact with Luna as she reached around her back, found the clasp of her bra and undid it.

"Pretty good size of tits considering how tiny she is," Ron commented to his best friend.

Moving her head back closer to Luna, Hermione wasn't aiming for her mouth anymore. Already using her hands to knead the Ravenclaw's bare boobs, Hermione clasped her lips around one of Luna's bright pink nipples and started to suck on it. Not wanting to forget about the other one, Hermione shifted her mouth over so that she could lick and suck on her other one as well.

"Ahhh...mmmmh...that feels so good," Luna moaned in response to all the attention. "But I'm not the only one with a pair of boobs."

Hermione pulled her lips from Luna's chest and sat back up tall. She helped her friend out by undoing her own bra and tossing it away so that she showed off her bare chest to the rest of the room. Everyone inside had already seen them before, but that didn't stop all 6 eyes from staring at the nice set of perky tits that the 16-year old possessed. Luna gave Hermione one last kiss before licking her way down her neck, over her collarbone then finally reached her tits and began licking them just as Hermione had done to her minutes prior.

" and that magical tongue of yours," Hermione complimented her. "But I want you to lay down honey."

Luna gave her small nipple a light bite before pulling away and laying flat on her back. Like a woman possessed, Hermione hooked her fingers into the waistband of Luna's skirt and ripped it down and off her legs, taking her panties with her in the process. With the Ravenclaw girl now stripped of all her clothes except for a pair of black knee high socks, Hermione got to see that she was still donning her same style of a shaven pussy with the exception of a small strip of blonde hair.

"Ughhh," Luna grunted as Hermione used her tongue to lick the length of her slit.

Hermione smiled then did the exact same move but was able to taste Luna's excitement this time around. She somehow tasted sweeter than the last time she could remember and was eager to insert her tongue deep into her tight teen pussy. Luna could simply moan loudly as Hermione continued to barrage her with an assault of pleasure to her love hole.

"You boys have an input," Hermione asked, the lower portion of her face smeared in a combination of her own saliva and Luna's juices.

"Well since she did say anything was fair game...why don't you move that skilled tongue of yours a little further south," Harry proposed.

"You want me to lick inside your girlfriend's asshole," Hermione asked to confirm.

"Yeah...if you're game," he retorted.

"Oh I'm more than game," she replied.

Getting Luna to roll back more on her shoulders, Hermione took up her position between her outstretched legs. Her ass was further up in the air, which allowed the bushy-haired girl to take sight of Luna's tiny puckered butthole. Grasping each of her cheeks with her hands, Hermione pulled them as far apart as she could. To her satisfaction, Luna's backdoor gaped open just enough for Hermione to lean in and stuck the tip of her tongue inside to search around.

"Whoaa," Luna screamed.

It was an unusual feeling to have not only her ass pulled open, but then have a wet, wiggly object inserted into it. The more Hermione lapped inside her bowels and tried to shove more of her tongue into Luna, the more what initially felt complete strange and bizarre was now becoming erotic.

"I think she's really enjoying it," Ron commented to Harry.

"'s just too hard to tell which one of them is enjoying it more," Harry replied.

Ron had to concur with his friend as it seemed that they were both taking pleasure for their roles. Luna was finding having her asshole rimmed quite enjoyable and was moaning nearly unstoppably. Meanwhile, Hermione was seeming to be getting off on licking inside another girl's rectum.

"Maybe I...ummm...should repay...ahhhh...the favor to...ughhh...her," Luna said.

"Okay Luna, now we want Hermione to sit on your pretty little face," Ron instructed with pausing to think.

Just like a few nights prior, the younger girl was eager to pay back her debt to her more experienced partner. Once Hermione finally removed her tongue from her asshole, Luna was able to go back flat on her back. Hermione stood up onto her feet while balancing on the soft surface of the bed and faced away from the boys, who were off to the side of the room. Moving her hips side-to-side, the horny girl inched her thong from the crack of her ass and slowly down her legs until kicking it off without regard where it landed.

"Seriously, that is the most perfect ass in existence," Harry said to Ron.

"You don't even know the half of it...yet," he replied.

With all of her clothing now fully removed, the very naked girl got in position by placing a foot on either side of Luna's head. Sinking down to her knees, a position she found herself in quite frequently over the past 9 months, her bald pussy hovered a mere inch above the blonde's eager mouth. Using actions to show Hermione she was ready and very willing, Luna craned her neck up so that she could take a swipe of her bright pink pussy with her tongue.

