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Pairings: Tonks/Harry, Hermione/Colin Creevey/Dennis Creevey

Codes: mF, mmf, fist, oral

Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Lure Of Lust Part 19 - The Latest Development
by The Chemist

Things had settled back down to a normal level after the orgy that Harry, Hermione, Ron and Luna had partaken in with each other. All four of the participants had enjoyed the event immensely and were more than willing to jump back in the sack with one another at the next available moment.

However that is where the problem lied. Luna may have been sexually enhanced when in Harry's presence, but she was still a witch who prided herself on her studies so that was now taking up much of her time. It was a similar story with Hermione because as the school year ticked away and exams came nearer, her bookwork naturally increased.

"We just had to fall for smart girls," Ron said to Harry as the pair made their way back to the castle after Quidditch practice.

"I know," Harry agreed. "I'm down to 3 or four times a week since we all hooked up. It's really slowed down for me."

"Hermione and I still do it daily but we don't have any of our long sex marathons. We go just long enough to satisfy her craving then she rolls over and flips open a damn book," Ron complained.

"You two are wankers, you know that," Ginny said as she approached them from behind without either of them knowing. "You're barely 16 and you're complaining about not getting laid enough? How clich‚! Worse is that you are having more sex then most people."

"What's wrong with her," Harry asked Ron as his sister stormed further ahead towards the castle.

"Not sure. She's got OWLs coming up so I suppose she's stressed about it. Plus I hear her and Dean are on the rocks, fighting a lot more. That's what Hermione told me," Ron answered.

"Women," they laughed.

"Actually would you mind doing me a favor tonight. I need to send off an owl to my brothers but I have to go serve detention with McGonagall right after I shower up," Ron asked.

"Yeah sure. I'm not really up to much tonight," Harry answered. "Just throw it on my bed before you leave."

* * *

"Hey Tonks," Harry said as he came upon the Auror on his way to the Owlery. "What are you doing here?"

"It's dangerous times Harry so Dumbledore wants extra protection at the school so I patrol the halls from time to time," Tonks replied.

Even as she was giving her answer, Harry's mind started to drift to sexual thoughts. Ever since the orgy with Luna, Hermione and Ron he hadn't had sex. For a normal person this would have made them horny but for Harry with the lust potion flowing through his veins, it made him sex-crazed.

"So how are things with Lupin," Harry blurted out with regard for whether the question was too personal.

"You've grown to be more forward," she laughed before reverting to more of a sad face. "He is still rejecting my desire to be with him. Says that he's too poor and old and dangerous to be with me."

"Man I may have a point," Harry replied while stepping closer to the pretty Auror.

"Seriously? He takes his meds when it's the full moon so the werewolf thing isn't an issue. Besides, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is back so it's a dangerous time for everyone," she replied as though she'd given this answer a hundred times already. "And what's money matter when you're in love?"

"But the age," Harry retorted while coming even closer to her so that he was right in front of her. "He's pushing 40 while you're barely in your mid-20s."

Harry thought that by getting closer to the older witch that his pheromones he was unconsciously secreting would take greater affect on her. And sure enough it was. The tiny chemicals that were being released from his skin as a side effect of the mutation of the lust potion were floating up into Tonks' nose and traveling right to her brain. She may not have known why but at the very second she found Harry Potter to be the sexiest man alive and it was taking every ounce of her fiber not to jump him right then and there.

"Enough of this talk about Lupin. You were heading to the owlery right? Why don't I walk you there," she asked him.

"After you," he replied.

Although Harry had every intention of being a faithful boyfriend to Luna Lovegood, the blonde wasn't even a consideration at this point. His genitals were doing all the thinking at this point and they were instructing him to bend the sexy Auror over the nearest surface and fuck her brains out once they had some privacy.

