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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Lure Of Lust Part 20 - The Finale...And A New Beginning
by The Chemist

"Ron, slow down. You need to start making sense," Hermione pleaded as the flustered redhead burst into the room.

"Overheard...Draco telling...those fat fools...implied blowing up school," Ron blurted out while trying to catch his breath.

"I told you guys he was planning something," Harry practically screamed. "We need to stop him."

"We need to tell someone," Hermione urged. "Professor Dumbledore and McGonagall for starts. Then they can get Aurors in here right away and take that sniveling Draco down once and for all."

"Have you forgotten that we have told them already but they haven't listened," Ron said.

"But now we have proof. We were right about this so they'll believe us now," she replied.

"It's worth a try," Harry answered. "But we have to be aware of the fact that we've cried wolf to them a number of times and were proven wrong. They may not help us. When is the attack?"

"Near as I can figure it's going down tomorrow night," Ron answered.

"Okay we all go to McGonagall tonight. I know that there are Aurors already on the premise so Dumbledore may have already been expecting trouble, which should help our cause. We got to move quickly people," Harry barked out orders like the leader he was.

The trio hustled out of the common room and straight to their Head of House's room, where they were greet by Professor McGonagall after a few moments. They told the experienced witch their tale starting from the very beginning that happened over the summer. Harry had already told her most of the story before but he didn't want her to have forgotten anything. He then added the new developments and awaited her response.

"Very interesting indeed," she said after listening to their whole story. "But I won't be able to tell Professor Dumbledore until he returns tomorrow afternoon."

Harry and the others could feel their jaws slack open with her answer. "But Profesor..."

"But what Harry? I take your allegation seriously and will talk immediately with Professor Snape to see whether he knows or suspects anything with Mr. Malfoy but that's all I can really do. The prospect of Mr. Malfoy being able to blow up the school seems quite implausible. He is neither a talented enough wizard nor able to have the assistance of anyone who can since there is no way to get outsiders into Hogwarts. He was probably merely describing a sick fantasy to his friends."

"But Professor..."

"Now I expect you three to go back to your rooms and drop the matter. I'll go talk to Professor Snape then Dumbledore and we'll investigate that matter further if we decide that there is enough merit. Now good night," she told them before closing her door.

"Well that was...complete and utter shite," Hermione raged, her cursing catching the boys by surprise. "Oh we'll return to our rooms but we won't drop the matter. Seems like we have to save this damn school by ourselves again!"

"Well we better hurry up and figure out how he plans on doing it," Ron reminded. "We don't have much time."

On their slow walk back to the Gryffindor common room, the boys continued to talk at length about their different theories on how Draco was going to accomplish his goal of blowing up the school. However, Hermione kept her opinions to herself as the brilliant girl remained silent for the entire walk. Finally when they were back in their end of the castle, they turned down a few corridors and found themselves at a dead end with only a suit of armor near them. The trio had frequented this spot on many occasion as it was rarely traveled down unless by accident so they were able to talk freely whenever they needed to or when the common room was occupied.

"What's wrong Hermione? You've been quiet," Harry asked her.

"I know what needs to be done. Well I guess I know what I must do to make sure this doesn't happen. It sounds ludicrous but it's the only plan I can formulate that has a chance of working 100%," Hermione started before taking a brief pause to steady herself. "I'll distract Crabbe and Goyle as you two stop Draco. It'll be two versus one and you should easily be able to take him in a fight."

"You better not mean what I think you mean when you said distract," Harry warned.

"It's exactly what we both know Harry. How else am I going to occupy those two brutes? Maybe discuss the recent affairs regarding the Ministry of Magic or the upcoming election?"

"Hermione no. You're not going to...seduce them," Ron said, almost throwing up at the mere thought.

"It has to be this way. In a three versus three fight with magic we'd easily crush them but we'd land ourselves in detention and they'd be free to go about their business. This is our only chance. You two must track Draco and stop him before it's too late," she told them.

"Are you sure about this," Harry asked her nervously.

"Dumbledore and the rest of the staff aren't taking us seriously so we need to do something on our own. Without being able to use magic and obviously unable to overpower them in a Muggle fight, this is up to me," Hermione described.

"We can think of another way," Ron told her. "What about polyjuice potion or a potion that will knock them out?"