"Ahhh," Hermione moaned in response. "Glad to see you didn't forget our lesson from last week."

Now knowing that her partner was very receptive to their second lesbian encounter, Hermione completely bent her knees and placed her wet pussy right on Luna's face. The smaller girl showed no signs of hesitation as she started to worm her tongue into Hermione's love hole instantly. The bushy-haired girl got caught up in the moment completely and lost control of her leg muscles so she found herself with her pussy pressed firmly on Luna's mouth. Luckily she regained enough composure to realize she was cutting off the blonde's air supply and pushed off her enough to let her get some air in.

Seemingly unfazed by the temporary lack of oxygen, Luna gripped her friend by her rounded hips and made Hermione come back down onto her lips. Harry and Ron stood not far from the bed and watched with raging erections as Hermione grinded her pussy all over Luna's face. The Gryffindor girl had her hands clasped tightly on the headboard as she rode Luna's face, not caring in the slightest what her slit was rubbing over, whether it be her tongue, chin or nose, as it all felt terrific.

"Fuck you're a good at this lesbian stuff now," Hermione complimented her.

"Taught by the best," Luna replied, her face completely covered in the layer of Hermione's juices. "But lean further back now."

Having to take her hands away from the top of the bed, Hermione had to arch her back so that she could rest her hands on the bed behind her in order to keep her balance. The resulting position caused her pussy to move further up Luna's face by her nose while Hermione's backdoor was now resting above the blonde's mouth.

"Ughhh...I forgot how weird and hot this feels," Hermione said while Luna licked the edges of her butthole.

Luna would normally have never of even thought to rim another girl's ass, yet here she was trying to wiggle her tongue into one of her best friend's dumper. She didn't know what had gotten into her, even though the trio knew exactly why, but she was fully committed to whatever happened inside the room tonight.

"Do you think...ahhh...we...mmmhmmm...should let the now," Hermione suggested.

"I suppose," she replied.

Before either girl could look over at them, the two boys had joined them on the mattress. There was a cloud of clothes as they both rapidly pulled off their clothes until the floor around the bed was littered with their school robes. Hermione had just enough time to swing her leg back over Luna's head so she was no longer resting her whole weight on the tiny blonde's mouth.

"Whoa," Hermione shrieked with excitement as Ron practically tackled her to the bed.

With Ron and Hermione rolling around together naked off to one side of the enormous bed, Harry laid down onto of Luna, who had remained on her back. As the Chosen One and the Ravenclaw girl kissed, he could taste the lingering flavor of Hermione's juices in her mouth. It reminded him of the few times he was lucky enough to share a bed the talented young witch while simultaneously exciting him since he'd get his chance again shortly. As the faint traces of Hermione disappeared from his girlfriend's mouth. Harry now kissed her harder to be sure he had tasted every last remains.

"Such a good kisser," Luna complimented him. "But Hermione and I kind of teased you with that little show of ours, so why don't we prove that we can take care of our men too."

"No complaints from me," Harry said with a big smile still plastered on his face.

Luna finished giving him one last before they flipped over so the Chosen One was lying comfortably on his back with his erect 8-inch cock pointing towards the ceiling. With Harry in place, the pretty blonde crawled her way down his lean body until coming to rest between his spread legs. As if she's been doing it for years, Luna began stroking his length before lowering her head and encompassing his tip in her warm mouth.

"Mmmhh...that feels like bliss," the Quidditch captain groaned.

Happy that her oral skills were up to his pleasing, the Ravenclaw girl moved her hand further down his shaft in order for her lips to progress down. She still wasn't mastered in the ways of deep throating, like her brunette counterpart she was sharing a bed with, but she was eager to improve. Taking as much of him into her cavity as possible, she felt his head pressing on the back of her throat. Pretending like she was in the doctor's office, Luna attempted to say 'ahhhh' and it worked out perfectly. She made a grunting noise but was able to open her throat up wider and slide the rest of Harry's cock into her mouth until her lips were pressed against his curly pubic hair.

"Holy crap! I'd have never of guess Loony could do that," Ron exclaimed.

Even though he had been passionately making out with his own gorgeous girlfriend, all while she stroked his fat dick, Ron couldn't help but watch what the tiny blonde was doing with his best friend. Now knowing that her actions weren't doing enough to hold the redhead's concentration, Hermione went for an equally aggressive approach.