As the two continued walking at a brisk pace along the corridor, Harry had his eyes glued to Tonks and was taking in every single physical feature. The tight leather jacket she wore was undone so he was able to get a good look at her large tits as she pressed against the grey shirt she was wearing. They were much bigger than Luna's and Hermione's and even Ginny's tits, but by being a metamorph she could choose to have them any size she wanted. Her tits were clearly her best asset, but that didn't mean she didn't have a great ass as well. Although her hind-quarters weren't as great as Hermione's ass, it was still a thing to behold as it bubbled out from her back.

After a short trip up the stairs in the brisk March air, they arrived at their intended destination. Although originally planning on mailing off a letter, Harry couldn't even remember who it was for now that he was finally alone with the horny witch. HE closed the heavy wood door behind him before uttering a locking charm to make sure that there were no unforeseen visitors, even though at this time of night that seemed highly unlikely.

"Well I'm happy to make sure you arrived safely and without altercation," Tonks told him. "Now is there anything else I can help you with?"

Harry smiled then close the distance between them. Stretching out his long arms, he used them to wrap around her and pull her body against his. She tenses up for a moment as the 16 year old brought her in for a warm embrace, hoping that he would make a move and have sex with her. Harry squeezed a little tighter so that he was able to feel her large, firm tits press against his chest even through the leather jacket.

Harry leaned down and pressed his lips against hers, bringing her in for a passionate kiss that she was all too willing to respond to by kissing him right back. As the pair smacked their mouths together and introduced one another's tongues to each other, Harry gripped the shoulder of her jacket and peeled it off her arms before discarding it haphazardly onto the ground.

His hands didn't stop being active once he removed her jacket though. Sliding them down her back he reached under her skirt in order to cup her taut ass. All that was separating his hands from the naked flesh of her firm globes was a pain or grey tights she wore to keep her athletic looking warm. As he squeezed her perfectly shaped ass, he pressed her tighter against him so that she could feel the bulge in his pants.

"Someone seems to be well endowed," she commented as she felt his hard-on press against the inside of her thigh.

"You know it. Do you know what I'm going to do to you with it," he asked her while lightly nibbling on her neck.

"You're going to have sex with me," she replied with excitement.

"No Tonks," Harry replied while moving his hand to the front and rubbing her pussy through her tights. "I'm going to fuck you. I'm going to press you against that brick wall, slide your panties off and make you scream loader then you thought possible.

Harry watched as a wide grin covered the Auror's face upon hearing his detailed explanation of what he was about to do with her. Her mouth hungrily envolped his lips as she resumed kissing him while pressing hard into his fingers that continued to rub her twat under her skirt.

Tonks pushed away from him just enough so that her hand could rub against him, allowing her to grip his boner as much as possible through his jeans. Harry gasped in response, half in pain and half in pleasure as the cock-hungry women looked him in the eye with a gaze portraying lust. He feels her tugging at his pants then lets out a loud sigh of relief when her hand fishes out his cock, freeing it from its painful restraint. She gave his shaft a long, hard stroke from base to top and then back to the base again, making Harry groan and surge forward.

Allowing the Auror to take control of the situation, he watches as she drops to her knees in front of him with his cock dangling right in her face. Opening her mouth, Tonks sticks out her tongue and circles the head of his dick which elicits a load groan of approval from the wizard. Happy that he's enjoying her oral service, she next licks just under his tip before taking it right to the base of his member in order to lick back all the way to the head and circle around it again.

"Good girl," Harry told her between grunts.

Looking down, Harry could see her smile before watching intently as her lips quickly sucked the tip of his cock inside her mouth and then swallow half of his shaft in the blink of an eye. Harry kept looking down and watching as the talented cocksucker had her lips stretched to accommodate his impressive size as it slid in and out of her mouth. Without thought he winds his hands in her shoulder-length bubblegum pink hair in order to help control her and how much of his cock that she'd be sucking on.