"But there's no time for another solution! Any potion of that magnitude requires supplies and time, both of which we don't have. I appreciate your concern boys but we've been in much more dangerous situations then this and escaped fine. This may be the most disgusting challenge, but I'll be okay," she replied. "Just make it count. Stop Draco and never throw this in my face, ever. To stop something this horrific then sacrifices must be made."

"That is the line that every superhero in the comics says before they run off and do something extremely stupid and dangerous," Ron told her.

"Then they go out and save the fricking world! This isn't up for discussion. I've thought this through and there is no other way," she replied. "Ron, I lov...I don't want this to happen any more than you do but more than that, I don't want evil to win. While I distract those two oafs, you and Harry stop Draco and send him to Azkaban so he can share a cell with his dear old dad. End of discussion."

"Deal," they said.

The trio devised a plan in which Hermione would meet up with the boys the minute they were out of the Slytherin house with Draco around. At that point she would take them to the nearest class that would give them the privacy they needed for the required length of time. While she did that, Harry and Ron would be free to track Draco and prevent whatever sinister plan he was plotting.

The famous trio awoke early that morning and were able to slip out of their respective rooms without any of their roommates taking notice. It was the weekend after all so most of the students were deciding to take advantage and sleep in or head to the library and study with exams approaching. Either way, it allowed Harry, Ron and Hermione to get an early start and meet in front of the fireplace in the empty common room.

Unfortunately, Draco and his two grunts were nowhere to be seen on the Marauder's map. This was not the first time this occurrence had happened and Harry could only deduce that the three of them were locked away in the Room of Requirements again. It was an unlucky for them, as they would have preferred to know their exact positioning and where the bomb may be. For the whole morning they watched the magical map, even keeping it open at breakfast although it was concealed in Harry's robe. The trio had returned to the common room and it wasn't until close to noon that they saw three new pairs of footprints emerge on the map.

"There! Draco's footprints outside the Room of Requirements," Ron spotted.

"And there is Crabbe and Goyle too," Harry observed.

"But they look like they're loitering in the hallway as that rodent Malfoy high-tails back to Slytherin House," Hermione added.

"No problem. We'll start tracking him under the Invisibility Cloak," Harry said while jumping to his feet.

"There's still time to back out," Ron told her.

"I know. Sadly I have to do this. It's...for the greater good," Hermione replied while staring deep into his eyes.

The pair leaned into each other and gave each other a kiss while wrapping their warms around the other's body. They had kissed a thousand times that year but this time it carried more emotion and love than ever before. However, they knew that there was a timeline in place and they couldn't stand there forever with their lips firmly pressed together.

"Be safe," he told her.

"You too. Good luck," she replied.

The three of them gave each other a last look of hope before they set off. Harry and Ron were going to stick together as they trailed the deceptive Malfoy so took the first staircase down in order to reach the basement of Hogwarts. Hermione had planned for several different scenarios with her two targets and was pleased that they were up on the seventh floor. It meant that when she successfully seduced them, they'd be engaged on the comfortable bed made by the Room of Requirements rather than the stone floor of the prefect's bathroom. It was only a small consolation but it was at least some good news for her considering she was about to willing allow two of the most barbaric and racist people treat her like their sex slave.

As the two boys went down the staircase right outside the Gryffindor entrance, Hermione went straight ahead and up the stairwell at the end of the hall. She would have liked to take her time and delay her fate but she knew that wasn't realistic. They had agreed that Harry would hold onto the Maurader's map so Draco wouldn't ever by out of their sights. That just meant that Hermione had to get to Crabbe and Goyle before they vacated the seventh floor corridor.

"Oh hi Crabbe. Funny running into you up here," Hermione said. "And Goyle too."

"What do you want Mudblood," one of them snarled.

"This isn't going to be easy," she thought to herself as that word sent a chill up her spine.

Hermione didn't know the full extent of her new pheromones that she emitted from her skin so she wanted to take extra precaution. She wore the smallest school skirt she owned, which happened to be from first year, which was so tiny that it didn't even cover her whole ass so she had the bottom curve for all to see. She wore knee high grey socks with it but they were so thin that she was certain that they wouldn't impede any of the biochemical agents. Lastly she wore a blouse that was also too small so that it would display as much of her flat stomach and generous amounts of cleavage as physical possible.

"Well I had a bit of a...problem," she said while batting her eyelashes, twirling a strand of her hair in her finger and biting her bottom lips. "And was hoping you two big, strong men might be able to help me out."

"What makes you think we'd help you," Crabbe barked.