"Don't call her Loony dear, and since you like what she's doing so much, why don't you ask her to try it on you," Hermione suggested.

Her comment was enough to get the other three's attention as Ron stopped kissing her, Harry turned his gaze towards her and even Luna pulled his now spit-coated shaft from her gullet. As if to come down the situation yet get the scene back in motion, Hermione moved away from Ron and got on her knees right beside the blonde girl. She gave her a soft kiss before taking her hand and leading her to between Ron's legs.

"You completely sure? He's your boyfriend and everything, I don't..."

"Shh," Hermione told her, pressing her index finger to her friend's lips. "This is what tonight is all about, experimenting, having a good time with whoever we want. You and I have already fooled around, and you just gave Harry an amazing, albeit short, blowjob. Now I want you to use that talented mouth and suck off my boyfriend's dick."

Seeing that the bushy-haired girl meant every word of what she had just spoken assured Luna that it would be perfectly fine to fool around with Ron. Pulling her long blonde hair behind her head, she slowly lowered down to Ron's lap, watching Hermione's face for any sense of regret. By the time she opened her mouth and had it hovering right over his cock, there was still not even the slightest flicker of indecision in her eyes so she descended further and engulfed the first half of his erect shaft.

"Whoa Harry, you got yourself a keeper," Ron commented as Luna slurped her way down his pole.

"No kidding, she's great ain't she," he replied.

"Well hopefully I'll be able to maintain the high level of blowjobs that your used to receiving," Hermione told him while setting up between his legs.

Taking his shaft in her small hand, she gave it a few quick pumps and observed as some of his pre-cum spilled out the slit. Not about to waste the early chance of tasting come of his delicious offerings, Hermione bent down and took just his tip into her mouth so that she could gather the liquid on her tongue and savor the taste before swallowing it down.

"Something tells me you'll do just fine," Harry replied.

Both boys were in absolute heaven at the moment and they knew that this was only the beginning of the night. Luckily since they knew that this evening was coming for almost a week, they were able to properly prepare. A letter to his twin brothers along with some of Harry's Galleons was enough to secure them their latest product; a solution that held off an orgasm for quite some time. They both took it before going to the room tonight and were both thinking how it was going to be worth every dime.

They both laid with their heads on the pillows at the head of the bed and their legs spread wide open. Between their legs, the other's girlfriend was busy pleasing them orally. Luna was servicing Ron and showcasing her new found ability to take a dick into her throat, much to his liking. Meanwhile, no more than an arm's length over in the abnormally large bed was Harry and Hermione. Even if the room was pitch black, one would still be able to pinpoint where exactly the pair were given the loud slurping noises that were being produced by the Gryffindor girl as she eagerly sucked on her friend's swollen member.

"Mind if I just go right for the good stuff," Ron asked while rubbing the tip of his saliva-covered penis on her backdoor.

Hermione was so focused on her task of giving Harry a great blowjob that she didn't feel or hear Luna and Ron moving around on the opposite side of the bed. Now though, her boyfriend was stationed directly behind her with his thick head pressed against her tightly constricted rosebud, awaiting word that he could penetrate.

"You are an ass-man through and through Ronald Weasley," Hermione told him. "Go ahead honey."

She was no stranger to anal sex, especially with him, but the initial penetration was always uncomfortable. She was happy that it no longer hurt having her anus forcibly entered, but it still took a minute until the unusual sensation was bypassed and the immense pleasure that anal sex caused took over. Luckily, having Harry's cock to suck on through the process not only distracted her from that, but made it feel hotter knowing that she was able to please two men at the same time.

"Mind if I steal you back," Luna said to her boyfriend.

"Not at all love," Harry replied.

He was able to pull himself away from Hermione's mouth, which was no small feat given how much she seemed to thoroughly enjoy slobbering on his cock. This left Ron to enjoy her full attention as he pounded into her fresh asshole from behind her while on her hands and knees. Getting back to the girl he brought to the Room of Requirements, he brought her in for a long kiss before softly placing her on her back. Already between her smooth legs, he pressed his chest against her firm tits while inserting himself into her pink folds.

"Ahhh," she moaned as he penetrated her.