While continuously bobbing on his pole while maintaining near constant suction, Harry felt the head of his cock poke against the back of her mouth. By his total surprise Tonks starts to swallow him down her throat. He was a huge fan of a girl taken his cock down their gullet as he found the sensation of their throat muscles contracting on his sensitive flesh to be one of the true joys in life. She didn't hold his in her throat for very long though as she continued to bob on his length. However, to Harry's satisfaction she kept drawing him a little deeper into her throat until her nose was pressed into his matted pubic hair.

Harry was almost at the point of orgasm and the thought of shooting his considerable amount of cum right down her throat was an intriguing possibility. However he really had his mind made up on getting his dick inside her so he knew he had to cut his blowjob short this time. Yanking up on her hair with the hand that was gripping it, Tonks was forcibly pulled away from his groin as his spat-coated cock now dangled free. Kissing her with ferocity he backed her up until she felt the hard touch of brick on her back.

"No bra. I like that," Harry said as he tore off her shirt to reveal her large D-cups. Not only were they the biggest pair he had seen, but they also had the most perfect rounded shape without even a suggestion of sagging. It was almost as if her tits were being held up by an invisible bra as they appeared that perky. To top it all off, her mounds were capped by silver dollar-sized bright pink nipples that stood erect due to the chill in the air.

"I can grow my boobs any size I want so I don't need a bra to make them look perky since I can just do that on my own," the metamorphic witch replied.

Not really listening to her response, Harry grabbed her shoulders and spun her on the spot so that she was now facing the back wall. He reached forward, then hook his thumbs inside her tights and pull them down her strong legs until they drop to the floor. Since her skirt was flipped up onto her back, there was now no barrier left standing between his well lubed cock and her pink pussy.

Gripping the base of his cock, Harry prodded the entrance of her mound with his head. "Whoa you are gushing like a fountain."

"I'm so horny. Now slam that cock in my slutty hole," Tonks begged.

Harry gladly fulfills her request as he closes the short distance between them and eased his throbbing member into her pussy. Her snug hole immediately gripped him on all sides as he slowly made his way in, feeling like the most magnificent massage a human could ever receive. As her velvety grip squeezes each new inch of him as he went deep into her, Harry couldn't help but be impressed of how tight she was. He figured that a woman as sexy as Tonks would have been filled by her fair share of cocks, but she was in great shape in her lower regions.

"You feel so good," Harry commented as his organ was submerged deeper and deeper into her wet heat.

Harry hadn't realized that he was now fully inside of the busty Auror until he felt the exposed skin above his pubic hair pressed against the slopes of her ass cheeks. He can't help note how sensual it feels to feel her warm skin against his in the cool air with his cock buried deep in her pussy. He savors the second for another moment before withdrawing half his length only for him to slam it back into her. The force causes her push forward and she wouldn't have any other way.

"Yeah Harry, give it to me hard like that," she begs.

He is more than willing to compile with her wishes and fuck her as hard as he can. Harry continues to pull mostly out of her pussy before plowing it back into her but seems to generate more and more force with each thrust. He had never been more pleased of his athletic and strong body as he was right then as his legs were able to produce enough power that he demanded out of them. Tonks was pushed so far forward as a result that her entire body was pressed flat against the cold slab of the brick wall but the almost painful sensation of her sensitive nipples was helping build her orgasm more powerful by the second.

Harry would normally have tried to grope her wonderfully huge tits more or kneed her rounded ass but all of his focus was going into plowing the talented witch through the wall if possible. Tonks tries to push her hips back to meet Harry's and the result is fantastic for both of them. The slapping noise of flesh meeting flesh is drowned out by both of their screams of erotic joy as Harry's shaft is driven even deeper and more forcibly into her tight mound, the massaging sensation of his cock beyond words. She must have been enjoying herself every bit as much as he was because she was crying out in pleasure every time he entered her.

"I'm really close," he grunts his warning with the hopes that she's able to cum with him shortly.