"Wait wait, let's hear her out at least Crabbe," the other replied. "Go ahead, speak."

"Fine I'll cut right to the point then. Those načve little boys in my House couldn't please a woman even if they had a comprehensive set of instructions tattooed on their skin. But it's been circulating around the rumor mill in the girls lavatory that you two are real men," Hermione said while taking a step closer to them and grasping their flaccid cocks through their robe. "Now do you think you can guess what I need your help with?"

"Hmm...ahhh..." Goyle thought while Hermione rubbed his package. "Whadda think Crabbe? Help this poor slut out with her problem?"

"I'm usually...uhhhh...against helping Mudbloods but I'll make an exception in this case," he replied.

"Great! I know just the place too," Hermione said as she thought about needing a place to have sex. Right on cue, a large wooden door appeared in the brick wall the she knew would lead into a bedroom.

"I swear that door wasn't hear a minute ago," Crabbe said.

"Better take advantage of our good luck then," Hermione replied, her expert handling of their cocks causing them to bulged more and more in their pants.

"The boss did say..." Goyle started to say.

"Shut up," Crabbe interrupted. "And get through that door."

Once they were through to the inside of the romantic looking bedroom, Hermione was flanked by a boy on each of her sides. Once they were close enough to the bed, Crabbe pushed her from behind and caused her to fly onto the middle of the bed. Once she adjusted to her new position she noticed that they had each climbed onto the bed with her, Crabbe to her left and Goyle to her right. Hermione was certain that the two Slytherin's were perfectly hooked as one of their hands immediately started pawing at her left breast with excessive force as the other lifted up her skirt and kneaded her perfectly round butt.

"Nice firm tits you got Mudblood," Crabbe told her. "Always thought you were flat but you've really been holding out on us you prude bitch."

"And the best ass I've ever seen too. It looked amazing through clothes but having it in my hand just makes me so horny," Goyle said from behind.

As they hurled insults at her, Hermione could only hope that it was all worth it. The pain in her chest stopped as Crabbe had paused in his assault on her supple tits. Hermione wasn't overly comforted as he was now pulling down his pants and exposing his cock. Just as his belt and pants were loosened, her pulled them down his legs to produce his erect cock before lying down with his head in the pillows.

"Sweet mother of Mercy," she exclaimed at seeing his size.

"I bet those two blood traitors don't pack anything this size," Crabbe laughed.

All while Hermione had her eyes glued to Crabbe's incredibly huge cock, Goyle was undressing her from behind. The thug was getting in his gropes as he pulled Hermione's skirt and blouse over her head without loosing them prior. It somewhat hurt the girl as her clothing was dragged over the soft features of her pretty face, but she was so focused on the massive cock in front of her that she barely paid it any mind. Goyle wrapped his hand under the waistband of her thong she wore under her skirt and with a powerful motion, pulled it clean from her tight body. That time she took notice of the pain as the lace panties were torn from her petite frame, exposing her freshly shaven pussy.

Crabbe's cock was enormous, standing about a foot long but also with huge girth. Although she was being forced into this threesome, she couldn't help but feel betrayed by her body as her pussy started to drip with wetness at the prospect of being fucked by such a well-hung wizard. As Goyle now kneaded at her bare B-cup tits, he allowed one hand to rove down her flat stomach, past her rounded hips and onto her pussy.

"I think she's a real slut. Just looking at your dick has her all wet," Goyle shared. "Fine then suck it whore."

Hermione felt him force her closer to Crabbe's cock so rather than resist she let it happen. Her body was already positioned perfectly as she was resting on her knees facing the lying Crabbe with her face at hip level. Bending at the waist she reached out and clamped her hand around his cock and noted that her fingers couldn't even wrap all the way around his diameter.

"He's as big as my wrist," she thought.

Knowing exactly what they wanted her to do, Hermione stroked his manhood with her hand a few times from his head all the way to his base before holding him steady and lowering even further.

"I knew that mouth was good for something other than saying spells," Crabbe told her as his cock was bathed in her heated warmth.

With her hand in a fist holding his cock firm, she descended on the amount that she could. Being the expert in oral pleasure, it took her only a few passes down his shaft until she was holding over half his length in her mouth as she continuously bobbed up and down on him. Crabbe was in pure heaven as the Gryffindor girl serviced him with her mouth. Moving a hand to her head, he wrapped his bear-sized mitt in her hair in order to control her head. However it was proving a mute point as Hermione clearly didn't need any input from him on how to give him pleasure with only her lips and skilled tongue.

