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Harry Potter: Harry Potter and the Secret of Weasley Lake (bg,inc,splosh)
by Denver47 ([email protected])

Harry grumbled as he mowed the grass at his Uncle's house. "Man this sucks.
I wish I never had to leave Hogwarts." As he pushed the old mower he hears a
beep behind him. He spins around but sees nobody until a window rolls down
on the side of Ron Weasley's invisible car.

"Hi Ron," smiled Harry.

"We're on our way to Weasley Lake for a picnic. Want to come?"

"I can't. My uncle said I had to cut the grass."

"Oh come on Harry don't be a wimp came a female voice from the backseat."

Harry looked in the back seat and saw Hermione Granger and Ron's little
sister Ginny. Ginny smiled, "Yeah and we even packed a picnic lunch. We have
potato salad, beans, pudding, ..."

"Sounds really good but if I don't cut all this grass before my uncle comes
back I'll be in a lot of trouble."

"I have an idea," piped in Hermione. She pulls out her wand and said
"mowerous cuterous". The lawn mower started by itself and started cutting
the grass all by itself.

"Hermione, you know you're not allowed to use magic outside of Hogwarts."

"Come on Harry it will be fun."

"Yeah pleeease," begged Ginny.

"I can't besides I don't even have a swimming suit."

Hermione and Ginny giggled. "You don't need one. We always swim nude."

Harry's eyes lit up. "You mean you all swim naked."

"Sure, so what do you say?"

Harry had always wanted to see Hermione nude and this is one chance he wasn't
going to pass up. "I'm in let's go."

Harry climbed in the front seat with the girls cheering in the back.

"By the way, what is Weasley Lake?"

"It is a small lake on my dad's farm."

"Yeah, and the water is so clean you can see your toes," chimed in Ginny.

"Also, you are not allowed to tell anyone what happens at the lake."

"Why? Because it's a secret and if other kids find out the Lake would be
packed and we would lose our swimming spot. So we tell everyone there is a
secret about people disappearing in the lake. So the locals stay away. This
way we have our own private swimming hole so it's a secret. OK."

"Sure, OK," answered Harry.

The rest of the trip is filled with talking about what they had been doing
since leaving Hogwarts for vacation. When they arrived at the lake everyone
jumped out of the car and headed for the lake. Ginny pulled off her dress,
yanked off her panties while pulling off her shoes and jumping headfirst
into the lake. Hermione was naked almost as fast and was in the lake
splashing Ginny. Harry had gotten a really quick look at Hermione's tits
and bush but he wanted a closer look. Him and Ron got their clothes off and
headed into the lake.

It started with a water war between the boys and girls. The boys were winning
easily until Hermione said “waterous wall” and a large wall of water knocked
both boys off their feet.

"Quit cheating!" sputtered Ron as he spat out most of the water that ended up
in his mouth.

"Let's have a pussycat fight."

"What's that?" asked Harry.

"Each girl sits on the shoulders of a boy and the girls try to knock each
other off while the boys hold them."

"I want Harry," shouted Ginny. But instead of climbing on Harry's back, she
climbed on to his front burying her pussy in his face. Harry fell over. Ron
and Hermione started laughing. Harry got up and saw Hermione on Ron's
shoulders with her pussy buried in Ron's face and both of Ron's hands were
on Hermione's ass.

"I lost my footing," lied Harry. "Come on Ginny."

Ginny remounted Harry.

"Psst. Harry you can lick my pussy if you want. Ron always does."

Harry carried Ginny over toward Hermione who had other things on her mind
besides fighting. Harry had his tongue deep in Ginny's pussy and she was
getting wetter and wetter and moaning almost as loud as Hermione who had an
orgasm with Ron's tongue in her pussy. After she finished her orgasm she
pushed Ginny who toppled over on top of Harry who wasn't paying any attention
to what else was going on.

"Bitch!" shouted Ginny. "I want a rematch but this time I want Ron."

Even though the water was cool Harry's cock got rock hard. Ginny swam over to
Ron who helped her on his shoulders. Harry wanted to see Hermione's crotch
now he was up close and personal with it buried in his face. Harry needed no
coaxing as he started licking Hermione's clit. This time Ginny was able to
climax first and went over to push Hermione over however Hermione saw her
coming and held her off while she was cumming on Harry. About two minutes
later, Hermione climaxed and then shoved Ginny off Ron as she ended up in the
water again. They continued the game with the girls taking turns with each
boy and with Hermione winning every time except for the one time Harry
accidentally dropped Hermione giving Ginny a win by forfeit.

"I'm hungry," stated Ron so all the kids went over to the car and Ron spread
out the blanket while the girls started pulling out all the food.

Shortly before they were ready to eat Harry noticed that there were no plates
or silverware. "Excuse me, but what are we going to each off of."

"Each other," answered Ginny.

Everyone was still naked and Harry's cock got hard after Ginny's answer.
"Each other?" asked Harry.

"Here I'll show you." Ginny reached into the potato salad and rubbed some on
her left nipple. "Now you lick it off."

Harry licked it off and the fun got going. Hermione got on the blanket and
Ron poured some baked beans on her tits and Harry cleaned the left nipple
while Ginny did the right. Then Ginny got down and was covered with potato
salad. Harry ate the potato salad out from between her legs while Hermione
and Ron cleaned off her tits.

After everyone had their fill of food, Ginny chimed in, "It is time for
dessert." Ginny opened the chocolate pudding and put her hand in it and
slowly coated Harry's cock while Hermione did the same to Ron's. Both girls
took turns cleaning each boy's cock until it was the boy's turn.

"OK Harry you can put pudding anywhere you want but you have to lick it all

Harry wasted no time in covering Hermione's tits and pussy with pudding. He
did the same with Ginny.

After they ate, they put the leftover food away. Then Ginny and Hermione
got into an argument over who was the better fuck, Harry or Ron. Ginny bet
Hermione two pounds ($4) that her brother was better than Harry. Hermione
accepted. The guys looked at each other and both their cocks were rock hard.
They laid down on the blanket Ginny mounted Harry while Hermione stuck Ron's
cock into her pussy. Even though he was having sex with Ginny and was playing
with her tits while shoving his cock into her pussy his eyes never left Ron
and Hermione. Harry exploded his cum in Ginny's pussy. Ron did the same to
Hermione a few minutes later.

Harry and Ron got up and changed positions. Harry was about to live out his
greatest fantasy. Harry shoved his cock into Hermione while Ron did the same
with his sister. Hermione was a great lay and Harry's hands touched every
part of Hermione's body. Harry and Hermione had the most intense and erotic
climax that either of them had ever experienced in their young lives.

After they finished, Ginny asked Hermione, "Well, who was the better fuck.
Ron or Harry?"

"I'm not sure maybe we should do it again just to make sure."

"Oh all right," muttered Ginny as she climbed atop Harry while Hermione and
Ron saddled up again for another ride.

After three turns Hermione finally said it was a tie so neither of them won
the $4.

They went back into the water and continued with water fights and pussycat
fights until it was time to go home.

Ron dropped off Harry at his uncle's house. The grass was all cut and he
noticed the lawnmower was back in the shed. He saw his Uncle, aunt, and
cousin coming back from town and Harry knew he had a perfect day (until he
rounded the corner of the house and saw his aunt's rose garden had been
mowed). I guess the lawnmower couldn't tell the difference between grass
and roses. "Shit," muttered Harry.

Harry almost got to the house when he heard his uncle screamed “HARRY”.

"Oh well, it was worth it. I can't wait for my next trip to Weasley Lake
and see what other secrets I can uncover."


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