They combine again to slam Harry's shaft deep into her a few more times at maximum power. The finally few hard thrusts prove to be his undoing as they make him cum. Just as he is releasing his sperm inside of her, The Boy Who Lived feels her body shake while she whimpers.

"OH YES HARRY...make me cum," she screams as she feels her body reach orgasm.

When both of their climaxes finally end, Harry rests his head onto her bare back. He was so exhausted that he hadn't even pulled out of the sexy metamorph but as time slowly passes his erection becomes flaccid and eventually slips out of Tonks. Neither of them says too much as they begin to move and track down their clothing.

"Well I'll let you send off that letter now. See you around Harry. Hopefully sooner rather than later," she tells him with a wink before exiting the owlery.

"Well that was bloody insane," Harry thinks to himself. "Will have to share that with Hermione but maybe not with Luna."

* * *

"I need to find Ron quick," Hermione thought to herself.

The studious girl had been up in the library doing her normal amount of copious schoolwork when she was hit with an unshakable wave of horniness. She was doing some 'light' investigation into wandlore for a project and she supposed that all the pictures of long wooden structures unconsciously provoked her sexual urges. Felt her pussy getting wet initially but wanted to confirm so she slide her hand under the desk and up her skirt. Sure enough when her fingers grazed the area of her thong directly over her sex, there was a very damp spot that was getting wetter by the second.

"Yum," Hermione thought as she started to discretely suck on the two fingers that had collected some of her juices.

She tried to focus back on her bookwork but all the young witch could think of was cock and how she wanted to get some. Attempting to merely satisfy herself by rubbing her legs together so her pussy was stimulated by friction, however it was in vain as that wasn't nearly enough to keep her pleased. Looking around, the library was fairly packed as likeminded students were studying early for exams but Hermione needed to try something.

Slipping her hand back down under the desk, she was able to push her panties aside and snake two digits inside. They instantly found their target and plunged into her hot wet pussy without hesitation. It felt much better then simply rubbing her legs together but the problem was that she could only do slow movements or else risking drawing the attention of the other 50 students sharing the room with her. After a few minutes of fingering herself, Hermione realized that she was making light moaning sounds. Looking around, she noticed that the fellow students closest to her were hearing her and were now peering up from their books to watch her.

That's when she decided she needed to track down Ron at that very moment so that he could satisfy her little 'itch'. Gathering her books and shoving them into her bag, the bushy haired witch hurried out of the library and back to Gryfindor Tower. Upon her arrival she was displeased to find Ron not sitting in the common room as she now had to go up to the boys dorm. She didn't mind the extra trip but it just meant that their would a fresh round of gossip about how Hermione was getting boned again.

"Oh hi Seamus. I was looking for Ron, do you know if he's around," Hermione asked as she poked her head inside the bedroom that Ron shared with Seamus, Harry, Neville and Dean.

"No I haven't seen him since classes earlier. Want to leave me a message for him," the Irish boy asked.

"No, no that's fine. I'll track him down. Any chance you've seen Harry," Hermione asked with desperation. She would have much preferred to ride Ron's cock until he made her scream in a prolific orgasm but she was in a bind so drinking down Harry's cum would do.

"He hasn't been here either," he replied. "But is there maybe something I can do?"

The tone he used implied to Hermione that he was hitting on her and her suspicion was proven true when he winked at her. She couldn't help but think about the situation in her head; Seamus was a good-looking boy and she was in need of a man. Plus she had already slept with all the other guys that shared the room with the Irishman, even if fucking Neville was an accident and doing Dean was done as a favor for Ginny. But then she had a moment of clarity and her logical side kicked in. She wanted to be faithful to Ron, especially since he was to her.

"No that's quite alright. I'll just be leaving now," she said.

Grabbing the door she slammed it shut then practically sprinted down the corridor and back into the common room. It had taken every ounce of her being not to let Seamus do all types of dirty and despicable things to her just then and she knew now that her threshold had been breached. She needed to stay away from guys until her libido was satisfied as she just knew that the next one that even looked at her she'd wanted to do things with them.