Meanwhile, with Hermione bent right over at the waist as she sucked on his best friend, Goyle had the perfect view of the lovely girl. Her heart-shaped ass was pressed towards him nicely, allowing him to see her puffy little pussy as it poked out from between her legs. It a bright pink color that was making Goyle drool over and it was visibly wet with some of the liquid running down the inside of her thigh. Just an inch above her slit was her perfectly puckered anus, even though it had a slight gape to it, which surprised him. A girl who came off as conservative as Granger was hardly someone he associated with anal sex, yet his inspection was suggesting otherwise.

"Suck all the way down for him," Goyle ordered.

Hermione was more than able to supply that service for the Slytherin boy. Removing her hand from around the last of his dick, as she descended from his tip she relaxed her throat and took all of him into her mouth. Crabbe didn't quite know how he didn't pump ever drop of his cum right down into her stomach at that very moment. After holding his entire length in her mouth for a few seconds she came all the way off and took a big breath. This time as she went down, Crabbe held her face down with her nose buried in his greasy pubes. Hermione was surprised by the action and tried to pull off of him, but to no avail since he easily overpowered her. Loud choking noises were heard coming from the struggling girl's throat as his forearm-sized cock prevent air from getting into her body, effectively suffocating her.

"Mmmpphh," she gargled before he removed the pressure holding her down, allowing her to jump from his crotch like a coiled spring. "So I guess that tell me how you like...ugghhh!"

Hermione was cut off from her thought mid-sentence as Goyle took that moment to cram his entire length into her snatch. Hermione didn't know how it was possible but the thug behind her seemed to be thicker than his friend's cock, which was still being slide in and out of her well-practiced mouth. She was getting the sense that Goyle may not have been as long as Crabbe, yet his girth felt larger than anything else she had ever felt as he stretched her pussy to no limits.

"She's really humming all over my cock man! She must really be liking your dick," Crabbe encouraged his friend.

"She feels amazing! Why tighter than that slut Pansy," Goyle noted.

Hermione took a hint of both pride and pleasure upon hearing the news that her hated female counterpart was not only a big slut, but that it had taken a toll on her youthful body. Hermione no doubt believed that she had been having just as much sex as the Slytherin girl, yet her form and tightness had not been altered to any measurable degree. That news made the fact that she was pleasuring two of the most repulsive bigots at the school from both ends of her body that much less horrible.

Hermione would never had willingly engaged into sexual activity with Crabbe and Goyle on her own free will. In fact, the mere thought of holding a conservation with them upset her, let alone even the slightest skin contact. However, she knew that the lives of hundreds of young witches and wizards were on line so she had to make sacrifices. So she did her best to shut off the intellectual and logical part of her brain and tried to just focus on the pleasure aspects of the encounter. After all, although they were being rather rough to her body, she had to admit that the boys were well practiced and seemed to know what they were doing.

"Ummm....ohhh....ahhhh," Hermione moaned as she actually had to pull her mouth right off of Crabbe's cock in order to hurl out that round of screams.

"She seems to really be liking your dick, mate," Crabbe told his friend. "Let me have a chance to go balls deep now."

"Yeah fine, I don't to cum too soon anyway," Goyle said.

After crashing his hips against her perfectly curved ass two more times, each making a large ripple appear in her supple cheeks, the big man pulled out of her pussy. Looking down he watched as the hole resealed itself as if it was never invaded. He also took in that his cock was absolutely drenched in her sweet liquid, so much so that it was glistening in the candlelight. Just as she started to move, Goyle cocked back his arm before swinging it forward and slamming it against her ass.

"Oowwww," Hermione screamed from the unexpected blow to her rump.

"Umm umm umm," Goyle gloated over his handywork. "I love the look of a red handprint on snow white colored skin."

* * *

"Oh good I finally found you Mr. Potter," Professor McGonagall said as she briskly approached Ron and Harry on their way down to the dungeon.

"Hi Professor. Good to see you but we're in a hurry," Harry politely replied.

"This is urgent Mr. Potter. Straight from Professor Dumbledore himself," she told him.

"Is it about what I came to you about last night," he said with renewed hope.

"Potentially Mr. Potter but I don't know. He just tasked me with finding you and getting you to report to his office post-haste."

"Alright, let's go Ron," Harry replied before starting to run off in the opposite direction.