She wasn't far removed from being a virgin so Harry had to temper his passion and start off slow and shallow for her. However, barely half a minute had elapsed before the tiny blonde had wrapped her legs around his torso and dug her heels into his buttock. Taking it as a clear sign that she was completely ready, Harry tossed aside his caution and was now stroking his entire unsheathed length into her tight pussy.

Not satisfied with the amount of power he was able to generate, Harry peeled himself off her chest and propped himself onto his knees. Now looking down on the thin girl, he was able to grasp her hips and plow into her with maximum force. As his pelvis smacked into hers, there was a loud crash of flesh contacting flesh which was strong enough to make her tits bounce. Smiling with the result, Harry did the same thing over and over again as he fucked her with as much speed and depth as possible. The new position also allowed him to work a finger down her body to that his thumb could reach out and rub on her clit.

"Yes Harry...just like that...fuck it feels so good getting it this deep and this hard," Luna encouraged, her orgasm rapidly approaching. "Make me cum baby...please make me cum."

Tightening the grip on her hips with his one hand and quickening the rubbing through her folds with the other, Harry's sole goal at that minute was to give Luna her best orgasm to date. Bucking his hips into her as deep as he could, the Boy Who Lived was working up a sweat but he couldn't be bothered by the fatigue mounting in his legs because he had a job to do. Fortunately for him, his unbelievable efforts didn't go unnoticed as they were just about to bring the Ravenclaw to her first of many orgasms on the night.

"Ohhhhh....yessssss," Luna screamed. "Unnggghhhhh!!"

And with her last moan, she arched her back towards the ceiling and felt herself be washed over in a wave of absolute bliss.

"Good job mate," Ron congratulated him for giving his girl a powerful orgasm.

"As a reward, why don't you sit back and let me take care of you for a bit? Seems like you could use a nice ride right about now," Hermione asked him.

Even though Harry would have loved to stick his tongue deep into Luna's pussy and suck out every droplet of her sweet-as-candy cum as he could, there was no way he could pass up the chance to bone the hottest girl in school. Pulling out of the blonde-haired girl, he nestled back on the bed with his head returning to the fluffy pillows. It didn't please either Ron and Hermione when she crawled forward, causing his cock to pull out of her asshole for the foreseeable future, but they knew that they wouldn't be apart long.

As Hermione slowly and seductively crawled her way towards Harry's lap, Ron turned his gaze to the tiny blonde girl. The Gryffindor boy was conflicted on what he wanted to do with Luna as part of him wanted to watch her suck on his cock, the very cock that thirty seconds prior had been in Hermione's backdoor. Yet there was another part of him that wanted to reap the benefits of Harry's hard work and lick out her pussy in order to devour her cum. Then he realized that he could treat himself to both. Straddling the pretty girl's face, Ron placed his cock in her mouth and waited for her to start blowing him. It took her a second to smap out of her post-orgasm delirium, but then she returned to the slut she was and started sucking the taste of Hermione's ass off the redhead's dick. As she did that, bringing much pleasure to him to see her degraded like that, Ron bent down so his mouth was close to her pussy and stuck his tongue into her folds.

"Mmm that's tasty," Ron thought as she dug in deeper for more. "I wonder if Harry and Hermione are enjoying themselves as much as I am right now."

"May I," Harry asked while lining up the tip of his cock with Hermione's butthole.

Feeling him already in position, with his bulbous head pressed snuggly against her clenched hole, Hermione let her actions speak for her response. Sinking further down onto her knees, she was in a fight with her willpower versus her anal sphincter, but she also had gravity and Harry pulling her downward to help her. That was enough to swing the fight in her favor as she felt her butthole stretch around his pole and take him inside.

" good every time," she told him while looking back over her shoulder at him.

With her ass loosened already from Ron's comprehensive probing not long ago, Hermione was able to work Harry's slightly longer, albeit slimmer, cock all the way into her backdoor in no time at all. With no pain to deal with, the two Gryffindors were feverishly slamming into one another as their raw passion bubbled to the surface.

"Oh yes Harry. Fuck me hard in my slutty ass," she begged.

Hermione was raising up and coming completely free of his tip before throwing herself back down, impaling herself fully each time. That worked just fine for the boy with the lightning scar as the feeling of his cock getting constantly squeezed by her tightest of her holes was nearly magical. He was adding in just as much by lifting his hips clear off of the mattress to meet her on her way down in order to drive his erection as deep as possible into her bowels.