She continued to hurry out of the common room and head towards to portal exit. To gain more speed she threw her heavy book bag down and was out of the room before even noticing if anyone was even inside. Luckily she knew her way around the castle pretty effectively so set out on a course that would take her through the back halls that people rarely ventured down.

However her plan was all for not. As she progressed down the vacant corridors so looked back over her shoulder to be certain that no one was following her as she rounded the corner. While not paying attention to what was right in front of her, Hermione collided with two people and sent her flying to the ground.

"Oh my gosh Hermione I'm so sorry," young Colin Creevey said to her while rushing to help her to her feet.

"Me too Hermione. I didn't even see you coming," his younger brother Dennis added while also coming to help her.

The pretty Gryffindor was caught by complete surprise as she now laid face up on the hard floor of the castle. The collision with the two boys was hard enough to topple her over, but worse was that she caught one of their shoulders in her stomach, knocking the air out of her. As her breath slowly came back to her, she realized that there were two sets of arms descending on her until two hands gripped each of her wrists. With the combined power of the two young boys, they were able to pull the stunned girl back up to her feet.

"Are you okay," one of them asked her while Hermione rested against the nearest wall.

"Yes, I think I'm fine," she replied. "Just took me by surprise."

As Hermione took her time to allow her lungs to refill with oxygen, without her knowing it, small molecules were being released from every exposed area of skin. The invisible pheromones were naturally attracted to the nearest object, which in this instance were the two brothers. As the Creevey boys continued to breath, the potent chemicals were inhaled by them, entered their bloodstream and were passed right into the brain, all within the source of hundredths of seconds.

"I'm glad to hear it because I think there is a special place in hell for anyone who hurts an angel such as yourself," the normally shy Colin told her.

"Err..well thanks but I'll be just fine," Hermione replied, caught by surprise again by the older of the brothers.

"And it doesn't appear like the crash has diminished your radiant beauty. If anything you seem even more stunning then before," Dennis said while using the back of his fingers to rub against her cheek.

"Unnhh," Hermione moaned as his warm skin touched her

It was at that contact that all the memories of why Hermione was running blindly down the hall returned to her. Having used up all of her willpower in turning down Seamus' less-than-smooth attempt to sleep with her back in the boys dormitory, she was literally running on whatever her libido desired. Currently she knew exactly what her arousal centers in her brain wanted.

With only the faintest of touches to her cheek by a boy she found generally unattractive, Hermione felt her pussy start to moisten. Her desperate attempt to find Ron had failed, so too did her mad scramble to escape any place with men and find anywhere that was empty so that she could just please herself. It wasn't a viable long-term solution but it would give her enough time until Ron was available after Quidditch practice or detention, wherever he was at the moment. However, alone in a seldom used corridor with two healthy boys full of tasty sperm was too enticing of a proposal for the horny witch to turn down, especially when the brothers wanted her just as badly as she wanted their cum in her mouth.

"Take your pants down," she ordered them.

The two brothers shared a look between them of utter joy as the most beautiful girl in the entire school told them to take out their cocks for her. Acting quickly so that she wouldn't have more time to changed her mind, they had their robes over their heads and their pants bundled down around their ankles in a heart beat. Already their modest 5 inch cocks were hardened, in fact their erections almost felt painful as they had never been more erect in their entire lives.

"This is totally going in my blog," Dennis told his brother.

"We're going to be legends," Colin added. "No longer laughing stocks!"