"Actually he explicitly stated just we were to come, no one else. That included Miss Granger and Mr. Weasley," McGonagall explained.

"Okay, okay. I'll go, Ron you go check in on Hermione," Harry told him. "I'll find you afterwards."

Harry tapped his chest to where the Maurader's map was located on the inside pocket of his robe to indicate to Ron that it would be no trouble to locate him once he was done with Dumbledore. Ron knew exactly what the gesture menat and nodded his head in replied. The two friends headed off in their new directions, Harry running to Dumbledore's office while Ron went to the seventh floor to see how Hermione was getting on. However, upon reaching the corridor that housed the Room of Requirements, Ron discovered that she was already inside with no way for him to gain access.

* * *

"Oh yeah you Mudblood whore, ride that cock," Crabbe insulted.

Once Goyle had pulled out of her snatch and slapped her ass harder than she'd ever received before, she had turned her attention to having sex with the other thug. Crawling closer to him she swung her leg over his large waist and sank down on his lap until his tip was lined up with her tightness. Then it was a combination of him lifting his hips skyward and her descending further down that caused his shaft to breech her pussy.

"Of course she couldn't have all her focus spent on just one of the Slytherin men. After adjusting to Crabbe's immense girth so that she was now easily rising all the way to his head before crashing back down to engulf his base with her pink hole, she set her sights on making sure Goyle wasn't left out. He had a similar thought process as he was now standing on the bed with his massive erection pointed right at her face.

"Bloody hell he is huge," she thought upon finally seeing him for the first time.

Always pleased with herself about her ability to multitask so well, Hermione continued to actively ride on Crabbe's cock while leaning over and taking Goyle's member into her mouth. As soon as her lips wrapped around his immense girth and her tongue started to glide on the underbelly of his length she tasted her honey-flavored juices all over him. In the past year she had numerous lesbian encounters and the main driving force that kept her going back to the same gender was that their pussies, including her own, tasted so damn good.

The two boys were enjoying the encounter beyond anything else that they had ever experienced. Not only was Hermione Granger the hottest girl in the school, she was also proving to be an absolutely amazing hump buddy and nympho, even if she was born to only Muggle parents. Being sure to savor ever moment and each inch of her flesh, Crabbe was groping her magnificent ass from beneath her as she continuously engulfed his manhood with her wet sex while Goyle did likewise with kneading her perfectly shaped tits and nipples with his dick sliding in and out of her mouth.

Hermione was glad that she was able to service the two horny teenagers so well with them only receiving half of her attention each. Apparently all the practice she had being doing with Harry and Ron had paid off well since both of the Slytherin boys were groaning and grunting loudly and often. That's why she was surprised when Goyle, who had been very vocal of his approval of her blowjob skills, pulled his cock from her mouth and backed away from her.

"His loss," she thought. "Now his fat friend gets my full attention."

Placing her hands on Crabbe's thick chest, Hermione was now able to generate more power and speed with her riding. She was able to come all the way off of him so no part of his cock was in her anymore before she dropped back down and engulfed him fully in her moist heat. The sensation was fantastic for Crabbe as the sudden change from the cold air back to her hot sex with its velvety feel was nearly orgasm inducing.

"Unnhh...yeah! You are a good fuck," Crabbe complimented.

Meanwhile, Goyle was disappointed that he stopped getting his cock sucked on by the experienced Gryffindor girl but it was all for a greater purpose. As she was busy pouring every ounce of her energy and attention into giving his best friend the best ride of his life, Goyle had stalked around to behind Hermione. From behind her, he could really get an appreciation for how exquiste her backside really was. Wonderfully shaped with a great curve, rounded hips and with enough meat that it stuck nicely away from the rest of her body, he enjoyed watching it jiggle every time her petite body thudded down on Crabbe's lap.

"Let's see if my original guess was right," Goyle said as he placed his tip against Hermione's slightly gaped asshole.

"No Goyle! You're too big," she pleaded as she felt the head of his cock rubbing against her backdoor.

"Probably," he replied nonchalantly. "But let's find out!"

Hermione was by no means a virgin when it came to any sexual act, including double penetration as she had been doing it since the New Year. However, she had ever only taken Ron and Harry at the same time, who each had a very healthy sized penis. But Crabbe and Goyle were monsters when it came to cock size with them both being at least the size of her wrist.