"Care to try something new," Ron asked her, appearing in front of her.

" good...mmmm...with me," Hermione panted.

Pushing on her shoulders, she got the hint and stopped her reckless ride on Harry's shaft. She took her friend as deep into her rectum as possible while watching as her boyfriend moved closer so that he was now between both of their sets of legs. Even though he was deprived of the energetic ride she was doing, Harry was still making use of her asshole by thrusting his hips sharply upward, which allowed him to move most of his length in and out of her backdoor.

"Whoa this is sexy," Luna commented as she watched Ron drive his cock into Hermione's pussy while his friend simultaneously was poking her asshole.

"OH MY GOD," Hermione screamed at the top of her lungs while her two best friends penetrated both of her holes at the same time.

It was a new and intense experience for all three parties involved. For Harry and Ron, even though they had both fucked her in both holes on their own, it was entirely a different situation now. Having both of their cocks in her at the same time caused them to become tighter, which suited the boys just fine. Also, the friction they felt on the thin membrane separating her rectum and pussy added an extra dimension for them that was making them speed towards their orgasm.

Hermione thought that she was going to be ripped in two when Ron first added his cock to her pussy when her ass was already be occupied, but not only was there no pain, it was actually feeling insanely hot. She loved having sex with her boyfriend and she also enjoyed knocking boots with Harry, so having them at the same exact time was something of a dream come true for the wavy-haired girl. And being best friends caused them to naturally have a good rapport, which included their ability to double-team her. Working in perfect synchronicity, the Gryffindor men plowed into her rhythm. When Harry was plunging deep within her colon, Ron was on his way out of her pussy and when he was driving into her womb, Harry was withdrawing from her.

"I think she's about to explode any second," Luna observed while watching from less than a foot away.

"'re definitely right about that Luna," Hermione answered. "Yes Harry...yes Ron...make me cum!"

Both boys were happy that they had taken the untested potion that would hold off their orgasms as they stepped up their effort. Thrusting harder than either one of them would have ever thought to try for fear of hurting their partner, they discarded that notion and gave the stunning witch exactly what she was pleading for. As the continued to rock her body and drive her closer and closer to another orgasm, the boys couldn't help but feel their magical resistance starting to ebb.

"Fuck I can't keep this pace up for too much longer," Ron grunted.

"Me neither," Harry agreed. "Your girlfriend is some kind of sex freak."

" don't...OHHHH...know the half...UGHHH...of it Harry," Hermione added. "OHHHH YESSSS! I'm cumming!"

True to her word, the next time both men slammed their cocks into each of her holes proved to be the catalyst she needed. Arching her back, Hermione was unaware of the screams that were being hurled out from mouth as the world around her seemed to go black as her mind was overwhelmed by the intense pleasure that she was experiencing.

"Death by sex," Luna joked as she observed Hermione's body go completely limp on Harry's chest.

"I feel her breathing," the Chosen One replied.

"Either way, she's done for the night. But the problem remains is that there are still two dicks with loads of cum still waiting to be unloaded," Ron said while pulling his member out from his girlfriend's pussy.

"I think I might be able to help with that," Luna piped up.

If she had witness the two boys double penetrating the attractive Gryffindor girl, or any other female for that matter, yesterday then Luna probably would have disapproved from the unset and get herself as far from the situation as possible. However, at the current moment she couldn't help but be more turned on now than ever before. The two best friends and their gorgeous brunette lover were so vastly experienced sexually that it was arousing her rather than intimidating her like it had in the past.

"Was really hoping you'd say that," Ron replied as he and Harry safely moved Hermione off to the far side of the bed before returning their gaze back to the thin blonde.

"I don't think I'm ready for what just happened to Hermione, but I'm willing to take you both on at the same time until you cum all over my pretty little face," Luna told them.

"Definitely a great choice for a lover Harry," Ron said to his best mate.

"Appreciate that. Well since I just plowed your girl up her ass, it would only be fair if I returned the favor and gave you first crack at Luna's," Harry offered. "Besides you have taken an anal virginity before so will probably make it a lot easier for her."