Hermione was oblivious to the interchange of words between the excited brothers as her mind was only letting her focus on one thing at the moment. Although her pussy was gushing like Ol' Faithful, what the talented witch really craved was to have cum coated on her tongue and drip down into her belly rather than an orgasm. She was pleased that her body was craving cock in her mouth more than having an orgasm because she doubted that the horrendously inexperienced brothers would be able to give her it, even if she walked them through exactly what to do. Now though, all Dennis and Colin had to do was stand leaning against the wall and blow their loads into her mouth after she slobbered on them for awhile. She imagined that her just reward wouldn't exactly take too long given that they had never been this close to a woman before, and in Dennis' case, had probably only recently discovered masturbation.

Pleased that they were already fully erect, Hermione dropped down and softly landed on her knees. Given that her mind was demanding cum right away, she positioned herself right in front of the 13-year old Dennis Creevey rather than between him and his brother. Reaching straight ahead with her right hand, she stroked his small, thin cock and observed the healthy amount of pre-cum ooze out of his slit and get onto her hand.

"Yeah this shouldn't take to long," she thought to herself.

Lowering her head, she stuck out her tongue and licked up the viscose fluid. She was happy to find that his pre-cum was repugnant like some she had tasted in the past, in fact it was rather fruity. Lapping up the rest of the liquid, she continued to use her skilled tongue on the rest of the young Gryffindor's member until his entire shaft was glistening in the dim candlelight due to the light layer of saliva that was present. Even after only a few minutes of light licking, Dennis was already experiencing body tremors. Hermione could already feel his cock doing the same twitches that the rest of his body was undergoing and knew it would only be a couple more moments until her body got what it desired.

Being sure to let the other brother know that she hadn't forgotten about him, Hermione extended her arm and grasped his own rock-hard dick in her smooth hand. Colin was thankful that the sexy Gryffindor only had tiny hands as it made his member look giant when it was within her grasp. She rubbed her hand down his shaft slowly, right from the tip to the base and back again and listened as Colin let out several loud moans to voice his approval of her sensual work. To her surprise and liking, the older brother appeared to have more of an endurance than Dennis, as he had yet to slip out any salty liquid.

Buoyed by the fact that she may have more a fun time with the older brother, Hermione wanted to put Dennis out of his misery and into a state of pure amazement. Hermione parted her lips into a perfect O and moved it around his cock before pressing them lightly onto all sides of his ready-to-explode cock. Given that this was surely Dennis' first blowjob, or potentially first ever contact with a member of the opposite sex, Hermione was determined to make sure he would never, ever forgot her skill.

His small size meant that taking all of him into her mouth at one time wouldn't be a problem at all. Slowly starting at his bulbous head and descending down his length, just like she was doing with her hand to the other brother, Hermione dragged her watered lips over the entire surface of Dennis' cock until his whole shaft was embedded in the warm heat of her mouth. Even with all 5 inches of his fleshy pole occupying her mouth, his tip was only just poking against the back of her throat. Holding him entirely in her mouth of a few second, Hermione dragged her lips back along his dick and over the ridge of his head before repeating the action.

"I can't wait to get those lips around me," Colin observed as he watched the slutty witch suck on his brother's cock.

Over and over again Hermione would descend her mouth fully on the younger Creevey boy's cock until her nose was embedded within his thick mat of pubic hair. She'd hold him there for seconds at a time while she used her tongue to massage the underbelly of his cock, a trick she only recently had discovered when giving Ron his twice daily blowjobs. Just as she stopped rubbing his brother's gland and slipped it down to grope his balls, Hermione heard the younger brother let roar an absolute belter of a scream.

"UUNNGGHHHH," Dennis belted. "I'M CUMMING!"

Sure that everyone in a mile radius of them could have heard the younger Creevey brother, all Hermione cared about was the soon to be semen milked out onto her deserving tongue. Surprising her, Dennis grabbed the back of her head and just as he pulled her towards his groin, he shoved his hips up. With his cock being forcibly driven into her mouth one final time, Dennis felt the hot jets of cum rush out of his gland and into her warm, welcoming mouth. The boy grunted and weakly thrusted for a few moments until he felt his balls totally drained as he shot stream after stream of cum inside of her.