Luckily for the Gryffindor girl her body was a winning the war against Goyle, at least presently. His force was enough for him to squirm his bulbous tip into her tight rectum but her hole had clenched down on the invader and prevented further access. It gave her time to adjust to the new degree of stretch that her asshole was currently undergoing so that once he picked up speed and edged more of his length into her, she wouldn't rip in half. She was able to slow down her bouncing on Crabbe's cock and limit it so that she was only taking the top half of his shaft into her pussy to allow her body the extra space of a second cock pushing into her tiny holes.

"Ahhh...owwww," Hermione groaned in pain.

With her slowing down added with the fact she was bouncing on less length of Crabbe's cock in her pussy meant that it was easier for Goyle to latch onto her. With more of a stationary target, the brute clutched tightly onto her hips and pushed his hips closer to hers. This time her anal verge expanded even wider to accommodate more of his frightening large dick, causing the audible howl of pain. Luckily for Hermione was that she gave him a very wet blowjob so her spit was acting as an excellent lubricant, but she still felt every inch of him as he probed deeper and deeper into her ass.

"Just no crossing swords mate," Goyle joked to his friend.

Hermione didn't know how she was holding up so well considering two of the best hung wizards were each thrusting into her holes at the same time. Her youthful body was under siege but was adapting well so that now she was hardly feeling any pain. It also helped that Goyle stopped trying to ram his entire length in her tight bumhole and instead was focusing on seeing how fast he could pump into her ass with only half his length. It was good for all of them as he was happy at getting to fuck her in the ass at optimal speed while it allowed Crabbe to resume his own deep exploration of her wet pussy.

"Mmm...ughhh," Hermione moaned in pleasure.

As soon as she became aware that she just moaned, she instantly regretted it. The lust potion made her so sexually thirsty that she was able to set aside most pain and get off on the pleasures of sex, even anal. But the last thing she wanted to do was let on to the two Slytherin jerks that she was actually enjoying herself to the point where they were going to get her off. What made it worse was that she was close to cumming and it was in the position of her sandwich between the two of them with a dick in her pussy and another rammed in her asshole. She prayed that they didn't hear her but she had been moaning for awhile and wasn't doing a good job of keeping it down.

"You hear that Goyle? She's loving that cock in her ass," Crabbe laughed.

"Well then I'll stop holding out on her and give her all of it," he smiled.

Hermione knew what was coming and could only sit there and prepare for it. The next time Goyle pulled out of her ass so only his head was left inside, he pulled back on her hips at the exact same time he flew his hips forward. The result was instantaneous as her anus was no match to the immense force. As if his dick was a hot knife and her rectum was butter, he slide in all the way until her greasy pubes were pressed firmly against Hermione's bubble butt.

"Holy Merlin," Hermione swore.

In all honestly it wasn't nearly as bad as she expected. His initial few deep hard thrusts were painful, as her asshole was stretched to a completely new and extreme limit, but once again so adjusted. After a minute of discomfort, Hermione was use to the body shaking impact she was getting from both men and her orgasm was back on tracks.

"What a hot piece of ass," Crabbe grunted, his breathing becoming labored.

Hermione knew that she needed to cum soon or else the two thugs would beat her there and then she'd be left out in the cold. Changing her angle of her hips, she tilted her pelvis further down towards Crabbe's body and started to grind into him. The good news was that it allowed her to rub her clit onto the Slytherin's stomach and hasten her orgasm. However, it also presented more of her ass to Goyle behind her. Taking it as a sign that she wanted it even harder, he smacked her ass with force then slammed into her with even more power than ever.

"Yes! Yes! Oh Merlin yes! Unngghhhhh," Hermione screamed as she achieved orgasm.

The rubbing of her clitoris on Crabbe proved the missing step in her pursuit of pleasure. With that plus the two men plowing into her holes and filling her up with their meat, it was the perfect recipe she needed in order to cum. As a reflex her holes tightened up and she immediately heard the boys take notice as they grunted louder than before. After a minute to collect herself after her orgasm, Hermione was into the sex than ever. Shoving off of Crabbe's chest she simultaneously pushed back further onto Goyle's rod while grinding more of Crabbe inside her.

"Oh shit I'm getting really close," Crabbe conceded.

"Me too mate," Goyle grunted.

"Oh yeah? My tight holes want to make your fat cocks cum," Hermione asked rhetorically in her dirtiest tone. "Good. I want you to blow on my face. Cover my pretty face with your cum."