Ron smiled his thanks to his best friend before setting his sex hungry gaze back to the delicious blonde in front of him. Setting up the two of them how he pleased, Ron instructed Harry to sit at the top of the bed and for Luna to get on her hands and knees between his legs. Without needing anymore orders, Luna opened her mouth and started to slurp on her boyfriend's long cock as Ron set up behind her. His shaft was still plenty wet from having Hermione's cum all over it so he placed the tip right against Luna's tightly puckered asshole. Testing her hole, he attempted to push inside her but all his effort was for not as it didn't yield whatsoever.

"The trick is having them distracted, like getting them to focus on sucking a dick or in extreme cases, like your girl's tight butthole, extra steps are needed," Ron described before taking his finger and rubbing her clit. "Then you want to get her use to the idea by sticking a finger in."

Ron brought a finger from his other hand up to his mouth a spat a good amount of spit on it. Taking it down, he smeared some of the liquid on Luna's rosebud before trying to push his digit inside. Her hole was even tighter than Hermione's, a fact that Ron wouldn't have thought could have been true, but after some perseverance, her anus gave up and allowed him entry. After giving her a moment to adjust to having her virgin hole breached for the first time, her muscles relaxed and he was able to work the length of finger into her.

"Oohmmm," Luna groaned in a mixture of shock and pleasure.

"Hermione said it was weird the first time. Not really painful but felt foreign then started to feel really good," Ron comforted the girl. "And now that she's prepared, we go back to the real mission."

Still using his finger to rub her clit, Ron pulled the finger on his other hand from her anus so that he could fully grasp the base of his cock. Lining it back up with her tight hole, this time when he tried to enter her asshole he had success as he watched his head slip inside her. The fact he didn't try to ram any more of himself into her plus the pleasure she was getting from her clit meant Luna barely felt any pain as her ass was stretched wider than it had ever been.

It was an odd feeling for Luna as she had her ass probed by a cock. Although the stigma with anal sex was that it hurt a lot, she didn't find that to be true at the moment. Ron was being very gentle with her but when she looked back she noticed that he had already pushed half of his length into her virgin asshole.

"Ughh," Luna moaned as Ron started to ease more of his shaft inside her. "Faster."

Ron and Harry were both surprised by how quickly the thin girl was familiarizing herself with getting fucked in the ass. They were both initially worried that Ron's width was literally going to rip in her apart, but she proved resilient and was starting to feel twinges of pleasure, now especially that Ron had started to give it to her faster.

Ron would have loved to slam his cock deep into her ass and repeatedly do so at a frantic tempo, but her hole was way too tight for that. As a consequence of her rectum clenching his dick so fiercely, the ginger-haired teenager was resigned to a moderate pace with only about half his length getting the pleasure of stroking inside the blonde. In all honestly it suited him just fine as his sole goal was finally being able to unload his massive wad of cum and it wasn't going to last much longer.

"Shit. Gonna cum," Ron grunted with desperation.

He pulled his cock immediately from her asshole and watched as the large gap quickly tightened back up as if his thick member had never entered her. Pulling her backwards so that her mouth was pulled away from wrapped around Harry's dick, the blonde found herself on her back with the redhead kneeling beside her head. His one hand grapped the back of her head while the other stroke his member until it exploded. Aiming his slit right at the pretty girl's face, Ron grunted as his jizz shot out of him and plastered every inch of her face in his magically increased load.

"Whoa that was a lot of cum," Luna commented once Ron finished.

"My turn to get in your only hole I haven't had yet," Harry told his jizz-covered girlfriend.

Now that Ron had taken her virginity and was just buried inside her rectum no more than 30 seconds ago, Harry found it easy to gain entrance. Since his best friend had done the hard work and slowly introduced Luna to anal, Harry was able to reap the benefits as his cock was able to fully impale her hole without pain at all. His pace wasn't going to set any records, but the fact that he could look down and see his shaft entirely buried in her tiny asshole was almost enough to make him cum right then.

"I'm so close," Luna groaned. "Need to cum again so bad."

Harry was amazed that the gorgeous blonde was going to have an orgasm while her anal virginity was being taken from her. He imagined it had a lot to do with the rubbing his finger was doing on her clit but he could also tell that she was really enjoying herself with a cock up her bowels.

"I need to blow too," Harry warned.

It was tough for anyone to tell which of them came first as they was a loud series of grunts and screams before they both were lying on their backs and panting for air. Harry had pumped so much of his cum into the girl that the white stick fluid was pouring out of her asshole and pooling on the mattress below. That was the last thing either of them remembered as they soon drifted off into a sex-induced sleep.


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