The moment that Dennis was done blowing his load down her throat, which Hermione was more than willing to swallow down, it seemed as though all his energy had all but evaporated. Hermione felt herself become much more aroused as the salty thick juices flowed out onto her tongue and down into her throat. Her pussy now even wetter than before, she moved out of the way of the slumping Dennis and let him half-sit, half-lay on the cold floor as she repositioned herself directly in front of the older brother whose nuts she was currently rolling in her hand.

"You should be able to give me just what I want, and making me work for it harder will make it all the better," Hermione told the horny teenage boy.

"Don't worry, I got a nice big load for you saved up," Colin looked down and told the girl with the angelic face.

Hermione gave his small cock one last look of admiration before closing her eyes and setting her mouth on it. Just like she had done to his younger brother no more than a minute earlier, the horny witch devoured his 5-inch cock between her lips in one swoop. The tip of his cock nestled in nicely against the back of her throat, the second person to have tickled that region of her mouth that night.

"Oh sweet heavens," Colin grunted, his body spasming in the utmost delight.

"Don't want to drain this one as fast," Hermione thought. "Better slow it down with him."

Removing her lips from being wrapped around the very base of his erection, right where his thin shaft junctions with the rest of his body, Hermione traced them backwards until they bumped against the ridge of his head. With now only his tip in her warm mouth, the Gryffindor beauty began to gently suck on him. As the noises of her slurping on his tip started to echo down the stone-walled hallway, Hermione slid the hand not currently playing with Colin's balls down her flat stomach and under the hem of the grey skirt she was wearing. Pushing aside her completely drenched pair of panties, she was easily able to bury two of her fingers deep into her awaiting pussy.

"Mmphh," she moaned around Colin's cock still in her mouth.

Even though she was trying to prolong his orgasm as long as possible, Colin was still deriving great pleasure from the older girl's oral skills. He wanted to show her that he had the potential to be a recurrent lover for her, but the second she introduced a new stimuli like her vibrations on his cock as she fingered herself, his hope of lasting long was dwindling fast.

Even though her attention was now split between the dick occupying her oral cavity and now her own fingers being frantically pumped into her snatch as she tried with vigor to give herself an orgasm she so badly wanted. Since she intended to orgasm during the blowjob she was giving Colin, she knew she had to slow down his pleasure while increasing hers. Having become quite savvy in the art of sex over the last 9 months, Hermione set out immediately to accomplish her goals.

First she crammed two more of her slender fingers into her now full pussy without ever slowing down the rate of her thrusts. She had learnt in the past, whether at the hands of Ron's thick cock or Luna's fist, she really enjoyed having her hole filled up as full as possible. This also left her thumb free so she put that digit to use as well by having it rub her engorged clit every time her fingers were fully submerged in her mound. She also changed her tactics with the older Creevey brother so instead of noisily sucking on just his head, she now was just licking the underside of his prick, covering his entire length before coming back to the tip.

"Oh Hermione...I'm getting close," he warned.

"So am I," she thought, unable to speak since her tongue was otherwise engaged.

Even though he was getting closer and closer to his end destination, Colin was determined to enjoy every second he had left with the talent girl. He was savoring and trying his best to remember every sensation she was causing him as he thought of the most revolting and vile images in order to make himself last longer. He was fighting a losing battle though and was giving away ground by the second and he knew it would only be a matter of seconds until he was finished.

Hermione had sensed that the boy didn't have much longer left in him as both his cock on her tongue and balls in her left hand were twitching with increasing regularity. Knowing it was time for drastic action, she used the thumb that was rubbing ferociously and tucked it inside her palm the next time her fingers pulled out of her dripping wet pussy. This time when she pushed the digits back in, she used even more strength so that her whole hand was able to make it past her entrance, including her thumb.

"Aahhhh," she grunted.