Hearing the normally composed Gryffindor goodie-good beg for them to paste her face with their semen proved to be the finally straw for the two of them. They each could feel the familiar sensation of tingling in their balls and knew that their pending orgasm was at hand. Giving the sexy girl a few more wild and erratic thrusts each, they both pulled out at nearly the same time, leaving both her holes gaped widely. Noticing the boys had landed on their feet beside the large bed, Hermione quickly dropped onto her knees on the cold ground.

"Ugghhhhhh...yess....ahhhhh," the two Slytherin boys grunted.

Hermione felt the first splash of semen contact her right cheek so turned her body slightly to face Crabbe head-on. He was the first to cum and was beating his cock so hard that he was not aiming whatsoever. Hermione closed her eyes and opened her mouth as the preceding squirts hit her everywhere from her forehead, eyelids, nose and chin with no two strands contacting the same place.

As if they timed it out before hand, just as Crabbe stopped depositing his load onto her face, Goyle took over. She felt his bear-paw sized hand grip of the top of her head and spin her to face him but she didn't react in time. The first wad crashed on the side of her face, getting onto her honey-brown hair and even inside her ear, which was the most unpleasant feeling for her. Facing him for the second blast, Goyle was more controlled then his friend and directed his projectile cum towards her mouth. The first one splattered against her full lips but then he slightly adjust his aim and watched as the rest of his load landed right onto her awaiting tongue.

"Swallow it Mudblood," he ordered.

Bringing her tongue back into her mouth, she pooled the cum he managed to get in her at the back of her throat. Choosing not to swallow right away, she tried to collect whatever of their sperm made it close to oral cavity with her tongue. When she had searched for whatever was near her, she opened her mouth to show the Slytherin the good-sized puddle of semen on her tongue before she swallowed it done happily.

The boys were exhausted after their fuck session that had lasted well over an hour, a personal record for them. Hermione was tired and sore as well with her body pushed to new extremes due to the their immense size and physicality. Despite her being only 110 pounds, that didn't stop them from giving her rough treatment and she was now feeling it with her muscles and holes aching. Her body was covered in a layer of sweat and her face was absolutely dripping in their cum, but a subtle check of the time indicated to Hermione that it was only sunset and she needed to occupy them for at least another two hours.

Pulling out her wand, she cast a quick spill that immediately cleaned up her face of the thick coating of semen. Able now to fully open her eyes, she saw that the two thugs had taken a load off their feet and were now sitting on the bed, panting.

Hating the fact that she had to sink to new lows all for the betterment of the Wizarding World, Hermione got onto her hands and knees and crawled over to the edge of the bed. Rising up onto her knees between the two tired men, she wrapped her dainty hand around each of their cocks and started to stroke them back to life from their semi-flaccid state. They grew slightly bigger, but no where near their full length and thickness. Realizing that they would need further motivation, Hermione opened her mouth and stuck the first several inches of Crabbe into her mouth and applied suction while darting her skilled tongue over his head.

"Ahhh yes," he moaned in response.

Hermione was instantly told that her new approach worked as she felt the Slytherin boy's cock harden within her mouth. Her lips and hand were now working in synchronicity as they bobbed up and down his now erect member with increasing speed. With his dick now well greased from her saliva, she pulled her mouth off of him and just allowed her hand to pump along the entirety of his length. She did the same thing now to Goyle until he too sprouted an erection while between her lips that would put 99% of men to shame.

"What a slut we got on our hands here," Goyle commented while Hermione continued to service his cock with her mouth.

"Think you boys got another round in you like before," she pleaded in her sexiest tone.

"For a Mudblood slut who likes it as rough as you do, we sure do," Crabbe confirmed with a smile from ear to ear. "Plus this time I'm getting in that sweet ass of yours."

For the next two and a half hours, Hermione did some of the most despicable acts of sexuality that any human being could do. She once again surrendered all of her holes for the two thugs and they greatfully took advantage of each of them. Over and over again they slammed their massive cocks into her throat, pussy and asshole until she could feel that the back of her throat was bruised and her pussy and butthole were stretched and battered like no other time she could recall.

Hermione was smart and continually changed the positions they were fucking her in to give them time to recover so they wouldn't blow their loads too soon. She would also slow down how fast she was riding them, but that mattered little as they just used their strength to dominate her and fuck her at any pace they chose. Finally when they couldn't handle anymore of her body, they pulled out of whatever hole they were occupying and unloaded their semen into her mouth.

"Well...that was something boys," Hermione said as she put her clothes back on.

Just as she put her cardigan school sweater back on she felt a hand tangle within her long wavy hair, grip firmly and pull her head back. Crabbe had yanked her with such force that it caused Hermione's skull to snap backwards. The normally brilliant girl couldn't think of what was going on as the pain from the physical trauma was all her brain could focus on. When she was finally able to think of something over than the burning feeling in her head was when she felt the other brute pin both of her wrists behind her back with one hand and fish out her wand from the inside of her sweater with the other.

"Thought I remembered her putting this in here," he celebrated as he successfully disarmed her.

"What are you two doing? Let me go! I swear to Merlin I'll...

"You'll what princess? Scream for help? This here room is soundproof bitch. Scream all you want," Goyle told her, yelling at the top of his lungs for the last part in order to prove his point.

"We need to bring her in the hall for a minute so we can get to the Cabinet but can't take the chance of someone hearing her," Crabbe said. "Use her panties you were saving as a trophy and stuff them in her mouth."

The hulking figure displayed a sad face before depositing Hermione's wand in his pocket and removing her juice-soaked thong. Still using one hand to restrain her with ease, Goyle aimed the wettest section of her panties with her tongue and crammed it in her mouth. Of course Hermione was a fighter so clamped her jaw tight, but another sudden pull of her hair by Crabbe from behind her made her part her lips. As Hermione screamed out in another bout of pain, Goyle took advantage and shoved the soiled article of clothing into her mouth. Immediately her cries of pain were muffled, as was her pleads for help once the thug stopped causing her physical distress.

Goyle went to the door and poked his head into the hallway to make sure no one was there. Hermione knew that the chance of someone wandering through this portion of the seventh floor was highly unlikely but she was holding out hope that Harry and Ron would ride up on their white horses in shining armor and save her.

"All clear," he reported back. "But the boss warned us to keep our guard in case those two wimps come by."

Crabbe led Hermione through the door and into the vacant hallway. She tried to scream again but of course nothing came out. Once all three of them left the mysterious room, the door they just exited vanished as if never there. Rather than lead her away back to the Slytherin where she presumed they'd hold her captive, they stayed rooted to the spot until a door reappeared out of thin air in the wall. Goyle opened it up for Crabbe and Hermione to walk on through before he followed.

"This way," Goyle barked.

Hermione immediately recognized that the new version of the room that they were in was the place that appeared when someone needed to store or hide something. She had visited this place with Harry before when she made him ditch the Potions book that had dark spells scribed into it. The room was so vast she had no perception how tall or deep the walls and ceiling went, especially when the stuff piled inside the room was almost causing claustrophobia. The only parts of the floor that could be seen were the paths that were carved out through the room.

"Here it is," Crabbe observed. "And the drop cloth is off of it already. That means..."

"Shut it! Draco warned although she's a filthy Mudblood that she's pretty smart and resourceful and not to give her given a hint of what's happening," Goyle scolded.

The hulking figure opened up the large drawers to the mammoth Cabinet. The space could easily fit a body and Hermione knew she was going to be placed inside before feeling Crabbe release his hand from her hair.

"Time to get in whore," he told her.

She shot him a look that could kill but knew she had no other option. Without her wand she was extremely ill-equipped to repel either of the boys, much less both of them at the same time. Even her superior wit was of no use to her in this scenario as she neither had the time nor even the faintest hint of an idea. Condemned to her fate, Hermione stepped into the large Cabinet, which the boys promptly closed.

"Where's that paper," she heard one of their muffled voices ask. "You here it is. Proficiscor absconditus thesaurus frater tractum."

And that was all Hermione remembered as the eternal darkness from within the Cabinet was replaced by the most radical colors she'd ever seen. It was if her body was being rocketed through a port key as she felt that familiar sensation of nausea as her body was whipped around. Just when she thought she couldn't take any more of it and vomit everywhere, it all came to a halting stop just as swiftly as it had begun. As she laid within the dark Cabinet for a few moments to collect herself, the door was whipped open and here eyes were flooded with candlelight.

"Hello darlin."
_ _ _

This is the end of Harry Potter and Teenage Sex. I will soon post the epilogue to the story which will also serve as the prologue for the sequel to this story called "Draco's Sex Slave". Hope everyone enjoyed the ride! It was my first foray into a Harry Potter story and I had a great deal of fun writing it, especially as it appeared their was a good fanbase that did as well.


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