For only the second time in her life, Hermione found herself with a whole hand shoved up her pussy. It confirmed with her that she adored the feeling of having her hole stretched to the limits, however she knew she didn't have much time to enjoy it. Acting quickly, Hermione pressed her forearm tighter against her body so that she could continue to rub her sensitive clitoris as her hand and fingers started to explore within her hole.

"Ouuuu," Colin groaned as the feeling of pain interrupted his flood of pleasure.

Using her immense wit, Hermione realized that she could hold off Colin's orgasm while still keeping him on the brink. With her hand still on his testicles, she increased her grip on them until she sensed him start to tense up...then added a bit more force. The result was immediate as she knew it worked when he wasn't cumming in her mouth right away like he warned. Being sure not to just caused him pain, Hermione opened back up her mouth and took him inside her, preceding to guided her mouth up and down on his length. While bobbing on his cock she was enjoying herself a lot as she continued to glide her wrist and forearm in and out of her pink hole while rubbing any surface of her inner walls that her fingers and thumb came into contact with.

With the sexy girl squeezing his balls in a death lock, it allowed Colin to last longer then he ever thought possible. He never would have thought he could possibly enjoy himself with so much force being exerted on such a sensitive body part, yet he was due to the fact that Hermione was gliding her lips over every inch of his penis. However, even though his balls were slowly being compressed into tiny raisins, the girl was such a talented cocksucker that he was currently about to release his seed into her mouth.

"AHHHH YES," he screamed as he began pumping his load into her mouth.

For the second time that night Hermione's tongue and mouth was being plastered with the cum of a Creevey male. Just like his brother's semen, the Gryffindor girl was more than willing to collect his population pudding and swallow it down after holding it in her mouth long enough to savor its taste. His cum had not only satisfied her craving but it also was one of the reasons that pushed her over the edge and gave her the orgasm she was building towards.

"I'm cumming! UUGGHHHHH," she screamed as her fisting finally paid off.

Hermione experienced the most intense orgasm that she had ever given herself, even blacking out for a few moments. When she regained her senses, she found herself resting back on her knees, now eye level with the older Creevey boy who had apparently slumped to the ground much like Dennis had after his orgasm.

"Well I'll take that as a compliment," she said allowed.

Realizing that her hand was still firmly planted in her tight pussy, Hermione wanked with a great deal of force and freed it from her hole. She couldn't help but find the noise it made humorous as it made a fairly loud popping sound. Getting back to her feet she brushed the dirt from knees and straightened out her clothes and hair then went back in the direction she came from.

She returned to the common room and found it to be rather empty with only a few students littered about. Finding her book bag that she had left it there in her haste to get away from people, she picked it out and brought it with her to her favorite comfy chair by the warm fire to study. However, she didn't get very far into her studies when she was abruptly interrupted.

"Hermione! I think your pheromones theory just gained more steam," Harry said to her.

"Why? What happened," she questioned with urgency as he came bursting into the lightly occupied common room.

" know To...well the who isn't important, but let's say that people who had never been exposed to the lust or love potion are now wanting to shag us," Harry told her.

Harry hesitated to tell Hermione that he had just had sex with Tonks because he knew the reaction that she would have. She would think him to be a horrible person and a homewrecker. Harry didn't need her to tell him what he already knew because he already was starting to hate himself for sleeping with Lupin's soon-to-be wife. However, at the time when he was presented with a beautiful 24-year-old girl who wanted to ride him all night long, he was still only human. Before Hermione could question him further, Ron burst into the near empty common room.

"You there," the flustered red head called out at a couple of first-year students. "Leave! Now!"

Without hesitation, the small kids gathered there things as fast as they could and ran up the stairs. Taking them two at a time, they were out of the room and up in their bedrooms before Ron could even start to catch his breath.

"What's wrong Ron," Hermione asked with concern.

"Harry was right. Draco is planning something and he promised that Hogwarts would never be the same again. Oh and it's going down tomorrow night!"


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